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  1. Great draw so far……USA and Iran. Wanted USA…..only qualified on goal average in a really low quality group….
  2. We just can’t play against pub teams. Unfortunately, this is a pub league full of them.
  3. We just can’t play against pub teams. Lincoln bossed us from the first minute, very physical but effective. Our defence have had a very bad day today.
  4. Bannon for sure. Leads by example, cover more of the pitch than any other player, best creator of chances and passer of the ball in the league and a ever present. We are lucky to have him in this pub league.
  5. Byers had a great game, so did Luengo and Hutchinson. Everyone….except Paterson, did well. Paterson constantly committed fouls or threw himself to the ground and should have been replaced in the last 30 minutes by Sow. However, although not man of the Match, Barry Bannon put more effort in, chased the ball down more than any other player….he covered every part of the pitch and some of his passes (not free kicks though) we’re outstanding. He lifts the players around him and leads by example. Not had a break all season but still gives 100%.
  6. For Christs sake take that drum off that kids near the commentary box.
  7. Outstanding first 30 minutes. 3 goal and 3 easy chances missed. Pressed their defence who were all over the place. Que, back to normal tactics of defending the penalty are and stand off players in and around it. We played another pub team today….team of giants who played the long ball and put themselves about. The manager is to blame yet again. Those licking their lips at getting3 points against teams like this are deluding themselves. Until we get a manager and coaches who can read a game and put teams under pressure for 90 minutes we will stay in this pub league forever.
  8. EMBARRASSING. Much worse that last season. Last season we were playing again good Championship teams. We have a squad of mostly Championship level players but we are being outplayed by 3rd division teams game after game. Struggling against the likes of the Mighty Morecambe, Fleetwood, Shrewsbury, Wimbledon, Oxford and now Cambridge. I know we do not have a god given right to beat all these teams but the way we set up, the way the team is changed every game with the same negative tactics it is no wonder we are embarrassed every game. The club is being shamed by this management team…the fans deserve better.
  9. Apart from the garbage set up, garbage and headless chickens that is Wednesday. What heck is going on with their 20 yard running throw— Ins? Shows just how crap we are when I focus on this.
  10. This is becoming a worse season than last. A team of mostly Championship players who are playing for a manager with no real plan, a defensive formation with changes in selection every game. He has idea how to change a game and has to go before loyal Wednesday fans are completely humiliated. Everyone watching that today saw Brown and Wing put in a embarrassing displays and yet Moore did nothing about it.
  11. Never have a successful or entertaining team with Southgate in charge. Took off the only player showing any attempt to get forward and be creative. Grealish must be sick to death. Why is a sterling even in the team?
  12. Here’s 3 reasons why Moore should go. 1. Mighty Morecambe 2. Mighty Shrewsbury 3. Mighty Oxford
  13. The bottom line is…..the tactics of trying to play the ball out from the back is a disaster at this level. The goalkeeper is told to put the ball down and pass it…..in the 89th minute he should be pumping the ball into the other half not putting it down in his own penalty area. Moore is nice guy but his tactics are shocking. We did not have one decent cross, free kick or corner today. What do they do on the trading ground?
  14. I watched their game against Shrewsbury today. Nothing to shout about….two poor teams with poor defences and little creativity. However, after last weeks defeat against a poor team, anything could happen in this pub league.
  15. Ban on has been the every present this season. Not always at his best but head and shoulders above everybody else.
  16. This is very painful to watch. The coaches need to be sacked because it’s obvious the tactic is to play deep snd defend hoping for a quick break. Reach is so deep he is ineffective and even Paterson spends most of his time in our half. Harris is a waste of time, won’t pass snd his finishing is woeful. We need to attack in the second half because with our attempts at Man City playing from the back, we will gift our usual goal a game with players who are not good enough to play this way.
  17. According to the Bristol post. In advance stages of talks.
  18. Great news. Hopefully his decision to stay will encourage others to either stay or join the club. He is held in high esteem by football people in England.
  19. We never looked like getting into the game. Right team but wrong setup. Playing both wingers as full backs gave us no real outlet. Constantly play all our forward balls high onto their giant back 4 was a total waste if time...,didn’t stop us doing it for the whole game. Harris and reach were never able to get a run at their defence because they were too deep. Boring game, very boring commentators who could get players, even their own, names right. So frustrating, so boring, so predictable and so inevitable. For a team desperate for points we had no urgency, no ideas, no flair and no chance.
  20. Mostly good results for Wednesday. Only Derby winning and Huddersfield brought down into the mix after defeat by Wycombe. We just need to keep picking up points and let the others panic for the next few games.
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