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Do our fans understand modern football?

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Despite a great win today, still plenty of people shouting and complaining about the way we played. Here's the thing though... it was textbook possession play against 10 men. We got the goals and made them chase around for it. It was patient football, good to watch and highly effective. 


Some of the criticism was ridiculous, maybe it was just around me, but it struck me that some of our fans simply do not understand modern football. They have become so used to the hoofball drivel that we have had to put up with for the last 15 years that they have forgotten that playing it around the back and waiting for the right opening to attack is the best way to play the game, especially against 10 men. 


Oh and also, to those who left with 5 minutes to go...












AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Missed another great goal. lol


Serves you right (unless you had a genuine reason to go)

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Truly professional performance.

How often do teams struggle v ten men? We used the full width of our wide pitch. We kept possession. We harried and chased and won the ball back quickly. We never let them through on goal after the first few minutes. And scored 4.

Whats not to like?

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I would say about 55-60% thicksters. They still have a place at the table and get enjoyment out of the exciting stuff. Game management techniques are mundane for them but if you want to sit at the top table they are oh so vital.


Couldn't believe the moaning of the malcontents though on about 82 minutes as we were taking a break passing the ball around.

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Our club has needed to modernise itself in all aspects. Many of the fans are no different, there's a certain few that just live in the 90s.


a whole generation of us were brought up with Waddle and Di Canio showboating etc. Its been 18 years since we had anyone of the ilk of  Forestieri and co

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As none of my usual group could make it, I went to the game on my own today. As a result, I found I was more tuned in to the comments going on around me, and some of the stuff I overheard had me wincing at its inanity.


A few of the highlights include:

  • "Get him off the pitch, Carlos - he's bloody useless!" - describing Forestieri about 25 minutes in.
  • "Come on Wednesday - I've paid good money for this!" - whilst winning 3-0.
  • "They've only got ten men - we should be at least five up!"
  • "If we play like this against a decent team, we'll get hammered!"
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Is the OP taking  the piiiiss? I've been watching Wednesday for over 50 years. I played football all my youth and for a bit longer than  I should have done after that. I, seriously, do not understand the first f*cking thing about tactics except "you mark him and when we are going forward stay our side of their defence until the ball's in front of you".


Of course we don't have a clue about football tactics. We just want the ball stuck in the opposite's onion bag. End of,

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just behind me on Kop


Stop flipping about with it and gerrit forward - yada yada yada


2 seconds later Joao is smacking it in the net. 


We have the most fickle fans on occasion!!


Today we played with our Heads and worked brentford into the floor, without them ever really troubling us. The main problem was we were 3-0 up at half time and our deluded idiots think we should have won 12-0

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