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  1. Wimbledon had other good chances throughout the match. Wasn't just two slip ups. Time for a change. Alex Neil please. Need a nasty side to us.
  2. Some of his signings have been awful (so far)
  3. modboy


    Squid game shows how far the BBC etc have fallen behind streaming platforms. Instead BBC just continues safe shows such as silent witness.
  4. TBF to chansiri he hasn't been allowed to without spending weeks in an Ibis budget quarantining. Agree with the rest however
  5. Patterson into midfield killed us tactically
  6. Can't keep going on like this. Non promotion would be surely a financial catastrophy.
  7. Still don't look like they know each other
  8. Agree. Loved old hitman on 360
  9. Do like the 80s/90s musical references throughout however
  10. It's good but could have been better 7/10
  11. Best place to buy ps plus membership at the moment?
  12. Free with after lunch coffees today
  13. I use my Anker with the firestick. Works fine when sound cancelling is turned off
  14. File next to hunters on Amazon for my antidote to too much Mr Tumble
  15. modboy

    Ps now

    Enjoying little big planet at the moment.
  16. modboy

    Ps now

    I only really play FIFA/NHL. Not keen on anything too intense, like platform games of old eg mario.
  17. Same. Not his biggest fan but did all that was asked of him yesterday with confidence.
  18. modboy

    Ps now

    Any recommendations please
  19. Just bought it for a long Finnish winter. Paterson is a beast
  20. Depends of BPF loan agreement. If he's straight back into the team it's harsh on Joe.
  21. Bolton mate doesn't rate him. Supposedly one of their top payed players too
  22. From other thread 12:50 Definitely handball https://youtu.be/cUYFlgw0M4Q
  23. 442 with him or Patterson alongside Berahino or Windass. Keep it simple
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