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  1. Any news on a sale? Surely no one's going to pay full price!
  2. Know a few Sheffield kids/families like this. Wonder if this happened in our favour in the early 90s
  3. All can be replaced, trust in Darren. Fwiw I'd keep Hutch, luongo, Dean and Gibson as a longshot
  4. I'd give hutch another year. More than capable at this level and knows the club inside out. Storey is surely out of our reach? As is probably Dean.
  5. Be happy to give Dawson a go unless his wages are high (and we have offers for him). As we've seen against us it's not too hard to get a decent gk in L1, especially with the pull of our club.
  6. There was rumours luongo was going back to the Australian league.
  7. Don't think you are far off with the above, Hunt might even be added to that list. Might see Gibson and Jules back however as probably cheap. Dean would be my priority but his wages are surely too much for L1?
  8. Big call now on our older expensive players. Might as well have finished 19th financially.
  9. Even his mate Giles coke has been critical of a few of his errors recently on the podcast. Sounds like hutch is a straight up guy and he'll be hurting. Mistakes happen, we are a L1 club with that level of players.
  10. Skint in the mid 90s released some amazing records. Shame we never had similar with Warp, that would have looked class https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/label-profile-warp-records-398605.html?amp
  11. Has the copthorne group gone bust or have thru just closed bramall lane one?
  12. I took an inflatable dolphin wearing a Wednesday shirt to the rumbelows cup final. Not sure why though
  13. No thanks, it's a city thing https://mcivta.com/bananas/
  14. Playoffs almost confirmed. Unbelievable!
  15. Why didn't he throw on Dean with ten to go? Why did we hoof it to Berahino? Dire tactics today
  16. They should have bought Don valley Stadium for a quid and developed something similar.
  17. Yeh same re getting bored so good to hear
  18. Rutland. Plus it's one of the best pubs in Sheffield.
  19. Just been to the local record shop to buy their album on vinyl even though my hi-fi system is still in Sheffield. Love them so much feel I should "invest" in them rather than just listening to them free on Spotify.
  20. Superstore... Perfect just before bed TV
  21. How do they remain in the playoffs but lose every week... Lucky sods
  22. Probably just from more the corporate and secondary income point of view.
  23. And now imo it's one of the weaker album tracks, though obviously very catchy
  24. Not going to tramlines but would have liked to have seen them live.
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