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  1. We could have easily taken the lead in all games post lockdown. Just proves how important taking your chances are at this level.
  2. Huddersfield looked dreadful. If the Cowley's are the answer god help us
  3. No they can. They can't take points off us if we were already down Eg if we went down by 10 points and the punishment was -9 points then they would carry over. If we survive by 8 points they can still take off 9 and we'd be down
  4. Don't think that's correct The only way it would carry over if we got relegated under our own doing
  5. Was a freakish perfect fit. Him being a fan of the club gave him the edge imo. Not sure there are many swfc manager fans out there
  6. Teams are arguing we have an unfair advantage on the pitch through our financial dealings though
  7. Agree if we get relegated I have no idea where we turn , would be a disaster of our own doing
  8. Clubs tend to continue this form into the next and drop through the league's. As we have in the past plus Sunderland, leeds, united, Huddersfield and so on.
  9. Naming all these lower league managers is what has gotten us into this position we are in. Leeds tried it and realised the only way to guarantee success is to get in a manager bigger than the club and players. If we need a short term shock then go old school with a Megson or McCarthy etc. Longer term we need to pay for a proper manager not repeat the mistakes we and other "big" clubs make when struggling (been on this path since we sacked Francis). Hence why teams such as Everton didn't risk a dyche or wilder as they are bigger than those names with stars who wouldn't respect them.
  10. I honestly believed playing behind closed doors would suit us as the players seem to struggle with the negative atmosphere at the moment. How wrong was I
  11. DC had the right set up at the beginning with his advisors etc. Was it after this sports management companies got involved?
  12. Move the stadium to HK like they did in auf wiedersehen pet? 😄
  13. I don't mean in every aspect but they identity players and coaches to continue their ethos so if a player moves on they have the next lined up. The lack of any management support team suggests we are winging it. The way they embarrassed us before lockdown and their season so far is impressive. Re stadium they had no choice but to move We don't need to but we need to try and make it a home (maybe closing top half on stands would be a start)
  14. Fresh start, proper footballing experts in to run the club. 28k seater stadium that can be expanded A priority on youth over has-beens Oh yeh that's the Brentford model
  15. Genuinely thinking a new ground move etc might be the only way to "reboot" the club. It's history weighs heavily on staff and managers it seems. Or should I say the calibre of staff and managers
  16. Do wonder if we missed a trick not going for the Swansea boss. Knows the youth scene well with good connections. Maybe Simpson is the way forward https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Simpson_(footballer)
  17. Honestly believe Holloway is the only one to bring fans together. Would like him with an up-and-coming understudy. Lowe would be like a lamb to the slaughter I fear unless he came with say Megson for a while
  18. Rather have Preston's midfield (team) than ours, bet it cost peanuts to assemble too
  19. Agree If chansiri said right new direction on a sustainable future including reduced season tickets etc it would be different and I think people would buy into it
  20. Agree no way is that squad the second worse on paper . Just play your best players in their natural positions
  21. Shame we can't just start again and release / sell them all apart from iorfa and borner The post Xmas league table shows everything
  22. Wednesday have only been successful when they've had proper managers such as BFR , Wilkinson, Bruce etc., even Carlos when he was charming to start with. The rest have been journeymen cheap options whilst we continue to pay players multiples of the managers salaries. Managers need to be bigger than the club, not a cheap fix wallflower. Problem is we are so shambolic now I don't see where we can turn unless someone really fancies the challenge due to a massive fall from grace. Either that or get in some worldclass ex pro who would attract players to the club
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