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Community Answers

  1. Surely agent wouldn't fly all way there in this day and age unless he wanted a free holiday
  2. Jeez if he's on that much I wouldn't be going anywhere for a year. Though weren't Cardiff subsidising his wages with us?
  3. If Dawson wants to stay at Exeter I hope we make it possible for him. Lowish fee with add-ons etc. He deserves this chance.
  4. Yeh was thinking the same but he's getting on now isn't he? He really needs to prioritize first team football now, even if it's conference level etc or he'll regret his career (but perhaps not bank account).
  5. Twitter logo is a pair of boobs and an ass. Take with a pinch of salt
  6. Fans always say players have poor attitudes when they want to progress their careers. Think he'd just run his race with Rotherham tbh
  7. Not sure "banter" posts by professional footballers are helping at the moment.
  8. I'm really not bothered about Berahino or Mendez L.
  9. Wanted to move to a bigger club by all accounts. Not sure if we'd tempt him or if he feels he's championship level. Would take him in a heartbeat. Different to anything we have at present.
  10. Watched highlights just now, feels like the championship is played at a much higher speed than league one. Anyhow back to laughing at the
  11. Any news on a sale? Surely no one's going to pay full price!
  12. Know a few Sheffield kids/families like this. Wonder if this happened in our favour in the early 90s
  13. All can be replaced, trust in Darren. Fwiw I'd keep Hutch, luongo, Dean and Gibson as a longshot
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