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  1. it should be brilliant.... its not though
  2. How about our shout first half when Harris missed the cross?
  3. Did ok. Should have been replaced with Lee midway through the second half
  4. Couldn't even look Dawson in the eye after the "goal"
  5. After the last match I went straight to peddler market. Not one bus passed me on the way. How are people supposed to get to and from the matches?
  6. Disillusioned then. Hindsight we should have cashed in but if we can get him going again we'll sneak into the playoffs..
  7. Seems troubled if you listen to Hutch's comments on the extended Wigan highlights. As he says though he does prefer 442 so fingers crossed
  8. Had a great and friendly away day there when Lita scored. Thought their fans were friendly and hospitable
  9. Frustratingly we would have been second now had we won
  10. Our resident WBA fan warned us about him
  11. Only needs a £30 Amazon fire tablet to read them
  12. London libraries are charging a tenner for EU nationals to scan their passports for their settled status applications ... Good ole capitalism
  13. Weird how the Westwood slip led to our goal, funny old game.
  14. Many people don't have printers at home anymore. Like said if you book concert tickets etc they let you just show the QR code or barcode on a PDF. Believe this isn't possible at S6? Though you can at other grounds.
  15. Still don't see why we can't have a ticket app with QR codes etc
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