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  1. Started fireman Sam from episode one back in the 80s
  2. Can we use that excuse after putting out a team yesterday? Is there a minimum number out then it's off rule?
  3. Fair few Everton mates from studying in Manchester and they've always been sound. Even once went to Everton away at Coventry back in the 90s when football was cheap and all their fans welcomed me as their own with no hostility etc. Liverpool fans on the other hand...
  4. As said defence only Westwood and luongo never play. Green will replace windass imo and looked dangerous last night. Anyhow onwards and upwards
  5. Unfortunately not, but bar our defence who would get in our team?
  6. That was more or less our first team. We are so poor
  7. Said in United thread thought Watts yesterday for Plymouth on loan from Newcastle looked steady.
  8. Looking at the table we are likely to be relegated. Stop fannying about with foreign coaches and get someone in who can build towards a L1 campaign next season, if we stay up it's a bonus. No point appointing now and then again in the summer.
  9. Agreed but... McCarthy moved from Cyprus to Wales Cook is local and most think he'd be ideal
  10. Thought Plymouth's on loan LB Watts looked decent - only saw last fifteen minutes though
  11. i like most guitar based bands, Foos are great imo for what they do... fun easily accessible guitar tracks. Seen them live one a half times and it was great. Only a half as he broke his leg 2 mins into the gig ffs. That was an expensive trip lol.
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