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  1. Barnsley signing some young unknown for a couple of million from Scotland. A gamble that often pays off for clubs like them and Rotherham
  2. http://sportwitness.co.uk/deeply-disappointed-julian-borner-signed-contract-sheffield-wednesday-manager-speaks/
  3. Big contract = lack of teams that can afford him eg Barnsley
  4. Barnsley colleagues fancy their chances next year of pushing for the playoffs
  5. Villa mate hates him. I'm excited for next year though
  6. Is it for last year's season tickets or new ones?
  7. As said in other thread United supposedly want him
  8. When average backup PL players are going for upwards of £20m I can see why Rhodes is a sensible option for Norwich
  9. Sheff United miss out on Lee Gregory to Stoke. I'd be seriously worried if that's the calibre of player we chased if we're ever promoted, never mind in the championship
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