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  1. i would be happy with ticket vouchers at SWFC as long as they arent for Cat D matches
  2. i know, wanted to comment on it on FB but might get driven out of town the 4 match option is what i would choose if SWFC offered the same
  3. https://www.barnsleychronicle.com/article/reds-give-fans-3-201920-options-and-will-offer-discounted-season-tickets?fbclid=IwAR3Nz5vliXt-znnEo8NfwnvXR7dJAW0vRHseFtw8e_Dqx1P5QDCmlsyLOEQ Barnsley have explained their plans for backdating tickets for the 2019/20 campaign and committed to offering 2020/21 season tickets at a ‘heavily discounted rate.’ Season ticket holders can either claim a refund for the four remaining matches in the 2019/20 campaign, donate the tickets to NHS staff or exchange them for a four-game voucher. The club described the refund option as ‘morally a necessity’ but warned that, if all season ticket holders took it, the Reds would lose £400,000. It is currently unknown when the next season will start or if fans will be allowed to attend. The statement added: “Due to this uncertainty and the need for urgent earnings to preserve the club’s immediate financial future, seasonal passes will shortly be made available for the 2020/21 season at heavily discounted rates.”
  4. Having walked out of the Brentford game and hearing their last goal go in as leaving the stadium it was a fitting way for the season to end
  5. if the womens league has been cancelled for safety reasons then why is the mens game different.... yep money
  6. A midwife aged thirty died today. What difference would that be to perhaps a club physio?
  7. happy to take the "refund" as vouchers for games etc to use in the future / gift to friends Not financially stable enough to let a millionaire owner keep my money though for nothing. Tramlines is cancelled, they were quick to outline their wishes. Lamproom in Barnsley on the otherhand automatically refunded theatre tickets. Organisations cant just "keep" the money for nowt. (and it might partly cover the Brentford weekend embarrassment costs)
  8. good PR for clubs though, but when you drill down its no big deal for most players earning more in a week than many sheffielders do in a year
  9. didnt they take a pay deferral?
  10. nothing could be worse than the last few matches we played this season
  11. having watched "Sunderland til i die" i wish we would sign more younger players such as Onein who seem like a breath of fresh air compared to some of the egos we have had recently. Bet hes on a fraction of what some of our "stars" too. Rather us nurture young talent and pay less to watch "our" club than bank-roll over paid flops https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45010023
  12. i used to stand in the cheese wedge (is that what it was called?) when my dad first started taking me to matches. Vaguely remember Chapman and Varadi era team
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