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  1. Westwood would have saved that
  2. For many this saving will go a long way towards their season tickets for next
  3. he should never have been re-signed really. Unless the embargo meant it was our only option?
  4. If any chance of Lee getting fit again he must be kept, alongside Westwood plus Palmer as he'll be a saleable asset if need be. Love us to sign hector but can't see it. Hooper can go as he's too slow for a Bruce side IMO
  5. It's the hope that kills you.
  6. Sell him to someone like Huddersfield for a decent fee and get rid of our embargo issues. United cash in at the right time, something we never seem to have done.
  7. Waddles waffling re no deal brexiting is definitely the case of never follow your heroes on twitter , never mind meet them .
  8. hope they turn them off when they go for a slash
  9. We could build them but have chosen to stay at an supposedly unsuitable venue
  10. Just bought a season ticket again after having this year "off"
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