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  1. Agree, wages alone would have been approx 1500 season ticket sales. Madness to leave him sat at home. Add to that hutch and Westwood it's all such a waste of money for us fans in a not particularly rich part of the country.
  2. Last few defeats resulted in me just shrugging. Today however I'm really mardy about it as it was in our grasp, and amazingly we would have closed the playoff gap. Instead Barnsley have gained on us.
  3. It's twenty years since we were in the PL. There's students at uni born after we lost our top flight status. Whole rethink needed by all involved at swfc
  4. As said earlier how can Brentford charge £23-26 but us almost twice as much. Probably swap most of their squad with ours too, and they'll soon have a brand new stadium too.
  5. I went carb free for a week, felt amazing
  6. On a plane there as I type . 2 1/2 hrs til I'm back in the promised land
  7. I'd quite like to go on one of those "finding me" retreats, go off grid for a while.
  8. How many monks in Thailand? Buy a ten year ticket as a gift for each. FFP sorted and can't be any quieter than the atmosphere at S6 currently
  9. Not sure if from this week or old. Can't read Thai but put on Instagram just now
  10. Need all we can get at the moment
  11. £23 away at Brentford. A LONDON team too.
  12. Orange in a misleading colour to say availability is ok
  13. He should make his Twitter account private then. Not that I believe anyone should troll anyone on social media.
  14. Doesn't impact the performance, might buy you a few drinks to forget the results though, if not more
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