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  1. modboy

    Where is winnall?

    Hutch on 97 appearances according to Google
  2. modboy

    Alan Nixon

    Jokanovic wouldn't need to move house if he went to Reading. That's our potential disadvantage.
  3. modboy

    Alan Nixon

    It was mentioned on sky during the derby
  4. modboy

    Westwood starts u23

    Ready for our new manager
  5. modboy

    Bannan at full time

    And we let Rotherham get comfortable in the game and boss the first half. Why oh why don't we try and take a game to the opposition, especially a nervous one at home
  6. modboy

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Should have released him and Pudil with gratitude at the end of last season and freshened things up.
  7. modboy

    Two full backs needed

    Needed new full backs since promotion from L1 Feels like they aren't on the pitch most of the time. Great cross from Fox though today
  8. modboy

    Half Season Tickets

    Imo they should refund the membership fees (or at least half of it) if you buy a season ticket.
  9. modboy


    Let's see what happens when the new retail park finally opens opposite
  10. modboy

    SWFC Tracksuits

    Price and quality of that, wow
  11. modboy

    Moyes Please

    Leeds made ridiculous appointments then realised they needed a decent manager this season and it's worked. Take note DC pay for a proper manager please
  12. modboy


    Imagine having to play palmer every week. When we sold hunt I thought we were upgrading, what a joke our full backs are, essential players in todays game.
  13. modboy


    Really really poor again
  14. modboy

    Jos loss...another Boss?

    Massive two weeks coming up
  15. modboy

    See you next Tuesday

    Beevers to score?