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  1. dreadful day all round that, typical wednesday, fans rioting, police being arseholes... had it all
  2. wonder what his salary is, bet hes paid much more than most L1 players
  3. weird isnt it, you think a midfield player would be putting in double figures each match https://talksport.com/football/235675/premier-league-stats-players-who-won-most-tackles-season-170522240180/
  4. be good if they could reschedule for Sept/October but probably too much hassle
  5. swfc the club that keeps giving... actually giving away our assets for nowt
  6. Barnsley fans were raving about him before he kicked a ball for them, seems they were spot on. Oh to have a good scouting network
  7. really enjoyed Llandudno last summer, great town Impossible to get tables in decent bars and restaurants after 6pm though if you dont book a few days in advance
  8. yep no more Börner and Pelupessy type signings. Our "experts" better know their stuff
  9. Just watched the second organised crime documentary on iPlayer re Manchester. Murky dangerous world out there.
  10. Five years ago if someone had said we wouldn't still be in the championship we'd all have thought of the PL. Absolutely unbelievable we are back to the third tier
  11. New Sheffield FC ground could be developed further perhaps? Aiming for 4k at the moment, need to get rid of the red trim though https://youtu.be/kP3lidT2ebI https://www.thestadiumbusiness.com/2021/03/02/sheffield-fc-unveils-plans-for-new-4000-seat-stadium/#:~:text=Sheffield FC%2C the oldest football,seat stadium in the city.&text=The new stadium%2C which will,of Sheffield FC's many teams.
  12. Would there be an appetite for FC Wednesday? It certainly appeals more to me at the moment than the current set-up
  13. thats a cracking line-up both big and upcoming
  14. This is what we need https://www.manchestersfinest.com/articles/3x-bigger-than-albert-square-a-massive-new-outdoor-venue-from-home-is-coming-this-summer/
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