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  1. Everyone's loaded these days, well Rotherham and Sheff united apart
  2. modboy


    It's been published and retracted several times. Amazing it keeps resurfacing.
  3. modboy

    Next season

    carlos was 12/1 this morning some bloke is 1/4 on... Biesla?
  4. modboy


    thats kit was gorgeous
  5. 3 years soon. Too soon many would say
  6. His senior ticket was dirt cheap too on the kop
  7. 2.5 even, time flies
  8. It's hard to give up but at present family time for me top trumps swfc. Ps was hoping my dad would "treat" me to a season ticket
  9. Season and a half Moved house and new kid, time is more important at the moment. Dad's still going though so hopefully the seat next to him will stay free.
  10. Not renewed. It was hard not to but I'm having a year off. Doubt I'll POTG either unless they rethink their prices
  11. modboy

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    It would be great if he re-signs but if not I'd like to see mcburnie from Swansea
  12. modboy

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Everton booing when they conceded on Saturday was mental. Their fans used to be level headed. Really need to give their heads a shake as in theory they are a season off doing a Wednesday, united, Leeds etc
  13. modboy

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Jos was confident he was signing yesterday. Be reyt.
  14. modboy

    Summer transfers :- the outgoings

    Joao out for a few million and Ameobi in for cheap from Bolton?