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  1. its like celebrating a golden wedding anniversary whilst she has been obviously having it off with the window cleaner and he has lost the house via gambling debts, but they are putting a "brave" face on it by going on a round the world cruise. Be best of just forgetting about it all
  2. Just a rumour...

    Agree, it's a cultural thing
  3. King Carlos

    The one who loved going out and doing fun stuff, but now just wants to stay in and watch friends repeats
  4. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    Been expecting a twitter alert all day re him leaving by mutual consent. DC is too naive and it's going to cost him mega-bucks , manderic would have pulled the plug 12 months ago
  5. If it's true the Chairman

    Think I actually preferred those days in a weird SDM way. Money has ruined swfc
  6. Be interesting to see season ticket sales if we end up midtable Plus not many will fall for the "more attack minded" spin again And if prices go up again FFS Wednesday it's our anniversary year, sort it out whilst there's still time, and hope
  7. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    That madine miss from two yards out
  8. Penalty

    That madine miss from two yards out , wow
  9. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    Just watched extended ones. My god that was painful watching
  10. mates a Forest fan, and their fans are fed up of this walking football also. Then you look at the league table and the top teams play attacking football. Needs a massive shake up at S6
  11. tbh if i could get a refund for my ST right now i'd snap their hands-off Been dire so far (missed Leeds match)
  12. of course they matter. They are taking the wee wee of our over-rated and paid squad Luckily i dont have any united mates (do have Bolton one though ffs) but rivalry is what football is all about