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  1. Know we can't say it out loud on here but here we go.... Wish we had Warnock
  2. If we had some money he could be a player we could actually make money on! Get him and his brother on either wing to confuse opponents
  3. Wish club would stop sharing these glory days posts. Like looking back through old photo albums at glorious girlfriends of past days. Summer 1997 was Helena, she dumped me 😪
  4. Thought he looked on as part of the back three but a fresh start was needed for all
  5. Didn't someone on here post an article that the extra subs actually benefited weaker teams?
  6. Our youngsters aren't good enough yet, especially to overturn the points deficit
  7. Probably not as his wages are supposedly £25k pw https://footballleaguefc.com/newcastle-united-2019-20-player-wages/
  8. on the final last night it showed that Murphy was one of the leagues top performers since lockdown. Shame he is out of our reach now it would seem.
  9. tbf to Barnsley quality up front was their downfall last season (Woodrow apart)
  10. we were more aggressive after lockdown Problem is that us and Barnsley can pass, defend, or score... major problems in football
  11. for sure many players are away on holiday though guess most negotiations are between clubs and agents anyhow
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