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  1. Said same yesterday, wonder if bullen adopted the Carlos keep it tight in the first half approach zzzzzzz
  2. Noticed Barnsley conceeded again last night by fannying around at the back
  3. We lack quality up front. The three backup options to Fletcher probably aren't the quality required. Hopefully we can scrape through until Xmas but lack of quality almost cost us again tonight as it did so at Millwall
  4. One or three month loan to a L1 side would be my suggestion. Come back fit and scoring . Personally think we should be looking to bring in a freebie with pace to burn to finish off matches. Nuhui should be the lump.
  5. https://www.tipsbladet.dk/nyhed/superliga/tidligere-pet shop-traener-kan-vaere-paa-vej-til-england
  6. DCs family have left the country according to instagram, not sure if he has too. As we know nothing gets announced when hes out of town/London
  7. Missing hoopers link up play (when fit)
  8. Be amazed if he's here at the end of this transfer window
  9. Real shame we couldn't have swapped Rhodes for a pacey loanee
  10. Understand why he took Palmer off but it certainly didn't improve our performance
  11. Not his fault today Offensive players scuffed everything
  12. Guess what team the fat right politician follows in Finland.... Yep Millwall
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