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  1. Get amazon to follow up the man City series with us ;)
  2. Them highlights were horrendous, like a gcse kid edited them
  3. modboy

    The new 5 million pound man

    ... then i saw Foden at City has just bought a 2m house
  4. modboy

    The new 5 million pound man

    Let's hope a PL team don't tap him up re him signing a new deal here
  5. modboy

    Tom Lees

    Not aggressive enough imo, nor an obvious leader to ever step up from a playoff only chasing side. Why oh why someone didn't take their lad down is unforgivable
  6. modboy

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    Red button ones are still on ifollow aren't they?
  7. modboy

    Fridays atmosphere

    They were very loud on sky but you never know if that's down to editing etc
  8. modboy

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    It is, it's on the sky link above.
  9. modboy


    Ahead of their time... https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/5068109/miracle-vibrating-bra-that-increases-boob-size-in-just-seven-days-without-surgery-to-hit-the-market-after-successful-trials/
  10. modboy


    Everyone comments on things they are not experts in. Be a dull life if people just talked about what they were experts in.
  11. modboy


    I wish Rings a bell, old skool ultras?
  12. modboy


    Whats EBRA?
  13. modboy


    A few, luckily they didn't take their chances / we defended afterwards well.
  14. modboy


    For some you must never critisice anything about the club, however balanced. Why many old posters imo just don't bother in here anymore.