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  1. Alarming if true https://www.sheffieldwednesday.news/news/report-sheffield-wednesday-players-get-unpleasant-surprise-with-wages-only-partially-paid/
  2. Membership is overpriced. For me it was either my ST or nowt
  3. said it before on here, and know they are in a different universe to us, but Spurs have designed their stadium to attract people to come early and stay late after matches. There are proper restaurants and sports bars etc so rather than having to go elsewhere fans spend all their match day money to benefit the club https://populous.com/redefining-the-matchday-experience-for-tottenham-hotspur-fans
  4. easiest thing would be to get rid of the car parking etc next to the shop and make that a fanzone They could even relocate the shop and ticket office into the new retail development and cover the whole carpark/shop area, put a big screen in there etc. Bit like Butlins We were at the match around 14:30 yesterday and had nothing to do but sit freezing in our seats and use bogs with no hot water etc
  5. What's the awful track they play before the second half begins. Kills the atmosphere.
  6. Never seen anyone in ours tbf Let them waste their money
  7. "Never fight a man with a perm" (idles)
  8. Tut quietly and carry on as normal
  9. Greno woods A61 was still blocked at lunchtime
  10. I just want to see us attack. Playing Fletcher up top on his own is painful watching.
  11. What length contract did we sign Börner on? Voted for iorfa he's been IMMENSE
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