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  1. Genuinely has a trial at man utd lined up according to the BBC
  2. I said in relation to expectations/ value. We've had awful players but they have been on peanuts, dread to think what Jacob earns. Honestly I'd go back to jonk for a comparison.
  3. Wondering what the point of playing that game was given their team
  4. Conor O'Grady

    Tuesday > Saturday evening should be enough time surely for players to recover.
  5. Can honestly say he's one of the worst players I've ever seen in a Swfc (in relation to expectations/cost)
  6. A bad press.....?

    Singing anything about a players family crosses that line imo It's only a game ffs
  7. A bad press.....?

    I have no idea why grown men felt the need to sing such sings about a child, grim and embarrassing
  8. Transfers

    Could do with a defender who can play anywhere along the back.