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  1. still a long way behind Rotherham, lets catch them first.
  2. yeh obviously it worked out ok but an old head might have calmed down their onslaught
  3. would have been ideal to bring on on Saturday instead of Fizz. Know we need to develop players but old pros are useful too
  4. I just can't see how they can charge UK fans more for the same product at a time we can't physically attend matches
  5. it is min 4 games a month = 40 quid Where that might work out good value in the days you could all chip in and get mates around, a tenner to watch a match is a lot for the average fan Overseas ifollow was 166 euro, even the individual match price is different? I would pay 150 quid without hesitation for a season pass We get the same service so why the difference in prices?
  6. £10 a match is almost the same as a season ticket and more for concessions. £5 a game = deal
  7. Ifollow is more expensive than sky sports and movies combined most months. Bring it down to the same price as overseas subscribers and I'd sign up
  8. i think football will need a new payment model after covid, its hassle for all involved in relation to season tickets. Perhaps a direct debit system or e-voucher/credit system for future purchases at equivalent to ST prices?
  9. maybe they could arrange a 2nd tier european competition? Be a good opportunity for 2nd tier clubs to have a bit of fun each season. Play off finalist and highest other finisher instead of EFL cup.
  10. Wednesday TV is the way forward. Pricing structure similar to Spotify etc would mean people wouldn't be tempted to use IPTV etc.
  11. I believe three of his last five jobs have all been for the same company red bull.
  12. if they arent in our league i dont see the problem really seeing as hes not involved
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