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  1. Don't tell me, the fans reaction to Bully is the reason Rowett hasn't got the job. It's all our fault and anyone who backed Rowett needs to have a long look at themselves for backing Bully. It's not my fault sir, honest.
  2. Exactly how I would've said it if I wasn't a thick cu.nt. Footballs about more than good transport links.
  3. You were actually told that? That must mean it's common knowledge around the club that the plan is to move.
  4. By proper I mean fans of football. Not people blinded by the bright lights and brashness of the premier League. Not people who think finishing top 4 is all that matters. Not people that think money is the be all and end all. I mean proper football fans who understand that all 92 League clubs are equally important to the area they represent and that the pyramid system is absolutely vital to English football. I mean people that understand the history and heritage of our age old football clubs. People that just get it.
  5. The point being that the new stadiums have no individuality, no soul and more importantly no history. Much better to redevelop Hillsborough imo. It's part of a community where people are born as wednesdayites. We have an association with the area and all the surrounding suburbs. You can't recreate that on what will inevitably be bit of unused land off the parkway somewhere, "'cos it's close to the motorway". We'll become the city's second team naturally and permanently. United would be the city's "proper club". We'd be the plastic neighbours out on the industrial estate.
  6. Not the same at all. If you show any proper football fan a picture of Hillsborough, or any traditional football ground for that matter, they'll name it. The new grounds are identical. If the seat colours are the same you struggle to distinguish between them. For example, Rotherham and Donny could be easily confused without looking carefully. As could Boro and Sunderland.
  7. New stadiums in general are boring. Unless we've got a spare billion to build one like spurs then it looks like having a Donny/Rotherham/Derby/'boro/Coventry/ Leicester replica. Same ground just different size and seat colours.
  8. There's plenty of room at the back of the lep and we own the land which the megastore is on. Redeveloping the north and west should be straight forward.
  9. I've got to say, I'm disappointed with some of our fans. SYP and SAG are clearly trying to close OUR home to suit their own agendas, yet some of our fans are already warming to the idea and giving them an easy ride. The disaster stigma will be a lot less when the enquiries finally finish, it is not a reason to close our ground down. VALLEY PARADE IS STILL OPEN!! It's about time we grew a collective pair and stuck together on this one. Sheffield Wednesday are an historic name in football. We shouldn't be bullied by anyone, least of all a fu.ckin useless police force.
  10. The media won't let it go because of the endless enquiries. While ever it's in the news they'll keep reporting on it. As for the other grounds you mentioned, that's something we need to use in our defence when SAG and SYP inevitably try to close the doors on Hillsborough.
  11. That kind of thing doesn't really bother me to be honest. I know it's more money but I prefer tradition and heritage. Football becoming purely a business is what's wrong with the game imo.
  12. Or a single football fan other than Liverpool supporters. Most fans of other clubs agree it's time to let it go and respect the innocent who passed.
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