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  1. 3rd highest this season I think behind Leeds and Villa.
  2. Not sure on the numbers now but there were less than a thousand left on Tuesday tea time.
  3. Less than 1000 left. Sold quite a few today according to the woman at the ticket office.
  4. A bit rash mate. Today wasn't good but we haven't been outplayed by anyone really since the new year.
  5. They were a foookin joke today. Sent us all bottle knocking up a flight of stairs rather than letting us go through the big open gates right in front of us. Coonts!!
  6. Agree totally. Thorniley has been brilliant when he's played this season. To not give him his chance should we not sign Hector would be very harsh.
  7. Print this out and put it on our dressing room wall. No team talk necessary.
  8. Wasn't there a rumour we were going to do the same at one point and sell the ground to DC's Dad?
  9. Looks like Leeds is nearly sold out. Only restricted view left with over a week left.
  10. He's had a few gigs on BT Sport and thinks he's Andy foookin Gray!
  11. The man who REFUSED to play for England 'B' thinks Fletch shouldn't play for Scotland again 'cos he's missed a game through injury. Foookin bizarre comment to say the least.
  12. Daily Mail aka Daily Scaremonger and Daily Chip on our Shoulder
  13. To say he was poor is harsh. He was more than steady at the level we were at when he was here. What he lacked in talent he more than made up for in other ways, which is part of being a decent player. Carlton Palmer had little natural talent but not many on here would say he was a poor player.
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