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  1. Item 1 would be £250 if you manage to erase Chris Woods.
  2. Would've gone if I'd have known they were allowing fans in. Never been, it's something I'm always gonna do but never get round to. Today would've been perfect.
  3. A final touch if class from Big Dave. Good luck Big 'un. He'd have got another year for me with the predicament were in but that's a different debate. I'm just looking forward to the letters from Fletch and Fox. ( Fingers crossed they haven't done a similar thing and I've missed it else I look a reyt ********)
  4. He is a quality player but he shouldn't be immune to criticism. After a good game it's often as if he's Messi on here so it's got to work both ways. All players get criticised by fans after a poor game. To be honest it's only his set pieces (which are dire by the way) or his insistence on taking everything that he seems to get slated for. You are right on the quality player bit though.
  5. West Broms Gareth Barry song takes some beating.
  6. My ifollow never worked properly so they can frig off if they think I'm not taking a refund next time.
  7. He refused to give us 6 weeks of his time. He took thousands out of the club and was nowhere near worth what he was paid. He got to sit out the last 4 months doing nowt, not his fault I know, but showing a bit of compassion towards his over generous employers in a time of need would be giving some thing back imo.
  8. On the flip side. He got paid for being 5h1te for 3 quarters of his contract. And by 5h1te, I mean fu.ckin 5h1te. Grow a pair and give a bit back would've been my advice.
  9. It just shows you don't need to be unbelievabley talented to be a Wednesday legend. He has probably 20% of Fletcher's talent but we don't need any guesses what his answer would be if he'd been asked to extend his contract by 6 weeks for the good of the club.
  10. Most sensible thing you've said this side of lockdown.
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