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  1. Well said. I deliberately kept off here yesterday because I'd have ended up in an argument. Yesterday was shocking, absolutely no doubt, but the modern day over reaction is embarrassing. We lost, in the same way that we turned forest over. Look at forest now, they've not capitulated. It's one of them things. Get over it, move on and grow a pair.
  2. I'm pushing 40 and to be fair, I'm still a bit of a bell.
  3. Steady. Decent signing at the time compared to some of the **** we were used to.
  4. Every premier League game had one on the last match of the season one year. Arranged by Loaded magazine.
  5. Didn't he score something like 4 in 9 for us as well? He looked impressive imo in his short spell. For whatever reason, Pleat didn't like him.
  6. Well done DC. Nice to have an owner that doesn't let us get trampled all over.
  7. Well, I for one am absolutely disgusted at today. Beating premier League teams away from home is not for me. Monk out!
  8. And he says "a whole bunch" for everything, about six times a show. Proper poo modern journalist. Rather create a headline out of nothing than dig out a proper story.
  9. A team is exactly what we had, it was barely a squad, nowhere near the size of squad we've got now. The idea that we can't concentrate on two tournaments is bizzare. The reason that the cups aren't treated as big as they were is exactly down to people like you dismissing them.
  10. I don't buy into that to be honest. It wasn't a distraction in 1991, and if Big Ron had your attitude, that unforgettable day at Wembley would never have happened.
  11. Charlton, Derby and Bristol City games all on sky in the last 3 or 4 week.
  12. Do you think someone would loan us a big pair of bo11ocks? Or even a backbone?
  13. Me as well. He's a squad player in the second tier. He's good on his day and poor when hes on a bad day. His size often makes him look worse when he's playing badly as he can look clumsy. If he was consistent, he'd be in the Premier League just like 99% of the players in the division.
  14. I'm not sure I really get the point. Am I being thick or have train station names been replaced with player names? Is that it or is there something more clever about it?
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