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  1. archieswfc

    Big sam

  2. archieswfc


    Then we shouldn't have a problem moving them on.
  3. archieswfc


    The problem is, if the wages we are believed to be paying are true, that not many are worthy. Moving high earners on isn't easy if they aren't playing well. I'm not doubting we have some good players but injuries and lack of form don't make them attractive to potential buyers.
  4. archieswfc


    I'm struggling to think who would genuinely demand a fee who is not earning top dollar.
  5. archieswfc

    Hull City fans tho....

    Tinpot as foook. But is it really much worse than this?
  6. archieswfc

    Remember seeing this on the TV?

    He did break it though.
  7. archieswfc

    If Only.............

    Him and Lee fit would make us a very good top half side instantly imo. I'm not sure we're gonna see the best of them again unfortunately.
  8. archieswfc

    25 Years ago today…

    What a day. I was nervous at school all week and had convinced myself we were gonna get beat by home time on Friday. We delivered big time. Battered them from start to finish.
  9. archieswfc

    Have a look at this..

    I don't mind the trumping. It's the trumpeting that bugs me.
  10. archieswfc

    Adam Reach

  11. archieswfc

    Adam Reach

    Agree with the OP. He's Taylor made for wing back I'm just not sure that's how Jos see's it.
  12. Think you're right mate. Whether they sign contracts or not, the academy is pointless if we are basically developing players then getting nothing from them, be it on the pitch or a transfer fee.
  13. Really sad looking back this game. He did well as manager but lost the plot in the end. This game was horrible. The Wednesday fans were cheering the forest goals in the end. It's not how TF should be remembered. It was definitely time to go though. Earlier than this to be honest.
  14. He'd come on, get us a goal, then milk the applause as he took a steady stroll to take a corner in front of the kop. He was class cutting in from the left for the last 20 minutes.
  15. The stats don't tell the whole story mate. His career was ruined by constant injuries. He was on one large comeback. They caught up with him in the end.