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  1. I think it was £23 on the Kop last season. Could be wrong though.
  2. archieswfc

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    Somebody dint get laid last night
  3. archieswfc


    But people are moaning now, about what's happening now. Bruce and his assistants can't be judged on a larger sample as they weren't here. Since Jos went it's been largely positive. Frustrating at times, but mainly positive. That's the only relevant thing to judge us on.
  4. archieswfc


    Yep, there are positives. You wouldn't think it looking on here tonight. We'vegot a new, proven manager. We're keeping clean sheets which a few month ago was unheard of. We're a much better side than we were two months ago. Things are improving, definitely. Given time, we've got to trust Bruce. There was literally no better option as manager. The amount of time some fans think a sides fortunes can be turned around in is barmy. Let's write this season off, stay safe and push on next season.
  5. archieswfc

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    He had Carbone alongside him to be fair.
  6. archieswfc

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    I've got far better memories of Hirst, Sheridan and in particular, Waddle if I'm honest.
  7. archieswfc

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    He's like a feckin spoilt child.
  8. archieswfc

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    Managers like Capello and Lippi as well if I'm not mistaken. What a feckin tool.
  9. archieswfc

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    Is that what he said? I didn't know that. I wonder how many trophies he won with West ham? (I hope it's none and I'm not mistaken else I'm gonna look a reyt pr1ck).
  10. archieswfc

    What could’ve been.....

    Keep this firm up til the end of the season and we won't be far off. We need around 2.2 points per game to get to the average needed to finish 6th. Big, big ask but keep plugging away and we never know.
  11. archieswfc

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Yep. Around 73 points on average I think to finish 6th. It's a massive ask but all we can do is keep winning. Let's see where it takes us and start next season positively.
  12. archieswfc

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Easy to look back in it pal. Chucked some stupid points away under that pillock.
  13. archieswfc


    Battled well. Should've scored earlier to be fair, fessi had a 'mare, a bit rusty I hope. Hope the late goal is a habit we'll pick up. All in all we played well. Good fixtures coming up. Let's see where we are after the next 3 games.
  14. Glad to see some sensible posts over the last 24 hours. Owlstalk got on my t1ts last night.
  15. archieswfc

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Murphy used to be decent but I think hanging around at talkbollox is rubbing off on him. He's now just trying to say something controversial to create debate. The BBC shouldn't be sinking that low.