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  1. Miles better?? Quite a bold statement that pal.
  2. But am I right in thinking you wanted us to keep Monk?
  3. Looks like sky bet have closed the book. The odds have disappeared from the app.
  4. Modern fans are partly to blame for this mate. We don't give managers time. So the merry go round continues. Managers with good track records are generally the ones who are not available. We can't invent new ones.
  5. Tbf mate if he stays longer than the summer he'll have been here longer than our last few managers. You'd like to think if he is here then he's doing something right. It's horses for courses and I'm certain Pulis will keep us up. Nobody on that list barring possibly Pearson, who is still unwell by the sound of it, will please even 50% of our fans. Maybe Ryan Lowe would be a bit of a crowd pleaser but he's untried at this level, that's not to say he would fail. If we were mid table looking for a bit extra to make that play off push then maybe he would be worth the risk. But we're not. We're averaging a point a game roughly and we have absolutely no back bone. Pulis might just instill a bit of character. Time will tell but DC is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't at the minute.
  6. I think it's quite a sensible decision tbh. He'll keep us up and we can assess the situation in may. I understand people's concern over his style of play but results will change people's mind and staying up is paramount. The last 10 months form would see us relegated. And it's not as if there's a stand out candidate atm.
  7. Really? Was he that bad? Steady championship player imo.
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