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  1. archieswfc

    York’s v Lancs

    Neil. Sort this nonsense!!
  2. archieswfc

    York’s v Lancs

    We've thrown it away as well. Should've won this.
  3. Excellent summary. I've got to say, I'm more positive now having read that than I was reading owlstalk last night.
  4. archieswfc

    Calendar News

    Just local TV I'd say. And not against us in particular, just pro Leeds.
  5. archieswfc

    The Westwood problem

    You believe stats. I'll believe my eyes. Only pressman out of the mentioned is better than Westwood.
  6. archieswfc

    The Westwood problem

    Can't believe my eyes. Average in a good day. Very error prone. Second only to woods for mistakes.
  7. archieswfc

    The Westwood problem

    Him having died doesn't make him a good keeper. RIP Pav.
  8. archieswfc

    The Westwood problem

    Srnicek??? You've got to be kidding!
  9. archieswfc

    Chris Turner 1991

    Correct. Had a terrible habit of putting shots back into the 6 yard box.
  10. archieswfc

    Chris Turner 1991

    Fair point but I've got a memory I'll call back on rather than stats. Woods was a liability. He bottled it in big games time and time again and cost us potentially an FA Cup and a league title.
  11. archieswfc

    Chris Turner 1991

    If you watch the season review mate you'll be surprised how many points he cost us. Quite a few from poor shot stopping as well.
  12. archieswfc

    Chris Turner 1991

    Can't argue with that. He 5h1t in the tin way too often. An on rushing shearer in the league cup stands out. Knocked out at home as holders due to a soft goalkeeper. Shocking in crosses as well. Cost us so many points looking back.
  13. So that's one Wednesday fan there then. The Leeds band did a great rendition of the Sheff Utd song today though that still reminds me of the drubbing we got at Hillsborough last season.
  14. archieswfc

    Big sam

  15. archieswfc


    Then we shouldn't have a problem moving them on.