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  1. The brass section would sound better at somebody else's ground.
  2. Unless he does have other offers. To assume he hasn't may be a little presumptuous. If we are offering him a deal there may be others willing to do the same.
  3. Are we in round 1? Don't we enter at round 2 'cos we finished in the top half? Or am I talking utter b011ox?
  4. Agree. We should look back with fond memories. Unfortunately, towards the end he lost the plot and we were clueless. It tainted his spell in many ways which is a shame considering our achievements under him.
  5. Yep. Fell out with every manager he played for more or less, always their fault. Genuinely thought he knew better than Capello, Lippi etc
  6. Sums the foookin to553r up in a nutshell. Things like this are why I cringe when people mention him in the same breath as Waddle, Shez etc. He's not fit to eat their 5h1t.
  7. I don't know mate. The point is, goalies play to a high level into their late 30's, unlike outfield players. Therefore, giving him a 3 year deal isn't that big of a deal and is certainly worth gambling on if we can't find a replacement as good as him, especially as there is no fee involved. Westwood is exceptional at this level and it doesn't look to me like age is catching up with him as of yet so go for it I say.
  8. Not really a big deal for a keeper that.
  9. I think we got battered 6-1 or something like that at Leicester that season.
  10. Growing what? Has DC got an attic full?
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