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  1. archieswfc


    There are very few stadiums that are a success imo. Apart from extra seats, which we don't need and probably never will, a new stadium offers nothing. Just souless, shiny, symmetrical, unimaginative 5h1te. The atmosphere at these new stadiums is awful and I don't think anyone on here can name an exception. Even Man City!!! Maine Road was a great atmosphere, Eastlands is like a morgue, and they're watching some of the best football in the history of the game. It's a remain from me.
  2. archieswfc

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    And which goal?
  3. Exactly this. Well said that man!
  4. Nothing to lose mate I'm just not getting my hopes up.
  5. archieswfc

    Bristol City next up..

    How many tickets have we sold? Can't see anything on the tickets section.
  6. Be good to get winnall back he could offer us something different. Abdi on the other hand........I've no hope of ever seeing him play again. It's a shame really as I had high hopes of him when we signed him, but realistically, even if he gets fit, what are the chances of him regaining his old form considering the length of time he's been out and his age? Very small I'd say.
  7. archieswfc

    Pressure is on Forestieri tonight

    Our best player today for me. Looked dangerous, was busy and worked hard.
  8. archieswfc

    Passing out from the back

    No it doesn't. But it wasn't a problem from the off, only after we consistently gave the ball away. The fans will never sit quiet, it's not what we do. We react to what we see, be it good or bad.
  9. archieswfc

    Hillsborough - home Of SWFC

    Not old enough to believe it will be the case. Fingers crossed though.
  10. archieswfc

    Hillsborough - home Of SWFC

    I hope the title of this thread is true for all of my life.
  11. archieswfc

    Time to turn up

    Very, very well said! It's easy when someone can afford something, to slate someone else for not stumping up. If you don't have the money, you don't have the money. It's a blatant rip off and it's very hard to defend.
  12. archieswfc

    Time to turn up

    It's way too much for an average working man. I'd pay that amount on the occasions that I choose. A sky match would not be one of those occasions as I could watch it anyway. If the current prices aren't an issue for any individual, then well done and good luck to them. They've either done well for themselves or they have few family commitments. To a bloke earning £8-10 per hour it's a massive amount of money. Football is supposedly the working mans game but sadly, the working man is being priced out. This is why sports like darts are getting crowds. Good entertainment, aimed at the working class for a reasonable price.
  13. archieswfc

    Time to turn up

    I'd suggest it's not an excuse, it's a reason. I'm a season ticket holder but would I feck pay those prices if I wasn't.
  14. archieswfc

    Two greats

    Nice positive debate but it's not even a close one. Shez by an absolute country mile. Totally different class.
  15. archieswfc

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Scabs Scabs Scabs No, that's just them. I'm bracing myself!! Edit, sorry owl at risk. Not sure why I quoted you