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  1. Didn't say it was a problem mate it'd just be nice if it sold out, especially as it's a reduced capacity and the country will be watching.
  2. Everyone who wants one has had enough time to get one by now. I'd be surprised if it sells out from here.
  3. Just what I was thinking. It's very disappointing that this still hasn't sold out.
  4. VIDEO - SWFC Fans at Cardiff City

    Every time. This weekend would be fantastic with no band. The atmosphere will be fantastic we just don't need a band slowing everything down. It needs to be intimidating, not a jolly clapalong.
  5. VIDEO - SWFC Fans at Cardiff City

    Still got no idea of the words to the Gary hooper song.
  6. VIDEO - SWFC Fans at Cardiff City

    Band, no party.
  7. Football Rivalries

    Leeds may have the same attitude to us. We clearly hate them more than they hate us.
  8. Villa v Owls live overseas TV

    What channel is showing it over there mate, bein?
  9. Have the restricted view tickets on the kop been sold do you know?
  10. 2157

    He did alright. He fetched the furkin band back though.
  11. Hi everyone

    Well done pal, fair play to you. When 5h1t happens you realise there's more to life. It's only football. If what you've done has made a difference then full credit to you.
  12. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    We can't possibly turn down that kind of money. It is the s*n though it could be b011ocks.
  13. Carlos Tonight

    Well said. Was just looking through to see if anyone had commented on this.
  14. To Leeds

    Carl Shutt?