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  1. archieswfc


    My all time favourite player. I hate what's happened recently. Proper tainted for me now.
  2. archieswfc

    Jos or Irvine

    What a question!! Here's an easier one, would you rather drown or burn to death?
  3. archieswfc


    I agree with your sentiments mate I just don't think he's gonna sack him.
  4. archieswfc


    Wish I agreed. I think he's here for a while personally. Hope I'm wrong 'cos it's getting worse game by game. Dire today......again.
  5. archieswfc

    Blackburn away - pay on the gate

    Yes mate. We'd sold 3500ish the other day having been given an extra 1000 tickets.
  6. archieswfc

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    Excellent under the circumstances.
  7. archieswfc

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    How many have we sold?
  8. archieswfc

    Team for Blackburn?

    I'm predicting the same as usual. Payers names in one hat and formations in another. Anybody's feckin guess in it.
  9. Couldn't have worded it better. I can't think of a single example where success has come from this philosophy. Tinkering isn't ideal full stop, but constantly tinkering with the defence, both the system and the personnel, is plain stupid.
  10. archieswfc

    Hapless Luhukay's Frozen Out

    All true. But on the flip side.....wouldn't giving them some game time make them easier to offload and more valuable come January. They'd also help the youngsters develop their game before they leave. No other club who need to get rid of players freezes them out unless they're causing problems in the camp. It is though, as you say, rather old news now and we should stop thinking it's gonna change week after week.
  11. archieswfc

    Even Darts know

    Darts is the working man's sport nowadays. Pub culture, a sing song, working class players, a good swill and affordable tickets. For the folk that like the sport it ticks all the boxes that football used to.
  12. archieswfc

    Team for Derby

    Anybody's guess in it? Both the team and the formation.
  13. archieswfc

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Milan Manderic Saving us from the embarrassment of administration.
  14. archieswfc

    Please assist ...

    Leeds mate. Just like arctic monkeys.
  15. Yep. Short term solutions which seem great at the time. All they do is make the players/agents better off and us fans footing the bill.