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  1. I fackin hate Sheffield council and I fackin hate SYP. They don't give a fack about Sheffield Wednesday. Their beloved pigs are in the PL now and that's all that matters. They want us away from Hillsborough and on a sh1tty industrial estate somewhere in the hope that people forget about their fack ups. To55ers!!
  2. Neither. Steady player. Handful on his day, terrible on occasion. Works hard. Over analysed by our fans
  3. I'm a Reach fan and when he's playing well he brings a lot to the table. There's no doubt though, he's playing poorly at the moment ('boro game apart). Is he in a comfort zone? Maybe he is, the last 4 managers have played him week in week out regardless. A few games on the bench would tell us a lot about Adam Reach. He either takes the kick up the back side and starts producing or he slips by the wayside. Hopefully the former.
  4. There was at least three, although I'd agree, the atmosphere was poor.
  5. You reap what you sow I'm afraid. Unfortunately it's the fans, who have no say in pricing, that get ripped off. Us Wednesday fans paying twice effectively. Getting high prices home and away because of decisions made by others.
  6. I know it's the wrong section but you get quicker replies in the match day section. Is there any pay on the day at Hull tomorrow?
  7. Cracking venue that at holmfirth.
  8. It's really not. You don't even need to pick it up you can print it off at home.
  9. Agreed. Still gutted though. Thought we we're getting the Cowley's. Can't understand the delay in getting monk. Oh well, I've suffered worse being a Wednesday fan I suppose
  10. I don't mind either way to be honest. Long ball can be entertaining if it's played right. There's a big difference between playing direct and hoofball.
  11. I get your point, however, Wilder and Smith gained promotion and are more similar appointments to Cowley.
  12. I'd argue that it's a bigger risk to employ one of the others in the list bearing in mind their past failures. The Cowley's may fail, they may succeed, but at least it's a risk where we can't say we knew the outcome before the appointment.
  13. Really happy with this. The only one of the candidates that's not failed or a has been. I'd rather fail with Cowley (I'm not saying we will) than fail with a pulis, monk etc. It's an exciting unknown quantity and one where the future could bring literally anything.
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