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  1. While ever Bannan takes the corners we're gonna struggle. I really don't get why we persevere.
  2. Underrated goal and underrated player imo. Solid in 3 different positions, never moaned, just got on with it. Top pro.
  3. I'm optimistic about Lee at the moment. He looks better than he has at any point since his injury. I'd risk, if that's the right word, another year with him. His attitude is top notch and I genuinely believe he would love to stay. It's a small risk well worth taking for me 'cos if it pays off it would save us a lot of money in the transfer market.
  4. Gone for Wickham. He's looking good since the restart. Thought the midfield three looked good. Bannan played well apart from his crossing, particularly from set pieces. Why we persevere with him taking corners I'll never know. All in all a good all round performance.
  5. Looks that way. The flip side of course is we paid him good money for two seasons to be absolute poo and contribute to our drop in form and league placing. Then after one good half season he shows the club no loyalty at all and jumps ship cos we're not paying silly wages anymore. Depends how you look at it I suppose.
  6. Being able to watch all the away games live in foreign telly.
  7. Agree. Nobody was until he hit form after he'd left, then the "told you so" started. He was actually getting grief from the fans towards the end.
  8. This is all true, however, finishing the season behind closed doors doesn't alter this.
  9. The thing is mate, you don't have to watch it. Some people prefer to make the best of a bad situation, some prefer not to. The other option seems to be no football at all, which I can't see how is better. Either way, nobody is forcing anybody to watch.
  10. But having fans isn't an option, this is the only way of having a conclusion to this season and making sure next season isn't a farce, with half the club's suing the EFL/FA/Premier League for one reason or another. It's sh.it but it's better than nowt, both for now and for the future.
  11. Just looked it up. Between 87/88 and 95/96 he scored 26, 25, 18, 15, 22, 1, 20, 23, 13, 14. Steady record that. Be a big money signing nowadays.
  12. As consistent as you get Mark Bright. 20 goals a season for a long part of his career or at least I remember him that way.
  13. I know mate. I'm commenting on the evolving stories which are not necessary. The quotes from the OP tells it's own story but people have to keep adding bits that they heard in the pub. Nothing needed to be added. The story is told.
  14. Classic owlstalk. OP states quotes from the 3 involved and people on here know better . Can't beat rumours.
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