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  1. The scummy piece ofshit int allowed in our house.
  2. Agree. It wasn't a problem in the days before the band. They e been here that long now that the jobs foooked.
  3. We've had two play off campaigns and if we don't lose points this season might be on for a third. I'd argue yes.
  4. Exactly. And how can the same EFL that didn't protect Bury, Bolton or Blackpool claim that this is for the right reasons. Rules are rules, I know, but DC wants to invest with potentially no returns. The systems foooked. They weren't sticking their noses on when "Sir" Dave Richards was foookin the job up here.
  5. Which would put us in 23rd place. And let's be honest we're not gonna win in court. We're disliked by every authority under the sun at the minute. Even Sheffield council hate us. It's time to just accept it, it's Wednesday, it's obviously gonna go t1ts up.
  6. Incredible following given the circumstances. Incredible support regardless of the circumstances. How does the Steven Fletcher song go?
  7. Whatever wins games for me. However, the problem with 442 is you don't get chance to switch mid game so easily. For example 433 can become 451 very easily and the same can be said for 352 becoming 532. Easy to do without making substitutions. With 442 you generally have to make changes or play players out of position in order to change it a little.
  8. Wilson came out in public to show the FA that we were taking it seriously, that was obvious imo and Di Canio would have known this. He used this as an excuse to get a move.
  9. I'm not sure there was a massive difference. Di Canio made the decision to leave. If he'd come back when he was supposed to then the relationship between him and the club might not have been quite as strained. If Cantona went AWOL, make no mistake, Fergie would have booted him out of the club.
  10. Yep. First thing I thought. Treat the club like 5hite. Not a legend in my eyes.
  11. Most clubs go decades winning fack all so I'm not really sure what the point is. They're a medium sized, old , traditional football club and are about as relevent to supporters of other clubs as we are.
  12. Totally agree, but if he's found guilty of racism, which he has, then a 6 game ban should be enforced. Either that or found not guilty.
  13. Interesting to see that Bernardo Silva has received a 1 match ban for racism. How is this justified?
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