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  1. Exactly this. In terms of CV there is nobody better we could realistically hope for.
  2. I respect the bloke for having the balls to front up to what was always going to be a hostile atmosphere but this is not going well. I'm pretty worried about the direction we're heading.
  3. All I want out of this is to know whether decisions (not sacking Jos, not playing certain players etc) are being influenced by our financial situation. If they are, fair enough, that's the situation and we know what we're working with.
  4. Everyone has their breaking point and Wednesday are just a bigger part of some fans' lives than others. It isn't binary, where you're either a Wednesday fan or you're not. Every one of us is somewhere on a very long scale. The people still going every week are better/bigger Wednesday fans than me and I'm fine with that. I'm not happy with the way the club is being run and I got sick of spending my money and more importantly my limited free time on something that was making me miserable. So I stopped going.
  5. 100%. I didn't renew my season ticket this season, haven't paid on the gate once and don't really miss it anymore.
  6. This is how I feel too. Club seems to be a bit of a basket case at the moment but regardless, I don't think Jos is the man to take us forward into any kind of better future.
  7. Duffy played for it and Fox gave it him. Simple as that. No complaints whatsoever about the ref's decision.
  8. I didn't renew this season and I'm glad I didn't. Had enough of paying through the nose to put myself in a bad mood.
  9. All successful teams have an identity. An ethos. A way they like to play the game. We don't. The whole thing is a mess and I'm glad I didn't renew my ST.
  10. They'll outplay us because they're a much better football team. They just have problems converting the match dominance into goals. Expecting a loss and hoping to avoid a hiding.
  11. Seems to struggle when he's the senior pro in the CB pairing. When you think of the best CBs we've had since Des you'd probably say Batth and Lees (not this season, admittedly), so although it was a terrible mistake let's not hang the bloke out to dry. We all f*ck up at work.
  12. Dana has said the members of Khabib's team involved in the brawls are banned from the UFC. Three were arrested but released after McGregor declined to press charges. The incident after will get all the headlines but as far as the actual fight goes my main takeaways are that McGregor did very well minimising the damage he received on the floor and managed to avoid getting one of his arms pinned behind his back (Khabib's MO). As far as negatives, he got dropped on the feet because he was so focused on defending the takedown and tapped to a neck crank, which is a pain move rather than a choke. The fight was exciting in the moments it was on the feet but on the ground McGregor was just trying to survive until they were stood up at the end of the rounds because he knew he couldn't get Khabib off him.
  13. Scumbags. Disgusting. Ruined a great performance.
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