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  1. I read somewhere that Jack Rodwell is taking a wage cut from £70,000 to £41,000 now that Sunderland have been relegated!
  2. mike312

    Big sam

    Jos is our manager and deserves a good crack at it. Wouldn't turn my nose up at Sam if we were in the market though.
  3. mike312

    Reece Burke

    Let's hope he falls through the "trapdoor" at West Ham. I thank-you.
  4. Parachute payments aren't needed anyway as the relegated club can sell their assetts (players) for money and buy a cheaper option. Stoke will get a decent wedge for Shaquiri, Shawcross et all, Let some of the older ones go and be quids in, rely on a few kids sprinkled with a bit of experience here and there and bobs your uncle. The problem comes if you spaff loads on expensive players and can't sell them if you go down or if they are out of contract, although the wages are off your bill of course in the case of the latter.
  5. Didn't realise Abel Hernandez available on free, Leeds interested. Injured a lot of this season just gone but cracking goal scoring record at championship level (when fit.)
  6. Would fit in with what Jos said about recruitment.
  7. Reece Burke mentioned on Twitter, sorry if popes kippered it.
  8. mike312

    800k for Fred

    No brainer for me. Wants to come here, knows the club/players, cheap (relatively.) We'd be daft not to.
  9. Opens this Friay, closes 9th of August in UK. Most other leagues closes 31st of August.
  10. Unless they sell Sessignon for the 500million he's worth.
  11. Odd as I was talking to a couple of Nowich fans walking to the game (old timers) and they were of the opinion that they were skint. Spaffed big wages on people who had hardly worked out (Naismith on £40,000 kept getting mentioned.) Their thoughts were that the manager was going abroad (germany mainly) for his signings as you get better value and a they had a good crop of kids coming through too. All sounds familiar.........
  12. Fantastic news. Added goals to his game recently under Jos which I'm sure has gone a long way to this decision. As the article says he brings a lot to the team on and off the field. Good to see we are sorting these things early too.
  13. Wonder if Butterfield wants a lift?
  14. mike312

    Andy Yiadom

    He's off to Leeds is the whisper here in taarn. That might change though is Hecky leaves. He is a decent right back tbf and we can't rely on Hunt being fit these days. Also I would take Fryers at left back, he's been decent for them too, would do better in a better side imo (if that makes sense.)
  15. I only ever bought one for the opposites players identification. When the scoreboard went in I stopped buying them.