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  1. I think with the situation we are in we play the three that are fit. Style of play, mobility this, back to goal that counts for nothing if we only have ff, an and sf fit. It's either them or the young un's. With forestieri and nuhiu's form at the moment it might hopefully get fletcher scoring too.
  2. True. The whole premier league money thing I find is altering the game in so many ways and not many of them good.
  3. I mentioned this the other day. 91% of Bournemouths income is from the tv money, £124million. If a club can't put some of that by for the future, along with relegation clauses and player sales then they are in a mess. The problem is the massive gap in income between the prem and efl. If it wasn't so huge you wouldn't need parachute payments. Don't need them now imo. That money should feed down the leagues.
  4. mike312

    can you...

    Gray and Carlos.
  5. mike312

    can you...

    Didn't we equal the clean sheet record two years running only 2/3 seasons ago?
  6. mike312

    Big Sam anyone?

    Big Sam is consistantly one of the highest paid managers in the English game. He wouldn't come here with our set up (or lack of it) anyway. We would have to pay Jos off too.
  7. mike312

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I too stayed away. Didn't renew season ticket and won't pay over £30 to sit on the kop. The team or the facilities haven't improved so I don't see why the increase. I might go to the odd cheaper match but not enough to justify the membership. I can afford it just don't see it reasonable pricing.
  8. Sorry it was shackshaft. 100% pass accuracy at ht. 26 passes. I assume they were all 10 yarders sideways or backwards.
  9. But (according to o'rourke on twitter) pelupessy had 100% pass accuracy. Just goes to show how misleading stats can be.
  10. I understand the situation, what I can't get my head round is why it takes from April to now to tell us what we can and can't do?
  11. mike312

    Confidence Boost

    Good news of course but not counting my chickens. As oldtawnyowl says we've been here before with both these two and they've had set-backs.
  12. Preston sign Nmecha on loan, very good signing.
  13. mike312

    Clare joins Swansea

    Maybe they'll loan him back to us
  14. Utd in for Juanpi at Malaga according to twitter.
  15. I don't want FF to go, he is the only player we have with the ability to go past people and score/pass to someone else to score. He is our most valuable assett though and if we can get 15m of the 20m we need (guessing) to keep us away from Umbongo then it might be needs must. I wouldn't take anything less than 15m though in the current market.