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  1. Limited edition SWFC 3rd kit

    As it's a limited addition it will be priced at £79.
  2. I don't think he'll go to be honest. If we carry on playing poorly I can see a situation where DC pulls the trigger before the transfer window but not before. Derby are a better team than some we've lost against already, I would love a win but a think a draw is more realistic. The game against Barnsley is key in my opinion as we are in front of our fans against a team near the bottom of the league, lose that and I think some fans will turn on him.
  3. #boycottthekit

    I simply won't buy one because I don't like it. The price would put me off anyway, I don't think it's good value for money.
  4. I'm not a clapper but just noticed we're still only 4 points off the play-offs.

    Not sure why anyone's surprised by that result. I actually put money on it, that's how predictable Carlos' team are. I think his time is up which is a shame but it just isn't good enough.
  6. I switched over from the England match as it was rubbish. Barry was a bit quiet in the first half, he seemed to be playing further forward than he does for us so he was between the opposition defenders and midfield but as they had a man sent off there wasn't much room. Scotland made a couple of changes in the second half and he got on the ball a lot more, dropping deep to receive it. A couple of decent crosses as Scotland pushed. He looked better when Chris Martin came on as it tied up their defence a bit more giving Barry a bit more time and space also he had a second man to pass to. Looked a bit tired late on.
  7. Justice for Wildsmith

    I think Westwood on form is the best keeper in the division, however I think he's been below par this season and maybe this break will help re-focus him. Wildsmith is a fantastic keeper and I think played well today.
  8. Even if we lost today

    More or less what people were saying around me in the kop. You can forgive a team for playing their hardest and losing but not for not trying. Not trying and winning is a different matter of course!
  9. I like Carlos as a bloke, he comes across well and he has shown during his first season that he has the know how to get us through this patch. There is no doubt if you look at the teams near the top of the league, we have the players to be up there, we just lack confidence and yes at times are too rigid in our tactics imo. The players haven't become rubbish players overnight, unbelievably annoying and frustrating though last week was. Having said all that I think Carlos is under pressure as he set the bar high in that first season helped by the statement from DC about getting promoted, we all bought it, it hasn't happened (yet.) Lose to Leeds in a poor performance and he'll be on very thin ice.
  10. 3-5-2

    With the options a 5 man midfield give you, the need to pass the ball like David Beckham become less. If the three centre mids do their jobs, the defenders wouldn't have to be the main ball playing player (as they really ought not to be anyway.)
  11. 3-5-2

    Been saying this for a while. I would put Loovens in the middle Van Aken at left CB and Lees at right CB. Hunt down one side and Reach down the other, Jones or Butterfield in the middle (depending on the opposition) Bannan left CM Lee right CM, Hooper and Fletcher up front. Plenty of cover from the bench to suit this formation too (fitness permitting.) It's time to try something new imo.
  12. George Hirst called up for England

    Good on him, hope he bags some goals.
  13. The thing for me is if Fletcher is ineffective against the opposition because they maybe have good centre backs and we're not getting crosses in, bringing Rhodes on isn't really changing anything apart from a different brain possibly making a different decision, they aren't different enough players. To make a difference to the shape of the team and therefore the game he'd be better bringing on Joao or even Nuhiu (!)
  14. Huddersfield first leg. Awful tactics. Awful display.
  15. our team bores me

    We are just so pedestrian that all our play is in front of the opposition. Fed up of seeing Lees with the ball on half way looking for a pass and everyone just stood there with defenders marking them. We must be so easy to defend against sometimes. We never seem to get behind teams any more.