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  1. We're 6th in the league! Can anyone really say that they expected that at the beginning of the season? Dawson makes the odd error but he will get better with experience, he also makes some really good saves like the one against Diedhiou (?) when 0-0 on Sunday. People seem to think that Westwood was impossible to score against and would let no goals in. He was brilliant up until last season but imo lost form last season. Think we need to move on.
  2. mike312

    Passing out from the back

    The issue is simple, when Dawson rolls it out to a defender he has to have options to pass to. The midfield were too static last night and weren't getting free of their markers. Bannan in particular was poor but credit to Leeds for putting us under that much pressure. It's no coincidence that our best performances come when the opposition don't press and Bannan can dictate the play.
  3. mike312

    Hector report

    Agreed but the so has Lees although better at them.
  4. We are definitely good enough for top half, no question. With a bit of luck and no injuries we could even sneak 6th. It's wide open I'm.
  5. mike312

    Steve Bruce

    Actually goes to show the affect nando has on opposition managers. Bruce did this before iirc before another match, I think when we played Hull. Made comments about our style of play which were completely wrong.
  6. mike312

    Hayley - Update

    Terrible news rip Hayley.
  7. mike312

    Time wasting...

    But he should have given 6 and played 8.
  8. Dawson 7 Baker 5 Lees 4 Thorniley 5 Fox 4 Bannan 6 Onomah 5 Reach 2 Joao 4 Nuhiu 4 Matias 4 Pudil 5 Fletcher 6 Poor performance all in all. Couldn't get anything going up front. Joao looks weirdly short of pace and his control was poor, Nuhiu was innefective today, Reach was simply awful, I wouldn't be surprised if his pass accuracy was down at 10%. Matias tries but doesn't affect the game enough. Onomah kept getting caught with the ball and gave away a stupid foul for their first. Thought Baker was ok but made mistakes, Thorniley did well and Dawson made a few good saves. Frustrating game really as we had no pressure on their goal to speak of. 5 minutes to go and we're passing it around at the back with Nuhiu, Fletcher and Reach up front???? Needs must at the end of the game. Anyway, we are where we are, a mid table team, winning some losing some. On to Saturday.
  9. mike312

    Time wasting...

    Forest took the Michael with timewasting tonight and the ref let it happen and then only gave 3 minutes injury time. Poor from him.
  10. mike312

    'i dont wear red'

    I don't wear much red either, certainly wouldn't wear red and white stripes. Look around you at Hillsborough, hardly any red. This was a topic raised with our lass (a dingle) as they wear any colour as they don't have a direct rival. I told her to take notice the last time we played at Hillsborough and she couldn't believe it.
  11. Reach of course. Baker too.
  12. No big surprise. Take it and move on imo.
  13. Seems to me that the club has (finally) identified what we have been saying since Wembley. Centre back and powerful midfielder needed. Jos said what sort of player he was looking for and he's delivered. Very pleased with the signings tbh.
  14. Why would you if you're not a self motivating type of player. Take home tens of thousands of pounds every week, free gym, free top class healthcare and dieticians etc for training a few times a week. You can see why it would be difficult to get motivated. Me, I'd rather play and try and win honours.
  15. mike312

    Hector Signs

    Another decent signing imo. Knows the championship, athletic and rarely injured.