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Community Answers

  1. Well, if Kiefer Moore is worth 4m I don't blame DC for the valuations on our players. Joao is a younger better player.
  2. Just won £10 off my £1 bet placed in December. Big spender me.
  3. How on earth they are third is beyond me. Just shows what good organisation and motivation can do.
  4. Agreed it was a poor performance from us but we actually had the best chance of the game with Fox. We were in a bad way really at that point and they are second only to Barcelona if you listen to them.
  5. Beat utd and I'll start believing. Strange league this year.
  6. Sorry but I'm not having this "players aren't good enough rubbish." Westwood is Irelands number 1 and hugely experienced. Hector is a Chelsea player and has plenty of experience, Lees is a very experienced defender at this level, Thorniley looks an excellent prospect, Palmer has played enough games at this level, Fox has improved, Bannan is one of the best passers in the league and has international and premier league experience, Reach is again a very good player at this level, Forestieri is one of the best players in this league on his day, Boyd, Fletcher have loads of experience at premier league level, Fletcher also international. The players are better than they are playing atm for some reason I don't know why. Its not like all these players are 36 or something, some should be in their prime. We have been outplayed today by a team containing Mattock and Wood (wood didn't play of course but you get the point), that is the level of player we were up against today and we were second best for most of it, its baffling. I wanted Bruce and I'm sure he'll sort it out but I wish he could instill some passion, urgency and identity to the way we play because atm I'm not sure what the plan is.
  7. The pleasing thing is, Bruce said he chose the same back 4 as they had been doing well recently, that's all I would ask really, if someone's playing well as an individual or as a pairing/four, keep playing them. Would have been easy for him to change things round and try to put his slant on things but he didn't.
  8. Certainly not at the cost of chances at the other end either, a bit of confidence and swagger and we're up for hammering someone. I feel we are potentially on the edge of some outstanding form.
  9. Says £0.5m on sky. Decent deal if true for a 23 year old with sell on value.
  10. Watched Iorfa a few times before Wolves got all the players in and I thought he (and Hause) were decent. Athletic, good defender, tall, got forward.
  11. I don't think we're signing anyone. Shame because above anything else I think the current squad performs like they do as they have no-one pushing them. Think we'll just go as we are until the end of the season.
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