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  1. Pigs win anyone??

    Annoying that utd have done so well with what are average players. I think that's what is so frustrating about our season.
  2. Team for Villa

    Hope we hear "Nielsen to Hirst" at some point for old times sake.
  3. Maybe he's seen some of his mates getting a game in the first team and signing new deals (undoubtedly on less than he was offered) and had a re-think? Hopefully Jos has had a sit down with him and they've sorted something out. I just hope he becomes the player his potential shows wherever that is (as long as it's not Utd or Leeds.)
  4. Team for Villa

    Neilsen Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen Hirst
  5. * Breaking News * George Hirst was never not playing due to contractual issues, he was being rested from his last match.
  6. Resting players

    The only problem I see with it is, if the players were fit last night and he just rested them and we lost when we need points against a winnable team, what if they get injured this week in training? We won't have them anyway. In the situation we are in we need to be winning games and I would have thought that winning against Millwall (playing well as they are) would be easier than winning against Swansea or Villa?
  7. Highlights

    Two things. 1, what was Fox doing for their first goal? He just stopped marking his man. 2. Only one highlight after theor second goal is telling.
  8. Roll on 6th may

    I know what you're saying but I wouldn't say I was confident at the moment.
  9. Roll on 6th may

    Let's just hope we stay up first.
  10. I must say that I'm pleased that they have stuck with the prices and they are about right I think. This season is my last as a season ticket holder though but nothing to do with the prices.
  11. I thought everyone played well but Pudil played his best game for us that I can remember.
  12. BBC stats

    I think it's about right. They had a lot of possession and seemed to get up to our box ok but often it lead to nothing or they had a wayward shot. We defended well and seemed to attack with more purpose on the occasions when we did attack. On another day they would have thrashed us but they didn't take their chances.
  13. Team for Derby

    George is Tango's mate. I'd go Wildsmith Palmer venancio thorniley pudil (if fit) fox Boyd pelupessy reach Nuhiu joao Assuming lees and anyone else doesn't come back.
  14. Winnall

    I'd rather Winnall stay at Derby for his treatment as he'll only "suffer a setback" if he comes back here. It is the way of things.
  15. I thought that, bit weird.