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  1. mike312

    Well done Wednesday

    Got through a very tricky tie, that's the main thing.
  2. Been going on about this for years. We obviously have no tactic or training from throw-ins. Watch ours go straight up the line like a Sunday league side and then watch the opposition make space and easily gain posession. You could say the same from free kicks, when was the last time we did something a bit different from a free kick? I too would love to attend a couple of training sessions to see what goes on but hopefully it might improve under Bruce.
  3. mike312

    Stop the blame game.

    We are an inconsistant mid table team. It's frustrating, but let's hope Bruce can at least add that consitancy and a few players which we so sorely need.
  4. mike312

    luton game

    If we go with one up front against a league 1 team A, that tells you all you need to know about SA's tactical nouse and B, we'll lose. This game and the couple after it have become our season imo.
  5. mike312

    Can’t wait

    Fixed it for you.
  6. mike312

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Said on the radio we were playing 4-1-4-1? Wasn't there so can't verify.
  7. Bit worrying that we've had all week to prepare and that's how we play. Very disjointed.
  8. mike312

    Agnew on recruitment

    I played rb all my career and I am 5 foot 4 which as we all know, is the perfect height. 6ft 4 is a bit tall but if he's athletic, can tackle, has good positional play and can cross a ball he is ok by me.
  9. mike312

    Agnew on recruitment

    Was going to mention Iorfa the other day when a rb/cb was mentioned. Looked decent before all the foreigners chipped up at Wolves.
  10. Derby's facilities are premier league apparently, way better than ours in any case.
  11. mike312

    Now the dust has settled...

    I have no doubt that we have a team capable of finishing in the top 6 if we had a regular goal scorer in our team. We have beaten and should have beaten teams near the top so really it's just about applying ourselves and seeing out games imo. I think however we are too far behind too many teams so we'll finish 8th.
  12. mike312

    Frederick Nielsen

    Spot on. 6ft 7 but when he jumps he only jumps 6ft 2.
  13. mike312


    He was in Manchester yesterday as per my previous post (which was serious btw.)
  14. mike312


    Bruce is the one on the right. I've asked the missus to ask her mate a couple of questions but let's see.
  15. mike312


    I know he's at Alderley Edge tonight as a friend of my missus has been speaking to him (and Mo Farah strangely.)