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  1. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    I think Pulis and Megson as a manager and dof combo would be good. We need someone who knows the English game, can motivate players and get the best out of what we have. Back to basics if you will. Also someone who can get involved with signing players.
  2. Looks a bit like a wig-wam but more like a tee-pee.
  3. Yellow cards

    Yes, said this on sky t'other day. God forbid we lose him at the moment.
  4. Managing injuries

    Add Forestieri and Boyd to that list too.
  5. FAO Season Ticket Holders

    Yes I am not attending because it's boring, dull football.
  6. Just shows the difference in mentality, utd 5-4 down throwing the kitchen sink at Fulham with the keeper going up for a free kick. Us ..... Lees to Loovens, Loovens to Lees, Lees to Hunt, Hunt back to Westwood.
  7. All ok now??,

    Today will be a good test. Let's hope we start quickly and control the game from the off.
  8. The cc doubters

    I don't think he'll take us up simply because he has never worked out how to beat the poor teams in the league which the top teams seem to do. I really hope I'm wrong though. The league this year is wide open and with a consistent run we could be up there. I think that's what's most frustrating.
  9. Have a nosey at this

    Got kicked down those stairs once by the bouncers. Aaaah great days.
  10. Have a nosey at this

    Used to love it when my name was in the green-un for scoring........all 4 times.
  11. Given the squad we have, it'd be either Rhodes or Fletcher. Get some decent money in, big wage off the bill get a couple of young players with pace in. (and get rid of the dead wood but that is a different thread.)
  12. A win. If we are serious about going up this season we have to string wins together. I would like to see Joao start as he has some pace. JT will nullify Fletcher and Rhodes out of the game imo.
  13. So SAG had no influence here then regarding drinking? Interesting. Very stupid decision in my eyes, Saturday 12:30 would have been better.
  14. Need a win tonight really, let's hope it kick starts the season, be a tough game though.
  15. I think someone should be looking at why we are getting so many injuries and why they seem to come back and get injured again.