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  1. Think the schedule is pretty standard to be honest. No conspiracy theories from me.
  2. crookesowl

    ‘A Horrible Swirl of Wind’

    Think we were watching different games. The first half hour we were immense. We should have won by a few today, just didn’t take chances. And hes right. It was windy.
  3. crookesowl


    Both wide players were another level for them. Willian and that whatsisname-Odoi...
  4. crookesowl


    Could he do a job for us?
  5. In the 90s away fans used to sit in home areas quite a lot. Usually nothing happened, but it depended largely on the scale of the celebration when they scored, and where they were sat. Any celebration on the kop was a bad idea A moderate celebration, like a brief stand up and a couple of claps, was acceptable on the South and North. A big celebration was not acceptable anywhere really although it did happen occasionally. Luck of the draw as to if anyone did anything about it. Now because of years of separation and SAG those days are gone. Keep em a mile away in a caged box with 50 rows of seats and a net between us and them.
  6. ... with a bunch of p1ssed up Wednesdayites!
  7. crookesowl

    Neeskens Kabano not interested!

    Don’t blame him. He’s been in the bench recently has he not?
  8. crookesowl

    Morgan Fox

    Fox is only 25. Thought he was older than that. He still has time to get better under good management. Since we stopped passing out from the back he has got better from being further up field and his crosses are very good imo. His decision making and commitment is much better now as well. Long may his form continue
  9. crookesowl

    Give me...

    Wigan. Cold. We’re in limbo waiting for Bruce. Mid table security looking the target. Meh all round.
  10. crookesowl

    Playing it out from the back

    I hope he does keep it the same.
  11. I don’t recall seeing a single pass out from Westwood to the back 4 on Sat during the entire game. That must be some record. And I didn’t hear a single person complain about it. Can we agree that playing it out from the back with our current squad is suicidal and the way forward is long ball, flicking on, and picking up rebounds? It’s effective and it works especially when Fletcher is on fire. No surprise our best results since Jos went have been after applying this approach. Let’s stick to it.
  12. How did they not equalise... Palmer gets megged, then two of have an open net. Calamitous. Also. Nahooey. LOLZ
  13. crookesowl

    No one coming in....

    The tabloid/gutter press have cottoned on to Twitter rumours being enough to warrant an article. Either these are fake accounts stirring rubbish to sell made up stories or they are sad losers. Either way if the twitter account ends in “Journo” then it’s bull.
  14. crookesowl

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I thought the exact same thing but straight after it was announced. You see the problem is that with a couple of poor performances and results with Bruce’s assistants, Bruce has to now start a few steps back rather than with a clean slate. Appreciate it is an unprecedented situation but it’s still very daft. And it was entirely predictable.
  15. Newly-appointed Sheffield Wednesday manager Steve Bruce has targeted a January swoop for Swedish defender Alexander Milosevic, who is available on a free transfer. (Football Insider)