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  1. Depends on the business case. If DC does finally decide to leave then it might be the best option financially for him to write off some debt.
  2. Hang on this was in its own thread? Why don’t the admins just let the forum decide which threads they want to discuss? My thread was about goal scoring not fight and bottle.
  3. Should add, before someone else says it, that this is not the MAIN problem with SWFC. We all know what that is and it isn’t a player or manager.
  4. 5 shots on target in the last 3 games. That’s 270 minutes of football. One shot on target per 54 minutes. THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE PROBLEM FOLKS
  5. For the industry it’s about making money. For the club owners it’s a mixture of making money and a status symbol. For the fans it’s about the love of the game, watching goals, last minute winners, the elation and the despair. The days out with your mates or your dad. Dreaming about trophies. There is no ultimate aim, as there are so many different factors driving it. However money trumps everything else and so who knows what will actually happen. Whatever lines the pockets of those with the most influence, most likely.
  6. I don’t get this “fresh legs” thing either. He didn’t look tired, and Kachunga didn’t offer any more energy
  7. With Rhodes on pitch we have a striker who was doing OK, offered a threat from crosses and scored 2 in recent weeks. Then he is subbed off for Kachunga, who offered nothing again. I just don’t get it. Can someone explain please?
  8. I do get your point. I just don’t think he has any confidence in their ability, and he is likely doing what NT has asked. Under Carlos, Westwood used to play it short wherever possible. It’s not that he can’t do it, he just isn’t.
  9. If he had players that were comfortable in possession then yeah I get your point. However, he doesn’t does he? He gets a longer respite from kicking it long and waiting for the next attack than passing short and instantly being under the cosh again.
  10. Two things. Firstly this shows the club ISN’T trying to save an extra penny by not investing in the pitch, and reducing the heating bills. This was what I hoped but, you just never know and that leads me to my second point. If the club were in touch with the fan base they would know that an explanation was needed when the fixture was postponed. So, good to know it is a genuine problem, but it shouldn’t have been an issue. We should have been arguing about why we need a bespoke boiler.
  11. I’ll happily take a deferred season ticket. Not bothered what league, just want Saturday football, a day out and a few beers with mates.
  12. The EFL can do one. In the most financially challenging season in history we have still paid all our players.
  13. - Name and shame. - only verified people should have accounts on social media - social media companies should work harder to remove abuse before it’s posted (sentiment analysis etc) Its too easy for people to act like two hats Edit: My real name is Crookes Owl. So I’m ok obvs
  14. What temp is undersold hearing effective to? I mean, it’s been proper cold and sections of that pitch don’t get ANY sun this time of year. There will be lots of games postponed this weekend.
  15. Here’s another. Rodri. The lad from Barcelona B in 2012-13. Looked awesome for about 45 mins. Now at Real Oviedo after a brief stint as Brizzle Citeh where he didn’t even score.
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