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  1. I have reyt good seats, so I may renew to keep them. But I don’t want to really... might leave it late to prove a point. That said I can’t see us turning it round and a bad Christmas period will probably see a change anyway because it will be clear Carlos’ promise of promotion will be unachievable. And his position will become untenable
  2. Ok so not an actual poll as I post it but I think this will be a valid thread. Come March will you renew if CC is still in charge?
  3. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    You’re too sensible for a Leeds fan
  4. I can see both sides of this one. DC is absolutely right to stand his ground as he did and it sounds like he did everything he thought was fair, and some. But at the same time I can imagine GH would have been concerned about what sort of opportunity he would get at Hillsborough. Money aside, he knows he will get a deal and possibly a break in the PL very soon if he doesn’t sign a contract. I feel this is now beyond repair for GH’s future at Hillsborough, and the club won’t get much for him now. Maybe money won. Maybe it was about football. We need to move on. In Big Dave we trust.
  5. Build the team around....

    Exactly. You'd take it. My point exactly.
  6. Big Dave! Hooper and Rhodes playing just off him and allow Hooper to drop into midfield when the opponents have the ball. 3-4-3 with Palmer / Reach providing the width and defensive cover. Loovens Van Aken Pudil Palmer Reach Lee Bannan Hooper Rhodes (or Forestieri) Dave Guaranteed success with that team!
  7. Balloon Man - Kop

    Can someone enlighten the rest of us? Was there an actual balloon man?
  8. Well Done Atdhe

    Nuhius attitude is phenomenal. To be dropped for so long and then to play like he did today and get the crowd going as he did... Awesome stuff big man.
  9. Nuhiu’s unexpected return and form?
  10. Adam Reach

    I thought he was ok today. The best of a bad bunch in the first half. Their second was a succession of errors.. to say Reach should never play again is a tad harsh
  11. Marco Matias

    You are ITK
  12. The daft thing is we’ll probably beat them with attacking football.
  13. We had 3 strikers on the bench today, and no wingers. The midfield only had Reach capable of going wide and getting crosses in for the entire game. Unsurprisingly we made very little but yet CC seems to think swapping the strikers will make a difference. It’s a joke that Matias didn’t get a game today. I was on the fence about Carlos until today, but now unfortunately I think we need a change. The players have forgotten how to attack. Or Carlos does want them to. Either way that’s not good enough. Ill be at hillsborough for the next game supporting the team because that’s what I do, but it’s clear the season is over and change is needed.
  14. Six Unbeaten

    Season over bar some kind of miracle. We are way off the pace in every way possible.
  15. Hopefully pushing Bannan further forward by having Jones in front of the back 4. I’m quietly confident.