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  1. crookesowl

    Give Pelupessy a break

    You said a lot of words OP. A lot of words. I didn’t read them. But I agreed the **** out of the title so voted up.
  2. crookesowl


    It was terrible. Way too loud and tinny. I agree with playing some local music but as the walk out music... no they haven’t cracked it. Waterfront should never be replaced. EVER.
  3. I wonder if this was Mr C or Katrien? Smells of business 1st fans 2nd. Horrible decision.
  4. crookesowl

    Sign him up!

    It deserves more than a link and a redirect notice to be fair. Great player for us, let’s see how he fits in the next couple of months, and then get his contract extended.
  5. crookesowl

    Charlie Browns

    Doesn’t need to be connected to the club from a P&L perspective surely. Just makes sense to have a bar there! Give it a car park, Wednesday theme, it could be very successful. There isn’t much around there to compete with.
  6. crookesowl


    If we keep players fit, champions. Easy.
  7. What is going on with that place? Who owns it? Surely an AWESOME place for a proper Wednesday bar.
  8. crookesowl

    Looks lik Palmer and Baker for RWB.

    Baker looks a real prospect in my opinion. I’m not too concerned to be honest. I don’t mind Palmer, he has a lazy motion but maybe Jos can get the best out of him. Sorry for being positive, but there are more pressing needs for us to sort out in my opinion, like centre mid.
  9. Looks like him. But not sure. Whoever it is he’s getting some reyt abuse on Friendface!!
  10. crookesowl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    It’s a sorry saga. But, Hirst Snr will always be a legend. No-one can take away his contribution to the club and I will always be happy to see him at Hillsborough. I’m sure he would have preferred his son playing regular football for us but it hasn’t happened due to money, temptation and a difference in ambition. I want this to end but I don’t wish anything negative on Hirst Snr or Jnr. Its the modern game that sucks.
  11. crookesowl

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    What’s the benefit though? Seems like you still allocate a seat that you can stand up in front of, so how many more tickets can you sell? Open standing but with better Safety should be where it’s at.
  12. Sure is! Not completely surprised though.
  13. Am I missing something? Swansea need to beat Stoke at home and Huddersfield need to lose to Chelsea and Arsenal. Thats the the most likely outcome if you ask me.
  14. crookesowl

    Rate the season

    I’m not going to rate it. I can’t, too complicated. I feel better at the end of this season compared to the end of last season though. We have a better spirit and the feeling around the club is one of relief that the season is over, and quiet optimism that next season is going to be a memorable one for the right reasons. Oh go on then, 6.