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  1. I can’t see proper crowds being available until 2022/23 at the earliest. Until then maybe very small crowds but clubs need to manage the financial impact through reduced wages, being smarter with contracts etc...
  2. About time although £18m is still a lot. I think we could expect to see new loopholes open though like sponsored players etc.
  3. We aren’t far away is what I thought. But... we need Wickham and we need a couple of back 3 type defenders. We have Iorfa, Borner... but that’s it. I guess we need a couple in midfield and another top striker too. Odubajo just isn’t a defender. He has some qualities but he just has to many mistakes in him and he consistently makes key errors.
  4. Is it not the MAC address of the PC so they can evidence who is broadcasting it illegally? Like Sky Sports puts the viewing card or account number or something. I’m gonna check next time.
  5. In the end I’ve gone for Option 8 (refund) and paid £10 for the match on iFollow which went through instantly. This way I can pick and choose.
  6. ... to get your iFollow details after selecting that option? I’m interested but not If it takes a few days to come through. Cheers
  7. Has the hearing actually started? All I can see is a load of nonsense with no one IKN.
  8. Badly managed by poor managers. Monk as bad as any...
  9. I personally think we should wait until we can finish the season. Have a pre season. Get it done. Then have a break. Then start a new season whenever that is. It’s possible we could have a season starting in Jan / Feb with a summer break and completing before Chrimbo. just shift the whole timetable. why are we obsessed with starting a season in August?
  10. How is promotion fair but relegation not? Load of b0ll0cks
  11. This is utter BS. How can they possibly even hint at a return date.
  12. Good to hear. His main income which is from tinned food must be doing ok in this crisis.
  13. Bad management, simple as that. A good manager would develop players to deal with the expectation and crowd. Monk is not up to it.
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