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  1. Sure is! Not completely surprised though.
  2. Am I missing something? Swansea need to beat Stoke at home and Huddersfield need to lose to Chelsea and Arsenal. Thats the the most likely outcome if you ask me.
  3. crookesowl

    Rate the season

    I’m not going to rate it. I can’t, too complicated. I feel better at the end of this season compared to the end of last season though. We have a better spirit and the feeling around the club is one of relief that the season is over, and quiet optimism that next season is going to be a memorable one for the right reasons. Oh go on then, 6.
  4. crookesowl

    Prepare Yourselves

    We MUST keep hold of Bannan. He is by far our most important player. If he goes I would be very worried for next season - there is no hiding our dreadful form without him this season.
  5. crookesowl

    Barry Bannan

    Most important player at the club by a country mile. Without him we are, well, poo poo as has been shown.
  6. crookesowl

    Championship Form Table

    Thats a fair point, Tom Lees has made a good impact however we have not had composure on the ball without Bannan, and that has made us look different going forward and getting goals. In the summer we need to get a back up for Bannan because we simply have no-one else who can do the job.
  7. I’ll just leave this here... no surprise that this coincides with Bannan coming back to the team. Our best player.
  8. crookesowl


    Where’s the neg button gone?
  9. crookesowl

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    He gave nothing away with the team announcement either. Or maybe it was the Twitter guy who had no idea
  10. Was negging enabled just for this thread?
  11. Attacking line up that. Reach at wing back or 4-4-2?
  12. He will no doubt do a Rashford within a few weeks
  13. crookesowl


    A win at QPR or Hull and we’ll be safe, but we do need one more win.
  14. Not enough hooting at football matches these days.