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  1. Well I just had a lovely phone call from the ticket office and sorted out my refund. I know others are getting theirs - it seems they have ramped up operations. whether or not the small claims court cases got their arses into gear I don’t know but it’s good they are finally doing it.
  2. BPF Palmer Iorfa Hutch Hunt. Brown Luongo Berahino Paterson. Bannan Gregory
  3. I still wanted FF to succeed. I felt he worked hard when he played. He still had the potential. Just another example of a player not used to his potential. He is bang on about the managger as well. Lee is a quality player and we could have kept him.
  4. Keiren Lee is the player we miss. He never gave the ball away. positive in possession. Good to see him back playing at Hillsborough even if it was for the opposition.
  5. He’s right. It’s crazy how quickly some people have turned.
  6. I just can’t work out what half of the players do. We have very little structure and the players are largely anonymous. Paterson / Bannan / Palmer and Berahino were decent but that’s it.
  7. Translated means: “Rotherham’s a sh1thole”
  8. Update post 10am: “Your call cannot be completed, please try again later”. Oh Joy.
  9. Just tried calling at 9.54am. They are closed, opening again during “business hours”. Come on SWFC how is 9.54am on a weekday NOT business hours? At least communicate somewhere online what your opening hours are, or on the phone. What a shambles.
  10. Anyone know what they are? The website doesn’t state what they are and the phone line helpfully requests that you call back “during business hours” but fails to say what they are. Got an issue with season card. Thanks.
  11. Anyone know what the options are? Will they be able to cancel the old one and re-issue a new one? Need it sorting for Fleetwood on Tuesday… was away last week so only just realised.
  12. To be fair though… one match and two chances on goal…. Once he gets his sharpness back and assuming they keep starting him… he will score 15-20 this season
  13. It explains why he signed. If he goes I will wish him well. He signed a contract when the reputation of the club was as low as I can remember which really helped IMHO. £1m is a bit light but a couple of months back it would have been a free.
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