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  1. It explains why he signed. If he goes I will wish him well. He signed a contract when the reputation of the club was as low as I can remember which really helped IMHO. £1m is a bit light but a couple of months back it would have been a free.
  2. More chance of Sheffield Utd sponsoring us than finding a good local sponsor
  3. Chansiri could quite easily keep the fans at bay by being honest and up front about the situation. - Admitting to failures. - Explaining the cash flow problems. People can be remarkably empathetic when faced with honesty and best endeavours. His problem is he does not say a word and leaves everything to rumour.
  4. sorry but June 21st easing is never going to happen. We’ve got this shat show on and off the field for a few years yet imho
  5. If we can’t pay wages and someone offers £3m…. Can see him going
  6. Agree with the OP. No decent player will come to Hillsborough given the wage issues (if true of course).
  7. Been following SWFC since 1989. For me my favourite season was 1990/91 in Division 2. That squad, that League Cup win. The football and the return to greatness. Sitting in the old south stand watching Hirst et al in their prime. Amazing. What was yours?
  8. Chansiri is the real deal in comparison to that clown Alonso. Derby are going to do a Wednesday next season. I can see us swapping divisions eventually.
  9. Have they given up with the refunds? Has anyone had theirs recently?
  10. So you think FFP had nothing to do it? We’re allowed to point our fingers wherever we want. Because I am pointing at FFP doesn’t meant there aren’t more significant other issues. However, it is a very significant factor in our overall failing.
  11. It’s absolutely crippled us. Yes we have an incompetent owner but the money he wanted to invest (but couldn’t) would have easily got us promoted before FFP. All those clubs in the PL should count themselves lucky they don’t have to deal with this poo . We get a 6 point deduction for trying to invest in the club. Arsenal, Spurs et al get a 5% fine on just one of their income lines for trying to start a coup. Fvxking pathetic. Football is rotten and we are now a textbook example at the wrong end.
  12. When all the clubs are playing live on prime time BBC next year, we will all be saying “where is SWFC?” It’s a missed opportunity for the clubs brand but also for the woman of this area who want to play football
  13. Regardless of what league we are in next season, a string of good results now will do the world of good. For those players that are staying it will help with confidence, and for us fans it will give us some positivity. So if you are in the “too late now” camp, just consider the impact it will have on next season and enjoy every goal and point. It’s all we have and we have to build from it. UTO
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