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  1. Joao (I think) had a moment in injury time on the break down in the corner. How should have held it up, won a throw, wound down the time and allow the team to regroup. However he chose to try and break toward goal and got caught out, giving away possession. As I watched I knew what was coming next. Its easy to criticise and Joao probably thought it was better to go for goal but it was not the right thing to do.
  2. Have you ever looked at the evidence for the existence of Jesus? I mean, aside from the godly stuff...
  3. It’s really not that difficult. If you have a cash card it will most likely be contactless. Ask for a beer, tap your card on the reader, done. How anyone can have an issue with that is beyond me. Of all the things to moan about...
  4. I thought he was at least 10 years older and it appears many others thought the same!
  5. Happy 31st birthday Reda Johnson. Yes you heard, he is 31! What the funk happened there?!
  6. Back in the day you would have say 15 first team players that would play week in week out for a season. Back then an injury was a broken leg or head fell off. If that happened you would loan or buy on demand. I am convinced all this squad rotation and time on the sidelines softens players up and makes them susceptible to injury. The irony is we need a large squad to deal with transfer windows but that causes a problem with players not getting toughened up in matches. That and we we have a lot of older players. So in summary, do less squad rotation, get younger players in and get rid of the transfer window system.
  7. I think I saw him too. Can’t remember his name though either. Hope this helps.
  8. It’s not just him though... he had Lee and Bannan on fire around him in that first season. I hope this sub was a precaution, we really need him for next season
  9. He’s suddenly become a beast. Good lad. Deserves the praise
  10. Not just SYP’s fault. There’s always some idiots that ruin it for everyone
  11. I heard a bang. Thought it might have been Tango falling over
  12. He was asked to run around a lot, which he did very well.
  13. Boyd ran a lot. He did that very well.
  14. Was thinking this. Although Boyd did well surely Winnall would have been a better option, assuming he is fit.
  15. 36 to 45 seconds in... “PROGRAMMES 3 QUID”
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