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  1. Innit. When was the last time we put a centre back up front though for last 10 mins...? Used to be a regular thing. Is that how Warhurst started? Part of me is thinking Van Aken could do a job. The other part is saying absolutely no chance! He’s got a good left foot that’s for sure.
  2. Paul Warhurst famously switched from centre back to centre forward. As it stands we have Jordan Rhodes as our only striker. I don’t see Paterson as a striker, he’s midfield. We need more strikers until the transfer window, so who are the candidates? Luke Shaw? Iorfa? Reach (again)? Who could step in?
  3. I’m not. Would love it if he was still here.
  4. Very odd substitution. Possible TP was experimenting...
  5. In other words - get sent off and there’ll be trouble. Maybe a fine, maybe you get dropped. Has to be some personal accountability.
  6. Paterson isn’t bald though? Grey yes. Bald no.
  7. Must admit I’ve been doubting him recently but tonight he showed what he is about. He is surprisingly composed and good with the ball at his feet. Seemed to play a deeper role today and got on the ball more. Much better flow to our passing game in the first half as a result. Going forward I can see him playing that role a lot more.
  8. Positives - Goal. Reyt strike - first half passing, work rate, organisation - kept going to the end - good point - Pulis barking orders out all game like a proper manager - some good shithousery time wasting Negatives - JVA needs to work on his game - Kachunga more anonymous - Squeeky bum time at the end - Westwood injury. That could be him done now, Wildsmiths place to lose. - still 5 points off safety
  9. I like JVA but he needs some coaching to improve his game. Positionally he is suspect and gives players too much room. Think we may see him have a break. Pleased that TP spotted it.
  10. Done his groin. Looked genuine before the conspiracy theories start
  11. I’d consider putting Penney side left and let Reach start more central in an open role. We need players who can run with ball, and Penney can do that. Also, Westwood will 100% start. It’s obvious he will be a little shakey given his time out. He’s got a few lives left before TP will act.
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