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  1. Choose one TV channel for all football so you don’t have to subscribe to gazillions of channels. 6 second rule for keepers is actually 6 seconds. 5 minute sin bin for professional fouls 3 subs max. Can select a keeper or risk it. scrap VAR Limit on squad sizes (can get loans any time due to injury) Scrap transfer windoW but don’t allow transfers in last 10 games of season. Public flogging for fans entering the field of play Allow home fans to leave via leppings lane smoke bombs should be placed up the derrière of the person that lit them safe standing
  2. A modern legend at the club. Played his part in recent successes. Criminally ostracised by Monk and Jos. Got to wonder why the gaffer doesn’t want to extend, he is a versatile player. Hope he finds another club or a coaching role.
  3. Switch Internet off and get outside mate. Or get babestation on.
  4. Twitter account has 73 followers. Their last “scoop” was NML signing a contract extension for in Jan. Was this true?
  5. It’s crap anyway. £20 for a go on a bouncy castle and an ice cream and 2 hours of queuing.
  6. Fences for any club that breaks the rules. If you don’t break the rules, you don’t need a fence. Simple. Stewards can be the other side of the fence.
  7. I enjoy football and am absolutely sick of the violence and disorder of so called fans. I don’t care about Shef Utd, they mean nothing to me. I want to take my kids to football and enjoy a good game without worrying about their safety. Examples need to be made here.
  8. It would absolutely brilliant if they won. Clubs need to start facing the consequences of the actions of their fans.
  9. This so called fan needs locking up for a long time and headlines made about it. Absolute bottom feeder. It won’t be long before fences are back up. This season has been awful in terms of bad behaviour. It’s now normal to throw things on the pitch or at players, run onto the pitch, throw flares and smoke bombs, and even confront players. It has to stop and the authorities and FA / EFL need to start handing out very harsh punishments for it to the clubs.
  10. To be fair it’s been a bit of a wind up… but the OP seems to be getting some love so I probably have a point. But each to their own. WAWAW
  11. We weren’t though it was effectively 1-1 and we needed another goal. There are other songs and ways to support the team.
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