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  1. crookesowl

    Sam Hutchinson

    That has to be nonsense. If Hutch plays every game left (25) then that’s £75k. In today’s world of football finance that is absolutely nowt. If we cant stretch to £75k due to FFP... let’s crowd fund it.
  2. We should be singing this guys name for 90 mins. The way the club are dealing with this is a joke. Hutchinson is not dropped because Pelupessy is better. Something has happened... either Jos and Sam had a bust up and Jos is very good at holding a grudge... OR there is something funky going on with FFP. If that’s the reason they should just say... maybe the truth will come out on Dec 20th. Either way I refuse to believe Pelupessy is a better choice and Hutch isn’t good enough for the bench.
  3. crookesowl

    Best to face facts.

    I agree with points 1 to 5 but I have some doubt over 3. The rest of it is just.... errrr.... never mind.
  4. crookesowl

    New Addition

    The 1950s BBC News lost its anchor
  5. crookesowl

    Why is our defending so bad?

    We could have Des Walker and Nigel Pearson in defence it would make very little difference if the oppo just pass round them
  6. crookesowl

    You could drive a bus through there

    Like having our very own Shearer and Dixon on Owlstalk
  7. crookesowl

    Why is our defending so bad?

    Agreed. He does work hard though, I have nothing against the lad but we need better.
  8. crookesowl

    Why is our defending so bad?

    Which is more or less what I said.
  9. What's happened? Record breaking seasons of clean sheets, followed by this season's disaster. Is it the GK? Full backs? Centre backs? I don't think it is. Yes Jack Hunt going didn't help, but even with Jack Hunt I don't think it would be much different. I think we are losing it in midfield. Pelupessy and Bannan are not strong enough to mop up and fill the gaps, and the full back's don't have enough cover with whoever is in front of them, because the system is failing. Under Carlos there was a fairly clear system with wide players covering, and the likes of Hutchinson / Dave Jones providing some experience in the middle with Lee scampering around as well. Yes individual errors don't help, but from the very beginning when Jos came in we have been wide open at the back. Last season we were just very lucky. This season we are being found out. It is far too easy for the opposition to break through. Our players are just running round in circles with no idea what to do. Their confidence is shot. I refuse to believe it is the players not putting in the effort which is why we SHOULD NOT get on their back. This position is brought about by the manager, and the manager alone. The only way to fix this mess is with a new manager coming in and going back to basics. Get the team organised, bring back the experienced frozen out players, stick to a formation and take it from there.
  10. crookesowl

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Yep loud as well.
  11. crookesowl

    Time to cut everyone some slack...

    Its a bit of both innit. The crowd isn’t going to get going if the team don’t perform but we shouldn’t be cheering players coming off. From what I’ve seen the players have been working hard and it’s the manager that is causing all the problems with his baffling team selection. Who can blame the players for not performing (as opposed to working hard) when the team selection is so baffling. Which is why the players need our support. Whatever we can do to help get points we should be doing right now.
  12. ... and get behind the team. I’ve come to the conclusion Jos will be in charge until at least the new year, and team selection will continue to be baffling. So we can either get full on angrymad or support the team on and off the pitch. Tuesday night was woeful but part of that was the awful atmosphere caused by stay at home fans (completely understandable) and the general doom and gloom around the club. The atmosphere is toxic right now and the risk is that us fans will contribute to a disastrous season. So, I think we need to take a step back, realise this season is about survival, and step back in 100% behind whichever 11 is on that pitch. Whether that is Fox, Nuhiu, Pelupessy, or whoever the latest scapegoat is, let’s get behind them all and show some class. UTO *puts tin hat on*
  13. crookesowl

    Our club is dying

    The club isn’t dying. It’s having a mare. It was dying when Milan bought it.
  14. crookesowl

    Team for Blackburn?

    This but with Pudil in place of Penney.
  15. crookesowl


    I thought he did well and showed appetite. Part of his game is to play slow and use his turn of pace when the oppo is least expecting it. He can’t always be sprinting around like a headless chicken can he? You people are too negative.