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  1. Could be many reasons - I wouldn’t write him off just yet. He has to earn his chance and I am sure he will get one
  2. Can’t remember what went wrong for him at Hillsborough but my word he had some tekkers Plays for some amateur team now.
  3. In that case we should crack on with the work and get this sorted
  4. Take a look at the Swansea forum... they take a very different opinion.
  5. Feels we have a temporary solution enforced by SAG et al regarding the Leppings Lane exits from the ground. But, what can be done to properly fix it? Is it a case of fight the ruling and slowly return back to normal, or do we need demolition / construction? Is such work outside of FFP? If not surely we could argue the case to allow it outside of FFP due to safety. Either way it’s a reyt mess and there doesn’t appear to any plan. Which I hope is just because it’s all happening in private.
  6. I think we all know guiding a team to two consecutive play-offs isn’t the stuff of a charlatan. Maybe we could have done better and won the playoffs but not a charlatan in my opinion.
  7. Well said OP. I think we are in good hands with Monk. To be honest I haven’t seen many have a go at the appointment - mostly people having a go at people having a go which as I said isn’t many, just that negativity has a loud voice sometimes. Onwards and upwards
  8. Reading between the lines DC was giving Bullen a chance, but he needed an extra win at least and better performances to get the job. Thats is why it’s taken this long. Bullen was given a chance.
  9. Well. If there are grounds to sack him and save loads of cash it’s possible.
  10. It’ll be about the EFL investigation on the stadium purchase, SAG, or FF. No way will it be to do with the manager situation
  11. We have some rubbish fans. Like whoever threw the bottle at the linesman after QPR’s second. Literally no brains
  12. Thought this was an ITK thread about a potential new Italian Manager
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