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  1. Quality was a bit crap again, but need to be conscious PC performance can have a big impact. On the mobile app it is super smooth but via Chrome browser it buffers and jumps around a lot more. Not sure why, but my CPU runs at 100% with Chrome using it all. Could be why.
  2. Udinese owner also owns Watford. Photo is photoshopped. He’ll be at Watford next season on loan.
  3. This is why we need to destroy that stand or move to a new home.
  4. maybe a daft question but is this world something people can visit in their own Minecraft?
  5. They will rip the division apart. Both got points to prove. We absolutely wasted those two players. Poorly managed from the day Carlos left
  6. Not seen anything to change my opinion of Monk out for 8 months. Everyone excited about this season will be in for a disappointment
  7. We need young, energetic and fit players to make this season work. December is punishing.
  8. Don’t care. I was only ever bothered due to going to actual matches.
  9. There’s been a lot of change and I’m happy to give it a go. The changes are significant enough to warrant a clean slate. That said, I still think we’ll flop.
  10. I think signings like this (if it happens) are about rebuilding the U23s.
  11. It’s bad enough that we have a “Premier League” AND a “Championship”. Another Premier League is just daft. That said, the EFL does need revolutionary change. It’s rotten.
  12. I voted yes because I read some headlines and tweets that suggest we should.
  13. Wonder if Rhodes could come good with some support from the new guys...
  14. Yep agreed. Plus, if you were trying to find a contract where the difference is thousands PER WEEK, you would weigh up all your options and seek the best deal. Exceptions to that rule (e.g Rob Jones apparently) are rare. The players aren’t the problem, it’s the system.
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