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  1. Letter sent to FA

    Are you actually in Pyongyang?
  2. Young George Hirst

    Announcement at 1.30am.
  3. So this must have fallen off or something
  4. Team vs. Swansea

    I have a feeling Hirst could feature
  5. Young George Hirst

    I heard the same today.
  6. Glenn Whelan

    Was good to see Whelan back at Hillsborough today. Was a very good player for us in our first League One promotion season alongside Brunt. Noticed he didn’t celebrate when he scored his goal. Played well for them, nothing spectacular but very efficient spreading the ball around. A few of their fans don’t rate him. I think he would be great addition to most sides at this level.
  7. Sean Clare

    He’s first team squad now, definitely. His defensive game needs a bit of work - I noticed he does tend to watch players run past him a few too many times. That’s a minor gripe though. He is a huge asset to the club and has a very bright future.
  8. 60 Minutes

    We were at 2-2 at 86 minutes. I can see why he didn’t change it. In hindsight, yes maybe he could have changed things but let’s not forget the extra player they had. Very, very unlucky today.
  9. You have to feel for Abdi. Where’s his 370k page thread?
  10. Family Area - Grandstand

    I was up there on Saturday If you like the crowd in Jungle Monkeys, you will like the Grandstand.
  11. Almen Abdi back playing

    Good to see him coming back. If he can get fit again, then why not get him involved?
  12. Something that a troup of 16 year olds can serve more than one of per minute.
  13. Spurs at home. Would be very happy with that. Pudil can put Kane in his back pocket.