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  1. Need 3 points today given the results at top. Come on lads!
  2. My next home game is 27th Nov. That’s depressing. oh and we’ll win 3 from 5 including Swansea
  3. It’s a pain for sure but most of you will have the 23rd off so can go boozing after we win
  4. We’ve got Morgan Fox Morgan Fox We’ve got Morgan Fox! Reyt performance tonight got stuck and in showed good movement going forward. Well played. He’s really turned it round
  5. Personally I think you play two of Harris Reach and FF depending on fitness and opposition.
  6. Delighted to see him back on the pitch tonight - thought he really added some composure on the ball and an extra dimension going forward. He could be the difference this season. Question is where do you put him and who do you drop? Or do you leave him as a sub?
  7. good luck in your performance review ;-)
  8. I get it. I just don’t think it matters
  9. Harris wonderland offuv Chris Waddle tune
  10. And yet some people shout irrationally for him to be subbed from the 1st minute. Agree thought he did OK. Steady enough
  11. 3 points says it worked BUT it was very negative IMHO and made for a very dull game.
  12. Dear Mr. Chansiri, It’s been some time now since SAG imposed their crowd “safety” restrictions that have made getting out of the stadium more dangerous after a match. I’m sure you appreciate that in the 1990’s opposing fans sitting one fence away from our own fans was fine and normal, and they sometimes even walked next to each other outside the stadium. The situation today is really unacceptable for all concerned, and is based entirely on SAG’s interpretation of one single report. Fans of SWFC would very much appreciate an update from the club on what it is doing to lift restrictions, and I would go a step further to ask what the club are doing to resolve the ongoing problem of excessive segregation. It didn’t used used to be like this. Kind Regards Owlstalk
  13. Controversial but I think we need to work on a new core of the team. Bannan / Hutch / Reach / Lee can only take us so far. Top 6 yes if on form all season but we need to move on at some point. Maybe not this season but soon.
  14. That with a shot at Europa League would be awesome
  15. Could be many reasons - I wouldn’t write him off just yet. He has to earn his chance and I am sure he will get one
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