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  1. When all the clubs are playing live on prime time BBC next year, we will all be saying “where is SWFC?” It’s a missed opportunity for the clubs brand but also for the woman of this area who want to play football
  2. Regardless of what league we are in next season, a string of good results now will do the world of good. For those players that are staying it will help with confidence, and for us fans it will give us some positivity. So if you are in the “too late now” camp, just consider the impact it will have on next season and enjoy every goal and point. It’s all we have and we have to build from it. UTO
  3. EFL are out of control. Disgraceful in the current economic climate to do this.
  4. Not had my refund yet. Seems like they are trying to stretch it out as long as possible in the hope people forget / give up. Has anyone successfully claimed via their credit card for non-supply of a product?
  5. Yep agree. There’s a footballer in there with him but you have to give good players a run in a team. Start of season I thought he looked great.
  6. You look at Sunderland and they have players like Mcgeady and Maguire, both of which would walk into our team. We’re going to need some serious changes with the recruitment policy if we want to survive in League One let alone challenge at the top
  7. I don’t blame Mandaric for this. He clearly left the club to a committed and wealthy owner. In those early days DC had some good football people involved (eg Roeder) and invested in all the right areas. He couldn’t have known what would happen.
  8. 100% of the players alongside him can’t play football.
  9. All of these changes should have been done this summer with us in the Chanpionship. Doing it in League One will be horrendous. Thing is, I have zero confidence we can come back up. Relegation to L2 seems more likely than a promotion.
  10. Dave Allen ran the club on a shoestring. Chansiri has invested £350m. The scale of the disaster is proportional to the amount of cash that has been wasted
  11. Christmas lights over south stand bridge are pretty cool
  12. A man who has spent so much money on our club. A man who is clearly very passionate about succeeding and genuinely wants us back in the PL. How is it possible to mess things up as much as he has? It’s just unbelievable how badly he has run this club. I can’t get over it. It’s insane. The guy is a complete failure. It’s his club. He chose his advisors. He signed off all the transfers. He gambled with FFP. He selected the managers. When is he going to admit that he monumentally screwed up? This is on him. No-one else.
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