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  1. 1) Entertainment. Where is it? I want to watch some guy in loafers deck it on the half way line every other week trying to score a goal with Ozzy and Ollie causing mayhem 2) Food. I want chips gravy and cheese curd at half time. Quick to serve, tastes reyt good. Sort it. Poutine. 3) Ex-player interviews. Let’s make better use of returning players. What are they up to now? Are they enjoying the game? Any other ideas?!
  2. Cup game - good chance of getting a ticket. Will be a lot of London Owls eyeing this one.
  3. Wickham played for Palace yesterday. Not sure he’s going anywhere.
  4. More importantly... what’s happened to half time entertainment? I want to see some mug in a pair of loafers fall over on half way line trying to score a goal. Football is boring. Half time is boring. I still look forward to it though. Must be mad.
  5. It’s true though. If you don’t learn and move on you may as well give up.
  6. Not aimed at you sorry if that came across that way. I do agree it was a clueless and inept performance, but other factors contributed a lot.
  7. Tough crowd. No-one really thinks we are good enough. But, yesterday was a perfect storm. We need to learn and move on. The other thread sums it up perfectly, stop spitting venom.
  8. Naive - thinking 1 up top at home would work. Naive - Urhoghide’s defending. Hopefully he’ll learn but he got way too close to his man and got skinned too easily Unlucky - rebound off Dawson’s head goes in. Dare I saw it the bounce never went our way Shocking ref - that was NEVER a red card. The club should be appealing against it. It was one of those days. Monk will know he set up wrong, but equally there was much out of his (and our) control that contributed significantly. I’m going to chose to move on, try and forget it happened, and hope lessons will be learned.
  9. Rubbish. If used correctly Lee is good enough.
  10. Different times. Bannan in that team... alongside Palmer with Waddle, with Hirst and Bright / Atkinson... think he would be equally successful.
  11. Sheffield star claiming we have made contact with Southampton about Che Adams. Prob via other rumours. He any good?
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