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  1. crookesowl


    I was hoping this was a genuine EU Brexit vs Remain vote. Would love to know how Owlstalk would vote!
  2. Excellent thread everyone. It’s ok to not be ok. I can understand why people think the “count your blessings” approach should work with people suffering depression... however it makes it worse as it highlights the shocking state of the world. Best thing to do is talk and if you don’t have anyone to talk to, post on here, in the dressing room or wherever. Loads of people are willing to listen.
  3. We are but it’s also fortunate it’s only 1! I think we are lucky not to concede more if I’m honest, we are far to easy to carve open. But that’s a team issue not just defence. Not it sure how to fix it. Score more goals is ok by me this season.
  4. crookesowl

    Leeds fan in peace

    Hi @Cjay genuine question and nothing personal. Why are nearly all Leeds fans complete morons?
  5. crookesowl

    Walking Home Together

    Sky basically. But... let’s be honest it’s an all round lack of brain cells on all sides that leads to these things kicking off.
  6. Reach for THAT goal.
  7. crookesowl

    Matt Penney

    Just how good could this lad be. His defensive game is 95% there. His ability in attack is there. He just needs to be more confident is going forward. The last 10 mins on Sat showed us what he is about... some careful management by Jos and encouragement and we’ve a future star on our hands. Well done Jos and Penney
  8. GReat to have two of the top three but a bit worrying that’s it.
  9. There are so many solutions to this including CCTV, more police patrol's, advisory notices on lamp posts advising high crime levels, or even double yellows and just put a stop to people parking there. Something needs doing - maybe the club could help raise the profile of this issue given it is impacting our supporters?
  10. crookesowl

    Song for Lucas Joao

    Joao, whoooah, Joao, whoooah, he’s from Portugal, he’ll score the next goal... REPEAT
  11. He doesn’t have one I don’t think. Come on Owlstalk do your best!
  12. crookesowl

    Lucas Joao

    He needs a song
  13. Just seen this. Excellent news that these lowlife scum have been caught. Well done bus driver and SYP
  14. crookesowl

    Barry Bannan

    Some classic comments in this one! Proof if it were ever needed that we don’t have a clue what we are talking about