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  1. Sorry to nitpick, it wasnt a kung fu kick. It appeared to be a variation a kick used in kyukushin karate, which means it probably developed in an older form of karate. Either way, it isnt a kung fu kick.
  2. That england squad doesnt exactly fill you with confidence does it.
  3. A simple loan would be a bad move for us. 5 or 6 mill straight up or a loan move with an agreed fee for january. If we want rid we have to get some money back for him and the risk of a loan in the spl is too great. hes only getting older and scottish centre backs aren't exactly delicate with goalscoring talent
  4. Not bad really, would have been similar to our league position without the injury plague. Norwich though! Surprised that man poo and man shltty are the same. Would have expected man shltty much more than everyone else
  5. I think loovens will retire or go back to holland for a relaxing couple of seasons Fox can go for a smallish fee If matias is on low wages id keep him Strikers really depend on who we can bring in before shipping out. Id be fine with keeping em all, bar winnall, but want a nippy striker bringing in. Palmer id keep Wallace i think will retire or drop a division or go back to scotland. Butterfield can get let go Abdi should go if we can get a fee or let go if jos really doesnt want him Jones is imo dependent on Hutchisons health Whats westwoods contract situation? Im starting to worry we're getting towards the end of his time here. Happy with wildsmith and dawson even if he does go. We need two centre backs. One quality one younger maybe not quite the finished article or season long loan from premier league. Centre midfielders, probably 2. 2 wingers. 1 speed demon striker, loan from premier league maybe? If we can improve on our other forwards then others can leave accordingly. We are swfc though, we're always short of goalscoring strikers
  6. Trust good old meggo to state the obvious. Hardly journalism is it. We know hes got bags of talent We know that he spits the dummy out and throws a wobnly every now and then, but he is an argentine-italian. Latin do tend to let their emotions get the better of them sometimes. Be reight!
  7. It's not fair to pass judgement on luhukay until hes had most of the first team squad back for a month. Its been a crap season blighted by injury, but as sheffield wednesday fans if we manage to avoid relegation, before the last day, we have to accept it as progress as a club. Since relegation from the premier league anytime we had bad luck or a bad season it meant relegation (especially in the championship). Crap seasons happen. Get over it
  8. I think its obvious enough that the wage bill will be significantly reduced, hopefully with some transfer fees coming our way. The way i see it dc gambled a little with the amount of pricey players we have in the hope of a quick promotion, its been unsuccessful so we'll be playing the long term game. I dont think anyone in particular is nailed on to go, i think itll be entirely dependent on offers that come in. Unless they dont n the higher earners will leave by mutual consent.
  9. Carlos was very particular and never wanted to take a risk and try new/youth players until he decided they were up to it. Luhukay's been forced into it at the moment, but you get the impression he's not as particular. Joao's looking more poised and showing that he's making good on his potential.
  10. the abuse hes got from wednesday fans over the years, most players would have forced a move out. if north and south korea can have a unified olympic team, can't wednesday fans have unified support for their own players?
  11. i dont want to go up the dirty way. as disappointing as this season is, i feel more honest of a football fan trying and failing than just being bought better and better toys for ridiculous money. playoff final 2 years in a row is heartbreaking, but still impressive considering that we've still been stingey for top six championship spots. get everything at the club right, academy, scouting (i hate this outsourcing boIIox), tea ladies, whatever needs improving. make ourselves ready for the prem, for europe, then we can start putting real money in for players
  12. Owlstalkers Pronounced: Owl-stalkers Definitions: 1.people with an unhealthy appreciation for owls. 2.users of the "Owlstalk" website
  13. Sign of the modern age that no-one has been low enough to say "that wa barnsleys firm" or what have you. Well done owlstalkers
  14. True fans leave 20 minutes before the end cos they know its not gonna end well
  15. All helping the club cover it up so they dont get bonuses?
  16. They only come out for the big games. Part timers n all that
  17. cough...sneeze....vardy....cry #theonewethrewaway
  18. I agree that they should accept responsibility. The match report should be publicized within hours of the end of the game. The following day the ref should watch a full replay and the next day (2 days after the game) should be available to answer questions and where necessary to apologise for mistakes or to receive apologies from players or managers People pay money to watch the game, so should be treated accordingly.
  19. Who was on the receiving end of the alledged violent conduct? Bramall clearly looked like he was expecting to be in trouble as he was walking off, matias also had a guilty look to him but neither one of them complained. This is modern football, if one of them had a grievance it would be clear for the world to see. Luhukay wont appeal the decision and the f.a. would never have rescinded it (let alone review it fairly). We've been fcuked over again. We have to move on. The incident needs documenting and sending to pmgo or whoever and highlighting our grievance with the referees poor understanding of the incident and human nature factor in a footballing contest. Mm shouldnt be getting so much grief. Nor should the rest of the squad. 10 first team injuries and a new manager are perfectly understandable grounds for poor performances. Yeah we want this that and the other, then go support man city or chelsea or coca cola or justin bieber or some other nonfootball entity
  20. Sacking gray was necessary to progress. Gray brought us as far as he could. Dc is new to football, he's employing all the same advisor companies as every other first time owner. As for player signings. Its never guaranteed to succeed. Pretty much every supporter of the club was clamouring for rhodes, and that hes not lived up to his price or reputation is certainly not dcs fault. Neither is abdi
  21. You need to be 5 down. Iirc that was already the case when warnock did it, he just didnt know
  22. Not really. You cant misinterpret the rules so badly that the victim of a headbutt should get sent off. Every bad decision needs documenting and sending to the fa, especially if its a trend with a particular ref. The club should demand an apology for matias directly from the ref
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