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  1. gurujuan

    Hull FC U18s 0 v 2 SWFC U18s

    Well said, though I think there’s always been that interest amongst the fan base, which hasn’t always been reflected in the information coming from the club. Even that’s getting better now
  2. Most people have never run the country, but they’re still allowed to vote
  3. Sadly, some truth in this However, one persons opinion, and it is only that, is no less valid than yours or mine
  4. I don’t agree with booing individual players at games, or any form of personal abuse on line. You should be free to criticise on forums, if you feel the situation warrants it. Even then, it’s better if it’s constructive criticism.
  5. Well people will have different views on players performances, they’re free to express those opinions. Don’t really think though, there is any room for personal abuse.
  6. gurujuan

    João Does He Do It?

    Strange, as yes, on occasions, his first touch is pretty dire, but on occasions it can be simply sublime
  7. Until he can go out on loan, and he’s above non league standard, he need to regularly play in these games Think he’s only played in 2 of the development games
  8. gurujuan

    Sold out

    If it’s only the top tier, then they will generally let you in if the bottom tier is empty
  9. If he’s 18 now, he shouldn’t be Think have to be 18 or under at the season’s star
  10. Does Borukov still qualify for the U18s
  11. gurujuan

    Sold out

    Good support, but mixed news for me, as I plan to go to QPR Always manage to get in somehow, though it was QPR away a few seasons back, the only time I’ve ever been close to not getting in
  12. It would appear so, but in the two games I watched on line, he looked very lively
  13. So, who’s been playing well this half, apart from Winnall and Wildsmith
  14. They often give us a hard game at this level