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  1. Did his best Jordan Rhodes impression when presented with that late chance
  2. If we waste time chasing something that is, more than likely, unattainable, then that’s time that could be spent getting ourselves ready for a more realistic push next season Sort out a system, a way of playing, using the existing players who best fit that system Then, after monitoring things for the remainder of the season, we will be in the best position to decide what is needed in the summer That’s the way forward, in my opinion
  3. Short-termism

    Yes, tomorrow will give us a better indication of where we are They are a decent side, as were Utd, but derbys are notorious levellers Against Cardiff, we will have to get on the front foot, taking the game to them Personally, I’d like to see us playing the system we intend to use going forward, even if that means we risk losing Playing a side, just to frustrate the opposition, might get us a point, but in reality it tells us nothing If we set up a way of playing, then we will find out what we require to perfect that system It’s all about next season
  4. Yes, work on perfecting your system and identifying which players are a good fit for it Getting sidetracked by thoughts like that, will only result in us wasting more time With that in mind, we have so many players who are unlikely to be part of the coaches plans going forward Luckily, most of them are injured, but it’s imperative that we select the right players to make the system work, irrespective of status
  5. Midfield 3

    This ^^^^ a thousand times Also, after changing, why did we stick with it for so long, when it was clear we were getting outnumbered in midfield every week He tried to justify it by pointing to the results, which to be fair, were holding up At what cost though? We sacrificed any attacking intent, which meant our games were devoid of any entertainment altogether It became a case of us just hanging on in there, which was always going to fall apart Grrrrrr
  6. Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Though the weak link in the Feyenoord team, may still be plenty good enough for us
  7. I’m sure the chairman still believes this is on To be honest, the sooner we get this out of our minds, the sooner we can get back to building something solid We took a wrong direction after season one, and wasted a lot of money, so it’s like starting all over again There is now the difficult job of getting rid of a dozen or more expensive flops, who are on very good contracts
  8. Yes that would be a good swap