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  1. gurujuan

    You might think im being harsh

    I think that’s why I still have reservations about Jos Those are things you would imagine would be the strengths of the Dutchman Far too cautious
  2. In a flat back four, Pudil Not ideal, as he probably doesn’t have the legs to get up and down He’d be reasonably solid as a defensive left back, and certainly no worse that whoever we use in a five Again though, it would enable us to play three in midfield, and more importantly, three up front Personally, I’d opt for 4-2-3-1
  3. Yes, we often look shaky For me though, it’s the knock on effect, it leaves us short, either in midfield, or up front
  4. We don’t, and unless we can bring in 3 or 4 players in this window, to make it work, then I’d switch to a flat back four
  5. gurujuan

    George Boyd

    Certainly he doesn’t have the legs to play wing back, or the quality
  6. It doesn’t make us any more secure, and inhibits elsewhere
  7. gurujuan

    Liam Palmer

    For some, League One looked a step too far Agree, Palmer was very good, defending, attacking and using the ball
  8. Big game tonight, a defeat against a lower league side, will do nothing for morale I’m hoping to see some of Jos’s tactical nous So far this season, it’s been sadly lacking
  9. gurujuan

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Of course, we are in no position to prioritise, it’s early season so fatigue shouldn’t be an issue
  10. Even were we able to bring in a few loanees, the wages of those would prove prohibitive It will more likely be untried youngsters whose whole wage might be subsidised That’s fine, because, other than centre back, we don’t necessarily require experience Pace, power and energy to get up and down the pitch, is our main requirement
  11. gurujuan

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Don’t want to see us field a side that gives us a ready made excuse, if we lose to a League One club
  12. Which is also why, if the embargo is lifted, we use the loan system to cover those slots We do need to upgrade now, but if we do have promising young wing backs, we don’t want to permanently block their progress into the team We just need to buy ourselves a bit of time
  13. gurujuan

    Feeling positive

    Can’t comment on whether Saturdays performance was reason for optimism, as Brentford will be my first game There’s little point in setting the bar too low though, as DC has said, it’s promotion or bust As good as it is to see youngsters coming through, unless they have the talent to elevate us to genuine promotion challengers, then DC’s target won’t be reached
  14. Good news would be, investment sufficient to lift the transfer embargo Probably only temporary relief, unless of course, we really do achieve promotion Realistically, our hopes of promotion surely don’t depend on 2 or 3 Premier League youngsters? It would be ridiculous to expect that, but if finally, they address areas where we are lacking, at least the side will be better balanced If Jos can get his act together, so we can bring them into the right framework, we might after all, have a good season