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  1. Yes, I’d think that was the case, and probably still is, with recent signings attributed to Bruce. Sure, both managers may have had input, but no way would DC give them complete autonomy That much was made clear with his media statements
  2. Reading about him, when it was first suggested we were interested, he seemed a good fit for a club like Charlton or Peterborough. Spent most of his life out east, in the youth sides of Norwich and Ipswich, and seems like the sort of player needs a stepping stone club. Maybe it was location that swung it, over sides like Rotherham
  3. Those might be the issues with Iorfa at centre back, I’ve never seen him play there. However, I have seen him play right back, and he has similar shortcomings when he plays there. He gets forward well, and can be a threat in the opponents box, but he ain’t good enough defensively to be a starter at right back. In a different system, a wing back, then probably, yes
  4. For £70,000 I believe, which was then a decent fee for an academy product
  5. I would never dispute the fact that we need more pace in the side, but playing Reach on one side, and a new quick winger on the other, would just unearth more problems. Hutchinson or Bannan won’t run a two man midfield, neither have the qualities to operate in such a system.
  6. Palmer will start at right back, with Odubajo in front of him
  7. Not so sure, but I think he’d get goals galore in the league below, where there’s less emphasis on the other aspects of his game Can just imagine him bundling us out of the cup somewhere, if he moves on
  8. Clare can’t be that bad, he played over 30 games for Hearts last season.
  9. I’m not sure that he is mate Those that were saying that we got him for a steal, and could sell him on for 3m, I don’t think we’d get much more than we paid for him, even at today’s inflated prices
  10. I am always wary of players who lack the basic footballing skills. He never looked like a footballer to me, and it’s the same with Winnall It’s alright people saying, well he scored goals, and he might well have done, but if you don’t have the all round game, you won’t get far at this level We’ve all played with players, who were not very good, but still managed to score goals
  11. Think Penney will be fine, and if the rumours of Bidwell are true, Penney will be our first choice left back, sooner rather than later
  12. Merely jesting of course, these are the type of young players we should be bringing in. Of course it depends how much is available for Bruce to spend. I wouldn’t want to spend money that could be used to secure Hector, for example, but I’m all for bringing in younger players, if we can get them at the right price
  13. Yes, a bit like Lees, except Thorniley is also a very good organiser
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