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  1. Do you remember how long it took us to get out of that division before? Even if we get a points deduction carried over to next season, we will still be able to go again in the championship a lot quicker than if we have to rebuild in league one
  2. This all smacks of excuses to me Probably only two of the out of contract players are regulars, and at least half a dozen of the side, will be Bruce signings. Do we now have to wait until Monk can bring in 25 of his own players, before we can properly judge him.
  3. Quite a few wanted Wickham, even more wanted Rhodes, and some want Monk to stay They may not be right though
  4. Well yes, and I’m sure people will continue to make up this sort of stuff, but all you can do is ignore it, or come out with a statement, as Westwood has decided to do
  5. No I’m not, I’m saying there’s no evidence that the manager was being undermined, other than what people have said on here If Westwood’s statement is to be believed, there is no bad feelings between the pair of them
  6. No, because there isn’t anything to say All this rubbish about players undermining the manager, is another Owlstalk myth
  7. Who stays or goes, from the out of contract list, doesn’t really bother me either way. What really bothers me is, what have people seen, that they are prepared to let Monk rebuild the squad.
  8. Well maybe that puts to bed, all those theories about Monk being undermined.
  9. Well I might agree with the inconsistency bit What I find so bizarre is, that people keep referring to needing to clear this bunch out, when often, the majority of the team is totally different to the one we put out in previous seasons. So are we saying the signings that Bruce made, also have a bad attitude, and need to be cleared out? We’ve brought in 10 new players since the end of last season, it’s not the same players. Do we have to change the whole squad every time a new coach takes the reins? I wasn’t in favour of appointing Monk, but I wouldn’t have a problem giving him more time, if there were signs that he was starting to get things in shape. There are no signs whatsoever.
  10. Unless we get away from that merry go round list of usual suspects, it will be more of the same Cr@p managers, who come in, and are found out almost immediately, before blaming previous regimes, and telling us that this will take half a dozen windows to sort out. It amazes me, how many people support that way of thinking, on here. What’s wrong with a coach coming in, working to improve the players, and establishing a progressive way of playing? Yes, in time, they can bring in a few of their own players, but we avoid wholesale changes every time we change a coach. I guess the buck stops with DC, there is little continuity in his choice of coaches, though I’m sure those choices are made on the advice of others. I know it’s a cliche, but we have to get this next appointment right. The next man in will again have to manage on a reduced budget, for the next couple of years at least. That’s why it has to be someone who is used to working with players on the training ground.
  11. I can remember plenty of fans jizzing themselves silly over players like good old Reda. Will give him Antonio though, he was pretty decent. Megson’s dad, yes a proper gentleman, but chalk and cheese, when compared to his son
  12. Not sure about that, which players did he bring in? Most were OK at League One level, but did they go on to anything beyond?
  13. We also have to get away from this style of football, it peeing off the players, and it’s peeing off the supporters Neither Warnock, nor Megson would help with that
  14. All Monk needed to do was, carry on the good work done by Bruce, and Bullen after Bruce had left. Address the immediate shortcomings in the January window, and deal with any major overhaul, when there was a natural opportunity to deal with that in the summer. He didn’t need to create this upheaval half way through the season. Sadly though, it’s in his make up, he has a history of falling out with people. All so unnecessary really
  15. and ignores the fact that Monk isn’t doing his job
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