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  1. I shouldn’t worry too much about the FFP issue, the chairman has already said that we won’t sell any of our better players That’s one of the reasons for maintaining high ticket prices
  2. Mulgrew

    Oh Lawdy, no
  3. I would be surprised if Jos even knew who Jordan Hugill was
  4. He was West Ham’s Jordan Rhodes
  5. Sign all these relegation standard players. and guess where we’ll end up
  6. I hope we don’t resort to playing a pair of strikers, apart from the odd occasion For me, it’s one up top, with attacking options in behind If we play with wing backs, we won’t need wingers, so we can have the creative players playing off a lone striker
  7. Under 23s Title Defence

    Here’s an interesting one Common consensus suggests that results are of secondary importance at this level Should we then, give a few of the U18s a game to test them at this level?
  8. I just hope we sign players I’ve never heard of, or at a push, ones I know very little about Our policy of signing yesterday’s men has spectacularly backfired, and set us back at least a couple of years
  9. Good shout, and we wouldn’t need to bed him in He could go straight into the treatment room
  10. Rhodes

    I’d like to see another striker come in, another with pace if possible So in that case, we’d probably need to lose one of the big earners, Rhodes or Fletcher Losing one, or both of them, along with the wantaways, Winnall and Hirst, should free up enough for a top class loanee
  11. Rhodes

    Thank fizz
  12. Don’t know too much about him, but I was rather hoping that any signings, would be for the starting eleven
  13. Rhodes

    Having him here would just complicate things It may not ease our FFP restrictions but it will save wages, and give Rhodes the opportunity of a fresh start elsewhere
  14. Rhodes

    Which is why we need to have a striker who is happy leading the line on his own Then we can use Forestieri or Hooper in a deeper role Nuhiu and Joao best suit that role, but I wouldn’t mind us adding someone who is more the finished article Those five would give us all we need
  15. Rhodes

    I think it has, a lot Maybe not at leagues 1 & 2, but definitely in the top divisions