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  1. I don’t know why they didn’t play him, they lack creativity in the middle of the park Not sure we need a player like that though, not the way we play Think England can get away with it because of how prolific Kane is We almost need a front three to achieve a similar goals output, and with three at the back, the midfield two have to be battlers As Sonny mentioned, our creativity comes from Forestieri
  2. It could work, but I thought England lacked ideas, and the ability to unlock the defence, apart from the first 20 mins They do though, have Harry Kane
  3. I don’t buy this “in danger of breaching FFP regulations “ The club will know exactly where they’re at, at any one time Would MrC have made that statement regarding investment, if two months later we were at risk?
  4. I am believing what DC is saying If it turns out, he was conning us, it will be him who needs to prepare for a jolt
  5. We are not a tin pot business, and assuming DC knows what he’s doing, he will have known what our predicament was when he said, we don’t need to sell our best players Our financial situation won’t have changed in two months If we didn’t need to sell then, we surely don’t now I am quite happy to wheel and deal with players who don’t fit Jos’s plans, if we can, but am adamant we shouldn’t sell any of our better players
  6. Following the results of the survey, and the ticket pricing, I’m optimistic that Mr C won’t go back on his word He promised similar investment, and although I wouldn’t hold him to that, actually selling our better players was not part of the deal
  7. He’s the one player that makes us worth watching When he plays, the team is capable of playing some tremendous football When he’s missing, yes we can still win, but it’s all a bit attritional I would say, he is the reason I’ll swallow the inflated matchday prices
  8. No way, he’s been very ordinary since he left us Was completely ineffective at second tier Gijon
  9. No, technically you’re right Think he came through the age groups at Charlton He was then picked up by the Nike Academy, then after a handful of games for our U18s , he signed a pro contract with us He did though, emerge through our development system Good player though, and I’d love him to stay
  10. Lil Tommy could get his big brother to nick Tarquin’s
  11. More of this ^^^ selling our better players now would be a betrayal of trust
  12. We can’t escape the fact that our two best prospects to emerge from the system, have been allowed to walk away Whatever the rights or wrongs, we have to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen When you think that, perhaps only one or two will make it from a particular group, to lose two of the most likely, is really disappointing
  13. This, a thousand times If we are in a position where we need to sell, don’t sell our better players The thought of trading Fernando for Jordan Rhodes is absurd