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  1. I think it’s quite simple really. Monk has probably looked at our attack, and reasoned that they aren’t going to outscore the opposition in an open game. We have a decent defence, and a solid midfield, so until he can get better attacking options, then we might as well keep it tight
  2. Clearly he isn’t walking straight back into the side, and he shouldn’t, but if he can boost our stuttering front line, I think we’ll all be happy
  3. Maybe he won’t, I don’t know, but he’s the only option we currently have, that might improve our attacking scope It maybe that we will have to go into the market in January, but it’s worth seeing if Forestieri can add something from within
  4. An on song Forestieri could be the only way we can enhance our rather limited attack, without going into the transfer market.
  5. I’m not complaining, I’ve always said that is the best system to give us control We will lack something going forward, but that is more to do with the personnel, than the system If we carry on achieving results in this fashion, and then upgrade the front three in January, what’s not to like
  6. I’m afraid that’s the difference between Fletcher, and a lone striker who can make things happen for himself.
  7. I still think it has more to do with the quality of our front three, or more importantly the blend. It’s true, there also aren’t many goals in that midfield, although both Lee and Luongo are capable of running beyond the centre forward
  8. I think Brighton were the last side to have any sort of success, with a midfield two, and they soon ditched. United don’t do it now, and to be honest, they didn’t really when they were in the championship. Duffy was used more as a midfielder, until he was replaced by the Everton lad, who performed the same role It’s really difficult to play with a central two these days, so to play two up front, means no wingers
  9. Of course that would depend on the personnel. No chance with these three though
  10. If we want to play 2 up top (I’m not convinced) then we need to ditch the wingers, because these days you need three in the middle of the park
  11. Not worried, he’s only been working on the attacking side of our game since the international break For me, the front three is wrong, but we can’t change things until January
  12. Two out and out wingers, you need full backs who can defend
  13. I wasn’t there John, but I think I’d tend to agree. In fact, our worst results at this level this season, is when the team looked imbalanced Suppose it doesn’t explain why they were so successful last week, with a similar line up, though
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