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  1. It is what it is, paying for mistakes of the past. Do I wish things were different? Sure I do, but as I said, we were never going to be spending any money this summer Frees and loans, that’s why we’ve brought in Darren Moore
  2. All those things are true Trev, but I don’t think we’d have been spending anything anyway. If we couldn’t find the money for a left back and a striker, that may have saved the club an estimated 8m, in the January window, we were never going to be spending in league one With only about a dozen players contracted for next season, they will have to allow us to sign frees, and bring in loanees. Seriously, I don’t think it would be anything other than that anyway
  3. Who cares whether we’re under an embargo now, as long as it’s lifted before the window reopens. We weren’t going to be spending money anyway, so with plenty of big earners going, there will be funds to replace them with frees and loanees.
  4. A tremendous all round performance, but yes, a tinge of sadness that they haven’t produced that sort of performance before. It all seems a bit too late. I agree with Holmowl, a simple change of tactics has enabled Rhodes to operate successfully as a lone striker, with Windass playing just behind. When we use Paterson as a striker, the temptation was, to float the ball into the box, hoping he could win it Keeping it on the ground, and playing balls into feet, is the sort of service Rhodes requires. To be honest, it suit most of our players, in fact pretty much all footballers would prefer to play that way. When we failed to replace Fletcher, we should have played the ball into to feet from the off, instead of the dreadful percentage game. It’s a more precise way of attacking.
  5. Spot on about Paterson, his goals can be useful from midfield Don’t think he has enough of a forwards attributes to playing up front He’s much better coming onto the ball Not having a target man, means we have to play the ball with purpose in to feet Even with Fletcher, who actually was a good target man, our attacking play became far too limited
  6. It’s not difficult, today we kept it on the ground, as we did under Carlos in season one.
  7. There’s a lot of throw posted on here concerning Palmer. He’s a decent full back at this level and the attacking side of his game has improved immensely The thing with Palmer is, he generally tries to play ball into feet, not the floaty crosses we usually favour. In fact, that was noticeable about our performance today, keeping it on the ground whenever possible We looked so much better for doing that
  8. Now that’s what I’ve been banging on about That is the role for Paterson
  9. Makes me so angry that Barnsley snapped up him, and Morris from Norwich, for next to nothing Meanwhile, we were tyre kicking at Aberdeen, supposedly trying to sign 2m Cosgrove. Our clueless recruitment team have singlehandedly cost us our Championship place
  10. Don’t believe any of that, he was just towing the party line. Think we can see how he felt about most of those signings, by how many times he played them. The team was usually 5 or 6 of the side he inherited, plus 5 or 6 that Roeder brought in. After Roeder and his team left, the new recruitment team were a disaster. 16 signings post Wembley, and not one of them improved the side
  11. He’s better than Gestede, less of a lump, more of a Luke Varney type
  12. It’s only support, if it’s used to benefit the squad. Think it’s pretty obvious that’s not been the case.
  13. They’ve been a better side than us since Christmas
  14. Considering virtually nobody on here expects us to stay up, aren’t we getting a bit worked up about what others are doing?
  15. We were apparently interested in Mikael Mandron of Crewe, back in January, I wonder if we’ll explore that one again. Never been prolific, but maybe offers more all round play than the likes of Wyke and Jephcott. That might have benefitted Rhodes back in January, but of course we won’t have him next season
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