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  1. Indeed he has looked good, but started just two games in four months, nah
  2. The only player I’d pay money for is Hector. A Jos signing, he’s proved over a full season, that he would be a very effective signing You cannot make the same judgement about the other loanees
  3. This is exactly what he should be doing No way should we be trying to buy players like Lazaar and Aarons
  4. In theory, looking at his game, he could cover the Lee role in midfield Consistency is the issue, plus the injury worries
  5. Yes, the fact that Newcastle are glad to get rid of him and Aarons, doesn’t fill me with confidence We should be looking at major talents making their way in the game, people like Reece James on loan at Wigan We don’t need to buy
  6. He’s not old, but it’s younger players that I think we need. As I mentioned, we can borrow much better, than we could afford to buy. The exception to this, is at centre half, where we need the experience, so if we can pay a fee, Id spend it on Hector All other areas, cover with loans
  7. Not if there’s a fee involved Would much rather us find someone younger on loan
  8. Yes, 27 is still relatively young, but he isn’t the sort of player I’d be happy about paying a fee for. We can surely borrow better, or at least as good. If you look at younger players, you are generally looking at players who clubs believe can go further. Yes, I know loans are not without cost, but if we look for younger players, they have the attributes we want, and are less of a risk. In our position, we can certainly borrow better than we could afford to buy
  9. I’ve seen mentioned that we could get Lazaar and Aarons for a combined fee of £3m, but do we need to pay that for a left back and a wide player? We could get better if we were smarter in the loan market. In fact, the only player we should consider paying a fee for, is Hector, the rest can be done with loans. As I mentioned in the other thread, our squad has plenty of experience, what we need, is pace, energy and raw talent. I’d rather us borrow fit, hungry, young players, than settle for owning lesser players, especially if they come with a history of fitness issues
  10. You always want to keep your best players (except DC, who wants to keep all the players) The thing with Reach, he is all the things described by others, but he has a few traits which, rightly or wrongly, colour people’s opinion of him The main one, I would imagine, is the fact that he doesn’t get stuck in. Some players don’t, but I don’t think it’s a lack of commitment with Reach, it’s probably just not his game. Personally, I don’t think we know his best position, or what system would suit him Hopefully, over the summer, Bruce can work on that
  11. We need to bring in young, hungry and fit loan players Surely we’ve learned our lesson, going for injury hit more experienced players? Look at what Huddersfield did, the year when they secured promotion
  12. We have a fair bit of experience, I’d rather sign loan players that, are young, hungry and fit
  13. Another thing with signing Lazaar and Aarons, aside from their injury record, unless they are being signed as squad players, will they actually improve our starting eleven
  14. On what basis though, he’s only made the two signings, and both of them have so far missed more games than they’ve played That’s a worse record than both, Carlos and Jos, when it comes to signing crocs
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