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  1. I think Monk dismissed this as paper talk, although their chairman stated that we had made an enquiry, so who knows
  2. That’s a good point, we’ve not been comprehensively beaten, so it’s generally been fine margins, and a lot of the time, we’ve come out on top The games where we have come unstuck, are down to a lack of quality in forward areas, either directly, by not scoring enough, or indirectly, where we’ve had to weaken other areas to compensate for a lack of firepower Address this in this window, and we massively increase our chances
  3. On the subject of Peterborough, I see they have rebuffed a Brentford approach for Ivan Toney
  4. Sunderland, who have twice turned down the opportunity to sign him, are supposedly looking again Although in League One, I think they would be a better move for him than Birmingham and Charlton. Probably like most championship managers, I still have some reservations about whether he can do it in the championship A move to his hometown club, and gaining promotion with them, might give him his best chance of succeeding
  5. With over half the season gone, we can make a reasonable assessment of our chances As you say, our experienced team (squad) has proven that they can be there or thereabouts, come the end of the season. Losing our leading scorer is a big blow, especially as that was the one department where we already lacked firepower. Fletcher’s goals, while not papering over the cracks, were crucial to us remaining in, or around, the promotion places. How do we improve on the first half of the season? Well first, we need to find a replacement for Fletcher, and quickly. Then it’s a case of adding a bit of pace and guile to the front line. There is no point in getting sidetracked by bringing in players for other departments. It’s difficult enough as it is, for us to get players in at this time of the year, so no point in extending the shopping list. A revamp of the front line will be enough at this stage. The other departments will improve with more consistency, consistency in selection, and perhaps tactics. Monk’s thinking out of the box has certainly gained us points, Boro comes to mind, but also cost us points, in games where the midfield has been overrun. Have to agree, the top two is probably beyond us, barring the sort of window that perhaps, only the the fantasists envisage We just need to make sure we build on what has been a solid 12 months of decent work
  6. As I said, it’s all on what we do in this window First we have to replace Fletcher, then we have to bring in the players we need to balance the squad. Do that, and we have a fighting chance
  7. Depends what we do in this window We are probably a little short, but we know what we need, and it’s attainable
  8. Oh, and I’m not a real Guru, and certainly don’t come across as one.............oh wait
  9. Bowen is exactly the type of striker Leeds, and us, need. A player who can score goals from a wide position, negating the need to switch to a dated 4-4-2 Maybe Hull could use the £3m to sign Rhodes from us
  10. If he was up here on transfer business, I’m sure he wouldn’t be mooching around Meadowhall
  11. Agree re Bannan, and you can add Hutchinson and Reach to that list of players who struggle in a two Certainly, I wouldn’t sacrifice the talents of one of our better players, just to squeeze in Winnall or Rhodes
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