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  1. Under 23s today....

    This is true, and those five were well thought of Personally, I think Hirst does have something about him, and I'm certainly not hung up on the fact he's David's son You won't see me clamouring for him to be given a first team opportunity, not least because we currently have better options We don't produce that many talents from our youth system, so when someone like George comes along, there's always going to be a bit of a buzz
  2. Under 23s today....

    With Leicester and Everton both prepared to pay a big fee for him, he has to be, potentially at least, a very good player Anyway, was 1-0 the final score? If so, that is a tremendous result, considering the strength of the opposition
  3. Under 23s today....

    A much more experienced Palace side, men against boys, and the boys are winning
  4. No, I know the one you mean, you could get them in either blue or black I had a blue one, which I used to wear to work until recently Might have a photo somewhere
  5. What do you mean, if? That's exactly what the Oxford Union is
  6. Come on now Jordan

    Yes, I think this was the case Not the best player to bring on when you want to do that though He has neither the hold up play needed, nor the pace to chase down defenders Can't fault his effort though
  7. We are a dreadful watch, end of, and that wasn't the brief set out by Mr Chansiri
  8. There is truth in this, but you'd have to ask yourself why Two play off appearances should leave him, if not immune, then removed from such negativity However, the football on offer has been petty dire for the most part, even when winning
  9. How do you rate the squad now?

    I feel the same. I don't enjoy the football and can't be arsed with home games At least with away games it's a day out, and generally a bit of a crack Home games are so friggin dull Having said that, I have made arrangements to come up for the Leeds game, which still gives me a month to find summat better to do
  10. How do you rate the squad now?

    Of course not seriously, but it ain't as good as some make out We certainly have enough talent to finish there or thereabouts, but definitely lack the 2 attributes you mention That will hold us back, because in the last couple of years, pace and power have become more important at this level The championship now mirrors the Premier League
  11. How do you rate the squad now?

    MAybe, if it was 2012
  12. How do you rate the squad now?

    Quite so In fact I'm in agreement with you (and Carlos), keeping it tight is the way forward for us With that in mind, I'd question why so much money has been squandered on forwards, whose style makes them largely redundant We'd have been better bringing in forward players who are better at keeping possession and who can defend from the front Only really Forestieri can do this More possession, and better control over games, will be what sees us over the line
  13. How do you rate the squad now?

    A top three defence, and a bottom half attack
  14. How do you rate the squad now?

    To sum up, a squad that is ill equipped to challenge for automatic promotion Not enough strength, pace or energy to compete at the very top, but enough footballing ability to finish top ten