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  1. To make moves to balance the squad in January
  2. I’m not sure fighting this will end well, but neither will it if we don’t What fighting it will do, is buy us time, and we need to use that time to prepare for the inevitable Any delay, actually makes things easier for us, but only if we are proactive in our planning
  3. How many opportunities will he get to impress before the window opens? Certainly not enough time to right all the errors of the past As I said, all we can hope is that, yesterday’s performance leads some club to think it’s worth taking a punt. If he doesn’t get the move, then we can benefit from his, hopefully, new found confidence
  4. One bonus from yesterday, we may now get some interest in Rhodes. We have to be a more realistic about how much we ask for both him, and Winnall. Replace them with someone quick, and look to bring in a midfielder, preferably one who’s used to playing in a two Then we should be good to go
  5. I hope we can do some business in Jan, even if it is just loans. A bit of pace and guile up front, and maybe a bit more energy in midfield
  6. Fair enough mate, but I believe it to be true
  7. Well yes, I agree, you will certainly find much better players in the Premier League, which has also come on leaps and bounds. There are also better coaches and better players operating in the championship these days, and even at this level, you won’t find many sides playing with that type of striker. Drop down to League One, and yes there will be more. Of course there will be the odd team that thrive by getting the maximum out of fairly limited players, Burnley for example, but they are few and far between. The reason we have progressed as a footballing nation in recent years, is because our players are now developing into proper footballers.
  8. It’s not necessarily the formations, it’s the technical ability of the players that has changed. Even in this league, there are far better footballers than there were five years ago Agreed, it was an outstanding performance, as I mentioned, but my point was, there are still elements of our attacking play that should be addressed in January, if we can
  9. I can’t think of any of the top sides in this country that operate with strikers like Rhodes, or Fletcher come to that. Liverpool don’t, Man City don’t, Leicester don’t, Chelsea don’t, hardly any do, save for perhaps Burnley. You won’t find many German, Italian or Spanish clubs playing that way Not sure what football you watch, to reach those sort of conclusions. Hell, even England have finally woken up to the “new” way of playing As I said, too many of our lot are stuck in the past
  10. The trouble is, too many people on here think about football how it was played in the last century The games moved on, it’s no good being stuck in the past
  11. Yes, credit to the lad, three very well taken finishes. Against that though, Forest were so poor today, but you can only beat what is in front of you, and this will do his confidence the world of good Still think a new forward is a priority, come January, as we lack pace and subtlety, something we’ll need against better sides Anyway, if we can get some contribution out of Rhodes, it’s another weapon in our armoury, and if nothing else, it puts him in the shop window
  12. Been, otherwise engaged all day and missed all this unfolding Its like we’ve gone back to 2013. Well done Jordan Rhodes, and well done Sheffield Wednesday Might have to reconsider my stance on 4-4-2 Great stuff
  13. He also said something similar about Rhodes, but he was probably just towing the party line
  14. I’m not sure he had too much to do with most of those signings He certainly didn’t want Rhodes
  15. I like him, I found him entertaining Not so much the football in season two, but despite an appalling injury crisis, he again got us to the play offs Two play offs in his only two full seasons, he deserves credit for that surely
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