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  1. Done with it all

    I guess, having gone down this route, Mr C probably feels he should give it a little longer Personally, I don’t feel we have the players, or the tactics, to reach our goals I can no longer justify spending the money, and time, supporting something that doesn’t entertain me, and that I don’t believe will work That said, Mr C has invested a lot of money in this particular plan, so it’s understandable that he wants to give it every chance of success Us again reaching the play offs last season, probably confirmed his decision to stick with the plan It’s not for me, but I can understand why we are sticking with it
  2. Done with it all

    Most on the thread are saying how fed up they are with the dull fare that is on offer, not neccessarilly where we are in the table Certainly, that’s my beef Actually, not so much of a beef now, as I just don’t bother to watch what is served up Yesterday was my first trip to Sheffield for months, and simply confirmed why I’ve decided to stay away in the first place Is it tactics, yes partially, we are far too conservative in our approach to games However, I’m not of the opinion that we have a squad that should be doing much better, or indeed playing a more swashbuckling brand of football We lack the basic tools needed to make proper headway in the modern game Yes we have a smattering of good players, but people often confuse depth of squad with quality Who is responsible for this situation? It’s not clear, probably a few people, but it is clear that the policy isn’t working There is no evidence that sacrificing entertainment, has given us a better chance of reaching our goals
  3. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against

    Too right, we are weak and lack pace, and have forwards who are well past their sell by date
  4. Done with it all

    It was my first home game for nearly 6 months Just as it was when I last visited, a total bore fest Despite the millions spent, we are completely devoid of both inspiration, and purpose Won’t be returning in a hurry, that’s for sure
  5. I guess their old has beens, are more up for it than our old has beens
  6. Not just kids, for us older ones as well After years of rarely missing a game, I would never have imagined I could go almost 8 months without attending Hillsborough For most, who have been through all the crap times, and still go regularly, it’s probably an addiction However, an addiction can be broken, if you can stay away long enough Now I don’t feel it’s my duty to go, and in the long run, that’s not good for clubs I’m going to Bristol this weekend, and have been to Birmingham and Villa, this season Really haven’t enjoyed games at Hillsborough for a while, and it’s that more than cost, that has been the determining factor for me The point is though, whatever your reasons for stopping, once you break the habit, it’s quite easy to just pick and choose your games
  7. My backpack is a fashion statement Now I will have to rethink my complete outfit
  8. Dawson Baker Neilsen Williams Penney Boyd Kirby Jones Clarke Nuhiu Hirst
  9. Could our third eleven survive in this division?
  10. Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Van Aken Pudil Hutchinson Lee Matias Abdi Forestieri Joao Hmm, streets ahead
  11. Yes, not only would they survive, they could reach the play offs, taking 6 points off the first eleven
  12. Joao

    I would say, the penny has dropped His recent cameos for the first team, and his run outs for the reserves, have been impressive by all accounts Perhaps his attitude was wrong, and Carlos will know this better than most, as he sees him every day in training For me it was a throw up between him and Rhodes to replace Fletcher, both have similar recent records Rhodes got the nod and is starting to do ok, so Joao will have to wait a while
  13. Joao

    I’ve asked myself that on many an occasion In truth, we don’t play in a way that suits his game Hopefully we are beginning to see a bit of a change, with us looking to get on the front foot early on Now, Hooper and Rhodes are in possession, and they are doing OK
  14. Joao

    Not sure that’s true From talking to people who’ve watched him this season, he seems to be getting his act together
  15. Joao

    Sure, also when Joao joined Blackburn