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  1. Even in season two, he gave us an identity. Can’t say I enjoyed the change of tactics, but it was pretty innovative. That whole idea of creating a central block didn’t happen by chance, Carlos devised the system when he was unable to recruit the players he felt he needed to build on the success of season one. In fairness it worked, making us very difficult to beat, and led us to a very credible 4th place finish Boy could we do with his tactical nous right now
  2. Don’t underestimate the tactical nous of Monk and Knill. Of course they’ve got the players totally buying into what they are doing, but they have also devised an innovative way of playing.
  3. Who wouldn’t want Carlos, it’s been downhill all the way since he left
  4. I All but Nuhiu of these players remain contracted for next season, so it has to be about who we can bring in
  5. I love Scram’s idea, and if we manage to stay up, it would take that calibre of manager to avoid finding ourselves in the same position next year. If we are still in the Championship, and on a limited budget, any new manager would have to have excellent contacts to manage the sort of rebuild needed As I’ve mentioned, any rebuild would be easier in League One, as even on a reduced budget, we’d still be an attractive proposition for lower league players. In that case, Ryan Lowe looks an interesting option
  6. Wilder is actually a very good coach though, and I wish we had someone like him running the show. We didn’t have those problems under Carlos, and our team spirit was so much better. I’m sceptical when coaches start coming out with all that nonsense. Not saying it doesn’t go on, it does at most clubs, it’s how you deal with it, and Monk has never dealt with it well, wherever he’s been
  7. Nor would you leave the carpet in place
  8. In League One, I’d like to see Lowe given the opportunity to manage us, however if we manage to stay up, then it might be a step too far at the moment. Who might be suitable in the Championship? It depends, my preferred choice previously was Hughton, but he wasn’t interested before, but I’m no longer sure he’d be the right man anyway. Needs to be someone who will get us playing entertaining football, not least because it will help us bring in some quality loanees No Premier League club will want to subsidise a young player, knowing he will be asked to play the way we’ve been playing this season
  9. I think I’m prepared for just such a scenario. Thought for a while that a Monk would take us down, and if that’s what it takes to get him gone, then so be it Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but in my opinion, once I realised the extent of our rebuild, I never believed that it was doable for us in the Championship Any points deduction next season, will be easier to overcome in that league, than it would in this one Who knows, we might even enjoy seeing the team win again
  10. No it isn’t just bad luck Other factors have played their part, but there is no excuse for such a run, none whatsoever
  11. Good point, look at the clamour for Rhodes, and all the spaffing over Fletcher. No way would Brentford have signed players like that, and then play them ahead of the likes of Forestieri and Joao. As a fan base, we seem to be stuck in the past
  12. You could look at most clubs, especially so called bigger ones who aren’t achieving what they once were, and ask the same question. In truth, there will always be periods where perhaps things could have been done differently. DC’s tenure is just a microcosm of that. Under his stewardship, we have seen our highest league placing for many years, and maybe now, regrettably he might oversee a return to League One Mistakes have been made by him, and others, there’s no doubting that. Two good managerial appointments, in Carlos and Bruce, and two not so good ones, in Jos and Monk. Who knows what the chairman’s plans are now, but I’m pretty certain he will need to brace himself for a spell in League One. This was always going to be a period of change, but may also now need a change of direction as well. I was never confident that we could do such an extensive rebuild in the Championship anyway, especially on a reduced budget. A total rebuild will be easier in League One It’s now about finding the right manager
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