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  1. Think last night showed we have the energy, willingness and spirit. We now need that extra quality, as those attributes alone won’t get us the points we need. A few more like Izzy Brown please
  2. How long has this taken? All this to get a UK based free agent over the line, oh dear
  3. They are in with a chance, but at most of our rivals, wouldn’t be near the first team. They are in the team by default, either because we don’t have anyone else, or Monk is trying to make a statement to the chairman Don’t think any of them have let us down, but they are what they are, development players making up the numbers
  4. Seems like we haven’t even been able to register Adedoyin yet, despite nearly 4 weeks of negotiations, and he’s a friggin free agent🙁
  5. That’s pathetic, if we really don’t have more than 16 fit pros, name some U18s for the experience. Maybe Monk is trying to make a point
  6. Be a big ask to keep the unbeaten run going this evening, especially with the threadbare squad we have at the moment
  7. I haven’t yet seen anything of either of them really, but at this point, it’s doubtful whether they are ready for regular first team football at this level There might be reasons why clubs might be holding on to our targets, but at U23 level, that can’t be the case At least that’s is one area we could be up to speed with
  8. No, I haven’t, we haven’t even managed to sort out recruitment at U23 level, where it’s free agents we are talking about. However, we have to do it, the consequences of not doing it could be disastrous
  9. Be a risky strategy to not bring the squad up to scratch in this window, leave January for fine tuning
  10. Though that would give us an advantage over other clubs who might still be looking to offload their high earners, whereas we’ve got rid of most ours, would it not?
  11. Interesting that Urhoghide reverted to centre back for this one. Talking of players operating in different roles, I’d like to see young Thompson switched to a midfield role Think his size goes against him at centre back, but he’d probably make a good midfield ball winner
  12. Looks like they recruit first, then look to clear out the players they don’t want. It’s a risky strategy for them, wage bill wise, if they don’t manage to get rid of those players. We’ve done it the other way around, slashed the wage bill, but the risk to us is not having a competitive squad if we can’t recruit
  13. If they’re only looking at trialists one at a time, the season will be over before we get a squad together We’ve had ages to do this, but if every incoming takes as long as Adedoyin to get over the line, we are in for a season of struggle
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