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  1. Yes probably, he’s not exactly a font of wisdom is he
  2. We’ve been saying that every week since the season started, but yes, this would be a good time for it to happen
  3. No you are right mate, it wasn’t recorded in the match stats because it was claimed the shot hit the post, and thus, bizarrely, isn’t actually a shot on target.
  4. True, but we did have a chairman who was interested enough to develop a scouting team who regularly scouted players over there, and we wasted £20m, so we had the money Wolves really went for it, and had excellent contacts, but other championship clubs brought over decent players with less contacts and money than us What did we get for that £20m? For all the money spent, we didn’t really improve on that Wembley team
  5. I think you will see a lot of UK based youngsters playing on the continent, which goes to show the progress we have made in this country There has been a massive change with the way clubs do things in recent years, with more emphasis put on ball work. Young British players are now comfortable on the ball, not something you could say 10 years ago. That’s one of the reasons I’m so against the appointment of managers like Monk and Pulis. Pulis might well get us organised enough to steer our way clear of relegation in the short term. In the longer term though, that style of football will set us ba
  6. I’m not sure, the likes of Porto and Benfica operate quite big squads, I’m sure we could have attracted some young talents After all, it wasn’t as if we needed to sign ready made players, our squad was packed with experience before we made any year two signings Agree Wolves stole a March on everybody, mainly through the use of their super agent. Bearing in mind, we only needed to add 3 or 4 players to the squad post Wembley. We could have got some top young talents for £20m
  7. I don’t think Silva would have come, but anyway, I was talking about the period immediately post Wembley. Spending the money we spent on, past their sell by date, British players, would have been better spent on acquiring some decent Portuguese talent. They were an emerging nation, and we must have been an attractive proposition back then, having just reached the play off final. Also having the Portuguese management and coaching staff in place, I’m sure we could have attracted some top talents. It’s not as if we needed any more experience, we had plenty in the squad anyway.
  8. Probably not, no. Think he was an outstanding talent though. I’m hoping Pulis is just a short term appointment until the end of the season, and we can then get a more enlightened manager in who encourages the players to play football.
  9. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, this is a big concern for me. These two recent appointments though, will not be good for our young players development, in my opinion anyway
  10. Plus the system has already produced half a dozen players for the squad, a championship squad. That’s 6 places we don’t need to recruit for
  11. Semedo was also a reasonable success. My main point was, given the groundwork we’d done, and extensive scouting we’d put in place, I feel we could have gotten better quality for our money going down that route We’d certainly have been a better watch
  12. We might get an indication of whether we’ve chosen was the right one, when we face Reading tomorrow.
  13. If we continue to play Reach inside, then I would play Penney to give us width on the left Not as a wing back, but ahead of Van Aken in a left midfield role. Harris and Odubajo can compete for the wide right spot in front of Palmer. We get the width, and are more secure down the flanks where we can double up Wouldn’t be the way I’d want us to play, but with the players we currently have, it gives us a good balance between defence and attack
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