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  1. Does anyone one recall a chant that always baffled me back in the day, being a southerner. It started, I think, something like “down hithero” then the rest was lost on me It was like a foreign language to me, being a non Sheffielder, but I’ve never heard it anywhere since
  2. Good point, but by then, we may be nearer to knowing what this entails. At the moment, we know we won’t be playing football matches in three months, and neither should we.
  3. Absolutely, I think most clubs will think that is the only reasonable outcome Some fans won’t be happy, but if they think about the bigger picture, it’s the only sensible decision.
  4. I think to a certain extent, I think they managed to do that early doors, which is why we were in and around the play offs Now I think moral has collapsed, that’s really the only explanation I can see for recent performances, and results My personal belief is, that the players don’t believe in the managers tactics, despite what they may say in public
  5. As will every other country. Even if things get moving before then, other things will take priority over when we play football again
  6. No the main reason is a crap coach and negative tactics We rarely pose problems for the opposition defenders, so they can sit on the halfway line and keep us penned in. Our main threat, is a long ball booted up to Fletcher
  7. As we now play with two out and out wingers, the current full backs are more effective. When our wide players were Wallace and Bannan, who both played narrow, the emphasis was on Hunt and Pudil to provide the width. The other thing was, we had players who were allowed to occupy our opponents defenders, which took pressure off our defence
  8. Am I right in thinking a precedent was set when war broke out, with competitions abandoned?
  9. Re transfers, I think we all realised this was the case Carlos, even though at times, you were claiming you were responsible for all transfers Interesting that he gave a list of three players for that second season, exactly the number most on here thought we needed post Wembley. That we ended up with 15 players was totally bizarre, and to my mind at least, where things started to go wrong
  10. Our full backs, along with a few other positions, are probably average for this division. A team of average players will see you finish around mid table The thing is, we have a fair few who are better than average in this division, which under the right manager, would see us up and around the play offs. It’s no coincidence that Hunt, like quite a few of our players, looked a lot better in season one. We then switched to a more attritional style, which hardly brings the best out in our better players does it.
  11. A few do hold that view, but at this level, in my opinion, he does OK. The point I was trying to make though, was when we were on the front foot in season one, Hunt looked a far more effective player than he did subsequently. That’s true of several of our players, not just Hunt.
  12. Can’t speak for his Bristol City days, but certainly in that first season for us, he was a threat down the right. Something to think about though, in that first season, we were generally on the front foot when we had the ball, and had players arriving in the box. Once we started to take a more conservative approach, it was more difficult for Hunt to shine, and then we started to see his defensive shortcomings. Latterly in Carlos’s reign, and certainly under Jos, Bruce, and now Monk, our attacking threat consists of lobbing it up to Fletcher. Occasionally we do put together the sort of move that shows we still can play football, but it would take a more progressive coach to have us playing that way regularly. In the safety first approach, we currently employ, Palmer is clearly the better option because he can defend. When I say safety first, I probably mean over cautious, as you don’t achieve safety by losing 0-5 at home.
  13. and that last sobering thought, puts it all into perspective They need to do the decent thing, and void this season
  14. It’s getting ridiculous now, we are rightly being warned that these restrictions may be in place for another 6 months or longer, and yet the football authorities still warble on about looking at things at the end of next month. They need to cancel all competitions now, in line with what they’ve done with non league football, and start planning for next season That way, it’s fair for everybody. All clubs will start in the competitions they qualified for this season To talk about sport restarting while so many are suffering, is actually quite distasteful
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