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  1. We’re down that’s for sure, our inaction during the January window pretty much sealed our fate. Gutting that it was a player many of us on here suggested, who scored the winning goal. With two goals and two assists in his last two games, he was someone who was well within our budget. A proper young centre forward who would have given us a focal point, and young enough for us develop into a valuable asset Unlikely that our recruitment team had ever heard of him.
  2. Not sure Penney was too much at fault, both Luton goals came down our right
  3. Been saying it for ages, a midfield three with Bannan and Brown gives us more options to score a goal
  4. Last time I can remember us controlling a game like this, was Cardiff away earlier in the season. Brown bossed that one as well
  5. About time Brown got a chance, let’s hope he gets a run Shame no Rhodes, as he would benefit from Brown’s passing
  6. 100%, at least until the Luddites in our fan base took over, demanding kick and rush, Megson style football. However, I still think Carlos was losing patience with those responsible for our recruitment. Had the recruitment, post Wembley, resembled year one’s recruitment under Roeder, we’d have achieved promotion within the timescale set by the chairman. We spent more in that second year, and improved the squad not one bit. What puzzles me is, who decided we’d be more successful adopting a long ball style? Jos, although he started to play that way, wasn’t here long enough surely, to have suc
  7. Interesting that Loovens considers Joao the most talented player we had at the club Those of us who were pushing for more game time for the lad, will heartedly agree
  8. Don’t scoff, plenty on here were suggesting we hire him As far as the Ipswich job goes, they probably represent a better opportunity than we do currently They have a decent youth set up as well
  9. We are at the stage now where we probably need to win half our games. For me, we have to go for it, at least trying to win those games, not just trying to hang in there. It’s time for Brown. Sure I’m not confident that he will deliver, butI know the others can’t Last season he had far more assists than any of our lot, and that was in a rubbish Luton side. As I said, I’m far from certain that he will deliver, but I do know he has done it, so it has to be worth giving him a run in the side. At the moment we are sleep walking towards relegation. If we need to go three at the back, to get the win
  10. You might be right re the fee, I just took it from a Wolves site. Yes unfortunate timing, and he would have been useful to us this season in playing terms
  11. Not sure we should have kept, like most of the others we signed, neither went on to do anything noteworthy
  12. That is shocking, only Joao has proven to be a shrewd signing. Others entertained us for a while, but quickly disappeared from the scene Latterly, Iorfa seems to be a decent signing, for I believe, about £450,000 Some massive failures on there though
  13. It may well be, and maybe explains why we didn’t do what we needed to do in the January window, despite supposedly making bids. Personally I don’t think it’s because a sale is on the cards, given the current climate, and the uncertainty surrounding our immediate future. There aren’t many suitors who would take us on in League One, and certainly none who would pay anything near that which DC has supposedly turned down. If there were managers out there, the calibre of Pearson, who were willing to sign a contract, just until the end of the season, contrary to what most believed, why didn’t he app
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