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  1. Yes, I wasn’t sure what thinking behind that one was Maybe it was one last attempt to get a second goal, before closing up shop
  2. I like the Hutch, Lee and Bannan trio, with Luongo filling in for any of those. There isn’t many goals in that midfield though, but it’s very solid. Basically, we are going to have to get more from the front three, which means the wide players need to continue to get close to Fletcher. If they just hug their touch lines, Fletcher will be isolated, unless Lee can break from midfield
  3. I thought Bullen used his subs well to close the game out, as he did against Barnsley and Reading. He seems to know how to take the sting out of these type of games
  4. I would slot Palmer in at right back. Yes he’s been solid enough covering at left back, and has linked up well with Harris. However, I think Murphy needs a proper full back behind him, one that can defend. Maybe we could use Odubajo in midfield, as he can do a bit of everything, and that is an area where we are short of bodies
  5. I’m not really a fan either, he throws up more problems than he solves, and on that basis, I would have sold him instead of Joao
  6. I suppose the thinking was, we needed to rest Lee, and Reach, in theory, was the most likely of the three to make runs into the box. It never happened though. With his height, and his finishing skills, he should be the ideal player to make those ghosting runs into the box, but he doesn’t
  7. Someone in another thread described us as a mid table side, perhaps trying to be disparaging Well, although we are better than a mid table side, we’re not obvious promotion contenders That Bullen has got us picking up wins, with a good, but not an exceptional group of players, shows that he just might have what it takes
  8. That’s right, we started to beat sides like that under Bruce, and it looks as if Bullen has picked up the mantle
  9. I’ve always had an issue with Reach in the middle On the face of it, he should be able to excel in that role, but he looks totally lost He’s a very difficult player for us to accommodate, his long range strikes are a thing of beauty, especially in a side that isn’t prolific, but unfortunately, that’s it.
  10. I think we definitely would have had more control had he started instead of Reach. Credit to a Bullen though, it wasn’t a great performance, but we got the goal, and his subs closed out the game
  11. Good to see Fox getting a few plaudits, did well again tonight. If we are going to play with two outright wingers, then Fox and Palmer are our best two full backs
  12. Just shows what a good job Bullen is doing then, to have a mid table team, top of the pile, pretty good eh
  13. Though without a bit of luck, Millwall wouldn’t have beaten us on Saturday
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