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  1. Kudos to him then for doing that. I wouldn’t totally rule out him staying though, although I agree, he won’t be short of offers
  2. That’s true, but signing 10 new players is pretty much impossible. We don’t have to look back too far, to see the difficulties of replacing that many. Last summer, we managed to bring in 8, and how many of them could be deemed a success? Needing so many, it was never going to be easy, and failure to recruit adequately has effectively relegated us. We have stumbled in to a similar situation this season, needing to recruit a completely new striking group. No lessons have been learned. Really you don’t want to be bringing in more than half a dozen new players at once, perhaps 4 starters, and a co
  3. Yes, I suppose it was an unfair comparison We brought in some decent players in year one, without really paying outlandish fees Think only Forestieri and Hooper cost us decent money. We spent more in year two, and hardly improved the side. That’s where things started to go wrong. Carlos hardly used the players he so obviously didn’t want, and instead, devised a new way of playing Those new tactics may not have been pleasing on the eye, although compared to now, it was wonderful, but they achieved a 4th place finish.
  4. I wonder what will happen with the contract offers to Reach and Lees? They surely won’t be keen to drop into League One, and to be honest, I’d not be too keen on having them down there.
  5. That assumes that chairman with money and ambition, knew what to do with it The thing with Carlos, he took the nucleus of the squad that never looked like challenging under Gray, and improved them as players.
  6. Maybe not, but we had just been beaten at Wembley, and had the Portuguese connections. At the time, Carvalho had lost his way a bit and we could have nicked him for a lot less. In the end, our Portuguese connections were not as strong as Wolves who managed to entice some big names to Molyneux All water under the bridge now, but Carlos clearly identified what we needed. In the end we spent a lot more on players we didn’t need
  7. As Windass and Paterson will still be under contract, it looks as if we’ll have to keep them. If we do, the manager needs to sort out best positions for them For me, Paterson has to be moved back to midfield He clearly isn’t a striker, and doesn’t play, or even think like one, and dropping down a league won’t change that. Windass, I’m not sure about, it’s hard to find a place for him. If we play two up, we’ll need better than him, so maybe out wide?
  8. Maybe Carlos had that in mind, hence our interest in Piazon? Certainly, had we managed to bring in Carvalho, he would have solved the beast in midfield, so many of us thought we needed.
  9. How many do we have, about 9? Guess we have to hope that they all adapt, but certainly Bannan and Iorfa look overqualified. The big worry is, we have exactly the same problem as we had last summer, in that we are again looking for 3 or 4 strikers.
  10. Can remember post Wembley, Carlos saying he wanted William Carvalho, Lucas Piazon and an unnamed winger. He didn’t get any of them. Instead he got Abdi, Fletcher, Jones, Reach, Rhodes, Winnall and a dozen other nondescripts You could tell he was miffed with our recruitment in year two, 25m spent, and no real improvement to the squad.
  11. Strangely, as somebody who was hostile to his signing, I agree re Rhodes. Pretty certain, as a free agent, he will get offers from championship clubs
  12. Virtually every side that has been promoted automatically, has cost a lot more to put together than our play off final side. The bulk of the side, Westwood, Hunt, Pudil, Hutchinson, Lees, Loovens, Wallace, Lee, Bannan and Nuhiu, cost nothing, or mere pennies. Only really Forestieri and Hooper cost a significant fee Just getting to Wembley, was a tremendous achievement by Carlos.
  13. Once the January window closed, I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that, if we can, we will be watching league one football If we cannot, or aren’t prepared to compete at this level, then let’s see if we are a little more able in the league below. What I want is to be entertained, and to feel that we are in with a chance in games. Whilst it’s not a case of embracing it, I am at least fairly philosophical regarding our fate. The only fly in the ointment is, it’s the same people running the show, who have been responsible for our current demise
  14. He does listen, but seems to listen to the wrong people. To be fair, DC probably wouldn’t know who Darren Moore was, never mind half the players we sign. It’s hard to find much sympathy though, because, despite overwhelming evidence, he fails to grasp how inept his advisers really are
  15. I think the original remit of promotion within two years put too much emphasis on the here and now. We had the ridiculous scenario of thirty something first teamers being backed up by thirty somethings in reserve, with no thoughts whatsoever regarding succession planning. Year 2’s recruitment was profligate in the extreme. When Bruce came in, it seemed the lessons had been learned, with both the chairman, and the manager, coming out in the press to say that the thrust of the recruitment would be young hungry players. Iorfa was a good start, but instead of more of the same, we reverted to ty
  16. This is the thing, what was our brief? Let’s for the moment concentrate on our need for a number 9 At the start of the season, we needed to bring in a centre forward In fact we probably needed two, as not only did we not have one in the side, but we’d cleared out all the potential understudy’s from the U23s. The brief should have been clear, a player with the physical attributes to lead the line, winning the ball, holding the ball up and bringing others into play, and of course, offering a goal threat. Right so where do we find that type of player? We couldn’t afford a ready made cen
  17. I can excuse him being an amateur in football knowledge terms, but not in business terms Football is a business, and he hasn’t adhered to simple business principles.
  18. Too true. The worry for me is, or it would be if I cared anymore, they have just advised DC to appoint Darren Moore. Given their track record, you have think that it’s not going to turn out well, don’t you. Like every bad signing, or appointment, I hope it is going to turn out well, but our recruitment team are so horrendously inept, I simply don’t trust them
  19. Just another example that there were the players out there, in both windows, if only our recruitment team had bothered to look. Most of our rivals strengthened their squads in January ahead of the run in. Totally shambolic that we failed to address our shortcomings in that recent window. We needed a number nine, a focal point to our attack but let two young players, who had all the attributes we should have been looking for, slip the net. Morris, 3 goals in 3 games for play off hopefuls Barnsley, and the young lad, Adebayo at Luton, who gave us the run around on Saturday. Both went for peanuts
  20. So you don’t think you would have made a better fist of transfers than our recruitment team?
  21. No way am I sticking up for the chairman here. He’s put his trust in idiots, and has continued to do so, despite it being clear they were inept. That misplaced loyalty will probably cost him millions. Personally I don’t think the points deduction can explain such an awful summer window Nobody will convince me we couldn’t find a competent left back anywhere There were also plenty of better, and more appropriate strikers, available, than the two we paid almost a million pounds for. It certainly doesn’t explain how, when they had a chance to redeem themselves in January, they did nothing, even
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