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  1. The best thing all Sheffield residents can do with the council, is to ask their local councillor what steps the council is taking to support it's local football team supporters in attending the game. With a specific emphasis on ensuring sufficient parking exists to accommodate such & minimise the impact on residents not attending the football. How are they liaising with SYP to ensure that traffic is managed effectively on matchdays (AKA what are SWFC paying SYP for on matchdays and does that include traffic management before and after games). Instead of SCC using parking tickets as an enforcement option, why are they not liaising with the club to find and provision sufficient parking for 20,000+ attendees? I should add that this is relevant to both us and SUFC
  2. I wonder if there will be a covid outbreak at dcfc all of a sudden about 12.00 tomorrow
  3. After many years of trying, we have finally managed to bag some seats in the North on the half way line. Moved from block P to pretty much halfway. It took an hour and 15 minutes to get through to the ticket office, but once in the staff were brilliant at sorting this in just a few minutes. So a massive thankyou to Catherine in the ticket office today. It also sounds like a lot of fans are having a go at the staff in there. Well lets all remember they are fans too, and they are just doing their job. So be nice and be kind to them. If they can't process your refund, or give you the response you want, remember it's not their fault is it.
  4. got back a couple of weeks ago - thanks to all those who pointed out things to do. Had a great time and did so many things. Great city, and would recommend. Aussieowl - get yourself a presto card for the street cars (trams) $3.20 for a 2 hour unlimited usage. Goes right past the kensington area on Spadina Avenue. Would agree with DVDA - its a bit expensive - especially for wine - cheapo bottles being offered at $50 in restaurants. Did Niagra Falls (awesome) / Niagra on the Lake / Winery tour with VIP tours for about £90 each (including maid on the mist boat ride) baseball was good Ripleys aquarium was really good. CN tower was OK sailed round the islands on Kajama boat trip - OK St lawrence market for the famous pea meal bacon sandwich - carousel bakery Distillery district was nice. waterfront was good - amsterdam brewhouse had good food and beer. Also went to The Slip here too - bit cheaper, but nice food and beer. As for avoiding anywhere - i have to say this was the safest i felt in any city i've been anywhere on the planet. There is a lot of homelessness, but they are not in your face like some places. Everyone seems pretty friendly - really enjoyed it.
  5. So i'm booked for my 50th in late july this year. Give me some recommendations peeps. Definitely doing the CN tower 360 Off to niagra falls (should have done that from the USA side when visiting NYC) Off to niagra on the lake. Going to do the aquarium Not interested in Hockey HOF , but fancy a hockey game What else should i be looking for?
  6. never been a ... left back right back midfielder winger striker
  7. you might want to have a look at these guys - they've been around for years and have some good / bad and indifferent offers. you just have to drop on what they have. Usually refurbished with 3 months warranty. I've used them once and would do so again. http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/
  8. Hutch by a country mile. Karl Darlow a close second - kept them in the game with 3 or 4 world class saves. Seemed to me we cloned hutch and played 23a, 23b, 23c across the middle - he really did cover every blade of grass. I worry who will come in for him in January
  9. got this yesterday - seems pretty good - just the 10 hour session
  10. You can change your global list seperator from your windows start menu, click start and type "Region" (or go to control panel and select region). select additional settings change teh list seperator from a comma to a semi colon save it go to excel and export as CSV and it will use semi colon as a seperator
  11. overall i thought he was very inconsistent. As others have said, plenty of niggly fouls not booked in first 15 minutes, then he books others for fouls of same ilk. The Tom Lees one was a joke, Lees pulled the players shirt once, then the villa player had hold of Lees shirt for a good 5 seconds. Thought he played up to the cameras TBH. Made himself look an arse IMO
  12. Z-gemma here thanks to the advice from Watford. Only SD, but never failed me yet. Also use Kodi Exodus for latest films, which then supplement my amazon and netflix subscriptions. Mobdro on phone and android tablet for when I am working away Sorted!
  13. I've got a Sony 4K android TV and KODI works just as well as any other app on it. It is a bit slower than say on a pc, but i think thats to be expected.
  14. There are 2 things you want to consider How many devices will be downloading concurrently, each one will take up a few MB of that broadband. How quick can the sites/servers supplying you with data transmit it. For example the Beeb used to throttle iplayer to about 5mb. I doubt if your just a normal user / household that you would even exceed the 75mb.
  15. And apparently your BT exchange needs upgrading to cope with the 4k UHD - sadly mine isn't
  16. Watford - which gift provider did you go with? just thinking of getting a zgemma box
  17. Already have that as i am a bt broadband user. the main problem is in hotels as they often dont have bt wifithen try to sell you their "premium" wifi , which is usually rubbish
  18. well i went for the BT deal in the end, along with all the other stuff i posted in the sky tv thread. Decided i could live wihtout tethering. But I've also read that whilst BT dont support it, they don;t actively stop you doing it either
  19. I've also sacked Sky off - their prices are ridiculous. My package was family / sports / multiroom and HD - cost about £84 before the discounts i negotiated. Now i only wanted to watch the sport, but they force you to take the basic shizzle, so I was paying £20-30 for something i didn't want, so I could have the sports. Just got a deal with BT for BTTV / BT SPORT / BT infinity 2 / Eve and Weekend calls / privacy / BT mobile with 20gb data, for £20 less than just sky tv! So now i can have my non-SWFC football fix when i want
  20. That tethering bit is the deal breaker for me. Spend quite a bit of time away from home, so need to tether my ipad for facetime etc. Otherwise I would be on that.
  21. +1 for exodus here. Just need to get a reliable sports stream and i wont feel the pain of binning sky off yesterday!
  22. Been with 3 for about 6 years, but they've just pulled my old One plan deal out and are wanting me to pay more for a lower service. Not Happy. Also 3 coverage can suck in places e.g. hillsborough match days So i am looking for a new phone or sim only deal with 8-12gb data, min 400 mins talk, dont care about texts. for about £20/mth I've got a s6 edge unlocked, but thinking about getting a 6s+ iphone Anyone know of any good deals ?
  23. yep - work laptop is a SP3, but no wifi issues there. It does take an age to connect to my iphone wifi hotspot though.
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