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  1. 13? Isnt that all of them? I'm pretty confident Palmer will be offered a new deal. And Westwood will surely be given an offer.
  2. It's not big wages for a player of his quality. And if he can prove his fitness there is no reason he will break down. Your assertion he won't play much is speculation.
  3. Not on big wages. It's a pragmatic decision not a sentimental one.
  4. Winnall has been poor for Wednesday, it's just not worked out for him here, same goes for Rhodes. I think we can get a fee for winnall. Probably not for Rhodes. Of the three I reckon we will start next season with Nuhiu and Rhodes. Winnall will go to a rival for about 3 million.
  5. We can't fend off competition from parachute big hitters. It would be foolish to do so. Westwood will just go to the highest bidder. Much as he is a brilliant keeper, I'm resigned to losing him. I'd also love to see Hooper stay but if he can get a 2 or three year high wage deal in America, he's probably gone. That leaves Keiran Lee. Gotta keep that lad. Give him a year contract with option.
  6. If that is how you read it, it is not how I wrote it. I merely said that I would be open to offering Keiran Lee a new contract if he can demonstrate his fitness before the end of the season.
  7. Whilst I agree with that I also think it's possible to adapt with some existing players still in place- but not everyone. We need to retain a core of the best players and build around that. Binning everyone isn't the solution either (not that you were saying that)
  8. If I were Bruce I would have a good look at midfield and have a think about whether it can be consistent enough for a promotion challenge With the players we have I think a Lee Hutch combo is a better option than Bannan Hutch in a combative high tempo game. I would be open to another contract for Lee if we can get him on the pitch before the season ends Regarding Hutch I think he is a tad limited as he is primarily a defensive player. You need goals from midfield to challenge for promotion. I'd even consider offers for Bannan because I think he is very highly rated , buy maybe a tad too highly rated.
  9. You need more from a fullback than what fox offers. He is usually good defensively but poor in attack
  10. He is worth money. Just cos he hasn't been up to much recently doesn't make him valueless. Same with Winnall. I reckon we can get 5 or 6 million for the two
  11. Yeah we weren't ready to go up. The gulf between auto and us is massive if you look at that performance. They are way better than us. Same with Norwich And in the end I prefer that result to a draw cos at least it makes it harder for the pigs and a draw wouldnt have been enough for us . Pigs being a prem club we don't want that.
  12. Yeah obviously Westwood Very dissapointed with that performance. Thought Palmer hector and Lees came out with credit but the rest of em were way below par. Boyd and Fox were particularly bad.
  13. Yeah they were dogger today. I was hoping Lazaar would come on at aroun 55 mins but I think reach going off prevened that happening.
  14. Cmon feckin rotherham yr playing 10 men ffs.
  15. I can't remember the last time Forestieri played well for us. At best his game has become about winning dubious free kicks. He is also a tad selfish, something I was happy to overlook on his first season. Obviously if he was suddenly back to his best against Leeds i would be overjoyed but as it is he wouldn't be starting if it were down to me
  16. He always hold his own under any amount of pressure which makes a massive difference to our play. Gives our defenders more confidence as well as attackers.
  17. What a strange situation. Still a small chance of playoffs but most likely is a win helps the pigs and not us.
  18. Yeah I've totally gone off Forestieri. Matias is less of an ego, just gets his head down.
  19. I feel sorry for a lot of these layers who have been mismanaged at wednesday. Not had a chance to be their best.
  20. He is class. Get him signed up again.
  21. That win only makes me more gutted about Saturday
  22. What's that midfield? Pelupessy and Reach ? Deary me.
  23. Good timing get him in for the Leeds match as a replacement for Bannan. Actually scratch that we can play the under 23s at Leeds if we don't win tomorrow.
  24. I think João is a player more suited to the prem. Although alot of teams adopt the high press these days and he isn't really that kind of player. He has a top level skill set though. Defo worth 8 million in my opinion. Whether that be from here or abroad.
  25. He is easily worth that in my opinion. Very talented player.
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