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  1. Agreed. He is a fantastic championship player if he can get to his old level of performance again. He is very intelligent in the way he anticipates where to go on the pitch.
  2. Dunno whtf that means but if all those three are out players next season I'd be happy as Larry.
  3. Goals from midfield is what we have been missing for the last two seasons. Looks like he would bring that. Looks a great prospect. If he can replicate that he would be a star for us and make us alot on resale if we can't get promoted.
  4. They always seem to wait until they are at the ground and can have photos and interviews. Maybe they are waiting til holidays are over
  5. Interesting debate. I'm not sure any player can get away with strolling around nonchalantly pinging passes anymore. I mean look at the likes of leeds and sheffu and they way they press with energy and I don't see midfielders of that type getting a chance on the ball. All players have to complete physically.
  6. The irony is that if it weren't for Bruce coming in and trusting him so he could prove his form/ability, there wouldn't be such a clamour from clubs to sign him (if that is what there is)
  7. Unless we can get him cheap I'd probably pass on Onomah. He has plenty of ability but I'm not sure he is ideal for a championship dogfight.
  8. Didn't we try and land Snodgrass before but he turn d us down? He's one of those players that opposition fans hate cos of the way he plays. Superb player at this level though .
  9. Without doubt. Hector wouldn't look out of place in the prem. We really need to sign him or we will be making a big backward step from this season.
  10. Cattermole is Sunderland's Rhodes. Wish we'd stop doing other clubs favours by buying them out of their mistakes. No one does that for us, unless Norwich do but I'd be surprised.
  11. Well yeh but is he twice the player of Hutch? Is he really the best option for that position we can come up with? If he comes in, fine but I was hoping for a more up and coming player tbh.
  12. There have been some notable exceptions. Steve Watson was quality for us. That defender Williams from Derby was brilliant. That defender Gardiner too, until he got injured. But on the whole, the last contract before retiring players haven't been that good for us.
  13. I like Diame it's my favourite choc bar , only 150 calories, slimming.
  14. Yeh but the satisfaction only lasts a few hours. Then it's who's next?
  15. He was great for us but we don't want another croc.
  16. Pointless debating stats. Iorfa is good at some aspects sometimes. I'm not saying he is better or worse than Palmer, just a different option. We shall see who gets picked most to see who Bruce thinks is best. Until then , all you can do with words is go round in circles.
  17. But the stats don't say otherwise. They simply isolate variables. You can't then take the variable and reverse engineer it into 'comfortable on the ball' If you think that you can , you don't understand science.
  18. By the way, how do you demonstrate 'comfortable on the ball' in stats? How do you demonstrate 'intelligence' in stats ? For example, we all acknowledge that Hooper is more intelligent than say, Winnal (just as an example) . But what stat do you use to prove that ?...I'll save you the time- it's impossible.
  19. I didn't say he was better. They have different qualities. I think Palmer is better in some ways, Iorfa in others. Also depends how you want to play. On the evidence I've seen, Palmer is more comfortable on the ball and that transmits to his teammates. But iorfa has that pace and strength that can make a difference in defence and attack.
  20. Stats in football are mostly meaningless, other than to assist players and managers , and even then they can only assist a bit. You can't draw a picture of a player out of them anymore than you can make a blind recreation of the Mona Lisa knowing the percentage of browns , reds and greens. Your argument is laughable.
  21. You said I failed to give any reasons why I think he is a good player. I did. You just chose to disregard it. Check the thread. (Another troll tactic, making things up for a reaction) With regards to 'eye for a player' ...well its Bruce I'm referring to, and then fans like you . Bruce has an eye for a player and clearly trusts Palmer. You on the other hand are obsessed with telling us he isn't very good and come on here to justifiy that incessantly. You have a chip in your eye. It's called self-justification. You just can't see past it.
  22. End of the day Bruce isn't gonna offer contacts to players who aren't good enough. He knows a player when he sees one. I'm not sure the same goes for some supporters. And even a few managers if you look at Joss and who he was picking. It's all subjective . But I think some people just don't have an eye for a player. They can't see the wood for the trees.
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