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  1. Yeah that's what was visible to me...Reach's work rate. I dunno where Reach was playing in the first half he was practically invisible.
  2. Its disgraceful. I hate seeing that. one misplaced pass ffs.
  3. Bonus points to anyone who could spot what that change actually was.
  4. For changing it up at half time in midfield. That's what managers are paid to do. He changed the set up in midfield and it transformed our play. People are quick to criticise when he gets it wrong so lets praise him for getting it right and getting us the win.
  5. Harris Fletch Reach Bannan Luongo Lee Palmer Borner Lees Odubajo Weswood. Give Hutch and Murphy a rest
  6. Well I think Bannan is too good not to play...and we missed first half against Millwall. And today, we missed Lee. The answer? Play both
  7. Lee and Bannan must play. Not Lee or Bannan.
  8. If you thought that ref was bad, what about the ref at Millwall?? Tonight's ref was fine imo.
  9. Speaks sense.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07l58cw
  10. Can't tell if this is serious.. He only played 5 mins
  11. Not particularly poor. I wouldn't;t single him out if thats what yr saying.
  12. The team's performance was poor first half. Fox in particular wasn't any worse than anyone else.
  13. Seems Daleblue doesnt like him
  14. He has always been a good defender. With Harris in front of him it takes the pressure off him to produce going forward. Can just play his natural game.
  15. I don't think it's working with Reach in the middle. Although in the second half he was much better.
  16. Oh come on. Wins breed confidence. As long as we are winning the rest will follow. no need for an inquest when we are top of the league ffs
  17. We'll forget that first half I think. Good turn around in the second
  18. shlt. Need to change it up. Secure that midfield.
  19. Fair enough. Or Luongo. But yeh maybe fessi
  20. Lovely dink cross from Murphy. Excellent knock down fletch and harris couldn't miss.
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