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  1. Reach has to play LWB Thats nothing against Penney who can also play really well in that position, but Reach in centre mid weakens us. The same team as Wycombe for me please.
  2. This needs to be done because I know a club very close to us that would love nothing more than to steal our best talent from right under our noses. Do not let this happen Chansiri
  3. That team last night looks our best 11 goinh forward. Everyone playing where they are most comfortable. Urgohide is looking a very impressive player. Very much much like Iorfa. Shaw, very good midfielder. Really hope he stays. Harris finally showing us what he can do. Also so happy for Rhodes. Strikers thrive on goals. He'll have confidence now.
  4. Harris . I've slated him in the past but credit to him in the last few games. Glad to say he is proving me wrong.
  5. Looks like he's gonna stay as manager anyway. He's doing nowt wrong
  6. We aren't great but minus 6 points is the reason we are 2nd bottom.
  7. We have struggled against the poo teams all season. We aren't very good when the onus is on us to attack.
  8. I could tolerate Pelupessy's lack of ability on the ball if he was effective off the ball. He isn't , he lacks pace and players just stride past him.
  9. And yet you still include Pelupessy? He is so poor it beggars belief anyone would want him in the team.
  10. Poor sub decisions by Thompson and Joey stayed on the pitch for 90 minutes of chasing shadows back passes and gifting pens. Should've come off instead of Palmer for Shaw. Poor sub choices by Thomson.
  11. Joey is a frustrating player to watch. He shits himself in possession. Get Shaw on instead
  12. Did anyone hear the shout "forward" from our bench on the build up to the second goal? I assume that was Thompson. Good to hear that kind of encouragement.
  13. Because our style is primarily off the ball, counter attacking, we tend to do worse against the bottom teams. So don't expect results against the likes of Wycombe
  14. I remember that year when we survived but Peterborough went down on 55 points? Hope it isn't like that again or it'll go to the last game
  15. So look at the first forward pass to Bannon. that wouldn't have happened if it were Pelupessy and not Luongo in that position. To give ourselves a fighting chance of scoring goals, he needs to play.
  16. Luongo and Shaw can both tackle and defend very effectively, but have much more ability in possession. Attacks usually fail when the ball gets to Joey because the momentum switches to the opposite direction when he is under minimal pressure. If we want to be able to be more than a counter attacking side, Joey isn't a good option.
  17. Limited player. Struggles in possession, and mainly passes backwards. But useful for a squad. Would have Luongo or Shaw ahead of him any day.
  18. He's lookin ripped is Rhodes. Was a classic Rhodes goal that as well. Credit to Harris as well, he looks much better from the bench..
  19. Penney stood out for me. Almost hesitant to say , but once agin we need to not let his contract run down.
  20. He has an intimate knowledge of these player and their abilities. Hes watched the errors of previous managers and probably had his own ideas of what woul dwork. We look a balanced side for the first time in two years.
  21. Like being in quick sand, keep winning but still stuck three points adrift. Another great win tho, Thomo has the balance right
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