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  1. And the guy with the placard wit a picture of a coffin on it and the wording "After this - what next?". For many seasons, he was the most cheerful part of going to Hillsborough Oh, and thousands of lights flickering at night matches as people lit up fags all over the ground, The fag and pipe smoke wafting across the pitch and you could actually see it under the floodlights but I never saw it in daylight. I'm sure lots of other people have put that but I'm lazy and there's more than a page of posts on this thread!
  2. I was on the Holt End near the back and it's bloody concave so I didn't actually see Shutt's goal cross the line but I saw the net wag which was good enough for me. I was stood next to some bus crew. They'll probably remember my atrocious language. Funny how our penalty appeal early in the first half had been processed by BBC so it didn't look anything like a penalty on MOTD. The BBC were manipulating the news even then!😄
  3. This is just ghoulish to witness. They have hardly put in an effort since before Christmas and something is horribly horribly wrong. If Chansiri knows anythng about management then Monk is already a dead letter. That probably explains why the team is so rudderless. Now that chances of promotion are just a distant memory the whole lot have decided that they will just give up on the season entirely as its too late for us to be hit with a points deduction this season so we can fluke two points and get to safety (a dangerous bet) and this means Monks's contract will be up in summer and he can be farked off without any compensation. And then they line up the next fool. What's Stuart Gray doing?
  4. Oh, thank God you reminded me! I almost forgot. Where's my credit card?🤣
  5. We discovered an as-yet-undiscovered level of utter sheeeiteness.
  6. Brilliant OMDT, Snoots! (And a sight more perceptive than the larynx dung we get from the adolescent media😊). Here's my moment of lucidity for the season: If Fletcher's fit and on at the start we do well, but otherwise..... That doesn't look like a recipe for long term success. That's it. I'm done until August
  7. Yes, it's very disappointing but on the credit side we came from behind twice and it's an away point. That stupid "can't stop conceding in injury time" thing is something that lots of teams have suffered from in the past and they get sports psychologists in to help. It usually shows improvement. Too much to ask, I suppose.
  8. Here we go, folks! Feels like getting onto a roller coaster at the world's scariest theme park
  9. Voice of sanity from Snoots's OMDT once again, I'm glad to say. Problem for me is that my sanity went years ago mainly due to this farking football club. Just like Wednesday to win this one. Hardly seems five minutes since we won at St Andrews but I know it's years and years ago.
  10. I've never heard of Jokanovic Back. Is he German? His grandfather wasn't commandant of some appalling "camp" in 2nd World War, was he?
  11. Well. I wish I had the compensation of having more important things to think about, but I don't. Booooooooooo!!
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