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  1. I think we should have got The Donald as manager. He NEVER concedes defeat and I bet he's back on top quicker than we are.
  2. If I was ever brought to court charged with a crime, I would only choose a jury trial if I were guilty.
  3. For "rub" I actually typed "m@sturbate". What words does the language police not object to?
  4. That sending off was not even worth a second glance, never mind anything more, in a genuine game of football. But it's not a genuine game of football. No professional "football game" is, any more. It's a poncified spectacle for cretinous TV pundits to verbally rub over. Shamefully, most are ex-footballers themselves, who have taken 30 pieces of silver.
  5. It's hard enough playing the other team without having to play against the referee and linesmen, as well. Appropriate quote from the great Gerry Young (1970, I think)
  6. Sickening! That's clearly a dog-whistle to the twisted band of Hugh Muir haters
  7. Ha ha ha!!! I can't believe that the moderatorbot bowdlerised the word "p*nis" in my post! It's hilarious - we are actually living through the nightmare of the 17th century presbyterian Commonwealth again. Let's really test them. "I deny the divinity of Christ" "I've got a statue of Saint Ignatius and I pray to it all the time" " I play skittles on a Sunday"
  8. I've never had any bad feelings towards Preston North End FC as such - in fact, I wish them well, but isn't the acronym "PNE" a bit alarmingly reminiscent of the word "********"? Just saying.
  9. What colour and pattern shirts are we playing in today? Not that bloody drab black cr@p I hope. That makes us look like a w@nky sarf Larndon knife'n'drugs gang innit. Let's startle them with a diamante, all-magenta outfit.
  10. Very sad indeed - but what a lovely picture. Clearly the world's loss, and Wednesday's in particular.
  11. Yes. He did a fantastic job for the Israelites. Land of Milk and Honey here we come. East Bank Aggro rules East Bank Aggro rules Ee-aye ee-aye ee-aye-oh Up the table we will go When we win promotion This is what we'll sing We all love you - we all love you (now the whole point of this tedious reminiscence, is that we haven't got a "star" player - even by our standards - whose name we can put into the final line:) "Insert star player name here" is the king! To me, that lack of a name to put in the chantsong is the mark of the despe
  12. Interesting and reflective OP, Snoots. I think you're right - and if anyone knows more about football management and tactics than me, then they are anybody else in the universe apart from me. Seriously. I've been watching and (formerly) trying to play it for decades and it's as baffling to me now as it was the first time I saw a football. I've come to the conclusion the whole thing is a con perpetrated on me by a conspiracy that involves everyone. It's just 22 idiots @rsing around but I want the Wednesday ones to score more than the other ones.
  13. Nah - I've seen all the worst games of football ever witnessed. They occurred in the 1970s and were against Watford, also against Shrewsbury and also against Oxford United. "I have supped full with horrors. Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts, Cannot once rouse me."
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