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  1. A week on Thursday is when we find out when we play Gillingham Intellectuals away and Snarley Snarley at home. We can look forward to a bumper Boxing Day crowd when we entertain (a bit of a stretch pf the imagination, given our recent performances) Bath & Wells Sexual Perverts. Anyone know the price of 2021/22 season ticket for a seat perched on the golden football-in-the-net-bag that hangs in front of the South Stand? Bet that will be f*cking cold from November too April
  2. I agree with the chuck the effalumps into the Don. Except that's not far enough away. Golden elephants. What next? Hideous pictures of his (doubtless) hideous family on posters outside the ground? As the Frendh would say: Quel q'un tosseur essaie a poser ce w@nk horrible sur nous? Let's hire some sort of giant, myth-based owl to carry them off to Thailand where they will be happier
  3. Splendid OP, Snoots - you're the spirit of Wednesday and deserve the respect and adulation that you get in these bad times for the team. Which reminds me to mention what a bunch of whining, mingeing cry-babies we have posting on here - for the most part anyway. Just a word: Yes the team is poo (though it's NOT the worst team we have had. Anyone who remembers the years 1974 -1978 will know that). Yes the current "manager" was probably just a bloke who wandered out of West St dole office and got kidnapped. Yes he makes Sooty look like an opera singer. Yes we have an owner who is....
  4. Well if Moore is going to be any use at all then he must be able to shove a rocket up their @rses at half time. That's the very least anybody could expect.
  5. I'VE PASSED THIS WAY BEFORE Jimmy Ruffin Life lands a crushing blow And once again a heart is broken And as history repeats itself These few words are sadly spoken I've passed this way before And I've felt this pain before A hurt that took so long to end Has found my poor heart again
  6. Why is it always me who has to keep order on this f^cking website? Hasn't anyone else got a sense of responsibility? Ridiculous. You're all childish cretins
  7. Dot - what, in God's name, are you doing posting at 1 o'clock in the morning?!! Go to bed. Now!!
  8. We all loved him more than life itself and we will all cheer if his name is ever mentioned on TV and we will all feel a connection to the utterly loathsome non-country of Kososvo but he's gone so forget him - if you can. We love you Dave!!!!!
  9. Seems a little psychologically unhealthy all this. I hope we're not all going to "tool up" and march onto some other club's "turf" because they're "not showing us respect". Or maybe we should hang around in the toilets with all the other year nine girls, bitching about something or other. Let's get some perspective. We'll feel fine when we win, even if the winner's a last minute rebound off Reach's @rse that doesn't actually cross the line. Nobody noticed the stinky, ankle-deep-in-urine kop p1sshouse when we were playing in Europe, or gave a throw about Lord Netherthorpe when we were wasting U
  10. Wasn't Paul Cook The Sex Pistol's drummer? That would be really cool if he were manager. We could get Lydon to design the away strip (probably tweed plus-fours would be involved)
  11. EXcellent OMDT opener, as ever, Snoots. We can be interested without getting too upset if we lose - a bonus for Wednesdayites these days
  12. Wrong about the score but right about their player; "Waghorn" is the most unpleasantly suggestive name. And we thought "Windass" conjured up distasteful mental images. I bet Steve Death, (who is, unfortunately, but appropriately, dead) would have been glad of the attention being drawn away from him with all these horrible names in the game, now.
  13. I think Donald J Trump fits all the criteria on the note and we have some good golf courses nearby for him. I think he would be a sort of Malcolm Allison type manager. And it doesn't matter that he knows nothing about football ("soccer", Donald). None of our managers do. Only promble (about time that came back) is, if we try to sack him, it won't be easy I reckon we need to send Snoots off to America to bring him back. Donald's in awe of Brit tradition and our aristos so it should be easy to persuade him.
  14. Is this thread about that game that got abandoned at half time in (about) 1974 because of snow? It was bloody miserable and cold enough without being snowballed by Peter Rodrigues, by the way
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