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  1. Yes, they are. They're going up to a higher division and leaving us behind and it hurts. We've never had to face this since 1971 so lots of us never faced it before. Now you're growing up!!
  2. No, no, no. Away sat newly promoted Barnswill. That's the way we start our promotion seasons! Remember? 1979-80 MInd you, there was that 5 v 0 whacking of Portsmouth a bit more into the post-dinosaur era!
  3. Is Ramsden's Currency some horribe worthless thing like the Zimbabwean dollar or maybe some sort of fried-fish based money?
  4. Wish it were only 20 years for me - and the rest of us!
  5. Middlesborough losing, Derby drawing. Play offs on! Oh, sweet Jesus, I hope not!
  6. Of course it is. Leeds are just annoying two hats, like Everton or Ar*ehole. Snorters are the real evil. Ask Ken Knighton.
  7. Prostate problems. How do they diagnose that, again?
  8. In the close season, I think we should sign a woman to play (football) for us. That kind of whacky trick always works for the football teams in comics. Why not us? Look how well Red Fox did for Melchester and there are five fine gels up for player of the year on BBC website. Maybe one of them? Surely our splendid pies would tempt somebody. Well, it's a thought
  9. If we do them a favour today, the piggies should be forced to have an away strip of blue and white stripes for a full season.
  10. Fantastic! And whatever happened to the Northern ("Didn't you get a packet of crisps?") Light adverts?
  11. I agree. Joao usually seems to liven us up, I think. He's a good bring-on. Like a black David Sunley (crackly film with Keith Macklin gibbering inanely in the background followed by an advert for Worthington E)
  12. Agree completely with OMDT, Snoots - we keep it simple. No matter what the circumstances: always hope we win and always hope Ushited lose. To hell with the consequences
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