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  1. Sadly, for our ambitions, this has been a terrible result. I just don't think we can let it go by saying we are at a developmental stage. I hope, with all my Wednesday heart that I am wrong, but I see it, putting it simply, as a sign that the coaching team - which really does seem able to lift the players' self belief and morale - just hasn't got the ability to formulate an appropriate game plan and turn it into a technically effective operation for 90 minutes on the pitch. It's a terrible shame, because Lee Bullen has - I'm sure - the respect of all of us for his dedication and belief in what the team can do. He just doesn't look like he's going to do the job for us as manager of the team. Please, God, prove me wrong!!!!
  2. Yup! It's the Bullen problem, isn't it? Too focused on the final line of defence - defence starts in their half just like attack starts in ours!
  3. Soddit - I just remembered I forgot to get my coat from the drycleaners and I'll never get anybody to pick it up for me before next weekend. And it's getting bloody close to Guy-making time for bonfire night, too so that's probably the end of that. Oh well. Probably saved me £15.
  4. It depends what he's doing when his back's turned. If he's mixing a martini then that's Ok. But I suspect....
  5. Reflective and philosophical OMDT, Snoots - just the thing we need at this time of year, this season. It never feels as though it's really started until September/October when the miserable weather sets in - and there's no time for reflection then, when you're jamming your hands in your pockets 'cause you're hoping for some gloves for Christmas and you're too skinflint to buy your own to replace the ones you left at work and that none of the thieving b@stards will admit they've seen!
  6. Not true in my case - I am over 60 and I prefer the minimalist badge.
  7. A triangular pitch! You're a genius, Tarn Owl. Let's get the bandwagon going on this one. I've got £35 in a post office account. It's not much, but it's a start. Let's go for it! Will it be "New Hillsborough" or "Hillsborough 2". I'm for the second one, myself.
  8. You're right! It's back to Olive Grove! (On the secret new tram route). We could keep an eye on dem pigs, too, from there! (emoji of smiley face......is it my browser that's stopping me using site emojis? I'm getting sick of describing them (emoji of....oh, b0llix))
  9. And yet... https://www.iep.utm.edu/descarte/ (emoji of Sid James smoking a pipe)
  10. Yes! Blood Axe! Unless he's been picked off by Dracula. He was our OMDT opening poster in the successful 2011/12 season. Does that mean we have to disinter Big Guns as well? And why can't I access the emojis*? Everybody else can! It's naked prejudice, I tell thee! Naked prejudice! (That's the library of funny faces, not the Latvian family who live next door.)
  11. And where were they in May? (Just saying!) Be that as it might, I've been working all night on the stats and they show that: We will finish on 138 points with a GD of 92 Harris, Hutch and Joao will score 46 goals each Westwood will concede 46 goals and be sent off in every match he plays whilst Dawson will keep a clean sheet in every match he plays The stats do not lie
  12. Frightening OMDT, Snoots. I have a bad feeling about this game, which can only be a good thing! .
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