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  1. It must be a financial bit of gymnastics because who would actually buy Hillsborough when presumably they would be tied into having to keep it as a football ground for a long long time? The rent you will get has to cover the outlay so if it was sold cheap then it would be on the understanding that the rent would be cheap and so on. Must be Chansiri selling it to himself or a company he has set up, as other people have suggested. It's not an uncommon practice to move assets around in that way - just the bizarre world of accounting!
  2. Yeah So Wilder, famous for astute purchases on the cheap is going to do this. Although it might be true I think it unlikely and unwelcome. Unless Bruce has someone else lined up it wouldn't seem a good idea to sell your most talented forward looking at a season where we have realistic hopes to gain autopro. Meh! We'll see.
  3. Ee - Aye Ee - Aye Ee - Aye - O Up the table we will go When we win promotion This is what we'll sing We all love you We all love you Tommo is the king! I knew this stuff would come back, eventually! Hope, to God, that you are right!
  4. "Owlerton" was often heard from the gobs of old blokes in reference to Hillsborough when I was growing up. They will, most likely, all be dead now - although I hope some stalwarts survive. I used to think it was a charming and romantic thing to call Hillsborough by its older name but I'm glad it became "Hillsborough". It's the name I grew up with and it's sonorous and beautiful and famous and "justified and ancient". May it last forever!
  5. At least the nightmare of those b@stards going up as champions has been avoided. There is a God.
  6. Glad I didn't buy a ticket and turn up late Actually, glad I dint buy a ticket full stop!
  7. BRILLIANT!! So I missed the entire f^cking match because of being in a celler doing stock taking and I was looking forward to putting my feet up and watching OT. Thank you, God. B0llocks to everything Foe once, I dont even care about the score.
  8. The Skippy song! Didn't last long, but he was only with us a couple of seasons. Happy, happy days And in among the other long forgot centre forwards of that bygone geological era (though not a Wednesday one, of course) ....Martin Chivers. Really good old fashioned cf for Spurs turn of 60s - 70s. Never mentioned any more. History isn't what it used to be
  9. Yes m- he looked odd and unlikely in the police uniform. Especially the helmet. Somehow I always thought he couldn't dive to tip one over the bar with that on without cracking his head Though he had finished bein a footballer by then, natch!
  10. Absolutely fantastic OMDT Snoots! Can't wait for the August season opener (no filthy misinterpretations from the OT pervs, purlease!) Remembering one of the happiest days of my life back in January 1967 when the great John Ritchie scored a hat-trick as we beat QPR 3 v 0 in the 3rd round. If you were there you will remember who was in goal for us and them. It was the Springett brothers - both, sadly, now gone to the great Hillsborough in the sky.
  11. Absolutely right. I've always loved Athe (or however you spell it) since the day he arrived and scored on his debut (v QPR?) in what seems like another geological era. He's been a loyal and true servant to Wednesday and I want an old-fashioned testimonial match for him and a generous pay-out. If he's not a Wednesdayite by now then I don't know how you become one. God bless him!
  12. There's some horrible apart of me that wants to know how how the pigs are doing and the I find the fates are dragging this out for us until tonight. It's just so horrible, isn't it? How long, oh, Lord, how long?
  13. So I guess that means we are 1 down (just hanging back for bets, I would say!)
  14. Good luck to all who made the journey - at least you don't have to invade (and then endure) their horribly dangerous wooden kop any more! But you do have to endure the (officially a city, so I was once told, on account of a cathedral, somewhere in it) town of Preston.
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