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  1. Mainstay in a record clean sheet defense two seasons on the trot. He isn't a Fredericks but he can still play in that team and not be the weak link. He is not a weak player. He just isn't prem class. But that is OK.
  2. Liam palmer is good enough. The football experts on here are not really experts and don't really know what they are talking about. Liam will never get credit, however well he plays.
  3. Beholder

    Wing Backs

    At the risk of becoming repetitive, Palmer is underrated. If Jos gives him a very specific remit, he will do really well this season my opinion.
  4. Beholder

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    Say owt on here that isn't already being said and you tend to get slated. Always been like that. Keep posting pal.
  5. Beholder

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Who is that wonder kid they have? Wouldnt mind him here. Edit... I think it is Phil Foden
  6. Balance is better in the team today imo. Unless you control midfield you can forget getting the wingbacks forward.
  7. I think that team is stronger than the one that played Croatia... Apart from maybe Walker. We will probably still lose though considering the opposition.
  8. Hope they haven't got a warranty.
  9. This season is the final fling at promotion for this bunch of players. Look at it as the season we should have had last season. We still have competitive quality and are arguably up there with the top 5 teams of the league on paper. And they all know each other and have a point to prove. Im pretty confident will be up there competing in the top 6 now we have a fit squad and a decent manager.
  10. Beholder

    The Westwood problem

    If Westwood is staying he should compete with Dawson for first team spot with Wildsmith going out on loan.
  11. We will never get a run that easy again. Whether we just met a team that was too good for us or whether we could have done much better is up for debate. We just fell apart. I mean it wasn't even close in the end.
  12. Walker's pace helped us out countless times..It was the system that failed us and the lack of a midfielder who can dictate play. We looked amateurish overall after 20 minutes. Embarrassing performance in the end.
  13. Agreed. Pickford did OK for the most part but too many times he just blasted it. Also we were playing long ball again. No midfield. Such a disappointing display.
  14. Always thought Southgate made a mistake not taking Shelvey or Wiltshire. We were woefully found out in that game. The system looked terrible and it needed to change but the changes didn't affect the overall tactic. All those back passes because there was no midfield to pass into. Southgate got owned.