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  1. I think negativity is inevitable with the run we've had. But there is an element of our fan base that are abusive to the players regardless of where we are in the table. Palmer, Fox, Odibajo, Nuhiu, Joey All of them and more have been pet targets. Previously even people like Keiran Lee have been targets. That's the problem- it's never about a rational assessment. It's just pure scapegoating with no consideration of the player and their attributes. Some of us have tried to counter on here at least.
  2. He didn't make it. If he'd have made it , we would have been over 12 points clear and no doubt would have not had this poo to deal with. With regards the adversity he was up against, id say he had more at his disposal than Bruce had last season.
  3. I'm happy to see Monk leave. I didn't see anything from that last 6 months to suggest he is the manager we need to turn things around at the club.
  4. Yeh. Its got malicious edge to it. Like a group of enemies (opponents) that want each other dead so they only can survive. Its not viable as a governing body. They way they are baying for blood over us is pretty fkn disturbing. if we went out existence, they would just see it as one less club in their way.
  5. The EFL seem to enjoy destroying clubs over 'rule violations'
  6. Happy enough for them both to stay. Nuhiu is a great option for any manager at this level to do a particular job. And Lee was excellent (when he played) in the last 8 games.
  7. Defo need a new manager, Monk is hardly a draw for players who only need to look at our relegation form under him to know what they will be coming to. Unfortunately though, Chansiri won't give us a new manager.
  8. Might have to go with young lads, loans and a few quality old pros like Brunt.
  9. Anyone who doesn't does! Monk was a disaster from December onwards.
  10. If Monk hadn't have destroyed the second half of the season we would be well clear and they could have applied it this season. But at least we aren't relegated.
  11. Well its not as bad as i feared. We can stay up but it ruins the season.
  12. Not getting carried away with this one. He's very unproven, which is probably why we don't have any competition for his signature. If he had played L1 football and got rave reviews, we wouldn't have a look in. Could go either way. Lets hope he is a gem.
  13. Great interview. I always rated Atde. He was great at a certain job and a card all our managers played and were thankful of. He was also very popular with his fellow players. He will be missed. I believe he should be given extension.
  14. What's happened to this forum? Can't talk about this, can't talk about that. Kinell it's not like he's just some random player. It'sa legitimate topic. If you don't want to discuss him don't feckin post.
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