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  1. Beholder

    Team news

    No Pelupessy or Hutch in the squad. Means Hector is in mid with thorniley at the back.
  2. If Bannan could add goals to his repetoir he'd be a prem player, regardless of his lack of physicality. Also he hasn't got a deadly set piece delivery. Sheridan was hardly a tough tackler or runner but he made and scored goals regularly. If Bannan had this, he could play in the hole or further up the pitch and be a real problem for teams. I like Bannan but he just lacks the full playmaker repetoir.
  3. Beholder

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Makes sense to let him prove himself, put himself in the shop window and help us while he does it
  4. Beholder

    Stop the blame game.

    Does anyone seriously think we would have won that game with Bullen in charge?
  5. Beholder

    Stop the blame game.

    We've struggled all season against sides that press well. Been made to look really bad. Not all teams can do it, but those that can really expose us. I think it might be more than just tactics but personnel.
  6. I know it's what we do, we look to attribute blame for defeats. But if Bullen was still in charge we would still have lost. Hull are simply much better than us. Agnew is not part of the problem ffs. Let's not project our collective negativity and frustration onto a management team that has barely even got started. Stop the blame threads. Stop the 'should have stuck with Bullen' threads. They are premature and poisonous (I know it's a string word but it's true) . Think before you post ffs.
  7. Beholder


    Reach- needs to be wider either front 3 or wide in a 4. Not central. Bannan- we just haven't found a way of being consistent with him in the team. Will Bruce find that consistency or will he move him on? I think the latter but we will see. Hutchinson- Bruce will love him but he isn't fit a lot of the time. Onomah- injured but Bruce played him more as a winger. Pelupessy- when you consider he is next in the pecking order you realise we don't have many options right now. Midfield needs updating. Lee- i nearly forgot. obviously if he can come back like the old Lee, its a game changer but not confident that will happen.
  8. Beholder

    Next 8 league fixtures

    So now that Hull match is out of the way, we are still 11 points behind the playoffs and its looking like season over ...but, This next run of games can still yield a lot of wins if we can pull it round. Gotta hope we get a win next match to get the season back on track or by the time Bruce comes in its the season already over.
  9. Didn't see the game but i think our main problem is our over reliance on Bannan. If i were Bruce my clear out would start with him- despite him ironically one of our most gifted players. Keep him in the side and we will always be also rans- just not consistent enough because we lack that dominance in the middle of the park. Particularly against teams who work hard to close us down.
  10. Beholder

    Line up vs Hull

    Good line up as long as Hutchinson stays on the pitch.
  11. Yr a bit repetitive on this subject and a bit disrespectful of the players imo. I care because they have been outstanding for us in their time here. Probably two of the best players we have had at Hillsborough in our football dark age that is the last twenty years.
  12. Beholder

    Now the dust has settled...

    Playoffs do look out of reach now. But apart from the next game we have a very winnable stretch of games. Need to put together a win streak.
  13. This is not news because he was guessing.
  14. Beholder

    Lookman deal done....wow

    It's not that outlandish. Plenty of young prem players are loaned to champ clubs to get game time. We had Barklay. Remember?