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  1. They were diabolical tonight. Never seen them look so inept. No concentration. No application. No desire. Just abject crap apart from one 5 minute spell when we scored
  2. We aren't very convincing but good period around the time we scored. Winnall looks really poor i would replace him.
  3. Decent draw for the game itself but it's our final cos we ain't getting past city.
  4. They all do a good job. You wanna try having that conversation with those callers. Most don't leave a long enough gap between sentences to draw breath never mind allow the presenter to speak.
  5. Given up trying to find it. I'll just listen. After watching with my eyes last week itll be nice to give em a rest from that
  6. Didn't expect that selection . All the midfield dropped. It's a proper throwback team that is.
  7. To be fair to the fella he was on with Jim White who was doing his best to avoid any mention of SWFC He gave a good interview. He comes across well. A good talker as we all know. But I wouldn't have him back.
  8. Fukk the EFL And fukk all the bent refs that we get every other week.
  9. It's not my position It's just a comment as a response to other comments. No one cares what my or your position is.
  10. Its a shame about Urhorghide. Obviously he will be taken out of the squad now but not nice for it to end lien that with him being totally exposed. Going forward I'd bring Westwood , Palmer, Nuhiu, Hutch and Harris back into the team. Drop Murphy who seems a luxury player and not a man for the fight. Drop Urhorghide who was mercilessly exposed. Luongo is banned. Dawson is good but we need more leadership on the pitch. Winnal is not good enough.
  11. Yeh the first caller did have it spot on. The rest were way over the top tho in my opinion.
  12. I don't buy this 'paying money gives me the right' argument. I don't see myself as customer with 'rights'. I am a supporter. It's my club Different thing.
  13. I was in the ground and paid money too. It's not like I was happy leaving the ground on 50 minutes. It's one of the worst performances I've ever seen at Hillsborough. But spouting destructive bile over the airwaves achieves nothing. I tried to get on and balance it out a bit. But they didn't call me back.
  14. Got mentioned alot yesterday. He keeps coming to the defensive line which vacates the midfield. It's not Monk who tells him to do this is it? He's done it under all the managers. It's Bannan's decision. But why does he keep doing it? For me it's when they put a player on him. We need a strategy to allow him to have the ball even when this happens. Under Luhukay, Pelupessy was his chaperone. Be interested to hear what people's views and solutions are to this.
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