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  1. The game is rigged from top to bottom by money men. Starting to hate what it's become.
  2. If the cvnts relegate us over this, im fkn done with football.
  3. Don't understand he thought the club would get away with logging the sale in the wrong accounts year. The whole thing is shambolic. Seeing villa and derby do it so jumped on the bandwagon, but as a bodged afterthought. Ffs
  4. Excellent. I was really impressed with him in his initial spell with us at left back. Had the potential to be a really good player for us.
  5. I think monk is the sixth manager to pick Palmer on a regular basis. According to some posters they all must be clueless.
  6. Shocking performance? I was there and honestly don't know what game you watched. It was a decent performance from Palmer, certainly nothing stood out as terrible. It's so obvious you have a prejudice on this.
  7. Is it just me who finds these threads infuriating? It's as if people are waiting for us not to win so they can lump all the blame on their old scapegoat again.
  8. I thought it worked ok. Also Lee will get better the more games he has. I would like to see a mid 3 with Luongo. Would be fluid, attacking with all three fully prepared to track back.
  9. The dreadful moment they realise their car isn't an amphibious craft. What a plonker.
  10. Don't think he is a number 9 He is not a back to goal player. But his pace would make him an option in some games.
  11. What's weather like up there? In Brighton today and it's like a feckin tornado blowin.
  12. Overplay the narrative as much as you like. Football stewards can be overzealous. Male or female.. Sometimes people get angry. Life happening at football matches up and down the country.
  13. Goading fans eh. Not going to his ticketed seat. He must be the only fan to have ever done such a diabolical thing. Is a two year ban long enough??
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