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  1. I blame Carlos Carvahal for this. If he had not been so vehemently against using our home grown players and given him chances, along with impressing on the chairman how it important it is for thses players to be signed up to the club, he would be staying. Instead our brightest prospect and also the son of a legend is off elsewhere for peanuts. Its an absolute travesty.
  2. Went for reach. Most consistent over the season. Without him we'd have got relegated.
  3. God I Miss This Team

    I was at that game. But I didn't remember the details until I watched that back. If the game was now, Hirst would have been sent off and our 'offside' goal would have stood. Tackles like that don't happen in the game anymore. Bit tasty to say the least.

    He needs to take a few English classes over summer.
  5. He can't shoot for toffee. But apart from that he is an exceedingly talented midfielder.
  6. Danny Batth

  7. Well Done Jos

    I like him. Wanna see what he can do with a summer to make it his own.
  8. Left Back

    Gotta be Pudil. Best we've had in decades
  9. Left Back

    Pfft. I thought he was rubbish. An OK defender but he was scared of the ball.
  10. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    Keep or release? His contact isnt up. You mean keep or sell. Can't just release players who are in contract it costs money.
  11. Venancio

    For the price he would be great value. To better him in this market yr talking 5 million plus.
  12. Venancio

    Well put. I think we need to get him signed in summer.
  13. Lee - Halo Effect?

    I don't like these kind of threads. Players don't play on paper and words and opinions don't mean a thing. No matter how well someone writes an argument to run a player down, it means nothing because football is enjoyed live. And I've seen enough of Lee to see not only how fantastic he is as an individual but the effect he has on his team mates. A very infectious player.
  14. Lee - Halo Effect?

    Lee is our best player. I like Reach but he ain't a patch on Lee in that position. I'd rather see him at left wing back.
  15. hirst to united

    Don't be an angry Truefan. Too many on here. Lighten up ffs.