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  1. Hunt in a midfield with Bannan and Windass. NO defensive capability against one of the top teams in division. Odubajo in a defensive 3 marking a player twice his strength. They ripped though us at will in the first half.
  2. It's a joke that Odubajo is in the back 3. Wtf is monk doing?
  3. We don't have a defense. Odubajo? He's a wing back. Why is Palmer on the bench? This game sucks.
  4. He's really good. I think he has the potential to be better than Bannan. More goal threat.
  5. Always the way for us. Bit lightweight in that midfield tonight.
  6. All our best periods of form in the last 6 years coincided with Lee being in the team. He made us tick and dragged the team up with him with his amazing work ethic and intelligence. I hope he finds a club. I still wouldn't be against him coming back here as a squad player.
  7. Proper savvy player. Wins pens, free kicks, headers, got his head switched on at all times.
  8. Agreed. Apart from pace he doesn't offer much. Some good standout performances though. Reach, Paterson, Kachunga, Windass, Luongo all playing well
  9. Borner must really be in the doghouse if Odubajo is getting picked ahead of him.
  10. Paterson in the Brown role I reckon. Kachunga up front with Windass?
  11. Dawson Iorfa Flint JVA Palmer Luongo Bannan Reach Windass Paterson Marriot
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