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  1. Beholder

    Jordan Rhodes

    Need not playing in the championship though is he? Seems like its panning out much the same as last season for us. Only getting starts in the cup.
  2. Beholder

    Penney contract

    Its obvious. But if you wanna get all pedantic about it, no i can't read his mind.
  3. Beholder

    Penney contract

    Not to worried about Penneys contract. Big difference to the Hirst and Clare situations. He is playing. He is happy. He will want to stay.
  4. Beholder

    Villa on Tour Vid

    Enjoyed that. I used to live in Birmingham so went to some of their games with mates as a neutral. Sweet victory that though oflver Bruce who has been a feckin thorn in our side over the last 3years starting with the playoff final.
  5. Beholder

    Liam palmer

    Sad to hear this. Anyone that knows my posts knows I'm a Palmer fan. But Id only pick him in a back 4. For RWB I'd try someone completely different. Seeing reach bombing up the right made me think he would be an excellent choice if we wanted to put Onomah or Lee in the advanced CM position.
  6. Beholder

    Villa Man of the Match

    Great to hear Reach had a good game. Such an important player, when he isn't on it we suffer. Penney quickly turning into a star. Also Hector sounds a great addition. And with the likes of Forestieri, Onomah , Joao, Hooper to challenge, who's to say where will end up this season.
  7. I wanna know how everyone did,
  8. Oi. I have a longstanding track record of predicting defeats and getting wins. I ain't gonna stop now, it's working.
  9. Yeeeeeeessss My feckin Ifollow feed stopped just before we scored.
  10. Beholder

    Jordan Thorniley OUT

    Oh yeah. My bad He played well last season tho. Good defender. He isn't as bad as you are making out.
  11. Beholder


    'Jos agrees with me' No. Jos doesn't give a tos5 what you say.
  12. Oh dear. We r gonna get mullered.
  13. Article in the Times from Carlos today saying I'm not happy if my team win but don't perform well. Well that happened many times with us he can't have been very happy at all. Such a bullshitter.
  14. Beholder

    Jordan Thorniley OUT

    Pudil did really well last season in that position. Unless he has suddenly lost his legs, I don't see why he can't do it again.
  15. No that was him before me I think