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  1. In this league he would be a good purchase. I like what I have seen so far. Seems to be the catalyst to us winning games rather than drawing them ...his pace unlocks doors for us.
  2. He will be in the squad for Stoke Not ITK but it's obvious. No manager would keep him out of the squad when he is fit and ready to play. Whether that means he starts or comes from the bench depends on how he looks in training.
  3. Wanna see hoops n fletch as the partnership for the last 8 games
  4. Rhodes ain't a prem player. Would be surprised if they did.
  5. If we are still in this league next season, Bruce will offer hooper another deal imo. Also Fletcher I think. Rhodes will be back, nothing we can do about that. Well try to sell Winnal and let go of Matias.
  6. I'd play Palmer in there. Harsh on pelupessy I know but he needs to play his football at a lower level.
  7. I'd try Palmer in DM over Joey. But that would be a big decision to make and probably won't happen.
  8. That villa game is set up to be a proper battle Both teams are on form. Both teams have quality. There is the Bruce factor too. Would be so good to beat them.
  9. Yeah it's really a bonus that we play these teams so we can leapfrog them. If we can't do that are we good enough to get up anyway?
  10. We seriously are. We need another monk in
  11. Top lad. Top defender. Got a big future at wednesday. Only narrowly behind in the picking order this season.
  12. Perfect number 10 in this league. Would make us contenders.as good as anyone else . Just gotta make sure we still in the hunt by the time he returns.
  13. Hooper coming along well gonna take part in a behind closed doors game next week.
  14. It's villa Leeds and Norwich that will be tough. Rest are winnable . On paper that is .
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