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  1. Glenn Whelan

    He had a good game. What we lacked if I was gonna criticise is someone to do the job he was doing for us. Closest we have is Jones
  2. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    So fucki.ng angry. Was obvious he was bought.
  3. Was it Over the Line?

    Looks on the line. Can't believe that didn't go in.
  4. The Referee

    Wonder how much he got. flipping crook.
  5. Sean Clare

    Him and Reach were running the show. fuc.cking robbed of their glory by a crooked ref.
  6. Ref

    Bravo ref. Cherry on the cake. Cheating cu.n.t
  7. Ref

    Snodgrass falls over. Blatently. Fee kick. Corrupt.
  8. Ref

    Wasn't a corner. Absolute CV.nt
  9. Ref

    Total tugger
  10. Ref

    Whistle bloes every time a villa player goes down. Reach brought down before their goal and waved away
  11. Ref

    Bought tvv@t
  12. Reach is absolute class.
  13. Great first half against 11 men and the ref.
  14. Got it going now mate. Sorted!
  15. hmm. Mine not working then. Opera VPN can't be working.