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  1. I wanna see Abdi in the squad. He's fit. He's quality. We are paying top dollar for him. Our ticket prices contribute to that. Get him in. Sane applies to the other top earners. We aren't paying to watch a team padded out with untested kids.
  2. I equated calling people pigs to stifling opinion. Not offering a difference of opinion. And this is the last time I am answering the same point.
  3. I was responding to Outlaw Pete's first post in the thread that suggested that all the critic are pigs Standard kind of accusation from the 'club men'
  4. Beholder

    Must read

    Now that's pretty funny. He should use that kind of come back in his interviews.
  5. Not ever breathing a critical thought against the owners or manager and aggressively shutting down those who do is what I refer to as 'club loyalist.' Please don't confuse it with supporter or fan. Perhaps I should find a different term. I know how pedandic people are on here.
  6. The players have been devalued by being played out of position or not played at all. Just because they aren't played, it doesn't mean their ability to play lessens. The perception of them by club loyalists may lessen though and they aren't allowed the chance to redress that.
  7. What is there to be positive about? The football it utter shlte. Anyone who goes to games can see it. Its the club loyalists who get up my nose the most on here. Stifling opinion.
  8. Is basically what is happening under this manager. Last time I saw us play like we are playing now was under Sturrock in the Championship before he was sacked. Inferior players, graft over quality, can't string a pass together, defence over attack....all this when we have high quality players who could come together and play proper attacking football and win games. WE HAVE THE PLAYERS. If only we had a chairman who could see it.
  9. Beholder

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    That isn't the ground
  10. Beholder

    Sheffield Derby- A neutrals view

    Yeah I wouldn't give the pigs that much credit. Yeah they kept possession, but so have loads of teams against us. They created little.
  11. And if FF is another one of the players frozen out? Certainly looking that way.
  12. Under Luhukay, not enough...maybe 46. Need to pick from our full squad to compete.
  13. Such a ridiculous argument that players should be excluded because they are above 30.
  14. Beholder

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    A manager who's ego isn't so threatened by experiencenced players that he has to exclude them from the squad and training?
  15. Beholder

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    It's DC who has to be accountable for this. Football club chairman have to be decisive. Timing is everything. I just watched a thing on Netflix about the American civil war. The Union General was called McClelland. His refusal to press home a massive advantage at a number significant points in the war led to it lasting about three years longer than it should. Hundreds of thousands more died as a result. Good chairmanshio is not about how much money you have at your disposal. It's about making the right decisions at the right times. As it is Jos may scrape a result here and there which will make this drag on. But we can all see that he will be sacked sooner or later. Better now while we have a very experienced and successful manager ready to take the helm in Mick Mccarthy. Keep delaying and we will get relegated. Its plain to see.