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  1. He needs a thicker skin to be manager. He would proper step into the firing line. Big risk for him and for us. He is unproven and doubt is to be expected.
  2. Agreed. But I'm happy to get behind him if it happens. Who knows he could surprise us.
  3. When Bullen says things like "It could be me", it makes you think that something has been said behind the scenes. Also it kind of rules him out of supporting roles when he has his eyes on the prize
  4. And dogmatically sticking to it like Jos. Better to mix it up. Play out sometimes, knock it up others. No point consistently playing out against a high press unless you have Liverpool or Manc City standard defenders.
  5. Makes sense to continue to use Bullen as permanent caretaker to fill the gaps. Provides a backroom staff continuity that helps incoming managers. Don't see him as a permanent manager, certainly not at this level.
  6. Obviously depends on a buyer but I'd be open to selling any of them. I'd say the highest chances of sales are for Rhodes, João, Winnal and possibly Forestieri.
  7. Fulham spent a fortune on shyte Spending money doesn't always mean the signings will work. As we know well. Wilder has a good eye though. They could do a Burnley and stay up long term, but I'd stay they are odds on to get relegated.
  8. I didn't post it. It was in a saved cache and I hadn't realised I hadn't deleted it, hence why it was attached to another post. I immediately deleted as I hadn't intended it to be posted. Unfortunately, as with the spell typo earlier you were on it in a flash before I got a chance to delete.
  9. You guys are relentless. Every reply I give provokes 5 replies. Each picking up on some minor quibble. Thats what I mean by not replying. I should know that you are not replying to talk about the subject ,but to have a fight. So I really shouldnt reply to everyone. Other posters are different. The ones in the thread that have discussed the topic. With them it's just an honest take on what happened with Bruce. In future I will resist bait posts.
  10. No. Why assume I'm an ******* looking for attention? Why make it about me? Could it not be that I'm actually interested in what is actually going on at Wednesday?
  11. Well yeh because I know what you lot are like. You tend to group together to attack posters that go against the prevalent narrative. Would you rather the forum had only one homogeneous opinion? If you read the thread through you will see there are lots of insightful posts on the subject that the OP generated. This forum would be a poorer place if posters were scared off posting because they got hounded. Unfortunately, I tend to answer everyone. Even the ones like you who are just out to troll. That's my downfall. People setting bait like asteener before.
  12. Maybe. However the OP posits that that the opposite is true. As a discussion point. Something to consider. Because it is relevant. It suggests that he left primarily because he was unhappy here. In a summer where we have had an embargo, I would say that was more than plausible. Yet here we are arguing over my use of the word 'showdown'.
  13. Alan Biggs said he was courting Newcastle long before it came out. So yeh- must have been pretty desperate I would say. Funny how you all seem to be picking up on the use of certain words in an attempt to divert from the overall meaning.
  14. Sonny, I've not admitted anything. It was my post with my words I don't painstakingly source everything rigorously for a post on here. I just convey the general meaning off the top of my head. That a showdown happened it most probable given the information at hand. So yeh I stick by that.
  15. I don't spend a long time re writing posts until the meaning is exact. Sometimes words have a bit of added drama. But since the outcome was he fizzed off, and since we also understand he was desperate to get away, maybe showdown is quite accurate? Sometimes when people are frustrated enough to leave a job, showdowns may be sought. It's hardly such a leap to use that word. But yes, it is my word. Not Chansiris word, not Bruce's word..
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