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  1. No he ain't miles away. He is quality on the ball , no less comfrotable than Bannan and can cover ground faster. Anyway the comparison with Bannan wasn't my main point, it's just the bit everone lept on. My point is he is a quality player.
  2. He has physical attributes that Bannan doesn't like pace and strength. But I take on board what people have said aBout work rate
  3. Josh Onomah is quality. He suffered under Luhukay but he had odd ideas. Personally I think Onomah is better than Bannan. Although Bruce would no doubt use him in a different role
  4. Well we certainly need a good left back, whether Bidwell is that player I haven't a clue. We've not done well for ages in signing left backs...apart from maybe Pudil for a season.
  5. Macaulay Bonne https://www.footballfancast.com/championship/sheffield-wednesday/transfer-focus-sheffield-wednesdays-pursuit-of-macauley-bonne-shows-a-new-policy
  6. Looking at that vid he seems to have more in his locker than Hutch in midfield. Good long pass, can score goals, he isn't just a tackler. We need more dimensions to our midfielders. Been a problem for a while.
  7. Look anyone in our squad is replaceable at the right price.
  8. flipsake why is this thread bobbing up again like a turd that won't flush. Just close it please mods
  9. 14 million yes please I'd drive him there myself.
  10. Rhodes signing is an example of a chairman being in charge of incomings rather than a manager with a plan. I don't believe any manager who knew what he was doing would have spunked the budget on Jordan Rhodes.
  11. That's fine by me. I don't think we will get Hector anyway so he will probs end up first choice.
  12. Is he right or left sided? He could compete for Lees' place ... Alternatively Bruce could be considering a back 3. Also I think we will see Van Aken leave. Also I still think Thorniley is ready for first team. Also, there are already too many points in this post so I'll stop there
  13. No chance we will get him. Unless of course, Hector refuses to leave to any club but us. He does have that power, but money talks unfortunately.
  14. There is something in this as both iorfa and Hector have the capacity to be 'overlapping centre backs' The main problem with that team is the players you have down as wingbacks. Palmer isn't one and Reach isn't either.
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