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  1. Was gonna say this. Stonewall pen. Idiot ref.
  2. Yeah I agree. I'd just like Luongo to have a chance in That Hutch role first Our midfield looks weaker than ever at the mo.
  3. Did anyone listen to John Pearson commentary? Love to hear what his thoughts on the ref were
  4. We have Luongo on the bench. Maybe he should be given a try before we go out and buy another. But yeh we do look a bit weak compared to the top teams.
  5. Playing Hutch is like playing a flat back 5. Because he is just a defender. Need more from all our midfielders right now. They were made to look less than average today by Fulham.
  6. Why is there no quality control for refs? Keith Hackett was saying that he used oversee quality control of refs but it's been stopped. Refs like today's are destroying the game. You could tell within the first few minutes what kind of ref he was. Its happening every other fecking game.
  7. Monks comments after the game made me think he would expect his team to do similar in that circumstance. He wasn't as incensed by it as us lot were.
  8. Yet there are people on here rating Palmer's performance with a 5.
  9. Struggled to give it to anyone but on reflection, Palmer was probably our most assured player. We were really bad in possession. Not sure what the answer is. Hutchinson was chopping at fresh air most of the game. Lee was anonymous. Bannan gets overrun so so easily. Reach was dire. Defence was decent. All the defenders a 7. Subs were good too. Supersubs Sammy and Atde save the day Referee -minus 10 . Diabolical.
  10. They look much better than us. But we did create good chances. Fine margins but the last 15 minutes we just let them have the ball. Gotta do better than that.
  11. Looks like a defender playing in midfield today...and not very well. Id take him off and put Luongo on or Winnall.
  12. Can't find word to describe those decisions. But refs like that are ruining the game.
  13. Murphy is still a good player. Some of the runs he made in our early games were brilliant. And he scored. Its just it doesn't work with two wingers. We concede too much possession. Let's not turn him into the new whipping boy.
  14. Has to be one of Murphy or Harris not both in my opinion. And right now, Harris is doin the biz, Murphy not so much.
  15. Giving him a 4 points more to your bias than his actual performance. Anyone can see he was a steady 7 , certainly no less than a 6.
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