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  1. So you don't believe in individual needs? It's always been like this with Hutch because he was brought back from retirement. Draconian inflexible rules are really idiotic and in this case it destroyed our season.
  2. Glad his version has come out. I'm with him on this. One size fits all training regimes shouldn't be applied to everyone. He is a unique case and knows his own body. Sounds like Monk has been a bully and disregarded his individual needs. This wrecked our season because Hutch is a key player.
  3. Dave Jones got us promoted after megson's team went stale. I'll credit both with the promotion. Megson fans have to recognise that would have never happened if he had remained. Jones released the shackles. Jones then managed to keep us up the season after. Megson is remembered more fondly because he is an owl and loves us. Jones always said "They" when referring to the team and didn't get the fans onside. Jones also stuck with Bothroyd and that midfielder ( who's name escapes me) way beyond it being obvious they were useless. Who would I have back now? If I had to choose- Megson. But I wouldn't have said that at the time.
  4. Why don't we just bump any thread from 2013 and carry it on?
  5. No to Heckinbottom. I thought he was garbage
  6. Politics aside we really need some coordinated leadership now. What this government is doing is putting us and our families in direct risk. Letting a disease that has a one in 6 chance of causing pneumonia rip through the population is flipping insane. But also predictable from this government.
  7. Aggressive containment is work proven to work. In Wuhan for example it is in remission. The outbreak hasn't materialised in Shanghai. Similar with other countries that have persued such a policy. Then look at Italy. A catastrophe unfolding. 6% death rate! We are doing even less than Italy, it will kill hundreds of thousands. The Tory government are psychopaths and charlatans.
  8. Yes and no. Institutions around the country must take their lead from government. The lock down must be centrally orchestrated to be effective. The Tory government's only concern is protecting the stock market.
  9. This is what voting for psychopaths brings us . "We're gonna do feck all and if you die, we don't care"
  10. Yeh I saw that . Seems to me the UK governments 'plan' is to let every fukker get it and allow millions to die in the process. We should already be under lock down.
  11. Agree with OP. I'm trying to avoid gatherings. Countries where sars hit have been far more hard-line on stopping the virus getting out. In Europe it has been lax. I expect a massive escalation here next week on a scale of Italy. I think it's already fairly prevalent. The statistics are wrong.
  12. He also said Paxo man turned up at 10am and a security guard referred to him as a director.
  13. Sorry I can't find the thread. He said he went down with a Sheffield Wednesday mirror from his shed and stood outside middlewood road waitng for Wednesday players asking if they could look in it. Said most of em shrugged but rhodes obliged. Bizarre.
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