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Why is it never us celebrating

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Just now, jonnyowl said:

A distant memory now!

So are Hull and Huddersfield unfortunately. 


Tonight doesn't hurt as much as those 2 did, we were both evenly matched over a season and both our performances weren't inspiring.


I'm strangely confident for next season, fingers crossed we see a first, Wednesday win a league 

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We celebrated at Brighton (similar to how Sunderland are today) but I see your point. 

This club seems destined to achieve very little… it hurts that we’re so used to it but there you go. 

We don’t do it when it counts, but we at least have a large amount of fantastic fans. 

The reminder of how much people love Wednesday is about as good as it gets. 

It’s not much, but I’m going to try and see the positives in today… and the game against Portsmouth. 

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No doubt there'll be plenty of talk about the 'long-suffering' Sunderland fans in the run-up to the final. Of the seasons since we left the Premier League, Sunderland have spent more than half of them in it. They haven't suffered anything like as much as we have.

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11 minutes ago, RUMBELOWS91 said:

I mean, if we really want to depress ourselves, we can add the Palace game at the end of 2009/10 to that list 


I was just thinking how crap it must be to be a Wednesday fan under 30  


It is

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