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  1. Neil .. what page did the ongoing summary start from? Cba to scroll 30 pages in ... Ta
  2. Didn't he once say that if fans wanted a refund on season tickets they could email him to get one, only if they agreed to forfeit any future tickets or something?
  3. Isn't Al Shabab a terrorist cell in North Africa?
  4. Has it really taken tonight to illustrate our club is dead? Has been since Wembley.
  5. At least he wasnt out of position for once the shitbag
  6. Wouldnt say we developed him particularly. He was well out of favour when he left out of the back door.
  7. What self respecting young lad with a bright future like his is going to come to this circus of a club? I'd go to teams like Peterborough over us. Proven at developing players and selling them on. Have we developed anyone and sold them on for profit in the last 10 years? Antonio?
  8. If that banner at the back of the kop is still there on the first game back I'll throw it in the Don myself... along with his bastarding elephants
  9. I'm glad we got TP. Anyone I liked e.g. Ryan Lowe or people like that would have ruined their reputation with us had they come in. I didn't like TP before, dont like him now. Hopefully he'll be sacked before we can get back into the stadium.
  10. Forgot we were playing. Didn't look at the score till full time. Didn't care we'd lost. Are we playing in the week? Who cares. (I've had a season ticket 20 years).
  11. The vast majority of the stuff in the club shop is absolute garbage. Most stuff on there would have cost a couple of quid to manufacture in some Thai sweatshop and would be worth a tenner tops in Sports Direct. But here we are selling it for £60 with a wednesday badge sewn on it. Absolute rubbish. Even the jackets the players wear before games .. the collarless ones are absolutely horrific, god knows what we were thinking there.
  12. Christ where have you got some of that list from hahah! Ince!! Gregory!! Redknapp. Deary me
  13. Someone with experience of League 1 preferably.
  14. Christ. I'd erased that from my memory. One of the worst watching Wednesday.
  15. Wait though... this is actually real ? I thought the tag was photoshopped. I honestly and truly wouldn't pay £1.20 for that coat, and that's probably double what it cost to manufacture. Christ
  16. One of the Spezia players got a straight red for a tackle on him tonight after he came on. Looked lively but ultimately did nowt.
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