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  1. When do we have to wait until to be able to have an opinion?
  2. 3.5 shots a game this season. Should be sacked based on that stat alone. Pathetic
  3. Not good enough plain and simple. 2x Fizz wonder goals and a pen at MK papering over the cracks with DM. Any manager in this league or any other would have us playing better than this.
  4. Are you watching the game? Give it a rest you melt
  5. Brainless substitution. We're playing with the 5th and 6th best centre mids at the club as it stands. How Vaulks stays on and Byers goes off is shocking.
  6. What a weird stance, considering a poster further on in the thread used to take one of them to games
  7. Dire this (firestick is a couple of minutes behind though but I'm expecting nothing happens)
  8. Gregory will be on for Pato in a minute. Not exactly changing it tactically though is it, he will never change it up properly
  9. Water isn't included in the price or your ticket. Got to pay extra for that.
  10. For me, its quite easy. FDB, Bannan, Adeniran Very harsh on Byers and I think he'd be the one to come in for Bannan or Dennis but I don't see it any other way to be honest.
  11. The old boy has basically been scammed. No other way to look at it. What was the point of club 1867 .. what did you actually get for it? I bet there is no record of who signed up, and if we got promoted to the Prem I bet you'd have hell on trying to get what you'd paid for.
  12. Paying £31 for a ticket is enough for me, no chance of me spending another £20 in the pub before the game as well. Expensive day out
  13. Just seen on young Att's Instagram that they're heading north on the M1, presumably they'll be there tomorrow. When was the last time anyone saw them? And has anyone taken down and burnt the 'Thanks you Dejphon' banner on the kop yet?
  14. The biggest waste of time in football is bringing the doctor on every 5 minutes, for him to spray some spray, dribble some water or massage the players ego and nothing more. Doctors shouldn't be allowed on the field unless there is an actual medical emergency.
  15. Relegated But in all seriousness, anything other than Automatics is a failure, as it was last year.
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