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  1. A couple of things. One. Both JC and RA took time to achieve success. The latter, of course, even led us to relegation. A freak relegation, but relegation nonetheless. Two. All of the permanent managers DC's employed have had a managerial CV when they joined us that was at least as impressive as HW's was when he joined us, and around half have had managerial CVs at least as impressive as JC's was. Perhaps our problem is that we're not good at choosing the right manager at the right time, both in terms of the manager's own career and in terms of development from the club's point of view?
  2. Good shout, but it might be worth recalling that Plymouth finished 18th last season. Yes, they'd just come up, so surviving at all was great for them. But they took just 8 points from their last 15 games, including one spell of 1 from 6 (F 3, A 19). They also finished with one of the worst goals against totals in the league. I can almost guarantee that if a Wednesday manager had been in a similar situation, some fans would have been asking questions about whether he was up to it, worrying that we'd been 'found out', etc. As for Moore, I do wonder what has turned him into such a cautious manager - I'm guessing he wasn't like that at Donny.
  3. True, but 1 in 3 is still better odds than 1 in 8. Plus there's the fact that based on results alone we wouldn't have gone down last season, so you can see why people might be expecting us to do a bit better, even with so many new players. I think we're doing just about OK, given the imbalance between away and home games. The defence is OK, and if we can start scoring a few more we should at least make the playoffs.
  4. That might be it. It does seem a bit odd that it's their main game, but all 5 other games being shown across the BBC and ITV have been chosen with a potential shock in mind. And, as was pointed out on here when the draw was made, it's not exactly a great draw from that point of view. 16 of the teams in our division are at home, and of the 8 away, 3 (including Plymouth) play another League One side. Shrewsbury's tie at Stratford is on ITV 4, which leaves Scunthorpe v Doncaster, Northampton v Cambridge, Hartlepool v Wycombe and Port Vale v Accrington Stanley. None of those features a non-league side, and the away sides aren't exactly giants. There are two other non-televised non-league v league ties - Hayes & Yeading v Sutton United and King's Lynn v Walsall. H&Y have been on in each of the past two seasons, so perhaps that went against them.
  5. The Mackems aren't exactly taking a 'nothing to see here' stance: https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/nufc-aug-oct-21-and-sportwashing-takeover-edition-all-nufc-stuff-in-here.1557357/page-637
  6. True. On the other hand, it's miles from Newcastle, so that probably doesn't mean anything anyway.
  7. It's in Derbyshire, but it's closer to Sheffield.
  8. We're also 15th for all-time seasons in the top flight (down from 12th the last time we were there).
  9. To be fair, this wasn't our decision. We applied to join the FL, but were rejected.
  10. But not enough! (replying to Salmonbones's post!)
  11. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! Great final
  12. That 66-67 season... We followed that run by going 10 games in all competitions without a win and conceding in all of them! Indeed, we conceded in each of our next 13. But perhaps that wasn't so surprising - even though only 2 teams went down that season, 3 of those 4 games were against a side that ended up relegated, because we played Villa twice.
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