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  1. I don't get why people say this. We finished behind Reading, and we would have finished behind Huddersfield as well if they hadn't been resting for the last month of the season. (And maybe if they hadn't had a man sent off in our home win against them in the regular season as well.) Nothing like the golden opportunity Brighton had against us, for example, when they lost after finishing 15 points clear of us. Also, Huddersfield, Brighton and Newcastle all look likely to stay up this season, so you can't say the three promoted sides look weak from that point of view.
  2. One Win = Mathematical Safety

    Without wanting to be too pessimistic, we're away on Saturday to a team that's won their last 2 games 4-0 and 5-0, on the back of highly creditable draws v Villa and Wolves. Forest are at home to Ipswich, so they could easily go above us. Reading, meanwhile, are at home to Sunderland. As useless as Reading have been this season, they could easily move to within two points of us, meaning they could overtake us if they beat us on the 21st. And after that we play Wolves.
  3. One Win = Mathematical Safety

    But we'd only be 8 clear of Barnsley, who would have 4 games left compared to our 3.
  4. Odds Tonight

    Come on - were we ever likely to win 3 away games in a row with the team we've got at the minute?
  5. Complacency

    Not sure about that. If Barnsley lose 1-0 to Bolton on Saturday, that puts them on a goal difference of -20 to our -9. We lose our last 4 games, our goal difference is at least -13. Barnsley win theirs, theirs is at least -16. So they'd only have to make up another 4 goals across those 8 games to have a better goal difference than us.
  6. You could almost say two assists - his near-post run for Lees's goal took out virtually their entire defence.
  7. I'd no idea we employed the first professional footballer. Wikipedia tells us that the club itself didn't pay him; instead, Lang was employed by a firm owned by one of the directors, but didn't actually do any work, spending most of the day reading the paper!
  8. I'd like to see stats on whether teams who bring on subs in injury time concede a disproportionate number of goals. Does it really waste time, or do refs just add on even more time to compensate?
  9. Also, weren't we the form team for the second half of last season? Didn't we all criticise the media for drooling over Fulham when our record was just as good? As for the play-offs, they went like most of CC's games against other playoff contenders. I don't remember one where we won easily, yet for some reason some people seem to think we should have brushed Huddersfield aside. Yes, injuries didn't help, but I don't remember us looking less fit than them in extra time, even though their players had been resting for a month. And no, the fact that they equalised doesn't mean we weren't fit. You'd have expected them to make the running because they were chasing the game.
  10. Luckily for us, not all our games are against teams in the bottom 8 either. But even if they were, I think 7 more points would keep us up.
  11. For all that we've been atrocious in the past few games, we have had a pretty tough run of games since Jos arrived. Starting from the away derby, we've played 9 games, and 6 of them have been against teams who are now in the top 8. Of our remaining 11 games, just 2 will be against teams now in the top 8, and of those Wolves will probably be promoted by the time we play them.
  12. Up just under £500K, no? (£16,835,000 v £16,345,000, p 22)
  13. magnificent fans

    Tonight's attendance was 8,198. Well done to all our fans who were there.
  14. Our record in televised games this season must be abysmal. Have we won any apart from the Leeds game? Is that 5 consecutive games without scoring now as well?
  15. This Is Shocking

    Thank goodness we won't be playing Spurs! I was nearly screaming at the telly at the end there. Going out the cup and we just pass it backwards and sideways. That was so disappointing, not least because I thought we weren't too bad in the first half, and Swansea were nothing special at all.