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    Atomic Kitten

    She came from Leeds, she had a thirst for knowledge, She studied woodwork at the local college - That's where I Caught her eye. She told me that her Dad was loaded, I said 'In that case I'll have a pint of Stones, then.' She said "Fine." And in thirty seconds time she said, 'What did we give you Thomas Lees for? What were we doing giving Thomas Lees to you?'...
  2. It did look like that, didn't it? I thought that throughout the tournament we made our subs too late actually. I know you have to take the possibility of extra time into account, but against Sweden we were cruising but the subs didn't come on until the 77th, 85th and 90th minutes. Against Colombia, OK it went into extra time, but perhaps if we'd not waited until the 81st minute to bring on the first sub it might not have done (the same goes for the Croatia game, where we were getting played off the park but made only 1 substitution before extra time). I know the first team got a rest for the Belgium game, but it just seems that we put ourselves at a disadvantage there.
  3. I thought that too. Then again, I can't remember seeing a single prediction in our media that Croatia would win, so maybe there might have been something in that.
  4. One thing it does go to show is how well we can do when things well for us, even aside from the draw. This time round, we had no one stupidly sent off, no goals inexplicably ruled out and no goals against us resulting from blatant cheating. Our goalkeeper made no ridiculous howlers, and we got through a penalty shoot-out. I think we tried to play positively most of the time. Fingers crossed this isn't just a one-off.
  5. Actually, this has very nearly happened already. In Division 2, in 1951-52, we lost 7-3 away and 3-1 at home to the pigs. We also lost 3-2 away and 2-1 at home to Leeds, not to mention 5-3 at home to Rotherham and 5-4 away to Barnsley. But we still finished as champions, scoring 100 goals.
  6. Sova

    ffs Wednesday

    The back end of the 1996-97 season and its repercussions deserves a mention. At the start of March we were challenging for Europe in the league and had a home tie to Wimbledon in the Cup QFs. All the big boys had been knocked out, and only us, Wimbledon and Chelsea (who were then nothing like the force they are now) were left from the top half of the table. We lost the tie, and Chelsea went on to win the competition and the following season's Cup Winners' Cup. In the League, we took 9 points from our last 9 games to finish 7th, 4 points behind Villa, who went on to lose to Atletico Madrid on away goals in the QFs of the following season's UEFA Cup.
  7. Sova

    ffs Wednesday

    QPR's third goal here sticks in the mind...
  8. It doesn't actually.
  9. I don't get why people say this. We finished behind Reading, and we would have finished behind Huddersfield as well if they hadn't been resting for the last month of the season. (And maybe if they hadn't had a man sent off in our home win against them in the regular season as well.) Nothing like the golden opportunity Brighton had against us, for example, when they lost after finishing 15 points clear of us. Also, Huddersfield, Brighton and Newcastle all look likely to stay up this season, so you can't say the three promoted sides look weak from that point of view.
  10. Sova

    One Win = Mathematical Safety

    Without wanting to be too pessimistic, we're away on Saturday to a team that's won their last 2 games 4-0 and 5-0, on the back of highly creditable draws v Villa and Wolves. Forest are at home to Ipswich, so they could easily go above us. Reading, meanwhile, are at home to Sunderland. As useless as Reading have been this season, they could easily move to within two points of us, meaning they could overtake us if they beat us on the 21st. And after that we play Wolves.
  11. Sova

    One Win = Mathematical Safety

    But we'd only be 8 clear of Barnsley, who would have 4 games left compared to our 3.
  12. Sova

    Odds Tonight

    Come on - were we ever likely to win 3 away games in a row with the team we've got at the minute?
  13. Sova


    Not sure about that. If Barnsley lose 1-0 to Bolton on Saturday, that puts them on a goal difference of -20 to our -9. We lose our last 4 games, our goal difference is at least -13. Barnsley win theirs, theirs is at least -16. So they'd only have to make up another 4 goals across those 8 games to have a better goal difference than us.
  14. You could almost say two assists - his near-post run for Lees's goal took out virtually their entire defence.
  15. I'd no idea we employed the first professional footballer. Wikipedia tells us that the club itself didn't pay him; instead, Lang was employed by a firm owned by one of the directors, but didn't actually do any work, spending most of the day reading the paper!