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  1. Well, no. Because you say you judge TF solely on the position he left us in. So by that logic even if we'd won the league under him, you'd still judge him a failure because things went downhill after that, like they did for Ranieri at Leicester, for example.
  2. But suppose we'd won the league, or even a cup, under TF, as we were very close to doing. He'd be a club legend, as DJM says. And, even if it was a lot easier back then, it wasn't a given that we'd do so well straight after getting promoted. West Ham, runners-up in the 2nd division, when we came up in 3rd, finished bottom the next season. Oldham, the champions, came 17th, then 19th, and then went down as well.
  3. 3rd in the league? Cup finals? Some our best football in our lifetimes? More fatal mistakes, please! And don't forget the circumstances in which he was appointed. Yes, things went downhill at the end, but that happens to almost all managers eventually.
  4. We would love it if we got £35m for one of our players. In fact, I don't think we've received £35m in transfer fees in total since Chansiri arrived here. I'm not even sure if we've received £10m. And it's a bit disingenuous to say it took you 5 years to spend that amount, if the figures at https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/newcastle-united/alletransfers/verein/762 are at all accurate. Yes, it took you that time for your net transfer spend to turn around, but you were still buying players, and if you hadn't been selling them as well you'd have spent the £35m in a couple of seasons. Even then you'd have spent it in 3, but then you flogged Cabaye for £20m. Maybe you weren't spending massive amounts for the Premier League but, ironically, when you did splash the cash, in 2015/16, you got relegated. But thanks to the miracle of parachute payments you didn't end up with 20 years in the wilderness like us, but came straight back up.
  5. A few other things worth noting - under 3 points for a win, we would have finished 4th. United won their final game 5-0 - if they'd have got another, we'd have needed to beat Spurs. Southampton, who also finished with 52 points, beat both Sheffield teams 1-0 in the run-in. Had they drawn or lost to United, United would have gone up. Had they won both games 2-0, they would have gone up if all the other results had stayed the same. They could still have gone up by thrashing West Ham while we played Spurs, but they could only win 3-2.
  6. Blimey. In addition to all the names mentioned so far, you can make a good case for having Danny Wilson ahead of Fleck as well.
  7. It's a great goal, but I think Hamshaw's first touch and the speed of it makes his better. Here's a similar one which isn't as good as either:
  8. If that defeat had been against any other side, it wouldn't even get a mention on here. I don't even think it was our worst home defeat that season (I'd say 3-0 against Burton Albion, who got relegated, was far worse.)
  9. Not as bad as 1988 when we drew 1-1 against them three times and then lost the 4th replay 5-0 at home. In fact, I think we might have been 5-0 down at half-time in that game. 😬
  10. To be fair, the reason for our name is perhaps less obvious than people not familiar with the club might think, because from a lot of sources you get the impression that the football team initially only played on Wednesdays. But that wasn't the case, as the dates of the games in the club's first season show: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1867–68_Sheffield_Wednesday_F.C._season The 'Wednesday' simply derives from the fact the club emerged out of The Wednesday Cricket Club, who did play only on Wednesdays (when they were founded, at least; I'm not sure how long this lasted).
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