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  1. Jordan Rhodes..

    https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/25/Show/England-Sheffield-Wednesday Further ammo for his detractors here. Look at those passing stats. The thing is, as pointed out early in this thread, it often seems to work the other way too, with Rhodes ignored when in a good position. But still, I'd give him a chance under our new manager.
  2. If that's the case, there was quite a gap between Hull working us out and everyone else doing so, given that we improved both our finishing place and our points total last season. Some other points: Rhodes. Yes, not as yet the success we all hoped he would be. Even so, when we signed him we were 7th with 46 points from 28 games (1.64 per game), having scored just 33 goals (1.18 per game) (https://www.11v11.com/league-tables/league-championship/01-february-2017/). In the remaining 18 fixtures, we scored 27 goals (1.5 per game) and picked up 35 points, nearly 2 per game. So perhaps Rhodes did have a rather bigger influence, last season, than was immediately apparent. The play-offs. Hull were a better team than us throughout 2015/16 , even if we did draw with them twice. We weren't at our best, but it still took a good goal to beat us. We looked nervous and were perhaps unfortunate to be playing a team who'd played in the Premier League the previous season and contained a number of players with Cup Final experience. The Huddersfield game was even more disappointing, but were we that much worse than v Brighton, when injuries left them down to 10 men at ours for 1/2 an hour, during which we scored, and they battered us in the 1st half of the 2nd leg only for us to go in level at the break thanks to a goal that shouldn't have stood? Yes, we might have tested Huddersfield's stand-in keeper in the 1st leg. But such games are usually tight. In the 2nd, injuries caught up with us; maybe we should have played players in better shape, so that might have been a mistake from Carlos. Subbing Fletcher after he'd scored? I'm not sure, but we brought on Rhodes, so it wasn't obviously a defensive move (maybe it should have been). He might, though, have waited to see what substitutions Huddersfield were going to make first. For me, Carlos's biggest mistake came in the penalty shoot-out. With most of the other issues (e.g., playing too conservatively against the bigger teams; favouring certain players; the slow starts, etc.), I can at least see his logic, even if I don't agree with it. Not here, though. First, it was odd that we made an extra-time substitution without that in mind (even if Huddersfield's extra-time substitute, who did take a penalty, missed). Second, apparently having no plan for the shootout and having Hutchinson take the first was just criminal. This season, while he was a bit unlucky with refereeing decisions and injuries, plus various individual errors from players, our performances towards the end of his tenure were undeniably dreadful, and it got to the stage where he had to go. But even then, when we were beating Millwall and Villa, it looked like things were turning round, rather than that we were about to go on a run of 7 games without a win. It's a shame it didn't work out, because at times we played some really good stuff even this season. Almost always, however, that only came in short bursts, not infrequently after we were already a goal down; our frustrating starts to matches have been discussed many times on here. Was that, perhaps, a result of seeing the success (in the regular season at least) of last season's "more defensive" (we actually conceded the same number of goals (45) in 2015/16 and 2016/17) approach and going too far in that direction this season? (Although we've scored the same number of goals after 26 games this season (30) as we did last; the difference is that we've conceded 34 goals, not 24.) I don't know. But anyway. Onwards and upwards!
  3. But you would have expected them to go up given our form in recent seasons. It's certainly an argument that the push towards season tickets means an increase in guaranteed income, but the season we came 6th our average attendance, around 22,600, was barely higher than the two previous seasons when we finished mid-table, and was actually lower than the 24,000 we got when we finished 18th in 2012-13 (granted, that figure was boosted by the fact that it was our first season back in this division). OK, last season we averaged 27,000, and we've done well to just about keep that up this season, although that figure might well fall if our present form continues. But the Blunts are averaging around 27,000 this season too. Aren't we supposed to be better supported than them? What might our attendance last season have been with lower prices? 30,000? Yes, it's a long time since we averaged 30,000 in a season, but Derby nearly did it, and Villa did, despite a terrible season, so I don't think it's that unreasonable a suggestion.
  4. He has quite an interesting accent - he doesn't (to me at least) sound like a typical Dutchman or German speaking English. In fact, quite a lot of the time (perhaps because he's so softly spoken) he sounds like he could be French. At any rate I would say he's easier to understand than Carlos.
  5. That would have been a good answer, to be fair :)
  6. I have to say, I thought some of the questioning there was unnecessarily hostile. And that's a problem with a lot of journalism in this country. Questions are asked to trip people up, rather than to elicit information. So you end up with people giving vague answers that don't really tell us anything. For example, no, Jos probably doesn't know that much about the Championship. He's never lived or worked in this country; why should he? So why ask?
  7. Under 18's win again!

    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/january/a-pleasing-performance/ has the goals - and fine goals they are too.
  8. FA Cup draw on Monday

    Is it based on the order in which the teams were drawn in the last round? We were last out and now we're number 32 for this round.
  9. Sure, yes. After those. And possibly after others as well. So it probably wouldn't make that much difference anyway.
  10. I'd be amazed if it was. For comparison, in a 3rd-round replay last year Barnsley hosted Blackpool (then in the same division as Carlisle are now) after drawing 0-0 away. They lost to a goal in the last minute of extra-time in front of 5,558 people. Given that Barnsley's attendances are probably around half ours, even 15,000 would be very good going. The only way I could possibly see it being 20,000 is if we get a home draw against a big club in the next round and they made it so that those going to the replay got priority for tickets.
  11. Can we actually do that?
  12. Based on what? The fact that he walked out of his last job after five games after disagreeing with the board?
  13. Even last season, Carlos wasn't clueless when we were doing the double over Newcastle, was he? He wasn't a clown when we beat Huddersfield twice in the regular season, or finished in our best position since we dropped out of the Premier League. As for the play-offs, yes, it was disappointing, but anyone would think, reading from some of the posts on here, that we'd got thrashed rather than losing on penalties with an injury-hit side. This season, the combination of a spate of poor refereeing decisions early on, added to an even worse injury list, was something he proved unable to cope with, so he's gone, and fair enough; you want your manager to be able to cope when the going gets tough. Having said that, one interesting difference between this season and last is that last season we did the double over all the relegated teams and two of the promoted ones. In other words, 30 of our points -more than a third- came against teams we're not playing this season (and it should have been more, as we missed a golden opportunity to win at Brighton). So perhaps we did have some good fortune last season in that the style we played was particularly suited to playing against those particular sides.
  14. Sean Clare

    We can't do this, because he's cup-tied.
  15. Sean Clare

    Yeah - it's one thing coming in as a forward into a team full of confidence, like Brooks for them, but quite another coming in as a midfielder in team as injury-hit and out of form as ours. The only thing is that we're away and expectations are low, so there wouldn't be so much pressure on him.