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  1. Is this really adding much to what we already know? If the club are in the dock, it's hardly surprising certain current and former club officials are as well. In theory, the club could be expelled from the league. In theory, the officials could be banned from the game. It's not exactly a surprise really. I have to say, I'm also perplexed as to how this has come about. The accounts have been approved by professional auditors, and we seemed to have weathered the storm as far as the EFL were concerned. I mean, we all know DC has played fast and loose with the rules in the past, what with our non-existent sponsors for a start. But I'd always assumed he knew what he was doing on that front at least. And it's hardly unusual for companies to use various ruses to improve their accounting position for whatever reason; I just thought that was what we'd done here. Maybe I'm just naive. Maybe he was desperate and it was a last throw of the dice. But surely those involved genuinely believed they were compliant with the rules? Otherwise, why not just take the hit, like Birmingham?
  2. But we also have one of the best defences. A lot of the fouls we gave away were quite a way out, near the touchline. And generally we're pretty comfortable defending balls being played in from there. We wouldn't be the first team to use it as a tactic to stop the opposition building more dangerous attacks, even if we might have gone overboard with it today.
  3. Not only were we drawing at half-time, we were still drawing at 70 minutes! And then Arsenal scored as many goals in 20 minutes as they had in their previous 990.
  4. In hindsight, maybe, but he had a reasonable enough CV when he came. Probably as good as Carlos's, not to mention Farke's or Wagner's. OK, he'd been out of work for a bit, but some people on here go on about him as if he was some sort of Hockaday.
  5. It would also have the effect of making the teams play in the same direction, relative to you, in both halves.
  6. They've had another game (Rotherham) suspended. Doesn't look good, but hopefully something will turn up for them.
  7. To be fair, he had a very tough run of games in the autumn. I think we had a run of about 5 home games in a row where the away either were already top or would have gone top had they beaten us. Even so, I don't think too many of us were asking for him to be kept on when he was sacked. Having said that, have a look at Norwich's record in 2017/18: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_Norwich_City_F.C._season It's remarkably similar to ours last season
  8. Would the police allow that? I thought one reason we no longer have multiple up replays was that they needed 10 days' notice.
  9. Here's the most compicated scenario: on 23rd, Bury are cleared to play. But, as you say, that's too late to arrange the game in 2nd round week. The following week, Bury have an EFL Trophy game, and it's the international break anyway. If we can't play in the international break, the next available week starts on Mon 16 Sep. But Bury have a league game on 17th! If we can't play it that week, we'll have to play in 3rd round week. Suppose that happens, and we win, we have a midweek league game the next week, which is followed by another international break, then another midweek league game. So we play Rotherham in 4th round week! I'm pretty sure the above won't happen though.
  10. Well let's see what comes of the offer that they've had, but say they did take it up to the deadline of 23 August, would we actually be able to play them in the next week? Or would we have to play it after the international break?
  11. Only 22; sounds quite promising. But would surely cost a bit?
  12. Answering my earlier question, that's the goal he's celebrating in the photo. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/flashback-rodger-wylde-and-mark-smith-recall-sheffield-wednesday-s-fa-cup-marathon-with-arsenal-1-9517576 I think I can recognise Jennings in goal, and maybe O'Leary appealing?
  13. RIP John. Is the photo from the Arsenal tie?
  14. How about former Hamburg boss Christian Titz? Or ex-Ingolstadt manager Tomas Oral?
  15. If that's accurate, I think that's fair enough, especially if there's a sell-on clause. Would this be our record fee received?
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