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  1. Sova

    Something has changed

    We really have had a tough run recently. Our last 4 home games have all been against teams top of the table either before or after the fixture round. The away games haven't been easy either.
  2. Sova

    Jos you've failed.

    Not saying we couldn't do better, but we are in a really tough fixture run right now. In the 11 games between our games v Stoke and Bolton, we have 6 away, including 5 against teams currently in the top half, and 5 at home, all against teams currently in the play-offs. There's not one where you'd really expect us to win.
  3. Isn't this the 4th game in the last 5 a loan player's scored against us? Is this an area we could do better in in future?
  4. Sova

    Thoughts on this?

    That's it! That's why we keep shipping goals: we can't afford the clean sheet bonuses!
  5. Sova

    That Referee

    There were 5 subs in the half, and our opponents made a triple substitution (I don't know whether that makes any difference though; West Brom did the same the other day and we also made only two subs in the second half, but we got 7 minutes' added time then too).
  6. Looking at the stats at https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/7/Seasons/7379/Stages/16389/TeamStatistics/England-Championship-2018-2019, one thing that's interesting is that not only do we have the 3rd-worst record in terms of shots per game for us, we also have more shots against us than anyone else. We put in fewer crosses per game than any other team bar Swansea, but despite this have scored more set-piece goals than anyone else.
  7. FWIW, both Sky (https://www.skysports.com/football/sheff-wed-vs-leeds/392661) and the Mirror (https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/match-reports/sheffield-wednesday-leeds-match-report-13328197) have given us higher player ratings than Leeds for this game.
  8. Sova

    Matt penney

    At least there's no language barrier to him understanding the crowd: https://www.voetbalkrant.com/nl/nieuws/lees/2018-09-01/de-ohl-fans-waren-niet-te-spreken-over-het-geleverde-spel-tegen-westerlo
  9. Sova

    Devaluation of the League Cup

    I think having the teams that play in Europe entering the competition so late hasn't helped. In the past, the minnows had a reasonable chance of not one but two games against one of the giants, given that all the top teams joined the competition in the second round, which was played over two legs. That isn't the case any more.
  10. Given our matchday prices, I don't think it's too bad really. Effectively, you're getting 6 games at category E prices. Or you can look at it as buy 5, get 1 free at category C prices.
  11. Sova


    To be fair, his record is better than you might think. But he was wrong about the penalty.
  12. Sova

    Fernando Forestieri

    Tell you what, it's a good thing that ref wasn't bothered about encroachment there!
  13. I know it's simplistic, and I know it's been said before, but a big part of our problem is our refusal or inability to sell our players for decent money. I've just looked at the figures on Transfermarkt for the last 3 seasons, and as far as I can see of the current Championship teams only Millwall have received less money for players than us in that period. Millwall, however, have barely spent anything on transfers in that time either. When it comes to the other 22 clubs, not only has every one of them received more transfer income than us, they've all managed to beat our overall total in just one season, and half of them have done so in each of the past 3 seasons. Our spending on transfer fees isn't actually that high (OK, I'm ignoring wages), but because we've received virtually nothing in transfer fees, our overall balance is one of the worst in the division. 12 of the teams received more income than our total negative balance (i.e., we'd have made a profit if we'd have sold players as well as them). Of the remaining 10 (bar those 12 and us and Millwall), 8 made a profit on transfers. The only 2 to fail to do either were Birmingham and Reading, who both have similar records to ours. OK, the figures might not be entirely accurate, but I assume they're more or less correct.
  14. Sova

    Atomic Kitten

    She came from Leeds, she had a thirst for knowledge, She studied woodwork at the local college - That's where I Caught her eye. She told me that her Dad was loaded, I said 'In that case I'll have a pint of Stones, then.' She said "Fine." And in thirty seconds time she said, 'What did we give you Thomas Lees for? What were we doing giving Thomas Lees to you?'...
  15. It did look like that, didn't it? I thought that throughout the tournament we made our subs too late actually. I know you have to take the possibility of extra time into account, but against Sweden we were cruising but the subs didn't come on until the 77th, 85th and 90th minutes. Against Colombia, OK it went into extra time, but perhaps if we'd not waited until the 81st minute to bring on the first sub it might not have done (the same goes for the Croatia game, where we were getting played off the park but made only 1 substitution before extra time). I know the first team got a rest for the Belgium game, but it just seems that we put ourselves at a disadvantage there.