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  1. I'm not even sure McGinn's is the best Villa goal on there. Yes, it looks good, but surely Grealish's was harder with the ball coming across him?
  2. Voted for FF, and I genuinely do think it's the best, if only because he does some work before shooting.
  3. He was our best striker in terms of goals per minute last season. He was also much more prolific than both SF and FF in terms of assists (but not quite as good as AN). Even so, our financial situation would seem to dictate that we look at offers for anyone, though frankly it's difficult to tell where we are with that.
  4. That's a win. Congratulations to everyone who backed us!
  5. As rubbish as our performance was today, let's not forget that this time last season we walloped Norwich 5-1. And then look what happened.
  6. It's not just the last few seasons. This is the 8th consecutive season they've finished in the top half of their division, and the 11th in the last 12. In fact, since the 1993-94 season, when they were relegated from the Premier League and we finished 7th, they've finished in the top half in 21 of the past 25 seasons. If we finish the season in the top half, we'll make it 8 out of 25. That aside, I do think that, given that the two sides have won just one major trophy between them in over 80 years and have played just one season in the top flight between them this millennium, the fact that between them they average around 40,000-50,000 is really pretty impressive.
  7. Lots of home games there. Is there a reason for that? Is it balanced out by the first game - have most of our first games been away? Or is it just a random quirk in a small sample?
  8. I think we can assume that very few students are going to buy a season ticket. Roughly speaking, Sheffield has a population of around 500,000 and in recent years we've average around 10,000 walk-ups per game. So even when it comes to people who actually live in the city, only about 1 in 50 pay on the gate for our games. The chances of students, who by the time they reach university will either support another team or simply won't be interested in football, suddenly deciding to head off to Hillsborough just for the hell of it are much, much lower, whatever the price. They have other priorities.
  9. https://www.worldfootball.net/attendance/eng-championship-2018-2019/1/ says 24,352. To be honest, I think our attendances have held up pretty well, all things considered.
  10. Actually we didn't, but it was still a great come-back.
  11. At least every other result is going against us as well. It was always a big ask.
  12. As it happens, we're currently joint bottom of the table for crosses per game this season (https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/7/Seasons/7379/Stages/16389/TeamStatistics/England-Championship-2018-2019)
  13. As has already pointed out, he's scored a goal around every 170 minutes this season. That's not bad at all, even if he has been totally overshadowed by Teemu Pukki (incidentally, no other Norwich player has double figures in the league). Then there's the fact that Norwich have scored way more goals after the 75th minute than any other team in the division - 30, with West Brom the next best with 22. I haven't looked too hard at the statistics, but given that a lot of his appearances have been as a sub he might have had a hand there, even without actually scoring himself. For example, back in December they came back from 3-0 down after 74 minutes to draw at home to Forest. Rhodes didn't score, but he did come on in the 71st minute. Earlier in the season, against Millwall, they were 3-2 down when he came on in the 88th minute and won 4-3 (Rhodes himself got 1).
  14. I think we've scored something like 14 from outside the box, so some of those aren't even on there!
  15. It is indeed frustrating, because the individual results we need to take it to the last game aren't that far-fetched. It certainly wouldn't be a shock if Bristol City drew with Derby, and Reading have drawn recently with West Brom, Bristol City and Norwich, so they're in the kind of form where they could get a draw at Middlesbrough, especially if they score first (even if they have just guaranteed safety). Then come the games in hand for BC and DC, both away, and both likely to be against sides with something to play for. Of course, even things did go to the last day, we'd still probably need DC, BC, Boro and possibly Swansea all to lose though.
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