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  1. Would still rather they hadn't, because if Derby and Rotherham completely collapse we could stay up with as few as 45 points - unless Wycombe win their last 3 and get 46.
  2. Rotherham are currently averaging less than a point a game. To get to 48 points, they'd need 9 from 5 - and 4 of them are away (admittedly, they've been better away than at home this season, but still). Even without the fixture congestion, that would be a tough ask. So if we could win our last 3, we might well have a chance. It's a shame Boro couldn't have scored a few more today though.
  3. You would right now, but Jim says "would've been", and I think he's right there. If he's saying that Sheffielders aren't passionate about football, I don't agree with him, but if he's arguing that Sheffield's size means that Sheffielders would have to be truly exceptionally passionate about football for the city to sustain two decent teams, I do.
  4. We play Derby the last game of the season, so we need to make up 5 points in 4 games before that (I think if we did that and beat them the last day of the season we'd end up with a better goal difference anyway). Of those 4 games, we play 3 at home and 1 away; Derby play 3 away and 1 at home. So if we can somehow pick up some wins (big if, I know) it's not totally out of the question that we could go to their place still with a chance of finishing above them.
  5. Not only was it not the same club as the present Accrington Stanley, it wasn't the same club as the original Accrington Stanley either. It was just Accrington.
  6. According to the expected goals stats, we should have beaten QPR. Conversely, according to https://experimental361.com/2021/04/06/championship-timelines-5-6-apr-2021/ we should have lost (!) to Cardiff, but other sites Ihttps://footystats.org/england/sheffield-wednesday-fc-vs-cardiff-city-fc-h2h-stats#1079266, https://www.infogol.net/en/matches/result/english-football-league-championship/sheff-wed-vs-cardiff-2021-04-05/77640) say otherwise.
  7. Sadly, Wildsmith has one of the worst save percentages in the division this season, compared to other regular goalkeepers. Not only that, he's miles behind the next-worst in the list: https://fbref.com/en/comps/10/keepers/Championship-Stats#all_stats_keeper
  8. Seemed pretty similar to, if not worse than, the sort of challenges we've had red cards for this season. Not even a booking.
  9. Amazingly, despite picking up just 1 point from their first 7 games, they didn't actually go bottom until after the 8th.
  10. 28 out of 34 counting the last 3 games of last season.
  11. If such a miracle did happen, we'd finish with 56 points, so we'd almost definitely stay up. More realistically, I think the best we can hope for is to take at least 10 points from our next 5 games, 4 of which are at home. That would put us on 42 points with 3 games to go, and we might have an outside chance. Of course, it's highly unlikely, but you couldn't really ask for a better run-in - 5 home games v 3 away, and most of the teams will have nothing to play for and aren't in particularly good form (but not in such bad form that they're 'due a win'). (Incidentally, we picked up 12 points fro
  12. Sure - and it was a sickener for us, especially compared to the goal we let in. But the most likely way for us to stay before today was to win 5 or 6 of our last games. That hasn't changed.
  13. I don't follow the argument about nails here. Any points for us today would have been a bonus. It was always likely that the 5 or 6 wins we need to stay up would have to come in the last 8 games rather than the last 9. Incidentally, if Wycombe beat Rotherham, we'll go bottom on Monday anyway as our game kicks off late. But we probably want Wycombe to win, or at least to get a point, because we need Rotherham to drop points.
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