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  1. Forest wrote off £40m of loan debt when they were taken over in the 2016/17 financial year, allowing them to post a "profit" of £32m, despite operating losses of almost £22m. They've also had multiple (I think) transfer embargoes.
  2. Have there been any others apart from ours and Birmingham's?
  3. But Wigan have been relegated and we haven't. I would say that shows their offence is seen as more serious.
  4. Blunts in cheating approval scandal!
  5. Well, the UEFA Cup was mostly league-position-based, so you really had to be a good team to qualify. You could finish anywhere and get into the Cup Winners Cup, as long as you won your domestic cup.
  6. Tell you, this Maritimo game has had a hell of a finish. Famalicao were 2-1 down with 5 minutes to go, turned it around to go 3-2 ahead, but deep into injury time Maritimo have made it 3-3!
  7. To be honest, I'm not sure what point I was trying to make with that rather long post. I do think that it is good for a manager if they can show they can turn bad form around - as Ainsworth has done on multiple occasions over the years, and Monk has failed to do for us so far. Obviously, this has been a terrible year for us. There's been all the off-field stuff to contend with, while on the pitch I've never known us to make so many individual errors, at both ends. True, many of Monk's decisions haven't worked, but without knowing the facts, it's difficult to judge whether he was right to leave out certain players. Even so, I'd probably give him more time, unless we decide to push the boat out and go for a really top-class manager (which doesn't look like it's going to happen).
  8. Ainsworth is an interesting example. When he was appointed (as player-manager), they'd made a bad start to the 2012-13 season, having just been relegated from League One. He stopped the rot and they finished 15th. But in 2013-14 they stayed up on goal difference. At one stage, they picked up 11 points (1 win, 8 draws) from 18 games. However, Ainsworth wasn't sacked, and in 2014-15 Wycombe reached the playoff final. After a good start to 2015-16, their form dipped and they finished 13th. But they started 2016/17 badly, and were 21st at the start of November with 16 points from 15 games, or 20 from their last 23 counting the last 8 games from the previous season. An impatient club might have sacked him, but they didn't and won 8 of their next 9. They finished 9th. In 2017/18, they got promoted. In 2018/19 he obviously had a lot of credit in the bank, so he was always unlikely to be sacked, but they did start badly, with 9 points (1 win, 6 draws) from their first 11 games. They then took 22 from their next 10. In their last 24 games of the season, however, they switched back to relegation form again, picking up 21 points, including a dreadful run of 1 point from 10 games, which took them down to 20th, 1 place above the relegation zone. In the end, they finished 17th. In 2019/20, of course, they were promoted, thanks mainly to their first 20 games, of which they lost just 1, picking up 43 points. In their last 14 games before the season was abandoned, they picked up just 16 points. In terms of average points per game, I think, that's actually a worse drop-off in form than ours from matches 1-23 to matches 23-46. In short, Ainsworth could quite easily have been sacked on several occasions during his time at Wycombe so far.
  9. Love them both. The home kit seems to be slightly different to this last season's in that the vertical stripes continue over the shoulders - an improvement in my book.
  10. I don't think that's true. And people complained about the prices when we reached the playoffs, but our attendances still went up. What might make a difference if we ever get to the Premier League again is what our capacity is allowed to be.
  11. But crowds were much lower generally then. https://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/attn/nav/attnengleague.htm Our own attendances generally mirrored our league position: http://european-football-statistics.co.uk/attnclub/league/shew.htm
  12. Not only have we got rid of almost all the first-team forwards, we've only got one u-23 forward in the squad as well - and that's Charles Hagan, who's just 18. As for Rhodes, I don't know what's happening with him. He seemed to be doing reasonably OK before he lost his place. Actually, I did wonder whether he wasn't playing to save him from getting injured, which would have left us with no forwards at all right now, but I don't really see that being the case. I would also like to see us making better use of the loan market.
  13. We're certainly an embarrassment!
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