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  1. Any player sent off should be regarded as playing the opposition onside for the rest of the game (!) Bring back multiple replays. Make teams in Europe enter the League Cup from the 2nd round like they used to do. Nobody used to mind when teams like Oxford and Luton (and us as a 2nd-tier team) won it. Nobody pretended that those teams were the best in the country. Same with the FA Cup. Nobody minded Wimbledon and Coventry winning it, and if the big teams didn't make as much effort as in the league, so what. In connection with this, the rule that teams should play their 'full available strength' in cup matches should either be properly imposed or revised to require teams to play at least 8 of the team who featured in their previous league game. Teams should be allowed 3 subs max. And, while it was amusing to see the pigs go out on penalties the other day, it seems every other final goes to spot kicks these days. I'd love to see an alternative, or at least some way to reduce the number of shoot-outs. If we can't have endless replays, maybe have penalties before extra time, or even during half-time in regular time (then there wouldn't need to be extra time).
  2. Ice hockey has much smaller nets than football, and shorter games, yet they have more goals. So what can football borrow from ice hockey? 1) Bring the nets forward a few yards and allow play to continue around the back. 2) Use a smaller ball. Why bother changing every net in the country when players can use a mini football instead?
  3. 98/99 wasn't so bad. We finished 12th and had wins over Spurs, Arsenal, Man Utd, Everton and Liverpool. It probably felt a lot worse at the time, because we were comparing it with recent higher finishes and getting to cup finals.
  4. Thank goodness for that! And, now we can breathe again, it was even better that the pigs got their hopes up only to see them so cruelly dashed.
  5. It's been like watching us trying to defend a lead!
  6. Seriously? I would give my right arm for us to be mid- (even lower-mid this season) table like Southampton, drawing with both Manchester clubs twice, drawing with and beating Spurs, beating Arsenal, West Ham and Everton. In the past decade, they've beaten all the big teams, had 4 top 10 finishes (including finishing as high as 6th), a couple of FA Cup semifinals and a League Cup final, as well as two European campaigns that, while not terrible successful, did include a win over Inter Milan. I mean, just compare these two seasons - 6th place finishes for both teams, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015–16_Southampton_F.C._season https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015–16_Sheffield_Wednesday_F.C._season We had a great season. We had some great wins. We beat Arsenal. But we didn't beat both Manchester teams, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs as well.
  7. Queen's Park got promoted to the Championship today. The team they beat in the play-off final, Airdrieonians, finished 21 points ahead of them in the table!
  8. Perhaps a more appropriate question would be why we go into our shell so much in play-offs. That's now 6 games in a row, going back to Brighton away, where we've hardly looked like scoring. OK, we've suffered some narrow defeats to some relatively good teams, but we've scored 3 goals in those 6 games. Plenty of teams score that many in just one leg.
  9. Probably clutching at straws here, but hopefully not going up this year will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. We already have an ageing squad - how would that squad get on a division above when they're all a year older? Alternatively, if we'd got promoted and had a major clear-out in the summer, how would that have gone? It took us until Christmas to gel this season.
  10. So hard that we had the best home record in the league last season
  11. No doubt there'll be plenty of talk about the 'long-suffering' Sunderland fans in the run-up to the final. Of the seasons since we left the Premier League, Sunderland have spent more than half of them in it. They haven't suffered anything like as much as we have.
  12. It's been said before, but we need to find a way to overcome the more physical sides. Three times recently (v Sunderland twice and Wycombe), we've played teams who haven't allowed us to play as we wanted, and we haven't had an answer. We got sucked into their game plan (aimless headers being a major part of that). OK, those two are probably the best in the division for that kind of thing, and we didn't get the run of the ball in any of those games. But you make your own luck, as they say, and it happened elsewhere as well. And yes, we could really do with having some fitter (and probably younger) players.
  13. Yep. Why can't we get good, young attacking loan players like Clarke? Having said that, he signed for them the day after we signed Tyreece John-Jules. Just our luck that the one who gets injured almost immediately is the one we sign, and the one who plays a key role in the play-offs goes to them.
  14. By far the best thing about this commentary was its invention of a new football team team called Why-com-be Wanders.
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