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  1. Would love to be wrong (in the right way!), but this is reminding me of the 2006-7 season: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006–07_Sheffield_Wednesday_F.C._season
  2. 7 wins and 3 defeats would put us on 70 points. I think we'd be lucky to make the playoffs with that. On the other hand, the total needed might not be as high as it looked at one stage, so 7 wins and 3 draws might do it. But it's a really tough ask given that we've still got to play both the top 2 away, we don't score many goals, and we just don't seem to have the squad depth. Still, at least we're still in with a shout, however small - and who would have thought that back in December?
  3. We beat all three under Jos. In fact, although we've done quite well to get 8 points in the 5 league games since Lee Bullen was replaced as caretaker, we got 10 against those teams under Jos, albeit with 3 home games not 2. We've also scored 3 goals in the last 8 games in all competitions.
  4. It is, but we've still a long way to go. 2 of those clean sheets were against a team in the division below. A very good, high-scoring team, but still a team in the pub league. 3 were against teams now in the bottom 6. 1 was against 10 men for most of the game, and the other was against a team managed by Tony Pulis. On average, we've scored only just over a goal a game this season, and it's now over 2 months since we scored twice. But we do seem to have turned a corner results-wise.
  5. Having had no clean sheets in the league before the derby, we've now had 8 in our last 16 games across all competitions.
  6. Have a look at their transfer dealings in the last few seasons: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/norwich-city/alletransfers/verein/1123
  7. No issue with the decisions, but I do think it's a bit unfair that we had no previous experience of it, whereas Chelsea did.
  8. They were the division's third-highest scorers last season with 72 goals. When we reached the playoffs under Carlos, we scored 66 and 60.
  9. Forest lost 2-0. Chelsea missed a penalty after half an hour, then scored just after the break and again around the hour mark. So not much better than us result-wise. Derby did do better, losing 3-2. But both Forest and Derby are better sides than us this season. I thought our basic tactics last night were generally fine. At the moment, our strength, if we have one, is defending. We played to it. We might have come forward a little more, but we've barely scored a goal a game all season. We scored 1 in 180 minutes against 3rd-tier Luton, and even that was a fluke. I think it's quite optimistic to think we could go from that to going toe-to-toe away at one of the best sides in the country.
  10. Yes, but only because their line-up v Spurs itself had a number of changes from their line-up last weekend. 3 of their back 4 yesterday started against Arsenal, as did Willian and Kovacic. Those 5 also started when they beat Man City earlier this season. Of the 6 others, Barkley played against Spurs and has 25 England caps, and Higuain is one of the greatest club strikers in European football. It's not as if we lost to their youth team.
  11. Watching Millwall last night, all the ingredients were there for a shock. Lower league side at home in a downpour against an average higher league side who fall to pieces when the ball goes in the box. Lower league side benefits from dodgy decision too. This was the complete opposite. It would have been nice if we'd had more of a go, but pushing forward too early would have left too much space and being only behind to a penalty after an hour wasn't too bad.
  12. I think when DC talks of avoiding relegation, he doesn't mean that promotion wasn't a goal, but simply that avoiding relegation was the first priority and that investing in the team wasn't a luxury with the aim of going up, but a necessity with the aim of avoiding relegation.
  13. I disagree the winners should get a champions league spot. It's bad enough non-champions qualify. Anyway, the rewards aren't as great as you might think, and I'm not sure that a team not good enough to qualify via the league route would actually benefit from the distraction of it the next season. Ok, maybe the teams finishing 5th or 6th might, but for me the very top teams aren't the problem - it's the lower teams who prioritise their league position above all else that are the issue. My solution would be to move the later rounds - at least from the QFs onwards - to the end of the season.
  14. Or the transporter bridge derby. Plus, there's an area of Middlesbrough called Newport; it has a Newport Road and a Newport Bridge (not the same as the transporter bridge).
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