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  1. He do well to be here next season in the Championship given his performances since October
  2. Wouldn’t be offering any contracts at the moment. I’d be keeping my powder dry to see what the Summer market looks like
  3. We can’t afford their wages with match day income.
  4. Still remember the OS article with a picture of him and Milan at dinner announcing the agreement of a sale. Shirt sponsorship coming in ahead of the finalized deal and then us all spending forever waiting for ‘ratification’ from the EFL It never came, Mammadov never came up with the readies...he fell out with the government in Baku (who created his wealth for him) and from one day to the next they took his wealth away, but declaring his taxi company a monopoly (no, not D-Taxi) and subsequently freezing his bank accounts etc Gradually the situation got worse for Lens, ratification never arrived (thankfully) and we never got paid for the sponsorship anyway. Thankfully, Milan promised us he’d never sell to anyone dodgy, so....
  5. Huddersfield Equalizer in the second leg of the Play off semi. I think we’d have had a really good shot at beating Reading.
  6. Fully agree. Lewis Hamilton earns 750k a week and destroys the planet doing it. Where is the pressure on him in all of this, have I missed something?
  7. Absolute nonsense for a multiplethoria of reasons. I'm ashamed at myself for even responding to it.
  8. No. I’ve seen the research by McKinsey on this and whilst there will be a contraction in big sports marketing deals (think the inflation that has happened in kit deals for example) in the short term, clubs will still pay for the best players. TV Channels will still pay to screen the best teams It will however bite into wages lower down the pyramid as gate receipts are more important...so you might see a few clubs go to the wall but it will come back eventually to where it is now
  9. Fully agree. I’m yet to see a clear decision making process and ranking of priorities from them...which IMO should be put in place before they start trying to work out what to do. Then they can stress test the plans against their decision making process / priorities. Whatever they come up with will wee wee some people off and treat some more favourably than others, so they need to be clear on the principles and gain agreement on that from members.
  10. Bannan is one of the few players who actually enjoys having the ball, we don’t have enough of them. But he needs the right partner alongside him otherwise he’ll try to cover everything and accomplish nothing. As far as people not rating him, I do think that there is an element of people just getting used to what he can provide and somehow now perceive the sameness as a decline in performance...which it isn’t. People say his set pieces are poor, yet they’re better when he takes them. People say we have no leaders, but complain about Bannan when he takes responsibility and demands better from those around him
  11. you said “‘accepting mediocrity’ claptrap from the previous page” I said that. How is that not quoting me?
  12. Im not demanding anything. I’m merely saying that he’s extremely mediocre and many seem willing to accept that...which is part of what holds us back. The rest is just created by people getting uppity because I’m daring to criticise an academy graduate. Saying stuff like I’m expecting best in division and similar to the 1993 side, when in fact there are many better RBs that could be playing for us. To accept that you don’t want to do any better than having Liam Palmer as your first choice RB, and accept that he’s good enough for what we could attract is nothing more than accepting mediocrity.
  13. The difference between playing and non-playing staff are the fact that the players are assets with a sizeable value For many clubs - especially ones that have sold their ground - they’re about the only assets a club has. Not paying them their full wage could constitute breach of contract, so unless you reach an agreement on a deferral or reduction it could be risky for a club.
  14. More delusional tosh from the Catastrophe Crew. Who is demanding the best players in the division. I’m just saying we can do better than Palmer, who is a mediocre squad player.
  15. The truth hurts, my friend. Keep accepting mediocrity if you want.
  16. Be nice if he was a decent defender then.
  17. So you said. Seems that was a bit of a delusional comment too...since, you know, you’re still here.
  18. Palmer was a bit part player in those seasons. Hunt was the first choice RB
  19. Palmer has been a makeshift full back his entire career with us, and it shows.
  20. I think he could offer something in future, seems to have same raw ingredients but needs a proper chef.
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