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  1. Throw ins are wildly over complicated Either take your time and throw it long or throw it short, quickly.
  2. Did you see my post in the thread where I said he was outstanding in the 2nd half Sadly he seldom performs that way.
  3. Can’t we just be happy they scored? I mean FFS
  4. Problem is he makes nowhere near enough interventions due to him being taken out of the game way too easily. The only reason he's been regularly selected is a lack of options. A big reason we are where we are is because we've found ourselves in a situation where we've had to rely on players like JP.
  5. First half he was his usual self, off the pace and ineffective Second half he was outstanding
  6. I agree with the OP and I would say if we would have got right of Monk end of last season (when we should have done it) and got Moore, we’d be doing better I’ve been really impressed with our positivity, passing and tempo in some of the games.
  7. We need to win 3/3 to have a chance To me, that sounds like very poor odds
  8. Pelupessy has had a strong second half so far Much more positive than usual
  9. Makes total sense until we have the confirmation of what division we'll be in You'd imagine that players don't want to commit either, so it makes it worthless even trying.
  10. Just need all the rich championship owners to cut their losses and run now why would you lose such incredible sums of money with no hope of glory
  11. For all those saying Bayern won't join due to their fans. Let's see what happens when the glitz and glamour is underway and Bayern are clogging it in the Bundesliga with zero world standard elite superstars in their side
  12. That’s not daft at all. I can imagine that Manchester United might have a UK home ground and a Chinese home ground.
  13. If he is banned from representing his country and treated as an outcast by all European football fans he might
  14. I would suggest that the first thing that should be cancelled is the League Cup final on Sunday.
  15. Totally agree. Leagues live or die on the quality of product on the pitch, that means the best players. Hence why all these clubs don’t want to be playing awkward matches against Burnley, Getafe et al
  16. I assume you picked Walker because he liked the video of Neville’s rant If Walker then continues to play for an ESL club he is by far the worst of the lot. I have more respect for those that believe this is the true elite level and that’s their stage, regardless of repercussions...than those with shed their crocodile tears as they open their new JP Morgan Cayman Is account
  17. Yes I know But my point was the only thing that can stop this is players stepping forward and saying they prioritize the sanctity of competition and heritage over riches.
  18. Only the players can stop this By walking away from their ever increasing salaries and bonuses Lets see how many of the badge kissing, rim-licking charlatans have the principles they so often espouse
  19. Erik Alonso is going to struggle to get that Champions League football he promised
  20. As long as the Blades still get relegated, I don’t care what happens
  21. The commercial value of this goes wayyyy beyond the EPL. It massively devalues the EPL (and other major leagues) Where do you think major sponsors want to put their cash, Norwich v Burnley or Barcelona v Man City? And then, it’s not what it is today...but what it could become
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