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  1. Andy Holt is an absolute drainer Claims to be part of the moral elite when it’s clear all he is angling for is Accrington to get more of the share from others I don’t care about him wanting that, it’s the moral outrage and performative ethics that grate on me One of the very few people I’ve followed and then actually unfollowed on Twitter
  2. That’s what happens when you put a winner in a dressing room full of losers
  3. I would rather suggest that he has only just learnt how to keep them up.
  4. If they sign Ahmedhomzic please can we title this thread Hecky And Anel take on the Championship
  5. Apparently all the fans’ fault that Wildsmith never good enough for SWFC Thats a new one
  6. Can’t wait until they seem him 1, kicking the ball out of play from goal kicks 2, duffing the ball to opponents under no pressure 3, shuttling across his line like some late 90s Subbuteo keeper 4, lobbing one in the back of the next every few games 5, Lolling them into a false sense of security for 5-6 games showing some fantastic reaction saves before duly commencing 1-4
  7. Any bets on who we are playing for the 1st fixture of 2023? I’m going for Cambridge Utd at home.
  8. Most pleasing thing for me is that this shows we are not offering stupid money
  9. Adeniran was a top player for us until he got injured FDB played a fair chunk of games BPF was first choice Brown was a regular starter until we realized he wasn’t very good Hardly right to say he doesn’t trust younger players
  10. Can’t wait for Kirchner to get back on twitter and rip off his face to reveal he’s really Erik Alonso, who then rips off his face to reveal he’s really Geoff Sheard
  11. For me the contract one is quite simple. Agree a contract by June 30 or shake hands and move on. Don't care if its NML, Luongo or the Dalai Lama
  12. Will be amazed if he gets a #1 in league football
  13. I would feel much more confident of Stockdale and Dawson than Dawson and Wildsmith This is a good signing IMO
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