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  1. I reckon Monk is going to surprise us a bit Dawson Odubajo Flint Van Aken Odubajo Luongo Pelupessy Harris Bannan Reach Paterson Something mad like that
  2. Golden opportunity missed given that they even mentioned Man Utd in the article. Alan Biggs will be turning in his grave.
  3. The topic should read: George Hirst speaks out on why SWFC decision on Westwood is justified. Followed by a Live Q&A with Dom where he puts allllll the stuff he's written over the last few days into bitesize chunks.
  4. I’m a bit gutted actually With 5 mins left I was actually optimistic we’d get to 1 point before they did
  5. Leeds Villa Fulham Arsenal Wolves Hardly a difficult start
  6. Ramsdale 18m Berge 20m Brewster 21m McBurnie 20m ...and not a single player on 40k a week
  7. When will keepers learn Sharp ALWAYS goes straight down the middle at head height Always.
  8. The only player who didn’t get the heebee jeebees in the last few minutes was Bannan. Whilst everyone else was heading and kicking it up in the air with full panic mode stations Bannan calmly took a ball down on his chest in our own box (whilst on the move) let it drop and calmly smashed it down the line with his right foot Game over I was so glad Bannan was underneath that high ball
  9. Oh right yeah, because we’ve done that soooooooo effectively in the last 2 games
  10. Once again, I thought that he would have been a better option on the bench than Rhodes
  11. Great signing. Always liked him but had no idea of his conditioning Looked and played just like I remembered
  12. For the most part I thought that was a really good performance If we hadn’t resorted to the long ball for the last 30 mins I think we would have won more comfortably I thought the right hand side worked well with Odubajo and Reach, not so much down the left where both Kachunga and Harris were a bit iffy Dawson 7 Odubajo 7 Flint 8 van Aken 7 Harris 6 Luongo 7 Bannan 8 MOTM Kachunga 5 Reach 8 Paterson 7 Windass 6
  13. I think that’s a decent bet. Going to be a game of few chances but we might nick it with a set piece of a Windass breakaway
  14. Sam Hutchinson will do anything to get a game here, even dressing up as Josh Windass
  15. Don’t think they’re saying people who watch the streams are doing something morally wrong, just those who share the content and often charge others to view it. Fair comment really.
  16. Wpuldnt have happened without it, so worth the risk
  17. We've been starting van Aken. That means we're short of talent at the back.
  18. According to Garry Monk Iorfa and Brown would be fit after the international break.
  19. We should only sell Bannan if we are planning on replacing properly. Too important a player
  20. Clearly we can't afford forwards so we're going for the best goalscoring defenders we can sign
  21. Agreed. I reckon it’s the same person who keeps selecting us for Super 6
  22. This poor experience with ifollow is a funny one. I hear it quite a bit. I’ve had a season pass every since since it started and apart from the first ever game and a small handful inbetween then and now I’ve never experienced any issues
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