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  1. His best deal was easily Steve Bruce...on all levels Decision to hire, impact of hire, compensation
  2. Top player Sometimes it just goes stale after a while and a change is good all round Look at Tom Lees. Always a good Champ player but just stayed too long and went stale
  3. The performance for the most part was very good but we simply didn’t take our chances - I don’t know what’s happened to Gregory but for all his hold up play his finishing as been woeful recently We’re wobbly at the back - I’m ok with that - but you simply have to score some of those good chances we had At the back, I want to see it back but I think BPF lost his bearings for the 1st goal - I remember thinking why the eff is he behind the line as the ball came in. The header was good, but I would like to see him claim that. Johnson is always going to struggle if isolated like that The second goal whilst unlucky with the path of the deflections was classic Liam Palmer laziness (a bit like when he couldn’t be arsed to get onside for the ball he headed over) - he just stood still and turned away from the ball. Awful Upfront I think that’s the end of the Sylla Sow experiment. As expected he’s actually a bit rubbish - a good 20 mins last week but zero else. FDB is struggling and tbh I have quite big reservations about him. He’s just soooooo ponderous. I wish Adeniran was fit, but he isn’t so I would get Paterson in there All in all, really damn disappointing to come away with nothing when we should have had all 3 points
  4. Moore didn't make Palmer fail to close down and instead prefer to turn round and stick his arse out at the ball
  5. FDB has had a stinker again Can't wait until Dennis is back properly
  6. 100% Extra points for spotting someone says we should have used the money saved to buy Corbeanu
  7. This is essentially what instantaneous media has created Everyone falling over themselves to get the exclusive out before anyone else leading to stuff like this where it’s pretty clear the info was wrong
  8. He and Alex Hunt are looking forward to teaming up in the Premier League
  9. Just a thought but maybe NML only wanted to sign a short deal knowing he’d then be on prime position to negotiate a bumper deal in January And SWFC decided it was better to lock to have him for a couple of months - with the hope of extending - than no months
  10. Has anyone said ‘he’s only playing well because he’s near the end of his contract’ yet?
  11. I guess we could prob pull up the old posts of people complaining we signed him
  12. Tony Xia was awesome and look how he ended up
  13. So you’re saying Monk brought him in as an attacking midfielder despite: - swfc announcing him as a forward - monk picking him as a forward every single game - monk saying in an interview he wanted to add him to the forward line options its ok to be wrong mate
  14. Not necessarily true Was a consistent part of the youth set up and asked not to convert to playing for Scotland Plus, England have played some really average players on the right between 2008-2018
  15. If that’s the case why did we announce him as a forward and then use him as a striker immediately after he joined us? https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/owls-sign-callum-paterson/
  16. Good player The England comment is an interesting one. I’ve known James Morrison for quite a while and I remember he got a call from Scotland asking him to switch nations due to his Grandmother He looked at the England side and at the time there was major, major competition down that side so he felt his chances of ever making the side consistently were limited so he switched Roll it on 3-4 years and all of a sudden that serious talent was on the way out and I think he would have been a very realistic option for England’s right hand side 300+ PL games, 30+ goals, 30+ assists So if I was Bowen I would back myself to play for the best team that I felt I was good enough to represent…not the one where the opportunity was perhaps easier
  17. Warnock converted Paterson to a forward, not Monk
  18. How many times has he had a bad game? I only ever heard people saying the latter when he’s unavailable
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