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  1. Even if a team needs snookers to stay up you'll always get players who will build fans hopes up, it's in our nature, it happens in wars it happens in politics, practically in every walk of life, its to boost people's morale, if there is a 1%chance things can change then fans will cling to that hope
  2. I remember this picture caused a stir many years ago, 2 friends who played together at Sheffield United, but it was just an innocent moment, many people got the wrong idea
  3. What they do in their private lives has nothing to do with us and what happens on the pitch, sometimes it feels like the time when life was in black and white and everybody is wearing a flat cap, straight out of a coal mine, its 2021 FFS, so let others get on with their lives
  4. Good choice in having Barry Bannan take her flowers, they look massive next to him
  5. There are far too many Jim Davidson, Bernard Manning type people on the planet unfortunately, its those people who need to be educated
  6. It takes a lot of guts to tell the whole world about one's sexuallity, but well done to Josh Cavallo to open up about this, hopefully now he can carry on with his profession without any problems, but I doubt it with all the trolls out there, good luck Josh
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