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  1. I have an opinion, but it's just that an opinion, wasn't trying to rock the boat, and for that I apologise to you all,
  2. Obviously it's early days yet, I'm sure when match fit should be a useful asset
  3. Looked a bit raw v Huddersfield, there was a couple of mistakes which nearly cost us, obviously not fit yet, hope he comes through, but I was not impressed
  4. Thought they were an Italian starter and a Portuguese wine at my local trattoria
  5. Apart from Wing, I've never heard of the other signings, realistically where can we finish with this squad? Corbeanu and Kamberi have just met,it might take a few games to gel, can see a few negative results at the beginning , but it feels to me like a pick & mix situation, hopefully it will be a positive season, in Moore we trust
  6. OK stay on your backside, remember to use sudocream now and again
  7. Another is JOAO lene JOAO lene JOAO lene JOAO lene please don't take my man
  8. MARWOOD take the stars out of the sky for you, Real thing, you to me are everything I'm sure they sang his name
  9. We're not good enough for him, more like, just let's leave him be and he will deliver, one day we'll be fighting to keep him here
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