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  1. The way I feel right now I could throw 10 of them all the way from........... Borehamwood
  2. Charlton fans were throwing crisp packets and later thousands of stress balls onto the pitch in protest against the owner, what about we throw stress elephants? LOL
  3. By far the best thing was in 93 cup final v Arsenal, down in the dumps cos of losing to that last minute goal, I lived in Neasden near Wembley, as I was walking home with me Wednesday scarf, some Arsenal fans came up to me and started hugging me and saying better luck next time, got 2 cans of beer of them as well, from feeling depressed, they lifted my morale, they were great, Arsenal are my 2nd team from that day, makes me forget the beating I got from some fans in the 2nd replay at Filbert Street Leicester in 79
  4. Saw a few things myself once. At Highbury Patrick Vieria's debut for Arsenal. We lost 4-1 and some Wednesday fans smashed a few windows in Finsbury Park, all clubs have knobheads I'm afraid
  5. I lived just round the corner from Wembley in Neasden and I walked back home feeling totally dejected, until a group of Arsenal fans put their arms around me and gave me a couple cans of beer, they made feel 100 times better, respect great day even though we lost, (arsenal my 2nd team now)
  6. You sir are a true Wednesday supporter, you have my total respect
  7. When you gonna wear it? To the shops at meadowhall, it's like Hillsborough on matchday
  8. Yeah and I'll look down from heaven (or up from hell)
  9. I'm 61 ffs, supporting Wednesday turns your brain to mush
  10. How old will I be before I see the Owls in the top flight again? When we got relegated in 2001, I was 51 so I thought it was not going to be long, wrong!!!, I hope my son will see them there again, I know I won't. One good thing is don't think Chansiri wont see them there, doesn't deserve to
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