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  1. I've voted Wildsmith. . Realistically I think he'll be the one to beloaned out as Dawson is younger so I'd imagine would be happier to be number 2 for a season. Wildsmith needs to play out on loan, do well and come back for the number 1 shirt next season.
  2. In what way shape or form are we in a mess ?? We've got a team that finished 15th last season with the addition of 12/13 first team players back who missed the entire season. I'd be happy with our squad if the season started tomorrow.
  3. We know Neil, there's another thread in it.
  4. Eaton_Swfc

    Defence without Venancio.

    Back 3 of : Thornilly - Left Van Aken - Centre Lees - Right
  5. I like the idea of Jordan Rhodes playing for us. He's a nice bloke, Yorkshire lad ... He's a name you associate with goals, and the type of player the opposition fans think is an immediate goal threat. In reality, you can tell within 5 minutes his legs have gone. He runs like he's towing a tractor (probably useful in Norwich) and his positional sense is a long way short of what it should be at his level. Good riddance imo, he'll be lucky to score 10 goals next season.
  6. Eaton_Swfc

    Song for away games ?

    Repear to rhyme with beer ?
  7. Eaton_Swfc

    Jack Baldwin

    https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/sunderland-ready-battle-peterborough-skipper-14810036 Sunderland and Bolton also linked. He's Peterboroughs captain at 25y.o and has 1 year left on contract. 250k is the rumoured price.
  8. Eaton_Swfc

    Possible player exit?

    Shame as I think he'd have flourished as a RWB in a back 5 under Jos. Very hot and cold though and I assume on a decent wage as he was a prem player when we signed him.
  9. Eaton_Swfc

    Possible player exit?

    Fox I reckon £250k or summat
  10. Now Immobile is a striker I'd love us to sign !!
  11. Eaton_Swfc


    I think they're all busy mate.
  12. Eaton_Swfc


    And now Elev8 too seemingly.
  13. Eaton_Swfc


    £99 for a shirt for a 3 year old ?
  14. Eaton_Swfc


    I hope there's a mass brawl in the shop. Imagine that. Over a kit
  15. Its poo this ini. We had 2 maybe 3 transfer Windows where we signed every rascal, paying loads, outbidding clubs ... 2 years later and we haven't got a pot to wee wee in, and if we have we aren't allowed to wee wee in it which is even worse. If only we'd beaten Hull