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  1. The vast majority of the stuff in the club shop is absolute garbage. Most stuff on there would have cost a couple of quid to manufacture in some Thai sweatshop and would be worth a tenner tops in Sports Direct. But here we are selling it for £60 with a wednesday badge sewn on it. Absolute rubbish. Even the jackets the players wear before games .. the collarless ones are absolutely horrific, god knows what we were thinking there.
  2. Christ where have you got some of that list from hahah! Ince!! Gregory!! Redknapp. Deary me
  3. Someone with experience of League 1 preferably.
  4. Christ. I'd erased that from my memory. One of the worst watching Wednesday.
  5. Wait though... this is actually real ? I thought the tag was photoshopped. I honestly and truly wouldn't pay £1.20 for that coat, and that's probably double what it cost to manufacture. Christ
  6. One of the Spezia players got a straight red for a tackle on him tonight after he came on. Looked lively but ultimately did nowt.
  7. Looks like a right Billy big bullocks on his Instagram. Sure him and Dele will get on well.
  8. Well .. I'm glad I didn't renew. Won't be paying a tenner to watch Reach upfront either. Might be back when we're allowed. Might not. (First time I've not had a season ticket for 24 years before I get the usual smart arse comments).
  9. Least we'll be able to see him again next season.
  10. Relegated. Couple of points off bottom, only Wycombe below us. Cant wait
  11. I think we'd struggle to stay up if the EFL had given us +12 to be honest with this squad
  12. Another kick to the testicles from swfc. Absolutely sick of them.
  13. Yes, made up manufacturer. Go and try to buy any other Elev8 item of clothing and come back to me.
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