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  1. Not much point having an all singing all dancing chelsea style website which sells the bear minimum pathetic range of crap we currently sell.
  2. Uchechi played away at Bradford in the JPT I seem to remember. Bizarre signing
  3. I remember when thre exclusion zone was first announced a few years ago and someone on here did a mock graphic of the roads that would be shut, which went up as far as Parsons Cross. Anyway, one of the lads I go to games with is a bit gullible. So we put it in the group chat and all said that he needed to park up Parsons Cross and walk down to the ground. Which he did. He arrived 10 minutes late to the game because it had taken him so long to walk down and he was absolutely knackered. Highly amusing. He's never lived it down.
  4. Crap shirt that. Nice idea, but just not very well executed.
  5. Was just about to post the same and then realised they aren't available yet .. why would they be, only 5 days to go.
  6. I dont get why Rooney hasn't left yet Nothing in it for him. Hardly needs the money does he. Jump ship and run.
  7. Impressed me. I think he's going to be something of an unsung hero this season. Gets on with his job with minimum fuss, and the odd crunching tackle to win the fans over. More to come from him.
  8. What's the big deal with his performance today? A couple of good saves, yes. A couple of relatively straight forward saves which he spilled, yes. From what I saw today, no better than Dawson really?
  9. Hutchinson for me. Absolute colossus at the back
  10. I'm excited to get back to the stadium tomorrow. I'm excited to watch live football. I'll be excited for the first 2 or 3 games. After that the reality of playing Morecambe and Burton Albion will set in.
  11. As I stated further down.. I was paying using my season ticket credit you smart arse.
  12. Never used to know the lyrics to the old Alan Quinn song back in the day
  13. Not sure if my issue was the fact I was trying to use my credit from my season ticket refund? Who knows
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