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  1. So can you enter and exit the North from Leppings Lane??
  2. I get everyone saying he needed a consistent run and a manager to trust him. But fact of the matter is: he was generally a sub because he did better off the bench. If he scored from the bench or played well he got a start. Then he'd generally go back to being turgid again. Then he'd get benched. Was a very predictable cycle with him.
  3. Imagine him doing his dive on the touchline to celebrate when we scored. For that reason. Im in.
  4. Ben Marshall on a free... Let's be reyt' ... Is about as good of a signing as we can realistically expect to make in our situation. I'd take him.
  5. Game is going to be live on the swfc official YouTube channel if anyone hasn't noticed.
  6. Just said in another thread. only plus points for Zola are that he got nando playing some great football for watford. He also presumably has links with Chelsea we could exploit for loans?
  7. Only benefit of Zola is he got Nando playing some of the best football of his career at Watford and presumably has good links at Chelsea for possible loans.
  8. Yep I'd take him. Waxes lyrical about us as a pundit. Knows our strengths and weaknesses well and has a record of getting teams promoted... Unlike most of the other candidates.
  9. I only wear the originals. Reckon I've got 12/13 original 80's and 90's shirts. I shall never be buying a new shirt again and won't be buying a knock off modern/retro shirt. You can always tell them because they won't have the intro badges on.
  10. His dad lives on my street in Stocksbridge. He was here today if that helps, drives a whack off merc.
  11. True story this. My 30 year old mate had a hair transplant and after his second 9 hour sitting he was eating tea somewhere in London and had a stroke (not a mucky one either) Poor lad. Not worth it for a weird patchy fake barnet is it!
  12. Some of the suggestions on here are absolute gold dust
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