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  1. Driving up from Norwich for it. Then driving back down afterwards.
  2. Man of the match

    Kieran Lee, same as every other game he plays. Oozes class out of every orifice
  3. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    Lad next to me went for a pie about 40 minutes. Came back just before 2nd half laughing & empty handed. Pies had sold out before half time, asked for a burger instead and they have it him in frozen bread which he realised after walking half way back to his seat. He returned to the counter , asked for a refund, which they obliged, but they'd short changed him by a quid
  4. Was that a conscious effort ? Forest won the throw and had the kick off. Do we think this was a conscious effort to improve our first half performances and get us in front early ? Good call if so, and something we may see more of.
  5. Walk-out music

    https://youtu.be/_2DQ7PkCLUk HAS TO BE THIS
  6. Hi everyone

    Hairy nipples - it's a no from me.
  7. OMDT - Owls In The Park vs Fun

    Might have gone to buy a shirt, not much point going otherwise unless you are a child who wants a photo with a player.
  8. Why are student/armed forces on the south the same as an adult ?
  9. A new owl is born

    Already better at crossing than Adam Reach' left peg
  10. Wickham vs Rhodes a way round FFP

    Genuinely forgot Wickham existed. Sad really. He should be our talisman.
  11. Priority tickets for away games though, like that ginner lad who works there and never misses a game .
  12. Official Joost Van Aken signs

    Aaron Jameson doppelganger.
  13. Owls in the park 17

    Waiting on international clearance for the Chinese fireworks.
  14. Shirt prices

    Fixed it