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  1. Looks like a right Billy big bullocks on his Instagram. Sure him and Dele will get on well.
  2. Well .. I'm glad I didn't renew. Won't be paying a tenner to watch Reach upfront either. Might be back when we're allowed. Might not. (First time I've not had a season ticket for 24 years before I get the usual smart arse comments).
  3. Least we'll be able to see him again next season.
  4. Relegated. Couple of points off bottom, only Wycombe below us. Cant wait
  5. I think we'd struggle to stay up if the EFL had given us +12 to be honest with this squad
  6. Another kick to the testicles from swfc. Absolutely sick of them.
  7. Yes, made up manufacturer. Go and try to buy any other Elev8 item of clothing and come back to me.
  8. Are the clappers still clapping or am I allowed to complain yet ?
  9. Why not, made up manufacturer brandishing a made up sponsor too.
  10. Horrible news, sure he's got 2 young kids too. Get well soon JJ
  11. Right but Leeds had a slightly better squad than the one we've got at the moment let's get real mate.
  12. BUT as I've just said on another post, in addition to those we need 3 strikers minimum.. 2 of them need to be 10/15 goal a season strikers or we will go down. You can't make up 12 points and go on to have a decent season with the squad we have, which is devoid of strikers in it's current form.
  13. We need a minimum of 3 strikers, 2 of whom need to find form early and be 15 goal a season strikers or we get relegated. It really is that simple on -12 points.
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