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  1. RIP Flipper. Spent many a morning with him in the Rawson prior to an away match. Top bloke, was Wednesday through and through.
  2. Does anyone know if his gold elephants are stuck down outside the south stand ? I fancy throwing them in the Don, anyone coming to help ?
  3. That banner on the Kop has GOT to come down. I moved to the North for this season or id have done it myself.
  4. You're not allowed to protest. I was told on here by the masses we weren't allowed to Boycott the City game , we dont do things like that round here. Let's all just sit back and admire the car crash. Spot on.
  5. Matias > Da Cruz. And he was sheite anaul.
  6. Distinctly remember Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum playing after we'd just got beat and the fans were giving the players some slack a fee years ago.
  7. Yep, I left. Currently at the pub in Rawmarsh. That shower don't deserve our support sadly
  8. My so far one man boycott is still going ahead anyway. . Couldn't care less for this game.
  9. Assume you didn't read my post on the next page explaining the differences did you ? If you cant understand the difference between a season ticket and a one off cup game against Man City reserves you need help.
  10. Wow .. what a thread. No idea where to start with that one
  11. What Man Citys reserves and Under 18s ? No, not for £25 I dont. Do you ?
  12. Get your point mate, understand it looks that way. Two totally separate things. I'm 27. I've had a season ticket since I was 5. I go with my dad, and I go with my mates. What happens on the pitch is totally irrelevant, the pub before and the time with my dad and mates is the reason I go. Based solely on the Chansiri regime I'd not step foot in the place again until he leaves, and season ticket aside, he won't get another penny from me.
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