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  2. Very definite Wednesdayites. They reference Wednesday songs in some of their stuff as well if you listen out ... "Tie up your laces, this city is ours" "I love you baby and if it's quite alright" - same tune as I love you Wednesday.
  3. Just a strategy would be good, never mind a "more forward thinking" one.
  4. Are we the only club in the league without advertising and large banners covering the seats?
  5. If DC or anyone thinks I'm going to pay £555 (minimum i assume) to watch league 1 football .. I'm really sorry and it will kill me to do it, but no. I will not be buying a season ticket for the first time in 20 years
  6. Not seen if already posted .. but has TP got any connections to Lennon? Wouldn't surprise me if he gave him the nudge to go and sign him to spite DC. Wouldn't blame him
  7. Was definitely Hutch that Bannan recommended for manager then, hence his "didn't expect to be back in this capacity" interview when resigning.
  8. Ours will have gone up £100 across the board. No mention of outstanding refunds. Will probably call us customers and tell us if we don't like it, then not to make a fuss on social media. Will be the first time in 20 years I won't be buying one through choice and dont intend to until DC sells up.
  9. Reach has a season of scoring screamers and doing very little else. Then 4 seasons of just very little else.
  10. We'd be paying premier league prices for league 1 football. Well I won't, but plenty would.
  11. They annoy me these do, as a collector of the real thing, it devalues them.
  12. Club is literally falling apart at the seams .. but yeah a 1-0 over PNE means we've all overreacted course.
  13. You mean you wont pay £40 on the door to watch us draw 1-1 with Gillingham? We don't need fans like you
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