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  1. Apaologies if mentioned before, cant be arsed to read 16 pages ... BUT if firmly of the opinion that we'll see CC again managing Wednesday. Even as an interim measure.. I'm convinced DC would go back.
  2. I've heard a rumour that Chansiri and the guys n gals in the club shop have boxed up 3,000 play off final tshirts and are planning on handing them out at the game tonight. Yours for a reduced, one time only offer price of £12.99
  3. Nobody can doubt their commitment ... we can all agree there wasn't any.
  4. Well who got dropped in the Autumn and knew they wouldnt feature ? Odubajo?
  5. Yep, I ardently refuse to buy anything from the shop, or food or drink inside the ground. The £550 on my season ticket is more than enough.
  6. Oh wow. Last name I was expecting when opening this thread !!
  7. My feelings on football in general at the moment. But wednesday wise, our dull, pedestrian performances coupled with lack of atmosphere from the crowd are making it more and more difficult for me to want to cough up £550 for next years season ticket let me assure you. VAR in the prem, timewasting, pathetic players feigning injury, stop start games and dire referees are all making me slowly fall out of love with football I'm afraid. And the blunts are doing well .. doesnt help.
  8. I kind of agree. Brizzle have a good team on paper, there were 5/6 of their players I'd happily take at S6. But they looked poor today, as do most teams we seem to face. Let's face it, were 3rd and are hardly pulling up trees most weeks.
  9. Those of you bringing in transfer windows and other factors ... let me clarify my opinion. On the basis of what I've seen on the field in every home game since Monk took over, hes absolutely no better than Jos. He might sign a team full of galacticos in 4 weeks and that's totally different, but tactics currently are as bad as Jos.
  10. No attempt at a wind up trust me. I've not been as bored watching wednesday since the dros days... we're a hard watch at the moment I'm afraid, and we wont have even half the funds required to sort this mess of a squad out.
  11. There, I've said it. Far far far too pedestrian, backwards negative football. No movement on the odd occasions we do venture forward, and wrong formation is isolating the only decent striker we have. Very very poor. I give it 12 months tops.
  12. Any ideas why it's so bad ? Every game now we get the usual 'is this a library' from the away end, and they're not wrong, its silent at times. I moved my ST from the Kop to the North this season thinking it would be better on there and its even worse to be honest, far more abusing our own players and can count on one hand the times theres a song started on the north this season. Are we the same at away games now as well? Only been to Huddersfield away this season and that wasn't as good as it used to be a few years ago when I went away every week. Anyone else noticed this ?
  13. Looked like a fan who'd won a competition to play with the first team when he came on yesterday. Absolutely useless.
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