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  1. Any ideas why it's so bad ? Every game now we get the usual 'is this a library' from the away end, and they're not wrong, its silent at times. I moved my ST from the Kop to the North this season thinking it would be better on there and its even worse to be honest, far more abusing our own players and can count on one hand the times theres a song started on the north this season. Are we the same at away games now as well? Only been to Huddersfield away this season and that wasn't as good as it used to be a few years ago when I went away every week. Anyone else noticed this ?
  2. Looked like a fan who'd won a competition to play with the first team when he came on yesterday. Absolutely useless.
  3. Luongo on any other game would get a start but hasn't he been in Australia with his national team ? Might not be the best game for him to be thrown in, especially if Monk hasn't really worked with him yet.
  4. I'll be in the home end for this one right next to the Wednesday end. Not sure it's the best idea I've ever had but working somewhere with a HD postcode has to have some benefits at least once a year! 1-0 Town I reckon sadly.
  5. Didnt notice him apart from him being bundled over for the pen. Like playing with 10 men at times (if any of the others had bothered anyway)
  6. Both Harris and Reach were shouting over to the bench, arms outstretched and both got nothing back. Saw them both shrug before Reach settled for lb, for about 30 seconds before they switched . Calamitous
  7. With two good wingers getting crosses in he'd have a field day in the games where he's on it ... Offers far more than JR and Winnall combined.
  8. Thing is, this run in the team will be at the expense if Fletcher who yes needs 5/6 chances before he scores but he generally gets 5/6 efforts away in a game. JR is usually 5/10 yards off the pace never mind creating anything. Truly awful and hed be bottom of the pile striker wise for me at the moment.
  9. So can you enter and exit the North from Leppings Lane??
  10. I get everyone saying he needed a consistent run and a manager to trust him. But fact of the matter is: he was generally a sub because he did better off the bench. If he scored from the bench or played well he got a start. Then he'd generally go back to being turgid again. Then he'd get benched. Was a very predictable cycle with him.
  11. Imagine him doing his dive on the touchline to celebrate when we scored. For that reason. Im in.
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