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  1. Reminds me of that time JJ had a spell at Right back under Brian Laws
  2. Poor mans Joao. And he was sh i te
  3. Yep, theres the answer. 2 promotions in 2 years as manager. Would jump at the chance to manage us.
  4. I'll be getting a refund. Wasted more than enough of my hard earned subsidising Urby Emmanuelson at al over the years. I'll feel no remorse what so ever. Statement on refunds etc... tomorrow imo.
  5. Lazio are doing it. €40 and once the season is finished you get to keep your card, after the whole squad have signed it. Still a bit steep but something to keep at least.
  6. Now THAT makes me feel old. Can see me and my then group of mates jumping about with the lad in the Blue and Green hat. Not spoken to him for about 5 years and I was the best man at his wedding... might just message him actually, cheers Neil.
  7. Who cares. We won't be in the stadium to watch us struggle to beat Shrewsbury anyway.
  8. Mate she was absolute filth. THAT teacher all the lads fancied. He did well there.
  9. Main memory of him was the fact he was shagging our P.E teacher at Rawmarsh comp while I was there 03-08 (he's since married her). When he was at his peak for us he was an invidulator in most of our exams. Imagine doing your GCSE's with a current wednesday player walking up and down checking you're not cheating !
  10. Thought he'd be a great signing when he was first linked, exactly the sort of player we should have been looking at. He's been absolute sh i te so i stand corrected as per usual.
  11. RIP Flipper. Spent many a morning with him in the Rawson prior to an away match. Top bloke, was Wednesday through and through.
  12. Does anyone know if his gold elephants are stuck down outside the south stand ? I fancy throwing them in the Don, anyone coming to help ?
  13. That banner on the Kop has GOT to come down. I moved to the North for this season or id have done it myself.
  14. You're not allowed to protest. I was told on here by the masses we weren't allowed to Boycott the City game , we dont do things like that round here. Let's all just sit back and admire the car crash. Spot on.
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