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  1. Less of this type of rumour please, more of the ageing 33 year old released by a bottom end premiership side after being injured for 2 years rumours. Thanks
  2. Wait, did you actually read that back and think what you've just typed is a logical view point?
  3. I think we should. So we can grass each other up if anyone shouts anything naughty
  4. What we doing then? Protesting or not? Or have we got to wait for the £600 season tickets to be announced for League 1?
  5. ... Or don't plaster it with CHANSIRI all over it. Or .. here's a mad idea. Dont put any more money into the club until the dictator sells up, so boycott shirt sales.
  6. I hope they go up me .. shows us up for the shambles we are. Best of luck to em'
  7. Does anyone actually care any more? Cant be arsed with the league 1 tinpot show again. Dont even think I'd go to Wembley if we got there, it's just genuinely embarrassing.
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