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  1. His dad lives on my street in Stocksbridge. He was here today if that helps, drives a whack off merc.
  2. True story this. My 30 year old mate had a hair transplant and after his second 9 hour sitting he was eating tea somewhere in London and had a stroke (not a mucky one either) Poor lad. Not worth it for a weird patchy fake barnet is it!
  3. Some of the suggestions on here are absolute gold dust
  4. Ive heard Wilder is interested in signing him. Don't shoot the messenger
  5. Assume mine is included in this? What exactly was obnoxious or edgy about my opinion on a public forum? I stated why I thought the players wouldn't even know there were Wednesday fans on the away end. Hardly starting WW3 is it?
  6. Yep, heard the goal go in walking away from the ground. Typical
  7. We'll sign Elmohammady 100% . Ive said it since the day Bruce took over, especially if Villa go up.
  8. I'm in the coach and horses... There are 5 owls and we came as a group. Best away pub Ever
  9. The second quote answers the first. I used to go to 15/16 away per season until a couple of years ago
  10. Me + 3 going down. Free accommodation straight opposite the ground too. Keep an eye out for our Wednesday flag on the balcony overlooking the ground. First away game this season I'm ashamed to say.
  11. We'll beat you. That's the most Wednesday thing to do in the world. Might as well give the Blunts 2nd place now ffs.
  12. Any idea how many left ? I can get mine tomorrow
  13. A championship standard player 3/4 games a year. Good luck getting £3m never mind 8
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