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  1. Eaton_Swfc

    Steve Bruce

    Looks pike Lewis Grabban will be our first signing then.
  2. Eaton_Swfc

    Club 1867 Launch

    And that my friend summarises everything wrong with DC's time at the club in one.
  3. Eaton_Swfc

    Sitting down at away games

    Is was in T1 on the North today though and was staggered as everyone around me sat down as we kicked off. Last time I 'sit' there. Used to be where the cool kids stood, now you have to sit down in your stone island gear!!!
  4. Eaton_Swfc

    Birmingham Fans Tickets Sold

    You don't half talk rubbish sometimes
  5. Eaton_Swfc


    Just to give a varied argument to this debate... Some stewards are absolute flaps . Not had many dealings with them at home but had many run ins at away games.
  6. Eaton_Swfc

    forestieri fit next week

    Winnall?? He was back playing for the u23's picked up a knock and never seen or heard of again?
  7. Eaton_Swfc


    Can see he's had the shackles taken off of him. Played like a young Barry Batman today, pinging balls about left right and centre.
  8. Eaton_Swfc

    Morgan Fox

    Ahmed Elmohamady will be sb's first signing anyway. Is he a right or left back?
  9. Eaton_Swfc

    Morgan Fox

    He was in acres of space absolutely loads of times and players, particularly Hector never played him in. Can't blame them like, but it was noticable. Player well though with what he had to do.
  10. Eaton_Swfc

    Saudi owners?

    Give your head a Sheikh OP
  11. Eaton_Swfc

    Almen Abdi

    Katrien facepalms ??
  12. Eaton_Swfc

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Surprised McSue hasn't offered a room at the stain yet
  13. Eaton_Swfc

    Worth a watch....

    Are you thick?
  14. I'd rather we played in the Evo Stik than have that smarmy blunt tranny within 100 miles of our club. An absolute no from me.