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  1. Done with it all

    I had the pleasure of missing it yesterday . Having a weekend away with the mrs and our mates in Lincolnshire. Would usually always travel back for the game but couldn't motivate myself to do so this time. Offered my mate my season ticket for free and he didn't want it either , and we are people who did the entire season home and away in league 1 when we were rubbish. It really is turgid at the moment.
  2. Question to this chap...

    The shirt you've printed it on doesn't have stripes though ?
  3. Away shirts

    Surely you don't want to buy one do you?
  4. Question to this chap...

    That's a sondico training top.
  5. flipping shirt is terrifying
  6. Beres to the rescue...

    I had one for the first time in a while yesterday, bloody lovely. Double dipped, Apple, crackling ... Beautiful. How is it pronounced though? Our lass calls it "Bears" my grandad calls it Beres (as in the start of the surname Beresford) . I've always wondered.
  7. Butterfield, Winnall

    Butterfield is probably a Doyen client.
  8. Jack Hunt at the final whistle

    I got the same impression from the kop looking at what was going on.
  9. http://www.sportbible.com/football/kit-news-juventus-are-releasing-a-gorgeous-retro-120th-anniversary-kit-20171027 That's how to do a shirt the fans want for a significant anniversary by the way Dejphon.
  10. Great post Nigel. Sums up my thoughts to a tee. I'm 25 and this is my 20th straight season ticket. You probably won't remember me personally but I've done a couple of seasons of going to every game on your coaches and all that and consider myself a 'Truefan©' , but this season, no kit for me, no away games as I can read the script before every game . It's coming up to S. renewal time again already and if it goes up much more I'm as close as I've ever been to telling the club to stick it, pretty much fed up now. Rant over.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Megastore

    I can't get on the shop website anyway hasn't worked for a while. I only want to look at the leisure wear range cos I quite liked that hoodie.
  12. Why does Neil keep posting the same threads on OT ?
  13. Have the Play-off final t-shirts been reduced?
  14. I'd rather boil my head in a gas oven than pay £49 for either.

    I used to go to every game home and away, and swfc ruled my life. A loss would ruin my weekend . I haven't been away all season this season, today I had a nonchalant check of my score app on my phone at full time which lasted about 15 seconds before I carried on enjoying my weekend.