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  1. We'll sign Elmohammady 100% . Ive said it since the day Bruce took over, especially if Villa go up.
  2. I'm in the coach and horses... There are 5 owls and we came as a group. Best away pub Ever
  3. The second quote answers the first. I used to go to 15/16 away per season until a couple of years ago
  4. Me + 3 going down. Free accommodation straight opposite the ground too. Keep an eye out for our Wednesday flag on the balcony overlooking the ground. First away game this season I'm ashamed to say.
  5. We'll beat you. That's the most Wednesday thing to do in the world. Might as well give the Blunts 2nd place now ffs.
  6. Any idea how many left ? I can get mine tomorrow
  7. A championship standard player 3/4 games a year. Good luck getting £3m never mind 8
  8. Anyone know what that was about or see it? I sit just behind the 'scar' block V2 and there's a family who stand just in front of the walkway who were scrapping yesterday, punches thrown, the dad with gray hair appeared to take a punch to the nose. To be fair I've sat in my seat for almost 20 years and I've seen him have 3/4 fights so potentially the issue is with him, still funny to see though. Anyone know owt?
  9. I had a few T-shirts from East Bank Gentleman's Club about 6/7 years ago. Don't think they're still going now though which is a shame
  10. Winnall > Joao when both are fit for me.
  11. Looks pike Lewis Grabban will be our first signing then.
  12. And that my friend summarises everything wrong with DC's time at the club in one.
  13. Is was in T1 on the North today though and was staggered as everyone around me sat down as we kicked off. Last time I 'sit' there. Used to be where the cool kids stood, now you have to sit down in your stone island gear!!!
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