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  1. Eaton_Swfc

    Lap of honour

    I stayed until the players had walked past the Kop and towards the North stand, and by the time I'd got out and walked towards the south tunnel Butterfield was just getting in his car. I don't think he appreciated me asking if he was going to pick Winnall up for us
  2. ... And then what? Who's going to pay full price now !?
  3. I'm getting one of those 'new' retro shirts at £35 .. sorted for at least 5 years then . Money well spent
  4. Eaton_Swfc

    Modern Football

    Let's face it. Modern football is shît
  5. Eaton_Swfc

    Referees to blàme

    Welcome to football in 2018 . Fantastic isn't it
  6. Eaton_Swfc

    A disagreeable incident

    Chuffin' shandy drinker. Good job I wasn't there, I'd have filled him in.
  7. The crown to my collection of Wednesday shirts. They all sell for well over £100 but some guy put one on eBay at £40 buy it now. I was at his house picking it up about half an hour after and he said he'd missed the 1 off the front if his listing. Winner winner
  8. Is Matias still out with the injury he got after his red card ?, The one where he was going to be out 2 weeks?
  9. Yes. My dad wanted to go for his birthday on Tuesday night. Very good it was too. Good pub grub, portions could do with being bigger but not bad at all and better than I expected!! Shout out to the barman/waiter . He was some kind of silver service guy. Put white gloves on to bring food to table etc... Really impressed with him!
  10. Undoubtedly Hooper. Is he still top scorer by the way?
  11. Haven't looked through all 3 pages ,but Erhun Oztumer (sp) should be right up there Attacking midfielder at Walsall who deserves to make the step up . Also someone Brentford would probably sign so that's a good start!
  12. Eaton_Swfc

    Nuhiu at the crossroads

    It'll be 2 years or nowt. No way he'd sign for 1 year at his age. Not like he's 34 is it !!
  13. Worst set of shirts in the clubs history. And £60 to boot Good luck with that !!!