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Community Answers

  1. We only get promoted with Grey/Silver . So...
  2. North stand, particularly T1 and T were absolutely rocking. Kop is always quiet. There is the problem.
  3. Whats with all this arse licking sentiment? I hope O'Nien and Pritchard break their legs and miss the final and they lose 5-0. Horrible set of players, would give Tom Daley a run for his money off the 10m board
  4. Because we're generally pretty shybo on the whole.
  5. Within 5 mins was abundantly clear the game was made for Pato Windass was a passenger throughout sadly
  6. Leave it out @AlanLee Couldn't care less for the opinions of a toy towner. You've just been promoted and first thought is to come on here and kindly explain why 'no one likes us'. Go and get ready for your 23/24 league 1 campaign somewhere else you wrong'en.
  7. Leave this sort of stuff to the scousers.
  8. I honestly think Sunderland are very similar to us in terms of clubs. We're both the 'type' of club to scrape our way out of a blood and thunder two legged semi, having one of the best nights in our clubs history in the process, to then lose to Wycombe infront of their 15,000 fans at Wembley.
  9. Do we really think DC would miss out on one last opportunity to fleece us?
  10. Park up Shiregreen and walk down. Thats about as close as you'll get.
  11. Since when has Paul Ince been Reading manager!? Passed me by that one!
  12. Great video on YouTube of this, from right up near the band. This was slap bang in the middle of my couple of years rarely missing a game. We were still crap but it was a great time in my life.
  13. This is Chansiri mate. Will be £40 full price ticket, available on interest free with a limited edition Blusteel energy drink.
  14. Anyone else's IPlayer playing up? I've had commentary from the Man U game for the last few mins, skipping and jumping about all over the place
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