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  1. Wales Online Poll

    Done ... We're at 27%

    Thanks so much DC for not increasing the highest ticket prices in the Championship even more ... My hero xxx
  3. Yet he cowered in a corner vs Barnsley. Strange player.
  4. Great ... So get ripped off to the tune of £59 for a shirt. Get £17 back, bearing in mind nothing in the shop is that cheap, and then you'll have to put probably another £20 towards something else you don't want which cost about 40p to make. Great that.
  5. I was in the same bar in Honley as Andy Rhodes and his wife on the Saturday night after the Birmingham game and Andy was several pints deep in the 45 minutes I was there ... Hope he wasn't driving to Jordan's house in the early hours to help out!!!
  6. Changed it for you
  7. I physically cannot help but shout abuse at Lucas Joao , the way he half heartedly tracks back, pretends to tackle, gets pushed off the ball by players half his height, never forward thinks only reacting at the last second having already lost possession usually. Genuinely drives me insane that he's a championship level professional footballer.
  8. IF we were relegated ...

    No riots or mass boycott then ? I'm disappointed
  9. Pick Our Best Team

    I make that about right but I would have Nuhiu if for either Joao or Rhodes; they're both gash.
  10. What would happen? I mean I know things are bad at the minute, and imo we're at risk of being pulled into a relegation scrap if we aren't already in one. BUT Just imagine for a minute, we actually got relegated come May, what the flip would we do? As fans - would we protest, riot, invade the pitch etc... Or just sit back in apathy as I have done all season, bearing in mind we'd probably be paying the most expensive season tickets outside the premiership, in league 1 !! As a chairman - would he step down? Mostly due to embarrassment I expect, not many chairmen spend £40million to end up a league below where they started. As a club - I expect Jos would walk? Half the team sold off if not more, although I've no idea who would want the likes of Abdi and Hutch with their injury records. Really doesn't bear thinking about ... But just for a 'laugh', do it anyway !!
  11. Sleep walking our way into league 1 ... But don't dare moan though.
  12. Almen Abdi

    He'll be back for the opening game of next season ... Walsall at home.
  13. Train Stations on Saturday

    I got thrown in back of a police van at Barnsley train station last season. Reyt laugh