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  1. Eaton_Swfc

    Why Are Fans Paying Top Dollar

    If we want to watch top quality players like Westwood, Hooper, Forestieri, Abdi, Boyd, Matias, Jones, Van Aken, Winnall week in week out then we should expect to pay top prices .... Erm whooops
  2. Eaton_Swfc

    Sean Clare Signing for

    wow What an absolute simpleton
  3. Eaton_Swfc

    'i dont wear red'

    Me and the mrs are getting married next year. We've rented a shít load of deck chairs for the guests (it's all outdoors). The Mrs took care of this task. I asked her what colour they were "I don't know" was the reply. So I called the bloke to ask. "Red and white stripes" was his reply. Order cancelled . We've paid about £90 extra somewhere else for blue and white !!
  4. Eaton_Swfc

    Away games, a closed shop?

    I used to be a never miss an away gamer ... I've now been to 2 in the last 2 years. I thought the system was fair when I went every week, it ensured I could keep on going. Now I'm sort of locked out of the 'Club' in effect. Don't really care as I chose to stop going to away games, no one made me. Fairest way to do it imo
  5. Eaton_Swfc

    Wolves Fans

    http://www.sportbible.com/football/news-wolves-fans-buying-tickets-for-carabao-cup-dont-expect-to-go-20180822 Cheers for the extra money like
  6. Eaton_Swfc

    Millwall next up

    If we don't beat Millwall we can forget about automatic promotion.
  7. Eaton_Swfc

    Prices for Wolves game.

    1x ST holder here that won't be going. Hard enough to drag myself to league games never mind paying even more to watch us struggle to muster a shot on target against Wolves reserves.
  8. Eaton_Swfc

    Free agents

    Erm.... We've been in an embargo mate. How would you expect him to have signed anyone ?
  9. Eaton_Swfc

    Free agents

    I'd be amazed if we weren't looking at Serdar Tasci from that list . Played in Germany for Stuttgart around the time JL was working in the Bundesliga. Been playing in Moscow for a few years. Could defo do a job.
  10. Eaton_Swfc

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    I agree. I dare say a fair few would recognise me as one of those faces you'd see week in week out at away games. Don't get me wrong my own personal finances are a big reason why I no longer go to away games, but 5/6 years ago if you'd have said in 5 years time I wouldn't even check the scores when we're playing away because I'd have so little interest I'd have asked for you to be sectioned. Very scary times ahead I think.
  11. Eaton_Swfc

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    I make you 100% spot on mate. I was a go every weeker home and away. I haven't been away apart from local games for a year and a bit and I've still got my ST but had to drag myself togames every week past season and this will be the same . Absolute fücking disaster zone this club. Very nearly done with it all. Can't believe I barely even check the scores at away games now, I just get notifications on the phone and assume we've conceded. What on earth has DC done.
  12. Eaton_Swfc

    We Need A Sign.......

    Had my picture taken with that sign, I'm sure Shetland Owl will know if very well !
  13. Eaton_Swfc

    Funny blog re: SWFC ticket prices

    FOOTBALL COMES TO RESCUE IN ORGAN DONATION CRISIS A major change in health care has been announced today, as the NHS and major football clubs from the Premier League and Championship have teamed up to deliver a unique solution to the organ donation crisis Our health correspondent Terry Watt explains: Less than 40% of the UK population are registered as organ donors, despite 146% of the population claiming to be in support of it. This suggests a lot of people are lazy rumblezoids, and just can't be arsed. This comes at a time when tickets for football matches and replica kits are so expensive, that fans have been driven to desperation. Sheffield Wednesday fan Noah Cash told us he'd had to sell two of his fifteen children to get a ticket for Wigan away. But it seems football clubs have recognised the problem, and are now offering to take human organs in exchange for match tickets. A spleen donation will get a 'category C' ticket, a liver can be exchanged for a 'category B' ticket, and a combined heart and lungs can be donated for a 'category A' ticket. Championship strugglers Sheffield Wednesday have gone one step further, and introduced a scheme in which supporters can exchange their soul and self-respect for a half-season ticket. For obvious quality control reasons, no clubs will be accepting brain donations from football fans. As the football clubs will be selling the organs to the NHS at a huge profit, this looks like a win-win for all concerned!
  14. Eaton_Swfc

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    HP or Heinz ??
  15. Do you genuinely think DC has a clue what radio Sheffield is, never mind know who bloody Dom Howson or Andy Giddings are !!??