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  1. Remember when he started Van Aken on the right? Those were the days
  2. I think if you add all of TPs comments together and just read between the lines a little it’s clear he’s pointing out the terrible state Monk has left the changing room in. Lack of spice Lack of character Lack of discipline Holes in the squad Players playing in the wrong position Lack of a winning mentality etc Hard to disagree. Monk was a truly terrible manager
  3. This is standard practice Maybe you just dont have it in winning changing rooms
  4. Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Börner Palmer Harris Brown Bannan Paterson Reach Windass
  5. If Dawson had conceded that goal, or fluffed that save that Reach cleared off the line he would have been pummelled on here Well by everyone except Ian.
  6. He didn’t play Shaw instead of Brown He played Luongo instead of Brown Shaw was deeper as he wanted to let Luongo get a big further forwards - which kind of makes sense since he’s decent going forwards
  7. Great clearance, but what is most impressive is the desire to get back there and make it happen. Goals, assists and good defending. Reach definitely coming back to his best now he’s got a proper manager playing him in his best position. Btw, that’s a goalkeeping error too.
  8. The first half against Swansea was some of the best football we've played since Carlos was here. That gives me hope It's clear that Pulis has experience, and has a plan. That gives me hope We're going into a run of games where we'll have more opportunities to pick up points than we have That gives me hope We're going into the JTW and Pulis has quickly seen where we're short That gives me hope We don't have a lot to shout about right now, but I do think we have some things we can be hopeful about.
  9. You won't draw me any further into your games, my friend. But keep going because I'm enjoying the rest of the thread.
  10. Nuhiu would be the perfect player for this spell.
  11. Fair enough. It's really hard to judge has we've had to play with 10 men for most of the game in 50% of the games he's managed.
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