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  1. True. You all thought he looked ready to be a current Wednesday No. 9
  2. Another great tip from the Owlstalk youth development experts
  3. His corners were poor tonight but his free kicks were fine, one of which was an absolute pearler.
  4. Wildsmith - 6 3rd goal a bit soft, but I actually thought his all round game tonight was better than against Bristol Palmer - 5 first half was ok, but then lazy Liam reappeared in the 2nd half Iorfa - 7 held together a makeshift defence well, some great blocks but a few slips too Odubajo - 6 so difficult to rate. Some really great bits and then an absolute brain donor moment twice. I like that he got involved though, so scores higher than Palmer who hid for large chunks Murphy - 7 dangerous going forward, grafted going backwards, just needs to release the ball a little earlier, but become a very important player Bannan - 7 would have been a 9 after the first half but struggled to get a foothold in the 2nd Reach - 6 toiled and tried but just not suited to that position at all Luongo - 5 poor night on that back of two strong performances. Perhaps a touch of fatigue Harris - 6 still flattering to deceive for me. Gets an extra point for nearly getting a shot on target with a great hit, but wasted many good opportunities once again Rhodes - 4 May as well give up trying him Wickham - 8 top performance, especially when pretty isolated alongside ineffective Rhodes and scarce service from Harris. So strong and can count himself unlucky not to be afforded a couple of better chances
  5. Not sure I can disagree with any of the OP Cannot for the life of me understand why you play Reach centrally. It doesn’t work, never has. Wide left, at a push wide right or bench. Rhodes is shot. But that’s been obvious for the last 2 years
  6. There is no excuse for playing Reach centrally. Zero. Stupid decision.
  7. I feel for Jordan Rhodes, used to be so good...cant even move any more. Must be soul destroying
  8. Hmm Bit of a mixed bag that. Quite enjoyed watching it from how we’ve moved the ball - Bannan and Wickham very, very good But we just look completely toothless with Rhodes upfront. It’s either a set piece or a bit of magic from one of only a couple of players. Once again, Harris far far too easily thwarted. Half time sub: Rhodes off, Da Cruz on 60 min sub: Harris off, Lee on (Reach wide left)
  9. His injury and suspension record has been fine really. Just been left out. Not sure why you’re banging on about that.
  10. Winner. Don’t have enough of them right now. Seems like a good time for everyone to move on from Hutch, but we need more winners (and wins)
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