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  1. Bet he’ll enjoy all the plate smashing that goes on at Christmas
  2. Im sure he did, he completed a huge number of passes to Van Aken and Dawson. But I think you missed my point.
  3. So SWFC POTS and then every single minute for Fulham in their promotion season isn’t long term reliability? Come off it man. You made a stupid claim, stop digging further
  4. Definitely not a pen for me. Look at the position of his foot, he’s going down because of that, not because of a trip Dive, because he couldn’t sort out his feet to get a proper shot
  5. Which of Iorfa, Lees, Börner and Van Aken is better than Hector?
  6. I actually don’t think we’re doing it any more or less than last season...we were just usually gifting the opposites a goal first so we didn’t have the chance.
  7. Totally right. I even remember Nixon tweeting ‘Dutch lad needs to sharpen up’ a few games before the Pigs debacle.
  8. I still think Reach LWB and Harris RWB is our best option. Reach’s delivery will more than compensate for Harris’ lack of quality in that area, but we don’t lose the physicality, graft and outlet / threat of Harris
  9. This is such a lazy comparison. He’s not fit to lace JJs jockstrap. We had a brief spell last season when we played Murphy RM and Reach LM - they we basically responsible for every one of our goals in the short period In his infinite wisdom Monk then moved Reach centrally
  10. The van Aken examples were just rash defending, that’s why I rated him a 5 Lees on a number of occasion calmly passed the ball into touch deep in our half. The calmness itself showed you that he could actually have taken other option rather than conceding territory so easily I have no problem with the old if in doubt kick it out, but not when it’s not in doubt
  11. Thankfully not something we have to deal with at Hillsborough
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