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Community Answers

  1. Assist for the goal Assist for the penalty Assist for the wrongly disallowed goal And that's just Saturday.
  2. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Byers Adeniran Bannan Berahino Gregory Shodipo
  3. A good example of 3 errors lead to a goal Hutch gets old manned to allow space for the thrower to receive the ball Palmer inexplicably loses his discipline and breaks or own defensive line leaving a gaping hole for no reason. Then stops and walks as per usual BPF goes full Ola Tidman If anyone of those three do their job that goal doesn’t happen.
  4. Bannan was great today Yet again, one of very few players prepared to try and make things happen
  5. We need to give Moore time but there are 2 things that are glaringly obvious that he needs to address. 1. We need to play a left footed player at left back 2. We need to pass the ball with a higher tempo and purpose
  6. Our charge sheet was bad, but nothing like this. I have sympathy for the fans of DCFC but zero sympathy for a club that has used and abused the rules for a number of years. This was coming for a long time… 1. The exploited a loophole to sell the ground 2. They wildly overspent vs the P&S regs 3. They tried to get out of their pickle with P&S by doing some questionable accounting with amortization of contracts 4. They’ve entertained all kinds of chancers to sell the club to 5. They had gambling company paying Rooney 100k a week in a very strange agreement 6. They’ve literally said it’s all the fault of covid
  7. And in today latest shocking news: Player with 376 Championship appearances proves to be decent at Championship level
  8. No, I disagree Well, with the second part which I assume is what the question is referring to
  9. We haven’t created enough good chances and we haven’t scored enough either - part of this IMO is a lack of cohesion with our front 3, so I agree with the OP FWIW I think we’ll end up with Shodipo Gregory Berahino Corbeanu, Sow and Windass will be change players off the bench Kamberi isn’t good enough and will rarely feature
  10. Lol They ‘outsource’ it for commercial gain…
  11. Don’t think Wing would have been playing had Adeniran been fit
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