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  1. McRightSide

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    It’s pretty simple with Joao. He needs to play alongside a target man, not as one. His touch and passing is nowhere near good enough to play that role Where he’s most dangerous is when someone else on the pitch is getting hold of the ball, wrestling with defenders and creating space. Joao needs to be facing the opponents goal, not ours
  2. McRightSide

    It doesn't help

    A quote supported by their manager might I add...
  3. McRightSide

    Forestieri Red Card

    Well if Sky say it’s true then it must be. But, don’t you think it’s weird that no other person said they saw him in the fans, and there are no videos or photos of this (despite all the other times he did it being on camera and film)? I’m just looking for a few people to validate that we don’t need to be so aggrieved.
  4. McRightSide

    Forestieri Red Card

    So can anyone else confirm that FF went into the crowd?
  5. McRightSide


    Zero strikers? Saying you played no strikers to save them from tiredness / injury and then making zero subs the next game? Hutch in a free role behind the forward? van Aken as the primary CH in a 3? Ash Baker? That kid he randomly threw in against WBA? That’s not experimenting, that’s clueless.
  6. McRightSide


    Jos got slated for picking stupid sides...which some naive fans tried to excuse as ‘experimenting for next season’
  7. McRightSide

    Forestieri out for two games?

    He didn’t get a red card, but he did get a ban for violent conduct in pre-season which is an offence that then affects regular season
  8. McRightSide

    Steve Bruce

    If Bruce can’t sort us out then I don’t know who can..
  9. McRightSide

    Big shake up

    Gegenpress Too much TV
  10. McRightSide

    Steve Bruce

    Spot on in his interview, although not hard to see. Still, I’ll judge him on what I see rather than hear Needs time
  11. McRightSide

    Forestieri Red Card

    I’m not saying he didn’t... Just surprising there’s no footage, photos or fans saying he did.
  12. McRightSide

    Forestieri Red Card

    No videos or photos show this No one else has corroborated your version. Did he really go into the crowd?
  13. McRightSide

    Forestieri Red Card

    I fully agree with you. Unfortunately he gets similar treatment from quite a few of our fans If that was Palmer, Thorniley or even Hector...the same people criticising FF wouldn’t be criticising the others.
  14. If you are going to play this way then you need to have fullback capable of providing decent supply. Fox can deliver great balls into the box but often does so from too deep. Palmer...well, we all know about his ability in the final third.
  15. Im not sure what I find funniest The fact you describe it as abhorrent or that fact you think that money can somehow override physiology