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  1. Sadly the sprinklers have spent more time on the pitch on Saturday afternoons than Abdi
  2. 1. Bannan Easy to forgot how good he was whilst Jos was in charge. He was single handedly getting us through games at one point. To the extent that we even appear in the top 6 at one point, and there were articles about how important Joey was (when anyone with any understanding of football could see Joey was only surviving because Bannan was so good) Throw in the fact that our tactics are usually ‘get the ball to Bannan and hope he can figure something out’ then I think his impact has been the greatest out of any. 2. Hector 3. Reach
  3. I like Joao. He needs nurturing...and also to play more. He was in red hot form earlier this season and Jos kept dropping him
  4. Another unthinking fan only capable of spouting cliches. You think it’s not within our capability to beat them?
  5. Btw - we’re so much better when we play with two proper fullbacks. Right back seems sorted but left back needs major work
  6. Looking forward to seeing the replays. Although a great strike I think you have to ask questions of the keeper in being beaten from there...it was hit with about 50% of the velocity of FFs
  7. I thought today wasn’t his best performance but I really like him in general Gives is so much dynamism down that side and whilst Palmer has been solid for a few months - and is technically far superior - Iorfa just seems to give us much more Snip.
  8. Dawson 7 Iorfa 7 Lees 9 MOTM Hector 7 Lazaar 6 Reach 7 Bannan 9 Pelupessy 5 Boyd 6 Joao 7 Hooper 6
  9. Is it true that Westwood didn’t play today because he was scared by a post on Owlstalk?
  10. I’ve not seen anyone show any disappointment - nor criticism - at Dawson’s performance and the clean sheet. Keep fighting inside of that paper bag
  11. Totally Just blurring two threads...where the poster in this one was bemoaning not having a few more games...whereas my view is every time we pretty much had the chance to put fate in our own hands we bottled it. I don’t accept that we don’t have the quality to beat those teams over 90-odd minutes. My point is that we just don’t have the ruthless mentality needed and that’s why I’m not getting carried away by wins...we need a big overhaul this Summer. Instead just enjoying the performances and most of the results and looking forward to next season
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