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  1. Adam Reach

    Couple of things: 1. People thinking Reach has had a poor season when he’s been generally excellent 2. People bombing out a recent high and consistent performer in Pudil and replacing him with a donkey in van Aken.
  2. Full 90 minutes for Joost Van Aken

    Why, what magic healing powers do they have? Plus, I can tell you for a fact that a significant amount of time when he wasn’t playing, he was fully fit. He just wasn’t rated by Carlos.
  3. Full 90 minutes for Joost Van Aken

    Not very good at defending. bit problematic for a defender
  4. Full 90 minutes for Joost Van Aken

    I think a lot of people have forgotten how much of a dud van Aken is
  5. Joey Pelupessy

    He’s done ok, but he doesn’t affect the game anywhere near enough. Still early days though, but he looks like a squad player to me
  6. What does Jos have to do...

    For me he needs to keep picking his best side. The last 2 games he’s done that and what a surprise - we look a lot better. So...less bizarre team selections and keep trying to win. Its his job to lose.
  7. Tweet of the year goes goes to this man...

    OP is definitely fishing for a few extra retweets here
  8. Ross Wallace - Injury

    Obviously been there / planning to be there a while given that’s he’s charging his phone and it’s at 30%
  9. Football agents in football

    We should definitely get rid of agents. Clubs always have the best interests of players at heart.
  10. The Run and layoff by Joao

    Don’t underestimate the role Nuhiu is playing. Hes doing so much hard work and not trying to be the main creative force at all. If João is paired with Hooper or FF it’s a totally different proposition as both of those are better than João and won’t play simply to make room for someone else to operate.
  11. The Run and layoff by Joao

    Nice job by Doyen.
  12. Joao and who.

    Should be Reach out to LWB and FF as the 10
  13. Nuhiu: 9 league starts, 4 league goals Joao: 12 league starts, 7 league goals