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  1. The other thing about Dawson which highlights our questionable approach to his development is that at 24 years old we still don’t know if he’s physically robust enough to play 46 games a season. That’s insane. I think everyone can now see Wildsmith is going to come up short, both in terms of ability and physicality, I’m not sure if we need to investigate that further... but Dawson is an unknown quantify on that front. Another reason we should be sending Dawson out on loan.
  2. Red card at Leeds. Nailed on Often derails himself when he starts on these runs of form But yes, top player when on form. Seems to be playing a little more expansively now
  3. Yep, hence why they didn’t even get a corner from it
  4. Can’t see Monk going with FF and Harris in this formation too often - if ever. He’s too pragmatic. More likely we’ll see more of FF in a 4-4-1-1 or Harris and FF fighting it out for the left hand side role like Tonight
  5. Held my breath for sure... Looked possible at first, but the replay showed Allen had hold of Bannan to induce the contact Good refereeing to pick that one out in real time
  6. He had the shortest long throw I’ve seen since Daniel Pudil graced the touchline
  7. Stupid officiating Harsh on Jones - his reaction was Exactly what the game should be about
  8. Thought he came on in the right position tonight - and showed a bit of what we’ve needed in a few games Cant wait to see more of him...but more bench time first. Reach was better tonight*and his industry is important to the way we play (*only saw second 45m)
  9. I don’t think you get this. Maybe take a break.
  10. He really isn’t. Every now and again he has a short, little spell where he dips in form but then gets back to standard quickly - often happens when he’s carrying a knock too. Agree with the first point though, you’re proving that well.
  11. He’s played the last two games. 1 poor performance, 1 good performance. That - and his recent history of (understandable) inconsistency - is probably why lots of people don’t see him as #1 right now
  12. Actually, I think that’s wrong People tend to forget exactly how FEW mistakes Westwood has made in his entire career with us. History tells us he might have a dodgy 3-4 game spell but then barely puts a foot (or hand) wrong for the other 35
  13. Because we’re talking about Dawson’s performance. That’s it. Go and post in the Dawson v Westwood thread if you can’t help yourself.
  14. I agree with you, and we’ll never know the answer until he actually plays week in week out for someone. Needs to be a lower level since he’s show he’s not quite ready for that here
  15. I’d say the length of the first paragraph, never mind the rest of the post, is the real issue here
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