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  1. Bruce wants Chansiri to cash in the chips and sign Hugill with the winnings.
  2. Iorfa and Odubajo would both be an upgrade on Palmer. How many assists did he manage last year? Any? You can be solid, but that’s only 50% of the job.. He’s even more limited offensively at left back than right back, so that’s not a long-term option either. We still need a solution there.
  3. Surely we’re just a bit of a stalking horse on this one?
  4. Corry and McCabe were both remarkably average. As shown by their respective careers after leaving us. Hirst refused to sign a deal, so we didn’t even have the chance to develop him and then Clare pretty much crocked himself early doors and then left before getting fit again. I’d let Thorniley go too. He’s been relatively solid but he’s a league one clogger. Van Aken just needs to disappear. He’s awful
  5. No surprise to see the investigation but it’s very different to the Terry case since it was clear he used a racist term. With FF, there’s no credible evidence so I don’t see how you could make a charge stick. What would be really interesting would be gets banned and then launches a defamation suit against the EFL...
  6. Yes, I’m very enthused that our current squad - with a penchant for not showing up when it’s needed most - is ready for a promotion tilt. Some good signings needed if we are to compete. Quite a few of them
  7. I’d take him back...but I’d want a 6-month loan with view to buy depending upon fitness. Hes got talent and graft. Just needs to prove his fitness
  8. So precious. A fan is allowed to mention the cost per week and he can’t tell them it’s actually more?
  9. Don’t think many on here have seen much of Jedinak recently.
  10. It’s interesting how loads of people continue to ignore the fact that he missed loads of sitters for us...instead preferring to pedal the myth that we didn’t play the way that suited him.
  11. Barnsley don’t sign old players. Part of their new strategy
  12. Must be a depressing day when people decide they want to buy you for what you do off the pitch rather than on it
  13. Pretty sure that van Aken wasn’t ruined by Jos, he just wasn’t good enough
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