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  1. McRightSide

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    I like Bullen but we should have been smashed in that game - lousy finishing by Forest spared us
  2. McRightSide

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    Lots of people taking a punt on the back of the Nixon article in the hope of being proven to be ITK Pretty funny to watch
  3. McRightSide

    Club response required

    Club statement to address Sunday gossip columns? Get real
  4. McRightSide


    Onomah is dog lazy
  5. McRightSide

    Booing at half time

    Great finish be João btw
  6. McRightSide


    Seems like Nixon is saying it’s Bruce’s if he wants it. But the fact we’re not sure if he wants it is keeping Jos in a job
  7. McRightSide


    Extremely limited footballer. Will be amazed if he plays in the football league again after we release him.
  8. McRightSide

    Booing at half time

    Surprised Jos didn’t blame the fans booing for the start of the second half
  9. McRightSide

    Alan Nixon

    Its almost like he’d never watched a championship game before. Oh.
  10. McRightSide

    Alan Nixon

    I’d be happy with this change
  11. McRightSide

    Alan Nixon

    3 games to save his job
  12. McRightSide

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    Totally agree. If Thorniley gets crocked, or is performing poorly then it’s Pudil. If Thorniley and Pudil are crocked then it’s Fox Not rocket science is it? But you have to remember this is a guy who selected Joost van Aken in the middle of a 3 for the first game of the season... Poor Assessor of players or a little bit of Dutch bias?