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Community Answers

  1. He claimed that he was offered an interview but turned it down The reality is he was begging for an interview but didn’t get one
  2. Whilst a season with wins is infinitely more enjoyable I couldn’t disagree more If you are t bothered about Promotion following performances then American sports would be better for you. IMO it’s what makes the game.
  3. Did Paxo ever leave, or did Moore just take a bit more control?
  4. Nope - didn’t want him and neither did Chansiri Cook’s reaction to DC not wanting him was like a jilted schoolboy Also poor form from him in that interview, esp after a media blackout after the last game Reporter well within his rights to ask the questions fans want answering. Don’t like it? Win some games
  5. I guess the real question is will he cost us more, less or the same as last season….
  6. I thought that for the most part he referred a high intensity game pretty well Missed a couple of things but generally got most right
  7. Because of watching him play. I don’t see any sharpness to his mind, similar to how I perceived Luke Shaw Ponderous
  8. The last two games were us not relying on Bannan That went well.
  9. If you discount the celebrations we never get to celebrate
  10. Who’s gonna tell the OP it’s really hi ho silver lining?
  11. And I think Lee Gregory actually prefers to go by the name of Lee or Greggers.
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