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  1. UEFA should never have put players who have just gone through a traumatic experience in a position that they have to make such a decision. That decision and - more importantly - the accountability for that decision should have rested with the governing body and tournament Organizer.
  2. Looking forward to this tournament Hard to see past France but Germany will be dangerous if they get out of the group. Their home base for the tournament is right next to my daughters kindergarten, amazing little custom built woodland facility.
  3. Posted this a couple of weeks back...that's why you hear the conversation about 3 months wages / 4 months wages
  4. Nuhiu was more effective, but he didn’t have the technical skill of Bannan
  5. Whats that got to do with how good a technician someone is?
  6. Wait until he gets the meat on the BBQ, turns on the rock and roll football and attacks the opposites once they’ve had chance to collect some energy.
  7. Bit weird to start a thread about a lack of technical ability and use it to criticise one of the best technicians in the Championship nevermind league 1
  8. Wagner for Wednesday. It’s possible, or is it? Has a ring to it. Sound choice? I think so. Keith Hackett thinks so. But is it, who knows? Not me.
  9. Saying the ‘precipitously’ parted company is more like an upper cut to the jaw than a backhanded slap
  10. We’ll let me tell you Wycombe Wanderers whereas, they are better than you whereas, they are on an unbelievable run of form whereas, we need you to beat them whereas, this is our last chance BE IT RESOLVED, that you can win!
  11. That’s kind of what I meant. Stretching the use of ‘minor update’ to a whole new level with that article.
  12. There’s hope of an end to the wage debacle I feel like calling it a minor update is borderline clickbait
  13. You have the non-payment of wages and the extra month severance payment for the departing players…essentially another month salary
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