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  1. No you are correct, just imagine it with quotation marks around it
  2. Well it’s not the club since I also said ‘the club’ ...but you neglected to mention that part.
  3. That reads a bit more of an anti-Pulis rant than anything else...although I can’t say I disagree with what you say, I do think there are a couple of viable options to Bullen. That said, I’m personally quite comfortable with him in the role at the moment
  4. I don’t think this is the worst idea in the world, but I would imagine we’d have heard a couple of rumours if something was going to happen
  5. Thank you. I guess your lack of answer answers my question.
  6. Threats and name calling...hilarious. Oh, and still no answer from you...
  7. Err, I said no you sausage. Seems like you’re avoid my question... Admit it, you thought I was talking about the club and not SYP didn’t you? Night Cookie.
  8. Ok Piers...you can chill out too. The answer is right there. I believe the justice system we have, so if the courts exonerated us then I would say ‘no’ But again, why are you even asking? I never said that I thought the club did... Read my reply a few posts down from the original one.
  9. I believe we were exonerated in a court of law, no? why?
  10. It was an emotional response to the situation and regardless of the feeling I thought it might be a bit insensitive to say that SYP have blood on their hands...so I changed my mind about posting it.
  11. Or it doesn’t fit their agenda...and they know that it’s extremely difficult to argue against public safety. I mean, I’ve read hundreds of comments on here saying it’s unsafe...so they’ll just go ‘ok...less numbers then = more safety”
  12. It should, yes. But thats not how agendas work...
  13. It doesn’t matter though, it gives them an angle to drive the agenda. Prohibition Notice changes how fans exit > fans exit different way and complain how dangerous it is > capacity reduced even further until that next problem is solved
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