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  1. McRightSide

    Ben Hughes signs first pro deal

    Pretty standard business to sign your most promising 17 year olds to protect their value in case they continue to develop. Still a huge way to go and a slim chance of making it, but must be a great feeling for the kid regardless
  2. McRightSide

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    This is all a bit dramatic and a bit of a false argument. Reason being is that whoever he moves to would only result in getting abused from the next group of unthinking Neanderthals. He’ll sign. He wants three years and we’ve offered two.
  3. McRightSide


    Slipping a little under the radar, but important not to underestimate that impact his return has had. Ended the season with 5 goals in 6 starts. Welcome back Fernando
  4. He’s definitely getting in the POMO a lot more in games, which I think it’s a credit to Jos...that doesn’t happen by accodent The other things is that his finishing has reall sharpened up. I’m not entirely sure how you go from missing more than you score to being razor sharp, but he’s found a way
  5. McRightSide

    Glenn Loovens

    Outstanding player, great leader I suspect we will see him move into management. Looking forward to the Loovens and Semedo dream team in 2019/20
  6. McRightSide

    Get this....

    Years of getting hammered by a relatively big group of fans and the guy never shirks, never hides and now gets his just rewards
  7. McRightSide

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Surely it should go to whoever has made the most meaningful contribution this season In which case you can understand the votes
  8. McRightSide

    Reach At Left Wingback

    Huh? Im not saying we should sell
  9. McRightSide

    Norwich keeper

    Do you know who owns him?
  10. McRightSide

    Reach At Left Wingback

    Can’t believe it’s taken this long. On his value, we would easily recoup the money invested. Good age, English, always available, productive.
  11. McRightSide

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Err...either on the bench or not in the squad. Cant score from there
  12. McRightSide

    Anyone disagreeing?

    Shows had bad the season has been when our result is: 1. Champion of the boo boys award 2016/7 2. A player who didn’t start a league game until Christmas 3. A rookie keeper whose very good performances were matched only by the number of shocking howlers he made on a far too regular basis Roll on 90 mins against Norwich. This season has been a debacle from the very first minute and I can’t wait until it’s consigned to history.
  13. Yes. I’d always prefer to see us lose.
  14. I assume this is to ensure we have enough players for the U23s If not, next season is going to be a grind