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  1. 100% He’s a liability in the defensive third
  2. You’ve got to be leading first though...
  3. That ok, we are a multi-disciplinary crew on here. We have experts in: Desso Insolvency Accounting Flood defences Investment Contract law Catering Payroll Taxation Public health Weather Calculus
  4. Not if they were trying to keep the ball live vs 10 men Not a chance in hell they would kill the game
  5. Tonight we pulled off some beauties Bannan had a defence splitter in the first half than Messi would have been proud of
  6. Im sorry I disagree... There was minimal danger and only and absolutely unbelievable, off balance, cross field pass has opened us up When you know the end result then sure, it’s easy to say make the foul...but there was nothing really about that situation to say that the right thing to do was kill the game vs keeping the ball alive for one last punt into the box
  7. Well obviously not...because they’re on fast forward then.
  8. People get so defensive sometimes...this is a Liam Shaw thread
  9. Just out of interest...how fast do you think he can run?
  10. Had a great first 15 but then was nearly anonymous Also needs to be a number 8...he’s poor in his decision making when close to our box
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