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  1. McRightSide

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    READ ALL ABOUT IT “Worst players in the team get most criticism from keyboard warriors shocker”
  2. Hammoud being tracked by a number of clubs
  3. Hard to watch, and even harder when I think back about all those times he made a mistake and we all give him pelters for it. its stuff that this that caused my strong reaction to someone speculating about Abdi’s mental health (followed by a few jokes thrown around from posters). Of course football is a luxurious profession at the top level but professional sports can also be an extremely lonely environment. And then putting yourself in front of thousands to millions of people when you want nothing more than to be alone is a feeling that I just can’t comprhend. This is quite raw for me at the moment since a friend of mine just took his own life on Sunday. He was mid-30s, had a good, solid career, had a 6-month old daughter and 2 step boys that he loved dearly. On Saturday night he was his normal self, on Sunday morning he was found in his garage. I’ve never experienced anything like this before but it’s caused me to really question the relationship I have with my friends (the guy I refer to above wasn’t a close friend, but we played football together for a few years and we’re still in touch) normally we just have a laugh, rehash old jokes / situations from the past or just talk about meaningless crap. But I never ask REAL questions like ‘how are you feeling now that you’ve got two kids’ ‘how do you feel about the missus being pregnant?’ ‘are you doing ok with struggling to get a steady job?’ If nothing else good comes from this situation, I hope I can at least be a better friend and less ignorant about mental health
  4. McRightSide


    In this many games last year Wildsmith had dropped a number of major clangers
  5. McRightSide


    João is an outstanding talent. Have a watch of the goals he’s scored...he can do it all Left foot, right foot, headers, piledrivers, placements and tap ins Just want to see him play more
  6. McRightSide


    Given our current strategy I think he’s doing fine. I’d still rather have him that Wildsmith so no complaints here.
  7. McRightSide


    4 starts, 5 goals
  8. McRightSide


    Unlike van Aken, he’s good on the ball...rather than it being a myth
  9. McRightSide


    Been outstanding from Jan onwards and you mention the poor twelve mins against WBA? Bit harsh
  10. McRightSide

    That Referee

    That throw in was clear time wasting Reach.......Forestieri................................Palmer hence the justified yellow card
  11. McRightSide


    Needs more minutes
  12. McRightSide


    Did well today, thought Hector was MOM though
  13. McRightSide

    Keeper comparisons

    Not sure Westwood would have saved any more shots that Dawson has, but I’d wager we’d have conceded less attempts on goal just through better organization and a back line with confidence in their keeper
  14. McRightSide

    The new 5 million pound man

    Yes. Been like that for 12 months. Getting all defensive helps no one, not least Matt Penney. Needs to step back and understand that part of being ready for first team football is being able to take criticism - justified and unjustified edit. I’m not...busyowl is