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  1. Penalty

    For it to be a yellow it has to be a genuine attempt to win the ball. It wasn't, so it should be a red card.
  2. Wildsmith

    Or our keeper yesterday.
  3. Wildsmith

    He didn't get one dodgy pass all day.
  4. Matt Penney - goals

    Not good enough to feature, never will be
  5. We need an old head ....

    We just need Loovens back. He's so important to us.
  6. Wildsmith

    Because he's not learning and he set our tone & destroyed our momentum yesterday with an inexcusable error - an error that he keeps on making.
  7. Wildsmith

    Most of those keepers learn not to pass the ball to the nearest opposition forward. And Jake Kean is awful by the way. He was just a cheap shirt filler in case we were short.
  8. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    The players let CARLOS down badly. he took the brakes off and they went to bobbar - if Wildsmith hadn't done his usual trick and we'd leveled (as I'm sure we were on track to do) and I think we wouldn't have looked back
  9. Jordan Rhodes

    There would be loads of takers So many teams would gamble on his Championship record
  10. Wildsmith

    Needs to go out on loan to see if he has the mental, physical and technical ability to cut it. Said that for yonks.
  11. Wildsmith

    Did you find it yet?
  12. Myth-busting, and where we go from here...

    Not comparable So many variables
  13. Myth-busting, and where we go from here...

    You lost me at Bolton aren't a complete shower. Yes they are. A complete and utter shower as much of a shower as has been in this league for the last 3 years