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  1. He should get a new contract, but we should also make sure we sign a new left back to compete
  2. I was always stunned people saw Wildsmith as anywhere close to Dawson, never mind potentially better
  3. He’ll have his thumbs in an ice bath ready for next week
  4. Never knew David Platt was a Wednesday fan. What would Gail say?
  5. Actually, I think he’s just been reading on here because he’s pretty much implemented what everyone wanted.
  6. ‘He Finished’ would have been a better title. Massive credit to Rhodes after today. I had definitely written him off before today. I’m still not convinced, but he’s certainly earned the right to have a crack
  7. Monk didn't play last night, he was on the bench. As for the options on the bench - it was Monk's choice to select three central midfielders (alongside the 2 we had on the pitch) and just 1 striker rather than 2..
  8. Still feel like Odubajo is getting hammered for a penalty which was actually good defensive play...
  9. I remember him taking a couple of catches and flapping on dangerously that gave Derby their only chance of goal for the first half. There was only about three crosses all night, and lots more kicking...so it’s a valid comment Rhodes worked hard but was completely ineffective whilst Reach actually contributed positively all night
  10. It’s taken 3 games for people to forget how bad Palmer is at RB
  11. If we would have brought him off the bench we’d have won. An oik, but an effective one
  12. I think he just needs to be a bit more positive. I wouldn’t buy in January, best wait until Summer
  13. I thought we dominated them for the first half. Personally thought they were on top - without really threatening- for large parts of the second
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