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  1. Looks to have something, I like him. Looks a bit heavy-legged at times though How anyone can say he has a great engine is a bit weird though - how many games has he started and finished?
  2. When the ball starts level with your own goal the odds are never in your favour. Thats why managers generally choose to fortify their goal against the attack, than see opposite’s corners as an offensive opportunity
  3. How was the culture when Fox and Dawson were crowdsurfing round Elland Road, with Urhoghide leading the celebrations?
  4. Lee has started 3 games in the last 11 We won away at Leeds and Brighton and got tanked by Blackburn. Hardly doing badly since his return to the side Throw in the fact that he’s got more assists than Palmer, and only one less assist than Harris despite playing well under 50% of our minutes this season
  5. Because teams will use a combination of man marking and zonal...built off a plan of 1 taker, 1 keeper and 1 more player than you on the halfway line, allowing for each of the high risk areas covered (post, low 6 yard line, POMO, 18 yard line) with remaining players to pick up an opposite. If the opposites go man for man on the halfway line the to combat that the defending team have a choice: Sacrifice part of the defensive protocol (that they work on all week) to cover the extra player being sent forward...or just bring another player back to mark
  6. Extremely easy to combat. The opposites just carry on as normal - going man for man on the halfway line - and all of a sudden they have a free man attacking the corner
  7. There’s a weird situation on this site that seemingly prevents anyone from talking about Dawson or Westwood in isolation. Case in point: Dawson at fault, Westwood would have saved it Dawson had a good game again. Westwood is finished. Its so weird. FWIW I’m certainly supportive of Dawson keeping the shirt, but I do have my question marks if he can handle a full season. The worst result is he loses his place after the window shuts and he spends the rest of the season on the bench.
  8. I think the club and most fans just got swept away with the hype of him being from the Academy. In reality, he’s no better than Richard O’Donnell. I think the longest Hutch has ever signed is 2.5 years, and Rhodes is the premier Championship marksman - you wouldn’t have got him for shorter (if only)
  9. I wasn’t referring to the cost. I was agreeing to your point about hunger and desire. What do you think a 5 year deal for a mediocre young keeper does for his hunger and our ability to freshen up the squad...
  10. Can you believe we gave Wildsmith a 5 year deal?
  11. He’s a referee. Its a known fact you need narcissistic personality disorder to be one of them. Although did make me laugh that he accused you of having a vendetta...in all my time on here there’s only one poster I can recall having a vendetta against a player of ours. And against our striker of the decade at that!
  12. You understand how contracts work, right? When they run out then they are no longer ours.
  13. RB would be high prio for me We don’t have a single RB of required quality Penney won’t make the grade IMO
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