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  1. "striker, striker, where for art thou prolific striker"? "Oh Juliet I do love you so, but I am doing my trade at lesser clubs, and Mr Moore erm, did not notice me waving my arm at him but alas he did not notice me". "I love you so Romeo, but Wednesday is a poisoned chalice, you would not have prospered here I'm afraid"
  2. £8 million pay off, feeling sorry for him now?
  3. Loved that middair back heel from Berahino to FDB for his goal, more like that needed
  4. Ipswich Town 27 goals, Plymouth and Sunderland scoring for fun, when will we start converting our chances? 7 shots on target last night 1 goal, its not good enough 5 drawn games we should have won
  5. So Plymouth 2-0 up half time, they must be so much fun to watch, whereas us forget it
  6. We can shout his name until we're blue in the face, it will always be down to DC whether he comes or not, and you know what he's like when it comes to decisions
  7. Zico he's learnt a lot at Bury and Plymouth he's matured and ready
  8. I would like to make it known to all Wednesday fans, that if and when Ryan Lowe gets the Wednesday job and takes us up, it's thanks to me who has been campaigning incesently for him to be given the job at Hillsborough for the last 2 months, if and when we do go up I expect a thank you and a statue of me in the middle of the North Stand (row M) I thank you, (money donations will be given to cancer research)
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