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  1. Great to see Sheffield looking so splendid, I miss it so much
  2. Can't watch that either most women got scratches which look like Sunderland shirts
  3. This is not good news at all, stop kidding yourselves
  4. Sunderland fans are having the time of their lives, restaurants pubs and hotels within a 5 mile radius of Wembley are thriving, if only it was us(life must be boring in Sunderland)
  5. It's sending a message, that's what you get if it happens,
  6. Nottingham Forest should be banned from taking part in the play off final, cos of what that moron did, it's the only way to put a stop to these moronic actions,
  7. Had people listened and followed government guidelines to the letter, we would not be speaking about Covid 2 years later, I lost my mother in Sept cos of covid, I had it in July 2021 even though I was always wearing a mask and had all the jabs, and believe me it's not a common cold, with me who has underlying health issues it's the last thing I wanted, I felt I was drowning, some don't even know they had it, so keep your guard up.
  8. If that's their view on the situation you have to accept it, you think that things are back to normal but they're not, the virus is still out there, so better to be safe than sorry,
  9. Why is Grimsby called Grimsby? Cos they play in Cleethorpes
  10. On the fact that I live here in Borehamwood, surrounded by Arsenal fans a few Spurs and WHU and Chelsea fans, all moaning about the fight for a top 4 place, God forbid when they drop points, then again why would I feel jealous? I support Sheffield Wednesday the best football club in the entire world
  11. Didn't work out for you, but watch the way United approach theirs, Heckingbottom will get his team up for it
  12. So it's his fault now is it? Most of the team didn't turn up, we didn't control midfield for once Berahino was chasing back trying to help out, it should have not been his job in the first place, Bannan was injured so he should have been rested, then he would have been more effective at home, Berahino turned his season round I'm not going to blame him for anything
  13. Windass coming back from injury didn't help, I think Berahino was hard done by being left on the bench at Hillsborough, he should have started
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