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  2. And of course Mike Ashley has no form whatsoever in being cheap or flouting the rules.
  3. Is it just me who prefers shirts without sponsors on.
  4. #cabbagegate Love it @JG13 It so sums it up.
  5. So you're admitting you know nothing, but are blaming the Chairman just in case.
  6. we are debating as to why dragging ourselves forward at the pace of one attack taking 2/4 minutes of build up play is being advantageous to us? the teams he mentioned attack the opposition with 'mean' intent, so did wilkinson's. you cannot be 'railing' against long ball football, your champion (carlos) played it. i'll give you an example, westwood to lb, lb to cb 1, cb1 to cb2, cb 2 to rb, and reverse sequence, do this several times over 2 minutes then when nearing the half way line one opposition forward breaks and closes one of our c/b's down, his partner drops back to offer him an out ball (which he likely is panicking about when he receives it) and as the forward shapes to close the second cb down he passes back to westwood who HUMPS IT DOWNFIELD. now we've just spent 2 minutes plus monkeying about with it in our own half inviting danger to intervene and pressure our goal, and then HUMPED IT, why?
  7. Not to me, it doesn't; it feels like we're taking a stand and defending our club against the likes of Bruce and Ashley who are trying to take us for a ride. It was also reported that Newcastle were 'stunned' and 'shocked' at the idea of sending loan signings as part of the compensation package. All sorts is being written about this situation, so who knows what to believe? Why you'd want the chairman of our club to accept less than he feels we're due from a Premier League club who took our management team three weeks before the start of the season is beyond me. he should defend our club to the hilt, I'd say. I'm pretty sure he's able to instruct his lawyers whilst also searching for a new manager. The idea that Chansiri is 'endangering our season' would be insulting if it weren't so laughable. Oh...I could have just started with this bit then, couldn't I?
  8. Exactly, we don't know. All this language of rolling over is based on no evidence. It's a narrative.. Who's to say it isn't more the case of DC refusing to compromise, in spite of a fair offer? We don't know either way. But as I see it, Chansiri has form in putting pride before sense.
  9. Indeed. No one knows the facts, but clearly the club and our lawyers think there's a case to be answered. It smacks of something when folk are happy for us to roll-over.
  10. That's because all of you lot keep putting a tenner on him.
  11. Under Carlos's first season (even with Hutch in there we were often getting over run by teams playing a three).
  12. Probably not no - but this is Hutchinson thats been mentioned and this is owlstalk where most of the posters on here love a negaitive cyncical post. Ship the bugger out (even though they've not seen whats happened!) 5 yellows in 27 games according to soccer base 3 yc in 9 games season before 10 yc and 2 rc in 2017/2018
  13. Been backed back in to 8/1, could it be on again?
  14. I agree, get someone in quick and when he decides to fo/ poached..just take the crumbs, bend over and say thanks sir. No probs. Dc has made a reyt mess of it ...kin ell
  15. the more sets of 'dumplings' that are now tipatpping it about amongst it's defenders who don't look comfortable on the ball invite you to attack them and play in their half.
  16. Whatever DC's failings, I think he has integrity. The same can not be said of Ashley from what I've read. I don't think DC is happy with the whole underhand dealing and media manipulation involving NUFC or MA to be more precise. Wednesday have been relatively silent and much more dignified in this mess that is not of their own making IMO. He may just want to set the record straight.
  17. shout out for 'modern football' anyone who doesn't want quality opposition on 'their own turf' to think they've 'been hit by a lorry load of bricks' after they've played 'THE WEDNESDAY'.
  18. Rhodes will get you goals given we set up in his favour .. We are still lacking a pacey striker - given our situation its gonna be tough looking at someone like Nakhi Wells who'd give us that injection of pace we need. Or someone similar All our strikers are very similar with only the odd difference like Joao bit skill ful, Fletcher good in the air etc .. we just lack pace
  19. Why.? The goings on "upstairs" is nowt to do with the players, I'll bet they and Bullen are raring to go.
  20. Just to be focussed on the new season would be a real bonus. We should have had a manager sorted by now surely this is more pressing than making enemies with Newcastle and the premier league. Reading will be 100% focussed, I don't think we possibly can be.
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