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  2. Hunt in that cameo looked a far better player than Pessy. In your opinion what does Pessy offer us that a young lad can’t?
  3. I don't think that all is wrong at the club is down to the manager - the current culture has been done to death and needs changing for the club to move on
  4. I'd agree that he's not good enough for a team pushing for promotion from the Championship, but I think a few people are going to have to reset their expectations over the coming years. We've got no money available to spend so who are we expecting to sign? We have no idea what the future transfer or even sporting scene looks like over the coming years. As for our kids, who have you seen that's better from our youth ranks? Nobody stands out to me.
  5. I think clubs will rebuff the June 20 resumption - and rightly so. It would put players at greater risk of injury. They usually get a 5 week pre-season with full contact plus a handful of friendlies. Now they're getting 4 weeks, partly non-contact in small groups, and no games. They need adequate prep time.
  6. we have made some poor decisions on contract extensions in the past but this would be the worst we have made imo.
  7. They are so desperate to stay cosy with the EPL that they are doing everything they can to just force this through. They know they have a hard deadline at the end of July due to player contracts. As it stands the 20th June is just about as late as they can restart and hit that date. This is going to rumble on for years to come. There will be teams relegated after players are out of contract, teams missing out on promotion/play-offs etc. It's going to be an absolute sh!t show!
  8. I'd love to know how the powers that be arrived at the decision that he deserves a new contract???? I have seen nothing from him that warrants rewarding with a new contract. No wonder we always end up poo creek without a paddle.
  9. If he picked these 3 it doesn't instill much confidence. I was pro-Monk when he came but something has been very wrong since xmas.
  10. no we have to look at players that actually bring something to the team when they play even if they aren’t first choice. What does Pessy bring apart from being fit? What can Pessy do that Hunt can’t for example?
  11. Brentford away cost me a fortune, a refund would offset that shambles of a performance
  12. Think we saw the best of Wickham 5 years ago. Injuries have added up and we would be lucky to get him on the park for 15 games a season. Sadly this was always doomed to failure.
  13. No where near good enough, if that's what we can look forward to seeing next season we are in trouble.
  14. They probably got it off here, so bound to be true.
  15. I think the re-start will be put back a week? TBH I think the EFL should accept that the season is going to go beyond July and look to start at the beginning of the month but I suppose Gibson, Barnsley etc. would have to be consulted first? 😁
  16. I think it was from that great advocate of true journalism, THE STAR.
  17. That would seem to confirm what QPR said a couple of days ago. Remarkable contempt from the league for their member clubs and those they employ.
  18. Very sensible in my opinion. i'm sure in an ideal world he won't be a starter and we'll have some good competition in there but that competition has to be from players that can play the majority of games like he can and won't be in the form of Hutch or Lee who have really struggled in terms of availability in recent times. When recruiting or retaining we have to look at players that have been available and able to train for the majority of the season
  19. Look at his record at palace he has played 41 games in 5 years that kind of give you a hint their could have been injuries. The problem I had with the Wickham signing was no attempt to get him match fit, he should have been playing every development game to get minutes on the pitch, he should have been an impact sub for us for the last 20-30 minutes to build his fitness up and match sharpness.
  20. What when you had about 15000 shareholders who would have needed to vote and agree on administration and a chairman and board who were still being paid large amounts of money from the club. Ok then
  21. To be fair most people thougbt Wickham was a decent signing, on paper it should have worked, dont know what the issue is there. If you wanted to buy him what would he cost, millions i suspect.. No idea about the other two.
  22. Monk had a big involvement with the loans coming in and they have been pretty awful the lad from Italy he has been tracking for years does not look league 2 standard. Wickham is no where near fit let alone match fit and Windass has barely played. If this is the standard of recruitment we have to come from Monk then we are in serious problems because it looks like he hasn't got a clue what he is doing. Lets get in someone proven at this level who is also able to get the best out of limited resources. Everywhere Monk has been he has spent money.
  23. Hopefully he'll be 4th or 5th choice next year. Hutch is going Lee probably will be and with Luongo injury record we are going to have to bring in at least 2 midfielders.
  24. A problem with these types of lists no matter what club or sport they are always weighted to more recent players or events. Be more interesting to hear a few of the people who have studied Wednesday history in depth.
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