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  1. 31Dec1966

    Andy McCulloch

    This is true. There is definately some nostalgia rose tinted in there but I think it was still better. The players were more like us, you just turned up to an away game, paid on the gate and stood up waiting for the Wednesday to appear. I can still remember the feeling when Wednesday ran out under the floodlights at places like Cambridge, mansfield, Stockport etc. It were magic!
  2. 31Dec1966

    That 'Penalty'

    Fox DID pull out, he had both arms in the air. It was an absolute travesty, I've watched it time and again from every angle and Duffy does what Sterling did, cheats and cons the ref. And after a minutes silence for the unbelievably brave souls who acted with dignity and integrity, some paying the ultimate sacrifice. Duffy should be ashamed.
  3. 31Dec1966

    That 'Penalty'

    my feelings exactly. Except FF would probably have seen red. There is no way we would ever get a decision like that. In fact we just don't get penalties. We wouldn't have got the Norwich one last week either. Duffy would not have dived like that anywhere else on the pitch would he. To give a penalty in any game, never mind a high profile one like this the ref has to be absolutley certain. he could not have been certain that was a foul so we have two cheats, no other word for it, Duffy and the ref.
  4. 31Dec1966

    Mick McCarthy

    My feelings too. it feels similar to when Jack took over to me. MM is a similar character and I'm sure he'd take the job. As Paul Sturrock used to say, someone, one day will succeed here. Warnock looked a poor appoinbtment at Cardiif but it worked.
  5. 31Dec1966

    We all hate L**ds scum

    Me neither. Idiotic.
  6. I saw my first derby game in 1967 at the lane. Even when we've been good I absolutely loathe playing them, I'm just too nervous. Would suit me if we never played them again. In 93 at Wembley we absolutely battered them, it really should have been 10-1, yet we were still left hanging on praying for the final whistle.
  7. 31Dec1966

    Joao has to start Friday

    Joao and Fletcher are far better players than Leon and Sharp and should start. Despite not having FF, Hooper and Winnall (who I think would be ideal for these type of games) we have better players than them. They would kill for reach, Bannan and Hector. It's all down to coaching, motivation and tactics, we should be miles ahead of them. If FF is only half fit, I'd have him on the bench. We also need to give substitutes more than 5 minutes, you need at least 15 to make adifference.
  8. 31Dec1966


    Is he on loan from Tottenham or Tooting ?
  9. I could not agree more. The country is being ruined by treading on eggshells around minorities. Government (local and national) is there to do the greatest good for the greatest number. It's the same with the Islamist hate preachers. They openly state they want to kill us yet we GIVE them benefits ! And before someone shouts "racist", being a traveller is not a race, it's a lifestyle choice. Islam is a religion not a race. As everybody knows, if you drive onto public or private land with your caravan depriving other citizens the police will arrest you immediately.
  10. I know people think this is too simple, naive and glib but it's really not, it's true. Improve the atmosphere by having a go. We've nothing to lose, we're not going up or down. Stop hanging on to a 1-0 lead, go for the throat. I believe we have enough players who can play this way. I'd rather we were like United, win or lose, draws are no good to us.
  11. 31Dec1966

    Carlos Interview

    We didn't lose in 90 minutes, correct. Huddersfield didn't win. In fact, Huddersfield finished with a minus goal difference, didn't beat us (didn't even score it was an og), didn't win at Wembley in the final. They didn't even score in the playoffs. And yet, they are in the PL.
  12. And the talk about United, the "expert" boasting about the oldest professional ground in the world being BL. That honour belongs to Field Mill, Mansfield. Anyway they omit to mention that United were formed YEARS after Bl was being used by other clubs amongst them The Wednesday. The other "record" they boast about is the first Premier League goal being scored by Brian Deane. Thats not a "record", or, indeed, anything else, football did NOT start with the premier league!
  13. 31Dec1966

    Pudils head

    There is absolutely no doubt that had that been the other way round it would have been a penalty. I'd like to see the stats for penalties because in the 50 years I've been watching Wednesday I'd like to have a bet that we're in the bottom 10 for penalties awarded in the entire football league. I know every fan thinks their team is treated unfairly but seriously, even in the (rare) seasons we've been good we still don't get our fair share.
  14. 31Dec1966

    This is how we line up

    He did have a poor game last Friday but until then when he plays we won. Jos has no favourites, he plays whoever is doing well in training.
  15. 31Dec1966

    Commercial department missing a trick

    I do, and a video player !