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  1. Football went mad years ago but this is truly astonishing. He did better in the last few games but overall he is average at best. As you say he has the unique ability to dive after the ball has past him, it's laughable. I genuinely wouldn't want him playing for us and, after what we've suffered in the past 2 years, that's an amazing statement.
  2. Me too. I think they have been abandoned. Some people got theirs last year, but I'm still waiting. How is this fair. What a way to run a business. Suppose our owner thinks we'll forget about it. I won't.
  3. I think this has been abandoned which is absolutely shameful. Someone I know was refunded nine months ago yet I , and others have heard nothing for over a year..I am thoroughly ashamed that my club treats loyal fans this way.
  4. As much as I like BB and wish him all the best whether he stays or goes, he's really not at PL level
  5. Zenith data cup, full members, rumbelows, milk, coca cola, sherpa vans, littlewoods, I've been to em all. Even the Anglo Italian Cup in 1970 but I think, for the first time ever, I'll give these games a miss.
  6. Southgate got every decision right until the last 5 minutes of the final game I was staggered he took Walker off when we were defending a corner in the last minute of a cup final. I agree Shaw and Walker are superb strikers of the ball and I think both would have smashed it. Rashfords silly stuttering run up was absurd. Had he scored I think we would have won. We were in control in the first half, but from then on Italy were superior, and, as always, they know when and where to foul. So near, yet so far .
  7. I've been waiting for over a year too. I think refunds have stopped to force people to accept a credit to your account. This adds insult to injury as I know someone who got his money back last November. He applied the same day as me. I'm ashamed of my club, morally bankrupt.
  8. Atdhe doesn't need me to defend him, even on this site, but really, the way some fans acted was totally irrational. He never gave less than 100 per cent and even if you thought he wasn't very good ( he was), that's all you can ask.
  9. A quarter final is no time to experiment but surely we have to be more adventurous. So far we've "got the job done" but there's nothing to fear from Ukraine. Attack and give our semi final opponents something to worry about .
  10. I'm too young to remember John playing for us but he was an excellent player for Middlesbrough. I knew him in later life when he was an insurance agent in Chesterfield, he was a very nice man. With 192 goals in 500 games he wouldn't have to collect insurance nowadays would he?
  11. Which young players who we let go have gone on to have a stellar career ? In fact, the only player from our academy to have a decent career in the last 10 years is Liam Palmer. Our record is awful, and made worse by United constantly finding gems.
  12. And his previous contract was for a ridiculous salary for an unproven player. This is a problem with young players because of the ability of richer clubs to take a punt on unproven players with potential. Matt had a few good games and some fans demanded we offer him a fortune to stop Chelsea or Arsenal stealing him from us. The club gave him an absurd contract and it turns out he's not the next big thing after all. I think that, psychologically, young players lose their impetus when awarded riches too young. Biggest example is George Hirst. Of course he had potential but we offered him the best contract ever to a young player and he still left. Some fans still say we should have offered him more but, although the club handled it poorly (as they do nearly everything), they appear to have been correct in this instance. He's now over 22 and still hasn't scored a goal at any level in senior English football. I don't think he's even played and completed a full game. He's made some money so good luck to him. SWFC are being run appallingly but paying fortunes to young players is not the answer.
  13. David Beckham was a world class player.
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