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  1. Penalties

    I don't know how to check but I'd wager a lot of money that over any period ( 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 50 years) we are in the bottom 10 clubs in the penaties given table. even in our relatively successful periods.
  2. Me too. No need to disparage them and end up with egg on face but teams should be afraid of us. Most of the clubs and squads aren't as good as us so let them worry about us and start on the front foot.
  3. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Currans at BL will take some beating. Big match, going for promotion, local rivals, big crowd, great atmosphere, 1-0 down, on the telly (unusual in those days). Brilliant technique, totally unexpected, and right in front of the Wednesday hordes (except me, I was on their kop!).
  4. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    Don't do that Clive ! There's plenty of us would like to keep up to date with how things are going, possibility of a documentary etc. Freds story would genuinely make a fascinating film or TV programme, it is unique. Congratulations on putting together a really wonderful night, and the scrap book and cards are just brilliant. Thanks again and Good Luck.
  5. I agree. Common sense has completely gone, We have aground with 40,000 seats yet self appointed safety experts deem we can't use them all. The threat of a terrorist targetting a northern second division ground is infinitesimal yet we have to be inconvenienced like this when we were going to carry on our lives in the English way tp prove that terrorism will fail. Clearly the safety people have surrendered. Well, I haven't, I'm going to carry on living my life exactly in the free English manner I always have done. And, as outlined above there are perfectly good reasons why some (a minority so it shouldn't cause a problem) need to bring an overnight bag, rucksack, crash helmet, work clothes, medicine, homework, shopping etc to the match. Search them if they, or the bags look dodgy but leave us alone to enjoy life. As pointed out the crowds leaving at the end could be more easily targeted by a bomb, gun or lorry with more casualties. John lewis full of shoppers would be easier too. I'm sure they mean well but it's nonsense.
  6. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    Just leaving now for what promises to be a fine event.
  7. Stewarding

    Before the Millwall game I was stood chatting to some friends when a steward told me to go to my seat. I politely asked why, and he said I was at risk if there was a fire as I was blocking the gangways! An hour before kick off with a thousand scattered fans around the Kop. I said No, I've been doing this for 50 years. He said he'd fetch a supervisor, just then a youth walked past drinking a can of lager ( not his first by the look of it). I pointed this out but he wasn'tinterested. This is what I object to, they're not interested in confonting troublemakers, just picking on innocent looking people who they think they can order around. It's safer.
  8. Probably. By the way, I keep forgetting about players, I'd forgotten about George Boyd until this thread.
  9. It's simple. We go up, we knock it down. We'll be going up so why waste money on it now.
  10. At the time of the final he said he was a MU fan.
  11. I only saw Ron Springett at the very end but his record says he;s the best modern keeper. Martin Hodge was the best I saw regularly, Mr. Consistency. We won a game v Forest when wothout Hodge we would have lost to a cricket score.
  12. F.A.O John Terry

    But seriously, the media never mentioned it was a dangerous tackle at all. It was a clear yellow and possibly straight red.
  13. I love these. Absolutely brilliant. Keep em coming.
  14. Have a nosey at this

    Made me laugh! The comment AND Les Dawson!
  15. I've been 100% behind Carlos all the time but I'll hold my hands up to the other two. Didn't think Leon would score 4 all season never mind in 40 minutes! Wouldn't have put money on Reach to score 3 in his career never mind 3 consecutive games.