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  1. It's not being bitter at all. It is called being realistic. He acted toward Chansiri, our club and, by extension, us, the fans disgracefully. There is such a thing as human decency and integrity. We allowed him time off to watch sodding cricket, and allowed him to dictate his own terms, then he stabs us in the back at a sensitive time for the club. He didn't care much for his boyhood club when he went to their bitterest rivals. he could have had the pick of clubs but he chose to manage Sunderland. No, i wouldn't have him here if he offered to do it for nothing. Some things are more im
  2. This is correct, a fair sized minority at the Oxford game , as you say, moaned, but at the Blackburn game the vast majority were behind him. Wednesday fans idolised him and when he scored twice for Oldham against us the Kop were all singing his name
  3. Jack Charlton once asked Sir Alf why he'd picked him for England , Ramseys reply was that he didn't always pick the best player in their position but picked someone who suited the overall dynamic of the team. jack always said that he couldn't play but knew how to stop those who could!! There is a concensus that Swan was a better footballer than Jack Charlton but having read Ramseys own words and every book about him I think he would still have picked Charlton. In the same way that he picked Hurst to play in the final even though Greaves, by far the better goalscorer, was fit (even though
  4. Peter Swan is number 467 on the "all who have appeared" list and is the first player on that list that I have seen play, albeit in his second spell. It is beyond doubt that he, Kay and Layne were treated abominably by the FA and the courts. To be deprived of their livelihood AND imprisoned for such a minor offence was vindictive in the extreme and shameful. The comeback game against Fulham in 1972 was very emotional and you could see he was a classy player but after 8 years out he only played about 15 games I think. I went to Wembley in 1975 to see Matlock Town beat Scarborough 4-0
  5. He made his debut away at Leicester. Torrential rain, we were sat in soaking wet clothes and couldn't believe he was a professional footballer. Lost 2-0, thoroughly miserable day.
  6. I went to Forest v Man Utd because it was Laws return from suspension. The length of the ban was a huge thing at the time . Don't know if Ure was an international but they were both Scots, Law usually picked on Englishmen!!!
  7. Correct. Mine came back from Wembley in a back pocket, in the rain, on a motorbike!! Still had to pay £100 for it (including a few other bits) I stopped buying match programmes about 1972, but still collect old ones, the older the better .
  8. Definitely. And I make no apologies for saying it was a game for men.
  9. Not as emotional as not being allowed a last visit to a loved one as they lay dying. The rest of us follow the rules,why shouldn't they, it's not that difficult.
  10. After he claimed to be upset at the loss of his parents, you would think, he would have reassessed his life and decided what was important at his time of life. He didn't, he acted without integrity or decency, even by footballs low standards.
  11. The absolute truth ! Couldn't have put it better myself.
  12. They are. There is nothing to stop them sending cheques out, or inviting us to visit (not at the moment obvoiuosly) the shop to reclaim the money.
  13. As we've been starved of good young prospects our fans over rate our young players when they have one or two good games and demand (on here) we give em a better contract to stop Real madrid noticing them. It's happening now with Shaw and it happened with Penney. penney had a couple of good games and the club gave him anew contract enabling him to buy a fancy car. George Hirst is 22 next month, he hasn't scored ONE goal in England as a professional footballer, in fact, I don't think he's played a full game in leage (or non league) football. Sean Clare had one decent game and the fans were cla
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