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  1. I know all that, but if Bannan had just smashed that penalty in we would now be 2 points behind Derby.
  2. This is the best thread ever. Some really great posts, enjoyed reading them. I don't understand why people say we couldn't get big crowds based on crowds in the 90's. Football has changed and I have no doubt that if we were in the PL we would easily average over 35,000. Sadly a return to even the Championship looks unlikely, this squad have no heart or fight.
  3. Everyone around me said why have we signed him ? Then they saw him play and it was more baffling. It's beyond bizarre now.
  4. When we've had men sent off the excuse is "well, the sending off affected us and it was difficult". When they have a man sent off the excuse is "well, the sending off affected us more than them and it was difficult" Absurd, ridiculous thing to say (twice). It's just common sense that it's better to play 68 minutes with an extra man. He could have just said "yes, we should have made the extra man count, we should have took our chances and we should have scored the penalty". We need to try harder.
  5. 100% our recruitment policy over 5 years. Recruit the right players with character and fighting spirit and it's half the battle. Regardless of the other factors though the players have let the club, the fans and themselves down time and time again this season. I don't think they care less though.
  6. You meant draw not lost, but, Yes, yes it IS the reason we drew. had he scored we would have won 2-1. Players shouldn't miss penalties all the time. They overthink it. The GK has to stand still, the ball is static, it's 12 yards from the goal, and you've spent your entire life practising kicking it. Take a long run up and smash it as hard as you can. Very occasionally it will hit the GK (but bounce back), and even more occasionally it will go over the bar, but almost never. A professional should miss no more than 1 in, say 50. Although I've been going a long time and I don
  7. I know what you mean, but it's still only 3 points in the second division, it's hardly an "achievement" is it.
  8. On the back cover of Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit (best ever band name) LP , Paul has his Wednesday scarf on. Great album by the way.
  9. His greatest achievement is winning a run of the mill second division match 4-2??
  10. Hillsborough was a Palace in the 60's onwards, most other grounds were old and decrepit, but that was part of the away "experience". Baseball ground stands out for me, horrible location, mudbath pitch, terrible view from pitchside. Went a lot, with Wednesday and without! I hate to say it but they were an exciting side under Clough.
  11. In that case my refund won't arrive before NEXT season. I'm in despair at the state of our club. Rotten, rotten, rotten to the core, off the field and on.
  12. Support maybe, but only because they have no other clubs to the north or west of them for miles and miles. Their "rivals" Sunderland are miles away too.Combined Attendances at both sheffield grounds if we'd been in the top flight for most of the last 30 years would be 50,000 plus. The last time Newcastle won a trophy was 1955. Even we've one since.
  13. No, I only feel for our fans. We have had a catastrophic 20 years, in fact, I suggest, the worst times that any major club has had. A catalogue of despair and constant disappointment. And it's not over yet.
  14. I honestly think there would have been trouble at the ground. Arguments in the stands, even individuals running on the pitch. I witnessed fans fighting in the Turner era. This time fans would have been incensed that players on more money a week than they earn in a year can put so little effort in.
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