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  1. How can I be excited when I'm not allowed to go ? Football is utterly pointless without fans. I stand by my original position, cancel the season, start again with everyone at the position they were at start of season. We still have thousands of new infections and hundreds of deaths EVERY DAY. I'm all for easing the lockdown gradually but not for a trivial thing like football yet.
  2. I've always thought this, as fans we criticise but the level you have to be to even BE a professional is so high. I knew 2 lads who were miles better than anyone else with fabulous skill, fitness and application. One was at Wednesday but was released after a year, the other one never even got a trial.
  3. I remember his debut at Leicester. We were sat miserable in soaking wet clothes (it was lashing down) . He didn't even look like an amateur footballer, then it went downhill from there.
  4. Craig Rocastle can be forgiven as he had his career highlight in cardiff, played well above himself when it mattered.
  5. All those, as you say, were capable of the odd dirty tackle, and we've had "hard men", but in 50 years of watching Wednesday we have always, always been too nice. I don't think we've ever had a really dirty player who other teams were scared of. Leeds had at least 3 in one team, Hunter, Bremner, and Charlton. They won things, we didn't.
  6. Absolutely spot on in every respect. 9 or 10 games played under entirely different conditions to the rest of the season and with no fans, utterly ridiculous and a mockery of what football is about. I have no interest in 22 blokes I don't know playing amongst themselves in an empty ground. Football is history, tradition, tribalism, passion, togetherness and a sense of belonging. I love Wednesday but they are not a charity. I have paid a lot of money for products that they have not provided , I want a full refund for the missing games this season. I've paid for next season and apply the same conditions.
  7. Who wouldn't want that ? After the last 20 years I'd love that. And it's probably the best we could hope for under ANY circumstances. And a team that finishes about mid table has a great chance of winning the FA Cup. I'd love us to win it before I die. We'd have a great season getting promoted, sell out crowds the following season and a chance to contribute to Uniteds relegation. We'd have internationals, a higher profile, improvements to the ground and with no worries about relegation as we'd finish mid table every year. What's not to like ?
  8. Have been watching old Cup Finals on Pathe News (63, 67, 58 etc). Most of the commentators remark that the Cup Final is more imporrtant thaN THE League Championship, even than most internationals! The FA Cup is going the same way as the League Cup. Premiership clubs just not interested, more important to finish 4th bottom on goal average, or 4th and qualify for Europe. Thing is, when you're in your 80's and chatting with other fans no one is going to say "EEE, Do you remember that season thirty years ago when we finished 4th from bottom of the league, the drama, the romance, the excitement"
  9. It's called "special match" because you didn't usually need a ticket for a league match.
  10. He's absolutely right. Farcical. It's just 22 men having a kickabout. Nothing to do with season closure, the season consists of everyone playing each other home and away in front of crowds. Every match under the same conditions.
  11. There are 80 up to the kop, that's all I know.
  12. "Integrity" ? As soon as footballers are treated differently the rest of the country will (quite rightly) say whats good for them is good enough for me. "If footballers can hug strangers as they are waiting for a corner, I can squeeze into a tube train, snog a stranger, play football in the park, do conga etc etc. They risk undoing all the sacrifices we have made for 2 months.
  13. Same here. my mother in law died 2 weeks ago at 93 in a care home. The doctor who put covid 19 on the death certificate had never seen her alive. She had NO symptoms at all. She died of old age. I'm not minimising the horror of getting the disease but the death rate is about 4% overall, even with these skewed figures. Even elderly victims with underlying conditions only have death rate. of 20%. I'm fully behind what the government has done to avoid pressure on the NHS but if the economy is wrecked there will be NO NHS or social servies as there won't be any tax.
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