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  1. I was excited when we signed Stainrod. He scored after 2 minutes at Forest one night and we won 1-0. I thought not only is he a good player he's a lucky charm ! Oops !
  2. Impossible to predict but if (IF) we keep this form up, get a bit of luck and players stay fit I think we will still just miss out. I have Boro on 73, Villa on 73, Derby on 72, us on 71 and PNE and Forest on 70. Remarkable when you think it's been a terrible season and we've had important players out. Also absolutely heartbreaking. If we'd held out in the two games against West Brom (and we were the best team) we would be in the playoffs. If we'd done the double over Rotherham (which we should have done on paper, but didn't deserve to !!) we'd be in the playoffs. On my calculations of course.
  3. he didn't write it. I think it is the oldest song to ever make number one. Written about 1900 I think, possibly about the American civil war or the first Boer war, can't remember. Wonderful song though about comradeship and love for ones friends.
  4. It's about time we gave Bolton a pasting isn't it. They've been useless for a while yet they always do well against us. Whatever team we put out we should really be winning this easily.
  5. Football is a simple game, get fitter than the others, pass to your own team, get it forward quickly, shoot on sight, shoot early, clear your lines. United are 3rd with a team of journeymen who have achieved nothing elsewhere but their team spirit and have a go attitude has got them up there. We have a nucleus of about 8 or 9 players who are far better than theirs yet we're miles behind. Bruce has seen this and will put it right.
  6. He really does remind me of Carlton, those long legs powering across the pitch. He does look a little clumsy and ungainly but so did Carlton and Ian Mellor, another one with gangly legs. Don't think Liams scored for us in the leage from his position but Iorfas already got 2 !
  7. Oh, please ! A half fit Winnall would put more effort in than fully fit Matias, and thats all we ask.
  8. Can't sing that song anymore as there are too many bald players by design! The loudest I can remember was when Coventry knocked us out of the cup in the quarter final. Left back (Burrows?) was prematurely bald and about 40,000 Owls serenaded him with that every time he went near the ball. Sadly, it didn't seem to put him off his game!
  9. Totally agree. We've made some right bad signings, and matias is one. Good riddance.
  10. I'm still going on about him getting sent off at Hull when Dawson tried to break his leg. And the rugby tackle at Wembley orchestrated clearly by the same player. If Dawson had been sent off we'd have won the PL by now.
  11. This confirms what I've said throughout my 50 years of going ! Would be great to see these stats for all those 50 years because I'm absolutley certain they would show the same results EVEN when we were good!
  12. Agree completely. There's definitely something going on here. Collectively the refs are without doubt treating FF more harshly than anyone else. Add the 2 Preston sendings off, and I remember something in an MK Dons game. Countless other incidents when defenders are allowed to foul him at will. I also thin our other players should be talking to the ref (like other teams do). "are you just going to let them kick him allgame ref?
  13. It is. he doesn't leave the pitch, barely touches a passing fan, who isn't on the pitch I don't think. What grounds are there for picking on him and booking him? I have no doubt at all that FF is unfairly treated by referees. As at Mansfield he was targeted unfairly all the game with one foul an absolute cert of a red card. How is that offence which could have seriously imjured FF the same as what FF did there? (if anything?). The Rotherham scorer kicked a corner flag which flew through the air and could obviously have injured someone, why was he not booked.
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