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Community Answers

  1. I don't think I'll ever see Wednesday in the top division again.
  2. Last sentence, NO they would not. We are the best fans in the country, bar none. I try to be positive, and will go to Hillsborough for ever, but I can understand the outrage felt by fans who have been woefully let down for 25 years.
  3. Terrible news, will donate. Nothing else I can say but I'll be thinking of you.
  4. A fan says they follow Sheffield Wednesday, a supporter goes to games. The clue is in the word. The people who say we're all the same if we're Wednesday fans are wrong. The person who goes to all the games is a better supporter than someone who goes occasionally, how can they not be ? It's no good having 40,000 "fans" who never go, the club needs supporters. And a good supporter goes through thick and thin.
  5. The 2 most famous clubs were there in the 30 mile area, City had just been given a new ground with space for expansion, and Manchester is very trendy due to the BBC thinking Manchester is "the north".
  6. I loved it. You can't score if you're not in their third of the pitch AND, they can't score if they ARE in their third of the pitch. we're far too predictable. Jack Hunts cross was perfect, they idin't expect him to hit it first time. Break quickly, use wingers. Stop over complicating things.
  7. Exactly. Football isn't complicated. People overthink it. Incredibly fit would be nice though !
  8. Agree. I think some fans are being far too harsh using words like dreadful, clueless etc. I thought it was an improved performance, great goal and determined team play. Yes, we made mistakes and rode our luck at times but that's football. We HAD to win today to keep in touch, and we did. The result is all that matters.
  9. Don't want to be too po faced about it but it could have been serious. What if we'd broken away , got past the keeper (insert joke here) the ref would have stopped play and stopped us going 2-0 up.
  10. Agree completely. I go to watch Wednesday win. Obviously, a 5-0 playing beautiful football is a bonus, but the 3 points is just the same. I am pessimistic about this season but 2 wins in 5 days, however they are achieved will do me.
  11. Me too. I wondered why the scorer acted like he'd won the World Cup and even when the name was announced I didn't realise. Just thought it was a common name.
  12. But they're over the moon with a Saudi consortium!
  13. This, this, this! He might not be likeable, but he's kept Newcastle in the PL with their own ground. I'll take that over the last miserable 25 years here.
  14. I didn't! Probably about 3 each, ours were rubbish as usual. Only one ball was lost over the old Bishop Street stand though.
  15. I wasn't. Freezing on the back row of the main stand . Jumped up when we scored and was told to " get over there" with the Wednesday fans.!! Not likely I said I'm off home.. They weren't happy.
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