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  1. The sage idea of a "circuit breaker" that Sir Kier is so keen on said (along the lines of) a two week total lockdown would delay the virus infection rate by 28 days. Just what is the point of that ? When this is all over we will look back and see thousands of business ruined, many lives (probably more than Covid deaths) lost to cancer, heart disease, stroke etc, our economy trashed with no money left for the NHS, and mass unemployment. If a successful vaccine was guaranteed to be ready on, say, March 2nd, I can see we have to take precautions till then, but thats not the case.
  2. The only thing contributing to clubs financial crisis is the absurd wages paid to players.
  3. I've been in Nottingham today. A third of infections are from Nottingham University, no figures from Trent so we can suppose they are the same(or higher!). Most of these positive tests show no symptoms.. Over two thirds of cases are in young people who are not in danger but may infect others.
  4. It did. We thought the pain was over. How wrong we were.
  5. Me too. I've always said that the crowd is the most important thing. Without a crowd you might as well watch a park game.
  6. It is. Never heard anyone say a bad word about him. Some great comedy moments and years of interesting TV/film while remaining down to earth.
  7. it is. Does anyone know anyone who has had a cash refund yet ? I pay in February every year for a product that is not available until August, that's six months in advance. Six months have now elapsed since it became clear that crowds would not be allowed and I have heard absolutely nothing.
  8. All that is correct but, if pressed, he says he was brought up a" Unitedite" so supposes that's what he is, although he "supports" both. He's obviously not a real football fan as one couldn't support both !
  9. Man has wages of £1500 a year in 1975 (a decent wage at the time). Wages rise slightly every year until he retires 40 years later on £20,000 a year. Cant' be bothered to do the exact maths but he won't have earned £350,000 in his entire working life. And he will have worked 40 hours a week, maybe more, and paid his own gym fees !
  10. At £350,000 a week it's quite possible that a 50 year old man will not have earnt that in his entire life in the real world .
  11. The one I'm wearing in my owlstalk photo! Xmas present in 1966. Wore it to training at school and even when I went for an "associated schoolboy" trial with Derby County.
  12. I think most teams fans think that they are unlucky, and, it is partially true that the harder you work the luckier you get, but, only partially. I think the things mentioned earlier are all valid examples. The Kay, Swan, Layne scandal was an injustice. Being jailed and banned for life for that was certainly over the top. The 1989 disaster could have happened anywhere (certainly at our semi final at Villa Park in 86). I'm pretty sure we have been awarded far fewer penalties than almosy any club in the time I've been going. My answer to the question is YES.
  13. Obviously this could go either way, but if it was us, I'd be puzzled. What they need is a proven goalscorer and he is one for the future. They need goals now. Last season they scored one a game, this season even less. Incidentally, some of our fans still keep saying we should have paid George Hirst £10,000 a week because of his potential. Brewster is nearly 2 years younger and is worth 23million. That.s potential.
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