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  1. The one on Nuhiu was similar to their first, but both he and FF stayed upright contrary to popular opinion! And unlike their players !
  2. We don't. We just don't. It's been going on for years, whether we're good or bad. I think Derby have been awarded 4 already. The Murphy one against Luton was absolutely clear, and it was a minute after their gk had handled outside the area. I'd love to see the statistics because I'm certain we have the lowest number of penalties over any period you wish to choose.
  3. Yep, that's a real attacking bench with options. Luongo looks a quality attacking midfielder and a goal threat. I don't think I've ever seen us win at Deepdale. Time to put that right.
  4. Been going over 50 years. Always run up the 80 steps to the Kop. One of these days I'll have a heart attack.
  5. We won. I'm happy. Don't mind if it's boring every match all season if we keep winning 1-0. Prefer attractive footy of course, but in recent years we would have let them score in the dying seconds. We were baffled that Winnall came on and not FF, he would have held onto the ball and caused problems. Although that ref would probaly have sent FF off for simulation in seconds after giving them 20 fouls for the slightest touch
  6. It seems some fans are just waiting for Fox to make a mistake to berate him. To his credit (just like Nuhiu who suffers similar unwarranted abuse) he gets on with his game. He played well last night in the context of an all round average team performance. And he probably saved us two points near the end when he blocked a shot in the area. Booing our own players is just stupid. Even if you think their ability is not the best they don't pick themselves do they ?
  7. This. I can't believe some are saying the ref was OK. I thought he was shocking. You know a ref is bad when people just start laughing at some of the decisions. Dangerous tackles on Bannan and Murphy went unpunished yet it was only because they jumped out of the way that thye weren't injured. Yet when we toepoked to win a ball at close quarters they simply went down and the ref was so easily fooled. At the start of the second half their GK was warned about timewasting yet took just as long immediatley after being told! It was amusing to see him racing into the corner to retrieve the ball in the last minutes though.
  8. Those people in high vis coats are private citizens in a public place and have absolutely no right to block another private citizens movement. Except for common courtesy which we should all extend to our fellow citizens, you do not have to talk to them, listen to them, move for them or take any notice whatsoever of them.
  9. I am so angry at this statement. The problems are a direct result of the councils prohibition notice. The club is quite capable of the administration of a Tuesday night game v Luton Town without this ridiculous interference. The vast majority of fans are responsible adults who can enter and exit a football ground safely without advice and interference from a council who have failed Sheffield for decades.
  10. I felt a "siege mentality" around Hillsborough yesterday. The way SB treated us, the way the FA have treated FF, the absurd SAG saga (!) the fact that United have been promoted and that LB is in charge seem to have instilled in the fans and the players a backs to the wall, fighting together attitude. This can take you a long way as United proved last year. I love the never say die pressing game, long may it continue. I believe our squad is better than Uniteds last year and there is no reason we can't do as well.
  11. I take your points but I stand by mine. We took over 41,000 to Cardiif (I accept everyone takes a lot) and could have sold over 40,000 v Wycombe but even more pertinently we have averaged 20,000 over the worst 20 years in our history. A glancing blow at success and playing the top 6 glamour clubs and I am certain we'd get 40,000. The pull of the PL cannot be over estimated.
  12. I'm so surprised I find it hard to believe. It felt att he game it was the other way round. Still, there's only one stat that matters.
  13. I think we would. PL is so different to when we were last there. West Ham used to get 35,000 at Upton Park but now get 60,000. I know that's in London but even so, we would sell 30,000 plus season tickets and with PL money our POTD prices could be lower, we would average 40,000 at least. Yesterday despite high prices, SAG rules, no manager, no big money signings, Bruce kicking us in the teeth, 20 years of mostly rubbish, and people still on holiday we had the 4th Highest crowd of the day in the British Isles ! And In the second division !
  14. Triple substitution at Cardiff. Saved the day. Brilliant manager for that alone.
  15. Football fans are the most discriminated against group in the country. I know there are some idiots but to stop the 99% of decent ordinary fans going anywhere they want and about their lawful innocent business is disgraceful. And using the trite phrase "public safety is of paramount importance" to justify anything is absurd. Of course it is, but there are risks in life. The logical conclusion to this nonsense is to ban all cars in case of an accident, etcetera etcetara
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