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  1. Agree completely. Goals like McGinns and some of Reachs look fantastic and they are excellent strikes of the ball . When they go in, great, but they could go anywhere. FF makes the goal entirely by himself, looks up and strikes the ball like an arrow into an exact spot. Best goal of the season. Vote early, vote often !
  2. Winning bid was £141. Thats a good price for a unique item.
  3. Absolutely right. And George Best added he couldn't head the ball either! (Best could)
  4. The trouble is if the ref sees so much as a speck of blood on a shirt the player is taken off, for safety !! Seeing players with a bloodied head bandage on was part of the game then and all the better for it.
  5. This is what I was trying to say ! I follow Stranraer as we went to a game when we had a Laurel and Hardy convention there. Also follow Berwick Rangers as until this week they were the only English club in the Scottish league
  6. I only support Wednesday, haven't got a "second team" sounds a bit daft to me but each to their own. However I have several teams I actively dislike, afew I have a soft spot for mainly due to friends supporting them. Almost any game I can find a reason to want one of them to win. Derby-Leeds is a problem, I really dislike both and hate saying it but I want Leeds to win and then lose to WBA. I was happy to see Mansfield lose to Newport, their behaviour in the friendly was a disgrace and I hope we never play them again. This despite watching them a lot in the sixties including their greatest ever game, 3-0 v West Ham.. I followed Matlock all the way to Wembley when Peter Swan was there. Anyway, I think most older fans follow football full stop, but modern fans just seem bothered about the PL.
  7. I'm sure he'll be delighted if we make it, even though he's not there. And though I see your point of view, you're very lucky to have been to so many games with your Dad. My own Dad died when I was a teenager so I never had that pleasure, never even had a pint with him. Now that's maudlin !
  8. I thought he looked OK at first. But then I thought Mark Beevers would captain England.
  9. I remember vividly my excitement at this signing. He was a quality player but, I regret to say, totally wasted in our team at that time.
  10. I've not seen it mentioned on here, (unless I've posted it before and forgotten, entirely possible ) or anywhere else for that matter, but I could be wrong. The only reference to it is this photograph and short article. The great man played for Bolsover Hospital Cup X1 which was really Sheffield Wednesday in disguise, so it won't be in the record books. Nevertheless he did play for Wednesday ! Suppose they could have been called Bolsover Wednesday (I have a postcard somewhere of a team called Bolsover Wednesday but that's from the early 1900's). It mentions six internationals playing for us which surprised me as we were at a low ebb then. Can only think of Rodrigues, Jim Craig, Willie henderson and Banksy himself. Did Clements play for Northern Ireland? Anyway, I thought it was interesting
  11. I'm not criticising Palmer, he's been a steady player, improved vastly this season and seems a genuine bloke but if someone doubled his wages he' be gone.
  12. This. Even if we matched their wages offer (not a hope in hell) he'd go to Fulham. London scene, most judges would say Fulham have a better chance of top 2 than us. There are about 10 clubs in our division who could easily persuade any of our players to jump ship by offering more money. There is no loyalty in football, only by the fans.
  13. What a time to be a Wednesdayite that was. No-nonsense bloke who understood football and fans. Getting Curran to come here was a masterstroke. A lot of the time the football was n't great but I didn't care. Travelling away with hordes of Wednesdayites knowing the team would give 100% was brilliant. I was ecstatic when he agreed to come, again when he signed TC, then when he signed Andy McCullough I thought Who? Turned out to be a favourite, proper old fashioned centre forward. Some great memories, the 78-79 Cup run when we played 9 games and went out in the third round ! The 3-0 win at Barnsley on the opening day, promotion at Blackburn and the two iconic games v United. He came so close to taking us back up. Last time I saw him was the Newcastle game when he added his signature to the others on my photo of Bobby Moore holding the world cup. Jack should definitely have got the England job at some point. Happy Birthday Jack, thanks for the memories.
  14. Despite most people saying tenDer hooks these days tenterhooks is, in fact correct and so, to me feels right. Tenterhooks were the lines holding dyed fabric which was stretched out in the fields to dry.
  15. Thats my feeling. I'd keep the new Palmer, Nuhiu as an alternative sub, take a chance on Winnall. Thorniley and penney as back up. Try and get Hector and lazaar back if the price is right. Rhodes will be back and Reach can stay unless we can get 5 million for him. That's 14 players. Then we need 6 young fit players, 2 midfielder, one fast striker, 2 wingers and a utility defender. Add Dawson and the squad is 21. Make them superfit and we've got a promotion team. I make that squad better that Uniteds.
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