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  1. 31Dec1966

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    Saved me typing it out ! Wigan weren't another PNE but were niggly all the game.
  2. 31Dec1966

    From a Wigan fans forum

    I never tire of saying this. I go to Hillsborough to see Wednesday win. Don't care how it's done or what the score is as long as we score more than them. I thought we played comfortably yesterday without really threatening much. Fletcher won every ball so you keep doing it. Pity Joao or Winnall didn't replace Matias earlier (like the 5th minute!) to take advantage of the flick ons.
  3. 31Dec1966

    Well done Nuhiu

    My opinions exactly. He's rarely injured, never moans, loves the club and does what he's asked to. He doesn't pick himself does he, several managers have thought he has something to offer and he always gives 100%. FWIW I think he is unfairly treated by referees too, they seem to think because he's big that in a tussle it must be him who is the offender. We need better than Palmer, Fox, Pelupessy but until we get better they should be encouraged.
  4. 31Dec1966

    luton game

    has it really come to this? Rejoicing because a managerless team who were non league a couple of years ago are missing a player? We were awful in the first game. I'm fed up of our players (and now our coach) talking about great weeks on the training ground and we've got to put it right. Just do it !
  5. It's so frustrating. The aim of the game is to score, and the best way of scoring is to get the ball in the box as soon as possible. We sometimes have 2 or even 3 players standing over a free kick who then pass it to each other with the aim of crossing theball. What's wrong with 2 of the players causing problems in the box and the remaining player putting the ball staright in !!! We have been joking for years that we should decline all throwins and let the opposition take them all, we would have more chance of winning the ball. These are basic skills taught at schoolboy level yet we seem completely unable to master them.
  6. Ralph Hunt died later that year in a car crash while returning from watching Peterborough who were Chesterfields next oppononts. His goalscoring record in the lower leagues was remarkable, but he's only jsut joined Chesterfield at the time.
  7. Nor me. He is far too inconsistent. He's honest, injury free and a decent player but I'd take 10m if offered. In our current situation, of course.
  8. 31Dec1966

    Police presence today

    I counted 22 from outside the park to Hillsborough Corner who all watched a little noisy motorbike being ridden by THREE kids without helmets going through a red light. It wasn't going fast, I could have caught it up. Protect the public, uphold the law ? Not a chance.
  9. I'd go further. Rest of season 20 adults, under 18 a quid. Build momentum, reward long suffering fans.
  10. 31Dec1966

    Onto the FA Cup

    Exactly. We are the last side from outside the top flight to win a trophy (arent we?). What a memory, singing Abide with me at Wembley at the final. 5-0 quarter final win over Brnley, 93 semi final. Winning things, thats the point.
  11. 31Dec1966


    Credit to Fox for holding his nerve and playing with confidence despite some (only some) booboys.
  12. 31Dec1966

    87th minute subs...

    Winnall should have replaced Matias on 75. Said so at the time. Point to prove and tireless physical worker. Did enough to win three games anyway but Winnall would have changed it.
  13. Think Warnock played for chesterfield at the time. No wonder he opened a shop, he was useless, I saw him a couple of times.
  14. No, it's real. Like Graham Pughs trousers!
  15. 31Dec1966

    Lee, Winnall, Hooper

    It sounds a bit far fetched but if we can avoid defeat at WBA then confidence is returning and we can build momentum. If Bruce comes in and we get FF and Winnall back in January we could yet be outsiders for the top 6. I can't believe I've typed that and I think it's an extreme long shot but yuo never know.