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  1. Hillsborough on Historic List

    Just for anyone who is interested the Farfield Inn has just been sold at auction for two and a half times it's guide price. It went for £250,000 I think which is amazing as it's in a near derelict state. For a while it was painted in blue and white stripes and called THE OWL.
  2. When I'm asked if I believe in God I always reply "Which one"?
  3. The bit in brackets is just incorrect. Staggeringly so. The Bible is not a history book, and the earliest gospel was written at least 70 years after Jesus. By a vested interest, in a different language ! The gospels do not agree with one another. Some of the new testamant was wrtten hundreds of years later, some of it has been translated several times. The stories in the Bible occur in many other religions, cultures and myths. if one person starts saying he has an imaginary friend who was dead and has come alive and who is inside his head telling him what to do he is presumed to be mentally ill. If millions do it, it's called religion and asks for respect!
  4. Mick McCarthy

    12th would be great right now
  5. He couldnt have done anything else, he hit it hard and on target, the keeper got in the way. So unlucky.
  6. Chris Bart Williams

    Really exciting signing. At the time he looked as though he'd become a world class player. It didn't happen but he was still a great talent. A few years earlier we'd signed another youngster who looked as though he would be a world star, that didn't happene either (Siggi)
  7. Gary Hooper

    Without doubt. he can change a game, not many players can.
  8. Letter sent to the FA

    Thanks for this. Cheered me up no end. Post of the day for me.
  9. Adthe Nuhiu

    He is a very under rated footballer, he does whatever is asked of him,he always gives 100%, he is unfairly treated by referees because of his size, he is judged by a lot of Wednesday fans as a traditional "big man striker" when he is not, he is rarely injured, he takes responsibility and supports his team mates even when on the bench, he doesn't sulk, he works hard, trains hard and isn't afraid to take a chance. What is not to like ? Above all he is an absolute professional. Younger players (and some older ones!) could learn a lot by modelling themselves on him, he acts with dignity on and off the field. For the umpteenth time, we know he's not the most prolific striker in the country but if everyone showed his commitment and enthusiasm we would be a better team.
  10. Exactly. We seem to have people on here who think they know all about this situation. I don't think they do. We have a new CEO and a new manager who has said if they're good enough they're old enough! GH claims he's older and wiser. Should he be on the bench or involved tomorrow in front of a big crowd he may well have second thoughts. There could well be further negotiations, we just don't know. it's definitely positive news.
  11. This^^ I've always had a ST but I don't mind POTG being cheaper for games like this. Kids should ALWAYS be cheap. The bigger the crowd the better.
  12. Including us. Keeps the status quo.
  13. In our present circumstances I'll be happy with that.