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  1. You're not wrong there. The media never mention Hysel, never mention Liverpool fans permanently standing up, or getting into the European Cup final for free in Istanbul ( I personally know someone who did this). Last month during the pandemic thousands of them got drunk, set flares off and even set fire to part of their own iconic Liver building. Well, they've waited thirty years those "long suffering fans".
  2. Wrong. And, er.....wrong. You've just had your best season for half a century yet you still come on here to comment (incorrectly) about something that happened over a decade ago, and a tragedy that happened over 30 years ago when many people died. Trying to score tribal football points about the disaster is pretty low I think.
  3. At the time I thought he'd be off, even though it was a superb tackle. Should have done the same to Rhodes though when we were 4-3 up !
  4. How is it fair and within the rules that a player be "on loan" for 3 years. At this rate he could play for England and still be on loan. Ridiculous.
  5. This is reality, I don't see how clubs in the third and fourth tiers can survive. Even some clubs in this league. Even if fans are allowed to return, it will be reduced, and some fans might just not bother anyway. No fans, no catering or shop sales. I'm glad we avoided relegation. It will be a struggle but not impossible to avoid it again and build from there.
  6. Didn't United lose their first 4 games under Wilder (equivalent to a 12 point deduction) and still went up? It shows what is possible with committed players and team spirit. If we can sign young, hungry players (made a good start) with something to prove we've half a chance. Going down would have been disastrous, as I'm not sure there'll be any teams to play in that league. Getting rid of the ageing players merry go round is essential and has started. If we have a never say die attitude, fans are let back in, stabilise the club, and finish mid table I'll be happy.
  7. 11 points lost then, would have not been far off playoffs if there were no injury time. Amazing considering we were awful since Christmas.
  8. I have that book, but I doubt anyone can remember some event from when they were 2 or 3. You think you remember because people have told you you were there. Anyway, credit to Roy, he still comes to matches and I think he lives in Barlow, or Baslow, so no easy travel.
  9. I read somewhere that the season officially ends on 4th August. Don't know why, or where I read it, but that would mean we have to be informed by next Tuesday doesn't it?
  10. Firstly, we'd all swap places with them (status-wise) , they've finished 9th in the PL and own their own ground. Secondly, finishing 4th from bottom would have been a tremendous achievement, Wilder has done a spectacular job to get them there after 6 years in the pub league. Credit where it's due they've had a great 4 years. However, just a few weeks ago their fans were boasting they might be in the Champions league, and, at least in the Europa League next season, and, furthermore they had a great chance of winning the FA Cup. And they were right, this was all distinctly possible. None of those things have happened. They didn't even make the FA Cup semi final so the honours board signwriter can put his brushes away. They missed out on the much heralded "European tour" by 5 points (I think), so not even near in the end. A great season, no doubt, but, in 10 years time no-one remembers who finished ninth do they? And, this was perhaps, their best chance to do what they long to do, above everything else, match their bigger neighbours, play in Europe and, even better, actually win something. I may well be wrong, and they go on to better things, do a Leicester, but several established clubs had poor seasons, yet still, in the end finished above them. They'll need to score more than a goal a game next year in the difficult "second season".
  11. Yes, I think it would have been different. Of course, we have our share of the "unruly" but nothing like Leeds and Liverpool. For thousands and thousands to behave like they did, trashing their own city, litter everywhere, drunkenness, fighting is reprehensible at any time, but to do it during a pandemic is just beyond the pale. Even further beyond though is the refusal of the media to condemn it outright. It seems that some groups in society are allowed to behave as they please and are not condemned.
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