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  1. We're far too nice to do things like that. We're the only team that takes throwins from the correct place (sometimes further back!). Bannan is the only man to talk to the ref for instance. We play like gentlemen and where has it got us? Look at Cardiffs goal. Other teams would have surrounded the ref (Like Fulham did when they were denied a penalty last week), with good reason. We just shrug. Nuhiu is constantly penalised even when he's been fouled just because he's big. WE are, and always have been, just too nice.
  2. If Wednesday score a last minute equaliser I will do what I normally do, go berserk! As I, and others have pointed out, Backing the opposition doesn't mean I want them to win. The only way to bet is with your head not your heart. I only bet what i can afford to lose, small sums so it doesn't really matter, although most seasons I make a profit . During the match I never even think of the bet. I look for good value for my money so very rarely bet at long odds. United have been very good value several times this season so I'm not ashamed to say I've backed them and am now running a healthy profit (I'd love them to go down but they're not going to). For the record I've put £5 on Derby at 2-1, and £5 on the draw at 9-4, which is excellent value. I will be delirious if I lose my money though.
  3. You are wrong! The bet is being relegated, not number of points.
  4. Someone betting on the outcome does'nt affect the outcome at all. I often bet against Wednesday, I have inside knowledge, and if there's an opportunity to make some money I take it. Doesn't mean I want it to happen. Derby are 2-1 on Wednesday, that is very good value. They are at home, they aren't far behind us and (although this shouldn't be a factor) we have a dismal record against them. We are inconsistent too. Me betting some of my winnings this season on Derby makes no difference to the result, and, if I do bet, I hope I lose.
  5. This^^^. Their keeper started wasting time at goal kicks from the first minute with thye score at 0-0. The crowd let the ref know but he did nothing. When we went 2-1 up he was telling Dawson to hurry up BEFORE he'd got the ball back! Absolutely infuriating. Overall he was OK but stuff like that really irritates me. And, of course, he gave a corner when it clearly cannoned off their player (Atdhe cleared it the other direction) and they scored from it.
  6. I'll argue with that, especially Reading.
  7. We seem to have had decades of rubbish draws. During our cash strapped times we never got a money spinner like Anfield or Old Trafford. Only the Arsenal tie sticks out. We usually get a boring team away making no money and losing, or a lower league team who pull out all the stops to beat us in front of 5000. Meanwhile United get, what turn out to be more or less byes, or big clubs.
  8. Iorfa has had a great start, long may it continue but it might not ! Bannan, Nuhiu, Borner and probably Harris are good value. Even Fox is probably good value. In truth we think most of our players are better than they are. Most have had their chance and are just not consistent enough. I'd definitely keep those 6 but the rest I'm ambivalent about especially on the wages we pay.
  9. This everytime. In the current financial times though if we can't have that Old Trafford would bring in some money and I think we'd have an outside chance of progressing.
  10. That is a truly awful statistic. Against Brum we would have won even after going behind if we'd played all 90 minutes like we did the last 10. Against Swansea we came from behind to be 2-1 up, then gave them a last minutes goal. As we all know it's consistency that wins promotion.
  11. After 53 years watching Wednesday I can confirm this is absolutely correct. Never has been, probably never will be.
  12. for booting the ball high into the NorthStand at with two minutes to go at the end of the first half ? As clear a booking as you'll ever see. I know there were other things to discuss last night but these things irritate me. To his credit Bannan was having a right go at the ref about it. I'd love to know what the ref replied as it was blatant time wasting.
  13. What a great gesture from Willie Henderson in memory of his daughter. He wasn't with us very long but what memories and what a character. Players like him and Terry Curran don't seem to exist anymore. Interacting with fans and playing with a smile. Great days.
  14. Jim McCalliog (see my username). Can't remember it at all. Can't even remember which end it was at.
  15. Nail on head. Our fans are loyal and the best n the country to average 20,000 over those 20 years but it is so dispiriting, even to die-hards like me. 4 years ago we were within reach of the PL and blew it. The atmoshere at BL had been poisonous for years. Now sorry to say, its great, thats the secret, success.
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