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  1. And it is nonsense. How can another person (linesman or ref) know what someone elses intention is? They are not mindreaders. And a GK/defender has to be aware of everybody so everybody is "active". I was not aware of it at the game but that goal was offside.
  2. Where are Slow Club?
  3. 31Dec1966

    Bristol City - 2 years ago....

    We were in the Rawson Spring, the rain was astonishing. It was like a river ON TOP of the trams and we got soaked walking to the ground. At half time we wished it had been called off
  4. 31Dec1966

    RIP Oliver Rains

    Mine too. RIP. I'll be joining in to let the family know we care.
  5. 31Dec1966

    Jon Shaw

    Another reason I'm not a football scout. I DID think he'd play for England! Saw him in the reserves and thought he had a great career coming ! I think he scored at Hillsborough in the last game of one season.
  6. 31Dec1966

    Sean Clare

    Clare looked a potentially good player, george Hirst even more so. It's simple. Both of them should have got their heads down, worked hard, learnt from the senior players and taken their chance when it inevitably came. This is what Baker, Thorniley, Penney, Preston, Nielsen etc have done. If Clare and Hirst had done the same they would be in the matchday squad now. Both of them would have got the big money once they proved they were good players at this level and they should have been hungry to just play at their age. Whatever people think of Nuhiu he is a real example for young players to follow. Dropped to the bench ? Still celebrates goals. Not in the squad? Works hard to regain his place. Some (repeat some) of his own fans abuse him ? Ignores them and it only makes him try harder. Things not going right ? Doesn't sulk, just keeps trying. Told to do a job he might not want to do ? Does it to the best of his ability. Told to keep the ball in the corner ? Turns like Messi, beats four defenders and curls a world class shot into the top corner
  7. 31Dec1966

    Ian Cranson??

    Exactly. Decent but run of the mill players ultimately costing us Wilko. I was hugely disappointed when we didn't sign Mark Wright, 10 times better than Cranson.
  8. Nobody could defend so called "parachute payments" and still consider the division an "even" playing field. Clearly it is NOT. To deny some clubs legitimate and legal funds from their owner yet allow others (the relgated ones) millions and millions of pounds is as far from fair and reasonable as it's possible to get. It's indefensible, wrong and totally against natural justice and the ethics of sport. Added to that is the system whereby clubs can spend, spend, spend, stick 2 fingers up to the EFL and get promotion and avoid any sanction at all (assuming they don't come back down!)
  9. 31Dec1966

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Sat with us in the away end at Derby one year. Nice bloke and joined in the banter.
  10. 31Dec1966

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    In the summer at a boot sale a bloke noticed my Wednesday stickers and said his best mate at school was someone called Adrian Wall, could I remember him playing for us? I couldn't but sure enough he did ! He was from Creswell. Jim Craig was at the end of his career but he'd won a European Cup winners medal with Celtic! Best thread this year, by gum we've seen some rubbish haven't we!
  11. 31Dec1966

    Most memorable game

    This really was a special night under the floodlights. Massive crowd and atmosphere, great football and Wednesday just steamrollering Burnley.
  12. 31Dec1966

    Remember this?

    More penalties that night than we ususally get in an entire season, and I missed it. the only home game I missed that season as I was on holiday.
  13. Spot on. Palmer was a much under rated player. We needed to recruit a similar type after Wembley and have been regretting it ever since. Every fan could see it too.
  14. 31Dec1966


    I noticed a news item about HENDON FC offering free tickets to anyone feeling lonely, isolated or depressed (no jokes please, they mean serious mental health issues). Well done to them. In the article though it also said that the first match played under floodlights at Wembley was HENDON v HENDON RESERVES (to test the system). That's interesting isn't it ? Well, I thought it was anyway (the first team won 1-0). It got me thinking about Wednesdays connection with the history of floodlights. The first floodlit game was at Bramall Lane in 1878 (United are proud of this but it was 11 years before they were formed!) with Wednesday players involved before a then record crowd for a football match. The last club in England to install lights were Chesterfield and they switched them on (by Stanley Rous) with a game against Wednesday in 1967 (I was there, we won 2-0). The last top flight club to install lights were Fulham and their first floodlit game was against guess who ? Wednesday on 19th November 1962. We used to have 6 floodlight pylons, one at each corner, one on top of the North Stand and one on top of the South stand. Was this unique? Did any other football league clubs have six pylons? Night matches used to be extra special in those days, six floodlights beaming out and the neon sign on Penistone Road. Wonderful!