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  1. Agreed. The 3 Xmas games set us back but an unexpected win at Leeds gives us hope. We haven't been comprehensively beaten by anyone so reasons to be cheerful! I think 6th place is possible.
  2. In the loft ? Still wear mine, Grade 3 cold is that, a bit thinner than the others, and easy to put in the pocket if it gets too warm.
  3. I agree 100%. SWFC costs should be paid in full. The club should also get compensation for loss of revenue (difficult to assess but not impossible). Local residents and businesses should get compensation too. This was a vindictive and spiteful episode with no basis in "safety" at all. In fact the opposite is true, safety was ignored and the council are lucky no one was injured when all the North stand was trying to exit onto Penistone Road at once. As has been proved by this judgement they would have been culpable.
  4. Lowest ranked team at home, as always. Failing that Old Trafford, for the finances and an outside chance of drawing and another payday at Hillsborough. Of course we'll get Millwall or Derby or Bpournemouth away, the cup draws in the last 20 years have been astonishingly bad while United get an easy tie or a plum one.
  5. Great to see us get a deflection, great to see us try something different at a free kick, great to see us score from a free kick.
  6. Well he's absolutley spot on there. Couldn't have put it better myself.
  7. And the absolutely clear red card against Palmer. Refs are so weak it's unbelievable. They also routinely allow other players to stand on the ball when we get a free kick, kick the ball into the crowd, and allow keepers (but not ours) to waste 2 minutes at every goal kick. He may as well have told the ref to f off, well he did but not verbally.
  8. Nail on head. We are so predictable it's easy for teams to completely nullify us. I thought Hull defended very well from the first minute and would have been happy with a 0-0. Every Owls fan I know says the same, most of this squad have had their chance, we need young fit players unafraid to take people on. I know it's easier said than done.
  9. I've said before that I don't understand why we don't involve youth groups at half time. There must be hundreds of clubs in and around Sheffield that would love to do something at half time, we could invite them to perform and give them free tickets to secure future fans. I'm thinking of Boys Brigade Bands,Air Cadets displays, sea cadets marching, Scout troops displays, youth jazz orchestras, dance groups, choirs, gymnast displays, junior pop bands, all sorts of things. They could entertain the crowd for free, they would get confidence and practice their discipline, and maybe become Owls fans.
  10. I've constantly said that our support is phenomenal. 20 years of (mostly) rubbish in the second and third tiers and we;ve averaged around 23,000 all that time. It's never going to happen, but put the so-called top clubs in that position and there aren't many who would equal that. I've always been proud to be a Wednesday fan.
  11. They did. I'm still furious about it. We rescued him from either Stoke or Sunderland, played to his strengths and made him a better player then Clough and him did this.
  12. Hardly ever, that's the point. Wouldn't be so bad if we did it to teams but we don't. As soon as 6 minutes went up we all know what would happen, at 1-1 I was praying for the whistle.
  13. Nuhiu rescued a point in the last minute v Fulham so we could (should) have 13 points more if we kept a clean sheet in the last 5 minutes. The real frustrating thing is we don't do this to other teams. Like the so-called soft penalty we got v Bristol City , it's an absolute rarity yet our fans were saying we were lucky. If we got a soft penalty every other game and scored a winner in injury time every three games it wouldn't even out . I'm so annoyed.
  14. Not just you. In 52 years I have never once "expected" us to win. There have been many games where we were expected to win, and even I have thought we ought to win, but even against Rushden and Diamonds I didn't expect us to win (and I was right, we didn't). If there are 5 minutes to go we have to be 3-0 up or I'm squirming in my seat every time the opposition cross the halfway line.
  15. Of course they do, it's called trade, and it's given chinese peasants a better standard of life. If people want to buy cheap crap, and other people make a living from making it, that's how society has developed from living in caves and dying at 30. I don't want to live in a cave, perhaps the swedish girl and Emma Thompson do so how about they set an example and leave other people alone to live in their own way.
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