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  1. 31Dec1966

    Fantastic from Tango

    I don't know the bloke but have met him, and loads of other Wednesday fans I don't know at away matches. He's polite, pleasant and isn't an attention seeker at all. He shouts and sings, sometimes onhis own! at matches, mostly to encourage others to sing for the team. I don't understand the negative comments from some fans. As far as I know he doesn't come on here, or twitter, or anything claiming to be a "celebrity " fan. The game needs characters. He goes to more games than most of us, and coming back from the World Cup to Lincoln City for a friendly is great support, which he didn't brag about. I take my hat off to him, and anyone else who supports Wednesday in the same way.
  2. Modern life is rubbish. All this chopping and changing, phases,, deadlines. Put the saeson tickets on sale 6 weeks before the season starts at a fixed price. Does all this marketing/phases make any difference to overall sales ? I doubt it.
  3. World Cup Brush up was on BBC4 last night (12th June) at 8pm. About 30 minutes in there was a short bit of film shot at Hillsborough which I had never seen before. An unknown reporter was stood on the Kop with his back to the pitch, more or less in line with the front of the cantilever stand (as it was known back then). The amusing thing was him talking of the welcome Sheffield was laying on for the world cup visitors, a bunch of flowers or something, I didn't quite catch his words because I was concentrating on the West Stand half built in the background. If you look carefully a solitary player is lapping the pitch. 40 minutes in our own Trevor Francis is hit in the face by a coach door. I know it's wrong of me but I nearly collapsed with laughter, I'm laughing out loud right now! The clip is shown a few more times and I laughed every time, sorry Trev! Anyway, it brightened up the close season for me.
  4. 31Dec1966

    If you HAD to choose...

    Not a tough call at all. Chris Waddle was a world class player. The only Wednesday player to be Footballer of the Year, a fantastic honour, in the same bracket as Stanley Matthews, Bobby Charlton, George Best etc.
  5. 31Dec1966

    Creating new fans...

    The only real answer is premiership football and the media attention it brings, but I've never understood why we don't let kids in for £1 with adults.
  6. Thought this might be about the first leg of the league cup semi final. What a night ! Or the 2-1 win in the third division promotion year, or Claude Dielnas crowning glory in a glorious Wednesday career. (Don't shoot from there I shouted!)
  7. 31Dec1966

    Anglo-Italian Cup 1969

    I went to the two home games. It seemed quite exotic at the time.
  8. 31Dec1966

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    I call it Hillsborough but I like "The Wednesday Ground, Owlerton".
  9. Excellent news for me. As long as we arrange Alfreton too. Summer evening, Wetherspoons and nice little ground.
  10. 31Dec1966

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    This was one of the few times I've come out of Hillsborough thinking we were lucky. Usually it's the other way round but Reading murdered us until that lucky equaliser. He'd done nothing before that, and nothing much after it!
  11. I'll take that !! Then home and away wins against Bruces Villa in the semifinals and a thumping of Dull City at Wembley ! Perfect season!
  12. 31Dec1966

    Rhodes to Rangers

    Nobody (including me who has always been a fan) could have predicted Nuhius run of form. Confidence is a huge factor in football. In the right team and formation Rhodes (and Matias, come to that) can be real assets next season. A proper pre-season, improved fitness levels and, most important, a racing start could do wonders.