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  1. I think you mean Leroy Chambers - was at the Owls for 5 years and pretty prolific but never made a first team performance. Unless of course there was a kid called Barker but I do recall Chambers
  2. Literally know nothing about him, however if he’s turned down a contract at a championship club in order to drop down the leagues to play football and score goals then I like his attitude. We could certainly do with more of those types who’ve got some gumption and want to get on in the game.
  3. A pacy striker who knows where the net is. Not many of them knocking about and available for loan though.
  4. http://www.hinckleyafc.co.uk/2019/10/18/afc-add-adders-pair/ A cover name, false identity and changed his race to play for Hinckley by all accounts. Top work
  5. Hinckley Town don’t exist, Hinckley AFC do and nothing suggests he’s there? Plays for the Leicester U23’s and scored 4 in 7
  6. I can’t think of more than 5 occasions in the past 3 seasons where we’ve had to change the line up once announced because of injuries in warm up? Westwood this season and last off the top of my head
  7. Carlton will be buzzing for him and beaming with parental pride no doubt
  8. Van Aken pinging it about the park. Certainly loves the Hollywood ball!
  9. Kirby enjoying it https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/october/kirby-enjoying-silkmen-stint/
  10. Some good players on show in Bundesliga 2 from what I’ve seen so far. Also lots of players have stepped up. Both full backs at Leipzig who are both German internationals were signed from Bochum and St Pauli respectively. Some bargains to be had, just look at Borner and the guys Norwich signed and Huddersfield in their promotion season.
  11. Will try and watch Van Aken tonight and report back on what I see!
  12. Given that Paul Williams was part of the transfer deal when Bright signed for us it was incredibly difficult for them to be a Partnership at swfc. Hirst and Williams however........
  13. Showed a lovely bit of composure as well with a cool pass back to the keeper in a fairly congested area from his touchline!
  14. Won 2-0. Flares being thrown at the end so ref blew time. Penney did himself no harm with that appearance
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