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  1. Watched the final BBC2 series on Trump tonight - Episode 4 The Downfall Really interesting and it’s been a good insight. Basically a mobster though isn’t he?!
  2. As if Barcelona or even Madrid would be allowed to go insolvent.
  3. Watched Night Stalker episode 1 last night. Also dipping in and out of Comedians in cars drinking coffee. Started Curb Your Enthusiasm Going to rewatch Seinfeld on 4Player over the weekend I think!
  4. He was played inexplicably on the right side of midfield at times, no wonder he looked out of place. Was a very capable CM for previous clubs and country and played at the World Cup in that position. RIP Klas
  5. Blood Sport or Kick Boxer The latter just for this dance scene alone
  6. I've obviously heard about this but caught an episode on Sky in the daytime literally over the last couple of days and loved it. Just started it from series 1 and watched about 8 now , so so good.
  7. Yeah it was certainly left open for one. I wonder when a follow up to MacMafia will be done, that’s ripe for a follow up.
  8. Watched the Night Manager on BBC4 last week. Missed it first time around. Adaptation of John Le Carre’s book. Cast of Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman , Tom Hiddleston and loads of other great actors. 4 parts of an hour each, really enjoyed it. Be on the iPlayer
  9. I’m gonna stick my neck out and say they’ll still go down though.
  10. Steve Bruce has had Wilders number in recent years, assuming he has enough players available he’ll get something out of the game.
  11. Phil Foden looks like he's got the world at his feet. Incredible talent.
  12. I thought that , the smiling Klopp would never do that surely.......
  13. Could witness some shithousery tonight at Villa park looking at the team Klopp has put out to play Villa U12’s.
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