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  1. Pretty sure it was Hutch doing full length sprints of the pitch after the game had finished on Saturday, not sure you do that with a significant muscle injury.
  2. Subbing a striker for a striker was refreshing to see. T’old Jos would have been sticking another defender on
  3. Good sub. Jos would have been chucking another defender on at this stage
  4. Wagons were stuck on snake pass this AM according to reports
  5. What happened to them getting locked in at the end?
  6. Wouldn’t advocate changing formation at all , defence has been great as a 4
  7. Oooh yeah forgot about Thorniley, he’d be up for a few battles as well
  8. It was ok. Not very loud as I could clearly hear Lees and Westwood from the very back row of the grandstand. Positive vibes though all around and encouragement , doesn’t always have to be loud to make a good atmosphere
  9. He’s off in the summer no doubt, but as we’ve been paying his wages for the past god knows how many months he’s been injured if we can get a turn out of him over the next 3 months to remind us of days gone by then I’m for it.
  10. “Leave it Sam he’s not worth it” Great performance but he did go straight down tunnel. He’ll be reet, won’t miss Monday for anything
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