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  1. Bit of a reality check for Leeds this , Wolves are deservedly in front.
  2. Shipperley has took up tearing the head off it in a works van these days, ogling a mother and her 16 year old daughter, hasn’t he?
  3. Serie A is an excellent league, Juventus not guaranteed the league at all this season. Milan going through a resurgence and as mentioned Atalanta are a joy to watch with Gomez a brilliant little player. They’ll cause Liverpool all sorts of issues in the CL group games.
  4. Reece James gets a red after the full time whistle.
  5. Have a listen to this mate if you haven’t already. https://www.quicklykevin.com
  6. He's got a book out, bet its got some interesting tales in there.
  7. Probably be a draw which does neither no favours. Fulham looked better against Wolves, albeit not that hard given recent performances, and could have come away with a point with the chance they had at the end.
  8. Is he answering all those calls on his humble Nokia 3310.
  9. Shaw’s assault on Moura was a million times more dangerous than Martial’s and Lamela’s handbags. Zero consistency.
  10. Everton top, Villa second, this is like looking at the table after watching the Sunday game on ITV in the late 80’s.
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