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  1. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/may/efl-statement-coronvirus-update-championship/ Confirmed
  2. He did a 2 part interview recently on the “ Quickly Kevin will he score podcast” Part 1 https://play.acast.com/s/quicklykevin/0c41c9d7-ed79-4e64-9376-3237b2d7200c Part 2 https://play.acast.com/s/quicklykevin/1c0f57cf-c64a-4232-93a6-597c97187a47 Speaks well, and a decent interview. Not had the chance to listen to the undr the cosh one yet but will do.
  3. I've seen Penney play a few times (on TV, on online) whilst he's been at St Pauli and he's played pretty well, either as LB or LWB and occasionally on the front of a left three. He looked good here at first, particularly at LB but, like most inexperienced players his form faltered. The first half v Leeds at home stood out for me, there was a change in his play and he had become almost nonchalant and trying to spray balls around like he was Beckham. From what I've seen he's gone back to basics and is benefiting from playing football at a good standard. If he moves on then fair enough, might fancy a stay in Germany and I wouldn't blame him. Great country, great fans and great football, even at Bundesliga II level.
  4. Liked him, a goal every 7 games or so. Wish our midfielders could average that now instead of passing it 5 yards to each other across the 18 yard box
  5. National league game Solihull v Harrogate now off as 4 employees have suspected Coronavirus
  6. His son, Ian Harkes, is plying his trade up in Scottish Div One for Dundee Utd
  7. National league and non league to continue. The bookies will be bricking it over this, they are going to lose a tonne (for a change)
  8. I think we will get all games behind closed doors with postponed games where teams have players directly impacted I.e Leicester Most of the European leagues have cancelled the lot or gone the no fans route
  9. Could also impact the Derby v Millwall match given Millwall played there Friday. Arsenal also played Portsmouth and West Ham since they played Olympiakos , West Ham and Portsmouth will have also played other teams etc etc Can see how this can spread rapidly from a single source
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