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  1. So that’s why he chose 3 right backs, so he could play one at left back.
  2. Reports suggesting that Trippier will be LB, Phillips and Rice holding with Sterling, Mount and Foden behind Kane.
  3. An extract from his autobiography and coped from this article - https://www.wsc.co.uk/the-archive/30-Clubs/8298-manning-the-barricades High wages were retained in Division One – among those on long, costly contracts were Gerald Sibon, Andy Hinchcliffe and Gilles de Bilde – while the flow of vital TV money was cut. "[Money] was the only reason we were still playing in England," wrote De Bilde in his autobiography. "Each of us made a drawing of how he saw his future. I drew a nice villa in Spain with a waiter serving me while a plane dropped pounds over me." Less splendidly for the c
  4. We don’t need 4 right backs anyway. Reece James is first choice and decent back ups, taking Henderson and Maguire unfit is a risk enough
  5. First major trophy in Villareals 98 years of existence. Congratulations
  6. Well done Leicester but seriously that VAR decision
  7. People say that about the Italian league being defensive etc. 200 more goals scored in Serie A this season alone than the premier league. The bottom side has scored 42 goals and conceded 85! 3 teams have scored more than 70 with another 3 more than 60. Only Man City have scored more than 70. Dem blades have scored 18
  8. Dipped back into these. Simon Ferry told some funny stories about Gravesen at Celtic, and Di Canio at Swindon, had to listen closely though to understand half of it!
  9. Been sent an audio file of Jamie Redknapp claiming that his compensation was based around league position. Top 4 was 30m , top 6 less than that and if outside top 6 it’s about 4m. It’s probably doing the rounds on WhatsApp etc but it’s deffo him talking.
  10. Can’t imagine the first Jose knew about the super league was the joint statement as much as it’s a good story about him taking the moral high ground.
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