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  1. Hooper ate COVID based on what I saw on TV this week, that’s why NZ hasn’t got it anymore.
  2. I’ll never forget that game we played one night. Me and Reda handcuffed this bird to a radiator and........
  3. What a pairing him and Francesco Sanetti could have been. The Carbone and Di Canio of the lower leagues!
  4. Sarr looked half decent in the few glimpses I saw of him. Bit erratic at times and end product needs working on but a rough diamond that someone could work with.
  5. I’d trust Parker to spend 100m more wisely than the previous manager did tbh. He was a very intelligent player on his day and knows the league and probably what’s needed. Time will tell on Hector but I tend to agree that he could be found out at times, and Onomah could be the one that shines more in the top flight. Best of luck anyway.
  6. Scott Parker just never gets old. I bet he’s a magnificent lover.
  7. Brentford never won a playoff final have they? Like someone else we aren’t allowed to take the Mick out of anymore
  8. Yeah, Fulham playing well, Onomah is doing a good job,
  9. Careful not allowed to diss dem blades in here anymore because we’re an absolute shower. New rules
  10. As a global pandemic has just proven there is nothing guaranteed in this world.
  11. Is the prince “stumping” up cash by leveraging loans from the bank against the TV money though? Noting could possibly go wrong there surely.
  12. The deal for Sancho is a structured deal worth over 100m if certain things happen. (Win champs league, land on the moon etc.) However, and amazingly, by doing this deal and negotiating Alex Sanchez’s departure to Inter Milan (cancelling contract basically) they actually SAVE money by signing Sancho because of the ridiculous money Sanchez is on.
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