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  1. There was the blonde who had a dig at Carlos, she didn’t kit off though so doesn’t count
  2. Hooper can’t even get a game for Wellington Phoenix (scored twice and played just over 200 minutes in 11 games).
  3. TV producers will be having a fit, hardly plum ties in this lot
  4. Third game on MOTD, how many years has it been since that happened!
  5. Don’t any new signings have to be ratified by the EFL and then registered to play? Could we have a scenario where we sign players but couldn’t actually be allowed to play them?
  6. Osnabruck wining again and Van Aken starts. He could be playing in the Bundesliga next season (decent chance of them making it permanent transfer if so?)
  7. I think Neil Mellor away at MK Dons was the last owls player to score a hat trick away from home. Was also a perfect hat trick (left, right and header)
  8. Yeah 1-7, Roy and Collymore were unplayable that day
  9. Agreed, Fox has put some great deliveries in this season, it’s one of his attributes!
  10. He’s injured. St Pauli have at least one more league game before the winter break
  11. I think you mean Leroy Chambers - was at the Owls for 5 years and pretty prolific but never made a first team performance. Unless of course there was a kid called Barker but I do recall Chambers
  12. Literally know nothing about him, however if he’s turned down a contract at a championship club in order to drop down the leagues to play football and score goals then I like his attitude. We could certainly do with more of those types who’ve got some gumption and want to get on in the game.
  13. A pacy striker who knows where the net is. Not many of them knocking about and available for loan though.
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