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  1. NorfolkNChance

    Ron Atkinson

    I’m convinced that if Atkinson, in his second spell, hadn’t been sacked out of what was pure spite from our then chairman, we would still be a premier league team now. He he knew how to manage the likes of Carbone and Di Canio and the results could have been spectacular!
  2. NorfolkNChance

    Worst Signing Ever

    Craig Armstrong. He was signed just after the ITV Digital deal and was on big wages for the time. The ITV deal collapsed and we were left with the utter montrosity of a player on a big contract.
  3. Just seen Abdi in Sainsbury’s on Archer Road , looked like he’d come straight from gym and looked in fine fettle.
  4. NorfolkNChance

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Just the beer mate!
  5. NorfolkNChance

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    scored twice and sent off!
  6. NorfolkNChance

    Lloyd Owusu

    And celebrated by vomiting
  7. NorfolkNChance

    Lucas Piazon signing for #SWFC?

    In that international champions cup thing? Happy to be corrected if wrong
  8. NorfolkNChance

    Lucas Piazon signing for #SWFC?

    Piazon and FF floating about off a main striker would be lovely He featured in Chelsea’s pre season so over his injuries
  9. NorfolkNChance

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    4-3-3 or 4-4-2 or god knows Got to think that FF is carrying an injury if he’s only on the bench
  10. Just give it up Fletch!
  11. I have never seen anyone and I mean anyone muck about with their hair in a game as much as Fletcher.
  12. Must be a 4 at back now
  13. Be a shame for Van Aken he’s played pretty well
  14. NorfolkNChance

    Anyone consider this 'their' squad?

    Adem Poric and Mike Williams, happy days
  15. NorfolkNChance

    Observations over Hull goal.

    Letting a player run unchallenged and shooting is often our downfall tbf