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  1. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    As I said last week possibly the most subbed right back in the worldwide game today. Which is a shame because as a wing back he’s looked decent. Who comes in now? Palmer ......shudders
  2. Adam Reach

    Made some great diagonal runs in behind the reading defence unfortunately Bazza was refusing to pass to him when he could have been in.
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    You have to take the rough with the smooth with a player like Nando. He gets me off my seat and that’s enough for me
  4. Fernando Forestieri

    Gunter had a real beef with him all match. I dont actually think he played all that well, touch and passing were off but to be expected having been out for so long. He transforms the side though, great player
  5. Under 23s Title Defence

    I think you mean Gary and Phil Neville’s sister perhaps?
  6. Under 23s Title Defence

    The same Nicky Butt whose Man U U23 side have just been relegated?
  7. Calum Best is coming to #SWFC

    I was there too Snoots. A right old rave up, J R Hartley, the daft sod, was trying to fly fish in the ornamental pond after one too many lemon ports, ruined the surrounding guraniums.
  8. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11096/10044404/paolo-di-canio-push-recalled-sheffield-wednesday8217s-loss Hinchcliffe provides some insight here
  9. Jack Hunt injured?

    The most subbed right back in the world ever
  10. Tomorrow's referee

    Pretty much all referees in the championship are of an awful standard. It’s an absolute lottery what mood they wake up in which then determines their performance.....zero consistency.
  11. Carlton Palmer former striker ????

    Correct Snoots, Carlton bagged an equaliser away at M'boro and TT stuck him upfront for the replay back at S6.
  12. FF miss.

    Reach put it a bit behind him which pretty much summed up his day unfortunately
  13. Wildsmith

    Good shot stopper but kicking needs working on.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 1 Fulham OMDT

    Never really laid a glove on them today, can’t recall their keeper even touching the ball never mind making a save. Too many players had an off day and we let them come on to us so much in second half.
  15. Did we ever play in THIS kit!?

    Fair to say that Alex Mathie peaked in that match v us