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  1. Given that Paul Williams was part of the transfer deal when Bright signed for us it was incredibly difficult for them to be a Partnership at swfc. Hirst and Williams however........
  2. Showed a lovely bit of composure as well with a cool pass back to the keeper in a fairly congested area from his touchline!
  3. Won 2-0. Flares being thrown at the end so ref blew time. Penney did himself no harm with that appearance
  4. He’s playing the left of the front 3 when they go forward but often left of a 5 midfield when dropping back
  5. Penney playing well. Surging run to set up another chance.
  6. Hamburg derby tonight, be interesting to see if Penney comes back in to the side. On BT sport and streaming online no doubt for those interested. I might catch the second half so will say what I see !
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodri_(footballer,_born_1990) Played 32 games for Granada last year , not had a bad few years in terms of appearences and goals
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