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  1. NorfolkNChance

    Loovens to Sunderland

    A rolls Royce of a defender in his day and during his time with us, for a time at least. Last season was horrendous and time appears to have caught up with him but for a free transfer must be one of the best pound for pound signings we’ve had. Good luck at Sunderland Glenn
  2. NorfolkNChance


    I’d be devastated if we paid 2 million for Waghorn tbh
  3. NorfolkNChance

    Championship stadiums ranked

    Click bait like most of the internet these days
  4. NorfolkNChance


    Chris Maguire scored for Sunderland tonight as well, where’s his thread
  5. Must have been our most subbed player last year, ridiculous really
  6. NorfolkNChance

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Fletcher never scored 20 goals in one season in his career either. Played 9 games last season and has a history of knee issues. Good player but silly decision to give him a 4 year deal at his age and on the money he demands. Cut our losses if we can for me.
  7. NorfolkNChance

    Team vs Lincoln

    FlashScores fault, not mine
  8. NorfolkNChance

    Team vs Lincoln

    Correction 0-0
  9. NorfolkNChance

    Team vs Lincoln

    Lincoln score
  10. On the bench tonight for Norwich
  11. NorfolkNChance

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    The most substituted full back in the history of football. All depends on the the replacement but he signed from the Prem , no doubt on decent wages so if he helps us keep FF, BB etc. then I can live with it
  12. NorfolkNChance

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Untried at any pro league level
  13. NorfolkNChance

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Money shouldn't be an issue really for Norwich. Not only have they sold Maddison they also sold Murphy to Cardiff for big bucks. Rhodes looks absolutely shot as a player at S6, defenders loved playing against him. For whatever reason it's not worked and I can't see it working so if him leaving means that BB and FF stay then it's worth it.
  14. NorfolkNChance

    Happy 56th Birthday

    Got unbelievable stick for a man who scored 20 goals a season for us in the top flight. I remember the season after the finals and we didn’t score in the first 3 or 4 games and Brighty was sat on the bench because TF was persevering with Hirst and Warhurst up top. Chelsea away, Bright starts and scores the first goal. That’s just what he did, score goals
  15. NorfolkNChance

    #SWFC Caption Competition

    "Ouch............... this poo is almost as painful as these endless inane topics"