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  1. Nuhiu

    Had more of an impact than Joao did on Saturday Justsayin
  2. Get in Dave Now do one Carlos
  3. Big Dave looks like he's just got dressed
  4. what a difference a goal makes
  5. Bannan absolutely carries us at the moment
  6. If he keeps blaming referees for everything does he expect us to get any decisions? Talk about getting their backs up
  7. RIP Owls fan Leslie Martin

    RIP Leslie Some coverage here http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/special-olympic-double-gold-medalist-dies-outside-hillsborough-after-sheffield-wednesday-match-1-8866681
  8. The only atmosphere at S6 these days is created by the phantom trumpers
  9. Literally never happy

    Must be related
  10. Morgan Fox

    Only going to get better if he plays, you listening CC?
  11. Literally never happy

    Im gangway D row Q so right back in the gods, I do have someone about 10 rows in front who fits your desription and at the united match kicked the wall so hard I’d be amazed he didn’t break his foot.
  12. Literally never happy

    I think I know who that is!
  13. Villa are evens in the odds to beat us. Looks very generous to me as most of us know what’s going to happen when we go away.......lose 2-0
  14. United's drawing power

    We could make it a fiver a match and we still wouldn’t sell out Must have been 19k there tops on Tuesday