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  1. If it involves players it may indicate that Bullen is staying. Nixon’s info is pretty good, he’s a massive diva though. Was threatening his followers last night that if they also followed a fake Nixon account he was going to block them.
  2. Totally missed this and gave my daughters to my young nephew who's Wednesday mad so he could stick it on his wall. Can't break his heart so will get another printed!
  3. Fully expect Clarence Seedorf to appear on lists now that he has been given the boot by Cameroon
  4. One bookie suspending odds isn’t a huge deal. Just covering their arses
  5. Lead story on talksport now so therefore it’s not happening
  6. Typical it’s all their fault not mine attitude. More interested in being a gangster than a footballer
  7. Good luck Lucy and to England. I’ve run and coached girls football for 5 years now and I certainly know of 14 girls who are looking forward to this World Cup. You certainly wont see the diving and cheating you see in the men’s game.
  8. Yeah I think he’ll end up as CB , especially if Hector doesn’t sign
  9. Enjoyed that, tells a good tale does Carlton, not always accurate mind (the story about Hartlepool away we drew 2-2, not win 7-1.....that was Leicester home in the cup) Good stuff all the same
  10. It was Pleat that tried to sign Beckham
  11. Dutch league will suit him to the ground. I expect he will do well.
  12. We've been linked with Willis from Coventry so perhaps we are making plans for not being able to bring him back. He will have plenty of options and will not be cheap
  13. Lad at work went to Turkey to have it done before Xmas. They take hair from the back of your head and transplant it up front. His has worked really well and is growing back at a steady pace. I hope it works for both of them, they spend a considerable amount of time patting their hair down during games, especially Fletcher, it's borderline OCD with him!
  14. Bristol were poor. Only player that looked decent was Kasey Palmer, I’d take him here.
  15. Probably the Dawson incident and Fletcher handball I reckon
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