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  1. Cant see this happening to be honest, not in a month of Olosunde's
  2. Me neither, but looks as though Doncaster were trying to sign him as well, so positive if we get it over the line. Looking at his age though (21), guessing we'd need to pay a fee for him? That's interesting if that's the case.
  3. Crikey! Fixtures are announced this week! Wonder if we've been included in them.
  4. Newport apparently trying to get Max Watters on loan from Cardiff! We should be in for him
  5. Just don't know who's name to get on the back of me shirt, was thinking Bannan on home and Windass on away
  6. Let's be honest here, it's a bloody shame that Windass is gonna have to go to pay 'some bills', he's our best asset. And for people saying he's no real loss, he's consistently available for selection over the season, and works his socks off! Yeah, he's not the finished article, but then, he wouldn't be with us if he was.
  7. When we were big time! And had toys and stuff
  8. Just needs to put on some size and strength, especially in a rough and ready League 1. Always reminded me of a young Sinead O'connor, instead of a footballer
  9. Get a room you two! I can't take all the sexual angst
  10. People getting all excited that Paxo's taking a step back from recruitment, but they'll be well peed off when they see him starting up front in our opening game
  11. Think we paid around £400,000 didn't we? And we purchased him from Wigan who had also been relegated at the time, so similar situation. But he hadn't really done anything the season at Wigan prior to us signing him on a permanent, and 9 goals and a decent number of assists last season, surely we could get between £1-2million? Just been a weird signing, as half way through the season he was being linked with a move away already, his dad was constantly talking to the media talking about him going to Hull and other clubs, so I don't think he's done us any favours if he's possibly
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