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  1. DM mentioned it in his post game interview! Bannan said it was the reason for him missing the penalty too.
  2. No Chansiri sponsor on the away shirt this season. That's because, if you try to get a name printed on the reverse then as a compromise all options default to: CHANSIRI 4 EVA But he'll ring it through the till as Berahino 24 for you, so it's a decent deal all round.
  3. DM said the same thing 'we're sorry we didn't get the 3 points', but the fans who travelled there would have accepted zero points, as long as the players put a shift in and showed some fight...they didn't!
  4. It's all smiles now, but wait until the morning after the Christmas party! They won't be able to look at each other in the eyes. Heard on good authority that Nathaniel Mendez Lang is gonna be waiting for them in the carpark dressed as the Grinch.
  5. Thinking of taking my 5 year old lad and sitting in the away end. Worried he's gonna struggle to contain himself and either cheer if we score, or shout 'come on Wednesday' at some point. I'm pretty quick like, so I can get the hell out if there, but he's gonna be in reet trouble!
  6. Would have loved to have seen Lowe given a season in the Championship after promotion. Good player, and you always felt confident he'd score.
  7. Just spoke to me dad's mates (Nigel, Craig and Gordon), all blond and well up for it, and it won't cost you a penny! They're on there way to yours now mate! WAWAW
  8. If Charlton, Sunderland or an another rival in our division would have signed him, I'd have been a little envious and worried to be fair. Think it would have been a decent gamble for a Championship side to take, so having him in League 1 is quite exciting. Read that Rangers wanted him last season as a replacement for Morelos, if he left, and Celtic were interested aswell, so perhaps it wasn't such an outlandish move after all and still highly thought of. Plus, seems to do well in blue and white stripes...not so great in red and white! Let's av it!!!
  9. No wonder he was always so shattered!
  10. Good luck to him. It's a decent and positive environment for him to come into, and maybe that's what he needs in order to thrive again. Sounds like he's finally done some growing up, and playing for one of few people he actually respects it could be a decent fit. Also, being in a foreign country might have helped him get away and adjust, but a return to England might help. Anyway, Donny fans wouldn't have been keen on Jon Bostock recently, but DM brought in the forgotten man from Europe and they'd probably agree he's one of there better players. Who knows, random signing, but must be pretty low risk, we'll see!
  11. Think they are trying to get him out, as wanting Dion Charles from Accrington. Wells will get a Championship club though, and on a hefty wage as well.
  12. It's perfect for me, mainly because I like to stroll out in public completely starkers every now and then. When I'm picked up on it and people ask 'are you naked?' I ask them to squint abit and I reply 'nah, I'm wearing the full new away kit'. The police obviously haven't seen the new away kit yet though.
  13. Think you're right! Likeable chap. He's said a few really positive things about us in recent months, which the millers fans probably haven't appreciated. The best was the last game of last season, where he looked gutted we'd got relegated and even stated it was a shame Derby stayed up.
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