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  1. My mates a season ticket holder at FGR, and he's always absolutely raved about Cadden...says he has a wand of a left foot! Great in dead ball situations, and comfortably says he's their best player...but, he's very slow.
  2. Think he's in last year of his contract at Reading, so doubt the winning bid would be as much as we're expecting
  3. Good luck lads! At last, Sam Durrant about
  4. Dreading telling the Michael's about the points deduction
  5. Slight delay, as still waiting for the PR lad to get back from Netto with the Brazil nuts
  6. Fair play to the club, we're going for it!!! Great signing.
  7. Had 3 signings already...how many did you want in by now?
  8. If anything, he should be a bit more respectful, as we've given him a chance to rebuild his career when nobody else would! It's worked out for him, and he'll probably do well elsewhere. But, he's a mercenary, and very much replaceable....the club deserves credit for not bowing down and paying what 'he thinks' he's worth! We are learning. I find the mentality of the likes of Henaghan refreshing, a little giddy and in awe of playing for a club this size and admitting he's willing to get 'stitches' playing for us....can't imagine the likes of NML has ever said that!
  9. I remember a couple of seasons back Att Chansiri started randomly following Dom Telford on Instagram, when he was a bit part player at Plymouth, and somebody said we'd signed him because of it, people going mad because they'd never heard of him......should get Att scouting our players, do a better job than stuffing boy!
  10. Stockdale won't come here to sit on the bench, off the back of playing every game last season for Wycombe...and him turning down another contract with them. I think that probably is the plan, and proof that DM doesn't rate Dawson, as the focus is short term and on promotion....if we make it to the Championship then we can look at a better calibre of goalkeeper to move us forward, cause Wildsmith and Dawson aren't capable of consistently performing in the Championship! I dont ever want another season of chopping those two around every other week...nothing filled me with more dread than Westwood getting injured in the warm up.....some of the players in our shoddy Championship teams might have felt the same too.
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