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  1. Rude to talk with your mouthful Orlando!!!
  2. Anybody know if the cottaging is going ahead this year? If so, I think i'm in the wrong location! The petting zoo is for acual animals.
  3. I looked up the 2004/2005 squad list the other day to check a squad number, and low and behold I spotted the name Hasney Aljofree! I remember him being linked with us for ages, due to the Sturrock and Plymouth connection, but have no recollection of him actually signing for us.
  4. Penguins posts won't have done us any favours with an embargo! They must think we're signing several fookers a day.
  5. Purchase a standard shirt for £59.99, enter the cottaging sector and it turns into an evaporating shirt, shorts and socks for free.....mate of mine has done it....saved a fortune.
  6. If anybody tells my wife or family about my second husband...you're all in deep poo !!
  7. He hasn't always been invisible...he was made to consume a whole can of Elev8 before the photo shoot...you really don't wanna see the picture of him modelling the shorts!!
  8. How did you get on with that cream for your crabs?
  9. I live in Bristol and a lot of my friends and work colleagues 'support' Bristol City, so this season has been unbearable for me on all counts....especially as most of their fans also support one of the big Premier League clubs as well! So, I have been patient up until now with Carlos, but the season is effectively over unless we act now. When Norwich went 2-1 up and I could see that our only idea was to re-introduce Nuhiu as a super sub...I almost didnt want him to have any impact and get Carlos out of jail again....I can't see how such a talented squad can be so devoid of confidence or ideas! Even more baffling is the owners reluctance to get rid.
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