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  1. WESTWOOOOOD! Those are kittens and puppies from the dogs trust.....stop spitting on them and pulling their tales ya sick freak!!!!
  2. Loved popping in for a corporate viscount and a free matchday programme did our Geoff! Bless him.
  3. What about Paul Heffernan,will he finally get a bloody chance?
  4. Do you mean birth control? If so, yes, just three cans of Elev 8 will make you infertile.
  5. He doesn't officially take over the reigns until May 2nd 2021! He's gone to Barbados to watch some cricket, and his assistant will look after us until then.
  6. Despite them slagging him off, I bet Boro fans wished Pulis had stayed last season, instead of appointing Woodgate! Pulis took over from Monk at Boro, and got them into the play offs and then the following season, missed out on the playoffs by 1 point before losing his job! We need stability at the moment, and Pulis could buy us that for this season and maybe next.
  7. £10 and we'll send the Kop gobbler round to give you the full match experience! Plus a complimentary sausage roll.
  8. Spend £1,000 in the club shop between now and Christmas, and get a free meet and greet with Carlton Palmer, plus a 40 year season ticket!
  9. Anybody know if the cottaging is going ahead this year? If so, I think i'm in the wrong location! The petting zoo is for acual animals.
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