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  1. The jeers every time we were trying to build attacks from the back were making me feel stressed so I can’t imagine how the players took it. Let them play FFS We (prior to scoring) created at atmosphere which resulted in the opposite of what we all wanted. Nervous players worried to take a risk to create a chance.
  2. Not really, far from it. Alex Neil’s just way above this depth unfortunately. The cheating sod he is.
  3. They really are desperate to be relevant. Hanging on to United's rivalry to try and make someone else notice them or care about their existence. They occupy about the same space as Chesterfield in my mind.
  4. Well if we don't get to have go at hammering Wycombe I hope Sunderland do it for us. To be honest, as annoying as their style of football is I'm glad they persevered over the Dons, even though it makes next season harder if we do end up still in League One. Cheats shouldn't prosper, but thieves should prosper even less.
  5. It'd be simpler if they just made restrooms open to all. Having worked in offices with shared male/female toilets for the last 5+ years it feels weird having to queue for the mens in public places now, at the train station or wherever. It's just one of those things we still do because "well, we've always done it this way" even though there appears to be no real logic to why. You never hear anyone complaining that toilets are unisex on an aeroplane. Then again, mens toilets are always covered in pi55 at football grounds, so I wouldn't want to wish that on the womens too. Maybe we should keep an exception for stadiums
  6. Give it a go. What benefit does publicly criticising one of our most important and reliable players do for the readers, the club, the player - or, well, anything? Referencing the mistake as part of reporting the game, that's perfectly understandable of course, but calling it out for criticism is not only pointless, but arguably counterproductive. Hutch already knows. The fans already know. The fans already know that Hutch knows, and he'll be gutted. This thread proves that we don't really care and no one will be asking for him to be dropped from the next game. It's just one of those unfortunate things that happens in football, it doesn't need putting up in lights. The obvious well-known comparison might be whether you'd think it's fair or sensible to criticise Gerrard that year he slipped and lost them the title. I don't think it would be. This is all moot, of course, since it appears that Joe never actually criticised Hutch after all!
  7. AN looked like he was positively 5hitting himself waiting for that final whistle. I take that as a positive, the game's on a knife edge still.
  8. Pointless to criticise him for it if he has, especially in the paper. Hutch will know what a big mistake it was, he doesn't need telling and the way he's represented SWFC these past years he doesn't deserve telling either. He's built up plenty of credit in the bank to pay off mistakes like this, even in the massive game it was. But without seeing exactly what Joe said I'll not criticise him either.
  9. In isolation this isn’t a bad result. It only becomes a bad result if we don’t step up to the plate at Hillsborough. If we do step up on Monday then this could be a fantastic result. Too early to say which it’s going to be.
  10. They were the better team for the first 65 minutes and didn’t create much either. Scrappy game where we didn’t seem ready for the pressure Sun’lun put on us, but they didn’t really manage to break us down bar a mistake.
  11. Alex Neil begging for the final whistle is very telling. They should have been pushing to take more of their home advantage. I was relatively happy to hear the whistle go at just 1-0 as well.
  12. Are you happy with the progress Darren Moore has made with us this season and like the direction we're heading in? Would you want to see him afforded the opportunity to continue this progress if we're still in League One next season? We had a thread a few weeks back where the unanimous answer to this question was 'yes', before we then drew 1-1 away at Bolton and the Moore Out threads appeared again. I thought it would be interesting to gauge the current sentiment prior to whatever happens over the next couple of weeks. Personally, I feared the worst in the lead up to this season, and although I do believe that we have a squad that was capable of reaching the autos, we've still made very significant progress which would have been far from guaranteed with another manager in Moore's place, especially with the significant injuries he's had to contend with. He's shown an ability to pick a player on a budget and plays attractive football. There are a lot of pros going for him, and if we do fail to achieve promotion this year I'm going to nail my flag to the mast of wanting him to be given another chance next season if this one doesn't work out as we're all hoping.
  13. I seem to remember that FIFA were planning to trial it somewhere this year or last, not sure if it ever went ahead... Totally agree though. Drop the length of the game to 30 minute halves with the clock stopped every time the ball goes out of play and you'd get roughly the same length of game on average, but much less prone to twunts like Wycombe and Charlton turning it into a farce.
  14. If MK Dons had been on the beach in that final game against Plymouth it's Plymouth they'd have been playing tonight instead of Wycombe. They should have just walked 6 goals into their own net after they went 5-0 up.
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