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  1. I'm not sure we can afford to wait 2 years for him to be able to learn to walk again on his wages.
  2. There's more to a team to the starting eleven. I'm not going to start naming people I'd rather have him on the bench for, but you'd be mad not to want him as an option to come on for either Reach or Harris should they get injured or tire.
  3. Jordan Rhodes has scored 9 career hat-tricks in ~450 appearances. 1 every 50 games. 200/1 is a pretty good bet!
  4. Fletcher is the closest partner to the likes of Gestede and Novak that Rhodes has had since his days as the most sought-after striker in the league.
  5. According to iFollow, this is the first time Rhodes has started 2 successive games for 18 months. Also, I'd call at least 12-15 games a decent run for a striker, I'm not sure how many runs like that we've ever given to Rhodes?
  6. What hindsight? Has Chansiri started charging us exorbitant rental fees to keep playing there or kicked us out entirely to knock it down and build some houses? I don't get it.
  7. Where's that coming from? Hopefully still not those comments from him that were taken completely out of context by the media at a fans forum over a year ago... If he wanted out I doubt he'd have been willing to pay someone of Monk's reputation/experience what he's likely on if he could have just given a lower ranked manager a shot and saved a bunch of money at the same time.
  8. Indeed, you've probably summed up a Tory voter quite well with that statement. Someone who is unable to grasp the idea that merely working hard for you or your family and trying your best isn't always enough to drag yourself out of hardship. Oh, you're poor? Then I guess you probably deserve to be. Toodle-oo!
  9. In the split second between Bamford heading it and Westwood getting the touch I'd already come to terms with us being 1-0 down at half time. So I have to pick that one.
  10. Oh god. I like the optimism, but realistically, making the play-offs would be a fantastic achievement for us this season. Given that we're only 2 points off 11th (and probably an Owlstalk meltdown) we shouldn't get too carried away just yet!
  11. And Buxton; must be something about full-backs at Hillsborough. Palmer was written off as a League One player a few years ago as well.
  12. On the flip side, we got a decent interview with Monk, answering several questions - and Bielsa got about 30 seconds of airtime to answer 1 utterly pointless question.
  13. He's had some stick this season, but was involved everywhere today and played a tireless role in our high-pressing game. Let himself down slightly with that one moment defending the back post, but played a vital role in us stopping Leeds at source and created several chances with his blocked tackles high up the pitch. MotM for me.
  14. I quite liked seeing their CB get MotM, shows how well we played.
  15. I suggest arriving at Hillsborough quite early considering you've just shown your entry barcodes to the world which anyone could use to gain entry before you
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