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  1. Even if you're right* this is a pretty dickish thread to make. *And since there's no way to ever know if you're right, it's a double-dickish move. Congrats.
  2. Given our injury hoodo the last thing we should be doing willingly is sacking off our fittest first-teamers. I would probably agree that Hector is likely to have a greater impact on how many points we pick up than Reach as individuals, but I'd hope we can do better business than selling one of our most reliable and available attacking options.
  3. It's Rik Mayall continuing his impression of Nottinghamers from beyond the grave.
  4. First I've heard of a family fun day, is this from the pre-season thing in Hillsborough park? Good on Mr.C anyway though, he always comes across as a very respectable chap.
  5. The kid playing right back at Bristol City has been decent this season, might be worth a cheeky bid if they don't go up.
  6. Those few microseconds between FF rifling that shot towards goal and it hitting the Leeds defender gave me some of the most conflicting feelings I've ever felt as a Wednesday fan. When it fell nicely for him I definitely wanted it to go in, but after it was blocked I was strangely relieved on reflection.
  7. He's not put a foot wrong under Bruce, he might give him another year if he keeps it up. That pass from FF though, argh. He could have given MM a great chance to equalise today.
  8. That bench... All set for playing 6 up front at the end?
  9. I'm sure Bruce realises (please god I hope he realises) that this is a must not draw game. That would simultaneously kill our P/O chances and put United one foot in the PL. As Torrey says, if it's level with less than 5 minutes to go we have to go all out for the win, Westwood up for corners, free kicks and the lot.
  10. I completely forgot we still had them to play. Beat them and we're only 3 points behind and they don't have the easiest of run-ins with Villa and Derby fighting at the top and Millwall and Reading fighting at the bottom. My hope of reaching the play-offs just received an unexpectedly significant boost.
  11. It's win-win whichever way the game goes really. Unless we draw. Fuck
  12. Sky, hopefully. If we ever make it to the PL for a few seasons before the bubble inevitably bursts.
  13. A decade ago very few people would have been willing to move away from Hillsborough, but the last 10 years of minimal renovation has significantly increased the number of people who can see a future elsewhere. If we still haven't carried out major upgrades to the stadium in another 10 years I expect the vast majority of fans will be open to a move. This is not a criticism against Mr. Chansiri, he's put more money into our facilities in the last 3 years then we've probably spent every other year since '96 combined.
  14. Nonsense. Every side has an agenda, whether they're consciously avoided or not, but you'd have to be quite insane to think that the mainstream papers on the right aren't actively engaging with the worrying process of releasing fake news into the wild. It's practically their entire modus operandi.
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