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  1. Derby tho

    As a club we've been on a pretty similar trajectory as Derby for quite a while now. They splashed some cash, failed, dropped down the league for a couple of seasons and are now back up there after the fans lost their sense of entitlement and received a reality check that having money doesn't guarantee success in this league. We'll be where they are soon.
  2. Nothing i wanna see more

    I think from how he spoke about his previous clubs during his time here, Braga especially, that's clearly far from the truth. I'm not saying he's not going to take the game any less professionally as a contest, but he certainly seems to be the type of character who is mindful of where he came from. I hope we win, but I wish him nothing but the best after how he handled himself here. A model professional, and from what I've witnessed, a model human being too. The vitriol aimed at him on here is astonishing, though unfortunately not surprising.
  3. I don't think it's that complicated. It's easy to play football when the pressure's off and you have nothing to lose. There can't be many people over 10 years old who still don't realise that football is a confidence game more than anything? It's exactly why I said on here before the season started that I expected United to be in the top six until around Christmas but would fall well away by its completion.
  4. I haven't watched it back to get a better view of whether Matias did dive or not, but there was an incident maybe 10 minutes before his red card where he was running down the wing and seemingly got a blatant trip from the Brum player right in front of the linesman, but nothing was given. I don't think the linesman is going to be on Marco's Christmas card list.
  5. Just recorded a clip from my iFollow stream and put it on YouTube: Can't see anything.
  6. Which is funny, since I've watched it back several times on iFollow and the only violent conduct seems to come from the Birmingham player. The linesman has had something against Marco all game from what I've seen.
  7. Home dugout

    I believe Carlos basically explained the decision as the OP describes, that it was just for the sake of making a change - but secretly it was clearly to try and get into the ear of the linesman more. Obviously they'd never publicly state that they're changing something specifically to try and influence the officials during a game though, that might be a little frowned upon by the league...

    I think these two sentences might be linked. It wouldn't be as sh!ite if people weren't constantly itching for something to be up in arms about all the time.
  9. We still have practically all the same players who not only challenged, but achieved the top six in both the last two seasons I wouldn't ever claim it was entirely the reason we're not competing well this season, but if I was one of the players I'd certainly be pissed off with how some of the fans had been treating Carlos for the past 12-16 months. Though we're not really any different to other clubs/fans in that regard, but that's kind of one reason why I seem to be falling out of love with football at the moment. I just can't agree with a lot of the bile that gets thrown around these days and there always seems to be race to see who can be the most negative first so they can claim to be right when something eventually (and inevitably, in sport) goes wrong.
  10. Really don't understand the logic behind this one, or anyone who seemingly agrees with you. What on earth has led you to this conclusion? However, if I was DC and read posts like this, you'd almost certainly get me thinking about getting the hell out of here even if I didn't originally want to...
  11. Looks like it's time for another Owlstalk hiatus if this is going to be the mood for the coming weeks. It seems like some people have much shorter memories than I ever imagined possible if they think we're in dire straits now.
  12. Well done Carlos

    What's this mess he left us in which people keep referencing? We've made the play-offs two seasons straight and have virtually all the same players who achieved it still at our disposal, things just got stale and we're under-performing. Mess. Unbelievable
  13. Well done Carlos

    Is that the same Carlos who was approached by Prem teams last season but chose to stay?
  14. That is why he had to go

    Absolute nonsense. I can predict right now that our next manager will be a failure if you like, because give it one year, three years or ten, I'll eventually be right.
  15. I’m very angry tonight

    It's not a new thing, I remember telling someone I go to games with years ago that if anything was ever going to stop me coming To Hillsborough it was more likely to be the fans than the football. One thing in Neil's post I do agree with is that overall, as a fanbase we've been supportive and patient with Carlos, but there's always a minority chipping away at the club (some in a more vile manner than others) and this clearly seems to be what the chairman is getting at. Perhaps all clubs have it to one degree or another, but that doesn't make it excusable. I don't mind him calling it out, it's good to see he cares.