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  1. We're probably not in the right league position to start slagging off the players' effort publicly... Especially when they clearly have been giving everything recently. I've read more than one comment from people saying we ran more than any Wednesday team they'd seen in years against Birmingham.
  2. I really like Odubajo, he's not a CB though. He's not as strong as Toney and shouldn't have been marking him either, but that's not his fault. We're silly to write him off, he's a decent top-half wing back in this league, especially when we lack pace elsewhere in the team.
  3. Monk probably wanted to make the change after 25 minutes to be honest, but couldn't do it to the kid. We've been wide open.
  4. I had a feeling people were going to make threads like these when I saw Pelupessy coming on... Firstly, we were already under the cosh and starting to drop deep well before he came on, which in part is probably what sparked the change in the first place. Pelupessy being brought on wasn't what caused us to start panicking at the back. Secondly, we did actually end up winning the game - so, the substitution can only be judged as successful. No one knows what would have happened if the change wasn't made.
  5. And be made mandatory. This is an unfortunate turn of events/decision which basically means you're at a competitive disadvantage if you voluntarily do the right thing and test your staff regularly.
  6. Nah. Monk's just proven to (most of) them that they're already capable of matching Premier League opposition. Exactly the kind of experience they need and should hopefully do them the world of good.
  7. You just reminded me that I missed him off my list of players who I was impressed with tonight, haha. Thought he was really good in the first half, seemed to be all over the place pressuring their back line and indirectly creating us lots of opportunities by making them misplace passes. He's got strength, pace, good feet and strong in the air. Faded in the second, but most did after we missed that early chance to be fair. Very excited to see him more this season.
  8. Been impressed with Peulpessy and Odubajo today. Dele-Bashiru too.
  9. Did Reach use the wrong hand signal on that free-kick or something... It was a wonderful ball put into a great position but no one seemed interested to run into the single area everyone should have expected it to go. Very odd.
  10. I haven't seen it, but I don't think much good can come from a manager discussing decisions with the referee during a game and Dean is well within his rights to remove himself from any potential claims of being influenced by the opposition should he subsequently make a bad call in their favour. Nothing the manager has to say should ever influence a decision or the referee's thinking in any circumstance, so anything Bilic had to say can wait until after the final whistle.
  11. Problem is, everyone was already saying that well before the first few players were even being given more than 100k a week. There has to be a ceiling at some point, but I'd rather the authorities step in to start managing spending limits rather than waiting for us to hit the ceiling and risk everything collapsing when we do.
  12. Since we beat Cardiff 2-0 and now they're beating Forest 2-0, that surely mean's we should be able to beat Forest 4-0. It couldn't possibly be a bad season if we're capable of beating Forest 4-0 away from home. Wait.. hold on.
  13. Contrast that video with Stevie May's highlight reel from north of the border everyone was fawning over a few years back... 90% of Windass' goals in that clip were clean strikes with power and accuracy. 90% of Stevie's finishes bobbled 5 times and went in off the goalkeeper's elbow.
  14. Steady on! Sheffield is the only city in the UK to have actually protected its name, and I think one of only 2 or 3 cities in the world to have been able to do so. You need to get special permission if you want to use the name of our city in your business, in at attempt to protect it as a sign of quality craftsmanship.
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