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  1. But most predicted us to struggle for the top six in pre-season even when Bruce was here... Also, this didn't really need its own thread, there are plenty of other manegerial threads. Just attempting to cause a stir it seems.
  2. It’s fine to hold the opinion that Bullen isn’t up to the job, but attempting to unfairly discredit him is a bit pathetic really.
  3. I would have liked to have seen him have more time on the pitch, but it's not quite Heffernan levels of disappointment so I'll not be voting for him as player of the month just yet.
  4. Pretty sure we did... They barely touched the ball the whole second half. Obviously it's disappointing we couldn't get the goal(s), but the overall performance, especially in combination with Reading and Barnsley, was encouraging.
  5. I don't go along with that line of thinking, it's a gamble whoever we have in charge for those 10 games. Appointing a 'proven' manager doesn't guarantee any additional points. If we'd been performing poorly and lost all of Bullen's caretaker games then I'd agree that it would be a big risk to allow him 10 games to turn performances around, but he hasn't. He's actually got us performing at play-off level when combining all of his caretaker games (nearly a quarter of a season now) and has certainly earned the right to see how he can do over the next 6-8 games or so. I might be able to agree with you if it was a gamble between Lee Bullen and Rafa Benitez, but it isn't. Apponting Rowett (as much as I would like him here) is no less of a gamble than sticking with Bullen for now.
  6. What by? It's silly for anyone to claim Bullen is a good manager at this point in time, but it's equally silly to suggest he isn't a good manager - if not more so. I'm certainly leaning more to the good manager side right now, but not far enough over to want to appoint him permanenly. We've had a pretty good start to the season with three good performances though, so there's certainly no need to rush into an appointment right now. Sit back and relax, see what happens over the next 6-8 weeks.
  7. Completely agree. That also applies to anyone who says he isn't a better manager than Jos as well though. We just don't know yet, and anyone claiming otherwise shouldn't be taken seriously either.
  8. The only 'mistake' Bullen made today was dropping Dawson and Iorfa a few days after saying in a press conference that he's a big believer in keeping a winning team. A decision that pretty much all Owlstalkers would have made too I expect. Our tactics were also pretty effectve at breaking them down, we just kept failing with the final pass/shot which isn't something the manager can do much about.
  9. FFS Wednesday. We played sponsorless against Reading, Chansiri against Barnsley and Elev8 today... Anyone got a clue who it's going to be next week? I need to know pretty sharpish if we want to have the right kits on FIFA this season. I'm sure everyone will be devastated if they aren't I'm betting Chansiri will stay as the home kit sponsor and Elev8 will be away. Hopefully.
  10. Aye. One loss and optimism instantly turns to despair for some. I'm not convinced Bullen should be given the job yet, but he can only convince us of that by having more games as caretaker so I'm happy for us to take our time and see how it goes. I'd still want to give him time to prove himself even if we lose the next two, since four games isn't enough to go on.
  11. I don't remember anyone going that far! I backed the decision to drop him though (at least for a few games, not permanently), as he had cost us quite a few points with several silly mistakes in a short span of time a couple of seasons ago. He needed that kick up the backside and to know he wasn't the first name on the teamsheet to regain his form. I'm not going to say Dawson should stay in goal for the next game at the weekend, but Westwood has already made one big mistake in one appearance this season, so hopefully he can move past that quickly and start showing that he is one of the best keepers in the league again.
  12. You should have heard the iFollow commentary. There was 90 minutes of creative language being used by a guy who must sit very close to the media box
  13. I thought I'd superimpose all of Bullen's caretaker games onto the same line... At this current point in time I'm still on the side of wanting to appoint a proven manager, 9 games isn't enough to know for sure how Bullen might fare in the long-term. But if he keeps this trajectory going then who can sensibly complain about us giving him the gig full time? He'd have certainly earned it.
  14. There's no rush to change anything as it is. If we're still competing in the top six after 10-15 games we'd be mad not to give him the job, just as Stuart Gray eventually tristed Mandaric's arm to make him permanent. Talk of Bullen not having enough experience is just silly, every world class manager who ever lived started with no experience and I'm really not sure why that needs pointing out! Also - as it stands, his record as our (caretaker) manager is probably up there with some of the best managers we've ever had, albeit on obviously a much smaller sample size of games. We've got Leeds in 12 games... Another 6-0 against them would seal the deal again nicely
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