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  1. Define playing good football, because unfortunately I don't think that's true at all. We've played well in many games we've lost this season, but the level of vitriol doesn't seem to have been toned down because of it. People say they only care about the result when we're losing. Take last season for example, everyone pretty much accepts that we didn't play that great football, but the results were better than the year before. Which season were the fans behind the team the most?
  2. Pretty funny, shame the guy running the account comes across as an absolute tail from his other posts.
  3. That's just because Derby were treating him so badly by only giving poor old Sam 20 or 30 minutes here and there. It's disgraceful how everyone is treating him I tell you, he's probably crying into his massively inflated pay-cheque this very second. If only he'd stayed at Barnsley on 2k a week where he was treated well and everyone loved him. I bet he's regretting that move now. Amazing how some 'fans' will scramble behind anything or anyone which shows the club in a bad light, rather than their default position being in support of the club they supposedly, well, support.
  4. Streams for tomorrow

    Video? I'm only getting audio. Was about to write a complaint since I knew it wasn't on Sky but came on OT and noticed it's being broadcast elsewhere.
  5. Haven't seen it but how was it a red if he gave the penalty? Loovens took him out with no intention of getting the ball? Doesn't sound like it if it apparently wasn't even a foul...

    Everyone has a right to post their opinion, but what's with all the hostility and disrespectful comments? The guy has done nothing but his best for SWFC and regardless of whether you think he's good enough, he's been nothing other than a model representative of the club. It's quite pathetic really.
  7. Has anyone considered that the existence of this mythical temporary performance boost is down to the fact that changing a manager generally gets the fans off the player's and manager's back for a few short weeks until the cycle inevitably continues? Is it asking too much to get off their backs for a few weeks before sacking a manager instead? Probably.
  8. The only player who was s**t at that point was Hutchinson, the one player the fans had been calling for the most on here Football
  9. Well, there you go. If ever there was a reason you needed an excuse to support the club then that was it. A referee seemingly cheating to avoid his mistake having an impact on the game. We deserved to have battered these based on what I've seen. If we don't support them then no one will.
  10. Tuned in on 30 minutes and could have seen us score 4 quite comfortably, we've been quite unlucky with some last-ditch defending and Rhodes missing open nets again. Their only chance came from Hutchinson having a mare. Not sure why everything is so black and white; we concede and we're bobbar, we win and everything's perfect.
  11. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Easy. It's Owlstalk, we all think we know better than the professionals, and be dammed if you think we'll change our opinions based on your reason and logic
  12. That kind of sums up some of the problem to me, even if not in the way you probably intended it to: we've only been building for promotion for a couple of years. We made such a leap forward in our first season its warped our perspective of what can be expected in such a short space of time. There will always be outliers (Huddersfield, Blackpool, etc), but you can't "plan" to be one of those teams, you can only keep building and progressing as we are. Last season we progressed. This season has been a relative disappointment so far, but it's too early to say we won't be challenging the top 4 again. If we're still more than a couple of wins from the top 6 come the mid-way point I'd see that as a legitimate time to start questioning a change. I have no doubt that another manager could take us forward quicker, but at the same time, there are 10 others who could take us backwards... But to answer the question, of course we could win a play-off final
  13. Mine arrived to Canada a couple of days ago. I had a nice look at the dream scene on the fold-out cover for a bit, but haven't read any of it yet, if I ever will now...
  14. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Go back and watch the Leeds game again (just for fun if you like!). Jones did a proper job on Saiz and he'd practically given up playing by about 60 minutes. Jones does the same dirty work as Hutchinson, but without standing out like a sore thumb to the referee. That's not to say I don't like Hutchinson, but certainly Jones is worthy of his position at the moment.
  15. Yeah, the built-in Opera browser VPN seems to work fine when I had to use it to watch the Fulham game earlier in the season.