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Community Answers

  1. I agree, but probably best to keep quiet and delay how long it takes for people to start getting on his back...
  2. I didn't watch him in Cyprus so I have no idea what happened over there. I've watched him in the English Championship though, and he'd improve us in the English Championship. I mean, it's not like we have to worry about him having lost his pace since he was here
  3. When people questioned his involvement when we had ambitions to challenge for the Premier League, fair enough, there's a debate to be had there. But anyone who even has to think for a second whether we'd take him back now must not be witnessing the same reality as me. There's no debate that he'd improve the side, even if he only came on for the last 10 minutes every few games he'd be worth having around for the impact he makes from the bench. There's no surprise we failed to come from behind in a single game last season. I highly doubt we'd even be in League One if he was still in the squad, and I don't think that's a very controversial opinion.
  4. Stevie May's highlights reel was genuinely terrible. I remember being amazed at the fuss being made about it when half his goals were mis-hit shots that bobbled in off the goalkeeper's backside. The defending on show was hilarious. To be fair, the defending isn't much better in Kamberi's highlights either, but at least he knows how to cleanly kick a football towards the goal.
  5. Do we know if international clearance is likely to come through in time for Kamberi? I thought it hadn't yet.
  6. The way he helps build the play and scores some of those instinctive flick finishes on the turn in those highlight videos reminds me very much of Hooper. There was even an effort rattled in off the bar from the edge of the box for good measure. It he plays with even half the consistency of Hooper then we've found a gem for this league. It's an interesting gamble, and it's clear that he's a Darren Moore signing from what he said in the interview about their conversations. I'm excited to see how he gets on.
  7. I'm confident we have a better team and will play better football than last season. The only problem is that it's a lot harder to get promoted from League One than it is to finish 4th bottom of the Championship.
  8. I'm not convinced by him on the results side of things yet. There are at least 3 other people who are obviously well more deserving of blame for relegation last season, but he still failed to keep us up when we had a decent chance to. Still, I'm currently quite happy with him, and the rebuild seems to be going well. I'm feeling optimistic, but results are what it comes down to. As long as we're not in the bottom six by new year I'd gladly give him more time to improve us though.
  9. Yeah, agreed on that, though many will always say we should have done more if they don't sign. I have no idea what Dawson is on, or how accurate that figure of £8k/pw is, but many people were willing to double that number, or even break the bank entirely to keep Hirst on the books and look how his career has panned out so far after leaving us. Maybe we pushed the boat out a bit too far to keep Dawson if he is on a high wage, but he's far from a write off and still has a few years to potentially come good.
  10. Dawson is at a bit of a crossroads, he could still go either way after showing a lot of promise in the not too distant past. I don't know why some (most?) of us complain that we don't tie young players down long enough in one breath, but then are so eager to write them off in the next. What's funny, in a sad way, is how the club gets criticised for not keeping hold of players like Hirst, Shaw, Osaze, when they are showing potential, yet also gets criticised when they do and it unfortunately doesn't work out (at least so far) with players like Dawson. If you go back in time, the sentiment on here was that we were making a similar mistake with letting Dawson's contract run down and most were happy when he signed the extension. Good luck to him, I wouldn't be against him coming back to be our #1 in the following season if he impresses at Exeter.
  11. Those corners look very floaty. Chris Lines Mk2. It's a good omen.
  12. Not sure if sarcasm? This looks to be a move made by the sport itself.
  13. Very surprised to see how low the numbers are for wanting a womens team. Investing in a good set up over on that side of the game is probably our only realistic chance of having any domestic success as a club for the next 30 years, never mind international success.
  14. The pink kit worked pretty well for getting the other lot into the Championship. Hopefully it can do the same for us.
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