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  1. I bet that Westwood has given away significantly more goals per minutes played than Dawson over the past 3 seasons. He's been a bit of a liability for a while to be honest. To be fair to Westwood though, he does seem to manage the defence better and we look more stable in general play when he's in goal, but I find it hard to blame Dawson for the outfield players not performing as well for him. It shouldn't be entirely his responsibility to get them playing confidently.
  2. How about: Cardiff have the best home record in the division We made them look a poor side for most of the game It bodes well for our chances this season Maybe fill that glass up a bit eh
  3. It was just a picture I nabbed off the Cardiff forum, where even they were all saying it should never have been allowed. I don't think it should matter that it's a few seconds before it was taken though, it's not like you should be allowed to distract the GK for the 60 seconds leading up to the free kick as long as you walk away half a second before it's kicked. Still, someone else has just posted an image from just before it was kicked and it looks even worse. You can see Dawson is having to peer to his left to look around him, it 100% affected his reaction to dive the other way.
  4. Here's Dawson's line of vision when the free-kick was taken: It's not even up for debate, he's in his direct line of vision to the ball. If he was standing perfectly still I can just about understand the goal being given (even though I don't think it should be), but jumping around like he was makes a complete mockery of the game. Not being funny, but I thought unsporting behaviour used to be a bookable offence.
  5. Flint said in the post-match interview that they've done it multiple times in the past, he literally admitted himself that his intention was to obscure the vision of the goalkeeper. In fact, while this is probably not entirely against the rules, you can see him purposely blocking Cameron's vision while he's trying to line up the wall too. It's more than a bit shady, but nothing less than you expect from a Warnock team; push every rule to its limit and cry like a b*tch when an official calls it against you.
  6. A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by: preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision After that catastrophe of a decision today, I can only imagine that you must need to stand behind the goalkeeper with your hands over his eyes for this clause to come into effect. How "clearly" does it have to be? He was doing jumping jacks ffs!
  7. As posted in the matchday thread, he'll be on the end of a 3 match ban thanks to the TV replays, surely.
  8. It looks odd at first glance, but did make sense. It wasn't like making that change is what turned the game, they were already starting to cause a lot of trouble in the air so it was understandable to want to get more height on. Especially with how well Nuhiu has been playing from the bench lately. Can't blame Monk for hoping Nuhiu can turn the momentum game back in our favour as he has done several times before.
  9. So why do you seem so upset about us outplaying Cardiff away from home and hopefully getting at least a deserved point?
  10. That'll be a 3 game ban for Tomlin now, right? Assuming the referee didn't see it, since it was caught on camera. I'll not hold my breath...
  11. Borner celebrates more when he makes a tackle on the half way line than when he scores a goal
  12. If we don’t like it when our chairman signs players the manager doesn’t want to play*, why would we welcome Tottenham dictating who our manager has to play? *Not saying he has, but some have claimed that happened and no one was happy about it.
  13. And accurate too. (Note: I have no reason to believe the original lyric isn’t accurate either )
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