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  1. I've never seen a referee give so many decisions on the basis of which team's player put their arm up first to claim it's their ball. He had zero authority, I actually felt embarrassed for him.
  2. As funny/clever as that is, I'm sure it should technically be against rule 12 for unsporting behaviour, since I'm not sure how it could be argued that it's fine to score a goal when your opposition don't even realise the ball is in play. Some might claim that it's no different to taking advantage of a team not watching for a quick free-kick or throw-in, but being intentionally misleading with how you restart play is a bit different.
  3. His second season was miles better than the first, results wise. That fact seems to have been erased from history after the unfortunate result against Huddersfield though.
  4. Yet you receive at least 15, so it's being massively under-sold. I think the deal would have been much more attractive to people if they had just said it was a 15-year season ticket for the (current) price of 10, even though as it stands the offer is actually much better than that and everyone is still mostly turned off by it (going by this thread).
  5. How can this be good for the club. Its crazy. To be fair, when buying a season ticket I doubt fans usually take into account what their money does for the club, they just want to get the best deal they can to watch the football. Otherwise people wouldn't be so happy to see that the price of 1-year season tickets has been frozen again.
  6. Yeah, I mean I get how the 15 years works, what I don't get is why they're advertising it as a 10-year ticket when it's 15 at the minimum. We've already had people in this thread doing the maths on it to see if it's good value, but mistakenly working it out over 10 years. I really don't understand why the club are under-selling it so significantly, especially when by doing so it actually makes the whole thing even more confusing.
  7. There's an article about this on BBC Sport now... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51129422 "The '10-year season ticket', described by the Championship club as "completely innovative", will cost up to £6,400. Confusingly, the ticket will be valid for a minimum of 15 years." Indeed, I don't get that part of it at all.
  8. If you're the kind of supporter who's owned a season ticket for the last 10-20 years running with no expectation of that changing any time soon, this is clearly a fantastic offer if you have the money available. I get the concern regarding the signals this gives off as a poo-or-bust type gamble though.
  9. Bit odd that the referee let the game kick off before checking that Dawson was ready (35 seconds into the video), he wasn't even looking the right way and still had his towel/drink in hand. It probably contributed to that rushed clearance a few seconds in as well.
  10. There has been an investigation though, and we're claiming to have proof that everything was pre-approved by the EFL. The case is ongoing. The sensible position is to wait and see what comes of it. The understandable position is to be blindly optimistic and support the club/chairman and hope it gets swept under the rug if anything actually is a bit dodgy. The mindboggling position is to leap straight into criticising the club/chairman when we don't actually know if we've done anything wrong yet.
  11. There might be something in that y'know. Anyone else remember United fans calling into Radio Sheffield during our Mind the Gap season complaining that Llera's skull cap gave him an unfair advantage when heading the ball? I bet they've notified the EFL about Fletcher's artifical hair as well now. 6 week ban for Forestieri coming up
  12. Do we have to stop trying to get promoted to the top league if we don't make it back within 20 years or something?
  13. I hope we get the three points, but putting them out of business would be a bit harsh.
  14. I was watching their game on TV the other day and was thinking I'd love to have him at Wednesday, he looked different class to most other players on the pitch. Later on I was browsing through their forums to judge the fans' mood before our game and it seems they utterly detest him. I guess he hasn't been living up to their expectations, or maybe he's a bit of a tail off the pitch, I don't know, but he's clearly a decent player. It sounds like he recently made some gestures towards his own 'fans' during a game as well, that never goes down too well to be fair. We have a great team spirit at the moment though, so if he is a bit of a trouble causer then I'd take back my desire to have him here. I don't know enough about his personality to judge.
  15. I've only just realised that the blue line is Carlos' second year, not his first... I'd been brainwashed by Owlstalk into thinking that it all started going downhill immediately after the first play-off final defeat against Hull, and that he should have resigned right there and then with hindsight. Yet he had us with a higher points total than we currently hold at the same stage of his second season, and we continued upwards on a pretty steep trajectory right up until that collapse in the semi against Huddersfield. It's mental how some refer to him on here.
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