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  1. A goodly few of us drinking in Tombland (lots of decent pubs) in the afternoon, before a stroll to the Coach & Horses on our way to the game.....(prob. in Ribs of Beef 4ish).
  2. Most unpopular fan on the Kop at that time was the one who said "give me a G" etc.
  3. Manor many parts, of which modelling is one.... on his way to Arundel WMC (where Abdi is concert secretary)
  4. Just a slightly higher profile than the last incumbent... whatsname.
  5. I was in a Tottenham private box with my son, we were 3-0 up and Spurs were diabolical......I was the only one encouraging Spurs as I had backed Wednesday to win 3-1. They all thought I was taking the P.
  6. Three Steve's in a Fountain...... (pub in Tuddenham, Ipswich)
  7. Tickets on general sale tomorrow...... are there many left.?
  8. Hopefully get some more from Ipswich, which is a good away day.
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