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  1. Best place to watch game tonight in Barcelona?
  2. His second touch is usually a tackle, but he is a part of the jigsaw that is slowly coming to fruition.......no more pieces are required, just DM to fit them in at the right time. I think the picture will be complete by the 30th April.
  3. Now that would be a big name signing for Wednesday !
  4. Would suggest same for Donny, especially for long distance supporters like me.
  5. With all the many, many evil things that are happening in the world today, the goings on of a poor League 1 club should be irrelevant............... .try telling my head that .
  6. I hope the thought of "The Beevers Teeth" will be enough to inspire our boys to not fanny about, but snatch a victory.
  7. Subline Snoots , what a tonic from the master of mirth. Evidently Evans had a pair of underpants stolen from his washing line this week, he said he's not bothered about the pants but would like the 6 pegs back !
  8. A wordsmith par excellence M'Lord, well done. My itinerary for tonight ? The Yorkshire Vet and Our Yorkshire Farm, no doubt interspersed with about a hundred checks on the phone for updates..!
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