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  1. Lowieowl


    And Suffolk Owls.
  2. Lowieowl

    Steve Bruce – Going Global

    Just a slightly higher profile than the last incumbent... whatsname.
  3. Lowieowl


    Yid Dave
  4. Lowieowl

    Gonzalo Higuain

    I'm quite sure that Sam will say "hello" and wish him all the best at The Bridge.
  5. Lowieowl

    In the home end

    I was in a Tottenham private box with my son, we were 3-0 up and Spurs were diabolical......I was the only one encouraging Spurs as I had backed Wednesday to win 3-1. They all thought I was taking the P.
  6. Lowieowl

    Ipswich game (Brucemas Day)

    Three Steve's in a Fountain...... (pub in Tuddenham, Ipswich)
  7. Tickets on general sale tomorrow...... are there many left.?
  8. Lowieowl

    Sammy, top man

    It is Hutchinson.
  9. Hopefully get some more from Ipswich, which is a good away day.
  10. Those that can't make it should get themselves to Ipswich instead and give SB a good welcome.
  11. It was pi**ing down with rain at Stoke and I remember running on a sodden pitch to get a grip of Pancho. I believe John Ritchie got a hat trick for Stoke and we bought him shortly after.
  12. Lowieowl

    Jos Gone ?

    A little dickie bird has just confirmed to me that he's gone..
  13. Lowieowl

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Ipswich away will do for me.
  14. Lowieowl

    BBC Sport running a competition

    Gimmee just a little more time..... Chairman of The Board.
  15. Lowieowl

    BBC Sport running a competition

    "You've lost that winning feeling". Righteous Brothers.