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  1. Swanny was man of the match in the game in question (match fixing v. Ipswich). His greatest battles were against Derek Dougan of Wolves and his best action was orchestrating the Owls fans on the Kop at Bumhole Lane. Best centre half Wednesday ever had.... "Who's the one?" "Peter Swan"
  2. Benidorm bouncing (Cala De Finestrat) WAWAW
  3. Owls flying pickets to down the Scabs, no Maggie to defend them now! 1-4.
  4. ""And my friends are all aboard, Jim Mcalliog and David Ford. We all live on a blue and white Kop etc."
  5. Lowieowl

    Favourite Away Grounds...

    Best visit to Baseball Ground was when Wednesday fans were barred from away games, there were thousands of us there. Derby even welcomed us in the programme, knowing very many had bought tickets direct.
  6. Venerable Snoots, with your fitness levels methinks thou'd struggle to drive 20 miles..... perhaps a genteel stroll around the grounds and Parish would suffice.
  7. Lowieowl

    Actor Fans

    Tommy was giving it large with us in The Prince of Wales before Norwich game this season.
  8. Lowieowl


    Another Carvalal blinder!!!
  9. Did you get Katie's number by the way?
  10. Lowieowl


    Even got a TV channel named after him.
  11. Lowieowl

    THe FA Cup

    66 semi, beating hot favourites Chelsea at Villa Park..... Coming back pre breathy lister every pub between Birmingham/Sheffield packed solid, blue 'n white flags everywhere. Finished up for last drink in the bar at Firth Park bowling Alley...... deep joy
  12. More like Waddle than Wallace, a magician..... at his best.
  13. Lowieowl

    Norwich City

    How many tickets been sold?