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  1. Lowieowl

    Actor Fans

    Tommy was giving it large with us in The Prince of Wales before Norwich game this season.
  2. Lowieowl


    Another Carvalal blinder!!!
  3. Did you get Katie's number by the way?
  4. Lowieowl


    Even got a TV channel named after him.
  5. Lowieowl

    THe FA Cup

    66 semi, beating hot favourites Chelsea at Villa Park..... Coming back pre breathy lister every pub between Birmingham/Sheffield packed solid, blue 'n white flags everywhere. Finished up for last drink in the bar at Firth Park bowling Alley...... deep joy
  6. More like Waddle than Wallace, a magician..... at his best.
  7. Lowieowl

    Norwich City

    How many tickets been sold?
  8. Which made him one of our best players, the others weren't as good as that
  9. Lowieowl

    Their second goal

    The players obviously want the Manager out, as do 95% of us.... NOW!
  10. Lowieowl

    Live on twitter now

    Matt Brown, sounds like a paint.
  11. They're for real, not pretty passing, possession exercises, but blood and thunder win at ALL costs attempts to get promoted and give the fans pride and something to look forward to. We have paid more than enough Mentally, Physically and Financially over many , many years to deserve so much more. I.once again feel let down ,deflated and not sure how much more I can give. Perhaps now is the time to step back and support from afar.
  12. Lowieowl

    Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Murderer's Pub. Norwich...think locals will be on our side !