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  1. Flippin eck! How could you not have Don Megson in this 11? I have seen wingers bounce off his chest and collide “gently” with the wall in front of the South Terrace as it was then. Him, Mobley and Gerry Young would not be out of place on the face of Mount Rushmore.
  2. Most of the years between 1969 - 1977 I would say...lowest crowds ever, poorest team ever, never challenging for promotion from any of the divisions. I suppose things began to look up after the BDM. The days of the mighty Harold Wilcockson at right back, the days of Dave Clements and Brian Joicey being big signings and the days of pinning all your match winning hopes on the shoulders of one man...Tommy Craig!
  3. I apologise in advance for commenting here having not listened to the “wise words” of St Gary of Monk. However, he doesn’t appear to be the ‘sharpest tool in the box’ to me, I get the feeling that the players have seen through him and realise he hasn’t really got a clue. A bit like when the supply teacher goes in and tries to rule the roost over a class of battle hardened Year 11’s, it’s just not gonna happen! In reality I wonder if Hutch and Westwood have been forthright and honest in their assessment of him to his face and as a result the rest of the squad don’t see the point. He very much looks like a lost soul, especially during the goal celebrations on Wednesday night...if he were a dog, you’d put him out of his misery. Come on Chansiri, do the reyt thing...let the axe fall.
  4. Looked like he was contemplating the overhead kick towards goal...completely misjudged it and watched it bounce over his head to Fletcher...thank God! Could easily have ended up in Row Z knowing Dave’s delicate touch.
  5. Nice one Snoots old thing! Like everyone else I’m reyt upset by recent events on the pitch. Just get flippin organised and stop making stupid decisions in the game, it is such a simple game if you play as a unit. Defend together, attack together - when you lose the ball, get it back and keep it until you’ve done summat positive wi it! I remember coaches telling me, “this is the ball - treat it like gold dust and don’t lose the flippin thing.” And what did Cloughie used to say, “ Gentlemen, this is the ball, just pass it to someone who has the same coloured shirt on!” How difficult can it be? Impossible to predict toneet, but I’ll go for a squeaky bum 2-1 - if we keep 11 players on the pitch!🤪
  6. Exactly what I thought....going through the motions most of em. But it must be hard as a coach to not repeat drills week in week out that they’ve all been doing since Adam were a lad! What they do need is an Albert Clayton style training run from Ridgeway to Marsh Lane and back (1 in 7 hills both ways, for those that don’t know it) in the dark, sans Hiviz vests...ah, ah,ah, ah stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive! Lucky to be alive?...I should say so!
  7. “Diggin’ out me toxic, puttin’ on me tails” wasn’t that a Fred and Ginger number! “Coat please, Jeeves!”
  8. Not sure...I’ll ‘ave to ask “‘er indoors!”
  9. Flippin match day rituals..me fayther was just the same. Same jumper every match, same coat, same lucky shoes, same route to the ground every week...this was all well and good except it was all the way through those dark years of the 1970’s. Fat lot of good it didCrikey I’ve just realised I’m the spitting image of Lee Bullen in that emoji wotsit...but with slightly more hair! That is worrying....note to self ..must smile more...but I’m a Wednesdayite. Mission Impossible!
  10. This is a really important must win game for me....due to the fact that our local bar and social club barman (Dave) is Miwaw through and through, and I will never live it darn if we lose! Owls v Lions...mmm sounds vaguely gladiatorial! Will we swoop and conquer? Or get a good mauling? Buggered if ah know! a squeaky 1-0 will do.
  11. Lovely OMDT...as ever your worshipfulness! Need to show the same resolute determination to get the win today as we did last week. Hoping for a clean sheet, 2-0 or dare we dream of 3. Come on you blue and white ‘magical mystery’ wizard like beings!!!
  12. Happy New Year all! Has the transfer window opened yet? Not sure I can bear to look at the scores on the doors today...got to stop the rot today and keep on track. Good luck to all going to the game today. Come on you blue and white magical men!!!
  13. Oh...and “Come on you blue and whi”...can’t be arsed with the rest! Yawn! List of exciting things to do on Sunday afternoons in winter in Cornwall: 1) visit the Eden Project for the umpteenth time to see if its any different from last time. 2) pay £13 to walk over a spectacular bridge at Tintagel to look at a pile of stones. 3) wander round Trago Mills with other bewildered and lost souls buyin crap. 4) dig the veggie patch over. 5) go for a long walk in the local woods to check on dogging activity. 6) poke knitting needles through both eyeballs. 7) undo our lads Christmas Lego car and make it all over again. 8) eat last of left over Christmas ham. 9) spend two hours trying to find a decent film to watch. 10) follow the Wednesday game via owls talk. It will not be number 10 that’s for sure!
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