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  1. sternlad

    Chairman’s statement

    Surely it’s about the sale of players...what we have to hope is they have found a new log pile for the deadwood to lie around on. As has already been said, selling all our best players can only result in a struggle for the rest of this season and probably next. But wouldn’t you think this should have been done over the last few seasons with ins and outs at each transfer window gradually reducing the wage bill...I’m really struggling to believe that so called business people and chief executives haven’t done this. In terms of clientele: Rhodes can go, Jones, Abdi, Boyd as well, they won’t raise much in fees but could save on wages...at least its a start. Add Reach as the one ‘performer’ to leave and we might scrape the required amount together. Oh hum...it’s all very depressing.
  2. sternlad

    Hector in midfield

    If Bannan stopped running deep to collect the ball 5yards from our defence it might encourage a player like Hector to stride forward with the ball and push the play further up the field before giving the ball to the play maker. We seem to be too stretched as a team forcing Bannan to ping these long balls forward when really it’s the short interplay around the penalty area that will get you into goal scoring positions. This long ball from Bannan idea might work if we had a pacy player down the flank or in behind their defence but alas... of course Fessi is a good outlet as he has great control, a bit of pace and the ability to hold the ball up and wait for the other plodders to catch up. But we don’t always have the luxury of him being on the pitch/ on the bus / in the country
  3. Have only watched highlights, but saw Palmer get skinned on the corner of penalty area allowing their man through on goal...schoolboy/girl defending, in fact not good enough for a schoolboy/girl. Makes you realise that Jack Hunt was quite good most of the time
  4. Not too optimistic on here tonight, however I think we can win it then go to Chelsea and have a “tilt at their windmill” without fear. Is it still a plastic (totally) pitch darn at Luton? We should finally lay the ghost of Eric Morecambe to rest toneet! Play up you blue and white, yellow or black wizards!
  5. Weren’t there three Beverleys ...sure one was married to Billy Wright. Which one is it that’s a landlady? (Worry not, I have my coat ready!)
  6. Nice one Snoots old bean! First ever match was going to Boothferry Park with cousins who were big Tigers fans must have been 1964/5 in Third Division v Mansfield Town (boo). Hull won 4-0 or summat and a Wagstaffe (Barry?) scored 3, remember the ground being absolutely rammed, must’ve been 20,000+ easily. Also was at Boxing Day match which ended up 4-4 was that Jimmy Mullen’s debut? I remember thinking what a streak of wee wee he looked compared to everyone else on the pitch. Would take a draw today, but always hoping for a win. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 2/3 goal advantage for a change instead of all these nail biting last 15 minutes plus 5 minutes stoppage time? Nerve frazzled Wednesdayites are becoming a regular feature of Saturday afternoons and Midweek nights.
  7. sternlad

    Brum fans.

    Ha ha ! Not wishing to be stereotypical but they are a breed apart with their mardy -arse accents...never liked them since they were stomping round our Kop in the days of a young Trevor Francis offering out old men. Bunch of no -marks in every respect.
  8. sternlad

    Liam Palmer was magnificent today

    Think he’s always had the potential to be a good full back but often wasn’t sharp enough to get back either into his own position or to fill in behind other defenders. If only he was more two footed he would have the option to cut back onto his left foot and deliver a different in swinging cross. Get the feeling he thinks he’s the finished article which he isn’t. This applies to a lot of players who don’t see the need to keep learning. IMHO.
  9. Good side out today. Full of good footballers. Should be enough there to get a result today. “ Allez les sorciers bleu et blanc!!!”
  10. Happy New Year all! Hoping you enjoy today’s game (if you’re going) and that the collective heads aren’t too sore this morning! Any good new year kiss and tell stories will help to pass the hours till kick off...come on, you know you want to confess.
  11. Epic review of 2018 Snoots old chap! Really enjoyed the read...hoping for a Westwood and Reach return tomorrow..and a massive payback for the drubbing we got at St Andrews! At least 3-1 tomorrow to the Wizaards of Dribble and Kicky Ball Foot. Bumper crowd, bumper pies, bumper scoreline...and when Mr Bruce arrives...bumper waistline!
  12. sternlad

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    As long as it’s not been disallowed they can fizz.
  13. sternlad

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Good grief, I’d only just finished reading page 7! And the Kosovan G-Raff pops one in from long range
  14. sternlad

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    A wonderfully spell-binding read Snoots old thing! Would like to see another victory today, think it’s possible if Gayle (the wee poo ) doesn’t play, as everyone says on here just seeing them try hard is 1000% better than the wilderness years of Jos. UTO Come on you blue and white wizards!!
  15. Speaking of monkey hangers, I was perusing the Sunday rag t’other day and noticed the monkey hangers themselves were languishing in some god forsaken northern Vanrama league or summat! Is that the same club that we played in the League One play off final all those years ago at Cardiff, I had to do a double take I tell thi, “unbelievable Jeff”. Just shows you how even massive clubs like Hartlepool United can quickly go under...wonder if they’ve got a Thai owner too? Anyway, I digress, fancy us to get a result today, that being said it could be any one of the three possibilities on offer Come on you Blue and White Striped Wizaaards! UTO