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  1. I’m with Costello on this one...England cricket any format, England Rugby and Wednesday are all the sport I will entertain on tv! The rest of it.....meh
  2. “Ah, Jimmy Mac...you’d better hurry back” good player for a few seasons with us. Developed a weird habit of jumping over tackles or shying out of them altogether before he left for Wolves I think it was? Once met him and Big John Ritchie on Chapel Walk... “Mam, mam, it’s Jim and Big John!” “Don't be so flippin’ daft, what would they be doin on Chapel Walk. Come on, hurry up we’ll miss t’bus” “It is mam, it’s them...alright John, alright Jim?” Big smiles from them and “Alright young man” from one of ‘em. (Don’t remember who spoke) Mother, speechless for first time ever...me on cloud nine for rest of day. 11year old Wednesdayite - 1. Mother - 0 !!!
  3. 10th April 1967 v Man Utd at Hillsborough. Evening kick off. Seeing the stadium lit up, illuminated sign at the back of the Kop as we walked down Herries Road. Looked back at the viaduct ( 5 arches) and there was a barn owl perched in a little recess high up above the arches...you couldn’t have scripted it better! Must have got the last seats in the South that night because we were right at the back, level with the roof it seemed. Final score 2-2 and the first time I’d ever heard the old fella swear...in the crush to get in! Couldn’t tell you who scored for us but think Charlton scored for them. Great, great day/ night.
  4. Important that Hillsborough becomes a “fortress”, home advantage can be a real positive, even if you draw a couple you remain “unbeaten at home” and this affects the way teams view a visit to us, and keeps the crowds interested an’all. Would see us drawing with Stoke, beating Leeds and Boro, and not sure about West Brom - could beat them on a good day. Away games, we could snaffle a point at all of them if the “wind’s in our favour” would take 12 points out of these 7 games. Hope the international break does us some favours as regards Hooper , Lee and Winnall ( maybe someone will even let Abdi out of the broom cupboard at middlewood road) and it will be interesting to see how the manager gets the best out of the two new loanees.
  5. Incidentally, how many are travelling to Reading today? Used to like the thread that always had photos of folks on their way. Isn’t there someone who always kicks off with a photo of Wakefield station? Would be great to have some photos on here of “your day out”.
  6. Top notch Snoots old thing! Optimistic we’ll get something from today’s game, will the new boys get a game? Not sure they will to be fair, possibly on from t’bench. I’ll be dragging my sorry carcass around the cricket field this p.m. so that’ll take me mind off the goings on down in Reading...will give them a cheer from deep, deep cover ( good spot for avoiding hard ball travelling at light speed) Come on you blue and white front striped wizzzaaaards!
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    final team

    Wot no Abdi?
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    50 Years AgoToday

    Alas mother thinks the photos have been chucked out along with baby and bath water! Pity as there were three or four good uns of the action at the Kop end, and my god was the Kop full that day, a seething mass of mayhem , fans separated by the obligatory thin blue line of bobbies usually getting their hats knocked off for their trouble. Remember seeing those arrested being run down the Kop steps at speed with a copper either side and slammed into the wall at the bottom before they were “helped” onto the cinder track by another two or three of S Yorkshire’s finest...dread to think what happened to them behind the south stand! Dangerous place in those days without the away fan segregation of today.
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    50 Years AgoToday

    Crikey I’m an old git! I was there with ma and pa on the North ( had a broken arm so they wouldn’t let me go on the Kop!). Mother is here now (91 years young) I’m going to ask her if she kept the photos we took that day...sadly they are Kodachrome slides so can’t think how I would post them on here. Brilliant match, was it later that season that we beat Leeds in that replay at elland road? Torry owl will know.
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    The legendary Frank Digby, staunchest Wednesdayite ever, christened him “Bang, Bang Fantham” due to his terrifically powerful shot. My dim memory of him was a game at Hillsborough v Man City (I think), there was a hefty clearance from Springett which bounced once and dropped over Fantham’s shoulder on the corner of the penalty area nearest to the South terrace at the Kop end, as it dropped he smashed it with his right foot into the top corner past the city keeper (Joe Corrigan or Ken Mulhearn?) Tremendous goal, his shooting was always accurate never ballooning it over the bar but that might be to do with the Mitre Multiplex rather than the volleyballs they use now! Great photos of the man in action, young uns could learn a thing or two from his body position in the follow through after striking the ball only perhaps Charlton (Robert) and Lorimer were as good.
  11. Reyt good read M’lud! Will be hiding behind settee as normal for this one !
  12. Thanks for clearing that up then. Do you think she’s doing an ok job then?
  13. They probably know summat darn at middlewood road...but will they tell us?
  14. Oh, and where is Gary Hooper? Has anyone seen him roll up at the training ground this week or will he be the next Westwood/ Abdi?
  15. Looking on from a distance, it seems a Reyt shambles at the moment. What is our Chief Executive paid to do exactly? Get the club functioning for its supporters you’d hope, bring in some new blood if they can, understand the socio economic structure of South Yorkshire, realise that people are leaving in their droves and stop telling fans half truths or failing to inform us of embargoes etc. Surely stuff like that is on the job description? It’s clear for all to see now that the embargo was kept under wraps so that season ticket sales weren’t adversely affected...what a way to treat people who work hard to be able to afford the luxury of supporting a team! It beggars belief