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  1. White Hart Lane Gay Meadow Burnden Park (Bolton?) Maine Road Baseball Ground Boothferry Park Highbury might be others but can’t remember
  2. It’s the draws that kill you…and we had 13 of them. A patch of consecutive draws mid season (I think) were when automatic promotion disappeared as a target. That squad only started functioning in 2022. Forest Green, Exeter and Plymouth next season…delightful
  3. Absolutely wizard pass from Bandalf…top notch! Need to get another pronto while they’re reeling.
  4. Come on Andy let’s have some photos of inside the cauldron of Hillsborough
  5. Come on you blue and white wiizzzaaaarrrrds! Let’s put these Mackems to the katana…disembowelling is too good for ‘em.
  6. Gregory just needs to play his normal game, I’m sure Windass is experienced enough to work around his runs and grab us a goal.
  7. Be reyt…. Think we can get two or more goals at home to this lot…they aren’t that good. Come on the Wiizzzaaaarrds in blue and white apparel
  8. Oops forgot the traditional… Come on you blue and white wiiiizzzzaaaards! Let’s put these Wearsiders in their place!
  9. Thanks again Snoots old bean! Well this is it ( or at least one third of it). The recent performance at MK Dons fills me with confidence but you just don’t know. We have players who have played in front of big crowds before so they shouldn’t be overawed by a large mob at Sunderland…main objective is to score before they do that will shut the Mackems up. Interestingly, a former colleague of mine is a Sunderland fan, as are his whole family, they are called Henderson…and Jordan is his nephew!!! He lives in Spain now, wonder how he managed that
  10. This photo is outstanding! However it does show how incongruous the west stand is with the rest of the ground with the line across where the lower ends and the wall of the upper shows through the crowd. We also need to rid the ground of all nasty vertical pillars. Then it would be “ just peachy!”
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