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  1. sternlad

    Sorry about this...

    I know exactly how the OP feels, but here’s an idea...why doesn’t one of those poo hot reporters from The Stir get an exclusive interview with say, Kieran Lee and get the low down on his injury progress. Perhaps even a 10 week serialisation using an interview with every injured and overlooked player at SWFC each edition, now that would put the circulation figures up by ...12 copies a week. Don’t tell me, it’s written into their contracts: “Thou shalt not utter a word against the Chairman or any of his minions, or thy pay, subscription to the fitness suite and golf club fees shall be withheld until such time as thou art declared fully decrepit and unworthy of wielding a nine iron at Dore and Totley.” (Is there a Dore and Totley golf club? 45 years since I lived any where near Sheff.)
  2. sternlad

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Can’t believe ******** (t-st-c-e) has been moderated!!
  3. sternlad

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Mornin all, I find one thing very odd about the issue of not playing the “ has beens” (for want of a better term), that is, if these players aren’t going to feature, why haven’t we terminated a few contracts “by mutual consent”? Is this only done if players have been “nawtee” in some way? The one big issue for me is who the f*** at the club is negotiating these contracts that seem to favour good professional players being able to sit in the stand/at home and pick up an astronomical wage? Football has changed a hell of a lot in my lifetime, it’s hard to fathom as someone who would have given his right arm/******** to step out onto the hallowed ‘plastic’of Hillsborough, that these players don’t appear to want to play for any team. My life is becoming that of Victor Meldrew, “I just don’t believe it!” (Where ‘it’ represents any information coming from S6.
  4. sternlad

    Bannan last niight

    Sounds like Bannan is fast becoming the new Tommy Craig...a class act surrounded by a sea of sheeite! And other teams know that if you pressurise him in the middle of the park we offer little or no threat, I’d like to see Reach stepping up in games where Bannan is stifled because he’s every bit as capable of pinging the ball around.
  5. Excellent as ever m’lud. I realise this might go against the aristocratic grain...but has one ever contemplated script writing? This stuff is much more rib tickling than...oooh...George and Mildred, Birds of a Feather and other mediocre classics that have made people a fortune. And it would also alleviate the Lady Snoots issue as you would have a ready made excuse to live/ sneak off to the garden shed to do some...ahem...writing! What will happen tonight God only knows? Hoping for a draw at best and praying we don’t get another shellacking UTFO. This evening I can be reached by looking behind that pile of cushions on the sofa, and don’t bother shouting as I will have a marshmallow stuffed in each ear!
  6. sternlad

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Ha, thought it was a bit of a short opener....then you hit us with a second post! Very cleverly done m’lud. Think this is an important one to win, we need to build some confidence in the team and in the fan base before approaching...the stain!
  7. sternlad

    What are we drinking tonight

    Spit...fire Gold. May as well go down in flames.
  8. Agree with this. Much more like “traditional football” in the Championship, and I think you’re right any team can beat any other team in our league at the moment. I just find the Premier League a bit ‘plastic’ like the supposed fans who support the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham and flippin’ Bournemouth...a spell back in/ or first time visit to League One would sort them out.
  9. sternlad

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    After reading yet another top class Snooty opener, I’ve been brought crashing down to earth with the realisation that we don’t have any players left other than the starting 11 today. Did try to email the club this week to register my disgust as a supporter but apparently it failed to deliver...a bit like this flippin’ team! My optimism is fading by the minute, so it’ll be a win this afternoon...nailed on. Oh what joy it is to be a Wednesdayite...same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
  10. Excellent OMDT as ever Snoots, I’m sure we can win this one. Could be another 2-1 win, what a time it would be for an Adam Reach worldie and a towering header from Hector. Unfortunately/fortunately I shall not be attending as otherwise engaged slurping at the Nun’s Chuff!
  11. sternlad

    Hutch... Jones..

    Ferzackerly this...Hutch might have put him in the first row of the stand mind you...and then got his coat.
  12. sternlad

    Slept on it thoughts

    You’d like to think we’d learn from these kind of mistakes...but this is Wednesday we’re talking about. Experts for many years in snatching defeat/draws from the jaws of victory...ask Gerry Young.
  13. sternlad

    Adam Reach Goal

    Totally agree with this Owlsman, looked like a little training ground “How can we get Reachy free move?” Looks to me like we’re trying to get Reach into similar positions that Wallace used to exploit coming in off the right flank then...boom!
  14. sternlad

    Adam Reach Goal

    This exactly. One Robert Charlton, pretty good striker of the ball, once said ‘ if I look up and see the white frame of the goal I let fly and see what happens!’ A good job Reachy has the same philosophy I think.
  15. Interesting how many commented on the make up of the bench tonight...and it seems to have cost us the win. If we’d had an experienced holding midfielder on there ( Jones possibly) could we have closed the game out? In that game situation you’d think Jos would have a bit more “nouse”