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  1. Lovely OMDT...as ever your worshipfulness! Need to show the same resolute determination to get the win today as we did last week. Hoping for a clean sheet, 2-0 or dare we dream of 3. Come on you blue and white ‘magical mystery’ wizard like beings!!!
  2. Happy New Year all! Has the transfer window opened yet? Not sure I can bear to look at the scores on the doors today...got to stop the rot today and keep on track. Good luck to all going to the game today. Come on you blue and white magical men!!!
  3. Oh...and “Come on you blue and whi”...can’t be arsed with the rest! Yawn! List of exciting things to do on Sunday afternoons in winter in Cornwall: 1) visit the Eden Project for the umpteenth time to see if its any different from last time. 2) pay £13 to walk over a spectacular bridge at Tintagel to look at a pile of stones. 3) wander round Trago Mills with other bewildered and lost souls buyin crap. 4) dig the veggie patch over. 5) go for a long walk in the local woods to check on dogging activity. 6) poke knitting needles through both eyeballs. 7) undo our lads Christmas Lego car and make it all over again. 8) eat last of left over Christmas ham. 9) spend two hours trying to find a decent film to watch. 10) follow the Wednesday game via owls talk. It will not be number 10 that’s for sure!
  4. 53 an’ half years I’ve been feeling crap after one result and elated at the next. What kind of nick my ticker is in after such abuse God only knows? I deliberately didn’t look at anything vaguely football related when we were 2-1 up at Stoke, and yet I knew...oh yes I knew they would equalise before the end...but no, it was even worse than feared. “How the **** did they manage that?” I screamed to a bewildered rest of Cornwall. “Useless piles of dog turd”. They might win today but in all probability wont...so what do you do? It’s Wednesday innit. FFS !
  5. Yuletide felicitations one and all....come on , own up who ate two Christmas dinners yesterday? I know I did...always up for “seggies”..just like school dinners of yore! Trouble is I’m obliged to start the slog through the cold left over trolley now. Another tricky game today...so I’ll take a draw at this point. But the wizards are disciplined enough to take this lot to the cleaners. Come on you blue and white (slightly-stuffed-on-Christmas-fare) wizzzaaaarrrds!
  6. Nice OMDT Snoots...loving the idea of New Age travellers dancing around “petrified” mattresses...it’s all a bit Matlock Bath! I dread to think what the pub sign for the Miner’s Helmet looks like...shocking image. Can the Wednesday do it again today? We need another 90 minutes of mayhem from the much maligned ( I include myself in that) Jordan Rhodes. Come on you blue and white sorcerers apprentices!!!! Let’s eat these robins for breakfast....or lunch given the kick off time Merry Christmas fellow Owls !
  7. Michael Owen hat trick for Liverpool in a 3-3 draw in the 1990’s I think? I also saw him score 6 for England schoolboys v Belgium at Home Park, Plymouth a couple of years before that. A great striker who should have been at the top of his game a lot longer but for injuries. Bobby Charlton, George Best and Denis Law were all pretty good too...saw them play at Hillsborough a few times. Charlton never seemed to have a bad game ever, so consistent and always went forward with passes or driving runs from deep. Bobby Moore had some good games at Hillsborough too, West Ham were a team full of great footballers at that time. Didn’t mind losing to any of those teams but hated Arsenal.
  8. First let me say I haven’t seen this game, but from looking in on owlstalk and text on bbc sport it seemed that we had a load of possession and multiple corners in the first half. In short it should have been over by half time, as someone on here said, the top sides in this division are going on from one nil up to push for two and three goals...not sitting on a one goal lead. We obviously don’t have the players to carry out that particular game plan, I’m willing to bet we would have won tonight had we remained on the front foot.
  9. Now you’re talking...big titties on speed..got to be worth watching that.
  10. Could it be that he is being “product placed” firmly in the shop window...just before the January sales?
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