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  1. Now, I never buy the Daily Mail ...but my mother, whose visiting at the moment, does, and I read a small article in there regarding Shelvey and another barcode brawling at a take away! Last paragraph states that we received £3.5million compo and an option to loan 4 of the barcodes players. Could this mean Aarons and Lazaar returning?( I know they make most stuff up in that Tory rag.) Oh, and mother at 92 years young and really ought to know better than to buy the Mail every day...and she believes most of what they print...think she likes the racing form guide Maybe we could loan Shearer? Or has he retired?
  2. Great to see the OMDT back Snoots old chap! However, the “against Keith Curle’s lot” has me slightly worried that Northampton may be an off shoot of the Wimbledon crazy gang and want to maim our players. Isn’t he also formerly of “the dark side” of the city?
  3. Great photos Dunsby...your attic must be full. I was there that day but can only remember being near the station, is that where the coach picked the team up from? Didn’t follow the coach through town though, think we watched it go past and then beetled off to Fox House for a paddle at Padley Gorge.
  4. I was 9 (nearly 10) and remember snivelling into me hankie. That Cornish bloke with three wee wee tails never did a thing after that game...total freak. That team wasn’t too good in the league games, just seemed to perform in the cup for some reason. The only investment it got was John Ritchie from Stoke and Fords car crash didn’t help matters...a gradual slide down hill after that to the awful 1969/70 season. Taylor thought Tommy Craig was the answer, but good as he was he couldn’t carry a team....and the rest as they say....was a total sky dive down the divisions. It’s the Wednesday way!
  5. Quite simply...”made from gurrderrrs!”
  6. I’d certainly offer a two year deal to Westwood. If he had played all season we would probably have made the play offs and maybe pushed for automatic. The way he has lifted the spirits of the supporters and the players by just appearing between the sticks is worth every penny of a two year contract...you don’t mess about when it comes to ‘keepers, they’re the base of the spine down the middle of the team.
  7. My stand out memory of him was a volleyed pass from on the halfway line by the South stand that landed at Jackie Sinclair’s feet on the right wing over by block T of the North, that and a little party trick he did in the warm up where he could pop the ball up to head height from the floor by just snapping his feet together like scissors...my God how many times did I try that trick and fail. Top man Tommo!
  8. Only in that video clip...never ever take anything on here too seriously tho eh
  9. What can’t be ‘forgotten’ is that poor poor tackle he tried in the derby when we lost 4-2 at Hillsborough. Who in their right ‘Charlie Hughes coaching manual’ mind tackles with their left foot when a player is going past you on your right? Total numpty and belongs in the same German 2nd Division side as Julian Boner IMHO.
  10. It’s official....I am now very, very old. Was 13 when he signed, saw his debut v Tottenham. Always a class player, sweet left foot. It was always our TC against the other lots TC...as to who had the best player in the 70’s. Rock on Tommy!
  11. Incredible amount of money the club/owner have wasted on Rhodes for very little return. Not their best bit of business. Were they really swayed by the fans opinion on him?
  12. Interesting little video clip....looks a reyt clown. Diving header is stretching it a bit, looked more like he got down on both knees and used the top of his head...unbelievable Jeff! Somebody drive him back before he gets here...please!
  13. They really are the dregs beyond the bottom of the barrel. Totally and utterly lacking in class and any shred of originality...like the kid who always used to copy your book in class and pretend he wasn’t! Charmless nerks I believe Norman Stanley Fletcher would have called them
  14. Thank you milord! Excellent work throughout the season, every one a winner. Hope you have a well earned rest down in St Tropez with Stubbs and the girls...presume you will be hooking up with some gals of ill repute from the local finishing school. Owls to win today with a clean sheet, hoping Nahki Knickers Wells doesn’t play as he can be as much of a nuisance as a barrow load of frogs. 3-0 will do today. Come on you blue and white wizaaards! UTO!
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