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  1. sternlad

    Wing Backs

    Think Reach could be a good left wing back if he can sort out how to defend/ tackle at the right moment, “timing is everything”. Palmer certainly looked good in the highlights I’ve seen of the Lincoln game, but he has to learn how to cross and make good decisions in the opponents penalty area. I seem to remember him fluffing shots/crosses last season as he chose the wrong option, (a bit like that clown Sterling for England). As for Boyd, would he be better at right wing back as he seems to be predominantly right footed? He played well at Lincoln too, but it’s a different kettle of fish in the Championship as we know. One thing for sure Jos is the right man to sort them out, I’m sure he’s a better coach than the “other bloke” was in terms of player development and will get the players thinking about how to keep improving rather than stagnating in their skill levels. Hope so anyway. Remember these are the aging ramblings of an alcohol soaked brain...and it’s only 11.30am!
  2. As posted previously, I think Lincoln have signed Akinde from Barnet who is a big unit also, powerful runner, good shot on him and causes problems from set pieces if memory serves.
  3. I have to say Kyle Walker has been great throughout, Maguire excellent, Stones very steady, Young found wanting tonight, Alli, Sterling, Kane and Lingard very poor in open play tonight, Trippier has been another great contributor and Henderson worked his socks off as usual and the keeper Pickford was the right choice. It was always going to be a case of if they all played well they would win, but unfortunately there were some absentees tonight.
  4. sternlad

    3 Pre Season games

    On the ‘friendlies” topic, I see Lincoln have just signed Akinde from Barnet. He’ll be a handful for the defence, big unit and powerful runner...will be interesting to see how the back three manage against him. He was injured for a long period last season which is one of the reasons Barnet were relegated, season before he scored a lot of goals in League 2 if memory serves me correctly. Wonder if “Bambi” Van Aken will get a run out...now that will be worth the ticket money for comedy value alone!
  5. I see the Croatian manager thinks they can “cope with Kane”, there’s his big mistake. Defences have been so worried about blocking Kane out they’ve forgotten about the others capable of scoring. (Except Sterling...don’t get me started on him...he wouldn’t score in the proverbial) If England play anywhere near to the standard they did v Sweden they should walk it. Some of those Croatian players looked like they were auditioning for a part in “Ice Cold in Alex” by the end of extra time v Russia.
  6. My problem with Rhodes was never his goal poaching/ tap ins in the box for whoever...I had quite an open mind for a while... then I saw him run! What the flip is that all about? He looked like some kind of demented penguin flippety-flapping round the pitch...should’ve christened him “Pingu”! Noot! Noot!
  7. I hope the Venancio deal can be done as he looks a good reader of the game and seems to have a good “football brain” ( if that’s possible?). There is still the need for a tall, powerful centre midfield player in my opinion, players of that ilk usually cover a lot of ground, get a foot in when it counts and win headers/ second balls in midfield. A good player of this type takes a lot of pressure off the back 3/4 through interceptions and winning tackles just in front of them...what’s Carlton Palmer doing these days? He’s exactly what’s needed.
  8. sternlad

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    Ah it all becomes clear now... Catterick moved to Everton and signed Wilson from Huddersfield. Got his man eventually. Sorry, Torry I’m a shade too young to remember the Catterick years..Alan Brown was manager when I began these years of misery and torture in 1966!
  9. sternlad

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    Good solid full back in the days of no nonsense tackles...every bit as good (and hard) as the Chopper Harris’s of the league. Would perhaps have played for England if Ray Wilson and then Terry Cooper hadn’t been such good overlapping left backs. Still remember the 8th goal of his career that never was in the 5-4 game v Man Utd...absolute snorter of a shot. I think I must have been at his testimonial game, certainly had the programme, but can’t remember it. Happy Birthday Don! Great servant of the club, and did a hell of a lot to establish the game in the US with Portland Timbers. And of course, gave us this legend
  10. Sorry....have been ill!
  11. Nah then, that colour photo in the round necked shirts is the only one I’ve ever seen with Mark “Pancho” Pearson on. Extreme left of front row, he was a Ridgeway lad like me , mother used to teach him in primary school there. By the time I supported Wednesday he was long gone but occasionally saw him in the village making his bow legged way along to The Swan. And isn’t that photo back to front with Leppings Lane on the right of the North stand?
  12. sternlad

    Blast from the past - Gerry Young

    As already mentioned I too was taken into Johnny Quinn’s Shop and met both him and Gerry Young there. Must have gone in with Albert Clayton who was a collector of enamel lapel badges from every club he visited, so we were probably looking for a rarity or summat. I think Albert still sits on the North, he did have a car bodywork company on Rutland Road, but he must have retired now. He was manager of Ridgeway Boys F C for a while in the 70’s when I were a youf. Anyhow we all know about Gerry Young and “the slip” but he was a steady defender normally and a back line of Smith, Mobley, Young and Megson D. took no prisoners... one of the best things about standing on the Kop near the front as a nipper was hearing the fearsome tackles going in around the penalty area, especially from Megson who clearly believed in the philosophy of putting the winger into the first row of seats on the South terrace. Wilf Smith was a class act on the other flank, one of my favourite players at the time, like a Rolls Royce version of Mel Sterland, but also a dab hand at slide tackles. Even George Best and Willy Morgan didn’t get much change out of Smith and Megson when they visited Hillsborough. Aye, them were t’days!
  13. sternlad

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Ta Dukeries, have registered for I follow on website but I’m not paying for it like I did Wednesday World, the service is crap. I’ll see what happens. Why the f*** can’t we listen to radio Sheff direct? I’ve paid me license fee. Bloomin’ Rob-dogs ! Is this a stitch up so you have to pay through the website to listen in, bloody club gets worse if you ask me!
  14. sternlad

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Top notch OMDT as ever M’lud! Unable to attend this evening so am sending my nephew who lives in Wimbledon area. Which part of their massive stadium do away fans get? And how do I get the commentary from Radio Sheffield in Cornwall? Anyone?
  15. This was the team I used to waste good money on. Fortunately, by September 1974 I was off to College and spared the pain of having to watch them all season. By the time I’d finished college I think Big Jack had taken over and prospects were a bit brighter.