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  1. Disappointing that apart from the scorer details we haven’t managed to infiltrate the inner sanctum of Hillsborough for the full team list..what are our intelligence units doing FFS?
  2. That would be flippin fantastic...wonder if he managed a full ninety minutes today tho? I’m assuming Forestieri and Lazaar didn’t feature? It would be great to have them involved for this tough run in.
  3. Will someone on ‘ere be able to get hold of the team sheet from “behind the closed doors”? Would be interesting to see who is on the mend.
  4. Take ‘em all one at a time. International break gives us a chance to get some players fit for the run in and keep the fitness levels high for the lads that are playing week in week out. Using Forestieri ?, Hooper?, Lazaar? as bit part players in the last few games might give us a good chance in some of those away games. I’m sure Bruce will be thinking along these lines too, those extra 3-4 players with the quality they have could make a big difference in the tougher fixtures. We’ll see, any road up I’m very optimistic about the future now.
  5. Think the quality of this division suffers from the premiership gleaning off all the players that could brighten up this league and paying them a fortune to sit on the sidelines most of the season. Look what a difference Hector, Lazaar and Aarons have made and think how many others like them there must be still loitering on the fringes of Premier League clubs. The Championship would be a much better quality league if more of these type of players were playing in it week in week out, IMHO.
  6. Class....but why would Waddle and Frankenstein’s monster wear eyeliner!
  7. “Roll along, roll along Sheffield Wednesday roll along” ........and steamroller every other fecker in your path. I’m sure they are the correct lyrics for that one.
  8. Top OMDT today Snoots. Loving that owl gif, he/ she looks like Jos’s ‘tache has made a reappearance! News of the demise of Danny Graham and Mulgrew is encouraging, kick towards The Lep first half 0-0, get the wind up their fannies second half and breeze through 3-0! We can do this and the egg chasers will distract me from looking at the score every 5 mins on ‘ere. UTO Come along now you blue and white ‘outside chance of the play offs’ wizaaards!
  9. ‘ Ar Jud’ allus reminds me of Billy Casper’s brother darn t’pit in Barnsley.
  10. Norwich must be due a dodgy spell, you’re right they were bobbins last season. Always fancy us to get a result against the mighty W**ds.
  11. I often do this...but only for a wazz in the plantpot in the corner of the lounge.
  12. True...it’s the start of school holidays as well...well it is darn ‘ere. Might even be up there at me sisters in Killamarsh so I could make a rare appearance in the south with me werthers and other essentials as listed previously.
  13. If you end up on the South/ grandstand don’t forget the checklist of items you’re allowed to take in... Werthers x 2 bags plaid blanket ( not for concealing hand jobs) flask of bovril/ tea/ horlicks cushion for occasional nap ( no throwing) hand/willy warmer gloves (to muffle any clapping, don’t want you waking up the neighbours)
  14. With a record like that, you my friend are relegation fodder
  15. It would be nice to think the crowd will increase on Saturday, but I fear those days are gone. Whatever the clowns of Westminster say austerity is still biting and people are in the habit of not splashing the cash so readily as a few years ago. £30 is still a fair few groceries if you’re on a tight budget and those that could afford the gate money are probably doing other stuff on a Saturday like jet skiing off Flamborough and hang gliding in The Fens.
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