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  1. It’s a shame platform soled shoes aren’t in fashion...you could have used one jar for each heel. Cross dressing might be the only solution...or under a police helmet? Do the rozzers still wear helmets? I don’t get out much
  2. Clearly, Bannan takes our corners as his considerable height won’t be missed in the penalty area, following the same ploy therefore the job should go to the smallest player on the pitch at the time. Would this usually be Potterpessy or Harris? When Forestieri is on the pitch it ought to be him as a) he’s a short arse and b) he can be fairly accurate from a dead ball.
  3. Didn’t say he was, ‘twas just a general comment about injuries prior to games lately. I don’t get much team news darn ‘ere during the week, didn’t see Bannan’s injury mentioned till just now.
  4. We seem to be getting a crop of injuries just before games, in the warm up etc. Bannans turn this week then, we’re all probably thinking the same, where does our creativity come from now? Mind you we can still beat these spinning jennies from cotton wool town...flippin flippety flappers! Come along now you Blue and White (probably playing in green today!) Wizzaaaards!!
  5. Ha ha, I’ve just remembered I went to see Albert Clayton a few weeks since...he told me a great story about Tony Kay chasing some kid who’d invaded the pitch somewhere (can’t remember where) , caught him and gave him a good slapping. Not many messed with Kay, he was ever so slightly unhinged...allegedly
  6. This is all very well....but Don Megson at right back...right back! Have a care, the lad could only stand on his reyt foot..he would have done a lot of fallin o’er playin theer!
  7. Tha’s missed art Ken Knighton! And Don Megson! (The archetypal brick shithouse).
  8. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather m’lud, couple of snifters up at the Nuns Chuff will sort you out I’m sure. We have a good record against “the dirt from Elland Road” and so does Monk recently, so we have to be reasonably confident. Come on you blue and White Wizaaards!! Let’s be ‘avin these flippin flippers from the flip side.
  9. Wizaaards! Need a good win today to keep the challenge going near the top....consistency is the aim of the game. Can see Fletcher grabbing a goal today and Luongo...2-0 to the massive.UTO
  10. Oh ....and come on you Blue and White Wizaaards! Let’s be havin this lot toneet! Really want to see us going for it, I think Monk has a knack for weedling out a win when you least expect it. Stick to the game plan and away we go! Big Dave to score and another for Reach...2-1 to the massive.
  11. I was at this game as well...what a flippin nightmare game. I’m sure it was Jimmy Mullen and David Sunleys debut game. Also my very first footie match was Hull City v Mansfield Town in the third division. Wagstaff was playing that day too and scored a couple I think in a 4-0 win for The tigers. I remember going with my cousins from Sproatley near Hornsea on the train into hull and there was a train stop right outside the back of the terracing. Big crowd that day an all....must have been 25,000 easily. Proper football, proper terracing, proper flat caps....not a prawn sandwich in sight.
  12. Many Wednesdayites in the late sixties and seventies hated Eric Taylor with a vengeance, they saw the team fading after the FA Cup final of 1966...fresh faces and legs weren’t added, only John Ritchie as I recall. The popular theme was that he only cared about ground development and not the team on the pitch and that is very much what it looked like as we slumped to the 1969-70 season. Another reason was the “Tommy Craig and 10 others comment” which did nothing to encourage the team spirit at the time. I’m sure the idea of some kind of memorial has probably been mooted in the past but it may be that opinion is so divided on him that nothing has been done.
  13. ‘Twas great to see him strolling forrard v Boro in the Beckenbauer mould (is that the right spelling....looks weird?) I like the cut of his jib, if the space is there in front of you...step in! Well Done Jools!
  14. Agreed ...but it would be nice to see Borner striding purposefully into the middle third with the ball at his feet, a la Beckenbauer! It would also be nice to see Bannan, Hutchinson et al trying to get free to receive a pass in the critical area of the pitch instead of running back to the defence to collect a two yard pass from the defence.
  15. Now...yer see...that video of him does not convince me. Far too much looking away avoiding “camera contact”. I’m very surprised by this appointment, and don’t expect him to be successful...far too shifty for my liking. If I was a player I’d want someone who could look me in the eye and be straight. Mr Miyagi....”look eye, Daniel san, look eye!”
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