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  1. I have an offer for Moses...4 Kit Kats and a curly wurly to stay away from our club. Absolute car crash of a defender...should have a government health warning affixed to his shirt. I can hear the crowd’s collective sharp intake of breath as he dives in inside the penalty area ...yet again. Direct correlation to the number of old uns choking on their Werthers in the South.
  2. Sadly I cannot erase the memory of his abject performance in the 4-2 defeat to Dem Blades...it is burned on the memory banks. May he never darken our doors again.
  3. You make El Pato sound like Gary Hooper!
  4. It’s the Wednesday (no, strike that) it’s the Chancer way.
  5. Ha ha good point. What’s happened to Oddjob? Please tell me he’s out of contract in July
  6. Although he’s obviously passionate about doing well on the pitch he’s not a great choice as captain. Having a go at players for mistakes might motivate some but would demotivate the majority I feel. Who have been our best captains? Megson (D?, Pearson? Lyons?Bullen? Loovens? All strong personalities but with slightly different styles. Common denominator, they probably all knew how all their team mates ticked and knew what to say and how to say it to get the best out of them. They all also led by example and they played at the back which is a great place to read the game from. Midfield hurly bu
  7. Has Grand Master Flash with his wad of cash even made an appearance on these shores yet? Thought not
  8. He’s the kind of player that any decent full back would know how to deal with...first tackle, hard but fair. He would probably switch wings after a few minutes. Don Megson however, would have clattered him onto the cinder track by the South stand wall...road burns can be very sore.
  9. This is more likely given the Colin connection.
  10. As long as Att knows about him we’ll be sound.
  11. Just watched a YouTube clip...it was 4 minutes from the smoke being seen to the roof being engulfed in flames. Tordov was the owner, who of course blamed the previous board for not clearing rubbish from beneath the stand as instructed by the fire service...shocking!
  12. This was absolutely awful to see ...a few years later footage was used in schools to demonstrate how quickly fire can spread. The kids at my school gasped in shock when they saw the timer in the bottom corner of the screen ticking as the flames took hold. It was an astonishingly short time. I’m pretty sure the old South stand at Hillsborough behind what was called ‘the terrace’ was a similar wooden construction, it could have happened anywhere.
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