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  1. Loving the Dunkley - Palmer biscuit link up! “Baking ‘em like biscuits oughta be”
  2. I thought this, and that we’d signed Juan’s brother.
  3. Vic Mobley had a head that had been chiselled from granite. He looked like the Android character on Red Dwarf.can’t remember characters name! Kryten?
  4. Defensively : Lyons, Mobley, Pearson. Attacking: Ritchie, Chapman, McCulloch. Sadly, given the link to Alzheimer’s that heading seems to have I fear there will be more ex professionals suffering in future.
  5. “It seems to me you lived your life like a candle….up your arse” Whatever happened to the age old British tradition of lighting farts…is the flare idea some new take on homo -erotica? I felt sorry for the two blokes holding his legs up in the air, what a vision that must have been.
  6. Agree totally with this, why didn’t Shaw and Walker take penalties? Both high on confidence, both experienced professionals, both have good ball striking ability…some crazy decisions by the management team last night in all aspects of that game.
  7. Am I the only one who thought Southgate bottled that final…England rarely saw the ball after half time until the second period of extra time. Why the hell wasn’t Grealish brought on at 60 minutes? Far too cautious to win it , if you’ve got round the Italian defence on the flanks a few times why not press home the advantage? And if the two centre backs are ancient why was no one making life difficult for them? Disappointing way to finish a very successful tournament. Thought Luke Shaw and Kyle Walker were immense in all the games they were involved in, real power houses in attack and defence, and Declan Rice tonight had a great first half…but alas the potential match winners went missing again.
  8. Joint mincing going on …Tony Kay would be singularly unimpressed.
  9. New keeper is right I think…defence has got to have confidence in the bloke behind them. I didn’t read all the list of out of contract players but did see a blast from the past…Scott Carson on the list. He’s 35 now do we think that’s too old for a decent keeper?
  10. He looks well…Reyt hard man midfielder ( sorry wing half). Remembered for all the wrong reasons unfortunately.
  11. Good luck to him, obviously got his head screwed on…looks like a lad that needs regular wages to keep his hair style in check.
  12. Opened thread expecting picture of extremely large wad of cash being waved by Harry “loadsa money” Enfield with Chansiri’s head photo shopped in. Disappointed now
  13. Sorry….but I remain unconvinced by that interview…no mention of bringing in players to boost the squad. Our Darren says a lot of what we already know…conditioning etc etc. It will be interesting to see what kind of team we can put out against Celtic!
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