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  1. Very true. I get the feeling Borner would be the pick of those still with us, he has a hint of the old Bobby Moore about him, assertive, calm and leads by example...and of course his position gives the ideal view of the team and opposition. Bannan is not the right man for the job in my view as he always whinges at team mates, officials and looks to the bench when things are going pear shaped. I’m sure that one of Loovens great strengths on the pitch was to get players to adjust to what the opposites were doing throughout the game...he was vastly underrated as captain probably because he just got on with the job every game.
  2. It'll be an interesting night...hope Wildsmith has a large tin hat!👨‍🚒
  3. Back line looks a tad awkward! Would have preferred to see Big Dave at centre back with Iorfa!🤪
  4. Spiffing OMDT Snoots old thing! Expect another battling performance toneet, could we sneak another victory? Absolutely, especially with the crowd beh...oh wait! “Come on you blue and white not been paid since last month wizzzaaarrrddds!!”
  5. Aye Reyt, just checked back and Windass is out for at least three games with calf injury. Soz, can’t keep up any more...oo er missus!
  6. Although Wickham and Nuhiu are both on the “large unit” side of things they lack mobility and sharpness around the box. Ideally I’d like to see Wickham and Windass as a pairing, is Windass injured? (Can’t remember if I read that on here somewhere last week). It’ll be an interesting game tomorrow and is usually a fixture where we get something points wise. Late goal from Wee Bazza to win it or tie it?
  7. Thinking back...either Bremner or Giles got injured early on in that famous Elland Road cup replay, which gave Eustace a lot more space and time in midfield...but my God he did use it well that night. I’ll never forget travelling back with my parents, car horns blasting all the way down the M1!!
  8. This came to my mind as well... although at times Sam was a bit of a liability discipline wise he always gave 100% when he played. If he’d been a bit more controlled he’d have made a great captain. The type of player you want in your team not playing against you, midfield playmakers in the championship must have gulped a little when they saw Sam‘s name on the team sheet! I wish him luck in the future he has been a good servant of the club especially having been told that he shouldn’t play again after the injuries he got as a youngster, really hope he does well as a coach somewhere. Cheers, Sam!
  9. Jos in “I’ll get me coat” shocker! As much use as a chocolate fire guard !
  10. Having only watched the highlights of saturdays game, I can’t really comment on Rhodes performance throughout the game. However, the gilt edged chance he missed in the first half was pretty poor. He made an excellent run across the defenders to allow Bannan to play a great ball through, then having done the hard work he seemed unable to put an extra half yard of pace in to make contact at the decisive moment. Just not sharp enough at the moment...maybe he needs game time, or a cattle prod administered at the crucial moment. Get thi’ skates on Jordan lad!
  11. Would it be at all possible to get cardboard cut outs of all our players? We might then see more activity in Saturday’s game...better still get all the Florist team done, it’s the best chance we’ll get of winning, I tell thi’.
  12. Aye that’s Colin! He had a bubble cut when I knew him...and I think he had the same curly top when he scored the hat trick v Stockport, his photo from the papers must be somewhere.
  13. Just googled Colin Walker and there’s a big Wikipedia article on him and an interview with Alan Biggs. I was about right he is two years younger than me born in 1958.. so when we were both at Retford he’d have been 19. Didn’t realise the New Zealand connection either!
  14. Colin Walker was at Retford Town in 1977/78 but hardly played a game due to injury and being overweight, he used to train wearing a plastic boiler suit thing that made him sweat the weight off. By the end of the season he was just about in the squad having got back to full fitness. He was big mates with a lad called Steve Nicholson who had been a junior at Hillsborough for a time. I bobbied off to live in London later that year so didn’t play for Retford again...years later Colin’s mug is all over the papers for scoring a hat trick v Stockport County, wasn’t he a “refuse operative” at the time or summat. Or has someone already said that? He must have been a very young lad when I knew him at Retford 18/19 or so maybe.
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