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  1. Hooper just turned up with KFC for Jos.
  2. Great to see, can’t for this season to over so we can start a fresh.
  3. #DareToNuihui

    Youre basing this on the 2 goals at Leeds?
  4. Say hello to Owlvis Presley

    Owlex Turner
  5. #DareToNuihui

    Don’t think he’s the answer but hes playing his part.
  6. Tweet of the year goes goes to this man...

    Guessing some people didn’t find it funny then
  7. FAO Just Visiting

  8. Give Nuhiu what he deserves

    It’s been on order for 6 months, should arrive for the last game of the season.
  9. Michael Vaughan in no doubt at all

    Only joking. Imagine the negs I’d have by now.
  10. Michael Vaughan in no doubt at all

    Anybody else think he’s a bell end?
  11. Ours would be ‘bring a friend and pay double’