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  1. If we get a decent offer then get rid for me, such a frustrating player to watch. Doesn’t look interested most of the time, doesn’t score enough, lethargic.
  2. Love it! Well done Wednesday! Do we know when it’s available?
  3. It’s yes from me, no more 60 year all has beens please Chasiri
  4. No point keeping him, and most us don’t want him now anyway. Toxic
  5. Anybody else feel like this now? Made his feelings quite clear, don’t care how good a manager you are, if you don’t want to be here then get the fizz out. We are Sheffield Wednesday and we will always be bigger than you. Very disappointed in Bruce, but at the same time not surprised. What a wee wee tail.
  6. Chansiri playing a blinder here, if Newcastle want him so badly then cough up what we want
  7. This is so flipping annoying. Either fizz off or say you aren’t interested. Get it sorted ASAP
  8. If he goes I hope they get relegated, the fans hate him and he gets sacked. fizz him
  9. Just signed a 3 year deal so zero chance he’s going
  10. Is there no press conference after tonight’s match?
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