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  1. ThisCityIsOurs88

    George Hirst

    I’ve heard he’s a cheeky monkey
  2. ThisCityIsOurs88

    Do we need more pace in the team?

    Definitely some pace.
  3. ThisCityIsOurs88

    Amazed if anyone was at this one?

    I know mate, was just being a sarcastic cheeky monkey
  4. ThisCityIsOurs88

    Amazed if anyone was at this one?

    Surely people watched it.
  5. 2018 Ibiza squad? #ladsladslads #banter #cheekynandos
  6. ThisCityIsOurs88

    Will we see #SWFC vs SWANSEA next season?

    Didn’t take long for him to get found out this time. Everything that’s happened at Swansea happened here.
  7. ThisCityIsOurs88

    Happy #MindTheGap Day

    Will never forget this day. Absolutely amazing in every way
  8. When is Hutch contracted til?
  9. Thank god Butterfield is going back.
  10. Are we sorting things early for a change?
  11. Can’t wait for him to fizz off. It’s so boring now.
  12. ThisCityIsOurs88

    A Tale Of Two Managers

    Cant stop laughing at that hahaha
  13. ThisCityIsOurs88

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    Get rid for me. Club can’t be held to ransom over someone who’s played maybe 5 games. He definitely not as good as he thinks he is.
  14. ThisCityIsOurs88

    #SWFC - new Injury Update

    Jesus, what a joke this is.