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  1. Having banter with some Wycombe lads after we’ve lost. Get this ******** out our club
  2. Why did we bother signing windass and wickham? Pelupessy is fucxing awful
  3. What were his actual words regarding Westwood and Hutch?
  4. When did I ever say it was an issue? Or that I want him to replace Dawson?
  5. I’m not debating that, just wondering what’s going off with him.
  6. Was he mentioned in the press conference? What’s going on with him? Has he decided he wants to turn up yet?
  7. Anybody actually know what’s going on with him? Is he injured? Is he arsed? For me he should of gone ages ago. I can’t actually recall the last time he did anything worthwhile. Never looks bothered when he’s out there, he had his strop before Norwich and got what he wanted with the pay rise. Now seems content to sit and steal a wage (a big one at that). He will never repay for how we have been with him as a club and as fans.
  8. Somebody please tell me what Nuhui offers? He’d get nowhere near any other team in the top 6
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