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  1. Iorfa is brilliant, great signing. Nuhiu awful again. Will never know how he continues to get anywhere near our team.
  2. Anybody know if you will be able to pay on the gate?
  3. Just don’t really get the love in with Bullen
  4. Monk isn’t bringing any other staff and has to work with Bullen as assistant. No wonder it took so long to get somebody willing to work under these constraints. Why keep Bullen? What does he add? Clearly a nice bloke but he’s been here under so many failed regimes. Fresh ideas needed under fresh management IMO.
  5. Why keep Bullen? Nice bloke and all but he’s been here far too long under too many failed regimes. I don’t really get the love in with him.
  6. Bullen is useless. At least Sky made some money.
  7. If we get a decent offer then get rid for me, such a frustrating player to watch. Doesn’t look interested most of the time, doesn’t score enough, lethargic.
  8. Love it! Well done Wednesday! Do we know when it’s available?
  9. It’s yes from me, no more 60 year all has beens please Chasiri
  10. No point keeping him, and most us don’t want him now anyway. Toxic
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