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  1. Not going to lie I have never heard of him.
  2. Fair enough cheers lads I was looking at this https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/june/owls-v-leeds-kick-off-change/
  3. Can anybody confirm the day and time this game is on? Sky says Friday night, Wednesday website says the fixture is still on a Saturday but now at 12:15 instead of 3;00?
  4. The guy isn’t even in the country... we are 3 days away from the start of the season and he’s nowhere to be seen all ore season again. He he must be laughing that lad.
  5. Nice to see him training hard. How are things like this allowed to happen?! He’s an absolute joke.
  6. Hope this is true. Wages are ridiculous for somebody who spends so much time injured
  7. Kit looks beautiful, actually prefer white shorts. Looks smart.
  8. So you no longer support us. What a wee wee poor excuse. Not sure if you’re fishing/pissed/serious.
  9. Palmer should be nowhere near our team. Awful player.
  10. Nothing will happen anyway. They’ve got round the rules without breaking any. This Hirst saga should just be put to bed. If this was anybody without the surname ‘Hirst’ nobody would give two fooks. The lad barely played a game for us at first team level and proved nothing as far as I’m concerned.
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