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  1. This game is going to finish about 5pm at this rate
  2. Hope Chansiri has left their pay packets in the dressing room before kick off
  3. Turned us around in that last 12 games under Jones Great player, should be in the England set up
  4. Or just watch the paint dry, could be more entertaining
  5. Like buying a lottery ticket Deep down you know you aren’t going to win but can’t help dreaming of your numbers coming up
  6. Better to wait for the in match odds and then bet against what you actually want to happen Win/win then
  7. Anyone told Borner of the plan and which colours we are playing in ? Given the quality of some of his recent back passes he’s more likely to make an incisive through ball to the Derby strikers
  8. The only positive I see is that we are probably the team with less pressure on them. Of course we need to win but then so do both Rovrum & Derby to guarantee safety and we start in the lowest position. Will be a very nervy afternoon !
  9. This is Wednesday we are talking about Should have been down 3 games ago but will leave it to the 96th minute on Saturday
  10. How good would the Wednesdayites be if fans were allowed in There would be a thread now about inflatables
  11. Martyn Ware from Heaven 17 was in an adjacent box at Cardiff for the play off final (proper Corporate)
  12. A trip to the New York stadium to look forward to in League One
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