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  1. Get that first win under his belt and my interest will start to peak With continued expectation of a 0-0 result every game, I’m still a bit meh at the moment
  2. Pile on at the bookies for 0-0 in all our remaining games I bet you’ll win more than you lose
  3. Has VAR confirmed he actually touched the ball ?
  4. About the same as last season in 16th on 56 points
  5. 241 appearances, 63 goals Sheffield born and bred RIP Albert
  6. Unbelievable Jeff Wycombe get their first win against, we beat unbeaten Bournemouth in the next game
  7. We had one positive Covid test result in June Does that count ? https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/june/covid-19-update/
  8. SWFC - been flattening the curve for generations
  9. 1 goal in open play from one of our players in the last 8 games I make it (penalty and own goal the other 2) Shocking
  10. In your face EFL We wont need a points deduction to send us down !
  11. On the plus side, League One Champions 2021/22
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