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  1. Always wanted him to form a strike partnership with Drew Talbot Drew Peacock up front
  2. Only 3 days to pancake Tuesday A day we can all be useless t8ssers
  3. No idea what club would do with regards to ticket prices if we are relegated So many multi year season tickets already sold based on existing pricing model. Who on earth would want to pay the current POTG prices in League One, never mind away supporters We would certainly be further down the creek than we are now
  4. His entire contribution over recent games seems to be doing a 360 turn with the ball on the half way line and then losing possession He’s not on his own though and at least his little turns could be classed as entertainment
  5. Be funny if it was used just by a load of away fans looking for a freebie
  6. Looking at our 6 games March to early April I’ll be surprised if we pick up a point
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