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  1. Dad’s from Shrewsbury so always went to their home games when we were there visiting family back in the day. Enjoyed following a little club when we were challenging with the big boys Only over recent years we’ve started playing them more often (and losing) so suddenly that feeling of superiority has disappeared!
  2. Brighton & Southampton regulars in that division at the time Nice to see we have kept pace with them
  3. Isn’t Brendan Rodgers an Owl? Thought I’d read due to him being a cousin to Nigel Worthington
  4. A team full of male substitutes ? How fitting
  5. Gonna struggle to get a song going with his name in it
  6. Kieran Lee scores, all ex players at it today Nuhiu scored yet ?
  7. 10 goals in nearly 6 years (although hardly played) He has turned into a complete disappointment
  8. Chesterfield fans at Chelsea last weekend made me chuckle ”Johnstones paint trophy, you’ll never win that”
  9. One of the lads we went with took a punch outside a nearby Pizza Hut after the game Poor lad, he was a Celtic fan only came along for a day out
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