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  1. Yohan Folly Last seen working in Meadowhall where he belongs
  2. We're crap again

    An old workmate of mine has had a season ticket since the 70’s Don’t see him that often but from time to time bump into him on way to games. For as long as I can remember the conversation starts with ‘still putting yourself through the misery?’ Some things never change being a Wednesdayite
  3. Season over for me in terms of challenging for promtion It could still get a lot worse. A relegation battle and a battering at the Lane for starters
  4. I’m with the club on this We cant be held to ransom by one player who no doubt has the potential to be a great player but is unproven at first team level Premier League clubs can no doubt afford to take a gamble on him at this stage in his career Don’t forget Franny Jeffers looked a world beater at Youth level
  5. Ref blows on 94 minutes

    With all the stoppages in the 2nd half fully expected 5-6 mins added on At 1-1 with the way we were playing that would have been a good thing for us, could only see us scoring the longer the game went on Go 2-1 up and suddenly wishing there were only a couple of minutes injury time given our record of trying to close out games. Typical
  6. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Sheridan v pigs in the Zenith cup late 80’s. Ran towards kop end, beating all tackles and then curled one in the top corner Carbone overhead at Newcastle. If that had been Bergkamp they would still be talking about it
  7. Hirst v Man City after 8 glasses of champagne
  8. Or certainly fans who go to the home games and then follow Twitter/Facebook for away games On the back of a few poor home displays you can understand people venting frustration with such as the Bolton result whether they were there or not
  9. Rhodes haters

    I think the problem with Rhodes was the level of expectation He was a name always mentioned when the transfer window came round and we all thought he was the missing piece of the jigsaw as we’ve been desperate for a 20 goal a season player at this level Coupled with his family link to the club it was a signing we were all generally excited about As he didnt hit the ground running and then the penalty miss at Leeds and the semi final shootout controversy it suddenly looked like it wasnt going to work out for him I’ll be delighted if he can now get a settled run in the side and start to rediscover the form we all know he is capable of
  10. He scores goals galore, Jordan Rhodes He scores goals galore, Jordan Rhodes Jordan Rhodes, he scores goals
  11. End of last season my car was keyed and had wing mirror smashed near the Lexus Garage on Penistone Road Sounds like it’s everywhere in the area on match days
  12. Have only paid for one game this season v QPR Had the loan of a mate’s season ticket for the others and was on hols for Pigs & Leeds Nothing I’ve seen encourages me to fork out c £40 in the near future and as a foundation member I’ll wait for the £20 games which is about what the entertainment is worth at the moment
  13. Burton, Bolton, Birmingham

    And lost against the Blunts Carlos clearly has no plan B