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  1. We know what the season opening song will be Cheer up Stevie Bruce, oh what can it mean to a fat Geordie b@std with a sh!te football team
  2. Weren’t we the first team to be 3-1 up in a penalty shootout and lose? (v Wolves)
  3. I’d put him on the list of players that could have gone on to proper legend status at the club On his day, brilliant to watch and definitely in our strongest starting 11 Unfortunately long term injuries and spells on the sidelines meant we had to forget about him these last 2 seasons A real shame as I think when fit he could have made the difference in achieving a top 6 finish
  4. Writing was on the wall from the off this season £42 on North for first home game v Hull put me and my mates off. There was little to get excited about last summer and dire opposition Got to get this right in August given we still have the Bruce feel good factor Fill the ground, hopefully spur us on to 3 points and get people engaged from the start rather than waiting to see how we get on in first few games and losing them until Christmas
  5. Surely makes sense for him to miss next week given we have nothing to play for
  6. Slap bang in the middle of Bank holiday weekend Can’t see many will be tempted only then to find out at full time that the pigs have gone up as champions
  7. It’s the hope that kills you We’ll win the last 2 games and miss out by a couple of points and then over analyze every dropped point/injury time goal
  8. We were there looking at the Frankfurt left back that got injured
  9. I was the only one that didn’t mention Matias
  10. Take 3 points and the dream lives on, lose and there is some small satisfaction that we might stop the pigs getting automatic promotion A bit like having £50 on both red and black (obviously a draw throws a spanner in the works)
  11. Fox, Boyd, Pelupessy. Season over, Bruce is already on the beach!
  12. Having worked in payments for years this was always going to be the way things moved A business such as Wednesday will be paying significant bank charges for cash together with the cost of a security carrier. Add in a % of losses for pilfering which all retail businesses face and in theory if you are serving food and drink you should wear gloves when handling cash (rarely happens) Dont forget forgeries, businesses are liable for accepting any dodgy notes and according to stats over £400m of the old pound coins in circulation were fake And only Mark Zuckerberg has enough money to buy one of our match tickets in cash !
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