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  1. Match Day Pies

    Any idea on the cost of a meat and potato one in Barbados? I’m doing a thesis on the Pie-rates of the Caribbean
  2. That unbelievable save from the Blunts keeper in injury time at the Lane Had that screamer from Reach gone in, Jos would have been hailed an instant god and I feel that could have given us momentum for a decent 2nd half of the season
  3. Mick McCarthy

    To be fair they beat us at home last week so don’t think we can really diss their squad
  4. From the horses mouth

    It’s more likely to be a £50 note
  5. Sunderland losing
  6. Other results going our way, Come On Wednesday!
  7. No Fox, Loovens or Butterfield
  8. Been up there quite a few times, I like the spacious concourse and leg room is pretty good My only criticism is as the roof is steep, the higher up you are the less you can see the rest of the ground. So much so that on the back row only first few rows of the North are visible When the action is dull on the pitch (quite often), I like to pass the time watching the crowd and guessing the attendance
  9. Toxic at S6 from top to bottom

    Don’t get ahead of yourself. That’s this time next year !
  10. Time to lose 5 on the bounce
  11. Brum losing Most results going our way so far
  12. The Cake Ball Arena