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  1. You also have to factor in that Ronaldo approaches every game with the question in his mind “how can I cheat to win this game?” If match officials had been stronger and done their jobs properly, he would have spent half his career suspended and there wouldn’t even be a debate to be had. Any human who screams when an opponent enters the same postcode as him shouldn’t be revered in my opinion.
  2. Story suggests they released him after he refused a pay cut. Sounds like Derby were just trying to cut costs and did it illegally?
  3. Any chance we can move on? Dem Blavdes have just embarrassed themselves in front of a worldwide audience yet again and we’ve got people sniping at each other
  4. Lovely stuff Scram, thanks so much for that
  5. Booked for 3 nights in December - hopefully Covid will have fuucked off by then Any recommendations?
  6. They’re usually “OOOH-OOOH-OOOH”ing like demented apes by that point though, so no wonder
  7. So they’ve beaten a record that was set before they even existed? Tremendous.
  8. If you’re retweeting a picture that’s fine, if you’re saving it then passing it off as your own that’s poor form.
  9. “Can you describe the person?” - “Yes. Black male, around 6’2”, slim build, bald head, wearing a tracksuit” ”Who needs sending off?” - “The assistant - him” *points*
  10. I didn’t know what to expect when I opened this thread, but I’m relieved to see that black people don’t need to worry as yet again the white guys have decided that nothing was amiss.
  11. Still only 20 points off the Champions League places though. You can do it, Tufty!
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