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  1. If it’s all the same I’m just going to enjoy them being shiit for a bit
  2. So they want the EFL to remain at 72 clubs, but the PL to reduce to 18? I’ve always been in favour of the PL reducing to 18, so let’s see the EFL agree to this on the proviso that the two clubs finishing bottom of the PL automatically cease to exist to balance the numbers, then clubs finishing 18th - 16th are relegated to ensure the 3 championship clubs promoted are able to take their place in the PL.
  3. Completely agree. Glad we’re agreed there’s no need for VAR.
  4. Football isn’t every other sport. Cricket and NFL, the main ones that utilise appeals, have natural breaks where appeals can be dealt with without halting the flow of a game too much. And with cricket, the appeals often show a marginally incorrect decision that stays with the umpire. We’re gonna see that with football are we? When we’re looking for bootlace ends being offside and declaring that the right decision has been arrived at? It’s time we stopped comparing football with other sports - it has its own ebbs and flows, every incident affects every incident that f
  5. They weren’t demanding a rule change. They were complaining about the implementation of it. We have rules and laws in football, but ultimately it has to be the opinion and interpretation of those rules by an overall arbiter - the referee. Managers - and fans - have spent so long criticising performances and decisions based often on little more than a difference of opinion. Case in point being the fixation on the idea of the arms having a ‘natural position’ in handball incidents. It was all a distraction - it should have been about intent or not. Moving at sp
  6. I have no idea what the rule is. I just wait for the outcome and laugh. I have very little sympathy for the managers though. For years it was relatively straightforward - if in the opinion of the ref it was deliberate, it was handball. If in the opinion of the ref it was accidental, play on. Unfortunately managers then decided their opinion was more important, demanded rule changes and demanded VAR. Well, they got what they wanted. Live with it.
  7. Only because I can’t be arsed to trawl back through 245 pages of suggestions and the new season is upon us already - all your United chat for 2020/21 goes in here. Will they suffer from 2nd season syndrome? Will they ever achieve their dream of being everyone’s 2nd favourite club? Are they just synonymous with number 2’s? Fire away...
  8. Plus Ronaldo got 30% of his goals by outright cheating. He’s an absolute disgrace and should have spent half of his career suspended for simulation.
  9. While Covid has undoubtedly led to a further backlog of cases we should be careful not to let the planned narrative take hold that it is entirely due to Covid. There has been a backlog for years, due almost entirely to the deliberate chronic underfunding of the criminal justice system since austerity was introduced in 2010.
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