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  1. Numbers are allocated either by request, lottery, or by my personal iron whim.

    I have 3-8 as I was saving the choice numbers.


    As you are Owlstalk royalty you can have one of those

    1. Big Malc

      Big Malc

      You are too kind.  I would love number 8 if that’s possible?  Fantastic prints mate, really hope it looks as good as I think it will.

    2. NYCOWL


      I think it will. The detail is when it comes to life. It's not to everyones taste, a bit abstract, but totally unique, and with the Bright signature I hope something special.

    3. NYCOWL


      ah fizz. Hootie has 8. 


      3-7 then.

  2. Big Malc

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    As if I’d ever live on Brier Street, you flipping proles
  3. Big Malc

    #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Still buzzing tbh
  4. I make other players appear better than they actually are
  5. This is complete bullshiit. I know this as I am in the squad.
  6. No-one’s really complaining about the parking round their houses. They’re complaining about the selfish twits who park in clearways or on pavements or on grass verges who then moan that they should be allowed to do that because they’re football fans.
  7. It’s once a fortnight for 8 months of the year, it’s not really that much of an issue tbh. It’s why I don’t understand the people in this thread making out we find it such a problem. As for the dropped kerb, I’m not sure to be honest. It’s happened twice in a year (non-matchday) and both times I was blocked in, not out. It was rather amusing watching the driver trying to act flustered getting their kid in the child seat and hoping the copper would stop writing out the ticket in sympathy. They didn’t.
  8. Well, I might not have had to worry but the wife might have. In any event, it’s not a big issue, I knew the situation when I chose to live there. Sorry that piisses on the chips of the “people that live near a ground and then moan about it” gang, but there you go.
  9. People often get tickets in Herries Road and rightly so - there’s often threads about it. It’s never been legal to park on the pavement, people that are doing so are doing it out of choice.
  10. I hear you mate - I’ve no issue with those who plan ahead and adhere to the rules. It’s those who think special dispensation should be made to obvious safety provisions just because it’s a football match that get me. Hillsborough is great for public transport, but you can see it creaks on Matchdays. If people want to complain that more trams and buses are needed, or even look into the possibility of re-opening Wadsley Bridge train station, I’ll be fully behind them.
  11. The people who think they are special cases are the ones suggesting we should change the parking laws on a Matchday just because they don’t like them or don’t understand them. As for the bit in bold - that’s capitalism for you.
  12. Or he probably took a photo of your car, and the next time you park there you’ll come back to no wing mirrors and four flat tyres.
  13. I live near the ground, luckily I have a drive so I’m not often directly affected by inconsiderate parkers - until they start parking over the dropped kerb, of course. In the thankfully rare occasions that someone has done that, a quick call to the fuzz sees the car get a ticket. Everyone’s happy. However, living near a football ground means I have to make compromises - when I didn’t have a drive I wouldn’t move the car between 11-3 unless it was absolutely necessary, and then I knew that there was a fair chance when I got back I might not have a space. Annoying, but that’s the risk you take. Now I try and avoid the main roads around the ground between 1:30 - 3:00, and know that if I’m out and about there is going to be increased traffic and allow extra time accordingly. So, those of us that live near football grounds are quite sensible, and are able to plan and compromise. Seems a shame that those that don’t but want to park near a football ground on a Matchday don’t have the same qualities.
  14. So people will just telepathically know which streets where traffic wardens are not enforcing the rules? For how long? All day? 3-5? 12-6? I reckon a sign might help - I don’t think you’ve thought this through. The traffic warden who got you was an arse, and if you didn’t get your ticket rescinded I’d be first out with you campaigning to get it overturned. But that is a completely different scenario to knowingly parking somewhere for hours when you know you shouldn’t but you think you should be able to. As for that Herries Road scenario - are you actually serious? The roads there are coned off because it is a single carriageway in both directions and if people parked down both sides, traffic would not be able to get through if something was coming the other way. God forbid a fire engine or ambulance got stuck. No-one ‘forced’ anyone to park on the pavements grass verges. The cones are out every Matchday, parking on grass verges and pavements has always been a ticketable action, so there is nothing that is a surprise to anyone that turns up there wanting to park. What they have done is deliberately choose to cause an obstruction, and they have been rightly and correctly ticketed for it. They’re lucky they don’t get towed.