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  1. Watching the match in Benidorm

    They had a dwarf stripper on in there last night
  2. Bit of a long shot, but as I've found myself in this enclave of British alcohol-fuelled fuckwittery this week, can anyone recommend somewhere decent to watch the game today?
  3. Herries road ...again!

    Also fixed for you
  4. Herries road ...again!

    Corrected for you
  5. My wife is a descendant of Tommy Crawshaw
  6. I remember a Forest fan writing into Just Another Wednesday - the letter went something like: "I see 'ooh ah Franz Carr, I say ooh ah Franz Carr' is still taking on half of Western Europe before crossing into the crowd". Still tickles me.
  7. The signing of Rhodes by a club aiming for promotion makes perfect sense to me. What doesn't make sense is then steadfastly refusing to play to his strengths and making him look like a bog standard plodder. This is what I meant by needing to get the most out of this capable, talented squad.
  8. No, it's not Armageddon as we still have a very capable, talented squad even if we can't add to it significantly. Not top two material, but the potential is there to reduce costs and increase revenues. The issue we face now is getting the most out of that capable, talented squad.
  9. Reads to me like he's at the limit of what he's allowed to put in personally. We have to shift some players off the wage bill. Just goes to show the ridiculous amounts of money on offer in the Premiership if an owner can afford to write off the revenue from significant numbers of season tickets for 3 years.
  10. My Rant !!!!!!!!!!!

    The people who have quoted the OP really are worse than Mugabe
  11. Criticising morons for roughing up a charity collector in his 70's = airheads. Only in the tragic world of sectarianism first, football second.
  12. When you think about it, the Star really is a disgrace for not mentioning the Rangers fans donating to Macmillan, despite the fact that it had an entirely separate article dedicated to mentioning the Rangers fans donating to Macmillan.
  13. Supporters put to shame.

    So you couldn't give a shiit about politics or religion, but when someone incorrectly identifies you as a Rangers fan you respond in kind by identifying them as a Celtic fan - but instead of saying Celtic fan you say IRA lover, because obviously every Celtic fan is an IRA lover? Just another example of the absolute bile that 'supporters' of those clubs can come out with. It's as if people completely take leave of their senses.
  14. Star football awards..

    Or we could discuss the posts and not the posters like forums were created for?