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  1. We still need a new thread title. Any new/previous suggestions?
  2. Watched the first 3 episodes of Sneaky Pete on Amazon. Got Bryan Cranston in it. Enjoying it so far.
  3. I don’t really understand what’s going off here
  4. How anyone can watch “You’re right, I don’t need the script, it’s just one word” *quick glance at script* ”YES!” and say you won’t be watching any more is frankly beyond me
  5. Watched the first series of Manifest a couple of years back. Thought it had an interesting start - plane hits turbulence, when it lands it’s 5 years later but no-one on board has aged while the world has moved on without them. Noticed a 3rd series was out and realised we hadn’t watched the 2nd. As soon as we started we remembered why not. Some of the most sickeningly schmaltzy dialogue and terrible acting. Everyone has a pained expression every moment they are on screen. It was so bad I couldn’t stop watching. It’s set up for a 4th series but I think I read it’s been cancelled. That decision was taken at least 2 series and 14 episodes too late.
  6. We’re gonna win the bloody lot next year
  7. I don’t think either of those would have provided the step up in quality required to stop them having as much possession in front of our defence as they had
  8. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising either. They ran their nuts off and at times Rice in particular was carrying forwards. It just needed that next step up against the quality of opposition. If we’d had someone in there that could see what was developing and step in a bit quicker, we could possibly have turned a defensive showing into a positive one?
  9. We’ve looked so strong at times in this tournament, and we have to bear in mind that while we thought defence was our weak point, we haven’t conceded a goal from open play. Fine margins here. It’s still raw and we’re lashing out and looking for blame. I lay no blame at Rice & Phillips’ door, but to go to that next level tonight we needed a central midfielder to step in, break up their attack and release our forwards. We didn’t quite have that. Can they develop to become that player? Do we have a player waiting to come in to start and be that player? We’ve made a major final for the first time in my life and while it would have been amazing to win the lot, I genuinely didn’t think we’d get this far. It’s better than going out to Iceland.
  10. Any penalty that goes in is a good penalty. If the keeper guesses the right way and saves it, it looks like a poor penalty. To not even get it on target is not getting the basics right.
  11. Absolutely 100% this Shocking decision Anyone moaning about the pelanty can jog on
  12. Similar mate. The wife has her third round of chemo next week so we’ve come to Cornwall for a week’s break. Watching in the caravan, she went absolutely mental at full time and fair play to her she’s kept up the “It’s coming home” all through the 120 even when my faith was wavering. Hope all goes well at your end.
  13. Been watching MOTD for a couple of years since VAR was brought in and have lazily thought “Hmm, bet you daren’t even celebrate a goal anymore knowing that they’re all checked and could be disallowed” but as it never affected me thought nothing further of it. Have to say that during the last two games after that initial split second of euphoria it has quickly given way to waiting for the outcome of the check. And once it arrives…well, the moment’s gone. Although I’m obviously buzzing me t1ts off that we’re in another semi, the goals are ruined for me. It feels like a completely different game.
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