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  1. They look completely unable to raise their game without a crowd. Man Utd were strolling through that, one-touch lay-offs and mazy dribbles whenever they felt like it. It should have been 6.
  2. When he’s won 5 PL’s, 1 FA Cup, 2 League Cups, 1 Champions League and 1 Club World Cup we’ll start talking. What I’m trying to say is, he’s no John O’Shea.
  3. Assume you’d also have to keep the ball well away from him, too? He’s been a complete clownshoes since he arrived here, let’s be honest. A defender that can’t really defend.
  4. That can’t be right. We were told that technology would be the solution to all the game’s problems and would remove all arguments?
  5. It was more about the PL having to pay back TV money to Sky, to be honest. Secondary to that is that clubs no longer rely on ST/gate money anymore, but the share of that tv money. My point on it being inherently unfair is that for circa 30 games of the seasons teams have operated under one set of rules and found themselves in the positions they are now. In an attempt to finish the season to ensure the release of Sky’s billions they are now operating under another set of rules, players that were unfit/injured 12 weeks ago are now fit, players that were coming into peak fitness have had a 13 week break, the list goes on. It’s akin to a side competition that’s being used to decide the outcome of the main one. And I can assure you my view is absolutely nothing to do with our lamentable season. I wouldn’t go as far to say I no longer care, but I’ve been worn down by the politics and mismanagement of our club for so long now that it’s just another episode in the saga.
  6. If there wasn’t so much tv money riding on it, would they have voted for it?
  7. That few moments for the goal against Scotland aside, I’d forgotten just how shiit Gazza was in Euro 96.
  8. I think Henderson is classed as over-rated is because he is so achingly average for England. In much the same way Gareth Barry was, but they were both integral players for their clubs.
  9. This circa 14 week break plus change in number of subs has created such a difference in conditions between the two phases of the season that it is inherently unfair. It should have been cancelled weeks ago.
  10. You don’t know what you’re missing
  11. Well, if contact sport and ritual hugging and kissing is allowed from June 17th, there’s no reason barbers shouldn’t be allowed to re-open at the same time.
  12. Haven’t they said the club will pay furloughed staff 100% of their wages and they won’t rely on the government scheme?
  13. And we’re still above them in the league. Keep up.
  14. Keep up. I was highlighting that you can produce as many players from your academy as you like, but if you’re 6 points off relegation when you’re aiming for promotion it means diddly squat.
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