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  1. It seems to happen time and again with the Hungarian fans. Time for them to banned from the next qualifying tournament.
  2. Not in any way whatsoever. He is top, top class and we need to build the side around him.
  3. There were complaints about literally all those things
  4. The Premier League has approved the takeover after receiving "legally binding assurances" that the Saudi state would not control the club. Instead the Public Investment Fund (PIF), which will provide 80% of funds for the deal, is seen as separate to the state. This is despite the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, being listed as chair of PIF. The sale went through after the deal passed the Premier League owners' and directors' test. Fuucking
  5. Mate, have you even watched us over the last 21 years?
  6. Realised we’ve got a travelodge voucher to use from when our holiday was cancelled last year. Looking at a couple of nights at the weekend in the Cotswolds, probably around December time. Any suggestions of the best places to go? Not going to be looking to do much where there’s going to be crowds ie theatres if thats any help.
  7. He’s falling into the first one as well. It’s what he does, it’s natural to him - his first instinct is to cheat.
  8. Excellent, I’ll get looking at some maps
  9. Enjoyed this one as well. I noticed at the start there were signs indicating a cycle route - is it doable on a bike? Do any other old routes join up anywhere so you can off road from Sheffield?
  10. I see refs still don’t have the bottle to book him for diving then
  11. We went and walked it as a direct result of this video. I cannot comprehend the sheer nonsense of the direction of the central white lines:
  12. Imagine being Joe Root knowing you’ve got to carry those useless cuunts most of the time
  13. And rightly so. It appears on the face of it that this is a daft (at best) decision, so he doesn’t need to cheapen the point by using terms that resonate with the angriest, dumbest portions of society. I don’t know what Bola tweeted, but it was nearly half his life ago and he was literally a child. Surely the best way to approach this it to have a conversation with him and find out if he still holds the same views. If not, as someone mentioned earlier, a statement of self-reflection would be sufficient.
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