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  1. Are we getting used to poor officials?

    Most ‘bizarre’ decisions seen live are often correct when viewed later, or are just a difference of opinion. Lots of rules are not black and white and need a degree of interpretation or context. Football fans seem unable to grasp this and react bizarrely when the officials’ opinions don’t match their own. Yes, you still have a few occasions where they’ve clearly arrived at the wrong decision, but in a sport that has evolved in to the fast moving game that it has, added to players actively trying harder to cheat than win legitimately and the saturation of tv coverage and camera angles and pundits forensically dissecting each incident, it’s no wonder people think they do a poor job.
  2. Reality Check

    I see where you’re coming from. Rhodes didn’t touch the ball once in the whole of 90 minutes against Carlisle.
  3. Oh yes, almost to the door at one point
  4. Single file vertical queuing at the bar though. That needs stamping out sharpish, I can’t frequent a pub that accepts nonsense like that.
  5. Just as a point of order, this is only relevant in America. There is no ‘statutory rape’ in English law.
  6. Not really - he publically announced that people had wanted a refund, then publically announced that he would oblige.
  7. Great point about Francis “getting it” Dave, despite the fact he got pelters from us for saying it was the same 3 points for a derby as it is for any other game. You know, like you just criticised Carlos for saying.
  8. I 100% agree he should never have made the offer. I also think that as a professional he should be above “calling fans out”. He can do that by delivering success, sitting back with a wry smile and saying “I told you my way would work”.
  9. Fans watch football for a variety of reasons. I’ve been going long enough now to accept that we’re probably not going to win anything. Some people are happy with a win at all costs. So from a personal point of view, if I’m being asked to stump up £400+ per season or £30+ per match, I want to have been entertained a little - not hoping for it to all be over. And after the first season under CC I feel it’s not an unreasonable expectation. While I also understand the reasons for the high prices, with them comes an increased expectation. Any chairman who’s been in this game long enough knows that when those expectations aren’t being met there will be a backlash. He’s been advised terribly on this issue.
  10. I think it’s really regrettable that through the chaiman’s actions we are now seeing posts like this again. The last time we saw people being delighted at supporters being ‘banned’ for holding an opinion was under the dark days of Allen et al. I really hope Chansiri is better than that.
  11. There was plenty of Blades voting
  12. I actually agree. If you’re going to do something as stupid as actually offer fans a refund on their ST, you might as well also attach some stupid conditions that will be unenforceable after you’ve left. That doesn’t detract from it being a stupid decision in the first place.
  13. He’s the bloody chairman! We’d have people letting off steam if we were top of the league and not won for two games - it’s what football fans do. I just hope he’s learning from these mistakes.
  14. You miss my point. Nobody wanted a refund. They wanted to let off steam about how shiit we’ve been with no change in sight. All Chansiri had to do was keep making positive noises about it turnin round and, you know, actively get involved in turning it round. It’s a complete own goal.
  15. This whole sorry episode has got me wondering whether Chansiri is soft in the head. Fans have been asked to pay eye-watering amounts of money to watch an underperforming, boring team. A few have moaned, me included, about value for money. A few might even have lashed out and said they regretted buying a ST or wished they could get their money back rather than watch the rest of the season, especially when it looked like the chairman wasn’t going to change the manager. Fair enough, it’s what fans do. What chairman in their right mind gets so precious about it it that he not only responds to it, but then goes through with the offer with such daft conditions attached? Not one person genuinely wanted a refund in their ST, they were just letting off steam. All that’s going to happen is there will be zero take up, we’ll wonder what the point was and this will be well publicised and Chansiri will end up looking daft. A pointless exercise all round.