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  1. Mini Pig taking after other pigs, not bothered about winning and staying up, as long as we stay above Wednesday
  2. A new manager now might not save us this season, but could at least start looking at what we need for next
  3. Just waiting to get mine back, should be soon, a lot quicker than last seasons refund
  4. Cant see me or my son going to be honest, rather keep the money in my pocket than his
  5. his fault we don't have a manager who could at least try and get the best out of them
  6. Finally got the refund for the second season ticket, so that's last season sorted out Just waiting for a refund from the credit card company for this seasons now
  7. Kick the squatters out of Bramall Lane and reclaim our old ground let them have it back when we don't want it, like last time
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