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  1. We had consistency for the second half of the season, its very over rated
  2. Perhaps all the clubs that are supporting Charlton should boycott the league next season, that way there is no way we will be relegated
  3. Because the decision was never meant to be made before then end of the season, which should have been May and secondly after we get the ruling in writing we have two weeks to decide if we want to appeal, that will take the date up to the 21st Aug At least a month to set up the appeal panel and at least 2 to 3 months to here it so we would be around the end of October before we knew the result so if we are relegated and win the appeal, what do the EFL do Much simpler to deduct the points next season
  4. If we take it this season and get relegated, how long do you think it will take us to get out of that division? Does anyone know what that league will even look like, there may be more teams going out of business next season if crowds arent allowed back quickly Rather take the 12 points next year and let everything settle down for a year
  5. No we are waiting for the full court ruling in writing to see if there are grounds to appeal, Derby's case has no bearing on ours whatsoever
  6. whatever problems Charlton have, or think they have, can have no effect on us, the ruling is made and that's that However we can appeal, and may do when we see why the ruling was made
  7. Also offer great support for Speedway as well, hosting nights in the close season go in before matches as well, Good luck to you both, hope you are still there when we can start going to matches again
  8. He certainly seems to be more willing to borrow against money they should be receiving, the TV money, or taking out a mortgage to buy the ground back not sure if its his own money though
  9. We need to be going forward not back, please find replacements instead of going back to the same old
  10. Which division are you planning to get promoted from?
  11. So if we over achieved up to Christmas, are you saying the second half of the season showed us Monks potential and therefore what we can expect next season?
  12. But you could see what he was trying to achieve, i cant see what monk is trying to achieve except get us relegated
  13. that will be difficult, he fell out with one of them and the other would rather be sat at home getting paid by Birmingham than come join Monk The only hope is that Beattie's contract with Birmingham runs out and he wants to earn some money
  14. Could you not see something in that Atkinsons team though, relegated or not, even when we lost to Forest we just didnt roll over like we have done so many times in the second half of the season
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