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  1. Didn't say that, it was just a light hearted response to the statement that we could have gone down without his goals last season
  2. We could have potentially been a premier league team if he scored some goals in the previous two seasons
  3. the third man

    The elephant in the room

    What they do has no impact on what I feel about us
  4. the third man

    Hector and Joao

    By the time Joao came on we had stopped playing in their half in order to defend the lead
  5. the third man

    So Wednesday then

    After reading what has been said about Friday on here, it seems a lot of people on here do as well, despite the fact he got kicked, pushed, elbowed or tripped nearly every time he got the ball
  6. the third man

    Anyone Remember these?

    Same here
  7. the third man

    What is the furthest out..

    Brunt at Leeds for me, great goal
  8. the third man


    So why didn't we sell him
  9. the third man


    If we aren't going to play him why didn't we sell him? we could have got other players in with the money or solved the FFP problem, don't understand keeping the best player in the team on the bench, winning or not
  10. they kept him on last week, means nothing
  11. the problem with that argument is quite simple, that was last season, its gone, and FF was also playing in the games when he did well, he hasn't been in the last two when he was rubbish
  12. the third man

    The Bizarre Lucas Piazon Situation

    Big bucks in London with a few cup matches and under 23 matches to get in the way or play football, maybe regularly depending on attitude, and have not so good a night life, and less time to enjoy it anyway
  13. we don't want a cup run then
  14. We were discussing something similar to this before Saturdays match, except we thought the opposite, the players, after Bannons outburst, advised him of the best way to play but who knows
  15. Joao, despite Nuhiu's best effort to stop it, end of thread