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  1. No, too much uncertainty if he goes, let him stay and complete the job he has started here
  2. According to the Independent online Bruce has not been approached and knows nothing about it
  3. for the money we would get for FF it wont be worth selling him, and paying more for a like for like replacement. Bruce needs to keep him fit and he will still be a match winner, agree about Joao, hope somebody wants him, Reach and Rhodes
  4. Is there ever anything that happens at the club that you are positive about? I remember you coming on after the Wycombe match moaning about something
  5. His value to other teams is nothing like a fully fit FF will be to us. Who are you going to replace him with who costs less than we will get for him based on the last two seasons?
  6. To replace FF and Joao would cost far more then we would get for them , and will we be allowed to replace them with players who are at least as good? need to keep these two and get Bruce to sort them out pre season
  7. draw for Preston, don't want either of them to get 3 points
  8. Don't bother, even though he was a regular at Hillsborough with his dad and his brother, no matter what you do they will still want to rewrite history He didn't even start at their academy, he started at Barnsley
  9. Hope not or it could drag on for years
  10. Nowhere, already been found innocent on the beyond a reasonable doubt test, so without more evidence to push the 50-50, one word against the other, to at lease 51-49 against FF, in the balance of probabilities route that should be the end of it
  11. But even on the balance of probabilities there has to be more evidence than one persons word against another's, that's just a 50-50 split, so on the balance of probabilities there is not enough evidence either way
  12. you could say this about all his time with us, not sure why it should happen now, but hope it does
  13. Couldn't agree more, he achieved nothing and left us in the mess we are in now
  14. Hector would have been rested in case we needed him next week
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