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  1. Same here, except I lasted until the fourth goal today, so just after half time
  2. Think the two ball boys on the kop end deserve it for taking the mick out of the two Brentford players when the ran to get the balls when they went out
  3. And some of them were killed in fighting after the 11am ceasefire because officers wanted to gain "good" ground in case it was just a ceasefire and not the end of the war
  4. Why not? we have quite a few good ones in the past
  5. How many times does Wilder say premier league gets it in every sentence
  6. bannon was pointing to his wrist and at their keeper
  7. That's true, but on the balance of probabilities means more than a 50% chance of it happening, so if cant just be one persons word against another's, there has to more evidence to push it over a 50% of it happening
  8. Could mean that someone is going to get appointed this week but Bullen will be charge on Saturday as the new manager wont know the players
  9. Radio Sheffield saying that Bullen will be in charge for the first game, so no decision made yet, or is there another sporting event taking us past the 3rd August?
  10. No, too much uncertainty if he goes, let him stay and complete the job he has started here
  11. According to the Independent online Bruce has not been approached and knows nothing about it
  12. for the money we would get for FF it wont be worth selling him, and paying more for a like for like replacement. Bruce needs to keep him fit and he will still be a match winner, agree about Joao, hope somebody wants him, Reach and Rhodes
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