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  1. if, as you say, Bannan isn't playing the role he is being asked to play then he shouldn't play at all
  2. the third man

    Kyle Bartley

    Yes lets not sign a good player because of that
  3. What will we offer him, a one year deal? for his own benefit he might be better going elsewhere and getting a two or three year deal based on his second half of the season form
  4. the third man

    Jeremy helan

    Just get a greyhound it would be cheaper
  5. the third man


    Only talking about this yesterday on the way to the match, great day out, except for the lad who was slashed with the Stanley Knife
  6. the third man

    Stuart Gray

    Strange that if he is as good as some on here say that he hasn't been offered a managers job since we sacked him
  7. the third man

    FF miss.

    I couldn't understand why Reach teed it up for him, Reach was completely unmarked FF has a defender close to him, why didn't reach just shoot?
  8. the third man

    Disgrace Sky!

    Currans similar goal at the sty missed out on the BBC as well if I remember
  9. the third man

    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes

    In 1972 at a guess
  10. the third man

    Fessi knows best ?

    How do you know what instructions he was given?
  11. the third man

    Fessi knows best ?

    Firstly, how does he replace Bannon? they are two completely different types of player Secondly, who knows that he had instructions to replace Bannon like for like? its amazing how much information about what players are told to do and when finds its way onto here, its also amazing how people want to find fault with individuals after we have won a match, its almost like they miss the moaning they can do after we have lost
  12. the third man

    8 wins

    And who cost us the best chance for a return to the PL since we were relegated, due to his tactics so yes he deserved sacking after those matches
  13. the third man

    Points needed

    Might even have enough already
  14. the third man

    Predictor For Remaining Games

    I have us getting 6 points, but third from bottom only get 37 which is one less than we have now
  15. the third man

    9 games left

    happy to help