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  1. its nothing to do with the employer, it is in employment law, your employer has got to pay you what they owe you when you leave, likewise if you have taken more holiday than you were entitled to they can reclaim the extra money you have been paid listen to what every else is telling you about this, or research it your self
  2. You can, i have been paid for untaken holidays from the last two jobs i have left, so that definitely happens
  3. No it states for employees and paid leave it is illegal for an employer to force an employee to take leave as part of the notice period. That's it, if anyone you know has been forced to take leave, they need to report the company, as it is illegal, and they would be due compensation
  4. From Citizens Advice However, employees are entitled to an annual leave payout on resignation. And it is important to note that while an employee can take annual leave and sick leave during their notice period (within reason), it is illegal for an employer to force an employee to take leave as part of the notice period.
  5. I've just managed to get the season ticket money i was owed, and now you want me to give it him back plus some more, what fantasy world is this based on?
  6. who are the twelve players we can sell to pay the wages for the next year? How do we sell players after the transfer window closes, so we need to sell 9 players before the transfer window shuts to cover the 3 months we are in arrears and then last us until the transfer window opens So name the nine players we can sell, and who we can get to replace them
  7. i got mine back for 20 / 21 from the credit card company because the club had not agreed to refund for last season, i would try them again
  8. It should only cost £25, so its whether its worth spending another £25 to try and get back what you are owed it can all be done on line as well
  9. If we go into admin, someone will pick us up Hopefully DC can complete the paperwork on time, or HMRC could liquidate us first What's DC's history on completing paperwork on time like?
  10. have you tried the finance company, as you didn't get what you paid for in 20 / 21, for next season you have to try and argue that the product you will get in 21 / 22 is not the same as the product you will be receiving, but i expect that would be impossible But the county court claim should be OK for 20 / 21 anyway
  11. The email from the club saying they owe you money should be OK, with proof of how much you paid for the ticket should do for 19 / 20 Same for the 20 / 21 season as well i Emailed the ticket office and they Emailed me back saying how much i paid and when, they did this very quickly and it meant i could claim back 20 / 21 from my credit card company. Do it quickly, if you club go into administration you will get nothing
  12. Just shows how wrong they were, Newcastle mid table in the PL, we might not exist to start next season, and if we do, there is a strong possibility of a points deduction which could relegate us to Division 4 for the first time in our history Know who i would have rather have in charge
  13. Been saying this in various threads, why are people willing to accept credit from the club for last seasons season tickets when the club, as it is, might not exist soon If we go into administration you will lose all your money, get it out now while you can
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