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  1. the third man

    Alan Nixon

    No matter who we get and however successful they are, they will have a shelf life, after which we will be calling for their head
  2. the third man

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    the best thing to do is for no one to go, show him how we feel
  3. this, not another Bolton performance
  4. the third man

    Bannan & Forestieri Overrated?

    Bannan is bring told to play in front of the back 4 and everyone seems to be told to pass to him at every opportunity, despite Jos stating he doesn't like it, and FF is not being used even when he is fit so whether they are overrated cannot be judged until we get the right manager in
  5. the third man

    The Star, Waddle-Deleted Tweet

    But if we keep trying chimps one will work, after all they could write the complete works of Shakespeare if there enough of them
  6. the third man

    Many years ago.

    Will always support the team, I don't have to support the chairman and manager to do that the team will be here long after both have gone, hopefully anyway
  7. the third man

    January Transfer Window

    god knows, and he wont tell me
  8. the third man

    January Transfer Window

    Joao, FF, Bannan and reach to go replaced by Winnall and three loans Convinced that we extended Bannan and Joao's contracts so we get more for them
  9. the third man

    Championship Form Table - Last 6 Games

    There is the problem, going for a second goal is not in the game plan
  10. the third man

    To the Jos supporters

    However just before they hit the iceberg it might have done
  11. the third man

    Problem with sacking a manager

    The problem on getting relegated is you sack the manager 6 months too late, getting relegated costs you a fortune and you still have to find a new manager, but you are now in league 1, and then that manager has to get you back to where you could have been if you had sacked the previous manager 6 months earlier
  12. the third man

    The only way to vote is protest...

    sorry got a football match to watch, or I might consider it, how about the Tuesday after?
  13. the third man

    The constant changing in defence

    One of the problems is that we invite pressure so individual errors are going to happen, play further up the pitch and pressure the opposition in their half, like the first 15 mins yesterday, and the outcome may be different
  14. the third man

    He’s getting close.

    it could be 10 changes as Jos won't be certain that any professional athlete can play two games in 4 days
  15. anyone as replacement now today was simple, keep playing high up the pitch instead of letting Derby do what they want and take all the time in the world to pick out a pass. in fact play like we did before we scored, which proves we can do it. once we scored, we played to win 1-0, invited pressure, which always leads to mistakes as it did today once they scored there was only one winner, and it was never going to be us