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  1. Good of them to publish his address in the article
  2. true, because he said that south Asians were more suited to IT jobs, that is racial profiling, you are not suited to one job because of where you come from thats the last reply you get from me on this subject, because you either have not got a clue of you are on a wind up
  3. It wasnt what he called them, it was the fact that he South Asians are more suitable for jobs in IT he was sterio typing people as to what job they can do, based on where they came from
  4. i am a trainer in Health & Social Care, and i would be sacked
  5. If i say anything like that at work i would be sacked, as most, if not all people would in this day and age, why shouldnt he be?
  6. No idea, but you have to keep up with whats happening in 2020, not revert back to the 1970s and say sorry after thats nothing to do with age, thats just just common sense, however, he has just shown that is another thing he hasn't got
  7. i am 64 and i have had to change my laguage loads over the years, i hope that was tongue in cheek and not a real attempt to excuse what he said
  8. leave it that long and we will be relegated, that what you are hoping for?
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