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  1. Fully agree. Rarely out without an Owls hat/scarf/hoody/polo. Forever proud
  2. Doubtful. Heard miwawww bringing around 15 reyt nawwty ones. Beres might even be closed
  3. Last time I downloaded an iptv match link off here Id got triads knocking and kebabs being delivered unannounced within 30 mins
  4. You gotta pump it up we’re gonna win the cup
  5. That watkins bloke might want to escape from brentford too
  6. Rarely look forward to the matches... do you think we’d win?
  7. I like my sleep too much to agree
  8. Theyd probably wriggle out of that. No harm in a deposit though and taking back out. They are a 100% legit firm and better than downloading virus spam onto pc or lap top
  9. Stick a fiver in then withdraw it after we’ve won
  10. The betting for the game has a small ‘play’ sign next to it, just click and it comes on. No commentary usually but thats usually a good thing
  11. Just rang bet365 to confirm and yes definitely on there if you have an account. No bet required!
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