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  1. unkastav

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Reda Johnson last min equaliser at pridewank park....cue bedlam
  2. unkastav

    Already a txt from a blunt

    The bloke comes across to me like a complete bellend
  3. unkastav

    Already a txt from a blunt

    What was this ‘red card’?
  4. Poor bitter billy blunt hope he cried himself to sleep
  5. unkastav

    3 words

  6. unkastav

    Blunts ticket if spare!

    Still not sorted message me anyone who has a spare cheers UTO
  7. unkastav

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Jos said nowt wrong there, folk fishing for problems. More importantly who is the knobhead with the cough.... last thing we need is cholera setting in the camp
  8. unkastav

    Dem Blades

    Thats the crazy and annoying thing... having to ‘hope’ we put a shift in for a game like this
  9. unkastav

    Blunts ticket if spare!

    Sorry to bump but still looking.. albeit doubtful UTO
  10. unkastav

    Police escort friday night

    No escort from Mulberry Tavern last season
  11. On my own in a cleared house that way nobody gets hurt
  12. unkastav


    Get Phil King in charge
  13. unkastav

    Pigs ticket

    Says alot that there arent any going spare loyal or bonkers or both