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  1. Personally found him very frustrating. Hopefully a brucey rocket up his ass will get him flying if he does sign
  2. Black away kit please. Very slimming
  3. LOVE THE OWLS HATE the pigs, l***s, scousers, frank county, brum and vile, toytown DISLIKE everyone else
  4. Fates not been the issue, bad decisions have. Hopefully we will be reminding you in may!
  5. Looked abit of a bottler, hopefully Im wrong. Less Stam more spam
  6. Its no Hey Jude thats for certain
  7. Sorry I missed out ‘theres a’ at the start
  8. Yeh nowt but a liability at times
  9. Not sure many 5 year olds could compete in the top league to be honest even with those players around them
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