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  1. Sucks doesnt it, we had it right two weeks back
  2. This. But we also have to remember most derby fans are complete cvnts
  3. Good work. Family club wont be any hassle
  4. Im not sure Lucas realises how good he could be. Theres something there for sure. He does go missing sometimes and I understand why he gets benched. But you cant play your whole career ‘with a point to prove’ (unless you are johnny bairstow)
  5. Was £149!!! did you see the documentary which showed the ‘sale’ items being despatched from abroad with the sale price tickets already attached? Im sure nobody falls for these tricks anymore. A sports direct sale is about as legit as the dfs one
  6. The toon will do this before we get chance! Fat to55er
  7. Didnt rate him and didnt want him back on loan never mind buying for anything like that. Good luck to the lad
  8. Decent manager but wouldnt we be doing the same as newcastle have to us?
  9. He’d come in and moan he wasnt being considered for chairman
  10. The only consolation out of of this will be watching fatboy age rapidly over the next few months as the geordie abuse gets worse and worse, knowing its all his own fault
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