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  1. I know I know I thought long and hard. Soz shez
  2. Hodge Warhurst Carlton Di Canio Hirsty Bench: Reda, just because
  3. Said for years we are the new derby. I suspect in 2/3 seasons we’ll still be hovering around the play off spots
  4. Can they actually legally stop you walking that way? Think Id just keep walking, at that kind of time anyway (its a pint missed)
  5. Rarely seen him causing any issues at home
  6. He was the most complete tool ive seen in an Owls shirt
  7. Hopefully it was a meat feast , cooled down ofcourse
  8. Some good payback over those turds in the 90s. Boxing day hirsty. 5-2. Carlton header from outside the area. 4-1 ole guy whittingham... 2-1 hirsty after big dunc had opened scoring. 3-1 paolo dancing into the net!!!
  9. Didnt Maclean score for them in the shoot out at kop end? Cant have counted though
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