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  1. Love it!! But my uncle john from jamaica?!😆
  2. Bowl of ready brek and an hour or two in the gym. 30k saved😉
  3. Plus he’s guaranteed to want alot more than we can offer at the moment
  4. Turned boro down in hope of a move to l***s.... who now dont want him now theyve escaped up to the prem
  5. Yep I saw a blade have his front teeth batoned out last march... he was giving it the big one but didnt deserve that... (funny as it was)
  6. Hope so. Dont want to see him playing against us.... guaranteed last minute winner
  7. Thought that myself. Theres no nando in TEAM either
  8. Shouldve got more goals then🤣 still a fair chunk missing
  9. Millwall away. Get it out the way as we cant go. Stain of a place
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