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  1. unkastav

    Hutch leaving?

  2. Im ok with 3 points every week dont you worry
  3. unkastav

    Bit of positivity

    FREDDIE FREDDIE!! Congrats
  4. One guy shouldnt have bothered
  5. There you go then if she starts
  6. One of my old college mates owed me a favour.... she wont be back
  7. unkastav

    Atomic Kitten

    Hate the songs... remind me of sept 24 2017
  8. unkastav

    What they up to?

    I heard that too!
  9. Mate Ive just got rid of one of those I’ll let you know when I get desperate on a serious note congrats on news of another future Owl
  10. Sounds good other than if Id got a reminder of the inlaws in my house I’d burn it and no I havent
  11. unkastav

    Fantastic from Tango

    How does he manage it?! Top support
  12. unkastav

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Sadly my thoughts when he signed have become true, good target man but being paid crazy money for a potential crock. If guaranteed 40 games this season id say keep if possible but with the injury record.....