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  1. Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    Fave memories are goals at villa, one to send them down and the other on an epic littlewoods cup night
  2. Id keep him just on the off chance I might sit near her one day on the North
  3. REACH.... for the staaaaaars

    Definitely my favourite
  4. Was last night really that bad?!

    Worryingly, Listening to Newsome the main worry was lack of desire
  5. Kieran Lee is the man for the middle please god
  6. A disagreeable incident

    Fackin falham though
  7. Shrinking wednesday shirts.

    Even big guns looked a tool in those
  8. How many players are out now?

    Worrying he is becoming the forgotten man. Class act KL
  9. How far behind are we?

    No club in the league would have finished in the top 10 having suffered the same amount of injuries to key players
  10. A disagreeable incident

    Yeh typical cockney conker
  11. I did that on sept 24 but it ended up in top tier of leppings lane
  12. Can we have a tour from top row of north to the nearest gents, I struggle some weeks