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  1. If only we'd closed the borders 10 years ago we wouldnt be in this bloody mess
  2. So when I travel up on the train with my daughter who usually has her ipad, her own purse, spare jacket etc in my bag aswell as my own things phone paper programme drink etc where does all this go?
  3. Elf? Its nearly that time
  4. Im half way through, slightly depressing but very insightful. One thing though im sure we lost to wolves when big kev was sent off after 3 seconds
  5. Gerry guested in the .....

    Mate that made my day(admittedly it wasnt a superb day but still....)
  6. Streams for tomorrow

    cheers, so ok on ipad?
  7. Streams for tomorrow

    Hey is mobdro safe for the pc then? im at work, best not bugger my pc up
  8. IT was 56, they awarded the Rhodes effort off flecks fat ass to him in the end
  9. Kieran Lee goals

    The bully boys
  10. One of my fave ever away days that, even if we did nearly chuck it away!
  11. Yes was thinking kenwyne came back for another spell but maybe not. Enjoyed watching those two but its got to be Hoops and Fletch