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  1. In Rhodes case he brought the curse to Hillsborough with him
  2. Half a wayfarer group ticket (£12) then £13.85 off peak return burton to brum still got to get a tkt to hawthorns after that but its only the price of a spoons pint. Hate the fact that the deals arent advertised and its usually only through word of mouth that people find the cheaper travel prices, gets my goat it does
  3. More chance of a positive outcome that way... we’d hope
  4. Probably take a point if 2-0 up with 5 to go
  5. Not many teams bring a decent following, which adds to the poor atmosphere. L**ds match was ok
  6. The Chutney. Ran the show from start to finish
  7. Hope he finds an open man hole (the pavement type)
  8. Bum bag round ur waist under coat... simples
  9. If its chippendale we could maybe look at cashing in and getting Gayle in
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