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  1. Dont you watch Paddington Station?! obviously I dont, I just heard about it ahem
  2. Will be carnage. By the way booking a ticket doesnt guarantee you a place on the train, strange and unfair but true
  3. Rachel Riley match commentary is a reyt bonus
  4. Frozen peas, foundation, she be fine
  5. I was that angry I gave her a slipper round the chops
  6. Why are they singing Gammon Luton just hope there arent any vegans in the crowd they will be most upset
  7. But I want to watch it!! Great my nans crying now
  8. Theres not many of the current squad Id feel gutted about not giving a decent send off (westwood excluded and a few others)
  9. unkastav

    Fans Today

    Sounded good on ifollow, pearson commented it was a good atmosphere. Understandably not so much after the pen
  10. unkastav


    For years
  11. unkastav

    Hull pubs for saturday

    Post of the year so far
  12. unkastav

    Steve bruce and FA cup

    Chelsea let the derby loanees play against them in the league cup....one actually scored for chelsea too if Im not mistaken (own goal)
  13. Crazy. Absolutely crazy