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  1. Pearce was a let down for me on the hard man stakes, expected better
  2. Loved some of Loovens tackles in his last season here. Not dirty just slow and clumsy booting, one at lane and didnt he take someones crown jewels out one game too? Top man
  3. Love how the pigs run up to hirsty then stop having thought better
  4. I recall walking past swfc entrance after beating toytown at xmas, george came past and a few kids ran up to him for autographs etc.... said to my daughter leave it, we’ll get a photo with the bloke who’s done it already.... so glad we got a photo with THE hirsty
  5. Monk said the opposite and got absolutely battered
  6. Petrescu class wise but simek for likeability did nicol even play right back for us?! Thought we used him def mid
  7. What fight?! When?! Who?! sheffield star tomorrow morning
  8. Same as this but with a swanky new scoreboard and desso
  9. Top bloke, 100% dedicated
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