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  1. No!!!!!! We need to learn from the past not repeat it
  2. Just gone back to the classics shelf... CARLITOS WAY Bloody love it. Favours gonna kill you
  3. I dont understand how so many average teams win there yet we never can
  4. I understand lots of fans want him gone.... has there been any genuine interest in anybody buying chansiri out? Looking at the derby situation its best to tread carefully
  5. Green instantly in our best eleven for alot of folk?! Hope you are all right
  6. Dont you find most of their fans to be the most fickle of the lot though or is just the 50 odd or so I know?! Nobody is wishing them bust... more of a ‘welcome to our world’ Id imagine
  7. Doubt it sadly. Remember back in march... papers reporting the end of big time business... then chelsea blew £80m on someone nobody had ever heard of
  8. Gerrem down. Loads of clubs been down there and done it... derbys turn hopefully
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