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  1. You're better off asking someone who goes regular. And yeah Stobbs did go off injured last night and had one of those weird plastic boot things on when the team came into the stadium pub afterwards.
  2. Let's actually get on topic. There was some decent football on show from us and I really liked how Betra and Diesuvrwe, or however you spell it, linke dup together. Diesurvwe looked a class apart for me. Floro looked quite decent too but he left a few gaps when driving forward. But you could see it was the experience for Matlock that won it as I thought we looked better on the ball.
  3. It's the fact there was no coverage. I watched Final Score from 2:30 to the classifieds on Saturday. There was plenty of content in the show, previews of Sundays games, a decent feature on Russ Wilcox, but not even one mention the remembrance at Valley Parade that day.
  4. Is it Jacques Maghoma? He came through the Tottenham academy.
  5. Seen as I'm in Lincoln now and got my 50% off, don't think it does.
  6. Yet its the Kansas City Chiefs who have the loudest fans in the world, and just a couple of weeks before it was the Seattle Seahawks.
  7. We should follow the Americans. Already broke the fan noise world record twice this year.
  8. Here's a history lesson, women's football was more popular, and a lot better than men's. Hence why the FA got scared and banned it. Not until recently have women started to play the game professionally in this country again, and the TV deals are there to make more money for the sport, so they can and will get better. Most are still part time, hence the quality.
  9. The Sheffield Wednesday Ladies goalkeeper suffered nerve damage during the match vs Millers Ladies. Hopefully Owlstalk cab wish her all the best in her recovery
  10. The only hole Jones cares about filling is the netball players.
  11. I'm going to join the Cult of Irvine. The circumstances he had to work with makes Jones seem like he has Sheik money.
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