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  2. I can't make out many of these, the numbers on the shirt do help mind!
  3. iFollow will now have 4 camera coverage for each match.
  4. There is no reason why the same simple, one price actoss the board system cannot be apllied to matchday tickets and get rid of the 250 pricing catagories .
  5. Understand what your saying but for 4 years he was with us he spent the equivalent of two of them injured. With the financial constraints we have we cannot carry a player like Matias, when he played he was a handful and scored a few goals last season but. With Fletcher, fessi, Joao, Rhodes, Nuihu on the books we have to make savings. In 4 season at the club Matias has made 41 starts in the league and 28 sub appearances out of a possible 184, so played in only 37.5% of the games - this is probably the main reason he is no longer at the club.
  6. Good work SWFC - I boycotted last season at the hefty price hike/tiered memberships but now that silliness has been fixed, I'll be purchasing again.
  7. If that's true you would think its to control costs, so probably someone without a club.
  8. When I was home for Christmas I tried this and got locked from my iFollow account. I use a paid VPN(Vypr) and I still couldnt get past their IP blocking.
  9. Sounds fair to me but i'm waiting to see what Mr Farrell thinks first...
  10. I have a spare ticket after my mate can't make it now, decided he's going on holiday instead .
  11. No wonder the likes of Moyes and Monk being mentioned. Probably will be someone like that but they probably won't be there long, depending upon them getting taken over.
  12. Can't understand anybody moaning about this event. Its one of the few things we do actually do in the Community programme these days
  13. What you don't realise its a membership in Sheffield Wednesday Holdings Limited - in a non VAT jurisdiction
  14. Puts my mile walk there and back to shame. Well done mate. Keeping the same cards as last year.
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