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  1. Wish id not wrote that after Boro. Point 6 especially after tonight.
  2. I think it’s a fair question and I suspect the next 9/10 games will tell. There’s also the new manager syndrome, which often kicks in. I left Middlesbrough elated with that first half performance, but to me there are still many many questions. 1. Is Odabajo good enough at RB. I like his speed, he can beat a player, but his positioning is awful sometimes (often caught wrong side) and when his head is down he makes blind passes. 2. What is Iorfa’s best position. One awful game at CH but a couple of crackers. He’ll get us goals so he has to play, but yesterday we could have conceded another couple - would we view things differently if it had ended 3-4. 3. Centre midfield. At home Hutch and Bannon sit too deep, yesterday we did well partly because Bannon was more advanced in the first half. Not heard anything about Hutch’s injury, Luongo was ok but in the second half the midfield wasn’t as good. Was that due to the second half plan after leading 4-1 or because he doesn’t quite fit as well. Kieran Lee has done ok, nothing more, but will he be able to step up if we regularly play 2 in there. 4. Reach was excellent yesterday, can he revert to those standards as he’s not had the best of starts to the season. 5. Playing two up top worked, but we relied on height not pace yesterday, when we all know pace will sometimes be needed. Rhodes looks lost, Winnall still not fully fit (with a full pre-season and still not quite there then that’s a worry), and Nuihu often does best as an impact sub. He did ok yesterday but if we play Fletch and Dave together most games, teams will adjust so I can’t see it being a long term permanent solution. Fessi is an option once back, but I’d still rather him play wide and he could be a great option to replace Harris or Reach if either aren’t quite doing it. 6. Fletch is so important right now, an injury there and I can’t see how we replace him. He’s perhaps our most important player right now. 7. With other injuries, are Fox, Murphy , Pelupessy etc capable of filling in to the point where results wouldn’t be affected. Considering the upheaval with Bruce, I’m really pleased with the start. I’d love to think we can make the top 6 then really compete for top 2, but I’m not sure if we really have the wherewithal within the squad. Borner and Harris look real finds and Palmer is answering the LB issue, so they are real positives.
  3. Couldn't argue with those already mentioned but I went with Bannon. Thought he was on top of his game for the full 90 and it's the best our midfield has looked this season.
  4. I personally feel he has little to offer, but I’m just pointing out that Monk may feel he wants to see him. It is strange that Norwich regularly brought him on last year and had some confidence in him. Like any Wednesday player, I’d love to see him hit top form, but I just can’t see it
  5. Not if everyone adopted that tactic. That works because enough people have left before you, if they didn’t then you’d be right in the middle of the busiest time for leaving lol.
  6. Agreed. League form is still more important, so despite my own thoughts I do think it will come down to what Monk wants to get from the game. Does he want to see the first teamers play together again but with a slightly different system, does he want to see how the fringe played like Luongo go etc. There is Rhodes to consider as well, but he looked lost against Rotherham and he has been out of the picture completely since Monks arrival.
  7. I think Monk wants to play 4-4-2. Fulham was an ex emotion because of their 3 in midfield. Plus, although he scored at Huddersfield, we can’t be sure whether Winnall is up to a full game yet. Fulham had control of the ball for large periods yesterday, but we had all the best chances so tactically he didn’t do too bad. However, it was frustrating to watch at times.
  8. As Owls fans we will always have times when players like Nuihu are the best thing, or are terrible and not worth a contract. Nuihu has had a spell when he couldn’t score for so long remember and very few fans supported him during that time. This season he’s been very effective and if he plays as he has done then he’s always worth a place on the bench because he offers something totally different. Ive never slated him, he’s not a favourite but I’ll always get behind him. Im not sure he’s capable of starting many games, which is an issue if Fletch gets injured, and for sure if he does he needs to be played in a 4-4-2. I think most fans would agree if he is isolated he really really struggles, he needs players around him to be effective. If he’d started yesterday, by half time I suspect we would have been suggesting he comes off, simply because the system would not have suited him.
  9. I never understand why people get so frustrated by this topic. My Mum and Dad missed the goal yesterday having left early. They did so as it’s the 1st game they have managed to attend because of my Dad being in a pot added to other mobility issues. Just to see the match and park close enough to the stadium so that he could make the walk, we had to set off at 11.30. If they had waited til the end then they can’t leave with the crowds because he is easily knocked over etc, so they choose to leave on the 85th minute as it saves them another hour from waiting then travelling home. That’s just one persons reason. Personally, I always choose a moment when the ball is out of play, between the 80th and 90th minute to leave my central seat and move close to the exit. It saves me about 30 minutes and I still stay til the end (people around me think I’m leaving) and I’ve never missed a goal doing it. At away matches, I don’t adopt the same tactics.
  10. If I remember rightly, they were out of subs by half time. Obviously Kcockheart was injured in our home leg, but if you recall they all said he’d not play in the reverse fixture, yet he did and he terrorised us
  11. Knockheart was almost non existent today thanks to Palmer. Can't remember a time when he's been so quiet against us, so Palmer for me. Thought Iorfa and Borner were good, Moses didn't do as bad as people will say as he was often left 2 on 1 despite shouting for help. Going forward Harris and Fletcher worked hard and the subs helped.
  12. To me, it seems pretty certain he’ll go 4-4-2. He’s played for a while now at most clubs and he used that system Sunday even with having Reach as the 2nd striker. He clearly told Reach to drop onto Hogg where possible when we were defending, but it was a 4-4-2 and not a 4-2-3-1 or whatever. So for me he’ll start as per Sunday (unless Lees is fit) or Murphy will be dropped due to his lacklustre performance, meaning he either replaces Murphy with someone (massive long shot - Lees CH, Iorfa RB, Odabajo -RW) like Lee or Bannon who have played RW before, or he puts Reach there and plays one of the strikers (Winnall, Nuihu or Rhodes) alongside Fletch. Personally, I’m still thinking Luongo will get a run sooner rather than later.
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