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  1. Some great calls here like Derby away, the Chelsea (Canoville) game and lots of obvious ones. I'll throw a couple of daft ones into the mix, more annoyance than upset. That cup game last season that we lost 3-0 (was it Hartlepool) and we looked horrendous. I'd bought a ticket for the North Stand and by the time mates got their tickets they had decided to stop selling on the North. I sat there with about 25 other fans absolutely frozen thinking DM really has no clue what he's doing. Does anyone remember us playing Blackpool in a similar cup last time we were in L1. I think most fans had decided we were destined for a Wembley trip then we bottled it at home. That was annoying. Then there was Stoke away not long before Covid when the season was going well and we suddenly imploded in the 2nd half
  2. Very decent signings so far. We look like we have enough for top 8 already. Could even be top 6 or top 2 depending on injuries and whether Iorfa and Windass have good seasons. For me, a big factor will be how much we get Bannan on the ball and how high up the pitch in general Johnson plays. Like others have said, we need a bit of pace, a good WB replacement and maybe a full breakthrough season for Fizz.
  3. It is but footballers are far richer than me and I now work (part time) for far less money than I could earn because it's a more "rewarding" role. I've also turned down a promotion in the past because it would have put extra burden on the family. There's been cases in the past where players have shown integrity or desire over money. Chris Marsden is one, for example. It's probably rare though, especially when agents are involved as it diminishes their cut!
  4. Whilst I wouldn't disagree with you, if I was a footballer and got offered a contract at Rotherham for 3 years on £10k, with the likelihood of relegation in front of poor crowds - or £9k but with a £2k increase subject to promotion at Wednesday I'd take Wednesday because of the crowds and the fact memories come from promotion years
  5. Waldock left a while ago, announced last March/April I think
  6. Very good interview. I like him, I like his desire to give everything for every minute.
  7. It's slightly off topic, but I wonder how fans see the squad so far. If you had to rate a player as either "top 2 (meaning he'd walk straight into any L1 team and would have, for instance, got into Wigan or Rotherhams side), top 6, top 10, not top 10, where would you place players. Here's my take, based on them being fit! Stockdale - top 6 Dawson - top 10 Palmer - top 10 Hunt - top 6 Johnson - top 2 Iorfa - top 2 Henaghan - top 10 Brennan - not top 10 Brown - not top 10 Byers - top 6 Vaulkes - top 2 Bannan - top 2 Adeniran - top 10 Fizz - top 10 Luongo - top 2 Sow - not top 10 Patterson - not top 10 (but good squad player) Windass - top 2 Gregory - top 2. There's obvious caveats, like I'm not convinced Gregory and Windass can play effectively together against certain opposition!
  8. Moore dropped Dunkley several times last season when he was fit. If I recall, he started the season on the bench (we played 2 CHs in Iorfa and Hutch). We didn't concede for the first 4 matches, then he brought Dunkley in for the Rotherham game and we didn't concede again, but that was the start of him changing the back 4 every single match and it was a good while before we next kept a clean sheet (I think the next time we did was when playing 3 at the back).
  9. Just had this discussion with another fan. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you are choosing Storey who has never played more than 29 games in a season, Brennan who last year was loaned to non league and didn't get selected in every match for Notts C over a guy who in 19/20 was our player of the year and played over 40 matches at CH. Yes Iorfa has his faults, most do at this level, but he's capable of far more than the other two in my opinion. I quite like both, but I don't think Brennan will play above L1 level and I'm not sure Storey will play that regularly at Championship level. Iorfa may not, but I think he's the only one capable of being top end Championship given the right partner and decent fitness. His errors have looked worse because he's played intermittently in the last 2 years.
  10. As the next poster has written, Storey was involved in a few goals where he was in question. It seems you don't like Iorfa, yes he left Wolves but he at least made the Prem and at that point they were spending crazy money on Portuguese imports, so he was not going to get game time. Iorfa - been in Prem, Storey hasn't. Iorfa - Wednesday POTY - Storey hasn't Iorfa - linked to Prem clubs when playing as a CB in Championship - Storey hasn't Iorfa - has one exceptional feature (pace) - Storey hasnt. Fit Iorfa > Storey for me Storey > unfit Iorfa otherwise. OR other options are available > unfit Iorfa
  11. Very true but also very different circumstances. Wednesday fans at that time were genuinely worried we'd lose Iorfa if he carried on playing as he did. Maybe I'm wrong thinking he still has the chance of a decent career, but I'd rather not write him off just yet. Same with Windass, both Windass and Iorfa have a lot to prove next year, but if they both play well then we'll have a good chance of automatics as they have something different to your average L1 player.
  12. When Watford showed interest, 2 separate Wednesday journalists reported that Prem clubs were also keen. He also attracted interest from West Ham back in his Wolves days. He won the POY not runner up. Anything after that, as you say, is when he's been injured pretty much. Nevertheless, that's far more than Storey achieved in his Preston and Wednesday career. In Storey I see a player who is top end L1 quality, but will never be the best in that league. In Iorfa I see a player capable of playing top end Championship if he gets fitness back. He's pretty much been written off based on his comeback towards the end of last season, which admittedly he looked well off it, but I hope that we might see him return to his best. Yes his pace does help him, but that's a good thing, he has something few have in this division. I think with a bit of firm and some confidence, plus a good partner next to him, he could be really dominant. Anyway, time will tell.
  13. Funny how Prem clubs were looking at him, yet a lower half Championship club decided Storey wasnt good enough for them. Oh and in 19/20 he was our player of the year, ahead of Bannan (who is "too good for this division"), Fletcher etc. He's twice come back from long term injuries and looked suspect, hence why I said it's a big if, but even at the stat of last season we were 4 games in with Iorfa at the heart of the defence and fans were saying we'll not concede all season.
  14. I'm on the fence about him (Storey). Played some decent games for us, but i do think we can find similar or better. I also think Iorfa, if fit and back to his confident self, is better than anyone we can get including Storey. That's a big if, but he was being watched heavily by prem clubs not so long ago.
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