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  1. 1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to? Really not sure, because I went to matches in 1971, but I have a strong recollectiom of Santos in 1972 and a trip to Hull around 1971/72 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? Roger Wylde, then Terry Curran, then Hirst 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? Hirst 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? Hartlepool play off final 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? Hartlepool play off final/ Notts Forest away 3-0 win 2016 (my 50th and Dads 80th in a box bouncing) 6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to? Hillsborough (been to places like San Siro/Nou Camp - but still love Hillsborough) 7) What's the best goal you have ever seen at a Wednesday match? Waddle Wembley 8 ) What's the best ever Sheffield Wednesday atmosphere you've experienced? Hull play off final 9) Who's been the best ever Wednesday defender? Emerson Thome 10) Where's it all gone? Money, but football represents life. Ask the people born 100 years ago, did they ever expect computers, home ownership to the masses, television etc. As for Wednesday, its farily cyclical and we may have another set of good times, but who knows.
  2. can you arrange for the giraffe to be on the bench in case we need to go route one in the last 15 minutes
  3. I know our results over the last 2 years are better when they’ve played and we’ve looked more competitive. As for the 2 managers, I’m sorry but as things stand I’ve got no faith in what Jos or Monk did, I had faith in Bruce and he seemed to rate both players. Look at what both Jos and Monk did in terms of team selection after dropping Westwood and Hutch, just bizarre at times. Jos went with the no strikers at Millwall, playing Penney as a false 9 at Bristol and Monk was impossible to predict. The more I reflect, the more I think there was a bigger agenda and Westwood and Hutch were casualties of whatever that agenda has been. In fact if the agenda is to reduce the average age, recruit faster younger players, stop relying on players with questionable injury records then I’m all for it, I just still don’t buy it that those 2 were trouble causers to the point where they should be dropped permanently. Remember as well that we started the season by playing Hutch as an advanced midfielder, what was that all about? whatever the truth, let’s hope for a better season next year and some hope for more enjoyable times.
  4. A manager under strict instructions to cut the wage bill for the sake of FFP might, especially if he’s told not to take any prisoners. I do think Bruce counts, he was here for half a season. Also interesting is that the higher paid players didn’t extend their contracts at the end of the normal season. That didn’t happen in many clubs, I still believe this could just as easily be more down to the poor treatment of players causing a reaction than players who are bad uns. I admit I don’t know, I’m just not prepared to come down on the side of thinking they are trouble causers. Having said all that, the club comes before any player (or manager for that matter) and I’ll support them long into the future when the players are well forgotten
  5. I don’t believe that Particular scenario occurred, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s simple and I don’t buy it that’s Westwood is necessarily a wrong un. I had this discussion some months ago with someone. I worked for the same company for 36 years. I gave them my heart and soul and was good at my job. My bosses all appreciated me and I was successful, but I had one boss part way through my career who sent me on gardening leave (because I stood up to malpractice and spoke my mind) and a second one who decided I wasn’t what the company wanted at that point (because I didnt always tow the company line and when I wasn’t given what was promised I said what I thought). 36 years for the same company and I left with my boss not speaking to me once in my last 3 months and no goodbye. Hand at heart all my staff and all my customers were very disappointed to see me leave, but there came a point where if they’d ask me to stay longer I’d have said no.
  6. None of us know what went on with Westwood, or Hutch for that matter, but I’m not convinced it’s because they are bad sorts. Imagine this possibility. Hi Westy, we need you to take a pay cut as the club has made some bad financial decisions which could lead to FFP problems. Plus we have a couple of understudies that are knocking on the door. “Well that’s the 2nd time you’ve tried this, first under Jos, then Steve sorted things out, now you are coming up with the same argument. Have you done the same with Fessi, Fletch, Jordan and Hutch” We’ve spoken to Hutch, we can’t afford to do it with Fletch as he’s the only striker performing right now and as you know, we’ve dropped Fessi and Jordan due to them not agreeing to it. ”I don’t think it’s fair, this is a pre-negotiated contract and much as I love the club, I’m not going to be the first to take a cut” ok, but you do know you’ll be dropped the next time you make a howler. We are to quick to jump to conclusions in certain situations, I’m not buying the idea that they are bad uns because 2 managers dropped them and had issues, I tend to think they are strong personalities who probably stood up for themselves. In fact, the fact some players refused to play the last few games suggests to me that players do feel like they’ve not been treated well. Bruce, Carlos and Bullen all spoke in glowing terms about them, the truth is probably that they are great players to have around the dressing room, they are excellent on the pitch, but they have strong minds and won’t be mistreated. Their silence during it all and at the end of the season suggests they are professional and have a great deal of time for the club and the fans, but feel they’ve not been treated well and just want to move on.
  7. you mean the goalkeeper who played almost all the matches in the first half of the year, where we ended 3rd. I agree he dropped more clangers than previously, but we looked far more solid as a team in that period.
  8. I reckon a 12 point deduction puts us on 44. Charlton are the team 1 place above and are on 48. I think.....
  9. If we are deducted 12 points we are now mathematically relegated
  10. Tend to agree with the posters views other than Nuihu who is not a championship player if playing 90 minutes. What’s more, others who fit in the top 2 categories (Fletcher, Fox, Fessi, Hutch) all gone. I don’t disagree with changing the players, lowering the wage bill, reducing the average age etc, but like with most things, time it seems like we’ve done it all without a proper plan. No need to panic though, because next season we have first team 1 striker, Rhodes, on our books so that clearly shows we have a well thought out plan.
  11. Went for Lees as that’s the best we’ve looked defensively for so long and for ages I’d felt that in a back 5 that’s where he was most suited, yet earlier this season we’d put Iorfa central and Lees right-sided. On actually play then Windass or Harris deserved it more, but Windows could have outscored Antonio today
  12. Your comment made me think of the Charlton away game. In that match I remember thinking how poor Charlton looked. We won 3-1, so some similarity to tonight. this was our team - Dawson, Odubajo, Lees, Iorfa, Fox, Harris (Reach 80), Hutchinson (Luongo 77), Bannan, Forestieri (Murphy 46), Fletcher, Nuhiu Only 4 who started that match started tonight. If Monk or his backroom staff are coaches then they’ve coached Dawson, Odabajo and Lees since then and I only see those players going backwards, as for the missing players, I think most teams at this level would miss Fletcher, Hutch, Fox (this seasons Fox) and Fessi. I reckon if they were available and Bruce were put in charge he’d be asking them to play, possibly along with Westwood. I agree most had to leave, but our succession planning and general treatment of players has possibly lead to players feeling alienated and the mess we are in now. Id happily sell every single player we have if we were offered a reasonable fee and think we need to completely rebuild. Preferably a young, hungry, fit, fast team on low wages who could be our future in 2/3 years. I don’t think for 1 minute Monk is the right man to do that, but I don’t see Chansiri getting rid
  13. I don’t agree with you mate, though I’m not denying you could well be right. I worked for 1 company for 36 years and had 9 bosses, 3 didn’t like me. One was because I stood up to bad practise and stuff being done that shouldn’t have been done. It’s part of life that you are t always liked even when you are happy to give 100%. In fact the 3rd one that did t like me was the one that meant I left. Whilst serving my notice she told me she had judged me completely wrong and that she now wouldn’t want me to go. Paul Smith has tweeted in the past and from my understanding he has inferred that certain players were made to play when they weren’t fit and that their careers were placed at risk. As for Jos, some of the decisions he made were truly bizarre. Some of the teams he picked and the formations he went with, I’m not sure I’d trust his judgement. More likely that he had an agenda rather than the player had an agenda. Like someone else said, our best 2 managers recently, Bruce and Carvahal, both trusted him and played him. Plus Bullen, who sees everything, got him back involved the moment he was put in charge. Having said all that, I do think it’s time to part ways and wish him well. I’m far from convinced by Monk, but we need to back him and hope he can make the changes the club desperately needs, particularly around young, fast hungry new players who are demanding far lower wages and are eager for success
  14. I went for Wildsmith as I think we looked more assured defensively than we have for a while and after they scored we didn’t capitulate. Plus he made a couple of worldies. Thought Palmer deserved an 8 and Wickham still looks a yard short sometimes. Pretty Good assessment overall though.
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