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  1. As far as I recall he got a bad injury at Wednesday and never fully recovered and kept getting more minor injuries. I think he would have made LB his own position at Hillsborough if not. Yes he had a mistake in him but he got better and made less than when he was first at the club, plus his nuisance value in the opposition box and never say die attitude were real assets. Those of us old enough saw how poor Sterland looked in his first few games and how he developed. Reda, though obviously not at the same level, had some similarities and was a loss in my eyes. But towards the end of his Wednes
  2. Spot on in my view and I’ve made the same sort of point before. He’s not as good as Semedo was by a fair margin in my eyes, yet struggled in the Championship. In that L1 team he’d not have been picked over Prutton for instance. I don’t want us to go into L1 with a midfield of Bannan and Joey, I don’t think it would get us promoted. Think how Semedo bullied other midfielders that year, no way will Joey be doing that. I thought he had a good game yesterday, I like him and his attitude, but for me he’s a L1/L2 standard player based on his performances at SWFC. He’s had plenty of games w
  3. Lots of good points made on here. I’d add one thought, football is my first love, I go to games because it’s far better than watching it on TV. As fans often comment, it’s the away games that are the most fun. Attendances have ebbed and flowed in the 50 years I’ve been watching. In that same sort of timeframe I’ve been going to gigs. Similarly, there have been times when gigs have been less sought after than they were in recent times. The gig experience has returned for sure and whilst some football fans question whether they’ll go again after Covid, I’d guess almost anyone who likes going to
  4. Lees for the fact we kept a clean sheet and looked ok at the end. He really had a fabulous game. Could have easily given it Bannan. Decent team performance overall though though I am lost as to whether Harris was told he had complete freedom to run wherever he wanted at times, or whether he did it by choice. He was pretty ineffective still and when you are playing a front 3 of Rhodes, Windass and Harris it’s always going to be difficult when one of them last scored in 2019.
  5. Any central midfielder who seems scared to receive the ball when there is an opposition player nearby is not good enough in my view. I genuinely do not think he’s L1 quality, I think he’d be bang average there. Compare him to Semedo who couldn’t quite make the step up to The Championship, he’s not got one attribute that compares favourably to Jose. On a similar vein, compare him to Prutton, again I’d say he’s not got one better attribute and Prutton wasn’t always a regular starter in League 1.
  6. I spoke on a fairly regular basis to a centre half 3 years ago who played Wednesday many times in recent times. He was delighted if Nuihu was on the team sheet and similarly glad if he came on as a sub. In my opinion they are very different but equally not good enough for a top half Championship team. If I was given a list of the following players at the top of their form (which admittedly is unlikely) - Nuihu, Paterson, Fletcher, Hooper, Forestieri, Joao I’d have those two at the bottom and not making the bench. Put them in with Marriott, Winnall (was far better for Barnsley than he ever was
  7. To use a phrase often quoted, if we’d played like that all season we wouldn’t get relegated. On another day Rhodes scores the chance we had and Wildsmith saves the deflection and it’s a different outcome. Yesterday at 2-1 down we showed more character than we have all season when going behind, but I think at 3-1 and 20 mins left the belief started to fade
  8. I did say top 10, to be fair. I only quoted players who’d played a full year, hence why no mention of Kenwyne Jones, Barkley etc. I happen to disagree with you on Antonio, he was game changing even when he wasn’t having a good day. If Bannan has a bad day, we get overrun in midfield, so yes he was raw but I still feel he’s up there.Yes Whelan and Brunt both had bad spells, but neither had a percentage of our fan base who believe that our entire demise is due to that persons play. Some fans think that of Bannan, from his decision to be a quarterback at times, to trying to influence play in the
  9. Lots to say based on that statement. He’s been good, but you think he’s top 2, when we’ve had Antonio, Brunt, Whelan, Boughera, who have actually been too good and we’ve failed to keep hold of them. I’m a Bannan fan but there’s a reason he didn’t get snapped up by a Premiership club and why even Carlos felt that a midfield with Bannan central wasnt quite good enough. There is no doubt he’s quality for this division, but we’ve also seen many games where we’ve been overrun in midfield even when he was paired with Lee or Hutch in his heyday. Top 10 for me, definitely not top 2 in my opinion.
  10. I agree. In fact I saw Lingards goal tonight and said straight away how well Antonio helped him, Sky have now just mentioned it. Bannan dictated how we played tonight and it was as good as he’s ever played for us.
  11. It is slightly bizarre that we score 5 and Bannan didn’t score and only assisted 1, yet he has 90%+ of the votes (quite rightly). I’ll add one thing to the rest that has been said - and clearly being 5-0 up helped with this, but we seemed to be fitter in those last 10 minutes.
  12. Totally agree, I will never understand why we kept him on at the start of the season, but to give him some personal credit he seems genuinely invested in us still and appears to want us to do well.
  13. Goalkeepers - Agreed. Westwood is good enough but his injuries and age don’t warrant us keeping him Full backs. I’d not mind Galvin or Penney as back ups, but we need 2 first team full backs. Palmer would be only average at League 1 level - dropping a league won’t see him cross better, score more or bust a gut when play is behind him. Centre of defence. I’m just not a Dunkley fan, he doesn’t boss it, he’s not an amazing leader, his distribution isn’t exceptional and he’s carrying injuries. Hutch - and I’ve been a fan - maybe could be outstanding but again his age and i
  14. Ive felt we’d go down at every point this season and that thought is stronger than ever. Around Christmas in a debate with mates I said we had a 15% chance of staying up. It’s now 1%, but I won’t give up hope until there is no mathematical probability. Win our next 5 and who knows?
  15. I've seen enough in the last few games to suggest Hutch should never play midfield again. Never thought I'd say it but I'd pick Joey over Hutch. Neither look League 1 standard though in that position, let alone Championship. I was disappointed that we went back to playing them both in midfield, I can't imagine our stats for when both start in midfield are anything but dreadful. Bannan was standout obviously, not even close for anyone in 2nd.
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