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  1. Who is the highest ranked club nearest to us who has been out of the top division for as long as we have?
  2. A better point is how often he has managed in the Championship. Looking at Cook, at his last 3 clubs his win record is above 40% at every one. if you look at his win percentage since becoming a manager (which includes his first job at Southport where he was less than 18%) he has managed 43% overall, only Megson and Wilkinson have exceeded that since Vince Buckingham
  3. For the last 50 years there have been a few teams that are definitely big big clubs. Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham. Chelsea, Everton and Man City gave joined them, though Everton were always close. But even Everton struggle to hit Champions League and apart from the Kendall era are seen as second best in their own city. Forest and Derby won the top league and as soon as they started to falter they lost the notion of being a big big club. For my money, we aren’t a big club right now, but we are one of the few that could become a big big club and challenge the very top few, given th
  4. We should appeal to get the points deducted last season now that it’s down to 6 haha
  5. Looking at that original post i think I have had a season ticket for all of the bottom 18 managers yet have never seen the top 5.
  6. I arrived at the ground that day and within 10 minutes of arriving heard on the radio it was called off. There was a few complaints afterwards that the radio had been informed well in advance and had not got round to broadcasting it because it was a 3rd division match. It was the game after BDM. Dint have the programme though
  7. Loungo just for me but pleased with the whole side for 80 mins, as most have pointed out. That game gave me more hope for the season than any others this year, though we still looked incredibly shaky at the end. I know most teams tend to sit back then, I just wish we wouldn’t do it so obviously.
  8. Dalian Atkinson deserves a mention for one of the fastest. I think McPhail is a good call. Remember when Shezza came back to Hillsborough with Oldham and could barely move, but still ran the midfield.
  9. I gave it Luongo but I considered giving it Windass. I agree with your assessment, thought he made a really good contribution
  10. It’s funny how we see things. Windass currently MOM, match stats show Windass as having made 0 passes today.
  11. Everyone contributed and I went for Luongo but there were another half a dozen I could have picked. Lots of solid 7s. Passing 1st half was disappointing in the main, but that aside a great start
  12. I'm not convinced he should have stayed, but I do agree that a thanks for your service should have gone out to Lee and Nuihu
  13. Your reply really made me chuckle. I will support Monk and will get behind the team. Ive never once booed the team or a player or a manager. I dont want Monk out now, now is the time to support him, I just believe we should have been bolder preseason in what we did. I've not really said anything that you can dispute, you just see it differently. Plus I'm not an armchair fan, I've been to over 100 grounds supporting them, not that it entitles me to anything. As for the manger point again, Bielsa joined Leeds knowing he was working for a club that was in utter turmoil etc etc. I just
  14. I didn't realise he'd been offered it before but I still think you are talking from your point of view not Bruce's. Why shouldn't he want to manage us, if he's offered the job. If we are talking conjecture, which you seem to be using heavily, how do you know he didn't say to Chansiri all the things you've mentioned (look I'm taking a break, I'm interested in the Newcastle job if it comes up etc) and Chansiri said we still want you. Anyhow, can you send me the next few managerial changes that are likely in 6/12 months or more so that I can back them now and make millions. In fact, you pro
  15. Last year Fletcher was the best striker by far, without doubt, but that was in the team setting that was played. Let's not forget he's not akways been 1st choice at Hillsborough. Its all conjecture. I'm using results and performances to say there are far better managers than Monk in my opinion, you are using other facts to justify why last season got worse and worse so that for the last half of the season we were relegation form. Let's hope your interpretation is right and Monk proves his credentials this year. As for DCs choice of manager I'm not convinced by DCs ability to chose
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