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  1. Agree with Whitehouse who has been mentioned a few times. Ben Pearson and Fisher from Preston always wound me up, along with a few others mentioned earlier. I’d throw in Gary Neville, Boothroyd for his antics in a Wednesday shirt, Martin Allen, Bould and Keown and maybe controversially, Shearer
  2. Think he’s been unlucky with Gibson, Wing and Shodipo. I’m not convinced Byers brings much to the team. The thing is, most of those that were left at the club last year would be some of the 1st names on the team sheet if fit - Iorfa, Hutch, Bannan, Luongo, Windass, maybe Palmer. I’d say Gregory is a guaranteed starter for 90% of games as well as BPF. Theo maybe, so we are still relieve on last years players if we want to get promoted I would say
  3. That’s up there as one of the worst performances I’ve seen. Cant even put my finger on why, yes a few 2nd string players, a few out of position, but we’ve had all of that with the first team. Brown was truly awful even without contemplating the own goal and Wing appears to be on a downward spiral. I’ll give the MOM to BrennZan purely as he was the least experienced out there.
  4. I don’t mean like anyone specifically, but as an example Smith at Rotherham seems to start most games and is 2nd top scorer in the league. I’m pretty confident if he was in our squad we’d have more points as he would give us options and furthermore he helps defensively.
  5. In terms of squad valuations, in theory we have the most valuable squad so we must be up there. Having said that, Kachunga shows as £1.7 mill for Bolton on the database so it’s not a perfect science lol. it’s funny that one guy has replied saying best attack and midfield, yet at the start of the season we had posts along the lines of “will we ever concede this season” and fans worried that it was going forward where our weakness was. Plus last year fans constantly questioned whether all our problems are all down to the midfield (last 2 games we’ve used 5 different players in midfield I think - Bannan, Luongo, Dele-B, Windass and Byers) - 4 of them were at the club last year. Put a fit and at the top of his game Iorfa into the back line and the defence would look really good again, plus I suspect that we’ve sacrificed a little defensively to play a more expansive game - which I think most would support. I’d say a fair few of our team would get into the starting line up of any other L1 team, so we are up there, beyond that it’s how you use the players, the system, whether you have a good balance (we still lack a left centre back and a big unit up front)
  6. Agree with the comments about Patterson, he had a really good game, but what a stupid free kick to give away for their 2nd goal
  7. Dunkley is doing well at the moment, but his shortcomings aware still there to see. He’d never be a top class Championship player. The one thing I’d argue right now though is that he is currently our most important player, simply because we don’t have any similar replacement and almost every team has big forwards. No Dunkley and we don’t hold on at Accrington for instance. Luongo is possibly our 2nd most important player as he’s the only one who seems to knit the midfield together and provide the proper protection to the defenders. With Iorfa back then Dunkley is less important, especially if Iorfa finds form. Glad though that our most important 2 currently have excellent recent injury records and will easily cope with the regularity of matches.
  8. You'll always get other supporters to see your point of view by calling them neanderthals. Seems quite a few disagree with you. I actually agree that it's something we should do occasionally, but not all the time.
  9. good assessment. Think you were harsh on Hunt though who had one of his best games of the season. I also felt Palmer was to blame for their goal. A ball was hit high into his area and he had clear site of it and the best position yet his challenge was half hearted giving them possession. Less than 3 seconds later they’d scored and herally could have got a strong clearing header onto it. Offensively he’s doing really well right now but goals are coming from areas where he is involved.
  10. Great day out. Found parking pretty easy close to the ground, which in itself is unusual nowadays. Went to the local chippy, enjoyed spotting rag pudding and dabs on the menu, then heard customers ask for curry sauce and be asked back “English or Irish”. Went into the chippy with decent weather, came out and it was a complete seasonal change. Stood up and rained on for 90 minutes, what’s not to like - helps me reminisce about the good old days. The stewards had a decent attitude, good game, all in all thoroughly enjoyable and shows why League 1 isn’t as bad an experience as some make out. Good luck for the rest of the season apart from your trip to Sheffield.
  11. Good assessment. I gave Luongo MOM purely because in the first half he was instrumental in driving us forward, keeping the shape and getting his foot in. He tired, but still kept going and we got back on top in the 2nd half of the 2nd half with him still getting his foot in at times. Palmer was a difficult one t9massess, he did some really good things defensively and going forward, but I thought he was at fault for the 2nd, but twice after that he let their striker get goal side of him, along with being badly out if position. In another attack Stanley had down the middle.
  12. We have faced a few sides playing 4-4-2 and not overrun them, plus I suggested Luongo for that reason. He’s the busiest midfielder who can cope with 4-4-2 in my opinion. Another way of coping with the system is to get your 2nd striker to play in the hole and drop onto the deep lying midfielder when the opposition have possession. I didn’t watch it but Man U recently went back to a 4-4-2 playing Ronaldo and Cavani up top and it suited them much better than 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 by all accounts. I’ve no issue with Moore not using 4-4-2, but there are occasions where it might suit, such as last night, in my opinion. Obviously someone has said Brennan was cup tied which I’d not realised but Agbontahoma could still have been on the bench. He’s faced Harrogate who are on,y 1 division below. It could lead fans to believe he is bloody minded with the way he refuses to pick some players, the way he seems to only play certain systems and ways, the way he gives some players multiple chances and maybe he’s trying to make a point that he can’t even field a full side at Plymouth. As I said, I’m not sure I’d get rid just yet but he shows traits that worry me and I’m not convinced we will improve when players are fit. I’m also not sure if he’ll make the right signings for us to push on in January and I am now worried that he’s having disputes with Hutch, possibly Iorfa. I’m also not sure whether Chansiri would appoint anyone more suitable.
  13. A few of the replies have answered some of your points. I’ll add - Why wasn’t Brennan or even Agbontahoma starting or on the bench. If we are down to 1 fit CH what’s his priority, the league or the Cup. I’d have started Brennan, I’ve not seen him let us down. On the whole CH issue, if he’s banished Hutch and/or Iorfa then why? He knew their characters at the start of the season. Why didn’t he start with Luongo to get more game time into his legs? On the 4-4-2 point it’s clear Moore refuses to play it, out of principle I would suspect. I half understand that if he’s trying to develop a culture, but last night he could have played 4-4-2 with a player in their natural position instead of 4/5 playing in a role they are less used to. Wildsmith - Palmer, Brennan, Dunkley, Brown - Theo, Bannan, Luongo, Shodipo - Sow, Kamberi for example. We might be 2 points off 6th but 5 of the 7 teams above us have games in hand. Our form is predominantly made up of draws and the players and manager told us 2nd this season isn’t good enough. They wanted and expected top spot. Part of why we will struggle now is that Moore didn’t fix the imbalance in the squad that he identified. He talked about needing leaders, adding pace and that we had gaps that he would fill and yet we’ve gone into this season without a left back that he is happy to play there and we face a further season with no target man. Signings like Byers, Berahino, Sow look like a waste and they appear to be no different to what we already had,when those wages could have perhaps been used on something different. I won’t completely discredit his signings as he did ok overall, but he’s brought 14 I think to the club and few are what fans would consider guaranteed starters and even more, how many would we want at the club if we went back up? I agree he doesn’t deserve the bile and maybe we should give him longer, but my optimism levels are less than 5% right now
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