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  1. Went to 2 of the 3 Euro games including being sat in the West Stand right in the middle of the Croatia fans v Denmark. Was also lucky enough to be at Wembley for the Scotland game when Gazza scored. Couldn’t bring myself to chant any England players names though. Only neutral game I was at was Liverpool v Forest, less said the better.
  2. I was at Leicester for that game, is it fair to include Brannigan though as I think that was his only game. He looked a bit like that guy who played for Southampton once on the back of some sort of reference and the fact he was related to a top player. On reflection, I have to include him I'm going Adamson, Carr, Branston, Branningan, Beswetherick. Anyone who saw Bez and didn’t pick him needs a new pair of glasses urgently in my view.
  3. Was at most of the games mentioned and also arrived at Gillimgham the match after BDM to hear it was called off, but we just drive home. A group of fellow Wednesdayites go abroad each year to watch a match etc. 3 years ago we were in Berlin watching Dynamo Berlin. It’s a regional team with a fanatical fan base and the fact that all 8 of us weren’t straight out of prison with tattoos on our face (no offence to those that do) certainly meant we stuck out like a sore thumb. We were ignored, but the atmosphere was unusual and the bomb that went off within 50 metres of us after the game certainly kept us on our toes
  4. I’d start Fessi and Murphy wide, with Wickham and Fletch up top, if all are completely fit. Wickham just hasn’t done it yet, but we know he has the abilities so with Fletch alongside we may see it develop and moreover the attack improves purely because Fletch is playing. Wickham was another who celebrated wildly with Fletch so I’m hoping his heart is still in it. That still gives us Da Cruz and Dave to bring on up front, possibly Harris and Windass.
  5. Fairly close to my views. I thought Palmer was as good as Fox, if not slightly better. Fox still looked a game short, but he added balance. Murphy was better than Harris for me and deserved a 7. Ifpd have given Fessi and Bannan an 8, think they drove us on, but Fletch made such a difference and it was no surprise he scored, he could easily have had an hatrick and his attempts were the most dangerous
  6. Agree with most of the points made already. I’d add that footballers are in most cases different to those that are on television etc in terms of expectation that their life will be in the media. Footballers start their journey at such a young age that they wouldn’t even understand the possible effects that fame could cause. However, celebrities often have a different journey into the celebrity world and will make decisions at various adult ages about what route they want to go and whether the fame is for them, if indeed they get that opportunity. Yes plenty will start acting/dancing/singing at an early age but those skills can lead them to many different places. As part of all that, I strongly believe a footballer is almost unique in the amount of praise and vitriol he will get at a fairly young age and he has no special skills to be able to deal with it. Wednesday players probably face more than most due to our large fan base that are also very keen on using social media platforms. Look at the number of times our players win “awards” when it’s based on internet votes etc. Personally, I can’t see how they avoid the comments completely, they Live in the same world as us and will have mates/family that will say things even if they don’t read it themselves. I’ve never understood why a fan wants to personally belittle players. We trot out comments like players aren’t giving 100% when in truth we just don’t know that at all. Confidence and other factors can cause such highs and lows in performance. I have a family member who competed for GB in a particular sport and I remember the time when I watched her shake with fear all the way through her event and then felt she’d let everyone down afterwards. I would hate to think if that had been televised what people would have said about her when every ounce of her wanted to do better. This was not her “debut” or anything like that at all by the way. I wish some fans would think that there us almost always things going on that we just aren’t aware of that affect players and the team.
  7. I'm all for getting behind the team, the players, the manager. I've not complained re Lee's and Wickham. I agree Bannan has been poor, I just wouldn't have dropped him today. Not to start with that center midfield. When Luongo is fit, maybe even Reach. But for me we need Bannan today. Time will tell of course, let's hope we win, but I'm sat in the car about to go in feeling concerned that our lack of creativity has been reduced further.
  8. And you think Pelupessy can be better than a spectator? Plus change Bannans role, do something to stop him being a spectator, anything rather than play Pelupessy in preference
  9. So he lives in a world where Pelupessy is better than Bannan.
  10. Considering the players we had on the pitch tonight, that could well be the most under-par performance from a Wednesday team in my almost 50 years of watching them. So many players played way below the level I’ve seen them play. I can’t decide still what system we were playing, I think it was 4-4-2 with Borner at LB, but at times it was 3-5-2. In the first half Palmer and Borner took the throw ins, is that because they were the designated full backs? We ended 3-5-2 when Murphy came on for Palmer. Back to the performances, Lees, Iorfa and Borner were so far from what I’ve seen them play like. Bannan as a shadow of himself. Wickham is probably not fit, but on the performance I’d have started with Winnall. just woeful all round though,
  11. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox (Hutch RB, Palmer LB if Fox out) Bannan Luongo (Reach if not) Windass Fessi De Cruz Wickham Don't mind if Harris or Murphy start in place of one of the front 3, apart from Wickham of course
  12. I nearly passed out when I voted and saw Obadajo got some votes. I accept he did marginally better and actually did some good things, but 3 moments jump out to me where you realise he's way off. Admittedly I thought that about Fox a year ago, so you never know. First was the foul he got when robbed by Wallace just outside our area in the 2nd half. It didn't look a foul and Wallace would have been in a prime position if it hadnt have been given. Questionable decision making there by Moses. Second was when he was jogging back and Wallace was goalside and it seemed to take him.an age to realise. Third and by far the worst was when Iorfa made that tackle. That happened because 3 of our defenders were in a line. 3 Millwall players were 5 yards offside, but wait no, Moses was on his own playing them all on at left back, almost oblivious to his team mates positions.
  13. At 15 pages I’m not reading the full thread, but under Carlos he started playing Bannan wide and we looked good at times. Partly because Barry got forward far more than he does now. We also had Lee in central midfield getting into the box a lot and looked a cracking team at times. Bannan is undoubtedly a good player, I even get why he might chase down the goalie (to get the crowd up) but he needs stronger management or dropping.
  14. With Fletcher we were more balanced, we always thought we could score and the team were more confident. We don’t have another striker even capable of starting as a main forward. Rhodes is gone, Winnall has never recovered from his injury, Fessi is a wide man or a no 10 if his heart is in it, Nuihu is an impact sub. I can’t see how any player starting a game now can feel that confident seeing the striker(s) starting with them. Look at Bannans form, dropped since Fletcher got injured. Joao and Hopper were the only others who could play that role and that’s been our issue since Joao left. We also know Fletcher is streaky, he can easily go 6-10 games without a goal
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