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Which Is The Most Stale League In Europe ?

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Hard to say, the temptation is to say Germany because, well;



Bayern has won 15/20 of the last 20 seasons...


But the thing is, Bundesliga has more interesting things going on in mid table and at the lower ends, or really anywhere below second. They've got five teams with less than 20 seasons in the top flight, six with less than 30, one of which were champions in 2009. Union Berlin had spend zero seasons in the top flight until 2019/20 and last season they ended fifth. Considering they're a club with a big culture and history, I'd hesitate to say that's down to Brentford moneyball, and isn't at all "stale". Similarly, RB Leipzig have been in the top flight for only the last 7 seasons and are now considered an up-and-coming lesser European contender. On the other end, you've got long-timers like Schalke and Werder Bremen who have had over 50 years in the Bundesliga but both recently got relegated and promoted. It's also a very "big" league, the smallest stadium is Union Berlin's 22,000 capacity, who frequently sell out and have even before Bundesliga status. No Bournemouth  or Brightons in Bundesliga. The average stadium size is almost 50000, waaaaaay higher than the prem at 38000.


The football itself is attacking, the clubs tend to be very well run with intelligent business and a long-term focus, and Bundesliga is buzzing with old rivalries.


So anyway, the answer is French Ligue 1.

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38 minutes ago, overlandandsea said:



all boring and limited to who can win it 

Have to agree. 


One team pretty much dominating every season. 


Bayern not only dominate, but they always seem to just cherry pick the best player(s) from their nearest rivals. Pretty sure last season or the season before they agreed a deal to sign Upamecano (CB for RB Leipzig) halfway through the season. At the time, RB were 2nd in the league and their closest rivals. 

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1 hour ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

Was just going to say the same. It's only Sky and the various media telling us how exciting it is all supposed to be.

Pundit: “its exciting, anything can happen”


Other guy:  Who will win the league ?


Pundit:  “I’m gonna go with Man City” 

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6 minutes ago, Roscoe P. Coltrane said:

When do you think the next time any body wins it outside the current top 2 mate?

Win league one this season, championship next season then the premier league the year after. 3 years to answer your question.


But will it be us or Forest Green? 

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