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  1. I remember when Real Madrid sold off some land to the council, for a price which was more than dubious. Barcelona, like Real Madrid are huge institutions in Spain, and have far more clout amongst the corridors of power, both in the financial and political establishment than what any club in Britain could ever dream of. The numbers mean absolutely nothing when it comes to these two.
  2. Ryan Jones In my view, could have been one of the best we’ve ever had if it wasn’t for the injuries.
  3. Footballers are being slated for celebrating a goal, yet it’s perfectly acceptable for rugby players to ruck, maul and scrum for 80 minutes. Why is that? Why isn’t there any mention whatsoever being made by TV news celebrities or politicians regarding what happens during a game of rugby. If hugging a team mate once, twice, perhaps even three or four times at most during a game is far worse than what goes on during a game of Rugby then I’d love to see their scientific evidence. As usual, football and footballers will always be the first ones that are criticised because
  4. I got lucky, my old was a proper collector and had programmes running into the thousands. He doesn’t do it anymore and we auctioned a load off and got just short of a grand. The rest, that he never sold were passed onto me, including all the Wednesday ones from 1947-70. His mate has one of the largest collections in Lincolnshire and has an original of the very first Wednesday programme ever printed (There was a reprint included with the special 150 years anniversary programme against Sheffield United)
  5. The first game I went to and part of my Wednesday collection over the years, both home and away programmes. Some great memories amongst that lot
  6. The oldest one I’ve got and also my most favourite.
  7. The way things are going, Blackpool, Oldham, Bradford and Swindon will be back in the Premier League again long before us.
  8. It doesn't matter how much they are paid, whether it be 300 quid a week or 30 grand. They entered into a contract with the football club, who incidentally offered them the original contract in the first place. It's the responsibility of the club to pay the wages. We have an awful squad, who are paid far more than their actual worth, but that's not the players fault. Was it Seth Johnson's fault 20 years ago that Risdale went in with a starting offer higher than even Johnson's agent was expecting as the maximum? No of course it wasn't. Perhaps, jus
  9. Xhaka is woeful. There are better midfielders in the Championship, let alone the Premier League. The fact he seems to get picked every week doesn’t say a lot about Arteta either.
  10. The guy who scored the first goal in that clip, Ronnie Ferguson, went on to run a printing business in Gainsborough. Totally useless, but nonetheless true.
  11. All these replies and no one has mentioned John Hills or Steve Harkness.
  12. Managing Celtic or Rangers is huge pressure, as you're simply expected to win every game you play domestically. You could be ten points clear, draw away at Aberdeen, and the knives will still be out. Big fish in a very small pond, but the intensity from the fans and the press are something else. It's a never ending circle of religious hate, bigotry and having to be better than the other at all cost. Celtic are in a mess at the moment. Lennon isn't the man for the job and Rangers are taking full advantage.
  13. How many times in recent years have fans called out for a manager who’s experienced, says it straight and builds a team that would run through brick walls for each other? Then when we appoint someone who fits those demands, people aren’t happy? I don’t understand at all. Pulis took over a bang average Stoke side and not only got them promoted, but kept them at the top table with ease. What was it that the TV folk used to say in May? “Stoke City finish in their customary ninth placed position” But because the style wasn’t like watching Brazil it still wasn’t
  14. I don’t know what people expect? The last manager we employed who’s got a better track record than Pulis was Atkinson. Tony Pulis is vastly experienced, still has the obvious desire to succeed and has a reputation of creating tough, committed teams who are hard to beat. At the current time that’s what we need to be, and whilst our attacking options are both extremely limited and extremely poor, it’s an area that Pulis knows full well has to be improved upon, so let’s see what he can do in January. There’s no point in berating the bloke now, he’s got his han
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