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  1. The biggest plus point to take from the two corresponding tables is that after eight games last season we'd conceded 13 goals, whilst this year it's six from the first seven.
  2. Nearer the bottom than the top at a guess.
  3. Too many to mention but a special mention must go to the loss at Port Vale in 03/04. Freezing cold day. David Lucas got injured and Kim Olsen made his debut from the subs bench. Just an awful awful day, and just look at the starting eleven which included the now Villa boss. Lucas Geary - D Smith - Haslam - Barry-Murphy Quinn - Wilson - Armstrong - P Smith Robins - Proudlock
  4. BREAKING NEWS Reports of a Barnsley fan with four fingers and a thumb are finally confirmed as true.
  5. Moeen Ali sat right behind him!
  6. Johnny Vegas on the far left too.
  7. It's amazing that you can leave somewhere like the City Ground and be straight onto the car park along with thousands of Forest fans making their way out of the Brian Clough stand, yet that operation doesn't seem to a problem for the police. Doncaster, Rotherham, Derby, and countless others don't keep fans apart when they leave the stadium gates. There is an agenda against Sheffield Wednesday, and has been since April 1989.
  8. If we’re getting 5 million up front for Joao I’d say it’s good business. As with anything else though, any incomings have to be shrewd.
  9. Richard Keogh on loan. Pulled off a great save against us a couple of years back. Rowett will make it happen.
  10. I’ve a gut feeling that if Gary Rowett becomes the next manager, then we’ll do very well. It just feels the right time and right place for him to get back into management.
  11. I've been critical of Chansiri at certain times, but regarding this whole affair I'm very much on his side. No one is bigger than the club. The fat snake needs to forgotten about very quickly.
  12. I've always had plenty of time for Chris Hughton. No matter the result, he always seemed to come across as a decent bloke when having to face the media straight afterwards. I get the impression that he's more than a fair bloke to work for.
  13. Chuks Aneke is not only a great name but a very good player.
  14. Jack Grealish is quality and those who seem to think he’s nothing more than average are most likely judging him on his appearance more than his actual footballing ability.
  15. I remember that game well. Liverpool had a brilliant side that season and should have won the double. I was on a kids football team trip that day and we were all sat in the South Stand lower at the front towards Leppings Lane. Watching Barnes running down that wing was an amazing experience for an 8 year old.
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