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  1. I'd have thought the decent thing for an employer to do is to pay their staff on time. It doesn't matter what they earn - They've agreed a legally binding contract, and as it stands with Bolton, the employer isn't keeping it's part of the deal. It's not the first time at the club either.
  2. Wilder's interview shows exactly why someone with the pedigree of Steve Bruce can only be good for our club. If Carlos or Jos were still in charge tonight and the result was the same, you can bet your bottom dollar Wilder would have been sticking the boot in.
  3. £30 on the Kop tonight and I'd have somehow found a way - Whether that be to borrow it or something. But asking for another tenner, along with the travel costs (80 mile round trip for me) seems a little bit too much, especially when there's the option to watch the same game on a TV somewhere (albeit without the live atmosphere)
  4. Season ticket holder since 2001 - Couldn't afford one this season. Like yourself, I've paid on the gate twice this season. Birmingham and Brentford which were £20 games. I'd have loved to be there tomorrow, but £39 is a lot of money to me at the moment. Either I tell my three year old she's not having a birthday this coming Thursday or go to the football. Too many "I'm alright Jack" attitudes when it comes to prices I'm afraid, with little thought about what our fanbase will look like in the coming years.
  5. Nah. Do them twice in the space of four days. It would make the Boxing Day Massacre look more like a slight laceration.
  6. Wednesday would win on Monday, moving three points from the top six (As it stands) Wednesday would squeeze into sixth place on the final day whilst the pigs blow their chances and end up in third. Wednesday knock them out over two legs to reach Wembley. Believe!!
  7. Did we have more season ticket holders last season? Genuine question as I don't know the answer. All I can say is that I personally know of three people who didn't renew this season. I'm sure they'll be many more people who will also know of others who also didn't renew.
  8. £39 to sit on the Kop for a non-member. I couldn't afford a season ticket this season so forking out that kind of money isn't an option, especially when I'm looking at close to a tenner in travel costs. The POTG prices are a disgrace, and this season I've only gone when the prices have been reduced (Birmingham and Brentford)
  9. I seem to remember Watford filling up the top tier of Leppings Lane for the FA Cup replay (The game we won on penalties after Di Canio was sent off) That was an impressive support, although at the time it was a big game for them as we were Premier League and they wasn't.
  10. Sheridan aside, you'd struggle to find a more cultured central midfielder in the last 30 years at Hillsborough. Jones had seriously good ability, and he was no shrinking violet either. It was a real shame that injuries hit hard.
  11. January prices are inflated and in our case aren't really needed. Not going up, not going down. I don't see the point in bringing anyone in, even if we had the finances available to be spending.
  12. He's crap. He was crap at Celtic - A liability waiting to happen. If you weren't keen on Loovens then this bloke will drive you insane.
  13. Here’s why I don’t get. Agnew and Clemence have a free hit, they aren’t going to be the ones facing the press come February 1st. We won’t go down and neither will we bother the top six. Why not just go out and make a right go of things from the start? Whats the point in setting up defensively when the previous manager tried that approach and we shipped 40 odd goals in half a season in the process. Hull might be the form team but they aren’t world beaters. Garbage.
  14. Villa also have a very expensive British asset called Jack Grealish.
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