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  1. That bad injury he got playing for Newcastle against Man City did for him.
  2. Here's an interesting article about Maiorana. He even says himself that 95% of Man Utd fans will have never have heard of him. https://thelab.bleacherreport.com/from-nowhere-to-dreamland-and-back-again/
  3. Giuliano Maiorana Man Utd signed this kid from non-league Histon in 1988 following a trial. Afterwards Ferguson said it was the best performance he's ever seen from a trialist. He was seen as the next 'big thing' and I remember his first start. A televised game against Arsenal, where he played well. It then went down hill, and after making the grand total of seven appearances he finally left on a free in 1994. He went to the Swedish second tier before coming back to England to play for Newmarket Town alongside working for his family's upholstery business.
  4. Personally I’d just say sod it and not bother. A useless chairman, owner and set of players. They’re laughing at you, and every single fan who goes week in, week out. Why let a bunch of jokers like that ruin your weekend?
  5. Walter Smith? I can’t imagine the team talks being too lively.
  6. That it’s more important than life or death. Absolute cobblers.
  7. It’s not been the same since Steve Houghton left them years ago.
  8. They left for better wages. I can’t understand why anyone would fail to grasp that. I start a new job on Wednesday, my third different one since the summer. Each and every time I’ve managed to increase my hourly rate for doing mostly the same thing. If there’s little loyalty over the sake of a couple of quid an hour, then why someone would think it still applies to a few extra thousand baffles me. Also, to suggest they’ll struggle to get English sides to take them on loan is complete cobblers. Granted, they won’t be appearing at the top end of the championship but even if they came back here, they’ll still be doing so for a greatly improved wage, regardless of who actually pays for it all. Like it or not, it’s not the 1960’s. Money talks more than anything else these days.
  9. It’s all good and well those saying “Shut them down” but if that was the case then none of that 29M is getting paid back. It’s a fine line of allowing the club to continue, whilst at the same time making sure that HMRC get back what’s owed. Mel Morris is the one who should be targeted here. He’s the one responsible for this mess. He clearly had no regard of the possible consequences which, let’s never forget, would include many decent hard working folk, from ticket office staff to groundsmen being put on the dole queue, not to mention the various suppliers who have relied on the club over time. Once again, it’s those for whom no blame can be attached who feel the brunt the most.
  10. Paul Dickov has to be in the squad surely? Granted, he was a seriously hard working player, definitely one of those who’d chase paper bags round a park on a windy day. But he was also a whining little poo. Always complaining about something.
  11. No manager in the world would have the current United squad challenging for the title. Premier League winners don’t have players so utterly average as Fred in the centre of midfield, week in, week out, nor do they have a full back (Wan Bissaka) who’s positional sense, in the defensive phase of the game is no better than that of an average League Two player.
  12. Clear the ball, momentum takes you over the hoardings, get pushed by an idiot in the stand. Can someone tell me what the Aberdeen player did wrong here? https://twitter.com/scotlandsky/status/1462161474001022983?s=21
  13. Rumour has it, that at 3-2 Moore whispered to his assistant “Don’t let the sun go down on me” Could be just another careless whisper I suppose.
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