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  1. Top six side? Take Forestieri and Bannan out of the equation and we've a side who'd struggle to make the top six in the league below.
  2. I blame Bothroyd to be honest.
  3. My very hastily thought out idea for what it's worth..! £150 @ £25 per game on the Kop for six games - Non Adult Member £132 @ £22 per game on the Kop for six games - Adult Member Both would work out dearer than the price per game for first phase season ticket holders and would include any six games of your choice (Except the Sheffield Derby) For the Sheffield Derby, anyone who's bought the ticket bundle would then get first priority, whether members or not. The bonus being that members would still be able to claim the £5 discount, along with the further £5 discount on the remaining games that they haven't taken up in the ticket bundle. All of this would mean that adult members would be saving £18 over non members on the ticket bundle, and a further £15 if they only attend a further three games - A total of £33, which in effect makes the membership cost £17. Add the extra little bits and pieces like club shop points etc, and potentially a few more games and a membership makes excellent value as well as offering a package for those who can't or don't want to get one.
  4. I was having this debate elsewhere yesterday. West Brom were being praised for slashing ticket prices this season - Looking at the figures it's easy to see why they are in a position to do so. Instead of the vast parachute payments dished out to clubs who quite frankly have had crap seasons, the money would be better served being distributed amongst all the clubs as a way of keeping ticket prices at an acceptable level across the board. There's obviously more chance of platting fog than it happening, but we can all dream I suppose.
  5. g-owls

    Just got back

    It's all very predictable and laboured, and has been since the Play-Off final. We have one genuine game changer in Forestieri - the only player who get's people on the edge of their seats. The biggest loss is Lee (At his peak during 2015/16 one of the best players at this level) and the club can't pin their hopes on him reproducing that level of performance, that's if he even manages to get back to being in a position of playing the amount of games his body once could afford. The most worrying aspect of all is that the Chairman seems to believe it's a squad capable of promotion.
  6. It's just as well we're well run off the pitch. We'd be in a right mess otherwise.
  7. It's just as well we're run smoothly off the pitch, otherwise we'd be in a right mess.
  8. Forest might have spent the best part of 30 million this summer but people seem to forget that in the last couple of years they’ve sold Assombalonga and Oliver Burke for the best part of 25 million along with the old owners now long gone.
  9. g-owls

    Non paying customers

    Nail on the head.
  10. g-owls

    Guilt tripping the fans?

    I don't agree with anyone wanting to target his family for abuse, totally un-called for and pathetic from any individual who does such a thing, but what I cannot get my head round is that he actually asked his son to go along last night, or so he said anyway. Utter madness to even consider it. It's business not some family get together. If Chansiri was prepared to subject his own son (We're talking about a child here) to a potentially hostile environment then it says a lot about who he really is.
  11. What's Paul Aldridge up to these days?
  12. Wolves were still receiving parachute payments at the end of 2015-2016 - earning just over £10.5M in the process. This was around the time that Fosun bought the club. Don't forget they also got another £10M or so for the sale of Benik Afobe to Bournemouth. We've sold one player in three years.
  13. Nice to see Casbahowl is online. Come on.. Say something. You seem happy enough to neg what I say all of the time. Are you Chansiri or something?
  14. As predicted by a few on here many months ago. There was always another side to Chansiri but the masses were too eager to hero worship everything he did. He'll end up coming for everyone soon. He's already shafted those who can't attend every week and it won't stop there. The whole set up is a joke.