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  1. No I wouldn't pay more. It's expensive enough as it is. Clubs should cut their cloth accordingly, and If it means having to sell some players then so be it.
  2. g-owls

    Our fire sale

    We all know how well he can perform. It's whether he still wants to perform for us? I fully expect him to be gone either this window or the one in January.
  3. g-owls

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    No, but no club would be under any obligation to install safe standing areas either, and as much as things have moved on, Hillsborough will unfortunately always be tainted. I'm all for standing but could you imagine the reaction if we saw just one incident following the removal of seats? It wouldn't take much for this club to be dragged through the mud again.
  4. g-owls

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    I'm all for safe standing but it'll never happen for as long as we're still playing at Hillsborough.
  5. David Meyler leaving Hull. Only 28. A midfielder with a bit of bite. Wouldn't be a bad signing for another Championship club for a couple of years.
  6. g-owls

    800k for Fred

    Jack Hobbs is available on a free.
  7. HMP Nottingham I'm allowed restricted internet access.
  8. That day when Owen scored his hat trick, Des Walker was made to look like a complete amateur, which goes to show how good Owen actually was.
  9. John Barnes for Liverpool in 1988. They won 5-1 and in all honesty it could have been double figures. Craig Johnston played that day too and had an absolute stormer. Thinking about it, I don't think he ever got the credit he deserved over his career with Liverpool. Top player.
  10. I'll be back at some stage, and thanks for the offer but I'll only go to football as a result of my own labours. Cheers though, very thoughtful. UTO
  11. Other options? What other options have I got? Perhaps I could forego a months rent and get kicked out? That best part of 500 quid for me won’t be going on any shopping, days out or any treats. It’s simply going towards the ever increasing costs of the things that matter the most. I love this club as much as anyone but family always comes first.
  12. g-owls

    Modern Football

    The only problem with that is that games will last for about 3 hours. Players will still go down and waste time in order to 'break up the play'
  13. I've not renewed. It's getting to the point whereby it's getting far too difficult to justify paying the best part of 500 quid a year to watch 23 football matches. The membership scheme is a total joke and not worth the money, and the gate prices are simply crazy. The professional game has priced me out I'm afraid.
  14. Can neither afford or justify it to be honest.
  15. g-owls

    First time going to L**ds

    I’d say Bankers Draft on giro day is a more hostile atmosphere.