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  1. http://thefootballattic.blogspot.com/2013/02/logacta-1976.html?m=1
  2. I've played Logacta - Albeit an updated version. There's even Excel versions you can buy on Amazon that does all the calculations for the league tables etc..
  3. I honestly believe that he wakes up every morning and has totally forgot about the day before. Tomorrow he'll open his eyes and probably think we're a couple of wins away from promotion. The following day he'll decide a ten year membership is the way to go. The worrying thing for the club though, is that he's convinced himself so much that whatever he chooses is the right way. If some people still can't see that this is going to get far worse then I really despair.
  4. Villa are awful. This seasons Fulham. 100+ million spent on utter rubbish. They've got some horrendous fixtures coming up. I can't see how they're staying up.
  5. Ask him what you like. He'll only tell you he's right about everything.
  6. At the time it was the most shots a City team has faced in any game with Pep as the manager. It probably still is. Oxford United. Let that sink in. A team with a three sided ground, Karl Robinson as the manager and Jamie Mackie up front managed to cause City more problems than what our so called good players did. We've got a team that's pedestrian at best, with little spark or creativity and a boring manager. Some big changes are needed. On a positive though, Iorfa looked every bit the part tonight. Wednesdays man of the match by a mile.
  7. When Oxford played City in the League Cup, City included Sterling, Aguero, Bernardo, Foden, Mahrez, Cancelo and Zinchenko in the starting line up. Gundogan replaced Rodri and Jesus replaced Angelino just after the hour mark. Oxford had 18 shots on goal in the 90 minutes. I'd presume that with the quality they were facing they were also tired. So what's our excuse?
  8. 18/1 with Ladbrokes for City to win by six goals or more.
  9. A better way would be to move players on when the time is right. Our owner obviously thought he'd go down the route that no other club on the planet has gone. But hey ho, he's a genius and anything negative said about him is out of order...
  10. It doesn't matter where he is, it's what he's actually doing about it. Now if he had a team based at the club, running the business day-to-do then that's fine. But when our directors, chief executive and managing director are all one man it's pretty obvious things aren't going to go well. Although to be fair, he's probably busy working on the ELEV8 Energy drink website that's "Coming soon" We'll be in League One before anyone this side of the milky way jumps into one of his taxis buzzing their face off on a can of Elev8.
  11. You must be joking. The Germans are visiting next.
  12. I'm watching Fawlty Towers, the episode when they had the gourmet night. Andre's restaurant is how things are at the Lane right now, whilst our owner is stood outside in the rain whacking the car with a branch.
  13. I can't predict the actual score but I'll hazard a guess that ITV's viewing figures will see a spike when even the neutrals declare after about 30 minutes.
  14. I emailed Sir Jim Ratcliffe, but he said he'd have a hell of a job shifting them golden elephants.
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