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  1. Does Scotland count?! If so, I’ve been to Celtic three times.
  2. Note to the club.. Its category not catergory
  3. Bonus points if anyone can make a song out of his full name… Michael Uzoukwu Absalom Jude Ihiekwe
  4. Derbymiller. Is he/she ok today? Does he have a partner? Is he/she ok? Are there children involved? Pets? Hope the poor kid gets all the help obviously needed.
  5. When he first came into the side I thought he looked very promising. That game against Arsenal being a case in point. Big crowd, big game, he handled it all with maturity. The problem he had was having Westwood in front of him. After that breakthrough season the club should have loaned him out for the entirety of the 16/17 season as by that stage Dawson was on the verge of coming through. Who knows, it may have helped his development more if he was featuring every week at that age of his career. Anyway, good luck to him.
  6. I remember that one. It was on a friday night and the game itself was more like a cup tie than a friendly. The worst one I can remember watching was against Stoke in 2011. Padraig Amond played on trial. Ended 0-0 I think.
  7. Scott Carson Michael Hector Michael Bischoff Danny Batth Jack Hunt Joey O’Brien Alex Lopez Ross Barkley Joe Bennett Kenwyne Jones Gary Hooper
  8. Only a matter of time before Mike Ashley comes in and buys them. He’s played the long game, not gone looking for the limelight and that patience will pay off. He’ll get it cheaper. Love him or loathe him, Ashley won’t have Derby languishing in league one for long.
  9. Brilliant for Grimsby. I was at their game at Notts County and the way in which they won that convinced me that they had their name on promotion. The 5-4 win at Wrexham, with another late winner was something from Roy of the Rovers. Going behind in the final only to win with a goal inside the last ten minutes. Someone up above must have looked down on them favourably in the last few weeks.
  10. I’m not denying that. Developing your own players is crucial. But the point I’m making is that loans can work.
  11. I see this playing out like the Michael Hector saga. Will he? Won’t he? Harlee Dean will probably end up signing for Burnley as a back up, then get injured in the first round of the league cup and be out for months and everyone will forget we ever had him.
  12. Four of Forest’s starting eleven in the play off final were on loan. Garner Zinckernagel Spence Davis
  13. I wanted them to win last night. Simply because it would have set up a tasty home nations winner takes all game. Good luck Wales.
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