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  1. g-owls

    Efe ambrose

    He's crap. He was crap at Celtic - A liability waiting to happen. If you weren't keen on Loovens then this bloke will drive you insane.
  2. g-owls

    Nothing short of pants

    Here’s why I don’t get. Agnew and Clemence have a free hit, they aren’t going to be the ones facing the press come February 1st. We won’t go down and neither will we bother the top six. Why not just go out and make a right go of things from the start? Whats the point in setting up defensively when the previous manager tried that approach and we shipped 40 odd goals in half a season in the process. Hull might be the form team but they aren’t world beaters. Garbage.
  3. Villa also have a very expensive British asset called Jack Grealish.
  4. I've been highly critical of the club and how's it been run, but I'm sure enough not going to complain about seven points from nine, with four of those coming away from home against top six sides.
  5. 1973 European Cup Final The Original.
  6. Some of the comments in here are unbelievable. Whether or not Forestieri's case should have ended in Court - The fact remains that he failed to turn up for a court hearing. Absolutely stupid.
  7. g-owls

    £20 vs Brum

    First time in quite while that I've not been able to get a season ticket this year. I've been three times this season (Thanks to season ticket holders who couldn't make it) but £20 to watch a game at this level can't be argued with, so me and the wife got our tickets yesterday. With Jos out of the equation and the likes of Westwood and Hutchinson coming straight back into the picture I'm looking forward to it, Birmingham are going well but we've got enough to beat them - Which I think we will. UTO
  8. g-owls

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Mile Jedinak on loan. You've been told..
  9. g-owls

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    Some people wouldn't be happy if Pep was the manager. What we need is someone with a calm head, someone with experience of the league and someone who's earned a great deal of respect and gained a whole number of worthwhile contacts. Look at a list of every manager we've employed from Paul Jewell right up to the current day. Steve Bruce is streets ahead of anyone in those last 20 years.
  10. g-owls

    Ben Pearson

    154 first team games 53 Yellows 1 (Second yellow) 2 (Straight Red)
  11. g-owls

    The Pre Chansiri Years

    So we're currently averaging about 300 more fans than the last time we got relegated from the Championship, but even then we had walk-up figures of 9000 (including away supporters)
  12. Cleethorpes Town Nickname - The Owls!
  13. g-owls

    CHEXIT- Divorce bill £180m

    Whether it’s a football club or an Hitachi TV on gumtree, it’s only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. If Chansiri expects cold, hard profit from this mess then I’d seriously question either his sanity or what he’s actually smoking outside the South Stand.
  14. The only way you'll get 15M for Reach is if you're using Bob Grierson's Casio.
  15. g-owls

    Fans forum match day thread

    Did anyone ask him if there's any truth in the rumour that he bought Bob Grierson's calculator?