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  1. My mate has got the original programme from the Reserves v Gainsborough in 1900. And before anyone asks, he's not selling it!
  2. Leeds Allocation

    Chansiri is looking at things purely on a business level. He knows Wednesday fans will sell out for the Sheffield derby with United getting the minimum amount of tickets. Potentially the west stand lower might not be needed for the Leeds game, therefore why not cash in on the knowledge that Leeds will sell it. More revenue for Wednesday and that's what Chansiri wants.
  3. 3-5-2 anyone? Hunt and Reach as the wing backs.
  4. It's also less revenue going into our coffers. £42 for an away fan at this level is an outrage no matter who the opposition is. Unfortunately for football fans is the fact that club owners know full well they won't take their money elsewhere and support another team. It's not like choosing Tesco over Asda or Morrisons over both of them. United will sell the tickets simply because it's a game they've been waiting 6 years for. It doesn't make the price right though.
  5. Are the United tickets the same price as Non-Members on the Kop? They'll be taking their shoes off when they hear this. Seriously though those prices are a disgrace and there can't be anyone who thinks otherwise.

    Jordan Graham going to Fulham on loan from Wolves. If he finds the form he showed before he got the long term injury that could be a really good signing. An attacking wide player with pace.
  7. Carlos can't be all to blame?

    I'm sat here watching the Forest v Leeds game and there's a kid for Forest (McKay) who want's to run at defenders and generally looks like he's enjoying the game. 500k they paid for him. He doesn't look the least bit phased. The same with the Leeds kid Alioski. We spend 5M on Adam Reach who looks scared shitless every time a player comes within 2 yards of him. Mendez Laing at Cardiff was a freebie from Rochdale, a lad with a point to prove who's got a manager in Warnock. We have Ross Wallace.. It's criminal the amount we've spent and the utter dross we've got for it. It's all ok for the club to talk about FFP, well it's their reckless transfer policy that's got us in the position we're at.
  8. Say hello to Bob Grierson for us.
  9. Tom Lees

    The thing with Maguire is that when he was at United he had the ability to defend. Too many people seem to think a defender is only good if he can pass a ball like Sergio Ramos or finish a chance on his wrong foot from the edge of the box like Pique. Maguire just didn't look the part in that sense, but he's obviously worked a lot on the other parts of his game and deserves his call up.
  10. Tom Lees

    He played for the under 21's. Thinking about it, so did Andy Booth.
  11. hull tity

    I'd go out and get Barry Bannan
  12. Bannan

    They probably are interested, just the same as I'm interested in us signing Coutinho. Hull are in a mess, the crowds have dropped even more, they were even protesting at Donny last night.
  13. Bannan

    Hull fans aren't happy again. They've lost Huddlestone, Robertson, Davies and Maguire whilst Hernandez is out for 6 months and they've now sold Clucas. Quite rightly the supporters are asking where is the money? The answer is obviously making nominal bids for players in the full knowledge they'll get rejected, at least that's what it appears to be from the outside. I'll just say this.. Rasiak.
  14. Foresteri

    In both the games that Forestieri has started this season we've been rubbish.