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  1. I doubt Chansiri could even plan on how to run a bath, so with that in mind I’m not holding out any hope of his chances with a football club. The way he runs things, the question will soon be “When do Solihull away tickets go on sale”
  2. I love the fact that he left Palmeiras in 1995, and was back in charge of them by the end of the year having managed two other clubs!
  3. Easter Monday 1987? Brian Marwood scored a penalty in that game if I’m correct. It would have been only the second or third game I had ever been to Hillsborough. Great memories. Thanks for posting these.
  4. One of my personal favourites was the James Quinn goal at Hull that sealed a place in the play-offs. It put the seal on a mental day. We’d drawn at home to Turner’s Stockport the week before and it looked highly likely that we were going to miss out. It was Hull’s promotion party, a full house and they were outstanding at home that season. The scenes in the away end when that ball went will always live with me. It’s also the most intoxicated I’ve been inside a football stadium, and I can’t remember seeing so many fans clearly worse for wear even before the kick off.
  5. Manchester United, Liverpool and possibly Arsenal are the only clubs in the UK that would match the Old Firm if they were both established clubs in the English top flight. Celtic and Rangers might be big fish in a small pond in Scotland, but the global appeal they have is huge. If Celtic for example were competing in Premier League the attention that would receive in the USA would be huge. The sports bars in places such as New York and Boston would be absolutely rammed with Celts on match days. Whether that will ever happen is another issue, but no one can ever deny th
  6. Chansiri should send to You’ve been framed. The £250 would help out the accounts no end...
  7. Good. I would be pleased to see it too if I was in charge of running the Football League, otherwise what’s the point of having rules in the first place? They are there as a deterrent, and if it means that one club goes by the wayside as a result of flouting them in such an unprofessional way then so be it. The warning shot has then been fired off to the next potential, utterly hopeless club owner who thinks he’s too smart to get caught out. Chansiri gets whatever he deserves when it comes to punishment.
  8. The solution therefore would be to not breach the rules in the first place.
  9. Don't give him ideas. £80 a pop to watch Accrington Stanley. He'll then offer flexible payments, which if aren't made will be then transferred over to his newly formed debt recovery service. He's already got the slogan for that "Coming soon" which would be ideal for him in terms of you answering the door, as you'd never know if it was one his henchmen or the Amazon delivery.
  10. Neither will Chansiri when the crowds drop.
  11. Even worse, spending that and getting relegated even if you got all twelve back.
  12. I prefer his brother Alan. Good captain material AND he liked a drink on away trips.
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