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  1. I'll be back at some stage, and thanks for the offer but I'll only go to football as a result of my own labours. Cheers though, very thoughtful. UTO
  2. Other options? What other options have I got? Perhaps I could forego a months rent and get kicked out? That best part of 500 quid for me won’t be going on any shopping, days out or any treats. It’s simply going towards the ever increasing costs of the things that matter the most. I love this club as much as anyone but family always comes first.
  3. Modern Football

    The only problem with that is that games will last for about 3 hours. Players will still go down and waste time in order to 'break up the play'
  4. I've not renewed. It's getting to the point whereby it's getting far too difficult to justify paying the best part of 500 quid a year to watch 23 football matches. The membership scheme is a total joke and not worth the money, and the gate prices are simply crazy. The professional game has priced me out I'm afraid.
  5. Can neither afford or justify it to be honest.
  6. First time going to L**ds

    I’d say Bankers Draft on giro day is a more hostile atmosphere.
  7. First time going to L**ds

    Full colours Blue and white rattle for you, Air horn for the girlfriend. Don't mention Turks though.
  8. The only thing I actually have any doubts with over Almen Abdi is that he was as ‘injured’ as much as we were led to believe under the previous manager. Even when he did play he was shoved out wide into a position that has never suited him. For all we know he’s the boy who cried wolf - the difference being he was never the one doing the shouting? Who knows? Either way it’s a sad situation that it’s not worked out for him here as he’s obviously an extremely talented footballer as shown with Watford.
  9. More and more season ticket holders will stop going full stop the longer we continue to employ such an unenthusiastic manager. From top to bottom the club is falling on its backside. The only way people like Chansiri will ever listen is when the fans don’t renew in huge numbers. It’s a sad thing to say, but as long as people keep putting money the more he’ll believe he’s doing the right thing. Never underestimate fan power.
  10. I’ve heard he’s brilliant at Monopoly.
  11. Brian Laws

    Brian Laws loves this club. I’ve met his lad Jamie and he said his old man would love a second chance if it ever became a viable option. He’s been out the game for a while now though and his health isn’t what it was, but he’d get a damn sight more out the seasoned players that we’ve still got available.
  12. Who’s renewing?

    Not for me. Football has become too dear. I’ve long said that when it comes to the point whereby I’m priced out of watching Wednesday’s home game it’s probably then the time to stop. I’ll always follow the club but I can’t justify the cost of actually going. The POTG prices are vastly overpriced so I’ll be missing out totally. Its a shame but it is what it is. The odd non league game local to me at Alfreton or something like that. At least the players actually give a damn at those levels and it won’t break the bank to watch.
  13. Is the club planning to make another big cake during the summer? How much wood could a wood chucker chuck, If a wood chucker could chuck wood?
  14. On a technical level Otzhumer is as good as anything in the Championship. Unfortunately for him it's all the other parts that hold him back. A bit Lee Trundle-ish you could say.
  15. No, like Lee Gregory. Blade through and through.