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  1. Bannan and Forestieri are probably the only two players that would get into their team. Face it, Wednesday are garbage.
  2. g-owls


    Watch a replay of the goalmouth scramble at the end. Why did no one pick up on the fact that Ayala swings a right hander in Lees' direction just as he's about to shoot?
  3. g-owls

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Excluding our own I'd go with Villa Park, City Ground and the Hawthorns.
  4. g-owls

    Holte End

    Villa, West Brom, Sunderland. Three clubs there who you would arguably have in the top flight if we were going on tradition and fan bases alone. But, let's not forget for a long time they were three of the most boring sides to watch when they were in the top flight. Blackpool tried and failed, but at least did it trying to entertain. Eddie Howe's Bournemouth are often involved in decent games and I can't see Fulham giving up on their way of playing this season either. Swansea, with Rodgers and then Laudrup played some cracking stuff, again another club who don't match up in terms of stature with half of the Championship let alone the top flight. It's not all about the size of club, it's how they try and play the game. Newcastle do nothing but sit ten behind the ball in home games against anyone decent, but judging by some folk it makes for a better league because they've got 52,000 people in the ground singing their heads off.
  5. Hi John A good friend of my father has a grandson who made the step up to the Under 18 squad this season, namely Elliott Vasalo. It's hard enough getting recognised but as you know the hardest part is taking it even further. Good luck to all the lads.
  6. Hooper and Forestieri are the key. Hooper is more than capable of playing in the central role of the three behind the striker. He was outstanding when Carlos went with the diamond and played him at the tip of that. Forestieri, obviously the left side of the three. As for the right hand side, I’d probably be inclined to go with Reach.
  7. Peter Beagrie said about two years ago that Kieran Lee was one of the best players outside the Premier League. One of the few things Beagrie did get right.
  8. g-owls

    The last time we won...

    The same here. 90-91 was when I properly got into supporting Wednesday, before that it was just going the odd time with my dad and enjoying the day. 1990 was when I really caught the bug. I remember walking down Herries Road before the game and my old man saying "We should be beating this lot easily" The football was amazing, men against boys stuff. Just a wonderful season that would have been better if we hadn't dropped so many points at home.
  9. g-owls

    The last time we won...

    That's the spirit!
  10. g-owls

    The last time we won...

    Hmmm.. Today's result makes things a little interesting.
  11. g-owls

    The last time we won...

    They won three, all at home. They ended up with 17 points - 23 points adrift from next to bottom and a huge 33 from safety! Wednesday had a good season in our first back in top flight - 8th place, a point behind Arsenal and just ahead of Forest.
  12. g-owls

    The last time we won...

    And finally... 1979 Plymouth (Wednesday promoted that season) 1984 Stoke (Stoke relegated) 1990 Hull (Wednesday promoted, Hull relegated) 2007 Bristol City (Bristol made the play off final) 2012 Palace (Palace promoted via play offs) So either one or both of Wednesday and Reading are going up, getting to Wembley or going down. At the moment it's going to form if we think about Reading, they're without a win this season coming on the back of an awful season last year.
  13. g-owls

    The last time we won...

    We have played 9 away games in the Football League on Sat Sept 1st. One win, two draws and six defeats.
  14. g-owls

    The last time we won...

    1984 Stoke (A) 1-2 2007 Bristol City (H) 0-1 2012 Palace (A) 1-2