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  1. Jack Grealish is quality and those who seem to think he’s nothing more than average are most likely judging him on his appearance more than his actual footballing ability.
  2. I remember that game well. Liverpool had a brilliant side that season and should have won the double. I was on a kids football team trip that day and we were all sat in the South Stand lower at the front towards Leppings Lane. Watching Barnes running down that wing was an amazing experience for an 8 year old.
  3. We’re playing in skins for the next two seasons. Chansiri is offering a tattoo service for anyone wishing to have a players name and number.
  4. Des Walker was pretty good though! Overall it was an awful squad though, but the one the following season was even worse.
  5. Pete O’Rourke was a sky journalist, and also worked for the press association. He’s now doing freelance. Look back at things he’s said in the past regarding all sorts of clubs and you’ll find he’s far more than just the usual school kid making up rumours.
  6. Sour grapes if you ask me. Have we forgot the banner someone stuck over a bridge on the M1 wishing Huddersfield good luck for the play off final against the pigs? Reverse the roles and I can guarantee you that many folks in here and elsewhere would find the whole flyover thing hilarious. The raising for charity is very admirable, and fair play to everyone who donated, but how do we know that it was only Wednesday fans who gave any money? Feel free to call me a pig or whatever, but would the same Wednesdayites who started the charity fundraising on this occasion done the same thing if there was no flyover taking place?
  7. If it had been the other way round, would they have issued a similar statement? Something tells me not. Come to Nottingham and ask who's the classier club in Sheffield. You'll be hard pressed to find a Forest fan who prefers United ahead of us. United fans won't appreciate it - "Chansiri's just jealous" It's their way of thinking, always has, always will be. Anyhow, stuff them. We've got a proper manager these days, Chansiri needs to back him to the hilt. We can reach the same level.
  8. If we can sign the right defenders, including Hector I’d be happy enough with Dawson in goal if Westwood leaves. I think Dawson received too much criticism in the first half of the season, and whilst he did make some mistakes, he wasn’t helped by those in front. The fact he was replacing a hugely popular figure in Westwood didn’t help and as a result became a bit of a scapegoat. The lad has got the ability as shown in the Derby at the lane. I went to the Bristol City home game and thought he did everything required and with a sense of effiency.
  9. Sheffield Star headline in the summer... ”Chansiri blames Mycroft for Westwood departure”
  10. The same Steve Gibson who said Boro was looking to “Smash it” with the best players when they last got relegated? The same Steve Gibson who is more than happy for his club to receive the unfair parachute payments? Rules are rules, but this guy wouldn’t give a throw if his expensively assembled squad gets promoted. I wonder how much he’s paying Tony Pulis a month to get them into seventh place?
  11. What does someone salary have to do with it? A mental health issue is still a mental health issue regardless of what you earn. I know as much about Abdi as the next man, but one thing is certain - If the bloke is indeed struggling he’s not going to get better if he ever reads this thread.
  12. I worked for a company who’s advertising line is “You’ll love what we do” They got rid of me after I was taking more time off due to my wife suffering some pretty severe mental health issues following the birth of our daughter. Those issues obviously caused a huge strain on myself causing depression, stress and anxiety. I also worked for a huge national organisation who’s local level management took great effort to ask how my grandfather was in the few weeks before his death. They knew I loved him to bits. As soon as he’d passed they couldn’t give a damn, even saying they’d struggle to get cover for me on the day of his funeral. Totally irrelevant to Abdi perhaps? But it shows how two faced some people can be. Mental health is the silent killer that is often totally misunderstood by those without any real experiences of the effects when dealing with its most severe circumstances.
  13. Great stuff. My dad and myself know Elliot Vasalo’s grandfather. He’ll be as pleased as punch tonight. Well done to all.
  14. I actually prefer Wilder to Farke. Farke thinks he’s Jurgen Klopp, whilst Wilder seems perfectly content with the features of a blacksmiths anvil.
  15. Get him back in the team. We’ll score loads playing with fourballs. Failing that, he can apply for the groundsman position and shove a bunker in front of Westwood’s net.
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