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Which Is The Most Stale League In Europe ?

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22 hours ago, g-owls said:

Dinamo Zagreb have won the Croatian League in 16 of the last 17 seasons.


Over in Greece, Olympiakos have won 22 of the last 26 titles.


22 hours ago, g-owls said:

RB Salzburg are currently at 9 straight titles in Austria. Sheriff Tiraspol have only managed to win the Moldovan league in 20 of the last 22 seasons!



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I would say the PL is the European league with the most genuine title contenders.


The Leicester abnormality not withstanding,  it's only been the last few years where Liverpool and Man City have dominated. 


This coming season, Spurs and Chelsea should be right up there, with Man Utd and Arsenal dark horses. I think it helps having 6 teams with equal spending power. 


Scottish league is ridiculous. Teams outside Glasgow are just playing for European places every year, or to spring a surprise in the cups. 

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Firstly the Scottish Premier might be stale and I agree that it would be better with a larger league too (that won’t happen because the blazers and TV companies won’t get there 4x Glasgow derbies) but it’s still an entertaining game up here and other than the league it’s competitive.


Scottish teams value European football and ALL of the trophies. There’s no prioritising 4th place or even just staying in the league. And most importantly there is no playing weakened teams in the cups. Trophies matter in Scottish football and there has been a great spread of winners over the last 10-15 years.

In the last 15 years the following clubs have all won trophies:




The Rangers/Sevco





Dundee United

St Mirren

Ross County



That’s nearly an entire league’s worth. You don’t get that in English football and smaller clubs tend to not win trophies down there too. And winning honours should be what football is all about. English football doesn’t have that and it has lost its soul.


I’ve enjoyed a number of cup final days out recently, seen my team win multiple trophies in my lifetime, I’ll be off to Zurich in a few weeks to watch my team in the Europa League, and I will be guaranteed another set of group stage

games against interesting opposition with the chance of another trip later in the year if the sums add up. 


You can all scoff too but if our current DOF stays, I’m going to stick my neck out and say Hearts will win the league in the next 10 years. And I’m deadly serious.

That is the ambition from the club, which they’ve been mocked for publicly saying, but we’ve come very close a number of times in my lifetime finishing 2nd and I genuinely believe we can and will do it.


Hearts have got everything in place off the pitch and we are improving on it and increasing and improving our budget and playing squad sustainably. The club have billionaire benefactors, a fully Hearts supporting board, a professional academy setup which is making the club millions and providing first team players, the best training facilities in Scottish football, a modern stadium with 16,000 ST holders and a huge waiting list, the gap is narrowing.  

It’s a great time to be a Hearts fan right now and I love the positivity and ambition at the club. If any other team in Scotland can break the stranglehold of the Glasgow clubs it’s us.

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When I made this thread I was actually thinking the Championship here in England. 

Until it gets to play off time it doesn’t interest me anymore at all. I have no interest in Cardiff vs Preston… all the teams seem the same, other than the parachute payment ones. 

You get some standout players who are decent to watch, who occasionally get to the Prem. 


Some grounds have very little atmosphere… just people probably sat there having played the same teams for years, with the same chants, hoping one day to have a stint in the Prem. 


The Prem is sanitised but at least appears glamorous, with top players… the Championship is sanitised and doesn’t seem to ever get more interesting. 


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