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  1. HighworthOwl

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Derby Middlesbrough Reading I f**king love car parks!!!
  2. HighworthOwl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Great video love those kind of goal clips. Weirdly it drives me nuts when I see someone recording on there phones at a match.
  3. We could have potentially been a league one team without his goals last season. Excellent squad player, great attitude and has loads more ability than he is given credit for by some.
  4. HighworthOwl

    Premier league 2

    Interestingly the Dutch "giants" Ajax, PSV and Feyonoord have agreed to give there European money away to be spread across the other teams in there division to improve the standard of the league and reduce the financial burden on the smaller clubs. Big clubs trying to benefit the sport within there country rather than stockpile wealth and killing competition. No chance of that happening here. The smaller premier clubs do not want to risk falling off the gravy train and if they do they want a massive advantage financially to get back.
  5. To be fair the intricate build up play, tika-taki Barcelona-esq way Pulis likes to set his teams up takes serious preparation...
  6. HighworthOwl

    Premier League here we come

    There is nothing to separate the vast majority of teams in this league. For me i still think WBA will take one of the top 2 positions and from there it is anyone's guess. Wednesday going up after Leeds winning the league in September and United sealing the title in October would be hilarious! Long way to go but we have started better than I expected so pleasantly surprised.
  7. HighworthOwl

    Credit where its due

    Its funny at 2-1 yesterday City broke from defence and the first thing Joao did was bring the man down. Exactly what was needed.
  8. HighworthOwl

    Impressing Jos

    I thought he went a bit negative today but I suppose we couldn't see the tactic play out as Fletcher was injured so early. Still he recognised we were struggling to retain pressure bought on FF and the game changed.
  9. HighworthOwl

    A Bristol City view....

    First half we went too defensive and Bristol edged it. Second half we were very good... At no point did I complain to my misses that Joao "is not interested and needs hauling off" First visit to Ashton Gate and was pretty impressed by it. Chatting to fans on the way out they seemed a decent lot. F**king nightmare driving out of the city though!
  10. HighworthOwl


    Loved him giving it large when the whistle blew for full time. Excellent performance along with the lad from Onumah. Excellent transfer activity from Jos. Both young, quality and clearly want to give there all for the club.
  11. HighworthOwl

    That Referee

    He looked at the lad on the ground and played on until be broke away then blew up. Talking to a City fan on the way to the car he said he was p**sed off he awarded the penalty as it meant he had to stay until the end!
  12. HighworthOwl

    I'm still feeling positive

    Got a point on Friday from a game we were second best in by some way and a point tonight in one we dominated. Its football. It happens! We go again Sunday and if we play like that we have a great chance of winning.
  13. HighworthOwl

    Another good game

    Would have taken a point before a ball was kicked but gutted now. Boys deserved more and plenty of positives. Onto another game against a decent side on Sunday.
  14. HighworthOwl

    Feels Like A Kick In The Teeth.

    Loads of positives but feels like a defeat. Joey was a bit naive and should have taken one for the team. the substitutions felt very "job done" which in hindsight was a big mistake. The lads deserved more for the effort they put in
  15. Got a point we didn't deserve and really struggled to retain possession... BUT we did get the point against the league leaders, scored a great goal and FF is back. Have a good weekend folks! God I hate Friday night games. No football on Saturday is like having a living room without a TV. Nothing to structure everything around!