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  1. There are some seriously weird adverts if you scroll down on that page!
  2. I think you are misunderstanding what took place there. The thick f**kers can’t spell Sheffield (remember the calendar). Poor fella didn’t want to make a t*t of himself again so only wrote Wednesday with his crayon.
  3. Man of the match Reach. Rhodes did well in the first half chasing things down forcing errors to give us possession in there half. Thankless task for a striker and he did it well.
  4. Completely agree that first half was the best I have seen from us in a long time. We competed well with an excellent team at this level. Really pleased.
  5. Fallen further behind those above us but definitely an improvement. Excellent first half and Pulis is getting them organised. Its a decent start!
  6. Excellent half. Really pleased. Dodgy minute at the end but other than that excellent team performance.
  7. Her reaction to a league defeat at Accrington next year will be priceless!
  8. Last Swansea away game (with fans) as we drove down in the hammering rain my dad kept asking “why are we doing this” first Wednesday fan we saw at the ground said to us “why are we doing this”. After watching two poor teams play out a s**t game which we lost (I think 2-1) I spent the drive home asking “why did we do this?”. And to think I miss going to games!!!
  9. Barnsley home game? I was sat right at the back of the North stand past the halfway line and you could clearly see me and my brother. Got him in trouble he was so impressed he showed his misses and then realised he told her he was at work that day!
  10. He better call us a “massive” club or I will explode!
  11. He was with Palace before WBA it got messy too he took a bonus and then walked out on the club. Palace successfully took him to court over it.
  12. Warnock or Pulis is like choosing which b***ock you would like to be kicked in!
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