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  1. How dare you?! We are a very positive bunch round here! Just to add it was my birthday yesterday!
  2. Was watching his “premier league legends” program on Sky this morning. Some great goals for us!
  3. Mentioned by someone in another thread, Fox to Coventry and FF to Forest.
  4. “What’s all this business about a points deduction?” Said with a massive smile on there face. My misses family are Swindon (they also support Man United... basically whoever is winning) I had it last season “must be hurting seeing your rivals doing so well!” “What like Oxford, Bristol City, Rovers and Reading all being higher than you?” “We support Man United” “Oh like Liverpool and City being the best teams in the country”
  5. I’m just waiting to unleash my “Jos Luhukay 5 years on” message!
  6. and people moan about our badge change!
  7. The EFL and the board that gave the punishment should have made it clear from the very start that any punishment will be applied next season. Instead in keeping it quiet they have opened a massive can of worms. We broke the rules we have been punished that’s how it goes but in not making the process clear other clubs can rightly feel aggrieved.
  8. Talking to a mate who’s an Arsenal fan and he was saying he would have preferred top 4 over the cup. Seems madness to me. From a “business sense” it makes sense for the club but as a fan surely you want to win things rather than finish 4th in the league. Should be only champions of all European leagues in a straight knockout which is unseeded. while we are at it the Euros should be reduced again as that was a joke having so many teams and third placed group finishers getting through.
  9. 100% agree! Look at last years final at the time Liverpool hadn’t won the league in 30 years and when was Spurs last title? 1960s?
  10. “The Wednesday experience featuring Chansiri”
  11. I like both! I’m too old to be the target market but my younger brother (16 years old) loves them so I assume that’s a good sign. Although as a 35 year old I think everything he wears / listens too is s**t!
  12. Bristol City at home in that crazy game. the finish against Leeds to kill the game off. Brighton in the playoffs! Class player! Been an absolute joy to watch.
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