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  1. It was the inevitability of the whole thing. You knew it was coming even at 2-0 you knew one goal and they would crumble. I don’t believe any of us can stop caring. You can be a bit numb to it but all Wednesday fans care (I think). We will all watch or keep and eye on the score when they put in there next pathetic display in midweek.
  2. Completely agree. We have been poor for a long time but throwing away a 2-0 lead in the manner we have today is a gut punch for us.
  3. We need a manager! An actual manager who can effect the game and make positive changes.
  4. Completely agree Immobile and Insigne both still star players at clubs challenging at the top of the league. I think Pelle at the time was scoring a lot in the premier league. FF was an excellent player for us at that time but not at the same level as the players Italy had to call on.
  5. Roland Nilsson. 116 caps for Sweden during a period when they genuinely challenged for European and World Cup wins. I know it’s the complete opposite of what this thread is designed for but I think we should have a policy of mentioning Roland Nilsson in as many threads as possible.
  6. One should be bombed out and the other moved up front according to some on here!
  7. Was excellent against Stoke. Does his job defensively and one of few consistent performers for us. This thread is ridiculous we have loads of issues at the club but Tom Lees certainly Isn’t one of them!
  8. We don’t do honeymoon periods. We do telling your new wife you f**ked her sister just after we walked down the aisle.
  9. That’s the frustrating thing I think your right. Others around us are fighting and having a go. In our last few games we don’t appear to have any real threat.
  10. Didn’t the Preston defender who went to Liverpool already have a pre-contract in place with Celtic? I know on LMA2007 once it was agreed it was binding... hope that helps.
  11. Some big absentees from the list Stoichkov, Romario, Hagi. Could even have Taffarel for the goalkeeper. Our Wednesday 90s 5 a side team would be pretty tidy too.
  12. Well played! How did I miss that one. I still love the picture of Pearson explaining tactics to him with Pressman looking miserable.
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