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  1. FourFourTwo did a vote of the best football badge of all time and our badge (above) came out on top. Subtle and stylish!
  2. HighworthOwl

    Vic Buckingham

    Wondering what memorys some of the older members of the forum have of Vic Buckingham and his Wednesday side. Was surprised to read that he was the architect of "total football" I always thought it was Renus Michels philosophy. Did his Wednesday side play good football? Seems like he had had a great career in management abroad at Barcelona and Ajax.
  3. HighworthOwl

    "Steve Bruce's Sheffield Wednesday"

    "Steve Bruces Sheffield Wednesday win promotion to the premier league" Wouldn't care if anyone said that. "Steve Bruces Sheffield Wednesday 5 The p**s soaked bus drivers Sheffield United 0" would also be nice!
  4. HighworthOwl

    What the f**k is happening here

    My brother was Tottenham and then became a Leeds fan when they were in the champions league. We don't talk anymore... I assume he has changed back.
  5. HighworthOwl

    Season defining month??

    Finding a safe space as im feeling threatened! #metoo
  6. HighworthOwl

    Season defining month??

    I have spent most of this season looking at the bottom 3 and wondering if we are safe. I may... MAY have looked at the number of points Bristol City have in 6th place on Saturday night... I never learn!!! Do i think we have a chance of playoffs? No i think there are too many teams between us and 6th to realistically have a chance but i'm just happy to be looking at the teams above us rather than below. "Beauty of football is things can turn very quickly" this is very true!
  7. HighworthOwl

    Season defining month??

    Brentford have started to pick up results. The win at the weekend was very impressive against an inform Blackburn and going 2-0 down so early. Millwall are also on a decent run of form despite drawing a blank at home to Rotherham. Reading have bought in some decent loan signings in January and look a bit more defensively sound in recent weeks (beating Forest drawing with Villa). Its Rotherhams cup final so we will need to be up for it. This is a tough run of fixtures but 2 wins is a great start and i'm certainly more confident with Bruce in the dugout. This run of games could have dragged us right into the s**t.
  8. Leon Clarke to Wigan onloan apparently undergoing a medical
  9. HighworthOwl

    Apart From Blinker.......

    Somebody should have told Marco Matias that it was a fancy dress night out!
  10. Brentford know how to make a bob or two don't they. Really had villas pants down on that deal!
  11. HighworthOwl

    Wednesday fans at Chelsea

    Your 100% right. I was expecting a bit of an edge but it was all selfies and half and half scarfs. City used to be the anti-club to Man United and now they are just united in sky blue shirts.
  12. HighworthOwl

    Wednesday fans at Chelsea

    Sat in the home end with a Chelsea supporting mate. The away end was pure class never stopped singing! The Chelsea fans around me were shocking. All decked out in half and half scarfs and didn't open there mouths once. Even when i gave myself away when Hutch put in his first tackle no body said a word. Funniest moment was the amount of stick the ref took from the "home end" when he trudged off at half time by fellow undercover owls!
  13. HighworthOwl

    Jordan Thornily

    The lad must be buzzing he played very well and held his own against an Argentinian international striker.
  14. Im getting slightly worried about Sunday now reading all these! Luckily Chelsea are known as being a friendly, welcoming bunch. If we score at the weekend and I never post again you know why...
  15. HighworthOwl

    FFP: Break or Be Broken

    Birmingham we will be interesting. If they get off lightly more teams will have a punt. More likely they will get clobbered to scare others from following the same path.