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  1. Wow doesn't time fly when your having fun... ...2-0 Wednesday tonight with some of the kids playing (and playing well like Saturday) I know its s**t being skint again but i'm enjoying seeing players we produce get game time.
  2. We will finish: 10th Who wins the league?: Boro Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Ipswich and QPR Top goal scorer: Forestieri with 20 goals. Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out players?: Thornily and Joao Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: Abdi plays back to back games...
  3. HighworthOwl


    From the angle he would have seen it he would not have got a decent view. From up high on the North it looked like the correct decision. I remember thinking how crazy Southampton were for replacing Adkins with Pochetinho. Whoever made that call was bang on. Adkins comes across as a nice guy... a little too nice... whats he hiding?!
  4. HighworthOwl

    Just got back

    Just got back too. Thought we were ok created the chances to win the game. Fletcher (who I thought had a decent game) had 3 clear chances to win it. The two youngsters were excellent as was Forestieri. Reach did well and Bannan grew into the game. Hutchinson solid. Lees defensively solid but worrying on the ball. Not sure on Joey think he is too lightweight in the tackle and awkward on the ball. Good to see Matias back. Where was Joao?
  5. HighworthOwl

    Morgan Fox

    That pass... I couldn't stop laughing. Never want to see a player injured. Thornley was excellent when he came on. Surely the way forward.
  6. HighworthOwl

    This week's #SWFC Matchday Programme

    This has taken an unexpected and brilliant twist!
  7. HighworthOwl

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    Bought my ticket at the weekend looking forward to it. £100 for myself, misses and little brother stung a bit but f**k it the sun will be shining we are back in stripes. 27,000 is my guess
  8. HighworthOwl

    Had some bad news last night

    That's sad news. How many seasons were you together?
  9. HighworthOwl


    Darryl Lachmann - Bizarre sighning Lewis McCugan - Thought it was a good decision at the time. Modou Sogou - Injury at QPR ended that one. Rhoys Wiggins - Strange!!! Jack Hunt - Decent solid signing and we got a fee in return. Lewis Price - 3rd/4th choice stopper Alex Lopez (loan) - Came good if only he had started the final. Vincent Sasso (loan) - Solid backup Daniel Pudil - Decent signing Joe Bennett (loan) - Shame we couldn't get on a permanent Fernando Forestieri - Excellent Gary Hooper - Excellent when fit Ross Wallace - Excellent Michael Turner (loan) - completely forgot he played for us Aiden McGeady (loan) - Thought it was positive when signed didn't do a lot Lucas Joao - Decent signing and think he will be important this season Marco Matias - Sounded like a great deal sadly made of biscuits. Barry Bannan - Excellent signing Steve Fletcher - Decent signing needs to stay fit Almen Abdi - See Matias Jake Kean - See Lewis Price Morgan Fox - Underwhelmed Urby Emannuelson - Not a clue what that was about Adam Reach - Excellent signing and good age. Dave Jones - See morgan fox Sam Winnall - we will see when he returns. Jordan Rhodes - Most wanted it (me included) but bad move and costly. Will Buckley (loan) - See Aiden McGeady Callum McManaman (loan) - See Aiden McGeady Jacob Butterfield (loan) - Cold shiver just ran down my spine. George Boyd - Needs to come good as it stands waste of money. Frederico Venancio (loan) - Liked him. Shame we couldn't get him back. Joost Van Aken - Looked promising now not so sure. Joey Pelupessy - See Van Aken. Looking at that list so bizarre how many players Carlos signed who he didn't seem to want. The first season was good we had some lemons but that is always going to happen. Difficult to blame the club for Abdi, Matias and McGugan as i think we all believed they were decent buys when they arrived. Our loans have been very poor with little impact particularly the wide players which maybe suggests system rather than personnel was the problem.
  10. I think JL comments say more about modern management than his people skills. He is a head coach not a manager. Its not a Big Ron everything goes through me sort of role. His comments sound like he is told KW is not for selection (as we need the dosh) so he works with what he has. I don't see it as him ignoring Westwood as he is no longer first choice. JL and KW will both know the situation the club is in and both will be working towards the future which sadly looks like a Wednesday team without Westwood. We are weaker without him in the short term.
  11. HighworthOwl

    If we are Radio outraged

    "stroking himself frothy" that is class!
  12. Hahaha, your not wrong! And now i have been enlightened... Thank you Owlstalk!
  13. HighworthOwl

    Hate To Mention This But...........

    I'm confident... not entirely sure why! 2-0 Wednesday routine win with a couple of early goals.
  14. It was a question rather than making a statement. I was asking if we are tied into the premier league deal or if we can negotiate our own broadcast deal. If we can should we be marketing ourselves to other broadcasters. Do we stick with Sky for security (ITV digital and Setanta failures)? Your point about Quest is a good one. Without knowing what they paid it does seem like broadcasters are hardly battling to get the rights for highlights.
  15. I keep saying at some point the bubble will burst but it just keeps rolling on. Lets be honest i only have a problem with it because we are not on the gravy train. When Bournemouth are richer than AC Milan and Ajax you know they have done a great job marketing the premier league!