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  1. They have neglected the career mode in recent years I think. I suppose they make so much more with the online stuff they focus attention on that side of the game. Apparently EA own a lot of the club licences anyway so there will not be a lot of change. Noticed in recent years a few Italian sides have dropped off like Roma and Juventus.
  2. EA sports are losing the licence for FIFA games and will make games under the name EA FC with FIFA saying they have a new developer to create a FIFA game which is rumoured to be 2K. EA FIFA games have gone a bit stale. Never played a 2K game I think they do American sports unlicensed with EA also covering the same sports with the licencing. No idea which is better for those sports. EA claim FIFA wanted crazy money to continue. Cant believe FIFA would be driven by money...
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61342349 Just read the comment section on this article yesterday. Would be massive support for it.
  4. Must be a barrister in his day job and forgot to take off the wig.
  5. I know Niall Quinn was decent but no way does he deserve to be in the hall of fame
  6. Mate who is a gooner highly rates him. Said he was a bit dodgy to begin with but grown in confidence and thinks he has been a great signing. Nick Pope is Englands best keeper for me. Having said that Pickford was excellent at the Euros.
  7. Watford is a good call. Played for them, Roy is not likely to carry on for another season. Will be one of the favourites to get back up. I suppose the clubs hire and fire mentality may be a stumbling block as he will want time to build. Everton would be crazy not to have a word if they go down. so in summary no chance he will come here!
  8. “Wow that Hillsborough atmosphere is incredible! Is it like that every week?” “Yes mate just sign the contract”
  9. Can’t believe I pay the bakery team £40k a week!
  10. I work in Swindon and they despise him. Not sure why, don't really care he is a Wednesday legend and that's all that matters I know what you mean though he does seem to bounce around the same clubs. Must have been Oldham boss multiple times.
  11. Anyone remember the really weird Coventry goal music in the 90s?
  12. Got to be Hutch. The hair, the physique and the thinking you can tame that wild rebellious streak but knowing you can’t…. …. haven’t really thought about it.
  13. I'm sure all our rivals will have conceded sloppy goals and late equalisers through the season similar to us. We just have to look forward to the next game. Beat Wycombe and we have a chance of top 2. In reality it will probably be playoffs which given the state of the club at the end of last season is an excellent achievement.
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