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  1. I take the Joao approach to living with my misses. I don't tend to do a lot for the majority of the time but every now and then I make a gesture or do something that makes her think "he's not all bad I think I will stick around".
  2. My eldest brother is called Steve and he is also a c**t. How could i have been so blind?! Sorry guys i should have warned you.
  3. £8m and we will throw in one of Bruces assistant managers as well. In a sickening twist its like that scene from the tunnel it will be the top half of one of them and the bottom half of the other... Chansiri is sending a message!
  4. Bruces quotes at the weekend suggested that he was going to Newcastle. He tried to force our hand by resigning but Chansiri stood his ground (as he should). Sheffield Wednesday are not at fault here this says more about Newcastle's owner than ours.
  5. And what happens when they lose that loving feeling and p**s off to Newcastle?! What will we do then?
  6. Just had a look at Dan Petrescu's current status and he seems to have had a bit of a journeyman career of late. Managerial career started strongly but he seems to have gone a bit wayward. He was linked to us before Carlos came to the club. Chansiri's appointments have been so varied its very difficult to judge the next boss. Could be experienced in English football like Bruce or could be an oddball like Jos / Carlos. Personally cant see it being an up and comer from the English league system.
  7. The one good thing about drama at Wednesday is the funny stuff people create when it happens. The film mega-thread is always priceless when something major happens at the club.
  8. In his defence he... ... No i have got nothing he is a prize p**ck and i hope Chansiri squeezes every last penny from Ashley. Seriously scummy move from Bruce!
  9. Its funny how many story's on the subject make no reference to us at all. Bizarre considering he is employed by our club and Newcastle will need to pay us to break his contract. It shouldn't bother me but it does.
  10. Morgan Fox will do the opposite in 5 years time he will be the next "Van Basten"
  11. Don't get the Chansiri abuse. The guy bent over backwards to get him in on his terms. By Bruce's own account Chansiri was honest with him about the financial situation. He has retained the players Bruce wanted and signed others. He has also bought in Bruces backroom staff. If Newcastle hadn't come knocking then Bruce would have been our manager this season. For me Chansiri takes zero blame for Bruce jumping ship.
  12. Real shame all this Bruce s**t has gone off as it would have been a positive week. Accounts in, new signings confirmed and Westwoods new deal.
  13. Normally makes general sale but first game of the season will likely increase demand.
  14. I dont have an issue with Bruce wanting to talk to Newcastle. If i was approached by another company offering me more money i would want to hear them out. What i will find unsavoury is if he leaves then places any of the blame for the decision on Sheffield Wednesday e.g broken promises from the chairman.
  15. Great idea if we can tempt Newcastle to take Megson then we can put all this behind us and carry on with our season preparations.
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