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  1. Please feel free to discuss any other items you plan to smuggle into the ground...
  2. Have you been hired as a "chutney mule"?
  3. Thought I had stumbled upon a Fulham forum for a second!
  4. He can circle back and brainstorm an effective response to your enquiry.
  5. Its the perfect away result. Early goal for a party atmosphere, get a bit worried to give the home end false hope then the late killer away end goes mad home fans leave while we go nuts. Perfect... well effect would be 5-0 but Wednesday don't do easy afternoons.
  6. 2-0 to the massive. Early goal squeaky bums before a late second. UTO
  7. To sweeten the deal Wednesday beat Arsenal in extra time for the cup win!
  8. Wednesday win! Would you rather England win the football world cup or Wednesday win the league / FA cup double?
  9. I would imagine the majority of fans thought Abdi was an excellent buy. I certainly did.
  10. I just cant bring myself to spend that kind of money on football. Don't live local so a very costly day out. Normally attend 10 to 15 home games a season and a couple of local-ish (to me) away games (usually Reading, Bristol City and Swansea) but this year i wont get anywhere near 10 games. Its a shame i really miss it but i refuse to pay that sort of money for a game. Even with the membership discount its a joke.
  11. Work with a few Swindon fans they are really impressed with Isgrove. Hearing Helans name always makes me think of a classic Owlstalk comment (sorry i dont remember who said it)... "Helan has retired for religious reasons. Good luck finding Allah when you couldn't find Bannan with a 5 yard pass"
  12. That's the best thing about Leeds. They make themselves so easy to dislike!
  13. I get what your saying but it might also be good for him. He has serious competition for his place. Hopefully he fights for it and improves.
  14. My Leeds supporting mate at the weekend was telling me how they would win the league and its only a question of by how many points! Probably doesn't count as: a) hes a Leeds fan b) Hes a bit of a b***end
  15. Potentially played a blinder with Bruce. He came in sorted out a lot of the issues behind the scenes. "Sold him" to Newcastle and bring in Monk to carry on the good work. Well played Chansiri was clearly his plan all along...
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