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  1. Good to see some investment. Always amazes me how poor the training ground looks.
  2. Damn legacy fans ruining the soccerball world finals for American viewers!
  3. Yes players who can change games like Kachunga my exact words “I am as big a threat as Kachunga. I can get caught offside and fall over too” Im amazed how bad he has been for us.
  4. My big worry with the current management team is they haven’t once (as far as I can remember) changed a game with substitutions. Our dire squad may explain that. Today we got into multiple good positions without threatening to score. The free kick at the end summed us up. Zero threat going forward. A forest team with little interest still should have won it comfortably.
  5. Pellupessy and Bannan did well. Harris and Reach my god how poor are they when it matters. I really don’t like this squad of players.
  6. Genuinely hate watching us. Like a car crash in slow motion.
  7. Let’s get to Derby still with a chance first
  8. “The premier league is nothing without those 6 clubs” is a comment from lots of there fans but that isn’t true. For the money men, sky sports, BT sports and the foreign TV markets yes it’s nothing but for the domestic fan it makes no difference. If anything it will breath life into the football pyramid. Once again people confusing the average fan with the men creaming it off and taking money out of the game.
  9. Chansiri gets Monks share too as it was clear he was not the man to rebuild after the implosion the season before. so 1% Chansiri 99% Pellupessy. Only joking Joey x
  10. Players like Puskas and Cruyff were not only great players they also played in teams and created styles of play that changed the sport!
  11. Forest Green Rovers! Went to watch Mansfield in non league there (mate is a Mansfield fan) it’s a nice little stadium and no issue with the view but the farmer in the field next to the stadium spent the whole afternoon burning tyres and the smoke drifted into the away end. Funny thing was got chatting to the guy next to me and he was a wednesday fan too watching Mansfield with a friend.
  12. They put up a stat saying our conversion rate was 4% over the season and 80% against Cardiff. Even in the QPR game we wasted plenty of chances / decent positions. Poor finishing plus a defence that looked like they had never met had the usual outcome. To be fair in the Cardiff game they had chances too but for once our luck held.
  13. Do your duty as loyal customers and get spending!
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