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  1. HighworthOwl

    New fixtures release date revealed

    Funny one fixture release day. We know we have to play everyone home and away and it doesn't make a great deal of difference who we play and when (obviously home Boxing Day, first and last games would be nice) but you still can't help rushing to see the full list.
  2. HighworthOwl

    Idea To Boost #SWFC Attendances

    At Reading it's £20 a ticket but if you bring a kid it costs £19 to get the pair of you in! Would be a great deal if it wasn't at Reading. Still not a bad idea as like you say it gets the next generation interested.
  3. I had to look Joey Deacon up on google when my boss used to keep calling everyone a "joey" every time we messed up at work. It wasn't a very PC workshop...
  4. You have surely heard this gripe before? Im not offering a completely new theory. Im also not saying a player is sat on the bench with his feet up smoking a fag and thinks "3 games to go better put in a shift as I want a new Bentley" but they likely put in a bit extra to try to get noticed and gain a new deal. Im sure in most professions if someone was under threat of redundancy they would give a little more in a hope it saves there job. And just to reiterate I don't think any of this applies to Nuhiu he has consistently put the effort in and now he is getting the rewards (which was my original point).
  5. Fans of most clubs complain about it. Players putting in a shift to either attract a move or get offered a new deal. Players like Lewis McGugan have built a career from impressing in short spells to earn a contract and then reverting to type and doing nothing for the duration.
  6. I get what your saying and we all know it's common in football to play for a contract and then sink back into old form but i really don't think that is the case with Nuhiu. He always tried even when he wasn't finding the net. I think a new manager, style of play and a run of first team football has got him firing.
  7. Good news! His loyalty to the club needs to be remembered if there is a future dip in form / goals. I know he is paid to be here but he clearly loves the club and im in no doubt that he could have cashed in his form to earn a bit more dosh elsewhere. Really pleased for him!
  8. You are 100% right they have lots of sell-able assets (particularly Stoke) but i think all 3 have question marks over ownership and will that money be reinvested. I say this as someone who thought Sunderland had bought well in the summer and drafted in a good manager (Grayson). I suppose we are all guessing but i think Swansea have a new ownership consortium of non-football people who i can see taking money out of the club rather than reinvesting. They have a net spend of less than £2m season on season in the premier league.
  9. HighworthOwl

    Best Wednesday 6 a-side team

    You have found a nice little loop hole with the rolling subs. Are you the sort of person who says if he got 3 wishes he would ask for more wishes? :)
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/gaffer-need-s-carlton-palmer-12435704 He has his best 5 a-side team as Des Walker, Chris Waddle, John Sheridan, David Hirst and himself. Im asuming its 6 aside with Pressman in goal. Decent team! What would be your best 6 aside team for our current squad assuming there all fit (i know, i know that would never happen). Westwood, Lees, Bannan, Lee, Forestieri and Reach would be my 6. Sorry if this topic has been done elsewhere...
  11. I have faith in Jos and I'm looking forward to seeing what we look like after a decent pre-season. The summer will be interesting I'm expecting a fair bit of freshening up of the squad and I'm interested to see what direction we go in.
  12. HighworthOwl

    Goal of the Season Competition

    I loved that Kieran Lee goal. No stopping that. Great performance aswell. My Leeds supporting mate was adamant we would get hammered that day. They we're in good form then and I think he honestly believed they were as good as up.
  13. HighworthOwl


    Tough one (despite the disappointing season). Wildsmith - really stepped up this season and kept us in games. Made a couple of errors but that's all part of the learning curve. Reach - Stepped up and became the key member of the squad for large parts of the season. Nuhiu - Excellent really pleased for him. Added goals to his good performances. I'm voting for the big man I think he deserves it and I'm sure over time Reach and Wildsmith will developer and pick up awards going forward. Nuhiu genuine candidate for player of the year... WOW!
  14. HighworthOwl


    One game less wearing that hideous kit!