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  1. I really hope Barcelonas change of manager hasn't effected any potential targets we may have had.
  2. I think football is still as popular as ever in this country its just that people "consume" it in a different way. I have mates who are football obsessed. They are always reading up on it they know stats and information on every aspect of the club they "support" but they would not dream of going to the stadium and actually watch them play. They all tend to support the usual suspects (Liverpool, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs) weirdly one of my mates went to City relatively regularly before the money turned up but despite still supporting them has never been since they transformed into what they are now. I think with these money clubs because of the coverage they get and the accessibility of information on them you can still feel you are part of it without actually being part of it in the traditional sense.
  3. Whats happened to Bates? Is he injured or just not fancied for the first team?
  4. Merry Christmas fellow Owlstalkers! Thats Owls-talkers not Owl-stalkers.
  5. Don't mind Bristol City. Driving from Wiltshire to Hillsborough i often bump into Rovers and City fans at services and they seem a decent bunch. Rovers in particular have a great self deprecating sense of humour. The only team in this region which has a real chip on there shoulder is Swindon Town.
  6. On paper they have some decent players for the championship. Bizarre move from Michael O'Neill to go there. Probably go the same way as Coleman at Sunderland. Hope there right and we do roll them over comfortably. Its Wednesday so i can never be 100% confident.
  7. Thought the same for Sunday. Chance to go third no way will we take it. thought it would be 1-0 Bristol with a dodgy late penalty... It's Wednesday usually the downpour happens just when you see the sun break through the clouds.
  8. Only game i have ever left before the final whistle. Well i left my seat before the final whistle but as every other person on the north had the same idea i was probably still in the ground when the whistle went.
  9. If 80s and early 90s sports films have taught me anything it's that we are about to go on an amazing run of good fortune. As as we speak Monk is teaching them the "Flying V" and Big Dave is chasing chickens before running up some steps.
  10. 2 good seasons in 10 years. But an improvement on 2000-2010 every cloud!
  11. might not be a bad thing when you look at our recent spending.
  12. Financial irregularity's they got promoted to the premier league via the playoffs (beat Sunderland) but the football league demoted them to division 2 (league 1) they appealed and where reinstated in division 1 (championship)... I think that's how it happened.
  13. Please feel free to discuss any other items you plan to smuggle into the ground...
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