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  1. I think managing lots of clubs is just the way with football management these days. Its not like the 70s / 80s where a manager would be in charge for a decade or more. Some clubs like Watford / Brentford seem to have a system in place where they can continually change manager without it effecting there style or position.
  2. I might be being a bit naive but after the Newcastle / Bruce incident i would imagine Chansiri would go through the correct channels.
  3. I would be free! I hate what football has become but i cant step away because of Wednesday... ...who am i kidding i would follow whatever we become.
  4. We need to keep but can't blame him for wanting a fresh start
  5. Paul Ince also captained the national side during Sol Campbell's time for England.
  6. With Wednesdays game cancelled it means the highest ranked team is not in the draw. Makes a mockery of the whole competition!
  7. Great move! The club seems to be getting its act together. Getting game time at a senior level can only be good for our youngsters and eventually the club.
  8. He did OK at Blackburn if i remember rightly. Scored goals in a struggling team. Just checked and he only scored 3 (according to Wikipedia) I will crawl back out of this conversation.
  9. With Reading also recently under a transfer embargo surely they are not in a position to throw cash around. They have also just signed Lucas Boye (striker) on a season long loan from Torino.
  10. Pepe the horseman is full of s**t isn't he! Your Reading mate not Barcelona.
  11. Its funny people question Rowetts success at Derby but Lampard is deemed to have been succesful yet both finished 6th during there only full seasons. Yes Lampard made the playoff final and Rowett didn't but we all know they are a lottery. He was s**t at Stoke so i wont argue his case on that one.
  12. Really pleased Zola has drifted in the odds. I really thought for a while he would be coming here. Likeable bloke and one hell of a player but never a manger... ... He will take over at someone like Bristol Rovers and have them in the premier league before us now i have said that!
  13. I take the Joao approach to living with my misses. I don't tend to do a lot for the majority of the time but every now and then I make a gesture or do something that makes her think "he's not all bad I think I will stick around".
  14. My eldest brother is called Steve and he is also a c**t. How could i have been so blind?! Sorry guys i should have warned you.
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