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  1. If we do manage to get him to resign a deal then we need to get Wildsmith and / or Dawson out on season long loans to lower championship / league one clubs. If they are ever going to be in a position to replace Westwood they will need to develop and the best way to do that is playing first team football.
  2. It's football, it happens. Good luck to Norwich. A club I have always had a lot of respect for. Hope they go up and stay up. Hopefully we can follow sooner rather than later.
  3. I think Steven Maclean signed a similar deal... ...sorry
  4. So many of these players (Matias included) the question is can they stay consistently fit and i suppose history says they cant so we should probably move them on. Just have a feeling (based on god knows what) that Matias would come good in the right system. Having said that he has played under 3 managers and not really nailed down a regular place.
  5. So far in the only one to want Matias resigned. I think under Bruce he could be a very good asset. Abdi, Boyd and Jones for me are no brainers. Will be a shame to see Pudil go as he has been an excellent signing but it's the right decision. I just can't bring myself to want Lee to leave I know it's the clever thing to do but still have this ridiculous hope that he will come back and play for us again. And credit to Palmer not long ago I would have been glad to see him go but he has developed into a solid player and one I would like us to sign.
  6. Why do we have to start singling players out when we lose? The better team won. Personally think the tactic of containment and counter was wrong. All pressure on Leeds we should have gone at them from the off.
  7. I was convinced before Christmas we would go down so I'm positive. Always going to be tough like others have said the damage was done during Luhukay era. Fletchers form put us in touching distance so I won't be too critical of him
  8. I like Villa as a club but they have gone about the championship in the wrong way. Came down all Billy big b***ocks and really need to go up this season or they will have a long time playing in divisions they feel are beneath them.
  9. Pyongyang Wednesday it is then! Half time "entertainment" might be a bit brutal.
  10. Hooper back, Lee on his way back... If Wilders next s**t is a pineapple we know that a Wednesday fan has found a magic lamp and he is out of wishes!
  11. April 1st is screaming out for an "Abdi commits his long term future to Sheffield Wednesday by signing a 3 year deal" message from the club. That would get a few people fired up!
  12. You can look at that the other way, these days you can claim a man said something and drag him through court, tarnish his reputation and all with zero evidence.
  13. That's a fair point, i know when LR lose the fans don't seem too bothered (me included) but when Wednesday lose its a different matter. My girlfriend who isn't a big sports fan loves coming to Hillsborough but rugby is a difficult "sell" as the atmosphere is non-existent. Even when Hillsborough is flat its never as bad as the rugby.
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