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  1. HighworthOwl

    Jaap Stam

    You think the sideways passing is bad now it would be worse under Stam! That season he did so well was a freak season with many of the regular challengers under performing which makes it even more depressing that we didn't take our chance.
  2. HighworthOwl

    Who Is to Blame?

    Jos / Players - team performance Chansiri - Financial crisis
  3. HighworthOwl

    Westwood starts u23

    Tidler Crawford... depressingly apt!
  4. HighworthOwl

    Really Bruce ???

    Didn't Burnley and Boro go up automatically that season? We played Brighton in the playoffs. Brighton and Newcastle went up the season after.
  5. HighworthOwl

    Really Bruce ???

    Couldn't agree more he had a great squad for this level. I would argue that with the team he had they should have been nailed on for automatic promotion and instead they finished 4th!
  6. HighworthOwl

    This sums us up at the min...

    Bullen is either partially responsible for tactical failings at the club currently or he has zero input or effect on the team and therefore shouldn't be there at all. If a new man is bought in we need a complete clearout. I genuinly dont see the chairman sacking Jos though. The whole club seems to have lost interest.
  7. HighworthOwl

    When Jos is gone

    If and weirdly it remains a big if Jos goes it will be interesting to see what happens to the likes of Hutchinson and Westwood. I still think (with no insider knowledge) that the dropping of these players comes from higher up than the manager.
  8. HighworthOwl

    Our fan base at the moment

    Don't get the reference to the fanbase but love your work!
  9. HighworthOwl


    That is an incredible stat and goes a long way to explaining why we are so far up s**t creek financially.
  10. HighworthOwl

    Blackburn Presser

    The club get slated for signings like Boyd, Abdi and Jones but i remember thinking at the time that it was a smart move bringing them in. All consistently played at a higher level the season before joining and all had proven quality at this level. Jones / Boyd were not the answer last season so not sure they will be this season either! Jones had the odd decent game but was ironically last seasons Joey in that he got flak all season.
  11. HighworthOwl

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    I have said it before the issue is not with the player (as long as he is giving 100%) the issue is with either the manager for picking him (if better options exist) or whoever sanctioned his transfer or failed to spot a weakness in the squad and bring in a better player. If the money that had been spent on strikers had been better distributed to give us a balanced squad, players like Fox wouldn't get a look in. We always seem to need a scapegoat. Not sure if all fan-bases are like that as i obviously only follow Wednesday i assume every club is to a certain extent. Doesn't make it right though!
  12. HighworthOwl

    Swansea Away Bridge Closure

    Thanks for the advice i will follow it this time after c**king up and going through Bristol city centre on the way home from the City away match when you told everyone to head for the M5 and loop around to the M4. Was originally planning on getting the train but the price is ridiculous.
  13. I know it's a long way off yet but just a heads up that the "new" Severn bridge is closed the weekend we are away at Swansea. I think it's only the carriageway on the way into Wales to remove the tolls. So on the plus side we can still get out and back to civilisation just need to find a way in. http://www.monmouthshirebeacon.co.uk/article.cfm?id=114169&headline=Roadworks plans unveiled for removal of toll booths&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018
  14. HighworthOwl

    Matthew Le Tissier

    Only Wednesday could opt for Booth over Shevchenko!
  15. HighworthOwl

    'Arry In The Jungle Helps The Owls?

    Good luck to him trying to bring her down!