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  1. Genuine question but is it the same feeling? Can you get as excited when they score? Do you get the same buzz walking to the ground? I like the idea of going to non-league but it just wouldn’t be the club I support so I would assume not the same feeling. I suppose a big positive is you don’t care as much when they play badly.
  2. Now you have mentioned it, it’s all I can see!
  3. Talking to some mates who are Arsenal fans they are pleased with the Ramsdale signing. They think he improves them as he can help them play out from the back. Im assuming they mean when he picks the ball out of the net and boots it back to the centre circle.
  4. Bless him he wore his piggy shirt with the premier league arm patches on too. Let’s everyone know they are one of the big boys.
  5. I think Gibson’s only interest in our case was because we were a direct rival for relegation. It was all about self preservation. If Derby are as dead and buried as people are predicting I doubt he will care.
  6. Gloucester City are an ambitious club at that level with excellent facilities (I know one of there coaches). Hopefully he will progress and get a loan higher up the league pyramid before the end of the season. Great seeing players go out on loan
  7. Italian football is moving from Premier Sports to BT sports.
  8. 7 with black shorts would have been great. 4 was shocking the material was horrible and design / fit terrible. Still better than 12 though.
  9. My partner gave birth to a baby girl 6 days ago. Think I will purchase the pink one for her… Checks website only available in XXL… F**k!
  10. I always say if it wasn’t for Wednesday I would walk away. Just another reason to be annoyed at Wednesday really. Weirdly I am excited about this season. I was just glad to be rid of last seasons squad.
  11. Alioski to Galatasaray. That’s lit a fire under a few Leeds fans.
  12. Portugese fella at work was asking me questions about him because he was linked to Benfica… seriously!
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