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  1. Stevie May... obviously not a world beater but scored some important goals that helped keep us in the division. Keith Tracey i also thought was a decent player for us but used to get some stick. Both never went on to a higher level so maybe they where right and i was full of s**t.
  2. For what its worth my opinion of Carlos is: Season one was the toughest championship season in a long time (and certainly tougher than any since). We where by far and away the weakest squad of those that made the playoffs. We did it playing great football and caught a lot of sides out. The Hull team that beat us on paper where far better than us. Personally believe the squads Brighton, Derby and Hull had would win the championship now. Hutchinson for Lopez was a big mistake in the final but it was an understandable tactical move. Who knows had we played Lopez we could have lost by many more. The team simply didn't turn up and Westwood kept it respectable (only saw it at Wembley never watched it back so could be wrong). Season two teams gave us more respect and we had to work harder for wins. Golden opportunity to go up via the playoffs. No way could we catch Newcastle and Brighton. Reading and ourselves made the playoffs playing similar football (they finished 3rd). Away draw at Huddersfield was a decent result all teams would take that in the first leg of a playoff. Personally felt we should have gone at them at Hillsborough and it was a massive chance blown. Having said that they equalised with a very fortunate goal. Season three he had lost interest. Constantly fluttering his eyelashes at the league above. Everything went stale. I will say it again though the signings of Abdi and Jones on paper where excellent. Both recent premier league experience and consistent performers at clubs we hoped to emulate. Replacing with Jos was a big mistake but again i got the logic he had a history of success in similar situations in Germany. As someone mentioned earlier if Bruce had replaced Carlos the story would have been different (i think).
  3. I might remember this wrong but in a championship game we where 2-1 down at home to Millwall, miserable day early season and he popped up with 2 late goals from corners for a 3-2 win. The two previous seasons Southampton and Norwich had gone straight from League one to Premier league and that win put us near the top (again may have remembered it wrong) and i was leaving the ground thinking "s**t we could be that team!" We then went on about an 8 game losing streak. Typical Wednesday!
  4. Completely forgot about that one. And Steve Evans was having a dump so came out to see the goal had been disallowed! Priceless!
  5. All the stories from matches in the 70s / 80s sound nuts! Funny how the game has changed sat in the home end at Chelsea the other year for the cup game and i was surrounded by tourists and people with "can i have your shirt" banners. All a bit odd.
  6. Met Ritchie Humphreys and Lee Briscoe at an England under 21s training camp in Swindon. I cycled 9 miles each way to get there (i think i was 11 at the time) my dad went nuts when he found out. Turned up in my Wednesday shirt and both came over for a chat.
  7. Yeah but I say on the KOP all day Saturday and nobody came over to applaud me so f**k em!
  8. It will be interesting to see if the season is to restart how quickly it will kick back in once confirmed. Postponing the Euros gives a buffer but if this drags on as expected it could be a very quick turnaround to get teams playing fixtures again.
  9. Apparently the only premier league London club in training is Spurs. Palace, West Ham, Chelsea and Arsenal all self isolating. I only know this as it was mentioned on the news earlier. No idea what others in our league are doing.
  10. Looking back i agree 100% with what you are saying but i know at the time if we had sold either of them i would have said it was shortsightedness and a mistake. I think if people are being honest a fair few would have felt the same. You are right through we should have cashed in. Im not so confident we would have spent the money well looking at our transfer record around that time. I would also say that Abdi / Jones on paper where very good signings and where widely praised. Sadly both where a disaster.
  11. Poor Joey! This was the first topic he could "enjoy" on owlstalk and you have gone and put that on here.
  12. Sounds right to me! My family always want money, don't keep me informed on whats going on and give me nothing but grief.
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