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  1. Liverpool win, praying Chelsea stuff em though
  2. Sure will mate, had a season ticket before COVID for 16 years. bizarre listening to some fans on here and Facebook the last few days. some would be happy with us having 20k tops all year
  3. Both clubs massively underachieve, us more so than them in the last 2 decades. they have the potential to be the number 1 club in sheff for a long time at the minute but they also have a knack for messing up every opportunity they get to establish themselves. the bigger/better argument is tiresome at best. I don’t know any other city that cares so much about attendances and pointless records. blades and owls arguing who’s bigger and better is like 2 tramps arguing who stinks less of ********
  4. Pretty sure we won a cup in a pre season around 2010?! Captain fantastic Darren purse lifted it. It’s much more prestigious than pizza cup
  5. Remember going to deepdale in 2019 thinking it was just a dead rubber game. Mid table finish and nowt to play for
  6. Don’t think we’ve got it in us to get up there tbh, people played down that Bolton equaliser last week but i reckon that’s going to turn out to be the pivotal game we needed to win
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