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  1. Out. How anyone can defend him at this point is beyond me. The only direction he'll ever take us is down.
  2. The leon knight ones on undr the cosh are definitely worth a watch too, entertaining to say the least.
  3. How was woods ever in contention to play for England?
  4. Best - 3-0 home win v Cardiff to secure play off spot in 2016 Worst - too many to mention but possibly 4-1 loss to Watford and THAT Jay bothroyd miss
  5. Like I said he would be pocketing the gate money and that's all hes bothered about. I'm well aware of the financial situation of the club and the mess we are in. It's not an exaggerated claim at all.
  6. I thought it was pretty obvious that I didn't mean it would cover the £100 million losses that DC has made but okay fella if it makes you feel better.
  7. Another one that hasnt got the point I'm trying to make. I'm talking about the gate receipt from the city game being all hes bothered about.
  8. Never said he was making anything from it. But choosing not to buy a ticket will show him how the fans really feel.
  9. Similar situation to me. 25 years old and seen nothing but crap and I simply refuse to give chansiri any of my hard earned. Complete apathy has set in and I haven't been a ST holder since 2018. The club is on its backside and the one man who can change things hasn't got the slightest clue or a solution to the mess hes put us in. Premium prices for league one football at best
  10. They dont ya right. But turning ya back for a couple of minutes will achieve nothing
  11. Chansiri wont care about that, you've already lined his pockets buying a ticket
  12. With any luck hes packing up and flipping off back to Thailand
  13. Not working for me either, thank furk
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