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  1. Maybe hes trying to get a tune out of the same squad that monk and pulis couldn't get to play and hes completely out of his depth? Hes in the firing line whatever happens and I bet he cant wait to get back to working with the u23s
  2. Hes been completely thrown under the bus by DC. He seems a decent bloke and I feel sorry for him that hes having to cop the blame and manage this mis matched team whilst chansiri shows no intent on bringing in an actual manager.
  3. Wednesdayite or not I wouldn't blame him for leaving. This club will only ruin his career. Be a huge shame though but weve shot ourselves in the foot not sorting his contract out earlier.
  4. You couldn't be more wrong actually. Deep down I've genuinely lost interest in attending any football match. Home or away. Especially whilst DC still owns the club, I'll be finding other things to do on a weekend when the time does come.
  5. Football in general for me doesnt mean the same it once did. Wednesday definitely help that apathy feeling I have towards it. It's all very meh..
  6. Other than a goal v that lot at Hillsborough I cant remember a single decent thing he did for us
  7. The fact they have a huge flag that simply says "we hate wednesday" tells you all you need to know about them. They hate us more than they love United, a truly strange breed.
  8. Out. How anyone can defend him at this point is beyond me. The only direction he'll ever take us is down.
  9. The leon knight ones on undr the cosh are definitely worth a watch too, entertaining to say the least.
  10. How was woods ever in contention to play for England?
  11. Best - 3-0 home win v Cardiff to secure play off spot in 2016 Worst - too many to mention but possibly 4-1 loss to Watford and THAT Jay bothroyd miss
  12. Like I said he would be pocketing the gate money and that's all hes bothered about. I'm well aware of the financial situation of the club and the mess we are in. It's not an exaggerated claim at all.
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