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  1. “Dominating Sheffield football for years to come”
  2. Getting waaaaay ahead of ourselves here let’s take it one game at a time..
  3. Would love to have seen him in the prem, albeit not someone like city though. A Man U type would have been far more exciting
  4. And the same bloke who went on random fans forums trying to get them to hate Wednesday if I remember right
  5. I bet you're one of those chancer apologists on Facebook groups who doesnt see that the very football club is ceasing to exist in front of our very eyes. Open your eyes ffs
  6. Happy birthday to our lord and saviour, the club would be in a much worse place if it wasn't for your football and business wisdom
  7. This is not an airport, you dont have to announce your departure
  8. We'll bring the Yorkshire tea you supply the jellied eels
  9. Ah ffs does this mean we have to pretend to have a rivalry with your mob again
  10. The greatest chairman this club has ever had Were so lucky to have him
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