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  1. Yeah. They are playing Boston. Another club who have played league football, albeit for a far shorter period.
  2. The worst moment that season for me was on the final day. About 8000 QPR fans turn up to see them batter us on their way to promotion. What an awful season that was. Crap shirt, crap chairman, crap players.
  3. Forest. They’ve been here before. Drew at Blackpool, got hammered at home. Won 2-0 at Yeovil, lost 5-2 at home. Were 3-1 up on aggregate at Bramall Lane and lost 4-2. Drew 0-0 at home against a 10-man Swansea for well over an hour, got beat away. I know plenty of their supporters and when it comes to play-offs they are never convinced that they’ve got it in the bag. The current team are certainly good enough but if United score first on Tuesday, the City Ground will become a very nervy place. I still see Forest going through but it’s not going to be a formality.
  4. I want to see us in the Premier League and doing well but the landscape of football has changed so much since we were last in that position. I think the best we can ever hope for nowadays is to win the Championship and end up with a team like Brighton’s. Lets be honest though, we’re miles away from any of that so you just have to enjoy whatever success you can, at whatever level that happens.
  5. I hope Notts County join them but I can’t see it. As I live just north of the city, it’s pretty much all Forest round here so I’ve always preferred County. I feel a bit sorry for them in a way. They’ve always been the smaller club in the city but still have a passionate fan base. I’m off to the game against Grimsby at Meadow Lane. It could well get tasty on and off the pitch.
  6. Back in the Football League after slipping as low as National League North. Halifax v Chesterfield Notts County v Grimsby Wrexham v Notts County / Grimsby Solihull v Halifax / Chesterfield Wrexham the obvious favourites to win the play-offs, but Solihull aside, that line up looks like the old Division Four.
  7. Nigerian Under-21 international. Could do a job for us.
  8. I was hoping that the other Rose, Linlithgow would win the EOS league and give themselves a chance of promotion to the Lowland League. I also see that Banks O’Dee have finally got a place in the Highland League. I’d expect them to be looking to emulate their neighbours Cove Rangers now. They should have the budget to be able to win the Highland League.
  9. Bonnyrigg Rose become the latest new club to join the Scottish league at Cowdenbeath’s expense. Well done ‘Rosey Posey’
  10. It seems that Chelsea wore yellow down to Tuchel being superstitious. They lost the League Cup final wearing blue, lost last season FA Cup final wearing blue. And Tuchel won the German Cup with Dortmund wearing yellow. Not that it did them much look today!
  11. Handjobs on the South Stand and not just the Kop. The old boys would be queueing right down Penistone Road on a Saturday afternoon.
  12. The tie is over. Forest are a far better side. At some point in the second leg United will have to start chasing the game. It’s then when they’ll get torn apart.
  13. I used to prefer Bristol Rovers over City, mostly because they were the ‘smaller club’ and that they wore blue and white. Unfortunately that ended when Joey Barton took charge! Besides that, Nigel Pearson of course was a superb captain for us.
  14. A horrible illness. My father-in-law has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Best wishes to Mick Lyons.
  15. I said to my old man around Christmas time when we were hammered at Sunderland and beat at Shrewsbury, that Moore, as nice a bloke he is, should be replaced with what at the time, was an out of work manager. Alex Neil. I don’t care if he comes across as a miserable character, or that he knows all the dark arts of the game. He’s a better tactician than the one we currently have.
  16. Sour grapes. What is it? A fifteen match unbeaten run or something since he took over at Sunderland? Tactically he had Moore on toast over the two legs and his team deserved to go through. As for moaning that he made three substitutes in injury time. So what? Not one of us would have had a problem if we were in that position and slowing the game down as much as possible.
  17. No. There’s only two guarantees in life. Death and taxes. I’ve never let the outcome of a football match affect me.
  18. Sunderland are ok. I prefer Newcastle as I can’t get on with red and white stripes, but nonetheless you can’t fault the Mackems passion for their club. I knew a group of their fans who travelled up from Gainsborough for every home game and they loved the club. I once went with them to a cup tie at Bramall Lane and stood in the away end. Unfortunately the pigs won that night but the Sunderland fans around me were nothing short of great. Proper club who should be operating at a higher level.
  19. Now imagine someone at Hillsborough tomorrow wearing an Arsenal vest. Or at Sunderland, or the City Ground, Kenilworth Road or even Bramall Lane. What an abomination of a club MK Dons really are.
  20. Even if they make it, they’ve got to come through two away games before they even reach Wembley. One of those will be either Solihull or Notts County for starters. Both of whom are in good form.
  21. It’s about time some serious rules were put in place. Just because you go 7-0 and unbelievably are on the verge of promotion, gives you absolutely no right to acting like a ******** and invading the pitch before the game has finished. From next season, every time a game is held up for a pitch incursion the club involved should be deducted points.
  22. That proposal was put forward to the football league a few years ago, which the board itself generally approved of. It was resistance from the Premier League that brought it to an end. They didn’t want a team finishing 8th in the Championship potentially getting promoted. It would diminish their competition apparently….
  23. The play-offs should follow this model. Everyone still has a chance but it’s wrong that a side finishing 6th have exactly the same chance of those finishing third. Game 1 - 5th v 6th Game 2 - 3rd v 4th Game 3 - Loser Game 2 v Winner Game 1 Game 4 - Winner game 2 v Winner Game 3
  24. The contender is a great piece of music and is perfect if played during those few minutes before the players come out.
  25. MK would have been better opponents for the winner of our tie. Wycombe are older, more experienced and far more streetwise. Whether it be us or Sunderland, Wycombe will definitely be a tough nut to crack.
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