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  1. Beighton Owl 87

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Just been greeted by a blade with happy anniversary took me a couple of seconds to twig on. Hope we put that right this season cos it's been so frustrating these last 12 months. Leeds can beat us and it's forgotten in weeks but not that lot from S2 I'm afraid.
  2. Beighton Owl 87

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Nothing compares to a steel city derby. Don't get me wrong I enjoy every win against Leeds, Rotherham and barnsley but it means so much more to beat the pigs.
  3. Beighton Owl 87


    Had a WAWAW last week in St Ives. No matter where i go on holiday the Wednesday shirt always gets spotted by fellow owls.
  4. Beighton Owl 87


    Half an hour dedicated to the game if they win. If we hammer them like we did last season look leeds will show a 30 second snippet guaranteed.
  5. I can see Fleetwood in the championship soon very ambitious club.
  6. Beighton Owl 87

    Bristol City Away.

    This game has been advertised on sky sports red button for those who can't attend so it is any game outside the Saturday 3pm window that will be televised from now on.
  7. Beighton Owl 87

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    This will happen again
  8. Beighton Owl 87

    Jon Shaw

    No didn't score in that game. Went to that and we scrapped a 2-1 win think ndumbu-nsungu scored two pens for us. It was surreal watching us play them in a league game. And people moan about how we are doing now as a club
  9. Missed the games v Rotherham and pigs in 02/03 due to holiday. Glad I missed the Rotherham game but gutted to miss a steel city derby. I witnessed 9 months of garbage but the one game worth watching and I missed it.
  10. Beighton Owl 87

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    The away games I enjoyed from this period were Everton in 99 we won 2-1. Beating villa in league cup and that 7-2 win over burnley. Up to that point I'd only been to about a dozen away games.
  11. Beighton Owl 87

    Shefki Kuqi

    One of our better players at the time which goes to show how awful we were back then. Loved the celebration though.
  12. I was too young to remember my first game I've been told it was around the time we had won the league cup in 91. I remember getting a season ticket on Kop for 93-94 season. Remember beating the pigs at home and playing man utd and Chelsea in the cup that season.
  13. Like many I was raised in Rotherham but my dad took me to hillsborough from such a young age (early 90s) and I've been hooked ever since. My dad has been going since the 70s when he started going with his older brother neither of them from Sheffield either.
  14. Beighton Owl 87

    What is the furthest out..

    This one great away day too. Sent leeds spiralling towards league one
  15. Beighton Owl 87

    Reading Away

    My experience of reading away was seeing us get smashed 6-0 on a Tuesday night. Apart from that a tidy ground and I think they had a decent fan base at the time as they had just come down from the prem