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  1. Do we not already do this with the younger lads? Penney loaned to Bradford, Mansfield Stobbs to Livingston Kirby to Macclesfield
  2. Would be a good signing not sure he would want to come to us though
  3. One for next weekend Feed the dingles let them know it's Christmas time.
  4. Suppose when you've been poo for twenty years you get giddy when climbing as high as 15th in the second tier
  5. Have Barnsley got anyone worth pinching. Be fun to ******** off their fanbase again
  6. I meant there were a few big clubs and one or two smaller clubs too. For example one week we would be playing pigs, Blackburn, palace etc then the week after it would be someone like grimsby, crewe or stockport.
  7. This is exactly what they should be thinking about before lunging into a challenge when we're in no danger at all. Cost us a potential win the other night.
  8. Northampton Town Nottingham Forest Hibernian Cambridge United
  9. Oh yeah forgot he got 5th booking yesterday. Have to be Pelupessy then.
  10. Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Paterson Bannan Luongo Harris Reach Windass
  11. Maccabi Tel Aviv Brighton & Hove Albion Maccabi Tel Aviv Watford Red Bull Salzburg Saint-Étienne Olympiacos Celta
  12. Wildsmith should have started the season as number one.
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