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  1. Also done the same with Newport and a representative was on talksport earlier saying they might be 'unsponsoring' more clubs.
  2. I agree. I get that it's a local derby and first home game this season but the prices will deter quite a few. If this was a Category D fixture there would be a really decent crowd from both sets of supporters.
  3. The shocking performance against Hull was under the two stooges who have just ditched us with Bruce. Yes the Burton result was a shocker but these are different circumstances to what he was dealing with then. We had a depleted squad with no confidence back then.
  4. The team was pretty shocking back then though which is why he was put in charge. This is a totally different set of circumstances. The group are playing well and looking confident in pre season so far. You reckon Allardyce would show any loyalty to us if a premier league club came in for him?
  5. I'm not sure Farke spent a great deal just recruited well and put faith in young hungry players.
  6. Daniel Farke Dean Smith David Wagner Eddie Howe Alex Neil All of the above have acheived promotion in the last 5 years yet not a bucket load of experience between them. If it's bullen that gets the job there's no reason we can't challenge this season. There are no standout teams in this league thats why it's always wide open and the most exciting league in the world.
  7. No Danny and Ruud are tail tugging tuggers and it turns out Steve Bruce is too.
  8. If we give it bullen then do it on an interim basis so he can return to his current role if it doesn't work out. Nobody wants to see him leave the club and there are plenty of decent managers that started in the championship with little to no experience. He has had the gig twice already albeit short term so he'll know what he's doing.
  9. 3rd round at Hillsborough on the bbc. Would be great to send him into retirement on national tv.
  10. I'd rather that be Bournemouth to be honest. Arsenal can be second by all means.
  11. FA Cup would be better. Let's humiliate him on national tv.
  12. Can see bullen getting this on an interim basis with chansiri assessing where we are at Christmas before making a permanent appointment.
  13. He looks well chuffed to be there. The photos he had done in the dugout at St James Park are the same. Reality starting to bite that he will be retired in the next six months when he gets binned off.
  14. He's in for a rough ride with the toon army so we should let him be now. He's dug his grave now and put in for an early retirement as nobody will touch after this anyway.
  15. Are we step up from Bristol City though? I think they are dark horses for promotion this year personally.
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