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  1. I dunno I'm chuffed to bits for him. Just as happy to see our players do well on international duty as I am seeing England hammering minnows. Hope he gets the nod to play against England on Sunday now.
  2. The highs of 3 points against a Blackburn or a Preston is priceless for us as we don't go in to games expecting to come away with the result. The big six expect to win every game against the rest that's why there all miserable sods. I love the roller coaster ride of being a wednesdayite and wouldn't swap it for anything.
  3. I think we would average 30k in the top flight. Crowds have increased a lot over the last 20 years. I wonder how we compared to other clubs crowds when we were last in the premier league? I imagine would imagine we'd have been a top 10 club for attendances.
  4. I thought he'd re signed with them after initially being released?
  5. Probably same as the other day. One on sky sports football the other one sky sports action.
  6. That has to be one of my most depressing away games. We'd actually started the season reasonably well and were in and around the top 6 which was unusual for us back then.
  7. The only time I recall us having such a commanding half time lead was Bolton in 97-98 season. 5-0 up at half time and I think Booth may have a got a hatrick. Like others have posted shreeves was in charge after pleat was sacked.
  8. I wonder if Wigan and Birmingham fans would swap their Cup wins for survival as neither have been back in the top flight since and don't look like returning any time soon.
  9. I remember a few years ago when Manchester City won it for the first time in ages yet on the same day their bitter rivals clinched another League title. It won't ever have the same feel to it now as the Premier League is the be all and end all now it seems.
  10. Yeah not listened in ages but had it on Wednesday night. He was full of poo and must have had 10 minutes airtime. I'm suprised Giddings didn't cut him off cos he was talking testicles.
  11. If we were going to make wholesale changes I would have thought bates might get a run out. Does anyone know if he's injured?
  12. flippinghell why we playing second string when they are pretty much full strength.
  13. I think they could do with winning a trophy. Finishing 7th just won't cut it anymore with the dosh they have spent in recent years.
  14. Only time I've done this was away at Rotherham. Was sat in the home end and left at 2-1 down in injury time. Got back to the car and we'd won 3-2. Gutted I missed that.
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