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  1. I was thinking the same but they have already announced Norwich v QPR on 6th April so would have thought if this was going to be on it would have already been announced.
  2. I expected the villa and leeds games both to be picked for sky but given its the business end of the season there isn't much appeal for Wednesday v villa.
  3. And there on a par with Scotland so no excuses for him not getting selected
  4. I once tried to get a refund on a ticket for an away match as a mate couldn't make it but was told it was too late as they had sent the tickets back to the home club.
  5. Scrappy 2-1 win against Rushden & Diamonds. Those were the days
  6. I'd be happy with this. It's Bristol City and Derby that we need to slip up more so than the others with them having a game in hand.
  7. Sunday afternoon, first derby in 6 years and we were massive favourites. Makes a huge difference whether it's a weekend game or a night match. There are lots of reasons why people cant make this one.
  8. No doubt them lot will remind us of that performance in 30 years time.
  9. That was a Saturday game just before Christmas I think. Year before they beat us in midweek that might be the game your reffering to.
  10. Arsenal was £36 on south stand for non members think it was category e game. Similar pricing for next week and we would be looking at 34-35k I would imagine.
  11. I think a lot of opposition fans made a day of it at Hillsborough back then wasn't often they would visit big stadiums in league one.
  12. Hull filled Leppings Lane in league one that was midweek. Blackpool also brought a decent following in tinpot trophy one year.
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