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  1. Clubs like Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Swindon are tinpot but Salford and Forest Green aren't? Also if were massive surely Everton and Sunderland should be in that category.
  2. I think he played in a cup game under Megson.
  3. DM surely took the job with the chance to rebuild regardless of the league we are in. Cant wait for a fresh start next season things will be much better.
  4. I know but I've just got a feeling we will be the shock result of today.
  5. I'd be happy to continue with 4-2-3-1 tbh. Get familiar with how he wants us to play. Time to start planning for next season now.
  6. Lost 1-0 Scholes scored. It was a night match. Think it's our record attendance since Hillsborough was all seater too.
  7. I'm 33 and can remember all 3 of those wins over them. Can also remember a few wins over Arsenal and Liverpool from the 90s. Took it for granted though and thought it was normal to see is competing with the best teams.
  8. Those clubs you've mentioned have all been in the PL over the last 20 years, competed in Europe and played in cup finals whilst we've languished outside the top flight. Closest club to us in terms of size and failure to get back is Nottingham Forest.
  9. League one is so much stronger than it was the previous times we were down there. I guess we may not be seen as a scalp these days so we won't have that added pressure of everyone expecting us to win every game.
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