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  1. I support any team i have on my acca for 90 mins. Always like to see Rangers do well north of the border and prefer barca to real Madrid but only teams i support are Wednesday and England.
  2. 5p for fox is all well and good but who will stump up his 40k a week wages. Looks like we're stuck with him
  3. It was the last away game immediately after relegation. We beat Walsall at home last game.
  4. Norwich in 2008 and Wycombe were two of the best atmospheres I've experienced at Hillsborough as well as Brighton in the play offs. Hopefully we will have something similar this time next year pushing for promotion.
  5. If we hadn't conceded so late at Norwich we would currently be two points off a play off spot. Sadly we have just run out of games.
  6. Win 5 and draw with Norwich and we will be. Very slim chance but we have to believe until it's mathematically impossible.
  7. What an arrogant set of fans. They are 4 points in front of us. Reading that you would believe they are challenging for the title and we are nothing more than average. Hope we stuff the cabbage throwing twats.
  8. I was thinking the same but they have already announced Norwich v QPR on 6th April so would have thought if this was going to be on it would have already been announced.
  9. I expected the villa and leeds games both to be picked for sky but given its the business end of the season there isn't much appeal for Wednesday v villa.
  10. And there on a par with Scotland so no excuses for him not getting selected
  11. I once tried to get a refund on a ticket for an away match as a mate couldn't make it but was told it was too late as they had sent the tickets back to the home club.
  12. Scrappy 2-1 win against Rushden & Diamonds. Those were the days
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