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  1. Yeah but rovrum have the best support cos they only get 9k at home or summat
  2. Was a really tough one. I thought it was Oguchi Onyewu but it turns out we had a player called James Murphy who made one appearance in the cup v Cambridge since then.
  3. Rotherham would do exactly the same if they were playing us in the play offs. It's a bit pathetic.
  4. I'm sure we've had plenty of Welsh players since then. Doesn't have to have represented them at international level just has to be their place of birth.
  5. Really surprised by some of the decisions. Thought Hutchinson and Berahino would still be with us and that we'd release Wildsmith and Mendez-Laing. Wildsmith is at an age where he needs to be playing regularly for the sake of his career not warming the bench for us with the odd cup game.
  6. I wouldn't read anything into that. They will have just grouped all the loanees together. Possibly might sign Dean now Hutchinson and Dunkley have been released .
  7. Cup football - games decided by penalties if level after 90 minutes. No extra time, no replays and no 2nd legs or away goals rule (although this may no longer exist in any of the competitions). This also includes European ties.
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