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  1. Beighton Owl 87

    Sheffield Derby- A neutrals view

    On that viewing nobody should fear us. Hope they smash the pigs next week though
  2. Beighton Owl 87

    This side after international break

    We need to ease ff back from injury. Expect him to return in April
  3. Beighton Owl 87

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Me neither remember jj acting like a wee pipe mind.
  4. Beighton Owl 87

    Who will be Wednesday's hero?

    Adam reach 30 yard screamer in injury time
  5. Beighton Owl 87

    We all hate L**ds scum

    It is a bit cringey. Don't think they have a chant for us. Don't really hate them just dislike the two hats.
  6. Beighton Owl 87

    Is anyone actually nervous for Friday?

    Always nervous before these games regardless of form etc. These are the games you dare not lose when you have to put up with the wind ups at work. It was always the same when we played Rotherham for me as well.
  7. Beighton Owl 87


    If they lose one key player they will start to slide down the league there not as good as most on here are making out.
  8. Beighton Owl 87

    A slight chance of good news Friday?

    That's what I was wondering. Sheffield United may be better than us currently but there not all that. If we get pumped it won't be any more humiliating than what happened at our place last season.
  9. Beighton Owl 87

    Well done Fletcher

    Given our injury list this isn't great news. Pleased for him as he should be getting in that squad bannan also should in my opinion but we're down to the bare bones and cannot afford to get anymore injuries.
  10. Beighton Owl 87

    This should cheer you up a bit.......

    We always seem to win the significant games between us. Boxing day 79, fa cup semi final and in our promotion season in 2012. Whatever happens in this game it doesn't shape the future of either club although it will not doubt go on their honours board.
  11. Beighton Owl 87

    Where is everyone watching the match?

    Watching at my brothers couldn't cope with any public humiliation. May have to give work a swerve for a week as well.
  12. Beighton Owl 87

    When is enough - enough?

    The 96-97 season was decent though. Best team in the land for 4 games
  13. Beighton Owl 87

    A first?

    If this happens we should offer him a new 10 year contract
  14. Beighton Owl 87

    Next two matches !!!!

    Hope so
  15. Beighton Owl 87

    John Sheridan

    Apart from his spell at chesterfield he's done nothing as a manager his level is league 2 to be fair.