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  1. Beighton Owl 87

    #SWFC have got a bargain

    That would be hilarious if they did. Don't see anything wrong with men wearing replica shirts I wear Wednesday and England ones regularly but I can't say I've ever seen a grown man wearing a full kit unless on a football pitch.
  2. I think we will go unnoticed and suprise a few too. Bring on Aug 4th.
  3. Beighton Owl 87

    Owls on holiday

    There too bloody expensive that's why
  4. Beighton Owl 87

    Ticket Prices 18/19

    I'm expecting this will be cat A game with it being first home game in a sort of local derby so anything less will be a bonus.
  5. Beighton Owl 87

    Ticket Prices 18/19

    I was just enquiring about home tickets work most Saturdays these days so get to very few games just happen to be off for first home game.
  6. Beighton Owl 87

    Ticket Prices 18/19

    Are these usually left so late to announce? I thought the Hull tickets would be on sale soon.
  7. Beighton Owl 87

    Atomic Kitten

    We have our own chants no need to copy some turd chant that was used for England at world cup.
  8. It's got a 2 year guarantee so he might as well keep it for when we win euro 2020
  9. Forest are really going for it this year and have a manager who knows what's required to get out of this league. I didn't realise just how many assets they have sold in recent years just a shame we don't have many players that can be sold on for those fees.
  10. Beighton Owl 87

    Elev8 done it again

    Really hope this goes on sale before August 4th. Would like to get a full season out of it for 60 quid.
  11. Beighton Owl 87

    3 strikers

    Their probably suggesting it's winnall given the recent rumours. Not one of those 3 were ever going to be legends for us.
  12. Relax they don't sign anyone who plays in the top two tiers. They prefer lower league bargains. If he does leave it won't be to them.
  13. As much as I would love England to win the world cup i would take a Wednesday win no matter what the competition or who the opposition are just means more for a Wednesday win. It's not that I'm not interested in England either as the only game I haven't watched in the past 10 years was the recent friendly against Costa Rica.
  14. It wasn't a dig at our prices just the cost in general in this country. Also.not everyone can get season tickets so won't benefit from those prices.
  15. Clubs in Germany don't rip fans off though thats why their attendances are so high. I don't see us winning the world cup having any effect on attendances it will just encourage more people to buy city, Liverpool or spurs kits