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  1. Thanks. That was a quality stream no pop ups and in HD.
  2. Does anyone know if this is being streamed on their website or is it a case of downloading the app and subscribing to BT sports?
  3. We also lost 0-5 to Norwich the following season under Yorath I believe.
  4. Am I right in thinking this will be available on their website to stream? When it was announced the betting sites waived the right to exclusivity it was said that games not kicking off at 3pm on the Saturday would be free to air.
  5. They will show a couple of Leeds chances and Huddersfields goal v Barnsley and completely bypass the fact that both teams lost.
  6. Beating Brentford, Forest, Bristol City, Brighton and now Leeds in the last month or so suggests we're clearly not sh*t.
  7. Six years on and the big man is still banging them in against Leeds.
  8. Ours is the only non televised game outside of the Saturday 3pm matches. Be good if bbc do end up showing this. BT sport have got Northampton v Derby at the same time so doubt they will be fussed about showing our match.
  9. Can't see us finishing below any of Blackburn, Reading or Millwall and I don't fancy Bristol City for a top six finish either.
  10. Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Lees Fox Murphy Luongo Lee Harris Fletcher Forestieri We need a strong line up or it could be embarrassing. Changes inevitable after a busy festive schedule but losing 4 on the bounce won't do anything for team confidence.
  11. Stuart Gray - brought in Westwood, Lees and Hutchinson all on free transfers. Went from struggling to comfortable mid table with a shoestring budget.
  12. Not sure about Maguire to be honest. Was a bit part player for Hull when they were promoted. Only efl success really is being part of a blunts team that continued to fail to get out of league one. Must have been more successful centre backs over the decade at Championship level.
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