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  1. I'd written us off as soon as we conceded. We are pathetic these days.
  2. France and Germany away are usually decent fixtures but I suppose it depends on the nations league draw before they announce anything.
  3. I would imagine they will have that many on as they have 20 games a season and will have to spread that out across the rounds. ITV and BBC will probably have an agreement that fixtures aren't on at the same time too. There were loads of games streamed last year due to games being behind closed doors and no blackout on Saturday afternoons. Like you said the Colchester game is the only one that sticks out due to the opposition being one of the lowest ranked teams left. Other than that no idea which games will be picked.
  4. Usually 4 or 5 each round. ITV will have the majority of games. They've taken over from BT.
  5. Loads of home games in November. Sunderland - 2nd Plymouth - 6th Harrogate - 9th Gillingham - 13th MK Dons - 23rd Wycombe - 27th
  6. I'd give him another 5 league games. If we don't show signs of improvement over the next month then we need to look elsewhere.
  7. Crap draw all around. Broadcasters must be disappointed with the draw. Not one big club drawn away from home. No idea which games will get selected but it won't be us.
  8. Bit random but Paul Tisdale had Exeter and MK Dons playing decent football and got promotions with both I think. If you want someone who knows the league inside out them Simon Grayson wouldn't be the worst choice. 4 promotions out of this league with 4 different clubs.
  9. Can remember them being a decent ish premier league team. Beat us in the FA Cup QF as well at Hillsborough. Don't recall us getting many wins in the away fixture either but I'm going for 2-0 win today. Berahino and Gregory.
  10. Good for those not loaned out to experience mens football in front of decent crowd. Hopefully they'll have a few more lined up against Worksop, Stocksbridge ect.
  11. Herries Road should definitely be renamed The Wednesday Way.
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