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  1. Letting fans make decisions regarding the team and club is like asking a family member to perform surgery on a patient. We care too much and know too little, we'd do only what we feel because we don't know enough, a recipe for frustration at best.
  2. I would argue that the manager is responsible for the inept attempts at defending. No bad teams, only bad leaders. We're not a bad team, but Moore is inexperienced. I believe sacking him would be very emotional and reactionary, but he is responsible for the defensive failures ultimately.
  3. A credit to the club, the community, and Sheffield. We've got this legend of an ambassador, the neighbours have who? Billy "Assault and Battery" Sharp? Wednesday - bigger, better, older, producer of heroes.
  4. Deserves credit for that one, could easily have buggered up the finish
  5. Weird this, I actually don't feel like we're going to lose 3-2 in the last 5 minutes
  6. We've brought on some lad called Cook and not included Cadamarteri. Odd.
  7. The match against Hartlepool made me have to bleach my eyes, and he was the worst of it. I do agree though, glad he's trying this match.
  8. Keep yer fancy Championship, we've got second round of the League Cup WAWAW UTO ON OUR WAY
  9. Can't tell if our midfield is dominant or if Sunderland can't pass for owt
  10. Knowing Alex Neil, Sunderland will be a different team second half. Need to go for it.
  11. Midfield looks more solid than usual... Also can't believe there's fans that don't rate Palmer.
  12. Strongly agree, a game like thos would be a perfect opportunity for Cadamarteri's pro debut. We all need to come up with a stupid nickname for him before Giles Coke calls him Cadz. I say we call him Terry.
  13. Not surprised, that's probably 50% in the last month with your work rate
  14. I won't be able to watch it, so 5-4 to us. WAWAW
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