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  1. Thinking about you keys mate, hope all is well
  2. Never 5 million quid, boro have had our pants down
  3. This. We only have ourselves to blame if we fail to make top 6. It's in our hands, for the moment anyway.
  4. I actually like Barnsley tbf, it's only when we play em that the ugly side to it rears its head.
  5. Don't talk like you're leaving us whitey, you lurk on here most weeks
  6. All fair points whitey tbf. i still expect you to slide down the league sooner rather than later though
  7. Not really. Apparently they've played poorly and scored against the run of play. Barnsley fans acting like there going to gate crash the playoffs and getting a bit carried away. Hopefully we'll see them drop off in the next few weeks.
  8. Mcphail can't take corners because he gets shattered running to take them, utterly bizarre
  9. Im more relaxed than any other season I can remember. I just tell myself the results will come eventually
  10. That Norwich keeper trying to kick a plastic bag and the ball just rolling into the net behind him
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