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  1. Liverpool have now dropped points against all the teams in the bottom 6. Oh... except for 1.
  2. No, Henderson didn’t want to go back. He wanted to play for a big club.
  3. No, it looks like Strudwick was brought in by Giggs, who had worked with him for years at Man Utd.
  4. Relegated due to a 12 point deduction which was given through no fault of Cook. Even then he very nearly kept them up despite having one of smallest budgets in the division. I’ve seen a few people on here trot out the same line you did. It’s one of the most disingenuous arguments you’ll see on Owlstalk in recent times. But you know that already.
  5. UEFA Cup qualification 1 x Irish League Cup 2 x Irish FA Cups 2 x League Two Championships (1 with Chesterfield where he got them to the League One Playoffs the following season) 1 x League One Championship But yeah, despite having success at 4 different clubs, often under significant financial restrictions, Paul Cook’s not achieved owt...
  6. Is it just me, or has Wilder always come across as a bit needy? It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to have a day off from training, just to panic the fans into begging him on social media not to leave. It would be a big massage to his ego. A bit like those women on Facebook who post something cryptic for attention like “Feeling shít “ just so 20 of their mates reply with “U ok hun?”
  7. Sheffield Wednesday have terminated the contract of manager Tony Pulis with immediate effect. Pulis joined the Owls in November and posted one win from 10 league games. Chairman Dejphon Chansiri told swfc.co.uk: “The performances and results have not been of the level expected since Tony Pulis was appointed. There are also other issues which have had a bearing on this decision. “On the pitch, seven points from a possible 30 is not acceptable. It is vital we maintain our Championship status and I feel I must make a change now with over half of the season rema
  8. Got to agree with this. Many of us were advocating Cook. His teams play good, attacking football and he's been a success almost everywhere he's been. He practically issued a public 'come and get me' plea through his mate Alan Biggs. Still, we were told, repeatedly, by several on here that he was no good because he'd never managed above mid-table in the Championship. Well, we appointed a man with a wealth of Premier League experience. You guys got your wish.
  9. Quite appropriate that their badge in that image looks like a stickman surrendering.
  10. A win tonight could be massive for setting the tone for the rest of our season. I’m really looking forward to this, although that’s more in hope than expectation. What worries me (apart from the form that Joao is in) is that if we concede, a point is the most that we’ll get. Concede twice and it’s game over.
  11. The lad needs putting on some kind of register.
  12. I’ve not included Howe as I don’t think he’d come to us. So my 3 in order would be: 1. Cook 2. Pearson 3. Lowe It’s not an ideal situation for Lowe to come into given that he has no experience of Championship football, so I wouldn’t object to a safe pair of hands like Pulis taking the job until the end of the season, on the proviso that Lowe was to take over in the Summer. Cook and Pearson would have an impact straight away.
  13. BTW, the ladies team got promoted last season. It's a bit unfair to include them in this IMO,
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