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  1. Carlos Outers...

    That this season we are seriously underachieving. The facts are that we're 15th, 7 points worse off than this stage last season, 10 points off the playoffs with nearly half the season gone, and that in the past 20 years no team in our position has gone on to be promoted. I'm sorry, but this complete refusal to acknowledge what has happened so far this season compared to previous seasons is bordering on ridiculous. We've seen VERY little to suggest we're capable of even getting close to the playoffs. The fact is we've gone significantly backwards.
  2. Carlos Outers...

    Nope. It points towards a team in serious decline.
  3. Carlos Outers...

    While not condoning any insults or personal abuse, the idea that people who want the manager gone are not true supporters has to stop. People have genuine opinions and their own reasons for forming those opinions. We all want what's best for the club. I would even argue that the Carlos outers are behaving more rationally than the Carlos backers right now (insults apart). Those who want him gone are basing their opinion on two and a half seasons of evidence. Those who want him to stay seem to be basing their opinion on blind hope that things will improve.
  4. Megson haters.....

    I would argue that the two managers on that list who did the best jobs with the resources available to them, are Gray and Laws - the two with the lowest win percentages. Which just goes to show what a meaningless statistic it is.
  5. Megson haters.....

    I can't help but feel that Megson is not what we need. I'd rather we went for a younger, more progressive manager such as Dean Smith, or perhaps Paul Hurst or Paul Heckinbottom. Lee Johnson would be a good appointment too, but he wouldn't jump ship given how well his team are doing right now. Having said all that, if it was a straight choice between keeping Carlos for the season or replacing him with Megson tomorrow, I'd go for Megson. As someone has already mentioned, Megson could have been at Hillsbrough to watch Hull who are now looking for a new manager.
  6. Yep. Winnall is the perfect example of the sort of player we should have bought more of. But Carlos didn't give him a run in the side and decided to ship him out on loan.
  7. To put it into perspective

    Let's keep the all important unbeaten run going. We'll draw our way to promotion.
  8. Seven Unbeaten

    You do realise that we'd have been better off winning one and losing one, rather than drawing both? Our unbeaten run has taken us from 2 points outside the playoffs a week ago to 6 points off now. The pigs have lost more games than us but are challenging for promotion. Our safety-first football will see us finish mid-table.
  9. There are enough sticks to beat Carlos with without having to resort to making up fake quotes.
  10. They're absolutely besotted with Chris Wilder and the Pigs at the moment. I tuned in to Praise or Grumble after our great performance at Aston Villa. First caller - a jubilant Blade (they'd just come from behind to beat Hull). He went on for about 5 minutes. Then an interview with 'Chrissy' Wilder - 10 minutes of the sycophantic presenter heaping praise upon him. Next caller - another Blade. 5 minutes later was the next caller - another Blade. I turned it off. In 25 minutes all I heard was Radio Sheffield's relentless gushing over the Pigs. The other sides in the region were barely mentioned, apart from reading out the scores.
  11. Go to London! I guarantee you'll either be mugged or not appreciated. Catch the train to London, stopping at Rejection, Disappointment, Backstabbing Central and Shattered Dreams Parkway.
  12. Matias Joao and Abdi

    He's not currently injured. Carlos just isn't selecting him.