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  1. Btw, in response to the OP, Dom Howson stated last week that Luongo was rushed back from injury too early by Pulis, and that had contributed to his subsequent long injury layoff.
  2. I think you might have misunderstood what the phrase 'final nail' means.
  3. Luongo is an excellent Championship midfielder. We're undoubtedly a better team when he plays. It's also worth noting that he didn't become 'a crock' until he joined us. He played 152 times for QPR in 4 years, that's an average of 38 appearances per season.
  4. Our ref lets a clearly offside goal stand against us, overruling his assistant. Whereas Birmingham's ref gives them 2 absolute soft as sheeite penalties. Let's face it, we've been destined to go down since the first day of the season.
  5. Started watching on my laptop a minute into the game. My first thought was 'Bloody hell, San Marino aren't bad these days, they're all over us!'. Two minutes later I realised both teams are playing in each other's colours for some reason.
  6. What would our equivalent be? Time To Flee Chansiri? Time To Do One Dejphon?
  7. “James is Assistant Sports Editor for Mirror Online. He is a northerner who has somehow found himself in London paying over the odds for pints of flat lager. He is regularly found miserably watching Sheffield Wednesday on weekends off work.”
  8. He’s suspended for 2 matches due to it being his 2nd red card of the season. He’ll be back for the Rotherham game, a week tomorrow.
  9. It's worth mentioning as well that Brentford haven't kept a clean sheet in their last 8 matches (or 9 if you include cup matches). They're currently 7/5 to beat us without conceding.
  10. "Every single fan would die to be wearing the shirt you get to wear week in/week out." No. No you wouldn't. Grow up.
  11. I was thinking the same. The whole thing reads like one thinly veiled dig after another, designed to pile on the pressure. Bizarre.
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