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  1. It won't happen, but I'd like to see us line up like this: It would be a gamble to throw in both of the new centre-backs, but I think this formation and lineup would give us the right balance and more attacking creativity than we get currently.
  2. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    As far as I'm aware, nobody at the club has ever suggested that stripes are unlucky. The chairman said that he didn't particularly like them. I don't particularly like beetroot, but I don't think beetroot is unlucky.
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    We miss him already because he's lucky to get one 20-minute cameo every couple of weeks. If it was down to me he'd be starting every match, on the left. But Carlos doesn't see it that way. There's no point in having a valuble asset like FF and not playing him. We may as well cash in.
  4. Open navigation Sheffield Wednesday badge - Link to home Club News Owls launch Club 1867 Membership Just now Following the success of the Advance Saver Season Ticket in January 2016, the Owls are reaching out to supporters with another brand new initiative to mark the club’s 150th anniversary. ‘Club 1867’ is launched as Wednesday seek to mount a third successive promotion challenge in 2017/18 whilst staying within the confines of the revised Financial Fair Play criteria. The EFL introduced a new set of FFP regulations ahead of last season - Profitability and Sustainability - whereby all Championship clubs can post losses of no more than £39m over a rolling three-year period. With this in mind, the Owls will roll out Club 1867 and chairman Dejphon Chansiri is urging Wednesdayites to back the pioneering project. Available all around Hillsborough, a bronze plaque with a personalised message will be fitted to the seat of each respective Club 1867 Member. But get this - every Member of Club 1867 will receive as part of the package a free three-year Season Ticket, an incentive that comes to life as soon as Wednesday achieve promotion to the Premier League. Supporters will also have the option of taking their three Season Tickets in the same term should they wish to involve family and friends. Mr Chansiri said: “A significant part of the attraction of my purchasing Sheffield Wednesday two and a half years ago was the heritage, spirit and history of our club. “To have a sense of those things from a distance was one thing, but to be operating right in the heart of Sheffield Wednesday is quite another. “This is a very special club with very special people and together, we are all trying our best to reach promotion to the Premier League. “This was and will remain my target as I have said since the day I arrived at Hillsborough. “The last two seasons have seen us go to the brink of the Premier League, which has required a significant investment and this is my duty as owner and chairman. “I have no problem with that and this season, I will continue do everything possible in terms of the backing I can personally give to the team. “But as everyone knows, I cannot invest what I would like, so consequently I cannot make our dreams come true alone. “All Championship clubs working beneath the umbrella of the EFL must do so with the boundaries of FFP in mind, but this can be difficult, and for our club, this will have an impact for each season that we stay in the division. “We need to remain competitive at the right end of the table whilst staying within the confines of FFP and trying to compete with at least eight clubs in our division who are currently benefiting from parachute payments. So for this season, Club 1867 gives supporters the chance to be part of a unique initiative. “The plaque inside the stadium is a personal show of pride while Membership guarantees Season Tickets for three successive years when we do secure our promotion to the Premier League. “I pledge my absolute maximum which mirrors my complete commitment and Club 1867 gives our fans the opportunity to do the same. “I understand that it will not be easy for everyone to join this project and I would never seek the backing of a single supporter who cannot afford to do so. “But for those that can, all I ask is to show as much support as you can to our lovely club because I cannot take us where we all want to be on my own. “As always, I thank every supporter for what they have done and continue to do for Sheffield Wednesday and I sincerely hope we will all enjoy the next exciting part of our journey.” PRICES CLUB 1867 KOP MEMBERSHIP £1,500 CLUB 1867 NORTH STAND MEMBERSHIP £1,800 CLUB 1867 SOUTH STAND MEMBERSHIP £2,100 CLUB 1867 WEST STAND MEMBERSHIP £1,500 For full details of how to purchase your Club 1867 Membership, visit swfc.co.uk in the coming days.
  5. Penalty?

    Yep, Staton was adamant. On the other hand, the Sky Sports reporter at the game (Johnny Phillips?) was certain that it should never have been a penalty.
  6. Look At This - Two Years Ago

    Yes, months. How do you think our style of play last season compared to the first? Maybe if you weren't so eager to throw around insults, you wouldn't have missed the point.
  7. The first game of the 2015/16 season. Look at how the midfield push forward when we're in possession so the strikers aren't isolated. Look at how quickly we break when we win the ball. Look at how the wide midfielders look to stretch the opposition rather than constantly cutting inside. Look at how mobile and dynamic we are. Look at how many good chances we create. Look at our beautiful striped shirts. How would you compare all this to what you've seen in the last few months?
  8. johan djourou

  9. johan djourou

    Yes, he did play in that game. He also played in the following 4 league games, of which Hamburg won 3, drew the other and conceded a total of 2 goals. He's also played in 3 international matches since then - and won all 3 without conceding a goal.
  10. johan djourou

    Looks like he's played over 60 times in the last 2 years, including about 18 internationals. http://uk.soccerway.com/players/johan-djourou/200/
  11. George Boyd Initiation

    According to the video posted by Lee Bullen, it's Liam, one of our new physios. Presumably Liam just goes by his stage name, like Madonna and Drake.