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  1. Not sure it’s actually £30m, I believe that includes potential add-ons, but it does highlight the ridiculousness of the modern transfer market.
  2. Saw some comments from Celtic fans on Twitter - they are worried that they might not even finish 2nd in the SPL this season.
  3. Surprised and impressed with this signing. IMO he's an average Championship goalkeeper but should be one of the very best at League 1 level. Great business. Well done Darren Moore, well done Wednesday.
  4. Lee Camp has had more clubs than Tiger Woods, but Man Utd ain't one of them. Lee Grant on the other hand has just signed a contract extension at Man Utd,
  5. The first 2 points need bringing in as soon as possible. The cynical timewasting tactics in modern football are horrendous, and referees seem totally unwilling to do anything about it. The rest of the ideas I'm not too keen on.
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