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  1. Meaningless platitudes that have become increasingly common over the last 12 months. Sadly, Carlos is starting to come across as desperate and deluded. We all know how this is going to end. There doesn't seem to be much point in delaying the inevitable.
  2. How is Carlos taking responsibility a reason for him to stay? If he was saying after games that players are making mistakes and not doing what the coaching staff are asking them to do, THAT would be a reason to back Carlos and blame the players instead for the poor results. But he's asking us to blame him. He's admitting that the poor results are his fault. I agree with him.
  3. I wonder what the police will be saying later this month after the pigs have visited Bellend Road for their evening kick off.
  4. Aitor Karanka

    I suspect that if the 1-0 defeats to Preston and Birmingham were 3-2 defeats, and the 1-1 draws to QPR, Sunderland, Burton and Cardiff were 3-3 draws, Carlos would have noticeably more supporters than he does now. At least the fans would have been entertained.
  5. Aitor Karanka

    1. Karanka's not Portuguese. 2. Please god no.
  6. I was quite excited seeing us hammer Leeds 6-0. You don't do that by being negative. People seem to forget the positive, attacking football we played when we had Wickham, Antonio and Fryatt in the squad. All those players left through no fault of Gray's. Having brought some excellent defensive players to the club such as Westwood, Lees and Hutchinson (all for virtually nothing), of course he went defensive. He'd have been mad not to. But you can't help but wonder what he'd have done with £30m to spend and another 2 years in charge. After all, he turned us from certain relegation fodder to a comfortable mid-table side with very little funding.
  7. Steve Evans.

    I'm fully aware of what happened at Boston which is why I referred to him as a convicted criminal and said he'd been a success at ALMOST every club he's been at. As for the link with us when he was at Rotherham - a prominent local journalist openly reported that he didn't turn us down. He asked to speak to us when we approached Rotherham but his chairman refused to let him as Mandaric wasn't willing to match the compensation fee they were demanding. Rotherham then spun it to suggest he turned us down to win a few brownie points with their fans. Chill out, Evans won't be coming. He won't be on Chansiri's radar.
  8. Steve Evans.

    I know the OP will get some stick for this, but what he's said is true. Evans does get the best out of his players and he's been a success at almost every club he's been at. He was very harshly treated by the mad scarecrow at Leeds. He'd also surely jump at the chance to come here. The downside is that his recruitment has been a bit scattergun at times. Oh, and he's a nasty character (some might say that's what we need), and a convicted criminal, so probably doesn't fit in with the chairman's family ethos. If I'm honest, he wouldn't be top of my list, but he'd be on the first page.

    550+ posts, and not one, NOT A SINGLE ONE that says anything positive about our club, fans, team, ground, manager or chairman. Everything you post is just a sly dig. And you wonder why people call you a pig.
  10. the bouncing day massacre

    The Robson Day Massacre?
  11. There might be one way to stop that from happening. Get in there first...
  12. I thought Wilder was totally classless in that interview. By referencing how much they'd spent compared to us, he knew full well that he would be piling extra pressure onto Carlos - a man he supposedly likes and respects. Not that I expected anything less. When it boils down to it, they're still an incredibly bitter bunch with a huge chip on their collective shoulder.
  13. Win a tenner! (lose a tenner?)

    Just like the 'Pub League' jibe seems to be getting thrown back at us, completely forgetting that it was coined by their own Keith Edwards who said that the division was full of pub teams and United would be out of it at the first attempt.