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  1. From The Star: "Fernando Forestieri attacked from behind by a Mansfield player after the final whistle of a 2-1 Owls defeat. Looked like the Wednesday man was hit on the head. Forestieri runs away and is surrounded by teammates. Whatever the provocation, the attack on Fernando Forestieri was cowardly and needless. "
  2. snaykz

    The Star Loves a Party

    He's Paul Davis, The Star's new SWFC reporter, replacing Chris Holt. He was previously the Rovrum Utd reporter I think.
  3. By the way, that was the toned-down version. In the original draft they all died horribly.
  4. Maybe. Certainly not as big an overreaction as dragging your son to some foreign backwater just to spite a bloke you'll never have to speak to again.
  5. Exactly. And this is why so many fans are rightly pïssed off. If GH wants to chase the money, he's every right to do so - we can't match the wages offered by Premier League clubs and neither should we try. But the spiteful and vindictive move to Leicester's feeder club to screw us out of compo is more difficult to swallow. For people who claim to love the club as the Hirsts do, this is hard to justify. It seems as though the club and its fans are just collateral damage in the Hirsts' petty squabble with the chairman. If you'll forgive the crude analogy, the Hirsts have taken revenge on one man by burning down his house and making his entire family homeless. Anyway, I've just seen the breaking news about Borukov signing a pro contract. Time to focus on the players who actually want to be at the club.
  6. Sounds like Marshall's going to Norwich, to supply all the crosses for Rhodes.
  7. Just desserts with several pints of bitter.
  8. We didn't know that he and his dad were going to conspire to screw the club out of any compensation money though. It feels like pure spite on their part.
  9. snaykz

    Matt clark

    Yep, proven correct again.
  10. If it's true that we'll get little or no compensation, we've been well and truely shafted. Pure malice from the Hirsts. I hope he goes on to have a terrible career. Still, at least Hirst Snr has got his revenge for the club turning down Man Utd's bid for him all those years ago. Disgusting.
  11. snaykz

    Matt clark

    Going elsewhere: Alan Nixon‏ @reluctantnicko Hull. Max Clark on his way to a new home. Announced tomorrow. Abroad.
  12. I would probably set up something like this:
  13. Here's the highlights vid: