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  1. The Pig Propaganda Machine rolls into action again. Should have won? The way Mitrovic played it was virtually 12 v 10, and they still couldn’t win.
  2. It sounds like the Derby fans are wondering the same thing. Some of them are really not happy at loaning him out.
  3. Booooooooo Southgate! Bloody booooooooooooooooo! Rubbish Southgate, beating the no. 1 ranked team in the World like that! Booooooooooooooo! Sling your bloody hook Southgate! About time we appointed another overpaid big-name foreigner who doesn't give a sh!t. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  4. It sounds like this proposal has just been dreamt up by Man Utd and Liverpool, and that no Premier League clubs outside the 'big 6' had any knowledge of this. The Premier League has released a statement: "In the Premier League's view, a number of the individual proposals in the plan published today could have a damaging impact on the whole game and we are disappointed to see that Rick Parry, chair of the EFL, has given his on-the-record support. "The Premier League has been working in good faith with its clubs and the EFL to seek a resolution to the requirement for
  5. A Newcastle fan said exactly the same to me two days ago. He'd seen that article in The Sun about how wealthy all Championship owners are, so apparently no EFL clubs need any help.
  6. I posted the videos earlier in the thread, about 6 posts back.
  7. United playing in their ‘pig-skin pink’ strip tonight against Burnley. Currently 1 up. Both teams fielding weakened lineups by the looks of it. Robinson’s just put in a dirty, knee-high challenge on Gudmundsson which has caused the Burnley player to leave the game on a stretcher. Not even a free kick awarded despite the assistant being about 2 yards away.
  8. Imagine spending around £100m in 2 years on new players and then finding out your starting XI is actually worse than when you got promoted...
  9. I don't think it was tackles, I think it was interceptions. The season before he joined us Luongo had the most interceptions in the division. Paolo Maldini, one of the greatest defenders in history once said "If I have to make a tackle, then I have already made a mistake". (Sorry for the lack of breast puns, but I did include 'tackle' in there a couple of times).
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