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  1. Racism in English football

    Unfortunately, I'm too offended by the name of that website to take part.
  2. Pigs win anyone??

    Since they lost Paul Coutts to injury, their record is: P 16 W 4 D 4 L 8 F 19 A 24 Pts 16 GD -5 16 points from a possible 48. Up until that point, they had 36 points from 17 matches. Losing just ONE player to injury has derailed their season, with their points per game going from 2.12 before the injury, to 1.00 afterwards.
  3. Kaiserslautern

    The company my dad worked for at the time had some German business clients over for the week. My dad took them to the game at Hillsborough. At one point, the Wednesday fans were singing the Dambusters theme and holding their arms outstretched, mimicking the RAF bombers. One of the bemused Germans turned to my dad and asked 'Vat ist dis?' referring to the fans' outstretched arms. Quick as a flash my dad replied, 'Errr... The club's nickname is The Owls!' He thinks he got away with it.
  4. Stewards on Bridge

    In fairness, they only ask the really dodgy-looking people.
  5. Nope, think the academy manager has been put in as a caretaker. It seems like this genuinely came out of the blue as far as Barnsley were concerned (given that Heckingbottom had signed a new contract only a week before) so they're probably still drawing up a shortlist.
  6. Yep, I remember it as well.
  7. After we beat them 2-1 at our place, the pig fans were crying that we'd fielded 3 senior players (which we were perfectly entitled to do). They named 3 senior players in their squad tonight against our team of exclusively young players. I wonder what their excuses will be this time?
  8. Absolutely no idea what the officials have seen. It just needed a quick word with both players and play could carry on. And isn't the referee loving every single second of attention he's getting.
  9. Niagra

    No. It's designated as an Open Space Area. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/planning-and-development/sheffield-plan/UDP Map 2 North West.pdf