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Community Answers

  1. Liverpool fans have been teargassed outside the stadium. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a further delay.
  2. How will they decide which fan gets it?
  3. Yep. Take last year's Euros as an example, once England had qualified from the group. England fans: The draw's opened up. It looks like a fairly easy route to the final. We could actually get to the final! Xenophobic England haters: Look at how arrogant the England fans are. They actually think they can get to the final! I can't stand them. *spit* England get to the final. England fans: This is great! We've done really well and have made it to the final! Xenophobic England haters: Yeah, but look how easy your route to the final has been...
  4. Someone’s just asked Nixon whether Ashley might be interested in us: Nixon’s also hinting that Ashley might want to buy a club in a different sport.
  5. I remember this being one of the biggest criticisms of Moore from Donny fans.
  6. Wildsmith's legs were moving rapidly but he wasn't actually going anywhere. It was like watching a glitch in FIFA 96. Also, I appreciate he had virtually no time to think about it, but in that situation he should have just dropped on the ball. Better to concede an indirect freekick for a backpass than watch the ball go into the net.
  7. Palmer is ill. Paterson at centre back.
  8. Fleck had Covid in June. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57315647
  9. 7 points from 10 games. If Darren Moore had had those 10 games we’d have stayed up.
  10. I’d probably go with this, provided we can get at least 60 mins out of Gibson. If not, start Dunkley instead.
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