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  1. Really hoping Forest overachieve and Brentford keep Eriksen and qualify for sumat or win a cup. Very unlikely on all counts.
  2. USA v Colombia CONCACAF 3rd place match 2016 in Phoenix, AZ. Was bloody rubbish.
  3. Does that qualify kits as cosplay, and matches as conventions?
  4. I like it, I think Palace have had my favourite kits in the prem for a few seasons now. Ours would presumably need a different colour background to work, so maybe a black, or orange with the blue and white stripe? Also, do Macron have a deal with 90% of all football at the moment or what? I like the idea of images in the design like Iran in WC 2014 or all the brilliant Cameroon kits of recent years, but....Hummel....why is the lion off centre??
  5. This raises a deeper question. What do we think of exercising in football shirts? I feel dead weird about it if it has a collar and don't worry about it at all if it doesn't. When is the actual appropriate time to wear a football shirt? It's a bit much to wear one running, it's weird to wear one weightlifting, it's tacky and potentially dangerous to wear one on a night out, and not professional to wear one to work, so what's it for? Just matchday? I realise the answer is "whenever ya want" but that's not a very interesting answer.
  6. Takeaways: Bannan is brilliant, I hope we find a way to cryogenically de-age him and sign him on for 20 years. Palmer is underrated, more presence than I realised, and his goal was striker quality. Adeniran scored and created a lot before the injury, hope to have him back. His looping 18 yard volley against Ipswitch is brilliant, very overlooked goal. Patterson is underappreciated. Corbeanu was involved a lot less than I thought. We scored from crosses waaaaaaaaaaay more than I remember. Keeping Hunt is better news than I realised. Windass double volley overlooked goal as well. If we ever get a set-piece of any kind, just get Dunkley at the back post for a free goal. Not sure why so many of us are happy that NML is leaving...very good on the attack. Johnson...reyt signing. Byers can score a header at any angle. Burton's defending is inspiring to behold. We scored 78 goals all season, only 4 penalties. I hope things work out for Berahino, clearly has some talent. For the first time ever I prefer our home kit with white shorts over black, still cant make me mind up about the pink away. 12:51. You're welcome.
  7. Is Windass likely to be playing as a striker at all if we keep our options fit?
  8. Sunderland fans on here have got to have been the classiest bunch I've seen. Great stuff from them all season.
  9. North of The Wall North of Hadrian's Wall
  10. Every Wednesday fan's Scottish team, Ayr United. They insist it's "Honest Men" but we all know it's "Bully Boys".
  11. For quick reference. Actually a reasonably considerate distribution of locations for the most part, but disappointed for Real Salt Lake fans, and long suffering Arizona football fans. RSL have got a decent following and Arizona fans are mental about their Phoenix Rising, FC Tucson, Barca and Real academies but have no MLS team, and both are 1000 miles from owt. Then you've got two cities in Texas, neither of which are particularly football cities, if anything I'd have picked Austin or Nashville and Salt Lake over Houston and Dallas. Also San Jose over San Francisco, who don't even have a chuffin professional team.
  12. No idea what happened here Anyway... Wednesday being the Germanic name for Mercury's day means "Odin's Day". It would have been introduced to England in 793 when the Vikings settled. Wednesday - established 793, Happy 1230th anniversary everyone. Top notch logic from Palace there.
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