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  1. Was on the north stand perfectly inline with COG and the corner of the net. As soon as it left his head i knew it was in! Great day! Antonio's debut as well (i think). Great season. Loved that squad.
  2. Exactly the same as you. My focus at the moment is on Luton, Barnsley and Wigan. All three are putting up a fight. Such an average league this season and we have f**ked it up royally!
  3. Van Aken should be the same as all players reporting back in pre season. It’s a fresh slate his early games he looked promising then seemed to lose his way. His loan has proved to be a good one. Lots of game time that he would not have got at Hillsborough. Hope he comes back and makes a case to be involved.
  4. I once parked so badly at Hillsborough that the away team coach (Northampton Town) couldn't get out. It was snowing so i kind of abandoned the car. They where not impressed, i even had a KFC after match and a slow wander back to let the traffic die down.
  5. I know what you mean. We have obviously had worse teams than we have now but i don't know what it is about the current situation but its really knocked the interest out of me. Credit on the run of games. Really impressive support... your nuts by the way but i'm sure you already know that. I often think it but the club doesn't deserve the support it gets at times. You know if you dont go we will sneak a win. Its like the lottery you know it will always be a let down but you cant stop in case your numbers come in!
  6. Just noticed the same thing. Got my ticket, have a real positive feeling about this one. Not sure why. I really fancy us to keep it below 5. UTO
  7. Agree 100% you have two options either you put in a structure above the manager that creates continuity even if you get a turnover of managers (Brentford model) or you give the manager time to do what he is employed to do. We don't do either!
  8. Paul Hirst was also doing a great job at Shrewsbury and look what happened at Ipswich. Any manager willing to take us on will be a gamble.
  9. Ritchie Wellens has Swindon Town top of league 2. Spent no money working for a divisive owner. He has united the fanbase and has them playing good football. Ryan Lowe did a great job at Bury and now has Plymouth in the top 3 in league 2. Wednesday connection too (obviously). Gareth Ainsworth has Wycombe in a promotion race in league one. Punching way above there weight in a league with some big clubs. All 3 would be a gamble and all 3 would need to be given time. The job Ainsworth is doing is remarkable!
  10. Will go for for a big few. Peterborough normally get decent money for players. Similar to Brentford. A better signing would be there scouting department!
  11. Come on lads give us something to smile about!
  12. Only one man for the job step forward Joey Pelupessy! Just hope it doesn't distract him from his job as a midfield enforcer.
  13. In our defence in the absence of a points deduction we are trying to give 3 points to every team below us in the league.
  14. Westwood needed to be sold in January and we didnt manage it. Not sure if that was lack of interest or our bizarre lack of moving players on. Ironically i think Dawson suffers because he was also not allowed to leave the club on loan to gain experience (same for Wildsmith). Our issues are all down to recruitment in my opinion. Stale, bloated squad. We have added some decent players but it only makes the set up worse as we didnt move any out the door!
  15. Quality! Imagine the EFLs faces when we put the sale of someone else's stadium in our accounts for next season. Better still put the sale of someone else's stadium into last years accounts to really take the p**s!
  16. I have always felt Monk needed a chance to build his own team before he can be judged but these last few weeks have made me wonder if we can risk him limping us home this season and being allowed to build his own team. The sad thing is from the chairman, players and managers all i am seeing is apathy. We have sat through 20 years of almost uninterrupted s**t (OK we had 4 good seasons in that time) but fans have always stayed loyal but your even starting to see the apathy creep into the fan base. Going to football is a habit and once that cycle is broken its very difficult to entice people back.
  17. Agree with every part of that. We are sleep walking into a relegation scrap (i think our early season points will keep us up) but if we do get into trouble this team has no fight and it will only go one way!
  18. When did this become a thing? Surely at some point working on Saturday mornings and lack of travel options would have made away followings non-existant. At at what point did travelling to watch Wednesday away become a big thing? Old Eatonians away must have been a bit lively!
  19. I think Windass has the same hairdresser as Rod Stewart!
  20. The sad thing is prior to the last 6 games we where in a great position to kick on and put pressure on the top 2 (who are both also struggling for wins) instead we fold and tumble down the table. This squad seems to always stumble when on the verge of achieving something.
  21. Let's see Pep the tactical genius deal with a "big Dave"
  22. I think football is still as popular as ever in this country its just that people "consume" it in a different way. I have mates who are football obsessed. They are always reading up on it they know stats and information on every aspect of the club they "support" but they would not dream of going to the stadium and actually watch them play. They all tend to support the usual suspects (Liverpool, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs) weirdly one of my mates went to City relatively regularly before the money turned up but despite still supporting them has never been since they transformed into what they are now. I think with these money clubs because of the coverage they get and the accessibility of information on them you can still feel you are part of it without actually being part of it in the traditional sense.
  23. Whats happened to Bates? Is he injured or just not fancied for the first team?
  24. Merry Christmas fellow Owlstalkers! Thats Owls-talkers not Owl-stalkers.
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