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  1. Just googled Ayr United to see results since he went there and seen some very interesting pictures of a recent kit launch...
  2. Is there a highlights show on there? I recorded one but they do the games from stupid angles with very short highlights. FreeSports used to do a good highlights show but I can find one on BT only Ligue 1 in France.
  3. See how can I not support a team with that name?!?!?
  4. If Red Bill take us over and change the colour, badge and name then the curse will be lifted! It won’t be the same club I can move on and enjoy Saturday afternoons! To hell with football it’s corrupt and s**t now anyway… … But I just know some bright spark will start a new Wednesday FC and I will get drawn back in!
  5. I may have remembered this incorrectly but didn’t we get pipped to Darren Ambrose by Palace with money they didn’t have. They went into administration but he scored the goals to keep them up including one at Hillsborough on the final day. Football must be littered with these kind of stories it’s a dangerous precedent if they win this.
  6. We were relegated in 2000 following a 3-3 draw at Highbury. Sylvinho scored for Arsenal and he was later found to have falsified documents to gain a work permit to play in England. 20 years+ of lost earnings from the premier league we must be owed a fortune from Arsenal!
  7. Comfortable win tomorrow followed by back to back defeats against Oxford and Ipswich. Hope I'm wrong 3 positive results would really boost our playoff hopes. 3 poor results and the season is done.
  8. I know because of history if we ever modified the ground it would have to be the first thing to go but I have always liked the leppings lane end.
  9. I was told this by a Swindon fan so hardly the best source for Oxford information but he said there was a weird EFL rule that meant if Oxford built 3 sides they would have to pay for the other. Problem was Oxford got relegated from the EFL before the deadline to build it so they missed out. I’m not sure why the EFL would have had a rule like that doesn’t make a lot of sense but then again it’s the EFL so could be true.
  10. No Bristol City refund and no refund for the Forest home game either.
  11. I always had a soft spot for Newcastle because of there excellent 90s team but all this talk recently of the "hell" they have been through with Ashley has put me right off them. Two very brief stints in Division 2 both times winning the title easily is hardly "hell". A bit like Liverpool's 30 years of hurt. Saying that it doesn't take much for me to dislike Liverpool. This means more... w**kers!
  12. I didn’t know that. 22! Imagine how good he could have been if he had kept his demons in check. Massive shame. I often wonder what players like him, Puskas and Cruyff could have done on todays pitches and referee protection. Makes a mockery of the “greatest ever” argument to me when people talk about Ronaldo and Messi.
  13. Been critical in the past but would never question his love and loyalty to Sheffield Wednesday. Wish him all the best!
  14. I don't see any gnomes in team kit on those shelves so 1-1...
  15. Our medical / surgical team do everything by the book. Sadly that book is the Naval doctors manual from 1805!
  16. I have always said Wednesday continually think small. The only other club I can think which is similar is Sunderland. And no surprise that we are both s**t! I don't think anyone rivals us for being the biggest basket case in English football.
  17. Whelan is fondly remembered. Him and Eagles are not. Whelan probably hammered them for lack of effort and if that’s the case fair play to him.
  18. Does seem odd. Give the manager a big budget (for this division) allow him to bring in lots of new player and implement a new style then give him the boot before Christmas and bring in Harris with a completely different style and probably a new player shopping list. Funny club Ipswich they often seem to have everything right on paper and go nowhere. Marcus Evans (Fan/filthy rich owner) and Mick McCarthy and they stagnated until getting shot of McCarthy and going down. Bring in a proven league one manager and back him and it goes to pot.
  19. "Alright Chenners?! Its Chrissy Wilder here and i have got Gibbo on speaker phone. Any chance we can sign Windass... er... Windassey?"
  20. Makes more sense. Looking at that spread and asked which fans you would have to say Fulham.
  21. Cauldron on an atmosphere too. This was the Reading fans (I assume ultras) en-route to West Brom!
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