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  1. Had it last night with Sarrs goal. Somehow twisted to how Alonso scored a better one. Nobody cares your a national embarrassment.
  2. My biggest annoyance with these out of town stadiums is the parking. Getting in is fine and at £7 i dont think its badly priced. But getting out is a joke. The staff all clear off once the game starts so leaving is a free for all. If someone just let the cars go in rows we would all breeze out. Instead everyone fights to get out causing big delays. MK, Reading, Oxford and Swansea (only flatpacks i have been to) are a nightmare. Stadium itself was excellent. Would love Hillsborough to be modernised but if we had to go new something like that with safe standing behind the goals would be awesome!
  3. If the Coventry pitch is bad now imagine how bad it will be in January after Cov and Wasps have had half a season each on it.
  4. Don’t get me wrong the reaction to the fella collecting them was funny and him playing up to it at full time made me laugh but I don’t get the point of it. Maybe I’m just getting old but genuinely have no idea why someone would bother bringing them/throwing them.
  5. He was solid on both sides of the pitch. Loved that he got the armband at the end.
  6. One of the best moments of the whole game was him breaking up play on the edge of the box then driving us forward to the edge of there’s. Quiet second half along with Bannan but not a bad performance.
  7. Win league one this season, championship next season then the premier league the year after. 3 years to answer your question. But will it be us or Forest Green?
  8. Not a bad place to play out your career. Also Nice building a decent squad and playing in Europe (I think). French Riviera or Leicester tough one.
  9. I had no issue with him leaving I did have an issue with him resigning so Ashley wouldn’t have to pay us compensation. No loyalty in football but this guy really is top draw sneaky b***tard! If he loved Newcastle so much surely he would never have managed Sunderland.
  10. It’s a sweetener for Leicester. We give Bertrand game time and in return they give us favourable terms for a loan of George Hirst…
  11. That's nasty! I can smell it through my laptop.
  12. Had a mate who was exactly the same. Badly broke his ankle many years ago and got addicted to pain killers. Chris does a great job of highlighting issues that many suffer with in silence. Great we live in a time when this kind of subject can be discussed openly. He was a top keeper and seems a top bloke! Wish him happiness.
  13. Last season was insane. The consistency of the top 6/7 was relentless.
  14. Working in Portsmouth a couple of weeks back and the Pompey fans seemed to think they would struggle this season. Lots of complaining about lack of investment and selling players.
  15. The Barca situation is mad. Have players at the club who they owe millions in wages and at the same time bringing players in for big money. It’s ridiculous!
  16. So much to dislike. The design, colours and badge placement. It’s rubbish.
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